Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Contacting the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta

From: Scott Kenan
Subject: From Tennessee Williams' former assistant
Date: August 31, 2010 4:48:16 PM CDT
To: news@vallartaonline.com, taniel@timothyrealestategroup.com, Rubén Fernando Gómez Merino , Enrique Rojas , Cornelio Prada Diaz , Mauricio Rodríguez B , Hotel Mercurio , Sinead O'Day , BarackObama.com Jeremy Bird , Tom Houck , Jim Richardson , Buster Hymen , Eric Gray , Patrick Stansbury , Jane Kenan , Julie Duffy , Max Kenan , Connor Kenan , Jan Opperman , Andrea Opperman , Dean Hansell , alumni@denison.edu
Cc: Michael D. Remer , Don Weise , Cynthia Zigmund , Mary Kritz , John Lahr

Dear Sir or Madam:

First, allow me to introduce myself: I am Scott D. Kenan, the last significant assistant to Mr. Tennessee Williams, who wrote La Noche del Iguana. I apologize that although I have moved permanently to Puerto Vallarta, I do not yet know enough Espanol to write in your (and my new) language. I have lived in Mexico (legally) for three months now, one in Colima, and now for two months in Puerto Vallarta. I had intended to try to contact the mayor (I did not find his email address, so I hope you will pass this email to him and anyone else who might have interest), because I have had political difficulties that I had to get under my control before coming forward with my proposition:

Why not have a big party in celebration of Tennessee Williams' 100th birthday, March 25, 2011? The play he wrote and John Huston put to film really put Puerto Vallarta on the map, and I can tell you that I, like my former boss and friend, have found the people, especially, and the condition of the Earth in this region to be the very best I have ever been privileged to know. I worked with all the Kennedys and knew Jackie Kennedy Onassis in a very special way. It was she, who knowing the Republican Party through the CIA and FBI had murdered her husband, brother-in-law, and Martin Luther King Jr., convinced Tennessee in my presence to write the codicil to his will giving Harvard University management control of his estate. She knew that the University of the South, aka Sewanee, would deliver the royalties to the illegal Black Ops of the Republican Party, and in fact they did.

Their attorney, Michael Remer, in cahoots with Maria St. Just (TW's Russian-born "friend"), and John Eastman (TW's personal attorney and brother-in-law of Paul McCartney) bribed Tennessee's maid and at least two other people I knew and later knew after these destitute people lived later "high-on-the-hog" in Atlanta, GA, near my home in Stone Mountain, GA. It was Schuyler Wyatt who in the early 1990s confirmed to me that a high-placed Republican official in the Tennessee State Legislature kept him in a luxury condo with sports car in Chatanooga, TN, while demanding no sex in return (he was a bit of a "rent-boy", as they say).

Because I had all this knowledge and many documents supporting my claims, the Republican Party tried to commit me to a mental hospital five times in the first few months of this year. They hired someone, a former top lawyer for Walmart Corp., to poison me. She did, but after eight days I was back to full health. I sold everything I owned in the US and fled to Mexico, barely making it here by car alive.

Here, I was pursued by agents of Hector-the-Engineer who built the road and bridge to San Sebastian del Oeste and the Chunnel between England and France, as well as many other civil engineering projects around the world. Rubén Fernando Gómez Merino gmezmerino@gmail.com , Hector's self-proclaimed godson, tried to get me involved in a swindal of land that "Fernando" claimed Hector had stolen over the years from rightful owners that were disappeared and killed over the years, a tract of land twice the size of the City of PV and located midway between here and San Sebastian -- a first parcel for $290,000,000.00 USD that they hoped I would market to top Hollywood people.

When they realized I was on to them, Fernando killed one of my cats trying to terrorize me (we had been staying at Hector's ranch near Mezcales), and indeed, also poisoned me later, but I immediately threw up when I felt symptoms and suffered only minimally this time.

Taniel, of the real estate office on the corner of the tall new building, ground floor, right after you cross Rio Cualo, taniel@timothyrealestategroup.com , was complicit to this land swindle. The fact that just this morning, his email address and phone number have "disappeared" from my computer address book confirms this to me, although I was certain of it before. Fernando Marino also tried to pull a fast one on Jeff Coates of one of the oldest zip line, south of PV. Jeff's email address and phone have also disappeared from my computer this morning, but it was on his business card as gringocoates@gmail.com .

Later, Fernando had Enrique Rojas, henry-red@hotmail.com , www.artinmassage.com ,044-322-148-7993, try to murder me two days ago, by beating and breaking my backbone, but I have survived with superficial bruises which did not need medical attention.

Don't worry about me. I now have a nice ground floor apartment facing the cemetery in the tallest building at the corner of Calle Rio Colorado and another Rio -- on the side toward the Pemex station on the Tunel Highway. Mauricio Rodríguez of Legal PV, legalpv@gmail.com , is my landlord, and despite many of his actions appearing to look like he is involved with these people too, I'm sure he's just been too busy to do the things he has promised me. The other tenants tell me he has become VERY involved in politics of late. THIS excuse, I truly understand.

Anyway, without going on at greater leangth now, please know that I will be able to get some of the top people in Hollywood to attend, possibly including Liz Taylor, if her health allows. I knew her producer, Zev Buffman. Also, I would like to offer my services in any way to promote tourism in PV and Mexico in general. I have offered many of my US contacts that I will happily testify in court against Republicans who OWN the illegal drug traffic in US, and I will be happy to share all and testify in Mexico against Hector, the PRI former President who now owns Telcel, etc.

I fear nothing and no one, I never give up, and I always win. My somewhat distant cousin, Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, NC, who is now in charge of the many educational foundations built with the money Henry Flagler left his last wife, Mary Lily Kenan Flagler (declared at the time of her death my the New York Times to be the wealthiest woman on earth) is now working in Latin America to preserve native languages and cultures. I believe Chapel Hill would be a perfect sister-city for San Sebastian del Oeste, and I might be able to help with that. On my first trip to PV in March of this year, I visited the museum there, and they had me make a mark under the photo of the man who wrote the Mexican Encyclopedia because I am the tallest (2.11 meters or 6' 11") person to visit the museum. You see, it would be a perfect marriage of American and Mexican education!

Also, Tennessee Williams was supported by Rochefeller grants in his early years. Rochefellar was Flagler's minor partner in Standard Oil. So Tennessee owes more than appreciation for the Flagler railroad bridges to Key West to Mr. Flagler!

More about me:

My political blog (pardon some bad language, please): scottkenan.blogspot.com
My Tennessee Williams memoir's site (named after a scene in the BEST Williams movie of them all): www.walkingonglass.net
My personal site: www.scottkenan.com .

I regret that I have no phone as Hector's agents have already stolen three from me. Please clean out the mess of top US narco-traffickers at Hotel Mercurio and Anonymo bar in Zona Romantica as soon as possible. All Mexicans I've talked to know of this situation, and these people have caused me to live through HELL!!! (the manager and some staff of Mercurio are not to blame).

Please respond that you have at least gotten this email within 24 hours. If I don't hear back from you (many of my emails do not go where intended), I will try from other domains or to other addresses.

Muchos gracias, and let's free Mexico of the scourge of the US demand for illegal drugs!!! It is the Republicans in the US who caused the demand and then the traffic. I do NOT blame Mexico AT ALL.

Scott D. Kenan
From the deck at Teo's in Playa Mismaloya

Sent via Newt's website, today:

Newt: You and Calista are devils and traitors to the United States of America which my family helped found and has supported through educational foundations centered in Chapel Hill. I have the evidence and documents I gave you in 1990, and much proof against you, Dick Cheney, FOX News, and all the other devils who enslave the children of the US and Mexico (including my parents, Bill and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, NC, who have been confirmed as top Nazis in US by many Jewish and other leaders.

Go to hell and do not pass go.

With the great pleasure of my own and that of freedom and God-loving people of the entire World,
Scott D. Kenan
from the beach at Mismaloya, Mexico

Monday, August 30, 2010

How I escaped my execution, Praise Jesus!!!

