Sunday, February 28, 2010

Message from Mismaloya

From: Scott D Kenan
Date: February 28, 2010 2:26:08 PM EST
To: Don Weise
Cc: Paul Willis , Paul Florez , Allean Hale , Kenneth Holditch , Mark Beard , Aiden Shaw , Christopher Rice , Bob Smith , Tennessee Williams Festival , Larry Myers , John Shanley , John DiLeo , John Lahr , Annette Saddik , Robert Bray , Tom Houck , DuBose Porter for Georgia , Eric Gray ,

Subject: my book is available for sale from Alyson/Here/Regent all over the world on many internet sites

Cut me $1,000,000.00 CHECK IMMEDIATELY or your, Colichman's and Regent/Here/Alyson's ass is totally sued and you will rot in jail.

Please respond before noon Monday 3/1/10.

All best and in TOTAL seriousness,
Scott D. Kenan

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Regent/Here Media, Alyson books TRY to screw me AGAIN!!!

After Alyson/Regent/Here Media REFUSED to pay my $3000.00 petty cash advance for FIVE AND A HALF MONTHS, I forced them to cancel my contract on Jan. 19, 2010. They canceled by email, which they loaded with lies about me which they REFUSED to rescind. (See my blog post of that date.)

Paul Colichman bought all top gay media and is trying now to kill all good gay writing and at least some gay authors (absurd as this might seem). Colichman is a front for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. SEVERAL Alyson authors have contacted me to say they have NOT BEEN PAID either, and feel their lives are in immanent danger.

Well, I escaped to Mexico on the advise of Colin Powell's chief aide, a US Army Colonel, assigned to assist in my personal security. I hope my fellow writers are also safe today. Please contact the FBI IMMEDIATELY if you do not feel safe, Alyson authors. I have filled them in completely and they can assist you.

Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams

CLICK HERE for actual website (if they have stupidly kept it online now that I've found it.

Mismaloya: The Land of Love, Jesus with Christians

Sister Louisa dot com

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

God Blessed Ted Turner more than any Christian

He loves Atheists the most, and all things considered, who can blame Him?

PS: He'd give Roland a BJ if he could. He loves boxers too (all three kinds).


CITIBANK even has the GALL to proudly display the Umbrella of the RED Chinese Communist Party on their logo.

All citizens of the United States of America and lovers of its Constitution (one of the highest spiritual documents of all time), please do NOT pay another payment on ANY moneys due Citibank or its many c0-branded cards, such as AT&T.

Dare them to sue you. That's what I just did.

Of the bigger banks, I recommend Bank of America and American Express. SunTrust and Wells Fargo. These banks have integrity and are patriotic. They are not Communist traitors.

But please support your COMMUNITY BANKS. They know what serves your local community.

Thank you,
Scott D. Kenan

Monday, February 22, 2010

Carl Rove: "He [W] encouraged me to read a Mao biography."

Will Beck condemn Bush for recommending a Mao bio to Rove?

October 15, 2009 6:17 pm ET by Matt Gertz

In the wake of Glenn Beck's rather bizarre one hour rant, in which he played a clip of White House communications director Anita Dunn calling Mao Tse-Tung one of her two "favorite political philosophers," along with Mother Theresa, the following excerpt from a December 2008 Karl Rove column in the Wall Street Journal seems relevant:

Rove: President Bush "encouraged me to read a Mao biography."

My fave: "Lady and The Cow."

Click image to ENLARGE

Do Presidents Lie?

I don't know if Washington lied or not, but like modern-day Republicans, Lincoln was aggressive in denying citizens constitutional rights (Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus), and like modern-day Republicans, he misrepresented his motivations in fighting the Civil War.

Slavery was an abomination–no question about that! But the North fought to establish the expedience of Big Business over the integrity of Southern Agrarian Life. Today, we all fight the same fight. Republicans fight for business, Democrats for humanity. Witness the Bush Court's establishment of corporations having the same Constitutional rights as individual citizens.

And don't forget: There was, as is well known, the famous youthful-Lincoln bed-mate, Joshua Speed, but more to the point, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Chamberlain, a 19th century historian (as well as others), wrote that in Mrs. Lincoln's absence, the president would sleep, share nightshirts (Lincoln, like me, liked the smell of a good man), and conduct an "intimacy" with David Derickson, captain of Lincoln's bodyguard Company K. Many written accounts of that!

