Monday, January 25, 2010

The Nuclear Option

Although Alyson Books and Literary Services, Inc. canceled my book and agency contracts early last week (see 1/19/10 posting below), TODAY's Publishers Weekly announces Alyson will publish Walking on Glass! They won't. My new allies have already suggested another, more appropriate publisher. We'll see. There are no promises. There were enough of those already broken by Don Weise and Cynthia Zigmund to last me a lifetime! HA!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Letter to Allean Hale (and 300+ others)

The battle appears to be lost. My book is too hot to handle right now, so I'm not fighting for it any more. No Williams person (except you, Allean) could stand fully with me to support it. I've laid it aside. I'm fully confident it will be published before the 100th anniversary of TW's birth. The whole Williams crew (those dependent on the good graces of Sewanee for rights or archives access) had been rendered powerless by Sewanee. Perhaps I have given you strength.

But there's good news too. Out of the blue (thank you Larry Myers!), a small group of people known to me (so far) only as the Friends of Paul and Janie Bowles, is going to help me get onto the lecture circuit. I met with one of them for dinner last night. They are already planning to mount an evening of Tennessee Williams at a significant Southeastern university in early March. The main event will be a panel discussion, Larry and I being the panelists. I hope I look as sporty in a face mask as did Dorothy Kilgallen, although by then, with luck, none of these nut cases will still be after me. Thank God civilization has progressed enough that Sewanee couldn't take me out with a sniper's bullet.

Anyway, I intend for this to be my FINAL broadcast email. Know that throughout my "fight," it is you all who have inspired me to the battle. The more I think of what you have already successfully achieved and the circumstances under which you have had to work, I cannot imagine a group of people in the entire universe who are of a higher caliber than you. I have always gotten my strength from you. But I have especially gotten my strength from "John the Beloved."

Here is my final salvo on Sewanee and Here/Regent as posted this morning with various gay activists and NOT-Regent/Here media:

Any serious journalist or other "victim" of Regent/Here can contact me and I am not one to mince words. I was caught not only in R/H's web of deception, but also that of the University of the South who had partnered with them to suppress my Tennessee Williams memoir. You see, I not only have the dirt on Alyson Books now, but have been in possession of all the evidence needed to prove that TUOTS' aka Suwanee's lawyer, Michael Reemer, bribed certain of TW's closest friends to testify falsely that TW was incompetent.

Thus, Suwanee instead of Harvard got to control TW's estate INCLUDING ALL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. As AIDS developed and Christians thanked God for it as the righteous punishment of Gays, Tennessee knew Suwanee, a totally homophobic school (same is true for Regent/Here—if you know the difference between a gay person and a faggot) would never honor his will. Both Regent/Here and Suwanee have threatened me with lawsuits, but that just made me holler louder and more specifically. I have called both their bluffs.

They cannot fight me in a court of law or in the court of public opinion. All that was left to them was the corruption of my computer and email communications. And that hasn't worked either. As I type, I watch emails going in and out via my software. But I don't write them. I don't receive them. It now is simply entertainment. Regent/Here and The University of the South are already defeated. And they know it. It's time for the Cavalry of the Artists to swoop in and finish them. Google my name to learn more about me. The story of my fight with them is on my blog.

I love you one and all.
And I thank you.

Scott D. Kenan

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Missing Manuscript!!!

I just went to open the document of my book Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams. The publisher and my agent have canceled our contracts over the last 2 days, thank God. A total nightmare dealing with them! And the funny thing is that Don Weise, Alyson Book's publisher had told me right after I delivered the final-final, to be sure to delete all previous versions from my computer.

I thought he must be overtired, so, of course, ignored such a ridiculous request. I might have even said OK. I have been having all kinds of computer problems, email problems, and internet hesitancy. So when I went to open the document to look at it, it had a corrupted title and there were only 4 kb there!


Naturally, I had it elsewhere and also under different names. The mother-fucking bastards! That was such an insult to my intelligence that they thought that removing the single file would slow me down more than a few seconds!!!!

I do have to laugh.

Oh wait a minute. I'm absolutely certain this was just coincidence.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Reviews Are In for WALKING ON GLASS!

