Friday, April 30, 2010

Controvertial Williams Memoir available to the public!

Click Here. Fifty percent of donations will be used to fund micro-loans to Aztec people in the Puerto Vallarta area to buy plots or land or to start crafts businesses.

John Lahr, The New Yorker

I wasn't intending to read every word of your memoir; but it says something about how well you wrote it, that I did. I think that considering you've never attempted a book–or at least I assume you haven't–that you've found a very crisp and compelling style. And you come through vividly in it.

Thomas Keith: Editor of Tennessee Williams' books for New Directions Publishing

Scott as done a beautiful job with his memoir--the last version I read was several years and drafts ago. What makes it stand out from previous memoirs about Williams is its integrity, and the depth to which Scott reveals his own situation, mental health problems, fears, and hopes. Because of that integrity, the day-to-day descriptions of life with Williams and Scott's take on the tangle of problems Williams faced near the end of his life are that much more insightful. I also happen to like Scott's ability to describe a person or set a scene--even his thread of commentary on weather, light, and seasons informs us about the sensitivities of the man telling this story.

Please help us begin our work in Mexico to educate about Tennessee Williams and Aztec Culture. Half of all proceeds are guaranteed to be directly loaned to Aztec people at low interest to develop small farms and craft businesses.

The American dollar goes a long way in Mexico.

Donate now and receive the book as your gift!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sent this morning to selected US Senators and others:

WE THE PEOPLE demand corrective action, IMMEDIATELY. Those of us who can prove Bush and Cheney masterminded 9/11 are willing to stand up in COURTS OF LAW and speak the truth. (not me on this particular point)

Any questions, see my blog: . I seek no credit whatsover, but y'all can use my info to cut the Republicans' (metaphorical) balls off.

What I sent to selected House members earlier today:

Because you are receiving this does not automatically mean I think you are an asshole. That said, I bet I can say with confidence that you have one. Keep it clean. Thanks, Scott

From: Scott Kenan
Subject: Calling me
Date: April 29, 2010 8:17:25 AM EDT

To: A friend


Forgot to mention in Facebook message to please be sure to call my CELL when calling me. I cannot forward the new "land-line" number you called me on last night, and it's in my office which is starting to smell like a sewer due to carpeting not yet dried from exploding water heater a few days ago. (My office is my converted garage.) I might have to wear a HAZ-MAT suit before the end of today to enter my office, if ya know what I mean.

I do think I figured out what your new website is all about. It's a conceptual art piece: all you would be allowed to express creatively to the public if the Republicans and drug dealers win in the end. You have great clues, but nothing truly dangerous to them, like examples of what you've done for companies or a client's list. You know you must ALWAYS protect your clients from the assholes, so of course they could not be listed.

But you do let people know that if they contact you, you'll go through a process and if you judge they are trustworthy, you will eventually reveal the full palette of your talents. No throwing pearls before swine!

I could be all wrong, but this is my take on it. Don't know if I told you that Tennessee appeared before me in my bedroom in my apartment in ATL the night he died. (In the book, I wrote it down, down, down to a simple dream because too many would be freaked.) I didn't even know he'd died yet, but there he was.

He charged me with two things: Protect the Artists (that includes you), and avenge what happens to his estate. That's why I have been so political and risked and lost all in my efforts. But I can now confidently say that my campaign has been 100% successful. It will take awhile before the success is completely apparent, but anyone who watches the news with discernment knows this already. The fucking Republicans are being brought to their knees, and the info I've given the FBI and Obama admin is being used behind the scenes to force them to behave. They balk, but they are coming around.

I claim no credit for this, but I know I have been one of many working on little computers doing the best we can do. Stick with me : it is my life's goal to make everyone who has ever been nice to me rich. My second book on what happened when I tried to get published will be a killer, if ya know what I mean. LOL!!! It'll peel the skin off the assholes and make me rich in the process.

Call me when you need the new password.

PS: Word from above is that the oil spill in the Gulf will get worse (again) only if the Democrats allow the Republicans to pull the teeth out of financial reform. Or climate regulations. Or Immigration Reform. Or etc., etc., etc. Apparently this thing we call God is mad as hell at the Democrats for not using the big hairy balls he gave them.



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Double-Crossing Democrats?

I posted this on
Tom Houck's Facebook page this morning:

Tom Houck:

Atlanta Press Club Spring Party
Location:Meehan's Public House
Time:6:00PM Wednesday, April 28th
9 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · View Feedback (3)Hide Feedback (3) · Share

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Scott Kenan (comment #1):

Are you one of the Democrats that passed Health Care Reform so insurers only pay $100/day fines for denying care for previous conditions? (Michael Moore documented this provision on LK Live/CNN last night) So if you need $100,000 cancer treatment, they can hold off almost 3 years waiting for the cancer to kill you first to make higher profit. Perfectly LEGAL!!! You are improving things, yes, but still work for the Industry, not the people. Not really.
19 minutes ago ·

Scott Kenan (comment #2):

If a patient manages to live 180 days before dying of the cancer, the US Treasury gets $18,000.00 in fines. Is this how Democrats plan to reduce the National Debt?
10 minutes ago ·

Scott Kenan (added 2:14 PM EDT):

I knew you'd delete my comments!!! HA! I gave you boucoup on GA Republican Congressman John Linder dealing drugs that my boss, brought in via the US Air Force. YOU came to me by inviting me to your ATL Press Club Party in FEB after I turned pages of evidence to the FBI via secure server. But you gave me a cold shoulder there, yelled at me for sending you emails, and then Eric Gray couldn't be bothered to recommend an incorruptible lawyer. At least Republicans ADMIT to being assholes.
about a minute ago ·

Monday, April 26, 2010

WALKING ON GLASS to be released this week!!!

