Monday, May 31, 2010

Letter to Jef Hall-Flavin, Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival Director

From: Scott Kenan
Subject: Re: Regarding Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival
Date: May 31, 2010 1:14:33 PM EDT
To: Scott Kenan
Cc:,,, Allean Hale, Kenneth Holditch, Gregory Mosher , Mitch Douglas , John Uecker , John DiLeo ,,,, Jeremy Bird , Eric Gray
BCC: Many

Got a few, but not all. Sorry. To see why I feel I am taking out the Republican Party almost singlehandedly, see my blog. Separately, I had unknowingly gotten entangled in another of their traitorous activities.

The best politics begins 1/1/10: .

On May 31, 2010, at 1:00 PM, Scott D Kenan wrote:

I did not receive delivery receipts from any of the several people I sent this to that always automatically and immediately send them, so I will resend via other servers until I do.

I apologize to those that receive multiple copies.


On May 31, 2010, at 12:47 PM, Scott D Kenan wrote:

Letter sent this morning to Jef Hall-Flavin, Festival Director:

Dear Jef,

My name is Scott Kenan and I was Tennessee Williams' assistant from November, 1981 through the opening of the final version of A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND at the Goodman Theatre in April, 1982. I have written a memoir, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, and after a disastrous first attempt to get it published by Alyson Books, which could not pay my advance after 5 1/2 months, I forced them to return my rights to me. A publishing house owned by a major foundation in Scotland that has for years done much work for the United Nations, has now had the manuscript for two weeks, and has a view toward buying hard cover rights, worldwide in all translations. No final agreement yet.

The only other publisher I've submitted it to is UNC Press in Chapel Hill. My family founded UNC after donating the land for the Chapel Hill campus, and later inherited Henry Flagler's fortune. Flagler set up Rockefeller as his front man in Standard OIl, but retained 2/3 ownership to his death. He also opened the state of Florida with his railroad, which he eventually ran all the way to Key West. He left his fortune to his last wife, Mary Lily Kenan Flagler (later, Bingham) and having no progeny, she and her Kenan heirs created, in aggregate, the the world's largest trust in support of education under many names besides Kenan. So being a person of modest means, I had hoped to follow in the family tradition to support UNC, but I heard back from them that they do not, as policy, publish the memoirs of living people.

Kenans are quiet people, and I do not like pointing out my powerful connections (I have many more as well), but I met stiff resistance from Michael Remer who manages rights for The University of the South, and his agent, Thomas Keith. They and Don Weise, publisher at Alyson Books, have done everything imaginable to suppress my book (after first pretending otherwise), including several attempts to commit me to a mental hospital, which are documented by the county mental health service. The reason for the hostility is that I am the only person alive who can prove that Remer, in conjunction with Maria St. Just and John Eastman (TW's personal attorney) colluded to bribe certain destitute people to claim Tennessee was incompetent when he signed the codicil to his will which would have shifted management of his estate to Harvard University, while leaving the ownership at Sewanee in appreciation of their education of his beloved grandfather, Walter E. Dakin.

Many years ago, I was given a false diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and the many years of Lithium kept me in reduced mental capacity and unable to connect the dots of the things I always have known. Only in the last nine months, after I was put on lighter medication and later yet re-diagnosed as having simple family trauma, have i become fully aware of the significance of my knowledge. My book was written in toto before I connected the dots, and in fact, Thomas Keith edited it and proclaimed there is nothing in it that accuses Sewanee of anything (although the facts laid down support my contentions).

Additionally, I was with Tennessee and Jackie Onassis at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party (Jan. 10, 1982, or thereabouts and reported in my book), when she convinced him to do this. This was when Reaganism was coming into full flower, and "Christian" leaders were calling AIDS God's righteous punishment of gays. No one stood up to them, and fear fell like a curtain across the gay community as a whole generation of our brothers was beginning to fall to a horrifying death. There was nothing incompetent about it.

During the time I worked for Tennessee, he often wanted to visit Maria as he knew she would help organize certain things about his life, but he feared that she would also have him committed (as she had her husband, Peter Grenville, the Lord St. Just, almost immediately after their marriage), and take over control of his business interests. He did later visit her, but she waited to gain control after his death.

Now much of what I write might sound delusional, but time and time again, the mental health services have found me sane. So forget about me (many lies about me have been spread in person and in the press by Thomas Keith, Don Weise, and others, including FOX NEWS). Yet I remain standing, and my book speaks for itself. Here is a link to its website: . I would be happy to send you and all the others I am sending a copy of this email a PDF copy of the version that was readied for Alyson's typesetter.

I have already sent information on these matters to the FBI, State and local law enforcement, and high placed Democratic Party politicians and strategists including Patrick Kennedy, and have informed Harvard's legal department that after I move to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico later this week (I have a contract to buy the first house up the hill from the ruins to the movie set of THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA on Av. Eva Gardner, and must come up with a down payment later this year to close before the end of the year. I will legally marry Alfredo Diaz, whose first legal given name is Cornelio and also coincidentally was born 8 months to the day after Tennessee died. We are working to reopen the movie set ruins, which includes additional improvements that John Huston built to make the site (sacred to native people since 600 BC, and the exact spot where Cortez, nephew of THE Cortez, subjugated the Aztec nation in a competing display of banners without a single gun shot. It's on Banderas Bay, which means "Bay of Flags.") a place or recreation and celebration for the Mexican people. We intend to use the house and for seminars on writing in general, Tennessee Williams, spirituality, business leadership, and Aztec Culture.

Perhaps your organization will be interested in holding a conference there at special rates to cover costs only that I will offer Williams people and organizations.

I do go on.

Anyway, I (and perhaps Alfredo as well) intend to attend your conference this fall, and hope to meet with anyone who would care to get my perspective on my former friend and employer. Given the current state of politics, you might not feel comfortable answering right away. If you do not, I'll be in touch later, when I am able to make definite plans.

