Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sen. Lugar: Are you a man or a shill?

Dear Senator Lugar,

First of all, this late paragraph from yesterday, I have revised to clarify:

"I certain pray that I am wrong, but after visiting several countries during the last few years and finding that middle class people in Latin America as well as other places enjoy generally lower real prices (Prices are higher to American tourists than at-home prices due to lousy dollar, Mexico being the ONE exception of those countries I've visited), better access to health care, education, broadband internet and other communications, and most importantly, a higher and more satisfying quality of life (Mexico was found in a recent accredited study to have the most happy citizens of any country -- despite also having many problems)."

Also, are you Republicans really going to all go on record as opposing the Obama financial reforms? Really? You offered nothing real as an alternative that I know of.

If you ask me, some Supreme Court impeachments might be in order after corporations were ruled to have the same status under law as people. Henry Flagler (who I am certain would be shocked by this ruling), in his role running Standard Oil INVENTED the first multi-state corporation, and then opened the State of Florida with his railroad. Then, in a gesture anyone in higher education in the United States of America can truly appreciate, he gave his money to my distant relatives and there is hardly a college or university in the country that has not received millions of dollars from various Kenan educational foundations (Denison included).

UNC Chapel Hill, the first publicly supported college in this country was founded with the help of the (earlier generation) Kenan family and sits on land donated by Kenans. And now, Tommy Kenan with his own foundation, is greatly supporting the arts, and God bless him, helping to preserve native cultures and languages around the world. I found his foundation at work when I recently visited Brazil.

Well, I didn't write you to toot the family horn, but you are the ranking Republican in the Senate and we need some leadership from you. Or are you just controlled by the Bush/Cheney/Limbaugh people too? Tomorrow's vote will be interesting, and soon after it, I dare say the Democrats will be coming after the Republicans like the Lion of Judah with info not yet revealed by me or others.

The Republicans will have been TOTALLY caught in their webs of lies and deceit.

One little example: Anyone my age (59) or older remembers how after JFK was assassinated, Jeanne Dixon was celebrated as an important psychic because it was shown she had predicted it. Later, she accurately predicted Bobby Kennedy's assassination too. What came out later under the Freedom of Information Act was that Dixon was never a psychic. Government documents revealed that she actually worked with J. Edgar Hoover as a sort of spokesperson, and released certain of his planned actions in advance. Check the published record. It was suppressed by the part of the Republican Party that we ex-pat's call THE SYSTEM, but this is a fact.

Where do you stand, Sir? Are you a man or a shill of THE SYSTEM???

Inquiring Denisonian wishes to know.

FYI: My listed address and phone number are no longer valid, but your form requires them. I have not received an email other than a marketing one in many days. THE SYSTEM does not allow me two-way communications at this time.

Could you speak to the admin of THE REPUBLICAN PARTY SYSTEM and free my email, please?

Muchos gracias!
Scott D. Kenan, Denison University 1973

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can Sen. Lugar save the Republicans' Party?

I rather liked this image, which I found by googling "Happy Mexicans."

Sent to Sen. Lugar today:

Subject: Re: Some Trouble for the Republican Party
From: Scott Kenan
Date: June 29, 2010 1:52:27 PM CDT
To: Scott Kenan
Cc:,,,,,,,,,,, Jeremy Bird ,, Eric Gray , DuBose Porter , DuBose Porter for Georgia

Dear Senator Lugar,

First of all, I must admit I knew little of your record or mettle before checking your Wikipedia listing a few minutes ago. There, I was MOST impressed, and I salute you, although with a limp wrist. Double meaning here: of course I am gay (your Defense of Marriage Act vote was shameful!), but also, my unstarching is due to realizing that a man of your actual principals would not have voted in such partisan ways against several of the recent Democratic Party initiatives.

I consider partisan voting against one's own principals to be a traitorous act not only to oneself (most damaging), but to our country and to our shared Denison Tradition. (I do NOT require agreement with me on issues. Not at all. But a debate of REAL issues must begin to replace what the Republicans in Congress have been doing of late, and I feel absolutely certain that you know exactly what I mean.)

It seems to me that you are uniquely qualified to reform the Republican Party. I don't believe for a moment that you knew anything about the John Linder/Newt Gingrich illegal drug importation near-monopoly before I reported it to you several days ago. I doubt many Republicans of any level in the Party know what they have been supporting. I apologize for not also letting you know that a couple of days later, I wrote the IRS complaining that the same agents who have bedeviled my computers, phones, email, etc., managed to steal the entire contents of my Documents folder from my computer since I fled to Mexico nearly a month ago (to escape the near constant attempts of Republican partisans to commit me to a mental hospital, murder attempts, and other annoyances). The result being that i cannot file my taxes. I needed (and still need), advice. The IRS replied, but with a form letter saying some typical bureaucratic nonsense that does not apply to my situation. Those who choose to limit government have plenty of good examples to support that principal, although I only agree partially. In this case, paying attention to what I wrote and then responding appropriately would seem to be simple enough, but was impossible to the IRS.