The original (and very leaky) DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL. You see, the South (like today), was just a little too "out."

This poem written by Abraham Lincoln:

For Reuben and Charles have married two girls,
But Billy has married a boy.
The girls he had tried on every side,
But none could he get to agree;
All was in vain, he went home again,
And since that he's married to Natty.

We can all live together in Integrity, but to do that we must marry honesty and integrity with business acumen. We all have North and South within us, and our true Civil War is within each one of us.

Choose Love: Love of God, love of Country, and love of your Fellow Man/Woman.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who Zoomin' Who?

In 1974, when my partners, Hilary and Chuck, and I (on $1,600.00 borrowed dollars), founded Whale's Tale in Cape May, NJ, we necessarily had to work additional jobs to support ourselves the first two years. One of the jobs I worked was painting houses, and I did a lot of work for Grace Buck at her houses in both Cape May and Bryn Mawr, PA. Mrs. Buck was a very kind lady.

In the course of working for her, she tried to introduce me to her religion, Christian Science. I loved her positive outlook on life and I was impressed by the steady stream of leaders of charities who visited her to update her on how they were spending her donations, particularly in support of schools for orphans, but I could not accept the Christian Science tenet that God was everything, everything BUT medicine. I remember how flummoxed she was that the Church's adherents, herself included, did find it necessary to use dentists.

But the most amazing thing was that she was the widow of J. Mahlon Buck, board member of (then) SmithKlein. He, the descendant of one of the Smith Brothers whose cough drops had been the founding nucleus of what today is GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Avandia.

I never joined Christian Science, but later I studied deeply in Religious Science, its God-is-ALL (with no egomaniac-Mary-Baker-Eddy dictator), spiritual cousin, but that began in 1987. In 1978, when I blasted out of Cape May into a nut-house commitment, I was given Lithium. Eskalith from SmithKlein, to be precise, and its being manufactured by Grace Buck's husband's company was the only reason I felt I could trust it.

Only after I went off it for a milder drug in 2007, did I come to realize that while Lithium did not harm my body, and it did indeed seem to keep me from getting overly manic, it was spiritual poison. It disconnected me from intuition and artistic inspiration. How not surprised was I when in the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary I later discovered that Grace's husband Mahlon's name meant "The Sickness."

It was Lithium, which my mother, with the conviction of a Nazi, insisted I take, that kept me unaware all these years that I had the key to collapsing Michael Remer's theft of Tennessee Williams' estate from Harvard (and so much more).

Over the years, I have thrown out the copy of self-published songs Mahlon had written and Mrs. Buck gave me. I often wonder what it would have been like to listen to Mahlon sitting at the grand piano, singing. I dare say that government officials will compel his corporate descendants to soon sing, and we'll all be shocked by the truth about the drug companies, our actual Worldwide Sickness.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fox News changes Tennessee Williams article by adding LIES!!!

Wed. Feb 17, 2010 9:45 PM

The article I was so happy to see was just another Fox News trap. They have changed it but not even been honest and updated the "Updated:" time and date. They've added lies that are NOT in the public record that they quote a few bits of truth from. Let's see if they pull them out or some other trick next.

Thank God I save copies of websites in secure places. In RED, below, is newly added and a LIE. Other untruths are noted in my blog post earlier today.

Thanks Michael Remer. We know you want your $1/3 Billion, but it belongs to Sewanee and it needs to be managed by Harvard.
Could anyone find better proof of this???

"Tennessee Williams' Death Mystery Uncovered

Updated: Tuesday, 16 Feb 2010, 3:55 AM EST
Published : Tuesday, 16 Feb 2010, 11:54 AM EST

(MYFOX NATIONAL) – Almost 27 years after famed American playwright Tennessee Williams' mysterious sudden death, his former co-workers and partner have refuted original reports that the 71-year-old's demise was due to choking on a bottle-cap.

This week his friend and fellow playwright Larry Myers revealed the real cause of death to The New York Post : "Williams did not choke on a nasal spray cap lodged in his windpipe as reported then... No booze, no AIDS, no suicide, no murder – what media hungered for! 'Acute Seconal intolerance' is what the autopsy report reveals. This has never been reported".