Having resolved all conflict issues to everyone's satisfaction, I'm please to announce that my book,

will be available to the public within days!

I'd like to thank the small army of people (including those who had seemed to be working against me), who have moved heaven and earth to make this possible. I only regret that most have asked to remain anonymous. Only a few technical issues remain; all legal and conflict-of-interest issues have been resolved.

Read the reviews here!

Look for the first announcement of availability on this blog very soon.

Thank you,

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Letter to a Confused Brother

Hollis Gillespie with her pals Sean Hannity and Niel Boortz. Clark Howard, as usual, is too busy looking for helpful deals to realize how he's being used. He does have a heart of gold, however.


Not pictured: Christal Presley and her best friend from college, Jill Rhodes (Sean Hannity's wife).

Subject: Re: Follow up from our phone conversation.
From: Scott Kenan
Date: April 24, 2010 9:14:12 PM EDT
To: Five Kenans (and others)

Hi Mike, and thanks for your response. I believe we are making real progress.

I'm going to intersperse my responses in the body of your reply below to make them more immediate, and hopefully more clear.

On Apr 24, 2010, at 11:26 AM, wrote:

Here is your written reply.

You are a skilled writer, I enjoyed your book. I hope you keep writing. It sounds like you made a good move with Alyson books. I hope you get another publisher. Thank you, but you did not support me in this until I PROVED I was right about Alyson. You preferred to believe other people who were working against me. That was not loving or kind. Only Christal Presley was more aggressive than you in these matters.
I don't have any ability to keep you in any place nor do I want to. First part: true, but you only recently recognized this or you would not have fought me so long. If you fought me for some reason other than wanting to, please tell me that reason. There is no question, when you consider our emails and conversations, that you fought me with a vehemence that few others (except Christal Presley) matched. Glad you have seen the light, however.

I am not a very creative person and I am not as intelligent as you nor do I feel a need to be. You are an aspect of God created in Its image and with full rights to all things. You are no more or less than me or anyone else. Your potential is unlimited. I am sorry Mom's Meyer influence has dimmed your understanding of your true worth, but only you can reclaim your life.

I try to keep growing, I stall frequently. Growth is not an option. It is the Rule of Life. There is no "trying" to it. The only trying one can do is to try to NOT grow, and that will cause any life to eventually explode. Look what happened to me!!!

In our phone conversation, I asked you to keep an open mind regarding the BP diagnosis and you suggested I do the same for a non BP diagnosis. I only brought it up due to your recent observation that I/your family had no "empathy" for you, which was a dramatic change from your recent behavior and your pre-eight months ago behavior. It seemed to me, if you were manic, perhaps the cycle was changing. This isn't my area of expertise. Thank you. ALL of this is an accurate depiction of fact that I easily accept. Why you still clung to the idea I was bipolar after authorities four times formally, and once informally, did not support it is a question you must ask yourself. I suspect Christal Presley had a major hand in this. True???
Also, why was my bipolar diagnosis so important to your sense of yourself? You are fundamentally rational, and that should have been more than enough to convince you, especially after I reported that after talking with a couple of Cape May people and really scouring my memory, I realized no doctor had ever properly evaluated me. Mom with her nursing credentials and uber-bossy ways TOLD them my diagnosis and insisted I be given Lithium, a drug that keeps one from remembering and connecting the dots. I do NOT condemn Lithium however. Those who prefer not to confront the truth in their lives need this kind of drug so they can maintain some sort of living, but for me, that was no longer living. It was death, hell, whatever you want to call it.

From my perspective it was concern (empathy?). "Empathy" is a tricky word. Easier to illustrate it than to define it. If you had begun this email "I hope you're feeling stronger after your poisoning Tuesday night. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be in so much pain and so close to death with a long period of no confidence you would survive the night.," that would be empathy. Please notice that it does not confirm or deny any agreement with my analysis of HOW I came to be poisoned, just acknowledges the difficulty of it in an "empathetic" way. You have NOT been empathetic these last months, although I bet you wanted to be empathetic. Why you chose not to be is a private question for you to mull over and NOT give me or anyone else an answer. I am betting your concern came from an unconscious realization that reality was not what Mom and Christal (who might have fed info to you indirectly, like through Jane or others) insisted and you had long TRIED to believe.
However, since you interpret it so differently,I will no longer express anything. Oh pish-posh! Our only purpose in life is expression (and YES! even accounting statements count!! Recent history proves they can be creative!!!)