Dear Sinead,

I hope you had a great and relaxing day off (if, in fact, you were off yesterday). I had hoped to have a relaxing day exploring jungle -- just to get away from town for a few hours, but I'm afraid that was not what was written for me in the stars. OY VEY!!!

I awoke to find that Enrique Rojas, henry-red@hotmail.com, www.artinmassage.com, (044) 322-294-4708, was asleep beside me. He sometimes sleeps over here without benefit to either of us of sex, which you would understand COMPLETELY if you ever saw the crack-house of an apartment he has across the street, and I'm happy to remind him of life's better choices, and he has really and truly been working hard to break his crack addiction. This is very tough, and even as I continue with my story of what happened yesterday, please keep in mind that on at least one level, I salute him! He actually was motivated two days ago to clean up his apartment totally, and I'll bet it's been a LONG time since he's done that. His crack hack has been diminishing significantly as well.

But he's not over it yet, and yesterday morning, I found evidence that he had smoked crack in my living room after I went to bed (I had, several days ago, after he first pulled his crack kit out of his apparently cavernous rectum, strictly forbidden him to bring or smoke crack in my apartment or car. NOTE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT: powder cocaine and heroin are regularly smuggled in condoms shoved up the butts of travelers. Our airport authorities used to check some of the suspicious (with "good" results -- until George Herbert Walker Bush put a stop to most of it. CIA became financed by illegal drug money -- especially heroin from Afghanistan -- remember?).

There was a crack pipe on my desk, yesterday morning, and Enrique had not only unplugged the electric stove, but closed and locked the grated, front (only) window. Extreme paranoia that totally resists the application of reason is a hallmark of his having smoked the stuff. In Guadalajara, I spent a couple of hours with him as he was entirely certain he was sensitively picking up earthquake vibrations, and even when I pointed out it was just the street vibration of passing buses and he recognized this, he persisted -- too fearful of his obvious condition being noticed to flee to an outside park. So I told him he was clearly a "sensitive," and he was picking up earth movements half a world away, so there was nothing for us to worry about. He reacted well to this perspective, but only for a few seconds, and then he was back at the paranoia.

At one point, he began smoking right after we entered our hotel room, so to mitigate my own boredom, I emptied an ashtray that hadn't been in use for several hours -- nor had either of us yet lit a cigarette since entering the room. Enrique IMMEDIATELY snatched the waste can, looked into it, and after about 10 seconds, declared that something was on fire. I took a look to be certain he was crazy -- he was -- and then he took it into the shower and not only soaked the three inches of debris in it, but filled it with 8 inches of water!

I have come to believe that the excess penalties for crack possession were originally legislated for very valid reasons (which I'll get to more in a minute), but more than that agree that they became a rallying cry of the racists who wanted to imprison as my black Americans as possible. And criminal penalties do NOTHING but trap people in their crimes more deeply -- at least as criminal "justice" is set up in the united States.

But here is what I've observed not just in Enrique, but others who are crack-addicted. This drug somehow (acknowledgment: I tried crack twice recently, but found it a bore and unattractive to me, albeit, I must not have smoked enough to get TRULY high. I found it relaxing, but somewhat mind-numbing -- it was making me stupid. I like to have my thinking abilities in order, and that drug does the opposite) leaves a person in no possession or control of his own mind at all. It seems to me that those who supply one with crack can (once the addict is high) suggest all manner of behaviors -- including criminal behavior, which includes murder, and then the addict later performs these tasks out of implanted compulsion, partnered with NEED for more drug and knowledge that he won't get more unless he does as commanded. So this, I believe, is what happened with Enrique and his behavior toward me, yesterday morning.

I became angry that Enrique had violated my rule about crack in the house -- a rule he had agreed to several times -- and I awoke him. He IMMEDIATELY spring out of bed, tackled me (he knows several martial arts, is well-built, and far stronger than me). He began pounding the side of my face, my back, my neck with his fists. He grabbed my head and slammed it into the concrete floor a couple of times. Sometimes he stood up and kicked me in the ribs as hard as can be done with a bare foot. Then, he began concentrating his blows on my backbone, declaring, "I'm going to break this bone of your back. I'm going to kill you, you mother-fucker. You have no respect for me at all and I'm sick of your bullshit!!!"

I have to say that while I knew I had put myself in an untenable position, the best thing would be to remain relaxed of body and mind, so that I would absorb more energy and suffer less damage while being mentally open to any helpful ideas that happened to float by. Enrique then grabbed a handy metal-framed beach chair, raised it to use as a weapon. He was getting frustrated as his fists had not yet cracked through my backbone, my relaxation working quite well. He said he had done this before, but not in a long time (6 months? a year? I'm sire he's killed or maimed others in the past. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing), but I did or said something that touched him enough to pause for a second, and then I instinctively continued in some mode I no longer remember, but the result was that while he continued to hold the chair high above him while screaming abuses at me and continuing to declare he was going to murder me, I gradually got to my knees and then my feet (always remembering to stay bowed and supplicant in my body language). It took 15-20 minutes, but I gradually moved us out into the living room while calming him enough so that eventually, I could say that since he had smoked all my cigarettes the night before without getting any more (another of his broken promises, which I gingerly pointed out), I was simply going to HAVE to bum one from a neighbor, and I non-chalantly walked out the door and up the street without looking back at all.

Enrique must have quickly realized how stupid he had been to let me escape -- to say nothing of knowing the consequences he would pay to those higher in the narco-trafficking chain, read: Hector-the Engineer and Fernando Merino ( Rubén Fernando Gómez Merino ). I hope someone besides me noticed in my email/blog post of the other day, that my reply to the son of the "landlady" of my previous apartment in Versalles went DIRECTLY to Fernando, and he replied directly back in Spanish. Clearly I had angered him enough that he entirely inadvertently disclosed that he and this correspondent of mine were one and the same person. I remember how Fernando had several identities that he juggled online, and to tell the whole truth, I didn't realize the two were the same person until I re-re-re-re-read the email two days ago!!!

Enrique apparently then called on his cell to get further instructions, and a guy named Louie, who claimed to be 25 years old (though he seemed at least five years older than that to me), with a healed "hole" in the center of his left cheek (as you faced him), "found" me wandering the streets in search of a cigarette and some distance so I could think how to proceed. Louie expertly relaxed me, and then suggested we go to his friends to pawn my Invicta watch. Having a retail value of $575.00 USD, Amazon-discounted price, I knew this was "the last of my solid gold watches," that is the last thing of real value I could hock, and I agreed -- it was time to cash it in.

We went to the casino in the mall by Versalles, which was closed, but true to his claims, everyone knew and highly respected him there, and we were allowed in, although they were technically closed at that early morning hour (or so it seemed). After half an hour, his friend, the manager, began setting up the front desk computers, and Louie got him to commit to paying $100.00 for it, but Louie insisted that we should go elsewhere to get at least twice that for it. He had been carrying my Mexican papers and GA drivers license to show the manager that all was on the up-and-up, or at least could easily be made to appear that way, and returned my Mexican papers, but I had not noticed he had kept my drivers license. Next thing I know, he's gone downstairs to buy me a pack of cigarettes, and after waiting about 45 minutes, I realized he'd actually been working for Fernando Marino and had made off with the watch and my ID. I approached the casino manager, but he acted like this was just the usual way of business there, and i did not doubt him at all.

I'll try to cut to the chase. I contacted the consulate in Guadalajara with the help of my "Mexican godfather," Roberto, and then on their instructions, went to the police station on the road to Las Juntas (fascinating name!). I had been told that only there could the cops not only take my story, but accompany me to my apartment and arrest Enrique, but this could not have been further from the truth.

There, the cops all stayed behind a grate-gate to their offices, and brought forward the chief on duty at the time. All claimed to speak no English whatsoever, and while refusing to give me a business card or even tell me their first names, listened to my story through a handy civilian who looked like a drug dealer and persisted in translating "crack cocaine" into "marijuana" despite my numerous protests. I finally got so frustrated that I (level-voice-edly), mentioned that I was someone they were going to have to deal with. They refused my card, and I mentioned having given evidence against Hector and the PRI President who owns Telcel.