My references include these people whom I know personally:

Allean Hale

Kenneth Holditch

Gregory Mosher

Mitch Douglas

John Uecker (He's a little skittish right now)

Meryl Streep is the celebrity whom I got to know best then who is still alive. I don't know how to contact her, but if she's reminded I'm 6' 11" and we first met at a birthday party for Virgil Thompson at Milton Goldman's apartment in 1981, I believe she will remember. We later crossed paths at the 1981 Kennedy Center Honors events. (All reported in my book.)

I will be copying your PR people as well as most of those mentioned in this email and a few others as well.

Scott D. Kenan
(cell will work for at least another month.)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Will I EVER get out of Stoned Mountain???

Pictured: Jorge Soler on his deck after feeding me inedible food, but before he got drunk the other night.

5/27/10 CORRECTION: When I wrote this, I was already fully aware that police departments in most American communities do not serve law or justice. They serve power. That is the human way, and because the Stone Mountain City Police Department has rarely listened to and never acted as if they believed my side of ANY story, both recently and in 1990 when I prematurely tried to break up this same drug importation ring in its earlier, simpler form, I decided to show them what I would do if they continued to fuck with me.

Sgt. Nunn was handy, and given his intelligence, knowledge of the law, and determination to serve power, he proved his practical skills in a psychologically tough environment. I got him good, but not fairly. I have absolutely no knowledge of any sexual activities, fantasies, or allegations by or about Sgt. Nunn. That said, I do NOT retract my comments about his being hot.

Having learned he has a wife and she got a touch upset, I retract my comments publicly with apologies, but not embarrassment. I don't think the sergeant was embarrassed himself, and he probably enjoyed the public compliment. Other than his concern about his wife's reaction, he seems to have a great sense of humor about it, which is not to say anything other than he enjoys a good power play. I have no reason whatsoever to believe he has ever had a sexual interest in men, although the reverse is not true.

I see a promotion or three in his future.


I do have to wonder. . . .

Subject: Regarding our Fairy Tale town
From: Scott D Kenan
Date: May 26, 2010 11:12:35 AM EDT
Bcc: Nan Nash ,,,,,, and MANY more!!!

OK, so I'm a fairy. Still, I have a great and true tale to tell, and most of you know exactly what I'm talking about, although most of you are now stuck with your pants around your ankles waiting for higher law enforcement to come and give you your due. Even white people from "old families" have come out of the woodwork to tell me over the last few days that EVERYONE knows about the drug trade here, who is involved, and they also report that they have been told to move out of town, but some have resisted. This is their (our) town.

Nominally, this is going to the detectives, and I did leave Mr. Norrington a voice message this morning, after Sgt. Nunn tried to prevent me from doing that. Eventually, I convinced him it would not be in his interests to prevent this. He had already proven he was allied with Jorge Soler, a Columbian drug lord who bought the blue house on Mountain St. a few lots east of the Post Office and on the other side of the street. I had gotten Jorge and his wife Aida drunk several nights ago, and Jorge had admitted his real business to me then. He pretends to be a chef whose back went bad, but the dinner he prepared that night was nearly inedible, the cut of "deluxe" beef, which he prepared like steak, was a cut usually used in pot roast by people who don't appreciate the greater tenderness and flavor of chuck.

I'll spare you Sgt. Nunn's involvement with Mr. Soler, when they, with Aida, arrived at my house yesterday, and without listening to my side of the story, Sgt. Nunn demanded I take certain actions or he would arrest me on the spot. The previous day, when the Solers visited me at home and I reminded Jorge what he had admitted while drunk about being a Columbian drug lord, he screamed and yelled at me, ran into my backyard and threw pieces of a concrete fountain I have trouble lifting, all about (despite his alleged bad back). I ordered him off the property, and when he refused, I told him I'd call the Stone Mountain Police. He replied, "You call the Stone Mountain Police -- he emphasized the town's name -- and I'll have them come over and kill you."

Well, that hasn't exactly worked out, but this morning, my house was being surveilled by thugs in cars. One had slowed going south, turned around, and then stopped in front of my house, but drove on when I walked out and got the license number: 163 5CC, a white, maybe ten-year-old 2-door sports car. Like a "Z" car in appearance.

All that said, I have noticed that not only when Sgt. Nunn (led the first attempt to commit me, immediately after Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville fired me and said suicide would be my only way out (about 1/17/10), but again yesterday, he looks at me like he'd love to suck my cock. I'm sorry to be crude, but I also admit that as white cops go, he is hot as hell! But I'm engaged, so have dropped the temptation to meet up with him when he's off duty. But I will say this: My "gaydar" is almost never wrong. I bet Sgt. Nunn got caught in sexual mischief with men and was blackmailed into working for the drug people. I always try to free my own kind, especially when they are so hot.

Also, Anthony Siegel, cell: XXX-XXX-XXXX, who lives in the trailer of the Gables Academy property in town, has been helping me the last several weeks with yard sale, sorting and packing stuff. He's the current spy in my house, and reports to the owners of Gables Academy property (I forget their names) who live on the corner of VFW and Mountain, right across from their boss, the Solers (almost). But Anthony is amusing. An old hippy of my age (58) he tells good stories of his childhood and being spoiled by his father who was a major developer in Miami in the 50s, 60s. Supposedly, he hung with the Brat Pack and often played poker with Henny Youngman and Jack Benny. Similar types of people to those I knew when I worked for Tennessee Williams. Currently, he is claiming to be taking care of sick animals owned by the same property owners. In other words, they are all pow-wowing somewhere, trying to decide what the hell to do with me next! LOL.

I doubt I will come to any harm, despite the City Police Department working for Mr. Soler. A Dekalb Deputy came to my house on trumped up excuse this morning. They know the pressure I'm under, and meet with me to reassure me that they and others started investigating this town before I first spoke up, and to get the latest reports from me of what I've uncovered.

I laugh my ass off imagining the money my second book which will detail all of my recent troubles (my blog is its first draft: ) will make as well as my Tennessee Williams memoir . Can't wait to get to Mexico. Last night I confronted my "intended" there as I know he actually has been working for my enemies. I have known that all along. But we fell in love regardless, and as I've mentioned before, I do try to free those of my kind who have been compromised and would like to know love.

Thanks for listening,
Scott D. Kenan
You know where I am.

