Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Republican Party: Free my email, please!!!

A couple of days ago while I was copying my Mac hard drive to save as evidence for the FBI, I received an email on my iPhone from President Obama's organization, asking for my address to mail me a certificate having to do with "co-signing" with the President the Health Care Bill. Not wanting to deal with it on the tiny phone keypad, I figured after I had reloaded my computer's operating system and software, I'd do so there.

But that email never came into my computer. And now, it has disappeared from my iPhone as well. This is nothing new. My email irregularities have been monumental since I began confronting Republicans months ago. Today, I got several of my emails THREE times on my iPhone, but only once on my computer.

This weekend, I got several more email replies to Craig's List posts on my iPhone than I did on my computer.

Would you Republicans please stop this illegal activity? I am still alive. My book is still intact. Can't you know when your illegal surveillance, disinformation, and harassment system has failed?

Did I not send emails to info@gop.com (I always copy you on important stuff I'm reporting to the FBI, Democratic Party officials, or Patrick Kennedy)?

I would like to be able to send Brother Obama's people my address so I can get a copy of my certificate. Do you really mind so much???

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Scott D. Kenan

UPDATE: Tues. 3/30/10, 1:08 PM EDT:

Since posting the above message, I have received two calls from bill collectors for a bogus person. The calls do not show a number and the callers do confirm that they called my actual phone number, but refuse to say their own name, name of their company, or phone number. When asked where they got my phone number, they both said "from a directory."

When I confront them with harassing me on behalf the Republican Party, they tell me, "That doesn't matter," and then hang up.

When are we going to have the Rule of Law again in the United States of America??? Democrats, sic your Law Enforcement people on these traitors, please. I'm sick of this (but maintaining my mental health quite nicely, thank you.)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Before the Vote

A moment of silence in memory of the many Kennedys and others who were murdered by operatives of the Republican Party.

And a moment to reflect that every death is also a birth, including the death of a society.

Good morning, All. Welcome to the long-rumored Future!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Letter to American Express

Dear Mr. or Ms. Sanyal:

Regardless how much or little of my situation you are personally or professionally allowed to know, your company has become abusive of me. Unfortunately, I allowed that to get to me this morning, when a representative of your company called, and, seeming to have only SELECTED facts about my situation available to her (as I also suspect is the situation you are in), she was unaware of many details I had given American Express by phone and email. I can't imagine how she could have been expected to work out a solution with me that would have been a win for us both. All she accomplished was to push me beyond my limit of human patience and I became verbally abusive. I apologize for that. The behavior of your company is no excuse for me to stoop to your (your company's) depths.

I am "on vacation" in Puerto Vallarta and returning to the States Sunday. I no longer expect to bother trying to make the deadline we agreed on before I left the country after an officer in the US Army threatened to beat me severely at a meeting of the Oxford University United Kingdom Universal Book Club in metro Atlanta. When operatives of the Republican Party attack me at book club meetings, things have gone too far for me to be safe in the US, and I took the earliest flight out of the country. I suspect that after the Health Care bill passes the House this Sunday, Republican politicians will be too busy "cannibalizing" each other to bother with me anymore. In any case, my political work to "emasculate" the traitors will have already been successful, and there will no longer be any point to it or anyone's harassment of me.

It is with deep sorrow that I have had to accept that American Express (like Citi) is a major player in the attempted destruction of the United States of America.The evident proof to you and me of this is either you have no access to all the facts I have made your company aware of (and yes, they do seem too far-fetched to be true, but that does not invalidate them), or you (and other Amex reps) are not allowed to let them influence you as we attempt to find a win-win resolution to my temporary inability to pay my bill.

I still have not decided how to deal with your company. It seems to me that we now stand at a place where either I am/have been severely manic (bipolar: I do have a diagnosis), or your company is a traitor to the USA. Neither of these two options bodes well for your getting any money out of me.

That said (written), I still maintain that I am responsible for every charge I ever made on your card, and I would prefer to pay you everything I owe. But I will not do so (begin to do so) until you give me some believable report of how we got to this "misunderstanding." I suspect a compromise will be reached in which my credit reports are not adversely affected and I agree to pay some portion of what I owe you. There are consequences both to using credit cards and to abusing customers.

I will accept communications from your company by email or snail mail only. Please be advised that John Blades, Exec. Dir. of the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, a major philanthropy of my distant Kenan relatives, has been most helpful to me by proving and helping me save proof that my adversaries are quite successful in changing the content of my email while it is in transit. Therefore, I require that email be used for speed, but followed by the exact same communication via snail mail so that if changes do occur, there will be a hard-copy for comparison. It was, after all, Ronald Reagan who said "Trust, but verify."