The "A Streetcar Named Desire" creator instead had "become intolerant to almost everything, lost weight, and couldn't digest properly, but was extremely lucid", according to director John Uecker, who found him dead in his suite at the Hotel Elysee in New York City.

Myers said the Tony Award-winner had continued writing until the day he died, Feb. 25, 1983. And Williams' longtime companion Scott Kenan, who lived with the "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" author part-time in Key West, claimed someone in the office of the NYC coroner "created the bottle-cap scenario."

However, The New York Times originally reported in 1983 that the New York City Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Elliot M. Gross, had said the cause of Williams' death was "asphyxia", from trying to ingest the barbiturate secobarbital when he choked on the cap. (RED = LIE added after original posting of this article.)

"Apparently the overcap was being used to take the barbiturates,'' said Dr. Gross.(TOTAL LIE - Gross never said any such thing in his report, and I believe he's dead. Is Fox reporter having Visitations of the Spirit?)

Meanwhile, mystery also surrounds the recent death of fellow American author, J.D. Salinger, of "The Catcher In The Rye", who continued to write daily even though he published his last original work in 1965.

But as The Independent reports, questions were raised about the whereabouts of the reclusive author's unpublished works – he kept at least two finished novels hidden in his famous safe – rather than what killed the 91-year-old.


"Pig's fly!" he said, and then burst into thunderous laughter that roiled the ethers. It was Tennessee Williams, and once again, he was "speaking," and, thank God, I knew it was only in my mind. But he had spoken, nonetheless.

Fox News
, of all the possible news outlets, had actually published the truth about how Tennessee died and the honest-to-God's truth about his mental condition at the time of his death.
I believe this is the first time ever, the truth has been published in the press.

Yes, they made some errors about my relationship with Tennessee.
I worked for Tom for only six months. I lived in his house and traveled everywhere with him during that time. I had been there when the Goodman Theatre (under Gregory Mosher), produced Tennessee's last new play produced during his lifetime, A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND.

And for the record, I never had sex with him.
I had met his friends and his sister, Rose. I had been to the Reagan White House and the hustler and stripper bars with him as well. They were more fun. (Had I known Nancy better, this might have reversed). LOL!

Without Dr. Larry Myers and, God bless him, John Uecker, this never would have made it to print. I thank everyone I've ever sent an email, even only a single blind-copied one, too.

Click here for one of the articles published by several Fox New affiliates.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From the mouth of The Oracle of the Nation

My former employer appears to have a political problem. As I recall, Boss Man even made the mistake of admitting that when he lost the Kings Pointer. Did anyone expect a different result? Some of you might not be old enough to remember this, but Jeanne Dixon accurately predicted JFK's assassination. Because of this she became the "Oracle of the Nation." Later, when the Freedom of Information Act forced FBI files to be opened, it was discovered that she had been working as J. Edgar Hoover's mouth piece all along.

Democrats had complained that she was lining them all up as targets of murder, especially the Kennedys.
Nancy Reagan relied on Jeanne Dixon's predictions to run the country while her affable, patriotic husband was a touch zoned out on drugs. This perfect combination gave the Republicans the understanding of how to drug a nation with street drugs or prescription drugs while the Chinese Communists would lead a computer virus war against the USA, hiding behind Republican Party leaders as they waved flags. Dixon never admitted that she was the "high-placed political leader" leading this Communist charge in the USA, but she did say that the nation would be shocked when it was revealed which Party had through greed, been bribed to sell off the bulk of the US Treasury to the Communist Chinese.

Under which President did this happen? Does the US Air Force ship drugs worldwide? Several US Marines have given me eye-witness accounts of guarding AF planes being loaded abroad with illegal drugs.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nancy Reagan: Queen of the Hollywood Blow Job!

>>> NEW PRESIDENTIAL SEX HABITS, added April 15, 2015:

Most of the gay Presidents named are nothing new (except to those who don't follow the news):

Playwright and legendary AIDS activist Larry Kramer expounded on his new book, The American People: Volume 1: A Search for My Heart, which is billed by its...
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>>> NEW INFO ADDED TO BOTTOM on 11 May 2013 !!!