New review posted today:

Thomas Keith: Former editor of Tennessee Williams' books at New Directions Publishing

Scott as done a beautiful job with his memoir--the last version I read was several years and drafts ago. What makes it stand out from previous memoirs about Williams is its integrity, and the depth to which Scott reveals his own situation, mental health problems, fears, and hopes.

Because of that integrity, the day-to-day descriptions of life with Williams and Scott's take on the tangle of problems Williams faced near the end of his life are that much more insightful.

I also happen to like Scott's ability to describe a person or set a scene--even his thread of commentary on weather, light, and seasons informs us about the sensitivities of the man telling this story.

See all reviews of Walking on Glass:

1. Alyson Books never paid my advance of $3,000.00, due August 6, 2009 at signing. Payment was 5 1/2 months late on 1/19/10 when they canceled our contract (without consulting me first). Alex Paul's email to me is posted on this blog dated 1/19/10.

2. No one at Alyson or Here/Regent Media has returned my or my agent's phone calls or emails since mid-December, 2009.

3. On January 6, 2010, the five-month anniversary of the due date, I began a campaign to pressure Alyson/Regent/Here to pay my advance. The only place I published anything is on this blog. All my postings remain. Scroll down to read them.

Mr. Alex Paul: Sue me or retract your scurrilous accusations with apologies, immediately. Sir!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Alex Paul of Alyson Books just sent this:

They never intended to publish it anyway.

January 19, 2010

Cynthia Zigmund
Literary Services, Inc.

RE: Termination of Agreement dated August 6, 2009 between Alyson Books, a division of Regent Media, Inc. and Scott Kenan regarding Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams and any revisions thereof

Dear Ms. Zigmund:

Based on Mr. Kenan’s recently published libelous statements, as well as his intentional interference with Alyson Books’ contractual relations and intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, Alyson Books is immediately terminating the above-referenced contract and any other written or verbal agreements Mr. Scott Kenan has with Alyson Books.

Mr. Kenan may seek publication of his work elsewhere and by this letter all rights in his work shall revert to him. We wish him success in the future.


Alex Paul
SVP, Business & Legal Affairs

cc (via e-mail): Don Weise
Scott Kenan

Surprised? I sure was!

Fox News online has reported this, but CNN has not.

Report: FBI Illegally Collected Phone Records

Maybe CNN will report it now. . . .

Thank God, I ain't "The Lord"!

Once again, I try to post the first comment on a Republican Party website. Let's see if they post it. Post your OWN comment, if you feel so disposed (or dispossessed). Williams loose-play/goose-play.


Scott Kenan says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

HA! HA! HA! Y’all have finally fallen into your own damn trap. We will love you as you become our slaves. You will insist on being our slaves because you know we will treat you better than either GWBush/Limbaugh/Palin Republicans or Devil-worshiping Christians would EVER treat you. You will rebuild (with your manual and other labor) the World you have tried to destroy. We will thank you for it. We will always treat you fairly. Once you have restored Perfection (and our wealth), we will allow you to re-join us as full Citizens.


Do I hear wailin’ and gnashing of teeth? You did know y’all are cannibals, didn’t you? We’ll take good care of you, though. Don’t worry.

So Friggin' Funny . . .

. . . I forgot to to get insulted on behalf Tennessee William! This from

I told you she's "The Lord's" top GONZO ENTERTAINER.

I LOVE her! Sit back and enjoy the humor of unfolding events. . . .

But don't forget to VOTE! I know y'all Yankees don't like to be told by Southerners what to do, so I've redacted any references that show my preferences for HOW you should vote.

Read about it here. Weather Report: Some turbulence ahead. Fasten seatbelts in the "comfortable" position.

Have CNBC and CNN been corrupted?

The techs at the Apple Store told me many iPhones are corrupted by CNN's software. Mine definitely was. (There was another source of corrpution as well. I reported that earlier.) The subtle ways of The Great Malevolence exposed.

How cool is this?