Thank you for your time and consideration. I feel we will now be able to reach a mutually acceptable resolution to this ongoing dilemma.

Scott D. Kenan

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My mother never questions the authority of the Devil

Although she prefers to call it the Catholic Church.

Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican's chief exorcist for 25 years says the recent sex abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church confirm that "the Devil is at work" inside the Vatican.

The Times newspaper of London reports that Amorth, 85, has handled some 70,000 cases of demonic possession, and says the Vatican is now dealing with "cardinals who do not believe in Jesus, and bishops who are linked to the Demon."

Times Online: Chief exorcist says Devil is in the Vatican

Unnamed Colorado couple: A couple whose children were expelled from a Catholic school in Boulder, Colorado, expressed their dismay Monday, but held steadfast to their faith. The Archdiocese of Denver recently defended its decision not to re-enroll the couple's two children in the Sacred Heart of Jesus School next year because their parents are lesbians.

In a written statement, the women, who chose not to reveal their identities, described themselves as normal, hard-working people with a nice house and a dog - and as Catholics.

"When we were allowed to have our children baptized ... we made a promise to raise our children in the Catholic faith," they said. "Perhaps our biggest objection to the school's decision is that we think that it is wrong to punish a child for who the child's parents are. We do not think that this reflects what Jesus would have done."

A Word to the Wise: Health Care Reform will pass the House, possibly as early as today, without a vote being taken on it directly.

Friday, March 12, 2010

"Ye shall know the Truth . . .

. . . and the Truth will set you Free." Inscription on a wall at Denison University. Probably a quote. No wonder ol' Denny-doo has been gently prodding me lately. They wanted me to consider why they had denied Hilary Ann Russell '73's second son the legacy rights to admissions he so richly deserved via Hil's husband, Charles Octavius Pritchard '72. They were my partners in Whale's Tale in Cape May, NJ, until I was blown out of the water in 1978. Bipolar, I was diagnosed. Not so, I've lately discovered, but what was it?

Hilary's mother, Barbara Seton(?) Russell had given her husband, Kenneth, his missing middle name (Seton) in her efforts to groom him to eventually become the "special assistant" to the president of Sterling Drugs. Babs Russell and my mother had some kind of connection that continues in my little sister Julie today (drug trial manager at what was until recently Wyeth Drugs in Collegeville, PA).

Follow that? neither do I. Still, it begged to be expressed.

How about this: If in 2009, blacks accounted for 51% of new cases of HIV infection, and generally speaking, they tend to be less likely to have private insurance and rely on the HIV public services, which have recently been gutted by the Republican Party. Therefore, there should be a lot of black guys running around looking sick as hell with AIDS on the streets. Has anyone seen them?

Lot's of black folk in Atlanta, but I never see any sick black folk. Guess that AIDS virus just ain't a-workin' anymore. HELLO!!!

It never did. AIDS was a mind-fuck concieved by lingering Nazis and others: Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul II, my mother. Why do you think for most of the 1980s Catholic Charities was the largest provider of AIDS sevices in the world? They were getting right onto the bedsides and reinforcing the belief in the "ill" (other agents caused the initial symptoms), that they would die excruciating, horrible deaths. They knew (as Jesus taught) "It is done unto you as you believe." In other words, your life unfolds exactly according to the nature of your belief. All they had to do was start with something minor and then convince the person he had AIDS. Big ugly experience to accept as your fate, as reported in the cooperating press, and voila'! GAY HOLOCAUST!!!

Funny: that the night I almost died sailing off Manasquan, NJ in 1974, I was saved by the brilliant work Chuck Pritchard did to fix the boat's engine before I shoved off with the three others. Storm hit that night, sails totally ripped out, but the boat's motor kept us true as we battled the giant waves.

But a totally black freighter--not a single light burning on it--nearly rammed us, 5 miles out at sea. Why did it have no lights on AT ALL? Who put the homing device in our sailboat (which was making one knot speed at best, fighting, fighting the swells). That phantom had to be bearing down on us perfectly somehow.