I blocked you from my email because of the graphic, mean, vulgar content of some of your emails. Oh come on: who are you kidding. Christal Presley could have written this sentence. You blocked your email address that comes into your home, but not the one that came to your job. I mean: that makes no sense as Sunoco, Inc. keeps all that on their servers. I fully expected that for this reason you would ask me NOT to use your work address (and I would have complied). Your children, Taylor, Max, and Connor didn't block me (nor did Max Duffy). Maybe you didn't want Gail to see my emails. She's had some issues with you that might be tangentially related to all of this. I have always had the highest regard for Gail and the Godleys.

I never asked to be copied or blind copied on your emails. Still, you read them, and only blocked them at home. I think part of the solution would be for you to take me off your email distribution. Well think about it, and if you ask again, I will.

The following was also part of my email, but I've toned down the color. Red gets to be too much:

FYI (and some who receive this email will actually care): Today, after FOUR days, my urine returned to a normal color. It was a huge relief! I'm still sleeping tons of hours and also eating and taking wholesome foods and beverages to regain my strength. I'm frustrated that my abdomen, stomach, and rib cage are still in such pain, but I think those muscles got such a bruising from the five straight hours of retching that they will take a couple of weeks to heal up fully. I'm confident of a complete recovery soon.

Alfredo's father died after a long battle with diabetes yesterday, ironically, on Dad's 92nd birthday. Mom, Dad, and you (Mike) all reacted to this news with an "unk." No further comment. That hurt. I would not only have said something kinder, but would have MEANT it if Gail's father had died. Of course it is true I know Larry better, but that's no excuse not to at least be civil about someone's death.

This propelled me to call Mom back to ask why she told me a while back (when we thought Alfredo would fly up to help me drive the entire route. He has since been denied a renewal of his tourist visa by our compassionate State Department.) I thought it was his age (25, and yes, some would find that shocking), but Mom thought he might be older than me, so it wasn't that. She said "marriage is between a man and woman." Well, big deal. All this was was about her meeting the most important person in my life, but that was too much to ask.

I also know it was her racism, not only because of her recent comment about no black and white children should EVER share the same classroom, but also her occasional unguarded comments about Gail's brother Andy's wife. Mom only likes Aryans. It's a fact. Uncle Bob could certainly attest to that -- and DID, several times.

Frankly, I believe Andy and I are uncommonly blessed to be loved by Mexicans. In general, Mexicans are spiritually far superior to most white Americans.

Anyway, if I have abused you, it was my clumsy attempt to get you to think. We are, in fact, in the End Times, as prophesied in all cultures and all religions. I think late 2012 is an accurate date for the End of the World, but no one who loves God has a thing to worry about. The high will be made low, the low high. Radical social and economic upheaval will be accompanied by an increase in volcanic and earthquake activity. Much of this is already occurring, but will escalate like the wailing and gnashing of teeth of the hateful. The exposure of devilish hypocrites like the Republican Party, Catholic Church, and Boy Scout LEADERSHIP.

Alcoholics Anonymous will eventually be exposed as a total corruption of a great founding idea. The Church and the Scouts have embedded much wonderful truth that the leadership has never been able to corrupt. They have therefore served many in beautiful ways. I am so glad I was brought up Catholic (although the Church of England is more a "true" Christian church). AA makes tools of people with its corrupted affirmations and meditations. Sets them up psychologically to believe they are permanently flawed. Only a devil would tell that lie. We all need a little extra likker to get through a tough time, but if we fail to confront the truth that drove us crazy, we never get over the desperate need for drink. It's really just that simple. That's why you only find people of very modest success (if they have any at all) in AA. Someone with your native intelligence and abilities, Mike, would normally be at least a Senior Vice President (or own your own major firm, like Greg Lennihan) by now.
(Greg married another Meyer cousin, descended from my mother's only loving sibling.)

All my love to all who receive this email. I hope I have caused thinking more than offense.

Scott D. Kenan

ADDED 4/25/10 9:55 AM EST. Mike's reply:

From: Five Kenans
Subject: Re: Follow up from our phone conversation.
Date: April 25, 2010 9:27:16 AM EDT
To: Scott Kenan

I have thought about it, take me off your distribution list, home and Sunoco.
Thanks, Mike

Friday, April 23, 2010

Mismaloya Dreaming

I'm still too weak after the poisoning Tuesday night to move forward cleaning up my house, preparing for its sale, and getting all things in order. I lost 18 pounds, am still incredibly sore from the retching, and have been sleeping nearly 12 hours a day to get my strength back. i really didn't think I'd be sore this long.

Having seen what the Republican Party is capable of when one opposes them, I have had to admit I've been on too much of a messianic mission to fix the world. All messiahs are murdered. Ask Jesus, MLK, Ghandi, etc. But what I realized is that my love for Alfredo, who waits for me in Mexico, is all that matters to me. So I'm ratcheting back to reasonable goals. If I cannot meet them, there will be hell to pay.

Since the Stone Mountain Police and Nan Nash on City Council feel Emily and Amy Fortenberry are too powerful to even question about their crimes, some serious (and no doubt drug) connections must be being protected. Nothing else makes sense, not that I can prove this. I mean, we're talking very serious threat on my life by Emily Fortenberry, followed up a few days later by an ACTUAL poisoning of me by Amy Fortenberry! Hello?!? And all the police offered to do was to send an officer over so I could "file a complaint"? A MERE COMPLAINT!!!