MSNBC and CNN ignored "boldest question" from student at prep school but reported extensively on students' question to Chelsea Clinton

As reported first here, the man is the walking embodiment of PTSD.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Letter to a Straight Friend on New Light Beings NING:

Man, Rain, I so love your honesty! And as I said, like attracts like. I don't know anything about straight sex and porn (except through dim memory). The opposite has been happening on the gay side. While there is all the same kind of garbage, there is a growing trend away from it. You mention Mapplethorpe. Some of my old friends from my Tennessee Williams days were his best friends, and they are now some of my and my book's strongest supporters.

Aiden Shaw, the highest paid gay porn star ever (Sex in the City named a character in his honor) always fell in love with the actors he meshed with, and supposedly it shows in his movies (I've never seen any of them). I met him 6 weeks ago when he was on book tour in Atlanta (Sordid Truths: Selling My Innocence for a Taste of Stardom).

Everyone else saw a porn star, I saw a boy filled with wonder at the world, and spoke with him later. He said he just wants to find someone who loves to kiss, caress, and cuddle. He's very shy, but his public persona is not--he is the consummate porn star on stage. I embarrassed him so bad he couldn't look me in the eye and had to ask how to spell "Scott."

He's published two other memoirs, two novels, and a book of poetry. This summer, he's returning to his career to star in the first ever geriatric gay porn film. Gays can be terrible ageists, and I salute his work! We have the same publisher, and the artist Mark Beard (think Abercrombie & Fitch murals), a "lost" close friend from my TW days, did his book cover. Aiden and I have the same publisher, and Mark threw his book launch party.

It was at Mark's Christmas party that I met three TV talk show hosts that want me to come on when my book debuts. And now I'm pursuing Aiden for a date and am struggling to figure out how to explain all this to my mother. Oh well, she's used to me, finally. If she doesn't leave the Republican Party voluntarily soon, they're going to throw her out when word gets around!

I think Aiden also did some straight porn, but I'm not sure. You might check it out. also, check Aiden's book videos: Incidentally, Mark Beard is doing my back cover, it's a Polaroid image transfer of a pic he took of TW back then: "Tennessee's Ghost Departing the Hotel Elysee."

We always stayed at the Elysee in the Sunset Suite. Tennessee died there. When he left, he visited me in Atlanta. Although his presence actually appeared in my room, I wrote it as a dream (so no one freaked, called me BIPOLAR, and chased me with big game nets, syringes, and crucifixes--as they are prone to do), and that scene begins my book.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dear Comcast

Thank you for all the help straightening out my email problems and such. However, since posting my last blog post (earlier this morning), I have been watching as emails (one, two, three at a time, mostly) have been frequently coming in and out on my MacBook Pro. (There is a little slide to watch in the program and they make noise as well.) Problem is, I'm not sending them. And the incoming ones are not showing up. They are not in the trash.

I was going to email your reps who have emailed me, but I just looked and all your emails to me have disappeared from my computer. No telling what else is missing, too. No problem as my manuscript is delivered many places and the ACLU already has all my evidence. But really--can't the non-sense stop? Once and for all?

Thank you,
Scott D. Kenan

PS: Is this actually Comcast? When I just googled it and then tried to go to the domain, there is nothing there! I had assumed it was and responded after this was left in comments in my blog several days ago. OOOOPS!?!

Blogger ComcastCares1 said...

Hello Scott,

I am sorry that we were not able to resolve the email issue. I work for Comcast and I can reach out to my contacts to assist in resolving theis for you. Please email us including your Comcast email or phone number linked to your account.

By the way, I love the "open range" picture :)


Mark Casem
Comcast Customer Connect
National Customer Operations

January 11, 2010 7:04 AM

The emails from the people saying Mark had asked them to contact me, are the emails that i cannot now find. Not a trace.

The "Patriot Act" is now Dead in the Water

What you can do to help--but first a story.

Two days ago, when the Apple Store at Lenox Square Mall diagnosed my week-old iPhone (the original iPhone's email had gotten so corrupted they had had to replace the whole phone), the tech said there was definite corruption of the software, but not so much I needed to wipe it and reload fresh. I immediately said, "We must reload." He also had found "high irregularities" on the servers of the two email accounts from my employer, a huge supporter of the Bush/fat-boy/Palin brand of Republicanism. We decided not to re-install the settings of those two email accounts on the phone.