I had the wheel at the time, and then, like now, I sensed danger intuitively, and turned before I even saw the huge ship bearing down on us, thus saving our boat. That same night, my sister Jane was also nearly killed at UNC Chapel Hill when someone deliberately left her cable hand-grip unfastened, and she fell and was in a coma for five days. We were the product of Dr. Mengele's research. Why did our mother have to destroy us? I had a conscience. Jane had buck teeth and slight scoliosis.

My brother was spared because, although perfect, he lacked sufficient courage. And he was a breeder, his children (who always ran from their grandparents--my father is a Kenan-family denier, BTW), might be useful later. My little sister, Julie, joined the "family business" and traveled with my parents on their frequent visits to the Mediterranean contacts and even bragged that she had had the "miracle" of her cheap rosary turning to gold after a visit to Medjugorje.

My mother saw to it that I was diagnosed bipolar so that Lithium kept me stupid for all these years. Everyone else in the family was kept stupid in Alcoholics Anonymous with it's twisted mind-fuck meditations. There's no such thing as an alcoholic, just people drinking too much to avoid remembering the truth or childhood trauma. For most (like me at times) drinking too much is a normal, temporary human condition.

So take 'em all out, Jews. The tears I have for my mother are pure Zyklon B.

Scott D. Kenan

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Destroy Citi now!

CITIGROUP, in collusion with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, tried to destroy America's financial system. Now, they break the new laws enacted to protect credit card holders.

When I wrote Richard Parsons, the CEO, a year ago to complain that his bank had DOUBLED my interest rates without my having had a single late payment of any kind to any bank or other creditor since 1990, it took two months, but I finally got a smartassy reply from his assistant.

She said "Read the fine print, baby. We got you over a barrel and you can't do a thing about it." OK, that's not a direct quote, but it captures her tone.

Today, they called because their two cards I have are late. My cards are deliberately late. I could pay those bills in a heartbeat if I wanted to, but I told her I would not. Not until Dick Parsons himself calls me and apologizes. And then makes me a radical offer of debt reduction and purification of my credit report (which its too early to affect yet, but by the time Dickie-boy calls, I'll have perfect credit except for his two cards which will be waaaaaaaaaaaaay past due).

DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY YOU OWE ANY CITIBANK ENTITY. This is your "I CAN PROVE I'M AN AMERICAN PATRIOT" act that you can actually do. Your other creditors are BY THE NEW LAW not allowed to use that dispute to affect their relationship with you.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Jeane Dixon: Political Earthquake to hit US Politics: a perfect 10.0

I have been asked by the Stone Mountain Police to remain quiet while they line up law enforcement resources, but since the email I received yesterday from an employee of my former employer who fired me after agreeing to a price at which to buy back my stock and then promptly fired me when I revealed how many shares I had, has already gotten wide viral circulation, I'm going to publish here the first paragraph. The police feel there is no question that a clear and illegal threat has been made. The only question is by whom.

And actually, there's little question about that since on March 5, the same employee had sent an email containing a disguised threat offered by GA Congressman John Linder. This latest one is unambiguous and will be the key to opening the Pandora's box of Republican malfeasance to the highest levels. That is, the entire content this blog will be placed on the legal table to determine exactly what it is in it that pissed someone off and caused my assassination to be sanctioned at "the highest level." That has to be higher than Linder--and smarter than George W. Bush.

Stay tuned.

Date: March 7, 2010 11:48:28 AM EST

Scott: I don't know who you have pissed off but, my sources have indicated that your assassination has been sanctioned from the highest level. It may be the .22 caliber behind the ear suicide type, the shotgun blast while sitting at the red light suicide or Scott, if they take you to an "undisclosed location" to find where you have hid any incriminating papers or files (the sworn Marine dispositions), those people are never seen or heard of again, like alien abduction whoosh you are gone, no trace. Of course they have the perfect cover story, off your meds, delusional and you killed yourself or went to Mexico.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tennessee Williams: Rest in Peace

Dakin Williams and Dotson Rader were correct. John Uecker has just admitted to me that he murdered Tennessee Williams. John made his own trap and then fell into it, as I had predicted would happen.

The details, I will save for Law Enforcement.

Scott D. Kenan

Saturday, March 6, 2010

True American Exceptionalism

Google "AIDS victims" and you get pretty pictures of people helping in the fight against AIDS or pretty people being cautioned to be safe in sexual practices. Sometimes, you get AIDS victims mummified and sealed in a museum case. AIDS victims are now Art Objects. Something not modern. Not recent. How sweet.



Yes, it's true:

1. Reagan called gays nothing but "faggots" and refused to fund research. Republicans cheered.
2. Christian ministers called AIDS God's righteous punishment of gays. Christians praised Jesus.