According to Peter Lawford and others (not just Kitty Kelley), Nancy worked her way through Hollywood by giving the best blow job in town, and was rumored to have sucked off Frank Sinatra in the Oval Office. It said that Nancy had invited Sinatra to the White House for lengthy luncheons and instructed staff not to disturb them.

Her moralizing was bad enough,
but it was compounded by the hypocrisy of the woman. They say that when Nancy was in her prime, during her starlet days, she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.

Ronald Reagan's
attitude towards gays was,
"Fuck 'em, they're faggots." I was there. I remember. Like Bush, Reagan had no time or money for "faggots," so he refused to fund research into AIDS. And unqualified Nancy (with her "psychic") was running the White House, while Ronnie zoned out on drugs for pre-Alzheimer's.

A famous Hollywood Mogul
introduced Ronald Reagan to Nancy when he needed someone to give Ron a blow job to settle his nervousness before shooting a movie scene. Beauty wasn't required.

Email me with the correct name AND the best published report that I can verify of one of the recent Republican Presidents getting a blow job, and I'll send you a piece of valuable Tennessee Williams memorabilia that I collected while working for the playwright for half a year.

>>>And the Republicans impeached Clinton for what???

* * *

>>> SPECIAL BONUS added April 15, 2015:

Frank Sinatra attempted to cover up the fact he was well hung - because he thought the size of his manhood was one of many negatives about his body, according to the late star's new biographer Jame...
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In the end (of the unravelling of the LIES and DECEPTIONS I'd lived in all but THREE of my 61 years), I came to realize what a DEBT OF GRATITUDE we owe Nancy Reagan!!!

Homely and from a broken home on the East Coast -- and money was NOT "Republican Plentiful" -- she got to Hollywood and turned her ONLY KNOWN talent into marriage of a FUTURE PRESIDENT!!!

And when she REALIZED that Ronald Wilson Reagan was being used (eventually, unwillingly), by Dick Cheney and George Herbert walker Bush as a PUPPET, she got DESPERATE and hired psychics to set the President's schedule -- and kept Ronald Reagan SEPARATED from his top advisers and Cabinet.

This was not a-WORKIN'!!!

In fact, Nancy fought most with Donald Regan -- and in the process of THAT fight, the details of the Iran Contra Affair began to leak out. Now, I don't know about YOU, but I bet Reagan never even KNEW about it until then -- and then they used their BLACKMAILING TRICKS to make him support Ollie North and all the others.

I mean I don't KNOW, but when I met the Reagans at the White House, my Liberal butt was SHOCKED at how not only affable and smart and enduring after nearly 300 others had been through the receiving line ahead of me and Tennessee Williams, President Reagan WAS, but how much FUN he was to banter with as well.

I just think he lived in that "Shining City on a Hill" and they manipulated him eventually so BOLDLY they even medicated him for "Pre-Alzheimer's" and dozed him off in a distant room so they could run EVERYTHING!!!


Ronald Reagan DID get ONE THING he worked for!!!


>>> YOU CAN READ MORE about my visit to the White House HERE:

Tennessee Williams and me the night we went to the White House (only for a visit).

>>> EXTRA BONUS -- Me in High School!!!:


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dick Cheney to kiss Big Fat Kenan Ass

Actually, he already did. Anyone who has toured the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach knows this.

I laughed my ass off when I saw the plaque commemorating the event. (Sort of a family in-joke, but his and his wife's generous donation can only be an ass-kiss. It's not like they are known for being lovers of culture or art. Or education.)
So just exactly what WERE those rumors about 9/11? I'm sure glad that for once, I haven't a clue. I've had enough nut-house commitment attempts this week.