God Bless the REAL Republicans

Everyone (or at least some) knows that President Eisenhower, as he was ending his term of office, not only greatly regretted he had not acted to stop Sen. Joseph McCarthy's evil-intended "Communist" witch hunts, but also warned of the growing power of what he (and we, in the late 1960s and into the 1970s), called "The Military-Industrial Complex" and how it could eventually grow strong enough to enslave us all after robbing us of our freedoms.

Recently, the ersatz-Republican-packed Supreme Court gave corporations legal status equal to human citizens.

This morning, I found an interesting quote in the comments of Maureen Dowd's op-ep piece in this morning's NYTimes online:

Phil in the mountains of Kyushu
May 26th, 2010
3:41 am
Please – while funning the corporate perverse, let’s recall Abe Lincoln.

In no intention at fun at all, on Nov. 21, 1864, Lincoln wrote to Col. William F. Elkins, (thanks to Cdr. John Newlin, U.S. Navy, ret’d, of Vista, California, who sent it to me):

"We may congratulate ourselves that this cruel war is nearing its end. It has cost a vast amount of treasure and blood. It has indeed been a trying hour for the Republic; but I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my Country than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my suspicions may prove groundless."

God Bless Abraham Lincoln, our first known-gay President!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Letter to Stone Mountain City Council and other interested parties

Subject: Although I had a decent yard sale turnout, no WHITE residents of Stone Mountain came, despite my ads and signs.
From: Scott D Kenan
Date: May 23, 2010 11:47:42 PM EDT
Bcc: City Council and other interested parties

This was true for last weekend as well as this weekend just ended. So much for your promise that if I shut up and stopped ruffling city council feathers, you would see to it that I had good sales at my yard sales and also that you would find some people to look at my house. Of course I quickly realized that as professionals of the first order, you really wanted to frustrate me and egg me on to ruffle feathers more. At your implied suggestion, I contacted other legal authorities both in Dekalb and Gwinnett Counties and was heartened to learn that an investigation of the City's power structure for severe drug related crimes was already under way. Praise Jesus!

I do believe my parents are being investigated as well. I hope so. I also hope I am wrong about all of this, but the evidence and comments to me by the black residents of town make it clear that this secret has been no secret to anyone except a bunch of foolish, vain white folks. I have no idea how I was born into this color of skin, although from my foreign travels, I know this is not generally true of white people in other countries, and indeed not of all of those here.

One thing I did want to report in case any trouble results from it is that yet another new "friend" (and friend of Amy Fortenberry, I might add, although he sometimes pretends otherwise), is an apparent connection to Columbian (his native country) drug traffickers. Like so many others who are drug-connected (hello gay undertakers who bought below cheap at Ridge and Poplar Springs through a realtor friend of Nan Nash and who are good friends of my nemesis XXXXX -- forbidden by Judge Tracy Dorfman to publish this name!), he bought a property in town at a highly distressed price, and while he was an outsider, was able to beat locals of integrity who thought they had a chance to buy the property, but major drug kingpins always seem to get the Stoned Mountain worm. I am referring of course to Jorge Soler and his wife Aida who bought the blue house on Mountain Street, a few hundred feet east of the Post Office and on the opposite side of the street. I will not in this email go into all the info that they inadvertently gave me during several evenings of my seeing that Jorge had plenty of alcohol as we sat around eating dinner and over coffee and drinks afterward, but it was most incriminating and already passed on to other Law Enforcement as well.

Today, I had an incident with them when Jorge reneged on an agreement to buy something at my yard sale. He used a technique similar to that used my my former employer and Congressman Linder's drug trafficking partner, -- always a hallmark of a person with no integrity! I honestly thought Aida was unaware of Jorge's activities (they both have had five former spouses, so not too smart), but when I confronted him with all he had said about his drug trafficking while he was drunk, and his utter lack of cooking skill (he claims he was a chef until disabled), they both went ballistic and Jorge was so wild that it scared Aida. He charged all around my yard throwing things and said he would kill me, and if I went to the Stone Mountain Police that THEY would kill me. They did finally leave, and knowing that the Police had already absolutely refused to take any of MY reports of threats seriously, I did not report it through normal channels.

It is my belief that Jorge is probably more dangerous than anyone else living in the city, so I will not push it, and after a couple of days, will deliver to him the items he and Aida's aunt purchased but have not yet gotten from me. If the Police prefer to handle this for me, that would be fine. I am not trying to cheat him, although he did, in fact, cheat me.

Other news of note: I'd like to thank council people Nan Nash and Richard Mailman who both asked my somewhat developmentally disadvantaged sweetheart neighbor, Stephanie Sours, how my yard sale went a weekend ago, and more pointedly, how my state of mind over the low turnout despite heavy advertising and street signs had been. It's nice to know city officials care. I understand from many that Mr. Mailman has the cushy job of being certain residents are happy with the changes going on in town, which many have told me is cover for his troubleshooting any problems from residents speaking up against the city's involvement in drug trafficking.

I'd also like to thank the waiter at Sycamore Grill for telling me back in September (and a couple of other witnesses) what he heard from a drunk visiting top executive of Branson Entertainment (cover for a 'gaming" company that the Republican state legislators put in charge of the Park to be certain their ersatz old-timey village would first suck our village dry, and then they could move their drug people into undervalued residences and fix the town up to be picture perfect yet a delightful cover for one of the very top drug operations centers in the United States). They've nearly succeeded. I questioned him again a couple of months ago, hoping to get more juicy details, but he claimed to not remember. I don't blame him. He's not stupid.

But I do have other witnesses.

Well, it has been a trip living here in our sleepy little village. I KNOW that all city officials are not consciously involved in the drug trade, but the rest of you are, in my book, just as guilty. You act like you don't know about this, but your heads have been in the sand. THIS IS NO SECRET TO MUCH OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY, but then they are not "human" enough for you white officials to get to know so they felt comfortable telling you. I do believe it best that those who have tried to prevent me from selling enough of my belongings to get to Mexico give up immediately. I have better connections and greater resources available to me than you would believe. You have severely underestimated me, as I have severely underestimated the lengths many (possibly most) white people in this town will go to to avoid recognizing their racism.