IMMEDIATELY, the interpreter began shaking his fist directly in my face and yelled, while almost spitting: "FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU!!!" At the end of that, he ran off, and I looked to find that all the high-level-looking cops had completely disappeared. Actually, I could here some pandemonium behind the office doors I heard banging shut. Some civilians remained seated on a nearby planter wall, smirking in a most friendly way, so I lit a cig to relax, and a cop who was clearly native-Mexican approached and we shared much info and he told me I must call the 066 police to get them to remove Enrique from my apartment, after which I could file legal claims.

I went to Robert's kiosk on the beach and touched base with everyone. I swore i would NEVER deal with Mexican cops again, but had another idea, and called them. After a half hour I called back and was told by a clearly sympathetic English speaker that he would hurry them over and I should sit tight. Twenty minutes later, I called again and he told me (clearly believing my story rather than the one his associates had told him) the cops claimed they had driven by but I was not to be found. Excuse me very much, but I'm 6' 11". They did then arrive about 10 minutes later, tourist police pulled up soon after, and all manner of neighbors gathered as well.

I told the story of Enrique, the drugs, the murder attempt, Hector's and Fernando's involvement, etc. A brilliant person who resides in another apartment here talked me out of pressing charges then, for various reasons I decided I'd simply need to defer to his judgment. I'm just getting used to Mexico and had already completely misjudged the purposes of their police force. In any way, he talked with me for some time afterward, imparting much wisdom. I am completely confident I will be safe from now on. The neighbors will be doing the policing. He (as well as many other people in town) berated me for ever trusting ANYONE I met at Hotel Mercurio, as EVERYONE in town knows that's where most of the top US drug traffickers stay. I don't believe the manager, Gabriel is even aware of this, but Isaak and his boyfriend are kingpins, and other staff have caught me privately on the street to thank me for my efforts. And on the other side of the block, Anonymo bar is twice as guilty. Cornelio Prada Diaz many times called the owner of that bar his "godfather."

Now, I had better get this off so you see it before close of business. I'm still gasoline-poor -- to say nothing of watch-less -- but I will try to get over there tomorrow morning. I have not yet checked email or internet at all since Saturday morning, when I found a few donations via my book's website from people unknown to me!!! If a few more come in, they will wipe out the approximately $95.00 in overdraft fees that Bank of America assessed against my $3.00 overdraft in my checking account, and then I will get some money on top of that that will come out a cash machine (if they don't snatch it first to pay my over due BOA VISA, as is allowed by law in Georgia). The law changed a few days ago, so they will be allowed no longer to add those obscene fees, but I doubt they will have to take back those already assessed. Regardless, BOA is the ONLY bank that has treated me respectfully and with integrity, so I do not mind paying these legally-assessed fees.

I still have no phone, but you could leave messages with Roberto, whom I hope to occasionally contact. I would like to request medical help as, while I believe the extreme pain in my ribs is only non-showing bruising -- so obviously not actually very serious -- I DO believe that the bottom back corner of my jaw was at least cracked, if not broken off. Probably nothing to do about that -- if broken off, it did not migrate far out of place -- but it should be looked at. A couple of hundred dollars (at least) would be nice if you have any budget at all. I mean, really, I have if nothing else, served my beloved country this last year, and all of its citizens. Can't my country help ME a little???

Muchos gracias,
Scott D. Kenan

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sending out a hurried press release NAZIS in my family!!!

I have sent my Privacy Act Permission form to the US Consul Agent in Puerto Vallarta, Sinead O'Day, so she too can share all I've sent the US State Department.
From: Scott Kenan
Subject: Jeff and Juliana Coates, and Taniel Chemsian EXPOSED as Mex-US narco-traffickers??? Fwd: Returned mail: User unknown
Date: August 28, 2010 4:12:29 PM CDT
To: listen@ajc.com, newstips@ajc.com, mjoseph@ajc.com, news-tips@nytimes.com, Bruce.Wallace@latimes.com, Jim.Newton@latimes.com, Jane Kenan , Andrea Opperman , Margie Rose , Scott Kenan , Scott Kenan

------- Original Message --------
Subject: Jeff and Juliana Coates, and Taniel Chemsian EXPOSED as narco-traffickers??? Fwd: Returned mail: User unknown
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2010 15:45:57 -0500
From: Scott Kenan
To:    Sinead O'Day. , BarackObama.com Jeremy Bird , Richard Lugar , Eric Gray , info@gop.com, Tom Houck

This email to Jeff Coates just came back as "unknown", although it has always worked in the past. Jeff Coates, who owns Los Veranos Canopy Tour with his wife Juliana Mex. tel. numbers: (01-322) 223 6060 / 223-6080, Nextel (322) 177 5502, were to be party to the land swindle Fernando (Mandingo) Merino and Hector-the-Engineer of the nearby bridge to San Sebastian del Oeste as well as the Chunnel between England and France.

Also: Taniel Chemsian of Timothy Real Estate Group (322) 223-5300, cell: (322) 120-5900, "USA Direct": (323) 230-8385, USA Fax: (323) 210-7260, seemed to indicate to me a few nights ago when he was dancing with his boyfriend at Paco's Ranch, that he really had no concern at all about Mr. Merino's/Hector's narco connections. He gave the impression that as a Russian national (but now US citizen), he is somehow above the law.

Both of these people were to be part of Hector's/Fernando's $290,000.000.00 land scam to sell the land (halfway to San Hector had the owners disappeared and then murdered (this according to Hector's "godson" Fernando (Rubén Fernando Gómez Merino, gmezmerino@gmail.com ). Coates has de-activated his email address he lists on his business card now (see below), and Taniel doesn't pass ANY of my "truth tests" at all!!!

Others to contact regarding this or my confirmed allegations that my parents, Bill & Ruth Anne Kenan of Raleigh, NC are actually Nazis, with a capital N:


Now, that's a triumph!!!

Bill Kenan 919-231-3337 (neither he nor my mother actually agreed, but here's their number)
Mike Kenan: home: 610-644-1766, cell: 610-517-6339, work: 610-833-3534
Julie Kenan Duffy: home: 610-518-3377, cell: 484-880-0593, work: 484-865-9771
Chuck and Hilary Pritchard/Russell: at Whale's Tale: 609-884-4808

I'll be forwarding this email to top US Press shortly.


Begin forwarded message:

Resent-From: gringocoates@gmail.com
From: postoffice
Date: August 28, 2010 1:56:15 PM CDT
To: Scott Kenan
Subject: Returned mail: User unknown

The original message was received at 2010-08-28 13:52:21 -0500
from postoffice.(null) []

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

-----Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to postoffice.(null).:
<<<>... User unknown
Reporting-MTA: dns; postoffice.(null)
Received-From-MTA: DNS; postoffice.(null)
Arrival-Date: 2010-08-28 13:52:21 -0500

Final-Recipient: RFC822; gringocoates@gmail.com
Action: failed
Status: 5.1.1
Remote-MTA: DNS; postoffice.(null)
Diagnostic-Code: SMTP;550 5.1.1 unknown or illegal alias: gringocoates@gmail.com
Last-Attempt-Date: 2010-08-28 13:52:21 -0500

From: Scott Kenan
Date: August 28, 2010 12:29:46 PM CDT
To: Rubén Fernando Gómez Merino
Cc: " Sinead O'Day", "BarackObama.com Jeremy Bird" , mnorrington@stonemountainpd.org, taniel@timothyrealestategroup.com, gringocoates@gmail.com
Subject: Re: Letter explaining what we need to clarify before I pay additional rent

Pull-LEAZE, Mr. Fernando Mandingo!!! This Espanol gibberish is non-sense to me -- and I have not tried to get any one (or two) to translate it. If you wish to threaten me, please do it in English or Spanglish. German or Latin would be suitable alternatives, in a pinch.

Don't you owe me some money?