I saved some of the controlled substances alleged-lawyer Amy Fortenberry pushed so hard for me to take on my way to Mexico last time. I have other evidence saved as well. But my intention is not to anger the murderers futher. They can only be agents for the Republican Party, annoyed that I have exposed them for stealing so much of Tennessee Williams' estate and importing drugs via the US Air Force. If these allegations were not true, I'd never have received all the resistance.

I simply wish that my house and goods sell at fair prices and quickly. I will continue to occasionally report details about the local corruption until my house sells. If it does not do so on a timely basis, I will go to higher authorities than the Stone Mountain Police. This should make everyone work for the same goal: my removal to Mexico.

I dare say my real estate agent will receive flowers and a gift certificate to Out Back Steakhouse when the deed is completed. I hope so. He's worked hard and taken some abuse from all, including me.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Republican Party operative tried to poison me

Amy Fortenberry, my former so-called lawyer, poisoned me last night. I was in absolute agony for hours, retching wet and then dry for hours. I stood in the shower to keep conscious as I did not think I would make it back if I lost consciousness. It worked, but I barely pulled through. It got way too close for comfort.

I was not sick. This was no food poisoning. I am strong as an ox. Thank God.

Today, I'm fine, but sore and weak. My stomach is OK, and I'm resting and taking food and fluids. Tomorrow I will decide how to handle it. Stone Mountain Police have already declined to take it seriously. Nan Nash (city council) and Amy Fortenberry (as well as others) had already told me that the City Police protect the powerful Fortenberrys. I will go higher. I also have a new lawyer trying to reach me.

I post this only to be pubic to help protect my safety as the white people of Stone Mountain (regardless of political party) prefer to see me dead, from all evidence. Like Tennessee Williams, I feel I am really black.

Methtooth was right: I have now been kicked to the curb.

And I've bounced right back.

More later.

La' chaim, y'all!

Monday, April 19, 2010


Maria Britneva, aka Maria St. Just, presumably in Wilbury, the first Palladian home in England which she gained control of after marrying Lord St. Just and promptly committing him to a mental hospital. One of her daughters married into the Bonham Carter family (think Helena), and she and/or Wilbury had bit roles in Merchant-Ivory films, A ROOM WITH A VIEW and MAURICE. Another married the guy who designed Andy Warhol's New Factory (Andy and Maria gave me and Jane Smith a tour after the memorial for Tennessee at the Shubert Theater a month after TW died).

Born in Russia in 1921, she and her mother escaped, leaving her father as a "sort of sacrifice to the Bolsheviks," according to what Tennessee Williams told me. He always told me when I worked for him that she would one day gain control of his business interests. She did, by colluding with lawyers Michael Remer and John Eastman after Tennessee died, despite his intention in his will and codicil to be certain she never could. (He told me this intention, too.)

Tennessee always claimed his plays were so popular in the USSR that he had more royalties there than anywhere else. (He might have exaggerated, but not too much.) Since no one could get rubles out of the USSR back then, he often fantasized that he would go over, and with Maria Britneva's Russian contacts, take at least some of it out of Russia in furs. I wonder if Maria got the money out later, after he died. Gave it to Remer and the Republican Party.

Does anyone know what happened to Tennessee's accumulated royalties collected in the USSR?

I also wonder why Texas Kate's family will have nothing to do with my book. Kate collected a lot of names through successive marriages, and became Kate Schweppe, Sharp, Moldawer, McNamara, and was a fixture in Houston society. She had a habit of collecting Republicans, and one husband (Dudley Crawford Sharp II) was a key Texas Republican, he the son of Dudley I:

On December 11, 1959, he became Secretary of the Air Force and served (President Eisenhower) until 1961. Sharp was also best friends with Howard Hughes for a time in his early life. Dudley met Howard because both Howard and Dudley's fathers were business Partners in the Sharp-Hughes Tool Company (which became Hughes Tool Company, see THE AVIATOR) Houston. -- Wikipedia.

Kate was much like the character Julia Roberts played in CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR. I loved her very much.

When Kate died on June 3, 2007, her children found a copy of my manuscript, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, front and center on her writing desk. I had recently sent it to her, and she had not shared that she was then so consumed by cancer that she was already blind. I like to think she got the essence through intuitive feel.

But Dudley Sharp, Tennessee's only known God son, won't answer my emails and voicemails, and his siblings are afraid to be even mentioned in the book. They specifically asked not to be, and then cut me off from communications. So different than back then: Dudley Crawford Sharp III of Houston, Kate Sharp Farris of Austin (I think), and M. H. Parker Moldawer of somewhere, Texas. I fear that, unlike their mother who loved Tennessee very much and whom I give a high place of honor, they are caught in a Republican Party hell.

In fairness, Dudley might not have received my emails and voicemails. The Republicans, working with the Chinese Communist Party, have used every trick in the electronic warfare book that in a recent NEW YORK TIMES article, were attributed to the Communist Party in China.