Anyway, I suggested that to pay down much of the National Debt, the IRS go after the Republican Illegal-Drug Cartel. It would be like what they did with Capone years ago when they couldn't get him on bootlegging, but finally nailed him on tax evasion for same. HA! (I THINK it was Al Capone.)

I've been having too good a time here in Mexico, and have met some of the ex-pat community here in Colima, Colima. Mostly Europeans, and nearly all highly accomplished people in business. All find the situation in the US to be shocking, and in fact I was more than shocked when Ghana beat us in soccer, and everyone cheered more loudly for that announcement than when Chivas (11-time national futbol champ) won the game I was attending.

People in the US have no idea how low the rest of the world views us, and you cannot travel with the security of a Senator or the luxury of many a DU graduate and know the truth.

It is highly gratifying to meet so many warm Mexicans. And I am proud to tell you how many quickly tell me about all their old US-made appliances that they love so much. Then they complain that now all manufactured goods come from China, and they do not like Chinese goods. They want to by American again, and would be willing to pay at least a slight premium. Really. And frankly, does this not remind you of Cubans and their antique US cars? (Thank you for your initiative regarding Cuba!!!)

Everyone here (Mexicans, Americans, others), blames the Republican Party and especially the Bush family and Dick Cheney for the sad state of America. I must include myself. We see America as a hell-pit of delusion: people who have bought into a network of lies, which we refer to as THE SYSTEM. The extreme difficulties of getting OUT of THE SYSTEM generates most of the stories told and retold here among US citizens. I include myself, and must admit that my stores have curled some straight (literal sense) Euro-mutt hairs.

Sometimes I am too sad for my country, and this moment is one such time. My point here being that you, Sen. Lugar, are uniquely qualified to denounce and dismantle the lies (and drug trafficking!) of the Bush/Cheney/Limbaugh branch of your Party.

We need a strong Republican Party that once again has at least a shred of integrity. The Democrats deservedly rule now, but before long, it will be your turn again. The United States of America cannot afford to have Republicans deliberately, in their addiction and lust for money for only themselves, run us down any further toward being the Third World Country we may already have become.

I certain pray that I am wrong, but after visiting several countries during the last few years, and finding that middle class people in Latin America as well as other places enjoy generally lower real prices (Mexico being the ONE exception of those I've visited), better access to health care, education, broadband internet and other communications, and most importantly, a higher and more satisfying quality of life (Mexico was found in a recent accredited study to have the most happy citizens of any country -- despite also having many problems).

Please Senator Lugar: Do yourself, the great State of Indiana, and dear ol' Denny-Do proud. Condemn partisan politics (and privately or publicly take the Republican drug importers to task).

The Denison Community is watching.

"You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you Free." (Seen in stone at DU)

Scott D. Kenan, Denison '73

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another day, another list

Today, I'm keeping quiet, but you might be feeling the results of my actions up there in the Estado Unidos (or however its spelled).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Letter to Sen. Dick Lugar and Denison University

Sent to Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar today (and Denison University, and the Williams scholars, and tons of others (200+):

UPDATE: SEPT. 12, 2011: Having on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, pulled the plug entirely free of the drain on the Traitorous bunch within the Republican Party, generally referred to as "Tea Party" Republicans (but including two Presidents Bush, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, and quite a lot of Rupert Murdock's FOX NEWS people) -- too stupid to know that Gen. James Kenan led the actual FIRST armed resistance to the Crown over the Stamp Act at Wilmington, NC (the Yankees won, so re-wrote history to their own credit, but Kenan's don't care about credit -- we are addicted to effectiveness), I am cleaning up this posting a bit to reflect my current understanding. Changes are in PURPLE.

First note: I abandoned my faith in Sen. Lugar when HE abandoned his long support of intelligent and fair Immigration Reform, but have come to realize that he just temporarily lost his senses, which he seems to now be regaining.

UPDATE OCTOBER 15, 2011: I have finally come to see that Barack Obama is the PERFECT Republican candidate for President, 2012, and will continue to blog about this in real time.

Dear Senator Lugar,

It is with great pain that I write to you, and may I first say that it is my greatest hope that I am proven wrong. I am writing you as I am impressed by your continuing and significant service to our nation and Denison University, where I received my BFA degree in 1973. I should first tell you that my difficulties have been caused chiefly by agents for the Republican Party, but by that I mean a very strong element that has hijacked the Republican Party. It is my belief that you are not part of that element, and it has been so crafty, you (and most others) are not even aware of much of what I have to report.