So let me go and heal your damn self.

Thank you,
Scott D. Kenan
903 Second St.

PS: I will be using the Freedom of Information Act to demand to see which of my emails the City Police have kept. Before a year has passed from my first email to Chief Troutman and including all to the detectives. I have perfectly preserved all my emails separately from my computer and in several secure places. Many others have them as well so that my demise would stop nothing. Thank you all for respecting me enough to not murder me in my sleep, although Amy Fortenberry (Too powerful a family for the police to dare question, said Nan Nash, right after Amy's sister Emily very seriously threatened my life but before Amy actually DID poison me). I survive and despite the seriousness of this email, I have a GREAT sense of humor!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My email was blocked and my address book stolen overnight

This email still has not come back to ANY of my three email addresses I forwarded it to. NONE OF THEM. The drug dealers in the Republican party are still blocking my communications, even this morning after I sent all info and evidence to top Congressional leaders yesterday. They probably did not get the emails, or there would be no point blocking me now. I will post on the blog: .

Also, my house at

903 Second Street
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Two-story, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths + bonus room, tax assessed at $126,000.00 and on market for only $79,900.00, is being reduced this Sat and Sun ONLY to $69,900.00 (close to ints original price of $69,250.00 in 1988) to anyone who can sign a contract to buy, put down earnest money, and close within a week. See my agent (Robert Thomas 770-318-3453) or stop by. Serious only.


White people may visit my sale. Last weekend, Nan Nash and Richard Mailman made certain that my sale was boycotted by the white people of Stone Mountain. ONLY TWO WHITE PEOPLE SHOWED UP LAST WEEK. THEY FROM THE UK AND GERMANY. I am actually white and I am friendly when people are friendly to me. I got some good new dentures, but I DON'T bite. It's OK, white people, genetically, I'm one of you!!!


On May 22, 2010, at 9:47 AM, Scott D Kenan wrote:

This email did not come back to any of the three of my email addresses I sent it to. Sean asked me to send it via Comcast, and perhaps he knew it would not come back to me if I sent it from that address. I will continue to resend until I get it back to each of my three emails addresses.


On May 22, 2010, at 8:40 AM, Scott D Kenan wrote:


I have received no confirmation from you that the domain has been transferred properly to your account at GoDaddy, and this notification states only that the domain has been canceled from my account without any verification that it has been transferred to you. Please confirm that this has indeed been transferred to you or if I need to get with them immediately to straighten this out.

Hollis and Grant: You are XXXXX's best friends and partners with her in her bogus XXXX blog, which is beautifully written, has EXCELLENT resources to help XXXXXX suffering from XXXX, yet is based on the false premise that her XXXXXX suffers/suffers from the condition. XXXXXX was always adamant that I transfer the domain to Sean, which I too have always wanted to do. However, XXXXX's intentions of what should happen to the domain after I transfer it are quite different than my intentions. The exact same software (Skype, especially) that allowed hackers to all but completely take over my Windows computers, even preventing me from shutting down my XP computer until I held down the OFF button for five seconds, is installed on Sean's computer. That software allowed the hackers (allied with XXXXX and your and XXXXX's best friends Sean Hannity and Neal Bortz) to control the deliver of my emails and as John Blades, executive director of the Flagler Museum, a favorite Kenan family charity: has proven to me, even change the content of emails from me to others. John found and helped me save the proof of this and I am certain that if anyone wrote John through the museums site, he would tell them the truth about this, or even testify in court.

All: This is not an attempt to contact XXXXX directly or indirectly, as I am ordered by court not to do for a year. As reported on my blog, the order had hand-penned in additional instructions to me to not publish anything about XXXXX's alleged crimes on my blog, and I believe I have not (or at least not in a way that anyone not already familiar with her crimes would be able to identify to whom I refer), although this is a violation of my freedom of speech and press rights per the US Constitution, but the Republican Party dominates Georgia politics for now, so I am in compliance (under protest). You might, a year from now, let XXXXX know about these things. Of course, once I leave the state of Georgia, the court order does not apply, and I expect to be out of the state soon enough. I will continue to never lie. I have challenged all to sue me for libel, but none do. They simply corrupt my computers and communications as well as lie about me and try to ruin my reputation. Mental health authorities have been called to my house multiple times and each time found me sane. Contact Vicky Jacobs, RN, Dekalb County (GA) Community Service Board to ask for details: +1 404-294-0499. She has received calls from Patrick Stansbury: hom , personal number 770-979-2938, GA Congressman John Linder: no congressional office or other phone number is listed, so google him to find his online form for email, Alyson Books publisher Don Weise +1 212-242-8100 or +1 212-209-5164, my former roommate Allen Rosen +1 205-799-0400, my sister who like me was temporarily fooled by Christal: Jane Kenan (listed in white pages), and many others who do not like what I have now reported not only to the FBI, but Stone Mountain City detectives, Gwinnett County Georgia Sheriff and Chief of police (Pentagon Publishing is HQ'ed in Gwinnett County.

Grant: my generous offer to allow you to sell back to you your paintings still applies, and if you take me up on it this weekend, I might be convinced you did not consciously and deliberately get involved with XXXXX and Hollis in this scheme which includes confusing claims about Hollis's deals with Sony Pictures and Paramount TV which Hollis makes in person to make people believe she is successful, yet cannot really be found on the internet when googled (except for Hollis from old interviews or my blog posts referring to them). Hollis confirmed to me in a Facebook discussion less than a month ago that she talks about them (all the time). She then un-friended me, and I'm certain deleted those comments from her Wall.

Sean: Sean Hannity has been rated by many as the most caustic and unpatriotic of the FOX TV commentators. You can learn about and contact him through his website: . Please remember that the emails you have received from me may have been altered by XXXXX's allies. I have not seen them, and you have scrupulously not hit reply so I could see them. Your emails to me have always been original, which has made me fear you (or someone else who hijacked your email account) were deliberately and consciously cooperated with the US Republican Party to destroy me. Since I usually did not get auto-vacation replies while you took your break to some of the emails you responded to, I have assumed that you never read them and some other allies of XXXXX responded to me, pretending to be you. Some of the things "you" wrote were quite shocking to me. Not all of these were "disappeared" from my computer, and I have saved them and/or already given them to the FBI and other law enforcement agencies as evidence.