NOTE: My MacBook Pro has not suffered. I continue to keep all six email accounts on it and have no problems.

I had had other troubles too. My Windows computers (One XP, one Vista) had become possessed by the electronic spirit of The System back in September, and repeatedly refused to shut down, popping me a window saying that a computer on "the network" refused to allow them to shut down. Knowing the controlling computer could not be mine, I held the power button down for five seconds. This worked each time, but I decided I must convert all to Apple. Even with the Windows computers down, they continued to occasionally beep. I unplugged the desktop to silence it. The laptop, I hid in a closet (LOL!) after realizing its battery was draining while it was shut off, almost as quickly as when I used it. I'm a writer and a salesman and cannot have manuscripts and sales leads become corrupted.

Switching to Apple (and emasculating my Windows computers) worked, and I loved my new MacBook Pro and iPhone--until the phone became demented. But now, without those two email accounts on my phone, my life has returned to normal. The best benefit? It has been two days since I charged my iPhone. Unbelievable that the battery is still 2/3 charged. How could this be? Just a few days ago, a charge lasted only a day--if I was lucky. The corrupted phone had been doing the bidding of The System. 'Nuf said. No more.

What you can do:

If you have had any irregularities, no matter what kind of phone you have, go to their tech support online. Most companies have instructions how to wipe the hard drive and reinstall clean software.

Do it.

Then be careful which email accounts and settings you load back in. Be very wary of anything vaguely associated with the Republican Party. There are millions of wonderful Republicans (I was raised by two). The Party leadership is the problem. They are the very heart of The Great Malevolence that would enslave the World.

But don't think you have to do a thing. The System is now quickly collapsing.

Never hold your secrets in. Live transparently. This is your only safety.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

How Kennedys Die

I had a wild night last night. A vision while I was watching The Deer Hunter, and then this morning, I began channeling. I've gone completely over the cliff.

First, I'm just sitting there sipping TW's fave wine, Frascati: Fontana Candida. Anna Magniani introduced him to it. Online translator says this means "Fountain Candida." Can't seem to quite handle the second word, but if you've studied languages, you can intuit a meaning! Just searched their website and found this:

"The Wine Grapes for this popular light wine were gathered between the middle of September and the end of October, then taken immediately to the cellars and vinified by the white wine method with gentle pressing. Frascati is actually a blended combination of grapes, Malvasia and Trebbiano, and has been around since about 4 BC. The dry, clean taste of Fontana Candida Frascati makes it an easy wine to enjoy by itself or with a variety of meals."

Wasn't that the year Jesus was born? Hello?!? Is everyone getting it yet?

Anyway, all of a sudden a theater curtain, like in a scene from Moulin Rouge (but smaller scale), opens, and there's Jack Kennedy, smiling. He's ebullient, feels no pain. He starts thanking me, for Christ's sake! What the fu. . . ? I hadn't seen him since my mother took me to hear him speak in Louisville, when I was in grade school. I like to think I shook his hand afterward, but I honestly think that any memory of that is enhanced wishful thinking.

We set the record for length of applause for a Kennedy speech that night (according to the Louisville Courier-Journal, incidentally bought with money stolen by Robert Worth Bingham from Mary Lily Kenan Flagler Bingham when he drugged his wife into adding a codicil to her will giving him $5 million. (What is it with these damn codicils?) Mary Lily promptly died, and he began accumulating his media empire. I wish Tommy Kenan had answered my question when I asked him about the exhumation and autopsy he ordered in the mid-'80s. He refused to tell me. (What is it with these autopsies and coroner's reports? 60 Minutes did a segment on this exact question about Mary Lily in the late '80s. Two bestsellers hit the stores on it then. David Leon Chandler wrote them.)

Every five or ten years, when I think of it, I give a single clap. My entire life, it has been my goal to be the last one clapping at the longest-clapped Kennedy address, although maybe other audiences clapped longer, later. Wouldn't surprise me. I guess Jack appreciated it.