On Aug 26, 2010, at 1:58 AM, Rubén Fernando Gómez Merino wrote:

si ya conseguiste pruebas para sustentar tus mentiras a ver cómo las manejas, falsificar testimonios y difamar sí son delitos graves, te estás buscando un pleito como para que te deporten, es lo que quieres_ adelante

2010/8/24 Scott Kenan
Bullshit, you little mother-fucker (not a personal comment about your mother). I was with Cornelio Prada Diaz when I paid your mother (or other imposter in a residence near the flea market to the north of the Tunel Highway back in April. I still have the receipt for $350.00 rent and $350.00 (USD) damage deposit that I paid then for the apartment at

Venutiano Carranza 318
Colonia Emiliano Zapata
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisca, Mexico

that Cornelio was to occupy, and apparently did until (according to Cornelio), she raised the rent to $500.00/month USD, beginning 15 June. Crazy to raise rent off season in my opinion, but then we've already established that BOTH of us got scammed.

You have already agreed that your mother (for whatever reason) transferred the rental agreement to the Calle Vienna, east of Calle Roma (swimming-pool blue apartment upstairs in center of block, across from higher-value real estate). Therefore, the damage deposit for which I have a receipt must be still in your or your mother's hand. I will NOT charge you interest for the use of that money (as is the law in most of the US), if you return it tomorrow morning at 11:00 am at your nephews apartment.

Also, I will NOT walk my 6' 11" body (2.10 meters) with a sign saying "Miguel Rosas and HIS MOTHER are Narco-traffickers and Cheats!!!"
all up and down the neighborhood, which I understand to be a hot-bed of drug dealers, some of whom would LOVE the opportunity to laugh their ass off at YOU -- AND your mother.

Now, I've tried to be nice about this, but I've already turned over a lot of evidence to my and your governments about several top narco-traffickers that have tried cheating me. They include Hector the Engineer of the new bridge on the way to San Sebastian del Oeste, and the former PRI President of Mexico who owns Telcel. Also Hector's half-idiot godson, Fernando Marino, who has too many teeth.

Did you not read my blog??? scottkenan.blogspot.com

Do you think I'm afraid of you??????????

If cheating me out of 2500.00 pesos is so important to you (when I actually paid your mother 4375 pesos, and have a reciept to prove it -- which I'll bring -- but hoping to keep things "nice" I offered to let you make a good profit and only pay what I need to pay my new landlord), then meet me there or gun me down there if you feel angry. I don[t care.

But I'll bet the Federales will be hanging out and watching.

Why not act like a man and return my money? I'd still rather get it tonight, but if after dark, it must be in a place that is public and has people. If you insist on this foolishness, I'll see you at the apartment just beneath it where your nephew lives, and I'll be wearing a sign about you and your nephew AND YOUR MOTHER and your drug-dealing, cheating ways.

I will NOT be armed, but perhaps you will be. I fear nothing.


I will check my email once at about 20:00 local time tonight. Be sure the time is one after that. If you cannot respond in time tonight, be sure I get your email response before 11:00 am tomorrow to keep me from making a BIG scene in the neighborhood. I'll copy some each of your and my friends on this.

MOST sincerely,
On Aug 24, 2010, at 5:51 PM, Miguel Rosas wrote:

> Dear Scott,
> I just speoke with my mother and she told that she only received
> $2200.00 pesos for the month rent and there was no deposit for the
> apartment for the same reason my mother can not return any other money
> as there was no deposit. Thank you for returning the key to my
> nephew.
> Good luck and I have a great day.
> Bye,
> Miguel
> 2010/8/23 Scott Kenan :
>> Hi Miguel,
>> I have vacated the apartment, which I completed on Saturday, and then
>> returned the key to your nephew. The language problem being what it is, we
>> could not satisfactorily discuss the return of the damage deposit. I had
>> meant to get back to you earlier about this, but I've been very busy.
>> I trust that the person who inspected the apartment found it in satisfactory
>> condition. I left it a little cleaner than I found it, but that is not a
>> complaint. It was satisfactory when I moved in.
>> As I wrote earlier, I am willing to accept that given all the peculiarities
>> of the leaking roof and the scam which, apparently, we are all victim to,
>> that the rent actually paid to you covers my complete time there. Now to the
>> damage deposit.
>> Of course, what I paid who-knows-who for damage deposit several months ago
>> (LONG BEFORE your mother went to the US to visit), was $350.00 USD, or +/-
>> 4375.00 pesos. But if the rent your family received was actually only
>> 2200.00 pesos, then I cannot ask for more than that back. If I have your
>> word that this is all it is, then I will simply thank you when you return
>> it, and pray to God above, that neither your family nor I am EVER scammed
>> again by drug traffickers like this!!!
>> But, the scams that I have endured have made me broke and given me the
>> opportunity to discover that I can, in fact, live in a foreign country whose
>> language is mostly a mystery to me by using only my wits. That is a
>> SERIOUSLY advantageous skill to have, and I thank God for it!!!
>> Now, all that said, and knowing that whatever you return to me as my damage
>> deposit moneys, I hold you and your family in the highest regard and bear no
>> ill will toward you at all. But it is also true that my new apartment's rent
>> is 2500.00 pesos/month, and the landlord was kind enough to allow me to move
>> in paying only the first month's rent with promise to pay the damage deposit
>> of the same amount within one week. At the moment, I have no idea where I'll
>> get the money other than what you owe me, so if you find it in your heart to
>> return an extra 300.00 pesos to me, that would cover it, and actually keep
>> me suffering more than you from the "scam."
>> Had you actually received that full 4375 deposit, this would work out to a
>> discounted return of 2500, giving you a 1875 pesos profit! No bad at all,
>> and frankly speaking, a brilliant and very Mexican way to bilk a Gringo --
>> something I generally greatly support!!!
>> But not when the Gringo is me. I think this is the best solution, don't you?
>> If you only got 2200 pesos for the deposit, you'd only be paying an extra
>> 300 back, or $24.00 USD. If I sicced (sent him like a dog after your ass) an
>> attorney after you, it would cost a lot more to settle everything, what with
>> legal fees and such, so I think I have found a solution that satisfies
>> everyone quite well and hope you can accept it, and know also that I do not
>> want or ask for any further explanations, just money.
>> I am copying my new landlord on this so he knows I am diligently trying to
>> raise the additional funds I owe him. He DOES happen to also be a rather
>> powerful attorney, but I have not asked for his assistance and doubt I will
>> have to.
>> Please let me know ASAP. And if we could transfer the money today, that
>> would be extremely helpful to me and we would be '"out of each others hair"
>> once and for all!
>> Muchos gracias, Senor!!!
>> Scott D. Kenan
>> On Aug 16, 2010, at 6:32 PM, Miguel Rosas wrote:
>> Hi Scott,
>> Sorry about the whole bad deals that you have got into. My Mother is
>> going to work again on the issue of the roof but it will be once she
>> returns back to Mexico. If you need to leave the place it is not an
>> issue and you will not owe anything as the deal was not done with you
>> but with the other person who who got you into the place. Sorry that
>> the place is not what you expect but it was work on regarding the
>> issue but you can not see if the thing done will work until it rains
>> and now we know that the work done did not work as expected. Please
>> leave the key(s) to my nephew once you leave and I will tell him that
>> you do not owe anything and that you will leave the place in few days.
>> If you noticed that amount of money that the other person say he paid
>> is not what my mother charge for the room so you got scam again by
>> this person Corrnelio. I am sure the person who you give the money
>> was not may mother as you probable have not seeing here since she is
>> been in the US for the last month. To make things easy for you,
>> please find a place that works for you as this place will need more
>> work once my Mother is back in town.
>> Regards,
>> Miguel
>> On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 6:46 PM, Scott Kenan wrote:
>> Hi Miguel,
>> I assume you are Miguel. You sounded like a woman, but it was a voice that
>> could have gone either way. You said you are in California, USA, so that is
>> nice, but I can't imagine why your relatives here don't have someone local
>> who can translate.
>> in any case, I'm glad to hear you will help get this all straightened out.
>> But please don't tell me about how the roof was already fixed again, or any
>> such crap. No one in the US would be required to pay any rent at all for an
>> apartment that has a leeky roof as bad as this one. And the other thing I
>> want to say is that this kind of distraction that is also lie-based is
>> EXACTLY how Mexican narco-traffickers have talked to me, so for your own
>> good, please find some integrity and I will treat you with integrity as
>> well.
>> Here it is. Please reply within two days or let me know when you will. If I
>> move out in the meantime, I'll leave my address so any bill can be submitted
>> with explanation. My lawyer, Dean hansell, was Police Commissioner of Los
>> Angeles for four years. he's now suing Arizona on behalf Mexico and not
>> charging Mexico. We went to Denison University together. Richard Lugar is
>> the Senator form Indiana who also went to Denison. Sinead is the US Consular
>> agent down here.
>> My political blog will tell you much: scottkenan.blogspot.com . Also, since
>> moving into this apartment, my tires go from 33 psi to 12-15 psi every 36
>> hours, but do not get worse (only one at a time, and they seem to try to do
>> one consistently, but sometimes screw up and deflate a different tire. Once,
>> when I went to Guadalajara for three days, it took 6 days for the tire to go
>> low. If you have any idea who has been doing this the entire 7 weeks I've
>> been in your apartment, please ask them to stop.
>> Many thanks,
>> Scott D. Kenan
>> The leter, verbatim with NO changes:
>> 10 August 2010
>> Dear Land Lady,
>> In regard to the rent for my apartment on Calle Vienna near Roma in
>> Versalles, Puerto Vallata, Mexico, which is directly above the one your
>> husband and son tell me they live in ( I have only met your husband and son
>> yesterday. I met you at a house near the street market on the north side of
>> the Tunel highway). I paid you the Mexican pesos equivalent of $700.00 USD
>> for an apartment for Cornelio Prada Diaz in Zona Romantica. (I have the
>> exact address of that apartment in my records and can give it to you if you
>> need me to) $350.00 USD for a month rent and $350.00 USD for damage deposit.
>> I believe I also have the receipt for the money which you gave me at the
>> time.
>> Cornelio moved (or said he moved) into this apartment right away. I was to
>> join him when I moved here. In early June, Cornelio, who had traveled to
>> Puerto Vallarta for a couple of days, claimed to me that you had raised the
>> rent there by $200.00 USD per month, but that he had made a deal with you,
>> and you let us have this apartment on Calle Vienna for $350.00/month so that
>> we would not have to pay the huge increase. I gave him $700.00 USD cash and
>> he said he wired it all to you on 15 June, 2010 to cover the next two
>> months. He told me that the due day for rent was the 15th of each month.
>> Later, he brought me here and claimed he had to go immediately to
>> Guadalajara to work for his boss managing a bar there. I later learned that
>> he is a criminal wanted by the police in many states in Mexico for selling
>> large quantities of illegal drugs. I got confirmation of this last night
>> from the manager of Hotel Mercurio in Zona Romantica as well as the police.
>> Cornelio had to get out of town at night before he was discovered. He is
>> wanted for VERY serious crimes. I know I will never see or hear from him
>> again.
>> He completely fooled me, and stole a total of $15,000.00 USD from me over a
>> period of several months. I was stupid. I have no more savings because of
>> what he stole, but I do have some money now from taking my new HDTV to the
>> pawn shop. I will get more money soon because of other income that I expect.
>> I believe that you and your family are honorable people and so am I. We have
>> all been used by a criminal.
>> I was surprised that you said the rent here is actually $2200.00 pesos/month
>> (about $200.00 USD). Since I paid $700.00 USD for 15 June - 15 August and
>> the rent was actually $400.00 USD, I would like to know where the money
>> went. If you have a receipt for his paying you only $400.00 USD, we will
>> need to take it to the police to prove another of Cornelio’s crimes. I have
>> already told the US Consulate here and they are cooperating with the Mexican
>> government. Cornelio has been involved in crimes that affect both our great
>> countries, and both of our governments want to solve his crimes, arrest
>> Cornelio, and take him to trial as soon as possible.
>> If you do not have a receipt or cannot find it, then perhaps we should share
>> the burden of Cornelio’s crime and split the difference. In other words,
>> split the loss of the $300.00 USD and act as if I have already paid you only
>> half of it, or $150.00 USD. Then I would still owe you a balance of $50.00
>> USD rent for this month, and could pay it in full immediately.
>> If we do go to the police, I will be sure to tell them that I believe you
>> had NOTHING to do with this crime and did not know Cornelio was an
>> international narcotics-criminal. But I must also tell you that I can only
>> pay you $100.00 USD rent now, but will pay the rest in a week, when I expect
>> I will receive more money.
>> Please know that I only want to do what is fair to you and me, obey the laws
>> of Mexico, and that you agree to. If you have a different idea that is fair
>> to both of us, please tell me and I will give it honest consideration. Crime
>> is Mexico involving drugs affects both Mexicans and Americans, and our
>> governments are very eager to stop it. I have an appointment at the US
>> Consulate in Nuevo Vallarta Thursday morning, but would be happy to meet
>> with you almost any other time. I think I must insist that I speak to you,
>> the actual lady I met when Cornelio and I first rented the other property to
>> be certain I know I am speaking to the same person when I file my report
>> with the US and Mexican Governments about this crime of Cornelio’s. It would
>> be good if your husband who speaks good enough English is there also to
>> translate.
>> Also, the roof here leaks very bad in the first and middle rooms and ruined
>> an expensive piece of audio equipment that I owned. I just threw it out, not
>> knowing if i could ask you to pay for it or not under Mexican law. Let’s act
>> as if that did not happen, but I do believe the roof should be repaired
>> IMMEDIATELY. If fact, if you have roof tar and tools, I will be happy to do
>> the labor for free. It is the rainy season and when most of two rooms are
>> unusable because of leaks, it is an impossible situation.
>> I hope you can understand my point of view and that we can talk as soon as
>> possible and I can pay you some money!
>> Thank you very much!
>> Please slip a note through the door crack if you do not find me at home,
>> telling me what time would be good (but not Thursday morning when I must go
>> to the US Consulate). If it is raining or rained recently, be sure to use an
>> ink that does not bleed when wet. The area of floor in front of the door is
>> always very wet when it rains.
>> Sincerely,
>> Scott D. Kenan scott@scottkenan.com
>> Former assistant to Mr. Tennessee Williams who wrote the play that was
>> filmed in PV: LA NOCHE DEL IGUANA. Website: www.walkingonglass.net .

Friday, August 27, 2010

Letter to US Consular Agent

Dear Sinead,

Attached please find a scan of my filled out form. I had hoped to deliver it in person, but I have no money to put gas in my car this morning, and no one stateside to whom I've appealed directly or indirectly has found reason to send me a dime. My brother, Michael, wrote at some length yesterday, giving all manner of reasons why he should not throw his money away on my basic needs of living. So be it.

I do quite fine, actually, living by my wits, but I thought I might get a little help and in the anticipation (which he deliberately dragged out to further complicate my situation), I did none of the things that would have raised five bucks for gas to Nuevo Vallarta and back. I'll drop it off Monday -- or at least that will be my goal, and one I'll not pin to expectations that I have any friends or relatives in the USA who give a single shit about me whatsoever (Steve Poynter, Jim Richardson, Allean Hale, Kenneth Holditch, and Gregory Mosher are excepted for various reasons. They are the only ones who have variously given an important bit of support -- two of them not in a monetary way.)

I haven't heard from my landlord yet. He's way behind on everything he's promised -- except handing me keys and taking the first half of the rent/deposit. I guess that sets a precedent for how timely I need to be on the rent. I don't even have a contract, but I do believe that even in Mexico, possession is 9/10 the law! If not, I'll go kicking and screaming -- a particular specialty of mine.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, I have boxes here in Mexico of documents regarding the incidents in 1978, 1990, and of this past year, when people whose interests are diametrically opposed to mine have attempted to at least medicate me, if not commit, imprison, kidnap, murder, POISON, delay, distract, etc. me so that I cannot complete my mission, which is simply to tell people the truth as I see it. This morning, digging through documents, I found many shocking things I had forgotten, and confirmation that no matter what condition I was allegedly in at the time, I was, even then, an incredibly good writer!!!