Actually, I have reported nearly all these things and widely. Let me explain who I am first, and say that my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, was born in St. Mary’s, IN, and grew up in Brookville. Her brothers spent their careers in Indiana, and in fact, her brother, Robert J. Meyer, DDS, was a good friend of Father Hessburgh at Notre Dame, and through much of his career, was the official dentist for the Fighting Irish. I mention this as in the past I have found that Senators’ and Congresspeople’s website contact forms usually state they will only respond to their constituents. I am hoping I will give you enough reason to respond to me.

And to paraphrase Oscar Wilde, “Forgive me for writing such a long letter; I do not have the time to write a short one.”

In 1981, though a twist of fate, I became Tennessee Williams’ assistant, a position I held for six months until about ten months before he died. Today, I am the one person alive who can prove that NYC attorney Michael Remer (hired by the University of the South, aka Sewanee, to manage Tennessee Williams’ intellectual property and the proceeds from it), in collusion with Tennessee’s “friend” Maria St. Just, and Tennessee’s personal attorney, John Eastman (son of the great Lee Eastman and former brother-in-law of Paul McCartney), bribed certain destitute associates of Mr. Williams after his death to testify that he was incompetent at the time he signed the codicil to his will, changing the management (but not the ownership) of his estate to Harvard University. I knew these destitute characters in Atlanta after this occurred, and they lived high-on-the-hog in a Victorian mansion on Peachtree Street a stone’s throw from the High Museum and Alliance Theatre. One of them even bragged around town that he was kept in high style by a high-placed Republican Tennessee state legislator without trade for sex.

I was with Tennessee and Jackie Onassis at a party thrown by Jean Stein and George Plimpton on January 11, 1982, when Jackie convinced Tennessee that Sewanee was ignorant of what they would receive and would not respect his wishes for how the money was to be used. At that time, Reaganism was coming to full flower and Christian ministers were proclaiming from every public platform that AIDS was God’s gift to punish homosexuals. No politicians or ministers of note rebutted them publically. Ronald Reagan did not utter the word “AIDS” during his entire term in office. Virtually no public funding was committed to battling AIDS by the Republican administration, and what drugs were developed during that time cost as much as $30,000.00/month to buy. And they were not terribly effective. I am a freak survivor of a lost generation of gay men. Miraculously, I remain HIV-free. Nearly all of my sexually active friends from that time died years ago. Very painful deaths and with no empathy at all from these so-called Christians and Republicans.

It is my contention that knowing Sewanee had no idea what they had received from Tennessee, Mr. Remer directed most of the proceeds of the estate to what I call Republican Party Black Ops: the illegal surveillance of US and other citizens, and the corruption of public affairs. At the time of his death, Mr. Williams’ estate was valued at $10 million. Today, lawyers who are alumni of Sewanee have told me its valuation is over $1/3 billion.

I have been standing alone, seeking to rectify this miscarriage of justice. I have the full support of the key Williams scholars, but not publically, as Mr. Remer has ruined the careers of several top Williams scholars when they have publically said a word against him, and if I fail, these people know they would be destroyed. I have no dependents and I am afraid of nothing. I am uniquely qualified to continue this quest.

But there is, unfortunately, more.

For the last 20 years, I have worked for Patrick Stansbury, mostly at his company, Pentagon Publishing, Inc., in Snellville, GA ( ), that is, I DID work for him until this January when he became aware that I would likely turn him in to the FBI and other legal authorities for in collusion with GA Republican Congressman John Linder, importing massive quantities of illegal drugs via the US Air Force from foreign countries to Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL, then out via UPS to Georgia, and eventually the drugs were/are sold to further finance Republican Party Black Ops. Since sending the first of several reports via secure server to the FBI, I have run into several Marines who have sworn to me that they were ordered to guard US Air Force planes in foreign countries while they were being loaded with illegal drugs to be flown to the US. I wish I were kidding.

I cry for my country.

Two days after I sent my first batch of info on these two crimes to the FBI (late February or March), an Obama adviser and strategist, Tom Houck (whom I’d never then heard of), contacted me and invited me to an ATL Press Club party, where I met some of the top Georgia Democrats, and explained all this to them. I have continued to keep them informed, as well as others, including Rep. Patrick Kennedy (I worked on several projects for Tennessee Williams with various members of the Kennedy family).

I later realized that Tom Houck is probably the person who set up MLK Jr. to be assassinated by J. Edgar Hoover's boys. A few months ago, I entrusted Tyler Perry's theater teacher from PA and good friend whom I'd met in a fish market here in Wilmington, NC to get the word about Tom Houck's role in Dr. King's death to Tyler and HIS best friend, Oprah. Note: My former roommate, Allen Rosen of Allen Rosen Productions (videographer) from Tuscaloosa, AL has worked many times for Mr. Perry and no doubt corrupted his electronics as much as Allen corrupted mine for the Republicans.