Really. And my computer has over 100,000 files IN ADDITION TO those it admits to. My anti-virus found them, and many are completely written in Chinese characters. I am NO student of the Chinese language!

Perhaps the Republicans will soon be fully exposed and my communications by internet, email, and phone will no longer be interrupted, intercepted, and even changed en route. John Blades, executive director of the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, helped me prove they were changing content of my emails between us.

I love how this is all unfolding. It is the extended version of Tennessee' play that premiered in its final version in Chicago at the Goodman Theatre under Gregory Mosher while I was in the playwright's employ: A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND.

In this blog, I am only following my former employer's instructions that he gave me many years ago: "Protect the Artists. Avenge what happens to my estate." (ADDED April 16, 2015: I don't know what made me claim Tennessee told me that. He didn't -- and it's not even his VOICE!!! -- but then, I suppose he COULD HAVE.)

I'm trying. And someday, my well-reviewed book (see its site) will be published.

A Communist Connection

Excellent piece this morning from Paul Krugman in the NYTimes online: Looters in Loafers. Looks like Brother Obama's got the Republicans by the balls! They look as white as spooks.

And speaking of racial epithets, there's one I've always loved but use and define differently than most. I've always considered it to mean a person with an utter lack of self-respect and/or conscience. I apply it without regard to race, religion, or sexual orientation. I apply it now: The Republicans are just a bunch of white niggers.

And when you see their sorry asses on the TeeVee, they sure look SpOOkEd. . . .

Will this change again, now?

And what is Ching Lee Juin of People's Publishing, Pte Ltd (on the list of Restricted Importers on, site of the MISSLE DEFENSE AGENCY, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE), doing on Old Boss's Facebook Page?

Yes, Virginia, Goggle is riddled with Republican google-results manipulators. Bunch of damn niggers, if you ask me.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Newt Gingrich before his descent into Hell

Hi Democratic Party Communications Director,

I forgot to mention in our phone conversation that I have serious dirt on Newt Gingrich as well. In 1990, when I first tried to break up this huge illegal drug operation, I was unaware that it was operated by the Republican Party. I visited Newt Gingrich's office in Clayton County, then, I believe, many times, and left him many packets of verbiage about what I knew in the mistaken belief that he was virulently opposed to illegal drugs.

His office manager (he never identified his position exactly, but he was distinguished looking, tall, about 60, and smoked a pipe), received all my materials and assured me that he shared them with Newt and they were working hard on stopping the drug trade. He was very kindly and stopped short of smarmy. He drove a late model black Lincoln (Town Car, I believe. Ever notice Republicans drive Lincolns? Henry Ford was a Nazi sympathizer.), badged as having been sold by the dealership that was on Scott Blvd. in Decatur, then.

In an entirely separate event, I had previously stopped into that dealership to look at (less expensive) cars. The sales manager was a frequent diner at Mama Mia's Pasta and Pizza here in Stn. Mtn. that I then managed, and always friendly to me. This man told me while I was in the dealership, that during a recent economic downturn, the mafia had taken control of the dealership. This seemed to really upset him. He told me this because, only minutes before, I had witnessed two middle-aged and well dressed white thugs approach the front desk. I could see that they held pistols, and I got a bit upset, but not too upset because no altercation or raised tempers or other conflict occurred.

As soon as I left the dealership (they had nothing I could afford), I became upset again, and from a pay phone near Commerce Drive and Briarcliff Road in Decatur, I called 911. Before I could get the whole story out, I saw the car i had seen the armed men leave the lot in drive by. They did not seem to know I was there, but I was too unnerved, hung up and drove off.

Of course, I was not then mentally prepared to deal with such a huge system. I was hauled into Judge Linda Warren Hunter's court and in the most highly irregular way (including the cooperation of my parents with the judge), given 14+ weeks jail for a bogus charge of criminal trespass for when I tried to collect the one-week severance check Lawrence Buchthal had promised for my service at Mama Mia's.

See blog post on Judge Hunter 4/16/10: .

Anyway, don't let Newt get away with claiming he's anything but a major American traitor. I believe capital punishment should be reserved for traitors only, and I would love to open the trap doors below the top Republican leadership if we have Nuremberg style trials. (Sorry, I hate being ugly but I have SUFFERED. But not so much I couldn't handle a lot more if I have to.)

All best, and keep up the good work.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Letter to my siblings: Jane, Mike, and Julie

From: Scott Kenan
Subject: Not such a giant step beyond what we faced daily while growing up
Date: April 16, 2010 8:47:51 AM EDT

A headline (without its story) makes the point:

Police: Man tortured 4-year-old to death for wetting his pants

By Jason Kessler, CNN
April 15, 2010 10:20 p.m. EDT

Not easy to accept that this is not such a big step from what we knew. To be free, we must face this.

But there is beauty in it too. Had this not been the case, we'd never have toughened up enough to face these end times. Just step up in consciousness a moment and know that Mom and Dad were like they were to serve us, as all parents must serve their children, and at other times, vice versa.