I have no more time to write this morning. I have a final weekend yard sale to get ready for. The previous ones have been boycotted by the white residents of Stone Mountain, and then city officials whom I've implicated in illegal drug trade (Nan Nash and Richard Mailman) have asked my slightly mentally disabled neighbor Stephanie Sours, how the sale went and more importantly, what my mental condition seemed to be about it. This is reprehensible to involve a sweet, disabled person in their plot to keep white people from my yard sale, but they have been most effective.

I copy city detectives on all things.

Sean: please be sure to CALL me to confirm that the domain has been transferred to you. Otherwise, I will be forced to assume you consciously and deliberately partnered with the US Republican Party to try to shut me up, and will report that to all Law Enforcement agencies of the State of Georgia and of the US national government, such as the FBI.

Best regards to all, and may the truth come out quickly, whatever it is.

Scott D. Kenan

Begin forwarded message:

Date: May 22, 2010 2:29:27 AM EDT
Subject: Cancellation Confirmation

Dear Scott Kenan,

Per your request, the items listed below have been cancelled from your account, 13326662:

.COM Domain Name Registration - 3 Years: BIPOLARORWAKINGUP.COM

If you feel this cancellation has occurred in error or you need further assistance, our support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

• Online Support
• Email:
• Phone: (480) 505-8877
• Web site:, Inc.

Please do not reply to this email. Emails sent to this address will not be answered.

Thanks again for being a, Inc. customer.

Sincerely,, Inc.
Copyright 2010, Inc.. All rights reserved.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Letter to Newt Gingrich

Sent via Mr. Gingrich's website this morning:
Dear Mr. Gingrich,

My name is Scott Kenan and in early 1990, I visited your Congressional office south of Atlanta in the hope of soliciting your help in stopping what i saw as a massive illegal drug importation operation, the nerve center of which seemed to be in my hometown, Stone Mountain, GA. Although far more likely to vote for Democrats, I believed your rhetoric about stopping the illegal drug trade and went to you because I feared that my own Congressional Representative at the time, Congressman Cooter (Ben Jones), might not be as caring about it as you.

Boy, was I mistaken!

Although I never met you, your office assistant, a kindly-seeming man, perhaps about 60 years old and a pipe-smoker, assured me that he was giving every one of my admittedly somewhat confused missives that I delivered to your office to you, and that you were reading them carefully. As the historical record shows, the result was that Linda Warren Hunter, then Georgia State Court Judge (Dekalb County), now State Superior Court Judge, without allowing me to rebut testimony against me or open the hearings to the public (after the initial one, held in open court after EVERY other case on the docket that day had been dealt with and all the audience had vacated the court room), totally and unconstitutionally stripped me of my rights, and held me in the Dekalb County Jail for a total of approximately 14 weeks, and then later released me to "enhanced" probation (no alcohol allowed and I was under house arrest nightly between 7 PM and 7 AM and subject to surprise visits by a goon squad of cops who gave me breathalyzer tests, generally 2-4 times per week between 1-3 AM).

All this because in early January of 1990, I had attempted to collect a week's pay that Lawrence Buchthal, owner of Mamma Mia's Pasta & Pizza in Stone Mountain (which I had managed for two years), had promised me as severance. When I entered the restaurant one rainy Saturday noon, Lawrence said, "You aren't supposed to be here." Well what exactly does that mean? Confused, I sat with Lawrence's good friend (a professor at DeVry Institute at the time) who'd invited me to sit with him and his family, after saying "Don't worry about Lawrence. Everyone knows how he gets." Lawrence did in fact have a well-earned reputation for eccentricity and a Creative Loafing review of the restaurant had a photo of him with his mouth open (the staff and I had to rescue diners from his long verbal expositions all the time), and the headline "All this and pasta too!"

I digress.

The Professor's old-country Jewish mother began shaking her head like she smelled real trouble, so I took the clue and quietly left, ignoring the Professor's entreaties to stay. Two days later, I was arrested on charges of Criminal Trespass. That lead to a chain of events that resulted in my punishment, a punishment that could hardly be said to fit the crime, had there actually been one. To be clear, I hold Lawrence entirely blameless. I had already fingered my mother as a key figure in the drug operation, and I'm certain she and her agents had leveraged Lawrence. I have run into him several times since, and it is clear to me that he feels horrible about the whole thing.

I don't.

This early mis-fire of mine has led to my clarity today, and I expect to make millions off my book about my activities then and today. You see, my mother raised us in the 1950s and '60s serving our meals on china rimmed with pastel swastikas, and there are many other indications of her Nazi leanings as well. I have reported many of these to friends whom I believe have connections to deep-Nazi hunters. I pray that I am wrong, but have not seen one shred of evidence that indicates she is not one of the top Nazis in the county, if not world. She has had several audiences with the Pope. You can see many details of my difficulties, past and present, in my blog: .

I'm getting tired of writing and re-writing my story, so go there to see what I have to say about your deputy who now handles the bulk of US illegal drug trade for you now, GA Republican Congressman John Linder, who is partnered with my former employer in Georgia to bring in vast quantities of illegal drugs via the US Air Force, many of them into Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL, and then shipped UPS to Snellville, and later sold to fund Republican Party black ops. And I'm not even getting here into the difficulties I had when I sought to get my memoir of working for the playwright Tennessee Williams published! See: .

Well Newt, I was thinking it might be fun to just drop all my memories of this if you'd let me give you a nice blow job, but given the masses of sexual skeletons in Republican closets, I'm afraid I'd get AIDS!

Best of luck to you as you seek to reform America. Too bad you will likely be fairly tried and hanged (along with the Bushs, father and son, Dick Cheney, and Rush Limbaugh. Ditto Sean Hannity. If my mother is in fact guilty, my tears will be pure Zyklon B. Again, I pray I am wrong.