While I have been heartened that the Obama administration seems to have lent me support by at different times assigning military officers to help with my personal security (Air Force Col., retired, Dottie Newman, a highly decorated Vietnam vet who later served as Colin Powell’s top protocol officer and was with him and Alma when they decided Gen. Powell could not safely run for President), advised me they could not guarantee my safety in the US when President Obama went on TV to make his first major pitch for his health care plan. I fled to Mexico.

A week later, I returned, and although I was first given a voluntary bump for an allegedly oversold flight from Puerto Vallata, before the plane had completed boarding, everything changed when Dan Fink, an officer in the Air Force Reserves, was brought onboard as the co-pilot. He wore his Air Force uniform, and made a point of going out of his way to greet me when I boarded, and again at baggage claim in ATL. The fully loaded plane had a fair number of empty seats, so I was convinced my government really was trying to protect me.

They were not able to do so for long.

I directly confronted John Linder (as I tend to do; I think it only fair that my adversaries have full info of what I say or write about them) via email, and soon received an email from Lee Gosney, a Pentagon Publishing employee, that he had spoken with Mr. Linder, and the Congressman was prepared to take me into protective custody if I met with his people. I knew better than to fall into that trap, and in fact, a day or two later, Lee emailed me again (always copying Mr. Stansbury), that he had spoken with John Linder, and he (Lee) was not sure whom I had “pissed off,” but that someone at the very top (implication: higher than Linder) had ordered my assassination. I believe this would be Dick Cheney.

In fact, a few weeks later, Amy Fortenberry, an attorney who claims to have once run Walmart’s War Room of 20 lawyers assigned to destroy Walmart’s chief enemies until she suffered a minor brain injury that necessitated she resign, weaseled her way into my life on false pretenses, and in fact poisoned me. I wretched for 5 ½ hours and nearly died. It took eight days to fully recover, and it was in trying to get Stone Mountain, GA City Police to confront her and her sister (who had previously and very seriously threatened my life), that I came to realize that City Police Chief Troutman and council-people Nan Nash and Richard Mailman were key protectors of drug traffickers associated with Pentagon Publishing, Inc. and John Linder. Stone Mountain had been set up to be a top drug center in the Southeast, and I had become too much of a threat.

I have published everything that I tell you (and in much greater detail) on my blog: . I hope it is still up. Due to a phenomenon I call “The Two Internets,” one gets one or another version of the internet depending on how your computer’s unique address has been assigned by the Republican Party Black Ops people. The greatest example of this I found was that after Alyson Books, a top gay publisher that had been bought by Paul Colichman, a Republican operative, cancelled my Tennessee Williams memoir book contract in mid-January, 2010, after I faked a severe attack of mental illness and forced the cancellation of Alyson’s contract. After a week, when I and my closest friends went to Alyson’s website, my book was no longer listed on Alyson’s list of spring titles. However, others, including me when I went to a public computer, found that my book was still listed!!!

We had signed the contract 8/6/2009, but after all those months, they had failed to pay my $3,000.00 petty-cash advance, due on signing. Additionally, publisher Don Weise had demanded I destroy all other copies of my manuscript on my computer when I delivered the final version to him in his office in NYC. Two weeks later, after I’d returned to Georgia, I found that the file on my computer had been gutted and its title corrupted. Of course I had saved other copies elsewhere.

Galleys were to have been printed by mid-December, but it was mid-January and Weise had not even picked through the photos I had sent him. He had not answered my calls or emails for a month. I was slated for assassination, and then Alyson could bury my book. Or so they thought. When I got the cancellation notice, I was told that Alyson would guarantee that no one else ever published my book either. And so far, I have been effectively blocked by a highly organized campaign to discredit me. Even FOX NEWS has played a part in it. (No surprise there!!!)

Today, a major UK Foundation that does much work for the UN and has a respected publishing house is looking at the manuscript with a view toward buying worldwide rights in hardcover and all translations. They claim they are not afraid of any “damn US Republicans.” Y’all really do have an image problem (at least). I had run into a trustee of the foundation on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, but because of the communications problems caused on my phones, internet, and email, it took 3 months for me to be able to successfully email him the manuscript, which he only recently received. Note: The Apple store at Lenox Mall in ATL had never heard of an iPhone getting as corrupted as mine had become and they scratched their heads and simply replaced it rather than trying to fix it.