In 1990, Fay(e) Gold of Fay(e) Gold Gallery in Atlanta, GA, as well as Bernice Weinstein of Amaryllis (a small boutique in Stone Mountain Viliage at the time), confirmed to me ABSOLUTELY that my parents are indeed top Nazis. I was only acquainted with Ms. Gold and her art gallery. I knew Bernice and her husband quite well, and they had entertained me in their home, I believe, in the Smoke Rise section of greater Stone Mountain. I remember most fondly how ironic (ironical, in NJ) I found it that they, Jews, had a gorgeous somewhat deteriorated with age crucifix in their living room that dated from the Middle Ages.

Others had confirmed this to me too back then, and I'm frankly shocked that I had forgotten this, although I knew I KNEW my parents were Nazis from other testimony, rather than just from my astute observations.

I came across a lot of old documents from my leaving Cape May in 1978, as well. (And I have another whole briefcase stuffed with documents that I haven't begun to look at.) In my agreement with my former partners, Charles Octavius Pritchard and Hilary Ann Russell of Whale's Tale when we parted ways and they bought my shares in the corporation, part of the agreement was that I would be able to buy anything sold at Whate's Tale at wholesale for life.

Since that time, Hilary has made a big deal of giving me very nice, but not wholesale discounts. I have put up with this indignity because at those times, I could afford to, and I saw no reason to get anyone or everyone into a tizzie about it. So far, I have not located the papers, but I do have another bunch to peruse, AND I found reference to the fact that while I was held in the Dekalb County Jail in 1990 by Judge Linda Warren Hunter (who had a number of private conferences with my father, or so my mother's notes in her own hand indicate -- I believe this is illegal) my parents destroyed many of my past financial records. So my notes indicate.

I have not yet found any evidence that I have ever misrepresented facts, although I have often misinterpreted them. I try to correct them when I can. I don't know if Hilary simply forgot, or if she knew my parents had destroyed these records. I am not totally certain if this benefit was part of the legal document of sale of stock, or if it was another, separate paper. But I DO know that all three of us (including Chuck) signed it. Also, I'm not totally certain if we had already swapped our corporate stock in William Earl Johnson Jr.'s Boca Raton water slide for his in Whale's Tale or not, so there might be a forth party to everything, Bill.

I won't go into Bill's connection to the Irish Mafia of South Philly and then Wildwood Crest, NJ at this time, but I could if asked.

Additionally, I found much more information on Rick Niva, who had been my roommate in Stone Mtn. in 1990. The biggest bafflement had been that when I called MCI (who was then my long distance carrier) to make a change, on TWO separate occasions, they told me my phone number had been secured by an American Express card in the name of Rick Niva, and what made it even odder, was that they insisted that he had done this at about the time I moved into the house. I did not even MEET Rick Niva until several months later, after the roommate who moved with me from my apartment on Carpenter Dr. in Sandy Springs moved out.

It was in conversation with Edith Love (Denison university 1972), who was then Managing Director of the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, and had recently returned from a tour of the then Soviet Union with the play DRIVING MISS DAISY, which she had been instrumental in developing, that I noticed the name of the River Neva in St. Peterburg, and somehow immediately intuited that Rick Niva had something to do with a Russian connection. Edith, understandably upset with my peculiar reaction, called my paernts, with the chief result being that gradually, she seems to have become over the years less predominant (although still of great skill and accomplishment) in the field of theater.) Other talented friends of mine have virtually disappeared (James Culver Anderson DU 1974 who was shot on the street in Manhattan, and then ran off with his wife, Vickie Gilmore DU 1974 to Florida and was never heard of again. Michael Fauss, many times proven to be of the highest talent in musical theater, has NOT had the success he deserves.)

Anyway, I have in my possession, a letter to Sen. Lugar from 1990, in which I spell out details including Rick's alleged mother's phone number and the name of his father's company and contact info, at least some of which was in Sen. Lugar's jurisdiction. I never received a reply, that I'm aware of. Damn those Republicans!!!!!

Many of my troubles are simply men not wanting to face the truth about their sexuality or women not wanting to lose their men when their men wake up. I am hoping that the recent self-outing of the always-known-to-be-gay Mr. Mehlman of the Republican Party, that these sexual things will FINALLY be forced into the open and dealt with. Here in Mexico, they've long ago worked things out and every one here is happy and sexually active, and loving, and kind, and RIGHT WITH GOD.

I hope to see you Monday, and I thank you and all the hardworking employees of the United States Government for your help and support. I will get this off now, and later, re-find the sheet with all the other info on Rick Niva and other things, and pass this info on ASAP as well.

For the record: I have NOTHING to hide (including my errors) so please know that you should use your own discernment on what to disclose to anyone about me. I consider myself entirely an open book to everyone.

Forgive me for not proofing this. I want to get it out before you leave the office. I will also post it on my blog.

Bet regards,
Scott D. Kenan

Thursday, August 26, 2010



In my mother's notes, you see that the serum lithium level she is interested in is 1.0 - 1.5, which is parts per ml or some unit like that. The correct therapeutic dosage used for bipolar disorder is 0.5 - 1.0.

The correct dosage (without getting TOO toxic), to induce chemical diabetes is 1.0 - 1.5, which is what she is CLEARLY interested in, and what was used against Uncle Bob. Because I was such a menace to society (Newt Gingrich and other narco-traffickers), Judge Linda Warren Hunter demanded I be clocked in at at least 0.7 to ensure effectiveness without pushing the toxicity, and although the order (I have it and last night re-read it), was for testing 1x/week for only a month, but in fact, I was tested weekly until I was released from "Enhanced Probation" (my bogus crime of asking for promised one-week's severance check from Lawrence Buchthal) many months later.

May my mother hang in peace from the Gallows of Traitors.

Praise Jesus!!!


Newt Gingrich's office manager in his Georgia office in 1990, was a kindly older gentleman who appeared to have been born smoking his tobacco pipe. He was a touch tweedy (as in Sherlock Holmes) -- almost, but not quite. He drove a newish, black Lincoln Town Car, that had a Southern Lincoln Mercury decal on its rump. I'd noticed other local businessmen, of the Republican persuasion, driving Lincoln Town Cars with the same dealer's decal.

I asked Jim Wickline, manager of the dealership and freaquent (with his wife) Mama Mia's customer, about it, and he said they "sold" cars to "quite a few" Republican politicians, but he didn't add what I knew: that Henry Ford had been the most influential Nazi Party backer in the US, earlier in the century. (No wonder his company didn't need a loan after George Bush(W) left office.)

Conjecture: I bet all Judge Linda Warren Hunter ever got out of it all is a Republican Cloth Coat!!!

Prediction: George W. Bush will come out gay within one week of today. He wasn't smart, folks!!! It was CHENEY, using him as a puppet.

My mother played a role as well.

Toodles for today!!!

Mercy me!!!

This morning, I’d like to start off with a little appreciation. Local and not-local law authorities surveilled my neighborhood BRILLIANTLY last night!!! Cop cars were being washed in the local auto-lavabo all night long, but out of my sight behind two city busses that had been parked to perfectly block the view of the front of my apartment from certain “unsecured” nearby areas. The car washers employed an electric buffer at 3:00 am, so that I would hear and then walk around to see their presence. NO ONE nearby (and not in the know), would have seen these things for what they were (and many other things as well).

Mexicanos: I salute you!!!

Also, a quick note to my dentist: I can’t pay you yet, but you will be the first to be paid. Through many a time, you and your office were the only anchor of sanity I had in Georgia. I know you read my blog, so I figure you will get this. YOU, Todd and Cindy, are the type Republicans who will rebuild a Grand New Party!!!

Of course it always helps to be gay (but you don’t have to be: Lugar, McCain, and a few others), if you’re a Republican -- look how well (albeit debatable in details, but he DID preserve the Union) Honest Abe did, and I don’t just mean his openly sleeping with men despite the press ribbings, both before and during his presidency.