Scott D. Kenan
Stone Mountain, GA

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letter to Harvard University's Legal Department

Subject: Regarding the disposition of Tennessee Williams' estate
From: Scott D Kenan
Date: May 20, 2010 10:44:04 AM EDT
To: Scott Fields

Dear Mr. Fields,

I was playwright Tennessee Williams' personal assistant for half a year, ending about ten months before his death, although I did see him occasionally after that. I was with Tennessee and Jackie Onassis at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party for TW in January of 1982, when Jackie convinced him to write a codicil to his will to have Harvard University oversee the management of his estate, although its ownership would remain at The University of the South (TUOTS. It is unseemly to pronounce this acronym, but it is also fun).

The reason for the codicil being that Reaganism was coming into full flower, and Christian leaders were publicly calling AIDS God's righteous punishment of gays. No real Christian leaders or politicians dared rebut this at the time, and Jackie knew that the small Christian college with its proud Confederate heritage would not properly handle the management of the rights and access to archives. As you no doubt know, the codicil was somehow thrown out and the will not really respected either. NYC lawyer, Michael Remer and his associates have even terrorized any director, scholar, or other who has dared to say anything they do not like.

It is my contention that Mr. Remer in collusion with TW's "friend" Maria St. Just, and TW's personal attorney John Eastman (who I can personally attest was star-struck by his brother-in-law, Paul McCartney and other celebrities who were also his clients), conspired to and succeeded at bribing several of TW's closest associates to claim Tennessee was incompetent when he signed the codicil. I knew all these people well, and can testify to how certain of them lived quite high on the hog here in Atlanta, where they too moved after the agreement on the disposition of Mr. Williams' will was reached.

I am contacting you in the hope that even if the statute of limitations prevents a legal correcting of these matters, the truth can finally come out. I want nothing for myself except the satisfaction of correcting these matters, especially the public record of history. I am in contact with John Uecker (who was with TW when he died, and while John is currently totally freaked out due to pressure from Mr. Remer's associates, he is in agreement with me and when he feels safe, will support all that I claim to the extent that he also knows it.

I too have suffered much for trying to tell the truth the last nine months (five absurd attempts to commit me to a mental hospital and one actual poisoning, total corruption of my computers and frequent interruption of my email and phone lines. John Blades, executive director of the Flagler Museum -- a major charity of my distant relatives in Chapel Hill whom I've gotten some help on all this from -- has helped me prove and save evidence that the content of my emails was often changed in transit), but I am fine, fearless, and totally committed to the truth in these matters, although I may have made some errors in the past in my interpretation of events. I would be entirely at the service of Harvard University should you seek to pursue correction or at least revelation of the truth in these matters.

Many years ago, I was diagnosed bipolar and put on Lithium. One effect of Lithium is that it dulls intuition and prevents one from connecting the dots of one's experience. That is why it has only been in the last couple of years, after my medication was changed, that I realized the significance of what I have always known. In fact, I have been re-evaluated and found not to be bipolar at all, but suffering some family trauma, a story I'll spare you for now.

My emails often do not reach their intended recipients. That is why I usually copy many far and wide when I send an email of significance. I am doing that with this one as well. The first two are detectives here in Stone Mountain who have been kind enough to monitor my emails. The others are persons of interest in this matter, generally Williams scholars. Anne Cox is a cousin of the playwright and an Atlanta artist.

Two people who knew me when I worked for Tennessee who, I believe, would give you their honest opinion of me. I would be happy to give you additional references as well.

Gregory Mosher, theater director/producer and currently director of the Arts Initiative at Columbia University

Mitch Douglas, a former agent of Tennessee's, he was with ICM, but is now with Kerin-Goldberg Associates

Scott D. Kenan
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

My memoir: (please note the reviews)
My personal site:

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to your reply.

Scott D. Kenan

Monday, May 17, 2010

Movin' on to Mexico!!!

Letter to my sister Jane this morning:

Subject: In response to your email of this morning
From: Scott D Kenan
Date: May 17, 2010 10:04:09 AM EDT
To: Jane Kenan
Cc: Jeremy Bird ,,,, Tom Houck , Eric Gray and 20 others openly, 28 more, blind.

I certainly understand your decision not to use Facebook. I've found that it is mostly a marketing tool. You accept friends, and then about 20% of them bombard you with invitations to spend money with their businesses. And it has a lot of privacy issues too. But, on the other hand, private Facebook messages are more secure than regular email, so I use it largely for that benefit, and most of my 600+ Facebook "friends" are on it for "better" reasons than just to increase business.

In fact, among my Facebook friends are many top journalists, writers, and other people in the arts, and I've gotten a ton of people to read my blog because of my frequent links to it that I post on Facebook. Without Facebook, I'm not sure that I would have gotten the attention of so many "important" people. I can't really call them true friends, I suppose, but I get private messages from people all over the world who tell me they read my blog religiously. Many of them never signed up as my friends. (I allow total access to all my info to even people who do not join Facebook. I tell the truth to the best of my ability, so have nothing to hide.)

Just the other day, I heard this from someone in India and a few minutes later, a guy who wrote from France that he had awakened in the middle of the night and realized exactly what I had been going through battling Patrick and The University of the South. He was amazed that I had handled it so well: all the attempts to commit me, the poisoning, the lies spread about me by Alyson Books in many places on the internet and their efforts to black-ball me by destroying my reputation on publishing and gay websites. And then the articles FOX NEWS published a couple of months ago about Tennessee's death. They wrote largely the truth at first and included references to me and what had been published about me in a NEW YORK POST newspaper article. After I (and two other key Williams people: John Uecker and Larry Myers) posted comments online endorsing and thanking them as well as expanding on the subject, FOX went in later and added lies about Tennessee's drug use and a fictional quote by the coroner. TOTAL UNTRUTHS. Worse, they did not show they had updated the article, so to the reader, it appeared that all that had been published BEFORE we endorsed the article. They did not respond to my protest, but then, they are FOX NEWS, and dedicated to spreading lies in many areas.