It was not easy for Mom and Dad, and it was not easy for us. But now is the time to show the gratitude and love due them for playing "bad" in order that we might (in dealing with that), be strong, really strong, actually. And I do mean UNCOMMONLY strong, a lot more than "wrist-strong" as Steven Colbert promoted with his generic wrist bands that poked fun at all the ones people wore to support causes a few years ago. (Howdy Lance!)

There was nothing in our upbringing that we couldn't or can't deal with, and now that we have done that, it's time to let Mom and Dad relax from the battle of raising us, and just have some fun and accept our love and appreciation.

This missive might seem surprising, but I have always known that the preparation of us for what we can do in a post-modern world was the reason our parents were such seeming assholes. They knew we were bound for important work contributing to the good of society, and they would have to really challenge us and they would have to operate in ways that appeared to the un-evolved eye to be even cruel or heartless. And it would (temporarily) be thankless. Now is the time for gratitude. Now is the time for their reward.

I know I will honor them with not only my heart, but the best that I can afford and that they can accept. If that seems like not much at the moment, it is only an indication that the reader is still thinking in a materialistic human way. This is changing for all of us as we move rapidly into the post-human era. Eons ago, something changed that caused (in at least one species) something animal to become human. Today, we are caught up in the process of that human thing becoming so much more.

It is the fulfillment of all prophesy.

It is the end of the world, but not literally in the way it has often been misinterpreted. It is the end of limited human thinking and selfishness. It is the dawn of what a human would call heaven.

Hence all the gnashing of teeth, as many will only come screaming and kicking because they have mistaken God-given intuition and trust for mental illness.

But they will come, although, perhaps, not right away. They will labor at their penance until they, too, allow that still small voice of love that can never be extinguished to grow and eventually enflame their soul.

The Catholic Church was right all along, it just didn't get the complete picture, and it allowed a bunch of shameless scoundrels to rule it's bureaucracy. The kernel at the root of Church teaching was true. But at the heart of Judaism, the kernel was clearer, brighter, and stronger, because the Jews never mistook Jesus for the the Great Exception, when he was actually the Great Example. Other religions preserve at their hearts this same truth too, but were founded in different cultures and in different cultural times, so my credentials to say much about them are minor.

And let's get this clear (with thanks to my teacher Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz): "There are no Chosen People. There are only people, choosing."

I doubt Mom and Dad are able to get my point yet, but they will get it. When we fear we have been or might be bad, we cannot look truth in the eye. What if that which we fear most is true?

The truth is that all things were made of the stuff of and in the image of God, and in God there can be no shame. Sometimes the journey back to God is not pretty, but it is always beautiful, when we open our eyes.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

There go the Judge--and the City of Stone Mountain!

UPDATE, Friday April 16, 2010:

This posting is riddled with inaccuracies about the the City of Stone Mountain and the Fortenberry family. It is an excellent example of how incomplete facts lead to delusional thinking (on my part), so I'll let it stand, unless I hear from any of THESE people that they prefer I delete it.

The part about Judge Hunter stands as true, however.


Posted today to website collecting evidence against:

Judge Linda Warren Hunter

Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit, Georgia

I have the evidence to impeach, disbar, and convict for prison time Judge Linda Warren Hunter. She held me in jail in 1990 after allowing my accuser, Lawrence Buchthal of Mama Mia's Pasta and Pizza in Stone Mountain, to make claims that I had broken my probation after I plead Nolo to one change of criminal trespass.

I was charged because when I we
nt to pick up the one-week severance check he had promised, he greeted me after I entered his public restaurant with the words "You're not supposed to be here." That has no real meaning. Words like "I do not allow you to be here," or "You are trespassing." are clear. He did NOT clarify.

I stopped a minute to ask a friend of his what to do. This friend, a DeVry mathematics professor, said to stay, but I felt uncomfortable and left. All peaceably. Two days later I was arrested and eventually held for 14+ weeks in jail and then placed on house-arrest probation for the rest of a year period.

THE PUNISHMENT DID NOT FIT THE CRIME, and Judge Hunter allowed Lawrence to give testimony that I violated probation. (I had spoken socially with a carpenter who had done a 4 hour job for Lawrence at the restaurant a year before that. Judge Hunter deemed that violated the provision that I not contact any EMPLOYEES of the restaurant).

JUDGE HUNTER REFUSED TO ALLOW ME TO QUESTION LAWRENCE in the hearing. This "incident" had happened before the last time she had called me in, so was NOT new. Lawrence did not say what date it occurred, and she refused to allow me to make him state a date. She told him not to answer when I asked him. She also denied my request of some kind of recording of the hearing which was in a closed space. She had already refused my requests to have all hearings public.

Judge Hunter had had private phone calls with my parents (and physical visits from my father) and I have the notes my parents made documenting that those meetings occurred. My mother raised us with swastikas on our dinner plates and even today supports Catholic clergy and child sexual as well as beating abuse. She has met privately with the Pope several times. She also has been known to have ties to drug traffickers. She is considered a high-standing moral person in her Catholic community. She is a vigorous support of and very well connected to the Republican Party.

I have given info to influential Israelis as I believe my mother is a well-hidden Nazi.