Then Jackie approaches from behind him, drapes her arm on his shoulder and smiles at me. I'm destroyed. This, finally, is real. I met Jackie. I stood at her side when Truman insulted her. Waves of destruction wash through me. I sob. My fucking denture falls out. All the goddamn dead Presidents line up behind Jack and Jackie. I tell them thanks, but I can't handle it. I get their point. Go away.

Everyone leaves, the curtain closes. Christopher Walken is going bat-shit crazy on my TV. (Ask me later for the dish Gavin Lambert gave Tennessee Williams and me on Natalie Wood's actual circumstances of death.)

The curtain appears again and opens. John-John has joined his parents and is waving a small American flag. I'm sobbing, sobbing. My denture falls out again. I give up, place it on the coffee table. I'll need to use adhesive if I'm going to watch movies in the future. Or past. Where am I? Jack and Jackie vanish. John-John is adult. He's gorgeous, so vital. He grows sad, and clasping his hands together, he begins slowly shaking his head side-to-side. His eyes are downcast. He looks up.

"It wasn't an accident," he says while looking directly into my eyes. He seems tired. Too tired. "It was the Republicans. The bad ones. They rigged the plane. I should have listened." We spend a few moments as he psychically shares the future he would have had. He and the curtain de-materialize. I sit in shock. My denture is drying.

So what do you do when a "vision" of a Kennedy reveals the truth about his death? "One at a time!" I shout, and then roll a belly-laugh. I have no feeling that Jack has any intention of commenting on his own death. Thank God. I guess he's OK with how that story has played. But what do I do? I've met several of the Kennedys—in 1981. I hardly know them. I sleep on it. I awake. I have to express it. To hold it in, afraid of criticism, would kill me. I'll write an email and then post it to my blog. I'm crazy. So what? I'm a creative writer. It's allowed.

Don't even ask me what happened this morning when imagining how I might post an imaginary discussion between Jesus and me, and as I get into it, Jesus' voice morphs into the absolute voice of Tennessee Williams.

I'm no longer overwhelmed.

UPDATE 1/16/09 4:16 p.m. EST: JFK Airport Terminal 8 has just been evacuated. This from TV Fox News (just tuned in to get some laughs, but this isn't funny.) I trust they weren't lying. I can't find confirmation on the internet. I hope I don't.

4:22: Fox News just reported it again on TV, saying they don't know why Terminal 8 (They add American Airlines) was evacuated. Their video is of outside looking toward the terminal. Shows nothing unusual. Still no mention on internet or CNN (I have 2 TVs.) This seems somehow nuts to me, but then Fox has been caught manufacturing news before. But not this. I hope.

4:28: CNN New Briefs makes no mention of this problem at JFK. Are they that far behind?. CrAzY!!!

4:30: NBC on internet reports the evacuation. Says it was an inadvertent security breach. Four people told me that NBC was compromised, engulfed into "The System" several days ago. Your guess is as good as mine.

I'm going back to watching CNN. I suspect this is only important news to people who prefer to be scared by nothing. Unmindful people breaching security by accident in airports is hardly news these days. Fox has gone back to lying about Obama. Yawn.

God bless Sanjay Gupta!

I just had to declare that.
If you don't know and must know why: .

God bless CNN and Ted Turner too. You don't have to believe in God to be thoroughly blessed by It. Declaring yourself an Atheist when living in a society gone mad from worshiping a demented old shit-head is the ultimate act of Faith and Courage. Turner is a major Avatar.

John McCain is the archetype of the PTSD-head. God bless him for his courage and service to our country, but what insanity is it to run the very embodiment of a mental illness for President coupled with the woman who will be the last remaining she-siren after all the sex-wars have ceased? Don't ask. I've made clear what happened that caused the Loss of Paradise in several earlier messages. I'm not in the mood to go into that again this morning.

And God bless Gail Collins:

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank God for Apple Computer!

After consulting, diagnostics, and software reloading at the Apple Store in Lenox Mall this afternoon, my iPhone email is working again. I just had to leave two of my several email accounts off the phone--they seem to have compatibility issues. How nice that some solutions are so simple!

Many thanks to all who helped me there today. You may not have saved my life, but you have given me cause to relax.