Eventually, after five attempts to commit me to a mental hospital by Republican Party operatives (which even included some of my immediate family members), several attempts on my life (including the poisoning, the closest to victory they got), I felt forced to liquidate all my assets and move to Mexico. For 10 days I have been living near the city of Colima, Mexico, and will soon move to Puerto Vallarta, where I have an agreement to buy the first house up the hill on Av. Eva Gardner from the ruins of the movie set of THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA.

My Mexican partner (whom I intend to marry at our earliest convenience in Mexico City where it is now legal, will start a foundation to make micro-loans to native Mexican people to buy land and/or start small businesses. We will also operate the house as a B&B and have writing, Williams, Aztec Culture, spirituality, and leadership conferences. I have found the Mexicans to be the most loving, supportive people on earth (I’ve travelled much), and will earn Mexican citizenship ASAP. I love my native country, but America and its Republican politicians, especially, have screwed me severely, and I had to sell everything half-penny on the dollar. I’m broke, but I always win and will find my way through the grace of my Creator.

Actually, my "Mexican partner," Cornelio Prada Diaz, a frequent hanger-on at Hotel Mercurio and often called Alfredo ("because my creamy white sauce is so delicious!"), turned out to be a drug-mafia criminal wanted in several states in Mexico. He was brilliant enough to relieve me of all the proceeds of the sale of my house and contents (my entire wealth), by tricking me -- NOT by stealing. Now THAT's impressive and I salute his ability (I guess I needed to go homeless in Mexico and later the US to learn certain things).
In fact, only ten minutes after I reported on my blog that I had discovered that Christal Presley, best friends with Sean Hannity’s wife, who had faked her way into being my closest confidant, but had actually been assigned by Sean Hannity to manage me (She’s best friends since college with Hannity’s wife), had been doing just that, I got a call from American Express saying they had reduced my available credit by $24,000.00. They had reason to do that because I had just been fired by Pentagon Publishing, but they had no legal way to know that then. Additionally (and without details now), Wells Fargo Bank began playing games with my VISA card. I had not had a single black mark against my credit since 1990, and suddenly, my banks were out to get me as well. SunTrust Bank pulled some non-sense as well, but it was minor.

Months earlier (spring, 2009), Citibank, whom I had fingered as being in collusion with Bush/Cheney/Limbaugh to collapse the US economy and turn over the government to the Chinese Communist Party (yeah, I seem crazy, but I warn you not to dismiss me out-of-hand. Bush DID mortgage our country to the Communist Chinese.) doubled the interest rates on my two MasterCards there for absolutely no reason, and when I wrote the CEO complaining, many months later, I got a letter from an assistant of his, who was very smartassy and said I should have read the fine print. They had the right to do whatever they wanted, even if I had always paid my bills as soon as I received them.

In fairness, I should mention that two banks have given me no trouble: Chase (which I have only a couple of months experience with), and Bank of America, which has been a lifesaver. Perhaps I should also mention that BOA is sometimes called “the Kenan bank” because it is founded on two banks largely owned by distant relatives of mine, C&S of Atlanta, and NCNB of North Carolina.

You may be aware that a distant relative of mine was the last wife of Henry Flagler, who set up John D. Rochefeller as his front-man in Standard Oil (Flagler always controlled 2/3 of the SO stock, while Rochefeller owned 1/3), and then opened the State of Florida with his railroad, eventually, building it all the way to Key West. When Flagler died, the NEW YORK TIMES declared Mary Lily Kenan Flagler to be the wealthiest woman on earth. The house Flagler built in Palm Beach as a wedding gift to her, Whitehall, , is considered the greatest gift ever given in love after the Taj Mahal. Today, it remains a favored Kenan family philanthropy. Most of that money was put into educational trusts, which I believe in aggregate (they are also under other, associated family names. Mary Lily gave her money to her relatives, some of whom had married or otherwise were not Kenans in name) is still the largest private educational trust in the worked. Indeed, I remember that during a major fund-raising campaign at Denison in 1974 or 75, the William R. Kenan Jr. Trust gave Denison the second largest gift she received, something over $2 million.

Despite the difficulties I have encountered, I have received far more blessings. One of those is that Thomas S. Kenan III, now head of those foundations and who is related to me only if you go back to about 1700, shared a lover with me, actually, him first, then me, and in my earlier, much botched attempt to collapse this same drug ring, I had contacted Tommy for help in 1990. I offered to share secret info I had on Tennessee’s death with him if he shared secret info on Mary Lily’s death. 60 Minutes had recently reported that he had ordered the exhumation of Mary Lily’s body for an autopsy to get to the bottom of how she had died (a Southern Gothic mystery, to be sure, but too much to get into now). He refused, and in truth, I was not psychologically up to fighting these people then, and had made the “fatal” error of trying to get Newt Gingrich’s support to end the drug trafficking, not realizing that he was then actually in charge of it in those days.