It is my contention that Judge Hunter is involved protecting the Republicans. I have also turned in GA Cong. John Linder for major drug dealing in cahoots with my former employer, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. . I gave the FBI many pages of info and two days later was contacted by Obama strategist (and former MLK Jr. driver and consultant to the Kennedys) Tom Houck. I report all things to these and other key Democratic Party officials. I have also sent info to Cynthia Tucker of the AJC.

Additionally, I believe that some elements, possibly including Chief Troutman, in the Stone Mountain City Police Dept., are protecting drug dealers, and I am going to get to the bottom of the Stone Mountain City drug cover-up no matter what it takes.

Two days ago, Emily Fortenberry, of Stone Mountain, seriously threatened me, claiming she would kill me, repeated times. She kept drawing her finger across her neck and, while smiling, added sound effects. It was clear she knew she was protected. i called 911 and the officers who arrived promised to at least talk to her and then we would discuss suitable charges.

Amy Fortenberry, an attorney who lives with her sister and her parents Chip and Elizabeth, has also previously filed charges that her sister Emily tried to murder her by choking and refused her parents' requests that she drop charges. Emily's charge was reduced several times, and she eventually did a little dry out time for her addiction to illegal drugs. earlier this week (according to Amy), Emily spent the night in a crack house.

Today, more than 36 hours after the incident, the police still have not questioned Emily nor explained to me why. They refuse to return my phone calls, so I contacted city council member Nan Nash who heads the committee over the police. She heard the ENTIRE story and told me the police probably didn't question them because the Fortenberrys are very powerful.

For what?

So are the Kenans. They inherited 2/3 of Standard Oil from Rockefeller's backer, Henry Flagler (and much of Florida), and now are the world's largest private supporter of education. That trumps drug dealers, I hope.

I am completely shocked by the lack of respect shown me by the Stone mountain Police Department and feel I remain in danger from Emily Fortenberry and those she is connected to. (Can you say John Linder?)

Nan Nash promised to ASK the police to investigate, but seemed less than optimistic that they would. I will rip this town, it's police, employees, and elected officials a new asshole if necessary (metaphorically--I only use words. I have never been nor will I be violent. words are more powerful than guns.)

The children, especially, deserve better than we are getting from City Government.

See my political blog for more details: . The best stuff begins 1/1/10. I will take down all the Republican devils if I have to do it alone. I am unstoppable and I always win.

Scott D. Kenan
Stone Mountain, GA

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letter to Don Weise, King of My Adversaries

Dear Don,

Thank you for completely removing my book, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, from your website. Finally and, apparently, entirely. But I have noticed that you are still playing internet games. Example: Ghalib Shiraz Dhalia's The Two Krishnas does not show up on Alyson's home page with the other books, but if I search your site-search for it, you still list it. This is exactly what you had been doing with my book for months after you cancelled the contract 1/19/10. You made it so that my computer would be identified as i sought your site and be directed to a phony page showing my book no longer in your line-up, but most others went to your actual home page that showed it would be available 4/10/10.

An aside: Alyson's site, which used to be a delight to explore, is now a husk riddled with peculiar marks, at least the one my computer is currently allowed to access (MacBook Pro via Firefox). You ought to fix this if you expect anyone to continue to believe you will pay anyone. To my knowledge, the people who won legal judgements late last fall against Regent/Here/Alyson have not yet been paid and you can't legally pay royalties due later before paying earlier legal judgements.

I should have listened to John Uecker (one-time literary assistant to Tennessee Williams and later assistant to James Purdy until Purdy's death) who told me you had given Edmund White a $500,000.00 advance on a book that earned a small fraction of that while you were at Carroll and Graf. I have no way of knowing if this is true or not, but Uecker claims that your actions at that house led to its collapse. I was most gratified to see that Ed did not, in fact, publish any book with Alyson this spring as you had told me would be the case. You so enjoyed telling me that you were putting me ahead of Edmund in the spring line-up. I greatly enjoyed meeting Ed at the Decatur Book Festival a few years ago, but the viruses that have riddled my computers since I signed the contract with Alyson have stripped his (and other important) addresses from my address book. These viruses are Chinese-made, employed by the Republican Party, and so impossible to be rid of, the techs at Apple are still trying to figure out how to disinfect my computer. I'd also like to add that your Republican/Chinese Communist Party pals have placed a TON of hidden files on this computer, many written entirely in Chinese characters. I did find those.

Of course I risk appearing delusional. Your opinion of me is none of my business. I have my former employer to thank for teaching me how to live with being mis-interpreted. But without use of so many drugs (and I must point out that other than smoking pot a time or two, Tennessee's drugs were all prescribed to him by legal doctors), I am better at it than was he.

Your lies and crimes are monumental, and many have told me how you and Colichman had assembled your little gay media empire with the express purpose of removing all significant gay writers from the public, and setting them up for extermination by your other Republican Party allies. The ways and means you all had planned are too complicated to detail here, but rest assured that many of us know and will be working soon with Law Enforcement to untangle your now-defeated scheme. They might not have told you of the extermination plans. That's how evil works: promise them their dream and then strip them of their humanity once you get them addicted to the promise of money, fame, and lust. Otherwise, keep them in the dark about how they play into other evil schemes. Thomas Keith knows all about that!