The current crop of Reds is mostly just a bunch of fags. Witness Tanning Bed Boehner: gotta keep it dark to get a big one up the ass (or so he thinks). Santorem is heading back to Dan Savage’s bed, I’ve noticed, for more scatty-froth fun. And can you believe that Baby Quail won the primary in where . . . Arizona, was it??? Nah, I think it was I-O-Way. Somewhere. (I hope to have internet in my apartment within 24 hours and I can check these things more easily.)

Too much, almost, has happened since I last checked in (or out, depending on your perspective). Time is now cramped, so I’ll fly and then fly to the US Consulate, where I have an appointment.

Here’s the first page of many pages of notes I sent Newt Gingrich over a couple-month period in early 1990. I wonder if he’s saved them. The handwritten notes were added by me a couple of months later.

You would not believe what-all I found that I’ve kept: reams of documents from 1990, including all my mother’s notes, which she foolishly gave me several years ago. (She was certain I’d be dead by now.)

I’ll paste a few of those in too. Quite revealing!!! You may recall that it was the Nazi’s mania for keeping organized records that proved their undoing in court after WWII. Well, the Queen of the Pastel Nazis has entirely convicted herself, and undercover Nazi hunters might as well arrest her now. But if you want the physical evidence first, come see about me!!! (Sorry, that was dear, dear Diana -- with a song in her heart!)

Now, for the most part, I have discovered (pawing through all the stacks of documents I saved from 1990), that most actors in my 1978 Cape May “bipolar” incident were innocent. Most, but not all. My mother was just learning, and here, you see what she learned and later used to murder her brother Bob. (I added red arrows.)

First she got him on levels of Lithium so toxic, he shook like a leaf for years, and the Lithium brought on his “chemical” diabetes. This is just terminology that means Bob did NOT actually have diabetes, it was deliberately brought on by the ultra-high Lithium levels. Then Bob suffered the pain and anguish of CONSCIOUSLY knowing his sister was slowly and painfully murdering him -- and he knew Ruth Anne had enforcers round about to make sure everyone knew Bob couldn’t talk sense if he had to.

She preferred killing “fags” via AIDS (and blacks, too, of course), but couldn’t figure out how to “infect” her brother believably. My mother probably developed AIDS (or proto-AIDS) when she was head of Proctor & Gamble’s skin research labs in Cincinnati (remember their “satanic” symbol???), but to tell the truth, this I have purely on intuition. No evidence.

She definitely used a lot of Dr. Mengele’s research to produce super-sized children, the first of which might have been my first cousin, Graham.

Dad’s brother, Harlee, and his wife Virginia were/are almost tiny people (most Kenans are short to mid-heighted). But Graham grew to 6’ 8”, while his sister, remaining short, fled to Canada at her earliest convenience. Aunt Virginia declared openly some years ago that she packs a pistol and will shoot my father dead the instant she next sees him. I’m pretty much assuming that Graham is my half-brother.

Virginia’s still alive, I believe, in a nursing home. My parents have made this threat out to have only to do with Dad’s insensitivity when Graham’s son was shot dead in a C-store robbery about 25 years ago. I beg to differ, but I don’t have all the details.

Now, back to good ol’ Cape May!

Craig, would you please check to be sure John is still alive? Last I heard from him, about five months ago, he was going in for leg amputations and said he had a 50-50 chance of surviving the operations. Those odds on such an operation made no sense to me, but his last words to me were an admission that he had never seen me mentally ill in Cape May, but only had assumed it since everyone else was so adamant to him with their stories. I think you can now see why I am concerned. He made this admission via computerized email. I’ve not heard a peep from him since.

Now, an image:

To clarify my mother’s handwriting, the end of the second line is “. . . S(cott) not . . .” “Dr. W.” is Dr. Harry Wagenheim, a Jungian whose office was in his generous, Philadelphia Mainline home, and Dr. Wallace Hussong of Cherry Hill was the chief Lithium-prescriber. In my mother’s notes, it is very clear that W. was right-on, and even my mother realized that, but she saw to it that I went to H., because of the benefits to the Nazi cause that Lithium provided, then, and later.

Notice also the CLEAR and thoughtful concern of Chuck Pritchard. The business of what a third of Whale’s Tale was worth in 1978 is NOT a Red Herring. We were all just young and naive, and while I knew it was worth many times what Chuck and Hilary insisted using for valuation, I did get $20,000.00. They thought that was absurdly high, but they don’t feel that way now, I assure you!!!

Still, they haven’t sent me a CENT to help me live at subsistence level here in Puerto Vallarta. No wonder Denison University refused to allow their son Collin to attend, despite both Collin’s parents and half of Chuck’s family having gone there. With the Old Southern Gentleman (Mr. Leland Stanford Pritchard) gone (kudos on your film about your Granddad, Collin!!!), they fell completely under the spell of Ken & Barbie Russell, Hilary’s parents.

Ken worked for Sterling Drugs as a “Special Assistant to the President.” When she married him, Barbara knew to groom him for her plans, he’d need a middle name, so she gave him an old family name that sounds just swell to the hoitie-toitie: Seton!

Well, Ken and Babs and Bill and Ruth Anne always got along like the best of buddies, and in fact, had planned, long before, the marriage of Scott and Hilary to connect Sterling Drugs to the Madd Nazi Bitch -- and SUNOCO. They did everything to marginalize Chuck, and believe me, before I left Chuck was MARGINALIZED!!! But no more, in fact, he’s proven to be a brilliant businessman, astute in all areas imaginable.

The product of good breading, that Chuck.

So now, I know why Hilary cried repeatedly when I visited them last December: I don’t believe she knew at the time how we had all been used, but she had found out some extraordinarily ugly things about her family. As had Denison University.

Tine to wrap for today and run.

Quick notes:

KT Kirkpatrick sansebas2020@hotmail.com is a narco-trafficker who convinced me she and others had gotten Liz Taylor to promise to come to a Tennessee Williams 100th Birthday Party here in PV. I corrected this in email about 10 days ago, but forgot to post the correction on my blog. NO SUCH PARTY was being planned -- at least not by THESE people.

I will paper my old street in Versalles (Calle Vienna) with extremely damaging info about Miguel Rosas (and his MOTHER) on flyers late in the day if I’ve not gotten my deposit back. I’d rather have the money, but if this is a gift of newspaper, radio, and/or television coverage of my fight, then so be it!!!

I’m not mad at ANYBODY. Together, we were the cast of Tennessee Williams’ A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND: EXTENDED VERSION. Everyone performed absolutely brilliantly, and I salute ALL!!!

4. Jim Richardson jrichardson@lgi.com (don’t know if LGI of Denver, CO is actually involved or not), and Patrick Stansbury are the two people I can prove watched me typing at my computer in real time. Their anger got the best of them and they made grievous errors that prove this. I NEVER believed that the emails I got from Jane that came in before I’d complete an email on the same subject were actually from Jane. All of “hers” had the soul of brevity (so no chance to give away that Patrick knew her style but not details of experience).

And I leave you with this. Recently I found a new use for my book’s cards: I write a little caption, and then leave it at their last known domicile, in this case, Tim the American “bulldog’s” condo, just above Hotel Mercurio and the bar, Anonymo. I’d met Tim several times when he stopped in the Costa Real Estate office to see Fernando, and later Fernando took me there, where he had moved, after the managers of PV Beach Club and Villa Tita had unceremoniously kicked his narco-faggot ass OUT! (Note to Anibal: You are sleeping with the enemy -- or at least driving him around. Learn or burn, as they say!)

Notice that this one is appropriately coffee stained, although subtly:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Letter to Kenneth, Tennessee Williams' cousin

No, that's not me, but any CAREFUL reader of this blog KNEW Mexico was destined to win the BEST IN UNIVERSE award. Hello?!?!?

Subject: I've resumed reading. . . .
From: Scott Kenan
Date: August 24, 2010 2:05:17 PM CDT
To: Kenneth Holditch
Cc: Allean Hale
Bcc: 91 People, assorted

Dear Kenneth,

Now that I'm FINALLY sitting down to write you, properly, I realize I have always (since I first met you), wanted to do this, but it is only now that I can do so unguardedly. And I thank GOD for that!!!