Republicans and the godless Christians (especially those in my own immediate family who voted in the subconscious hope that I would die), should be condemned then and now, but how many liberals and progressives can tell you what they actively did to stop the genocide?

How many "gay" men and women?

America: You are the least moral nation on earth. This is the truth about American exceptionalism. You are so sick you do not see the truth. And to be released from the grip of your madness I am moving to Mexico.

Where God is honored.

You liberals and progressives deserve far more blame than the godless Christians and Republicans. You knew and did nothing. Nothing effective. You spit on Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, and Ghandi. Now you must live with the country you have created through your rape and your greed. And your lying excuses. Americans should be fenced in with high razor wire--like the ashen Jews at Auschwitz (but for a good reason).

I apologize for revealing the ugly truth about George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's working to drug America and then help the Chinese Communist Party take control of our Nation. Had they won, the Chinese Reds would have murdered all the top asshole Republicans, and, as any decent totalitarian regime knows (note the progress of the Chinese people), make certain that the citizens get opportunity, even as they do suppress some. This would be far better than Washington is serving up now.

I will never be politically involved again. Nor will I ever return to these United States that I love. You are devils, and I must leave before I am forced to write "We are devils."

Scott D. Kenan

Friday, March 5, 2010

Today: THIRD unsuccessful attempt to commit me!!!

Immediately after I sent this letter to Mr. Linder, I was called and interviewed by "Jessica" who said she is not allowed to give her last name. She said she is with a private company, Georgia Crisis & Access Line, 800-715-4225, that the Republicans contracted to handle what they consider mental health crises in Georgia. The caller ID, however, showed this: BEHAV HLTH LINK: 404-527-6700. I will edit out a couple of things that were meant to be private between Mr. Linder and myself, but make no real difference in my communication.

Please remember that I am a creative writer, so naturally wax metaphorical. Republicans and their lackies are more autistic (no offense intended to the autistic--you all are FAR better than are typical Republicans) than artistic, so don't know what to make of that.


Dear Congressman Linder,

I could not find a way to call your office easily so I am writing which will create a record that I assume is illegal to erase.

Please resign today. I have turned over information of your association with my former employer and your connection with his operation of distributing the drugs that he was in the late 1990s getting directly from the son of an Air Force General, then head of the US Air War College at Maxwell AFB. His direct source since then might be someone else.

I also have collected the sworn testimony of several US Marines that they, in foreign countries, where ordered to guard US Air Force planes while they were loaded "to the gills" with illegal drugs for distribution to the US as well as foreign countries. You seem to be well known in these circles.

I remember so clearly how you were also in attendance at the weekly lunch meetings at the Blue Ribbon Grill in Tucker (1990s) when checks were passed around between oh so many people. You were handsome, and I almost had a crush on you. Do you have (are you) a big dick, or is that just a rumor???

You Republicans were duped by W. and Cheney who deliberately gave our jobs and treasury to the Communist Chinese Party, and set up the USA to be so legally and illegally drugged, and then taken over by the Chinese Reds in a Cyber war, which I (like Gen James Kenan in the Revolutionary War) played some important part in winning for the people. The Cyber War is already over, and it is time to hang the traitors. I think you may now address me as "General Kenan."

The greed of the Republicans has taken them down. No point staying in office a single additional day. I have given all my info not only to the FBI, but Patrick Kennedy, Tom Houck, and other patriotic citizens and officials. I expect to see you hang on the gallows after your conviction for treason. You would have been immediately slaughtered after the Reds took over anyway, so your life already had no future. You godless "Christians" are so stupid!

All best to you in your few remaining days. Resign now and enjoy what money you have made. Please pass my message to Newt, all the talk show hosts, Fox News, etc.

I am copying and pasting this message to many other people. i don't know if my press contacts will publish it today or later. Please remember that Obama had Gen. Colin Powell's top adviser assigned to my personal safety. This person is a highly decorated Vietnam War hero, a full colonel in our Army, but wore the Air Force uniform as well.

God bless the USA (and all other countries, especially my beloved Mexico) and our Constitution!

Scott D. Kenan
"Cyber General, US Patriots' Confederation"

Monday, March 1, 2010

Angel receiving the Announcement of World Peace

In Puerto Vallarto. Matter and time are functions of each other, so I'm guessing it will be sometime in 2012, that the process is complete.

Unless, of course, someone gets impatient. . . .