Forecast for the weekend in ATL: Sunny skies and warmer temperatures. Air conditioning might be required to keep cool while driving, and extra caution should be taken to avoid hell-bound Republican and certain-Christian drivers. Frequent outbreaks of party are likely.

This just in: My book is up today on Alyson Books' website!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Email down again. Why can't Comcast fix this?

Because of continuing email problems, I am posting the email I sent today to the ACLU as well as the forwarded version to PEN American Center (writers' organization). Comcast is still trying to get to the bottom of email difficulties. Apple will examine my new iPhone, which, after only a week, has developed severe problems accessing email. Despite connection and other irregularities, most emails were received by late afternoon.

Dear Steven, Sarah, and Larry, (at PEN American Center)

I was told that I should first contact Mr. Jaffer at the ACLU, and then copy a few people in your organization. I have not yet heard back from the ACLU, but hope I will soon. Please let me know if you receive this email. You should find it self-explanatory.

Best regards,
Scott Kenan

Begin forwarded message:

From: Scott D Kenan
Date: January 14, 2010 11:46:22 AM EST
To: ACLU intake
Bcc: About 30 top Williams scholars, writers, and other friends of mine
Subject: My constitutional rights have been violated (email often rendered inoperable)

I was told I should contact Mr. Jaffer as it is possible my situation, when gotten to the bottom of it, might yield evidence sufficient to kill the Patriot Act. I wouldn't know. I was told that.

I am a writer and my book is to come out this spring: . I worked for Tennessee Williams for 6 months near the end of his life, and although I was sort of asleep due to bipolar disorder for all these years, recently "awakened" and realized I have all the circumstantial evidence (redacted) that agents of the University of the South (redacted) friends of mine and Tennessee's (redacted) that Tennessee was incompetent when he wrote the codicil to his will. They succeeded, and Sewanee, rather than Harvard as stipulated in the codicil, have had control of the estate since.

In the process of trying to get to the bottom of this, I have had people call and scream at me to take more medication, NOT look at the past, and even threaten that my publisher, Alyson Books, as well as Tennessee's, New Directions, would be taken down if I continued. I have no idea of the condition of New Directions, but this seems to be happening to Alyson. They are, so far, unable to pay the first half of my advance, the petty-cash sum of (redacted). They are more than 5 months late so far.

Additionally, there have been times that my email has been totally blocked, in and out, and regularly, lately, my emails do not reach many or even all of their intended recipients. A special team at Comcast has been working to resolve these issues. They told me they are saving all evidence. Apple is also saving evidence. Last week, they swapped out my iPhone after realizing the email peculiarities on it were ones they had never seen before. They had never even heard of such problems on an iPhone. They checked my new iBook this Monday, found no on-computer problems, but detected a lot of "abnormal activity" on (replaced: two domains).

I can tell you that (redacted) the son of the general then in charge of the US Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB had sent him via UPS (in late '90s). I've always since then wondered if the US Air Force ships drugs around the world and had "Christianized" the Academy to promote the idea of following commands without thinking. It does seem you'd need high protection to ship drugs via UPS. Pardon me if I wax paranoid. Writers are allowed a certain imaginative broadband.

You should also know that I had to switch over totally to Apple computer and phone this fall, after my Windows computers repeatedly would not shut down. When I'd try, I kept getting a message that a computer on the network was refusing to allow my computer to shut down. I had no other computer booted up at the time. Later, when my Windows (Vista) desktop repeatedly made occasional tones while shut down, I decided to unplug it, which did silence it. This part seems too unbelievable, but I'm not afraid of looking insane. I'm not afraid of anything these days to tell you the truth.

Lawyer (redacted) apparently was (redacted), and controls the Williams estate to this day. (redacted) in London is his performance rights agent. John Eastman was/is Tennessee's lawyer. He never showed TW much respect when the three of us sat in his office back in 1981 and '82, although I liked looking at the pictures of his sister and her husband, Paul McCartney.

A friend of mine in NYC and I stayed on the phone the other night while I sent him email test after test. All emails that contained certain key words relating to Sewanee or Alyson, he still has not received. The ones without key words, he got immediately. I am on Comcast, he is on Time-Warner.