The net result was that I was jailed in Dekalb County jail by Judge Linda Warren Hunter (now on GA Superior Court) for 17 weeks on trumped up charges of criminal trespass after I asked my then employer, Lawrence Buchthall of Mama Mia’s (still in business in Stn. Mtn., but new owner) for the severance pay he had promised. I made no scene when I went to the restaurant, but two days later, was arrested, and then re-arrested. Judge Hunter held my case to last in my public hearing, and then later, in private hearings, refused to allow me to speak in my own defense. I was railroaded, and eventually released to Enhanced Probation (house arrest 7 PM to 7 AM with a goon squad of police officers showing up at all hours of the night to question me and check up, several nights each week).

The punishment did not fit the crime, but that was not the point. The point was that I was to be scared into taking Lithium religiously, and it worked. It worked until two years ago when my therapist, noticing that I never had mood swings of note, put me on lighter medication. At that point, I began to wake up and connect the dots. You see, Lithium allows you to see the facts, but not connect the pattern. Only after I had completed my book, did I see what I actually knew. What a shocker!

And I was never actually diagnosed bipolar. My mother got it in her mind that I was, and being a nurse who also taught nursing and then ran Proctor & Gamle’s skin research labs in Cincinnati until I was born (and being six feet tall and rather massive and authoritarian), she took it on herself at her earliest opportunity (1978, when I showed significant signs of family trauma), she told doctors what “my problem” was, and convinced them to put me on Lithium. What you should also know is that there were pastel swastikas on the china we used when I was growing up in the 1950s and 60s. (I call this branch of the Republican Party “The Pastel Nazis.”) My mother beat us all without provocation daily. Today, she would be arrested and jailed for these actions, but in those days, it was allowed.

I now believe I actually WAS bipolar back then, but having studied Science of Mind for 25 years, expanded my consciousness enough to handle the "storms of inspiration," so have now been in remission since about 1992 or 93. In any case, through all the trials of the last few years, I sleep like a baby and plenty of hours -- even after the most hiddeous attacks on me.

One night in 1974, my mother saw to it that my sister Jane and I were set up to be murdered but that it would appear to be by accident. You see, I was gay, and Jane had buck teeth, but also had been experimented on medically in the offices of a Dr. Fowler in Cincinnati (approx.1954-55). Jane was kept under the fluoroscope machine for very long periods, and after it was discovered how dangerous that was, my mother sought to destroy the evidence, meaning Jane.

I was sailing five miles off Manasquan, NJ, helping some people I’d met in Cape May get back proto to their business on Cape Cod. We hit a severe storm and the mainsail and staysail were ripped out, and we only had the motor to keep from going broadside to the waves. In the middle of the night, I was at the wheel and intuitively turned 90 degrees. Only seconds later did I see that had I not done that, we would have been hit amidships by a phantom freighter that had not a single light burning on deck. A homing device had been planted on our ketch.

That same night, at about the same hour, Jane had fallen 25 feet in a freak accident at UNC where she was finishing her Junior year. Someone did not clamp the T held on a guy wire with pulleys correctly, and she fell on her head and was in a coma for five days. But we both recovered.

I have reported my parents to friends who have connections to deep Nazi hunters. You see, it is my contention that my mother blackmailed my father (who I have many reasons to believe is actually homosexual) into marrying him. My mother needed the cover of a name like Kenan to operate the pastel Nazis through the auspices of the ersatz Republicans who would take over the GOP. My father’s “roommate” was shot in the head, and then through the auspices of my mother, the police ruled it “Russian-roulette suicide” and my father found himself engaged. I do not know further details.

I hope you know that I know that few in the GOP know what these cleverest of people have been up to, and I have seen signs that you are not one of them. I have the highest regard for the real Republicans, most of whom have now been forced out of the party. I will conclude for now, and offer a few of my references. Know that I will send this message to many at Denison, as well as a few hundred others of my contacts. I do not do this because I do not trust you, but because, as John Blades, , has helped me prove, my emails do not get to all intended, and their content is often changed.


My book: (now disappeared, thanks to mishandling of its designer -- a drug addict and faux straight-person, apparently.) The book can be bought on Amazon: and I will soon put a link on this blog to sell it directly.

My personal pages: My good friends Sean Blackwell (actually McAllister, native of Canada) and his wife Ligia Splendore and their work at , and ally of Stan Grof/Tav Sparks and their Fires Creek Center in western North Carolina (I gave the early workers there not only a copy of Carl Jung's THE RED BOOK, but a spirit painting on a shingle -- my most valuable piece of art work -- by my friend and premiere Atanta meditative painter Don Cooper. I sure hope the current administration got them and they did not stay with the left-over hippie who was trying to get things off the ground at first!), etc. in Sao Paulo, Brazil have disappeared entirely -- no doubt due to their unfortunate alliance with Christal Presley after Sean and I had a disagreement. Most of my good friends going back to high school and college have disappeared: "Dogbert DeWayne Jones" (1969 class president Henderson High School, West Chester, PA, James Culver Anderson, Denison U. 1974 -- known to have been shot on the streets of Manhattan, married Victoria Gilmore, DU '74, then disappeared into the state of FL, etc.