I still find it shocking that no one in my immediate family expressed any outrage about FOX NEWS libeling me (or Patrick's refusing to pay me, ridiculing me as a homosexual, false claims that I had lost "friends" when I had only pissed off enemies, and suggestion that I had only suicide left as an option. HOW HEARTLESS CAN A FAMILY BE? WOULD YOU PLEASE ANSWER ME THAT???

I sent that info to all of you. I saved securely a copy of the changed FOX report, and reported about this on my blog: . Mom continued her watching of that TV channel without skipping a beat or even seeming to question the veracity of their news reports. The circumstances of TW's death are facts from history that cannot be changed (although they can be lied about). And although it is to me perfectly understandable that my family, Alyson Books and their agents, and Patrick Stansbury all felt I needed to be medicated, medication would not change any of these facts either.

Today, I have searched for that (one of two) FOX NEWS articles, and found it. . They have removed the offending lies about TW's drug use (once again, not showing the date of the update, and continuing with less-important untruths: I would not claim I was a "long-time" companion). But I SECURELY saved the evidence showing their changes, and I believe other Williams people will remember this quite well (if they read my emails or blog and followed the links I provided).

Minutes ago, I went back to add the link to the FOX article after writing all of the rest of this email. Immediately after doing this minutes ago, the article refreshed itself spontaneously, and the content had been changed once again! ALL COMMENTS, INCLUDING THOSE ADDED BY LARRY MYERS, JOHN UECKER, AND ME WERE JUST REMOVED!!! This suggests that my keystrokes as I type this right now are being read by someone at FOX NEWS and they are responding as they feel they need to. Fortunately, I have saved securely various revisions they have made to the article.) Their action of later removing their most egregious lies shows that I have now come out "on top" of my adversaries. I am relaxing, and ready to get to the practical work of working with and within the law to get the truth about TW and other things known. I have not suffered significant resistance (threats to my life or freedom), of any kind from my adversaries in over a week now. I believe they know they will soon get their due, and likely suffer the full force of the Law. They also know I have put out all my info widely and they cannot eliminate it. My points will be successfully made by others even if I am murdered.

I did not accept my adversaries' invitation to take medication. The only reason for that would have been to help people other than me feel better about themselves. I suggest they take a hard look in the mirror instead.

I have in good faith and for an exceptionally extended time, tried to negotiate with Patrick for his payment of the $38,000.00 he owes me and even agreed to pay. I have made clear that my effort over this past weekend was the last. I even left phone messages for certain PPI contractors so that they would know I was serious and had reached the end of my patience. I received no response from Patrick or anyone else at Pentagon Publishing, so at my earliest convenience (I'm hoping later today), I'm turning my claims against him over to a lawyer, and in fact, should I receive his check before he responds to my lawyer, I will refuse it. He must pay far more than $38,000.00 after all the trouble he has caused me.

I'd also like to point out that I believe Patrick has hacked your email, Jane, as there have been far too many coincidences of your responding directly or indirectly to issues I have taken up with him or simply been writing about in email or on my blog. It has often looked like you were reading my mind and responding within a minute or two on subjects I was writing others about and had not yet sent. I doubt that could have happened, but wonder if someone had hacked my computer and your email and sent me emails that APPEARED to be from you, but actually were not. Alternately, someone might have hacked me and somehow manipulated you to send me something on the exact same subject, immediately. I really don't know, do you?

Especially when you called the Stone Mountain Police to say I was on the verge of committing suicide. You might remember that you and I had not had email, voice, or personal contact in at least a week, yet you "coincidentally" called them only minutes after Patrick had in one email trail agreed to pay me $100/share for PPI stock, reneged and claimed I was crazy, suspended me, fired me (both without cause), berated me for being gay, claimed I had lost all my friends (the ones he referred to were not my friends at all, as it turned out, and he totally ignored the greater number of newer friends who understood my points and had become ardent supporters).

I had naturally assumed that Patrick had made that call, but Sgt. Nunn (who had been one of the two officers who came to my house) told me it had come from "a female with an out-of-state area code." I called Mom to ask if she knew anything about it, and she said emphatically "no," and that she was certain it had been no one in the family. Later, you confessed that it had been you, and then after that, Mom admitted to having known that all along.

I do not know what will happen next. But as I have reported many times, I have turned over all the circumstantial and other evidence to the FBI, Obama administration strategist Tom Houck (and later Obama's own organization, ), and Georgia Democratic Party officials, other politicians, Stone Mountain detectives, and the offices of Gwinnett County (where Patrick live and runs PPI) Sheriff as well as Chief of Police. I included that I have physically witnessed two pounds of pot in the home of a PPI employee and can quote that employee as saying they bought it (and had bought many times before that as well) from Patrick and had in the past and were continuing to sell it to other friends. This is court-admissible testimony, and might lead to an investigation of Patrick for trafficking in marijuana, the drug he sells to several PPI contractors and others, but not necessarily the only drug he deals in.

In other news, I have now made arrangements with all my creditors (except those banks that I can prove illegally abused me. I will deal with them separately). All have seen enough evidence to believe that as a whistle-blower in regards to both the disposition of Tennessee's estate and Patrick's and (apparently Cong. John Linder's) trafficking in drugs, I lost my job illegally and have no dependable income. But they have seen my track record and have extended me time delays on moneys due. My utilities have agreed to extend additional credit so I lose no services. They have vetted the worthiness of my book and understood that while the Republicans can block its publication in the US for now, I really do have a top notch UK publisher looking at it now, and it WILL be published before long and sell quite well.I have assured them that while I'm "broke" at the moment, I'm a man of integrity and I will repay all moneys due and am happy to pay any penalties and interest as well.

Because of these arrangements, I will need FAR less money to move to Mexico. It will be totally doable whether or not I get any more donations from my book's website, sell my house, or get a dime from Patrick. I have completely shifted my focus to building my future, although I will work with lawyers and law enforcement agencies to correct things that can be corrected. A correct historical record remains a top priority, if not my main focus now.

Anyway, I thought I'd take this opportunity to give you an update. I'll be copying and blind-copying many with this email to save time. I apologize to those who feel I merely clutter their email boxes. If you reply asking me to remove you, I will do so without prejudice. I might occasionally forget and include you later. A simple reminder will help me if I do this. My long-term memory is so much better than short term, and I do not copy to a list, but select receivers individually each time I send things.