If I can be of any help, please let me know. I do feel my constitutional rights have been violated, but I am savvy. I post things on my blog. You can check it out. Much info about my "adventures" is posted there.


Forgot to mention: Donna Pierce, lead counsel at The University of the South, and (redacted), have both threatened me with lawsuits in recent days. Toothless threats!

Many thanks,
Scott Kenan

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Golden Girl

Allean Hale, pre-eminent Williams scholar (now in her mid 90s), wrote me today. Allean, who spent two summers trying to bring to light the truth of how Tennessee's will and codicil were subverted by the University of the South but could not get in their face because, like all scholars, producers, directors, actors, biographers, etc. (but not like me), her life's work--the understanding and promotion of Tennessee's work--is entirely dependent on getting Sewannee's permission to access archives or to gain rights to perform or publish.

Also (unlike me), Allean is a lady.

A very painful choice, as many of you have told me. "Shut up, or you're shut out." Thank you, Christian steward of Tennessee Williams' property!

But I believe everyone (scholars, artists, etc.) has made the right decision. Despite the most evil of conditions, you have seen to it that Tennessee lives.

Now he grows. Watch him.

This article, written by Allean in 2003, attests to the beauty of both author and subject:

"Confronting the Late Plays of Tennessee Williams"

My Comcast Phone Isn't Working

For the very first time ever.

UPDATE 6:46 p.m.: Turned out I had forwarded my land line last night and forgotten, so when I tired to forward it today, I got a busy signal and thought that meant it was all messed up. Just shows what happens when you allow a little silliness in your life to rattle your cage. Good news: Right after realizing me error, I nearly fell asleep in the chair while my dentists' assistant cleaned my teeth. She's good. Damn good!

Does the US Air Force transport drugs?

I just sent out emails to over 150 people this morning. I don't believe most people got them. I posted the email on my blog:

Also, since approximately 12/14/09, whenever I send out marketing emails about my book, Google Analytics shows no up-tick in hits of the book's site. Before that, it always did. On 12/14/09 I sent email to about 40 people and got about 28 hits. Since then, I send to over 100, but I get only about 2-4 hits per day without noticeable variance. Can there be two internets or something? It seems very bizarre to me.

Also, I set up Google Alerts to send daily reports on several names. All worked perfectly for awhile, and each time I updated my blog, I showed up very quickly in Google Alerts, but for weeks now, it has not shown a new update to my blog. Not once. What could cause this? Any ideas?

The odd behavior that the Apple tech noticed was on my (REDACTED) domains: (REDACTED) has long been rumored to be part of the right wing conspiracy, and he deals a lot of pot. In the late 1990s, he lost a shipment that the son of an Air Force general who was head of the US Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB at the time had sent via UPS. How could you ship drugs UPS without protection. UPS HQ moved to ATL some years ago. Could the Air Force be shipping drugs worldwide? Could they have "Christianized" the Air Force Academy to train grads to act on "faith in Jesus" for their salvation without questioning orders?

Pardon me if I appear paranoid. It is part of my modus operandi.

Thanks again for your help!


Comcast technical team has not responded quickly enough.

Time to Move

I send this to six of my email accounts in the hope that it is actually going out. Recently, my emails have been appearing to go out, but only a very few have received them. A special team at Comcast as well as Apple technicians is working to remove all the taps on my phones and email accounts so that this violation of my constitutional rights stops. All evidence is being saved. It seems that when I stepped on a certain university, I stepped into some big doo-doo: the heart (or at least one major center) of the long recognized vast right wing conspiracy. It is believed that I might have given the ACLU the evidence it needs to once and for all kill the Patriot Act. A word to the wise is sufficient.

I must add that the university's sins appear to be of omission, not commission. They had no idea what Tennessee gave them, so they entrusted it to lawyers and such and did not pay attention. Pity. We must all deal with the consequences of our words and actions.

I will post this on my blog soon (DONE!), as I cannot yet trust that my email is going where intended.