My blog:

Williams scholars:

Allean Hale:

Kenneth Holditch (also TW’s distant cousin):

Mitch Douglas (a former agent for TW):

Gregory Mosher (America’s top dramatic theater producer and director, now employed by Columbia University: ) I do not know how to adequately thank Gregory for everything -- often given to me spiritually without any other contact. KISSES!!!


Tom Houck, former white-boy driver for MLK Jr., now Obama advisor: Actually, probably a total traitor, as well as the man who set up MLK Jr. to be assassinated.

DuBose Porter, GA gubernatorial candidate:

Eric Gray, GA Dem. Party communications:

Patrick Kennedy, US Congress (his staff may not have given him my emails)


Dudley Sharp (III, I think), Tennessee Williams’ only god child and son of the late “Texas” Kate Schweppe Sharp Moldawer McNamara (good friend of Tennessee’s and a major character in my book) and Dudley Sharp (II?), key Texas Republican who served Dwight Eisenhower as Sect. of the Navy (or maybe a different branch, was key friend of James Baker, all GOOD Republicans):

US Army Col. (retired) Dottie Newman:


Stone Mountain City Detectives Norrington and Hughes:

Nurse Vicki Jacobs of Dekalb County Community Service Board was who was called by my adversaries three times to try to commit me. She can tell you who-all called her. I know that Don Weise and John Linder were among them. .

Officer Nunn of the Stone Mountain Police Department and chief enforcer for the drug-connected was actually the first who tried to commit me after Patrick Stansbury refused to pay me the $38,000.00 he first admitted he owed me for company stock granted in the mid-1990s. In the same email thread, Patrick agreed to pay me $100 each for my 380 shares, then said I was crazy, said I had lost all my friends, suspended me, fired me, and then said I had only suicide left as an avenue for my "life." Forty-five minutes later, Sgt. Nunn appeared at my door, sent by my sister Jane in Raleigh with whom I'd had no contact in a week, and completely prepared to commit me for being suicidal. When a second officer showed up separately a few minutes later, we all ended up laughing that anyone thought I could be suicidal. Officer Nunn was thwarted in his job as chief enforcer for drug dealers in city government, the Republican Party, and the drug-dealing citizens of Stone Mountain. Generally, white citizens are unaware that top drug lords live in town (except the old families who have been continually pressured to move out of town. I have references on this one that i do not want to list in this email). The black residents (68% of the town's population) know all about it and have gone out of their way to thank me for going public.

This should give you enough to begin. I thank you for your time and consideration. I know I can trust a Denison grad, and I salute you in all your good work!

I look forward to your response.

Scott D. Kenan

Colima, Colima, Mexico (in exile)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Relaxing in Manzanillo, Mexico

I dropped my US phone service and called my sister on her game of self-delusion. Had great day in Manzinillo as guest of import/export king who has offices in many Mexico cities. Hung at his house on the beach and in his pool with some very cool people. Starting to think about how best to get my revenge on USA and its pastel Nazi Republican devils. . . .

Stay tuned. It will be done in fun ways. They are too stupid and self-deluded to know they have lost. They will soon be our slaves until they return our wealth and restore the earth.



Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life in Mexico

. . . is too much fun to bother spending time posting to the blog right now. I hope to do so soon.

LOVE being a FREE MAN for the first time in my life.

USA: You are the most arrogant, racist, drug-dependent country in the world and you ARE receiving your come-uppance. My heart is with you and I wish you well.

I have done my part as a Patriot.


(Bogger dashboard is refusing to upload the image of the park from which I send this posting. No, after TEN MINUTES, it relented and finally uploaded what normally takes 5 seconds total. Oh well!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Living the highlife in Colima, Mexico now

View from my front window, but I live four or five times as far away as shows in this picture. Colima Volcano smokes off and on, and has been for ten or so years, with occasional lava flows. Alfredo and I live in the Green Zone: no threat of lava flows or bombs, only ashfall if it really goes.

>>> ADDED a year and a half later, 3/4/2012:

Five weeks after he began his around-the-clock CLEAN-UP and RENOVATION of the bar, "Alfredo" FINALLY let me see it. The bar was upstairs in a new-ish cinderblock building, had brick interior walls with NO decoration, tables and chairs to seat about 60, and a small bar stocked with only a few brands of beers and about twenty bottles of liquor.