NOTE: you can click the "buy from Alyson" button on the books on Alyson's website to see how many of their spring list books have actually been or are expected to be published. (about zero. The first one is an older book). You have to click that button to see.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Such a Bank!!!

I never intended to market anyone else's goods or services on this blog, however, Bank of America has not only given me the best of service, but has dealt with me in total integrity, while nearly every other bank I do business with has screwed with me in both legal and illegal ways during the last year.

Now, Bank of America's check card has a new benefit: FREE ADMISSION to many of America's finest art , science, and history museums, arboretums, botanical gardens, etc., the first weekend of each and every month!

And have you tried their new teller machines? As high tech as those in Latin America (far more functions than those of any other major bank in the United States). Soon the US will catch up with so many third world countries that got ahead of us in technology during the George W. Bush years.

Click here!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lowe's supports traitors?

Subject: Your traitorous support of Sean Hannity
From: Scott Kenan

Date: May 6, 2010 7:12:53 AM EDT


BCC: Many, including a selection of GAY PATRIOT ACTIVISTS

Last night I discovered that your company gives advertising support to Sean Hannity's show on Fox News. While I totally support a serious and diverse political debate, in fact I consider it crucial for the functioning of democracy, after watching Sean's show, I could only conclude that unlike "real" and thinking conservatives, he is actually a traitor. I do hope you support other conservative programs.

I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, but I AM a patriot.

Living in the Atlanta area (home of your competition) I have often been abused for preferring you and promoting your company for what I think are your advantages over Home Depot. I have NOT preferred you because your HQ is in my family's home state, North Carolina. However, after watching the Hannity show last night, I will NEVER buy another thing in a Lowe's store again, even if my life depends on it.

In honor of Gen. James G. Kenan, a NC hero of the Revolutionary War, I am hoping I can spread this email virally, and I will post it on my blog and refer to it on my Facebook page.


OK, I exaggerated, but only slightly.

Scott D. Kenan
Stone Mountain, GA 30083

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letter to Stone Mountain City Investigators

Subject: Tuesday night fun in Picturesque Stone Mountain Village (this is a unique, hybrid literary form that I use here)
From: Scott Kenan
Date: May 4, 2010 10:22:23 PM EDT
Cc: Amy Fortenberry , Nan Nash ,,,


I decided that in addition to blind-copying just one person (which I am also doing), I should open-copy those whom I allege either traffic in drugs or launder drug money. Seems only fair that since I have the "moral" upper hand, and the attempt today (5th formal, 6th including informal within the last two months) to commit me was unsuccessful, although the nurse and her three deputies (three times the number of law officers what had ever come out before. Someone must have predicted real trouble, and the nurse spent tons of time making sure I understood that even Don Weise of Alyson Books in NYC has been calling little ol' Dekalb County, GA to complain that i have been telling the truth that he does not pay his writers and therefore the only option is to commit me. Pathetic Republican Party shill response! LOL!!!

Ya gotta admit, y'all are perfect fool characters for my book. If you treat me decently, your character will be redeemed by the end of the book. THAT IS THE POWER OF THE AUTHOR. Hello!?! And it would be truthful. I'm all about showing respect and helping each other, but all you want to do is steal my dignity, which can not be separated from me short of death. And you've tried that once already. Hello Amy-the-poisoner!!! It took only five days for my urine to become normal, eight days for the abdominal muscles (sore from five hours of solid retching) to heal past the pain.

I forgot to insist that y'all take a lock of my hair for the crime lab so we can settle the poisoning issue once and for all (or on city stationary, sign off that you refuse to do so.) Investigators: please contact me at your earliest convenience, or have someone else handle the evidence collection if you cannot in time. It must be done before noon tomorrow (Wed).

I intend to try to bum a couple of smokes at the Citgo C-store. Hope they aren't closed. I could have a nic-fit at any time, but never get too out of control. I simply allow myself to do nothing but win.

Have y'all ever tried that attitude? It only works when coupled with mindfulness, and y'all are severely limited in THAT domain.

Tally Ho! Hit me with your next Best-Shot (take Viagra first. no offense but you need something)

Scott D. Kenan
Stn. Mtn., GA 30083

Everyone should feel free to call me to ask questions, day or night. A few have been doing that. I know that bluff doesn't fly with the gulity, but the innocent are not as "connected" to the "system". Some of you know EXACTLY what that means. Thank God, it is not ALL of you who do. Please call. I'm actually a quite reasonable guy when treated with respect (agreement with me is NOT necessary).

Ooops! I started going into nicotine withdrawal (since Officer Norrington has been unable to deliver the pack of cigarettes he promised to bring me several hours ago -- part of our deal since I'm flat broke until tomorrow -- to help avoid WWIII (metaphorical comment). Actually, I think our investigators WANT me to rip the white drug traffickers in City government new assholes (metaphorical comment), although they didn't SPECIFICALLY say that to me.

Brothers are all cool in my book! LOL. Who's zoomin' who now, huh Honkeys??? Well, nic-fit is definitely kicking in here, so I hope everyone is entertained. i sure am, but I'm gonna go see about gettin' me a fag or two. ("fag" is archaic slang for "cigarette")

In the New Reality, drunk, homeless black fellas will be paid big money to sexually re-educate white Republican women (and men, yikes!)

DISCLAIMER: I am a creative writer and as such, allow all my readers to determine for themselves if I write fiction or non-fiction. I just hate to categorize myself, but you may.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Alfredo Diaz and I are honored

Although I cannot say the number of donations in exchange for my book, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS has been overwhelming, the caliber of those who have donated is.

Thank you, one and all! I know your names, and what you have stood for in your lives and work. Alfredo and I are deeply honored.

Now, I regret having promised absolute privacy. The list of donors is MOST impressive!

Perhaps the reader of this posting would like to join the list:



By our small actions, we really all can make a difference in this world. And you are the proof that lifts Alfredo's and my heart on wings of love.

Scott and Alfredo