Best regards to all,

Begin forwarded message:

From: Scott D Kenan
Date: January 12, 2010 9:14:27 AM EST
To: Christal Presley, Cynthia Zigmund, Don Weise, Paul Florez, John Uecker, Sean Blackwell, Larry Myers, Kenneth Holditch, Thomas Keith
Subject: Fwd: Tennessee and more

Well, Christal, you've had a visitation of the spirits. This is exactly what happened to me the night Tennessee died, but before I knew that. In the book, I wrote it as if it were a dream. In Cafe Sud. Sud is German for South. It was an actual cafe on South Street in Philly, and actually my fave restaurant there. They really did have champagne flutes on the tables filled with small silver balls, and my mother's mother, Gertrude Hesselbrock Meyer, did have pale colors to her dreams. I remember her lilting voice and her laughter so clearly even though she died when I was five. I remember her bouncing me on her knee as she told me stories. I had to write the visit down, down, down to a simple dream so I didn't seem too self-serving.

I have told everyone that Tennessee is the absolute embodiment of love, and that when he came here, he was nailed right back up on that cross by the critics in his later years. John Uecker has known this always and better than anyone else, including me. When TW visited me that night, he handed off his non-physical gifts and charged me with protecting the interests of artists. Hence my pursuit of a certain university and their agents.

Walking on Glass is already published. It is a huge success. Now is the time that those who would like to be part of the ride, make their declarations. Money is God in Action and it must move, but the lateness of my advance has destroyed my confidence that Alyson Books intends to pay future royalties, so the book cannot move forward unless I receive a much larger advance. One that allows me to live until the first regular royalties flow next fall.

I love and respect everyone I send this email to enormously. Yes, even Doubting Thomas. (sorry for all the trouble)

Now, please, do your part and lets ride this rocket!

Many thanks,
Scott, the Demon Spawn of Tennessee Williams

Begin forwarded message:

Date: January 12, 2010 8:21:05 AM EST
To: Scott Kenan
Subject: Tennessee and more

I woke up at 5:00 this morning to go to the bathroom, and afterwards was lying in bed trying to fall asleep again. A presence filled the room. I wasn't dreaming. I don't think I imagined it. I wasn't scared.

It was Tennessee.

I didn't say this aloud, but in my mind, I started talking. I didn't think before I "spoke" to him in my thoughts, reverted back to the old Christal. I told him I didn't know how on earth he saw such gifts in me because I knew I had talent but it had buried so deep for so long. I didn't see how Scott had seen it, didn't see how he had either, wondered why he was here, why he had picked me. There were other people, other talents, other places he could be.

He said three words.

"I like you."

I think he laughed then, but maybe I imagined that. I'm not sure.

Take a look at the link below. I found it this morning:


Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Threat of a Lawsuit

My email accounts are all currently inoperable. Comcast cannot figure out how to fix the problem. Apple will diagnose my laptop this afternoon. They have designated me a "whistleblower" and are saving all electronic and physical evidence (as is Comcast). This situation has to do with certain other matters, not related to Alyson Books. I am in contact with the ACLU on this other matter.

However, the email below managed to come in. I cannot email myself and get the email back in any of my six accounts. But I did get this email.
What a mystery!

As always, I comply when threatened with lawsuits, although I do not know how Here Media could pay a lawyer since they don't pay writers. My advance is more than 5 months late as I write this. No other writer that I know of has been paid either. They have not even paid the writer who recently won a court judgment against them for non-payment.

Scott, your website posting attacking Paul Colichman and Here was brought to my attention this morning. I want this taken down immediately. Either that or our lawyer will be contacting you today. Don
Don Weise l Publisher l Alyson Books
245 W. 17th St., Suite 1200, NY, NY 10011
Check out our newest books at

I have no greater desire than that Alyson Books publish my book on time and provide appropriate marketing support. Mr. Colichman's pockets appear to be deep. I hope he will be able to re-invest in his company and all concerned can move forward, continuing in the direction set by dedicated professionals, such as Don Weise.

I hope Alyson will be able to make some significant gesture that restores my confidence that they actually intend to, and will, pay royalties in the future. Being late more than five months to pay my petty-cash advance (first half of my advance, actually), has destroyed my confidence in their intention to pay in the future. I cannot, each time I think of my book, be soured by this fear they will not pay me beyond the first half of my advance--assuming they do.

This was not my doing.