The whole place could have easily been put together in ONE DAY. Clearly, Alfredo's absenses had been about doing and dealing crack.

UPDATE 8:08 PM CDT: Checking the balance on my checking account, I discovered that the company in Cincinnati that has the franchise to search for, obtain, and send out birth certificates, charged me the full amount on Friday (which means they obtained it. Had they not found it, they would have charged a smaller search fee only), but then yesterday, Saturday, they refunded the FULL amount they had charged my card.

Someone canceled my order. I'm betting it's my mother, the Nazi Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan. At least I get my money back, and the lawyer I met yesterday, was sitting nearby when I called my mother and used severe "bad language." She gets so upset when I do that. No problem with rapes and murders though. She condones Catholic priests and Republicans.

Anyway, the lawyer here is well connected and he's offered to speak to the Governor, so I guess things will heat up one way or another soon. Hope the volcano doesn't get TOO dischargey.

Alfredo has been working literally around the clock since we got here five days ago. He will continue for another week or so as he gets a popular sports bar turned around for his boss in Puerto Vallarta. He had only worked for the boss for three weeks when he was given the opportunity to fix the owner's other bar/restaurants with 30% of the profits as his compensation. He won't let me see the place until he's got it running right, but reservations for special events have been pouring in and passersby tell him the place now looks beautiful. I can't wait to see it, and I can't wait for him to have more time for me.

The manager in charge while Alfredo picked me up at Nuevo Laredo ran off with all the money, so Alfredo is really cleaning house, and only grabs cat-naps for now on a pile of blankets in a back room. He's totally dedicated, and says we will be rich in two weeks (or was it four?). I hope so. I was forced to sell my house in Stone Mountain at a huge discount. Drug-trafficking Republican idiots did everything to deplete my resources and I barely got out of town without being arrested on a false charge, just like in 1990. Thank God, I've learned and know how to beat their bull shit now.

My car cannot enter the interior of Mexico until my passport, stolen from my locked car without forced entry, or birth certificate is produced. I'm in line to get both replaced, so am carless for now. Alfredo brilliantly bribed officials to get me into the interior without documents, and later to get me out of a speeding ticket, although I am not the one who drives 100-110 mph (no, not kph) on the open road. Mexico has some kick-ass toll roads, although tolls are generally higher than in US and bear no relationship to how long the road is.

Note to Gringo smokers: Last week an international health organization completed a several years long study of cigarettes sold in many countries around the world. Cigarettes manufactured to be sold in the US by US companies have three times the cancer-causing chemicals as do the same companies' (and other companies') cigarettes produced for sale in all other countries. Guess they own stock in the hospitals or something.

Hoping to retrieve my car this week, but waiting to see what mischief the Republican Party might be up to in slowing or stopping my birth cert from making it here from Cincinnati.

On another front, my mother, whom I yesterday denounced once again as a literal Nazi via broadcast email, was nice as could be on the phone. She 's fishing for my mailing address -- as if she had any need of it. Any time my mother learns where I am, my life is soon in peril. I'll let them know more once I've spent a month or so here. I don't need to have the Gestapo breaking down my Mexican door -- not with the volcano smoking in the distance. It just wouldn't be fittin'.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Confronting a drug trafficker

Recent photo of Charles and Stone Mountain City Councilperson Nan Nash

The Nashes own Nash Security which is used to spy on mostly unsuspecting residents and businesses in and around Stone Mountain who sign up though the smarmy pressure of local drug people (see their website which is so pathetic it discourages anyone looking for REAL security and is not pressured by the local drug folks: ).

Nan brags that it is locally monitored, and few realize that means by drug traffickers trying to keep the city calm. Too bad the drug trafficking is so well known not only to the black residents of town (who somehow despite making up 69.2% -- latest data -- of the population, can't seem to get elected to local offices), but also to the old families who resent the drug traffickers constantly pressuring them to move out of town.

Councilperson Richard Mailman actually keeps a collection of a few dozen terracotta pots full of blooming flowers taken from those who were chased out of town on his driveway. "Trophies!" he's been known to exclaim.

Anyway, I chanced on Nan as she was getting into her car this evening in front of her other business, Old Post Office Antique Mall, 5379 E. Mountain St. She looked like a devil caught in headlights, and when i cheerfully greeted her, "Miss Nash, you are going to jail soon!" she turned ballistic, and acted threateningly, but I reassured her that I was talking about courts and law, not kidnapping. She did not, however, seem to relax.

And my sisters confirmed by email that despite all evidence reported in this blog to the contrary, I should be HEAVILY medicated. I believe that before birth, I chose my family to toughen me up to confront all local drug traffickers, especially Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville, GA and GA Republican Congressman John Linder, Patrick's partner.