I've dared to roar. Let's see some serious meows-in-action. Full speed ahead!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A SECOND attempt at nut-house commitment in two weeks

Forty minutes after I sent the email directly to Michael Remer (copying about 75 Friends of Tennessee Williams, blind and openly), on which my FREE BLANCHE DUBOIS blog post was based, I had a knock at my door. Vicki Jacobs, RN from the Dekalb County, GA Mobile Crisis Unit stood with a (didn't get his name) Dekalb Sheriff's Deputy. They had been sent due to a call to the "crisis center" that I would likely need commitment to a mental health facility. Truth is, the person Nurse Jacobs said had called (she had only a first name) might not have been the person who actually had called. She didn't know from where he called or a last name, and said they had only responded to an emergency crisis call. There was not time to investigate who or why someone called. Bless them (my visitors). It is imperative that they perform this service for people in real need. But for the SECOND time in 13 days , I have been harassed by authorities sent by people who called to claim I was nuts. I am NOT Blanche DuBois. I'm much more the Rev. T. Lawrence Shannon.

Thank you.


Dear Mr. Remer:

How can you sleep at night, while Cate Blanchett/Liv Ullmann's production of STREETCAR is prevented from going to Broadway by a superficial showman's having the rights? You can fix this, and please, you must. I speak only for me. But please reply with your answer that you will or have already fixed this. Or simply state that you refuse.

We all know the strength of your power, perhaps no one more than me.

We all love and care for Tennessee Williams. We love Sewanee, the school Tennessee left his rights to in honor of his beloved grandfather.

So you know this from me directly: At the insistence of a lawyer, I sent pages of notes on what I know and witnessed concerning the voiding of TW's codicil, and, at best, loose adherence to his will (as well as a number of other things), to the FBI over a week ago. Since then, I have sent out all that plus much more to a friend of the Kennedy family. I believe this information has been sent to the Kennedys, so they can see if Harvard can gain control (but not possession) of the rights as stipulated clearly in the codicil.

I also believe it has been sent to key Obama Admin. officials, as the rumors have always been that Sewanee never understood the value of what they inherited, and as long as they got something from the estate that appeared generous, they wouldn't ask questions. Well, ironically, several top alumni of Sewanee whom I met on a site for those opposed to reforms at the school, have offered (each and every lawyer one of them) that the Tennessee Williams estate is now worth $1/3 Billion. I bet that given his upcoming 100th birthday, it's a good bit higher than that.

The contention is (and perhaps you can correct this), that you (or someone in your office) have siphoned off the bulk of the proceeds and that money has gone to support the "Bush/Limbaugh/Palin" branch of the Republican Party.

That's even worse than Yankees in Georgia!!!

Now, despite the fact that Thomas Keith has confirmed to me and Don Weise at Alyson Books that there is NOTHING in my book that accuses you of any wrongdoing whatsoever, I have still endured resistance to getting it published that can only be described as a war. That resistance has now stopped. I did not lose: I did not lose my book, my sanity, or my life, although attempts have been made on all three.

You might be feeling a bit of pressure. The Republicans seem to feel it—they've lost all their teeth! (metaphorical statement) But before you go, please do us just this one favor: FREE BLANCHE DUBOIS!

Thank you for your kind consideration. Williams fans worldwide look forward to your reply.

Scott D. Kenan

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yes, Virginia, there ARE some good Republicans

This from an email from my Republican friend, Dottie Newman. She indicated she thinks she is at least paraphrasing Robert Frost: "Sorry this email is sooooo long. I did not have time to write a short one."

And then from Meghan McCain, commenting on the Tea Party "Movement," (what a dump!--me): "This rhetoric will continue to turn off young voters and anybody that says different is smoking something. Period."

Click for entire article.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Honest-to-God's truth about Don Weise

Now that the smoke has cleared, I want to be honest about the world's premier publisher of gay and other books. Please read comment five at the bottom of this posting.

The Proof is in the books in Don's spring list.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Who Derailed 'Streetcar'?

>>> The theater producer who holds the rights to mount “A Streetcar Named Desire” on Broadway has decided NOT to try to transfer the Sydney Theater Company production starring Cate Blanchett, which was a critical and audience favorite in late 2009 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Complete article: click here.

RIP David Brown: "The Last Class Act"

"I first ran into David at my firstwell, second -- job out of college, as an editorial assistant at Cosmopolitan. I’d been clerking in a shoe department when I saw an ad for an entry-level job at an unnamed magazine -- and thank heavens, too. Tennessee Williams worked in a shoe store (sic) while he was trying to write,” my mother used to remind me. “And Tennessee Williams had a breakdown,” I used to remind her."

Full article: Click here.