And speaking of lust, you and your pal Philip Rafshoon here at Outwrite Books in Atlanta, sure disrespected Aiden Shaw beyond belief. Treated him behind his back like nothing but a lust-object, although to his credit for consistency, Philip at least disrespected him publicly as well at his book signing in ATL. Aiden is one of the most sensitive, kind, and loving people I've met. He turned beet red and shy as a school girl at the signing when I let him know I knew it. I doubt he'll be getting any money from his book though. THAT's a damn shame! Publish his wonderful book, disrespect him, and then keep his money. If you pay him, I'll publicly eat my words.

And yes, I'll still be alive to do it, although retreated to Mismaloye, Mexico (10 km south of Puerto Vallarta) to hold writing, Williams, and Aztec Culture seminars in the first house up Av. Eva Gardner on the hill above the ruins of the movie set of The Night of the Iguana. Perhaps unbelievably, I am engaged to an Aztec king who was at birth given the first name of Tennessee's father, Cornelius (also the name of his favorite pet, a bulldog that I cared for back then). He was born eight months to the day after TW died, and begins some sentences "Tennessee says. . . ."

You and your ilk are now totally check-mated.

We all get our just desserts or deserts. I can never remember the correct spelling. And forget trying to commit me to a mental hospital. FIVE times, now, the Republican Party's agents have tried and the only result is that my town and county have changed how they handle such "courtesy calls" of claims someone is on the verge of suicide or other "crazed" behavior. Your tactics have opened a LOT of eyes around here. I'm not one to stand silent.

All best to you as you face the legal onslaught. You will know it when you encounter it. I have no info on the timing plans.

Almost forgot! Thanks for providing the material for my second book about the adventures one encounters publishing a Williams memoir that tells the full truth. The first draft being my blog: , will also include much material from my hundreds of hypergraphic emails I've sent so many since first encountering you. I'll be sure to give you plenty of credit. Kisses to my (actually YOUR) former agent, Cindy.

Scott D. Kenan

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Build the Dream for us all

Dr. Martin Luther King was the twin avatar (look up for original definition) of my former employer, Mr. Tennessee Williams. Both were the absolute embodiment of Love, although that might be more obvious to most in the case of Dr. King.

Tennessee often told me (with tears in his eyes), that of his African-American fans, most wrote him assuming he was black. He considered this the highest honor of his life, and told me this each time he received a packet of forwarded mail from his agency. He never once mentioned his Pulitzer Prizes.

Please help take the fund-raising goal for Dr. King's memorial over the top. Less than $14 million is needed to reach the $120 million goal.

On behalf my friend, Thomas Lanier Williams, and myself, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Contribute here.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I finally figured it out

When a soul (new or old) purifies its heart, as a reward, he (or she) is, in the next life, born into a Mexican family.

I'm impatient. Having no interest in dying soon, I'm moving to Puerto Vallarta. There, my soul mate (whom I last knew as my employer and who reincarnated as an Aztec king eight months to the day after he died in a hotel in New York City), awaits me for our legal wedding.

But I have much unfinished business in my beloved, native United States. Today, my attorney, who once worked for Paul Hastings and ran the War Room of attack lawyers for Walmart, will begin a systematic bringing-to-justice of those who have significantly abused me over the years. This will first include my former employer, and Alyson Books in New York. It will quickly include several banks, including Citibank, American Express (I hope they are forced to remove "American" from their name), Wells Fargo, and SunTrust.

As an aside, I add: Thank God for Bank of America!

Those who abused my former employer, Tennessee Williams, will also be brought to task: Michael Remer, John Eastman, et al.

But I have no time or inclination to give away details now. My lawyer advises me against it. I'll leave her to fight the battles as I move on to a richer life.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Something died today, and it sure wasn't Jesus.

Dear Public Servant Boehner,

Something is amiss in the Land of Tanning Beds. The Republican Party has gotten out of balance and is composed disproportionately of homosexyuls. Hot, hot First Dude Todd, and then, of course, there is Larry. Even Dan Savage's pal, Rick Santorem wants a piece of the action, now.

But that is not the most pressing problem. Someone(s) attacked my man after I reported on John Linder's drug dealing. Y'all should have known that would piss me off. Really. You just make me crazy, but after four attempts, y'all have not been able to commit me, and I've made a nice friend of the hardworking nurse at DeKalb CSB who keeps getting sent out to my house at GREAT waste of taxpayer's money, dammit! (I curse waste, not nurses. This one is quite cool, actually)

So I say to you: "TAN THIS!!!"

Some details of what I've sent to the FBI and top Democratic Party strategists can be seen on my blog: .

And PLEASE! Medicate that PTSD-head, John McCain. God bless him for his brave service to our country, but he's gone entirely nuts. I do rather like Sarah, though. She's gamed y'all like the hot vixen she is.

When you have time to read a book whilest lounging on your minimum-security bunk, I might have finally gotten published: .

Best regards, and give my condolences to Li'l Dick Cheney.

Special thanks to John Lewis and Barney Franks. Y'all totally float my boat!!!

Scott D. Kenan
Stone Mountain, GA

PS: I didn't have time to add ALL the addresses of House members in the blind copies. No slight has been intended.