Your presence on my mind has been growing exponentially lately, and just in the last two days, I've picked up one of the only 12 books I selected to bring with me to Mexico (space-in-the-car concerns caused me to give away or sell cheap an absolute TON of treasures). I've got several dozen others stored with a friend in Stone Mountain that I hope to pick up one day (exactly one Pontiac Vibe load, leaving room for pilot and co-pilot) -- including all of TWs works that I own and books about him. Bibles. Deep family history. The best metaphysical digestions. Others.

I'd bought your book Tennessee Williams and the South shortly before moving here, but ever since have been far too busy in various battles to even THINK of cracking it open. I knew intuitively that a simple peek would be insufficient, and I would become prey to my enemies if I succumbed to temptation too soon while my concentration was still so there-demanded.

And then of course once I'd opened it (night before last), I was entirely blown away. It immediately confirmed that you are the only person I have met so far who seems to have the same -- or quite similar in type and scope -- understanding of our great friend: your cousin, my employer. Gracias Senor, although I dare say you were first, and I, Johnny-come-lately.

But come, I have.

In fact, from the very first keystroke of writing my memoir, Tom has been constantly with me, often as real as the computer I typed on, but never in a way that could be proven in court. And the others followed as well. Texas Kate was always the most fun, but also, of course, Jane Smith, Vasillis Voglis, and eventually even Gary Tucker and Schuyler Wyatt. They all led me in mind to places i might not have accessed without their help. And they are all absolute friends and co-partiers in "heaven." They know the difference between a great play and reality: THERE IS NONE!!!

And we are all players. You and I, among the players graced by God to have personally known and worked with and for Mr. Tennessee Williams. He's truly The Master, and although he died after the formal completion of A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND, as you know only too well, he never stopped tinkering with the plays, and from a distance, continued to create what I call THE EXTENDED VERSION. And in it, you and I have had two of the very best roles -- if not the best.

Shameless of me to claim that, but then "Shameless" has become my middle name as I've embraced the rapture of language -- language that he and Science of Mind (aka Religious Science) taught me to appreciate -- and I now bandy (or flaunt) even the perjoratives in ways I like to think have, on occasion, snatched away the breath of some people (in the sense of shocking! ).

Why not???

It was clear to me (even in those days) that The Puritan was killing Tennessee. So I had to purge myself of that Self-Righteous Devil, and that has been QUITE the task. But I completed it, and with that completion has come freedom. Then, through the teaching and example of my distant Kenan relatives, I learned, before suffering too greatly from ignorance, that freedom is chaos and anarchy of mind, body, and spirit, but that LIBERTY (freedom with an acceptance of responsibility) is the true key to heaven.

And whadaya know -- I've actually, now, literally, arrived. Praise Jesus!!!

I look forward to the day when you and I can sit and entertain each other with stories. I'll return to New Orleans before too long, although I doubt I'll be doing that PEPSICO Festival ever again! More likely, I'll want to check out Brad Pitt's work -- his and Angelina's. In my opinion they are the Newmans (can't believe I'm blanking on her name!) of their generation -- without a whiff of an imitative intention. I read some things about them immediately before I left Georgia (his foundation, her tattoo), that made me realize what important roles they are playing, and I immediately sent his foundation a small gift, though it was about 20% of my then remaining cash and credit. I sent the foundation a note as well, asking them to pass it along.

Then yesterday, I received a sign -- intentional or not, I do not know: Brad has declared that BP should receive the death penalty, something he's long eschewed, but has now had cause to think again. Indeed, Brad is a man of my heart!!! But, I'm still betting it's Cheney. Halliburton had contracts to do the drilling on that well -- something. . . .

It seems it would take an eternity to tell you all I'd like to tell you specifically -- and Allean, especially, as well. She is the queen of my and Tennessee's hearts -- and Heavens! I remember the first time I attended the NO Festival. The first thing I heard her say on the podium, was to introduce a panel of co-scholars, adding that "Tennessee always HATED scholars, you know." And she was right -- I'd witnessed his contempt for them. Little did he know then that they would save him -- despite the actions of Sewanee.

The first thing she asked me when I introduced myself was "Do you think Tennessee was bipolar?" I hadn't actually given it a single thought until then, but immediately knew that by the standards of American medicine (which is to say NO STANDARDS), he definitely was. Allean replied that I should work on a book about bipolar first. That was what the world REALLY needed to know the truth about. (hold this thought a minute.) She continued that THAT book would be more important than anything I could write about Tennessee, and she knew I would have a boatload to say about both.

God, I want to see Allean again. . . . But you know, Paul Willis threw me out of participation in the 2010 Festival. OPENLY declaring WITH PRIDE that the only reason they had EVER invited me in the first place was because my book was to be published. Implying with Sue-Lyon-on-a-spree glee that this was EXACTLY what I deserved.

Well, Thomas Keith had bragged to me more than one time that he had given Paul numerous prescription-quality drugs -- that was why their rooming together had calmed Paul so much (not sex -- if you can imagine THAT -- as I had at first misunderstood). Thomas is so ruled by his drugs that he gives away SOOOOOO much info to me and others that he shouldn't, including how problematic it was for him to manage John Lahr's comments about Tennessee. Called Lahr a closet-case homo many a time, and seemed to think he could leverage John based on that allegation.

But John's of a different mettle -- something Thomas's drug-addled mind can't conceive of. John Lahr may have been through more hell than me, though less than John Uecker!!! !!! !!! I predict that John Lahr will complete the second half of Lyle's project brilliantly -- and with gusto!

But not today.

John Uecker, although seemingly possessed with the ghost of Maria Britneva, has endured more than the unendurable. He is my total and absolute hero, and had it not been for his example, I could never have found the courage to continue my own work -- not that I feel courageous at all. Knowing that God is Life, Love, and Truth frees one from needing courage. Frees one from needing anything else at all, really.

But John has not yet been released by Maria, but there is GREAT news to report on that! Several days ago, in the palapa beach bar/restaurant on Playa Mismaloya known as Teo's, I was invited by a family of Russian-Americans to join them in a repast of the fresh fish (including barracuda!) that they had caught that morning and "Jose Cuervo" had grilled and was presenting. I don't even remember their names, mostly. The parents and son-and-GF-or-wife were exceptionally handsome and bright-eyed, the men so attractive I knew I'd have to begin considering white men again!

The younger woman turned out to be a Keenan from the west coast. That's the Irish spelling of the original Cainan, and there have been many variations, including, Dear Miss Cynthia MCKINNEY!!! (Second likely -- but more distant -- black blood-relative identified -- first was Randall Kenan). Cainans originated as scholars and clerics to the land-owning Maguires in the Middle Ages. What mixed so nicely with that later, was the Johnstone blood. I don't have it.

The brother of my ancestor, one of three Kenan brothers who emigrated from Scotland after a temporary stay of 30 years in Ireland (the term for this large group of immigrants is Ulster Scots.) married one, and that union produced the Kenans of noted patriotic and educational service. The Johnstones trace their blood through much European royalty, including Charlemagne and the Carolingian line, etc. (I don't really buy Dan Brown's conjecture about the lineage of Jesus (Jeshua-the-Jew), but it does make for a compelling story!)

Anyway, that line seems to have come to a stop with Tommy -- or at least I don't know of an heir-in-grooming. But what is fascinating to me is that my sister-in-law (nee: Gail Godley) 's (HOW THE HELL DO YOU CORRECTLY STYLE/PUNCTUATE THIS???) mother traced her own roots to find that she is descended from the same Johnstones. So my nephews (Connor and Max) and niece (Taylor) are of a new combining of those same bloodlines. How encouraging a blood-news can one ponder???

Well, blood does not really mean so much. Study, rather, the Truth. It sets you free. I digress. . . .

The Russians. The father, a pre-End-of-Cold-War immigrant, IMMEDIATELY seized on the name Britneva, and discussed quite a lot in Russian (unfortunately) and without translating for me. I had somehow caused him to have a Eureka! moment, and he did make clear to me (by placing my fist on his own heart which hid behind his fabulous and blonde-hairy chest, and holding it there for at least two minutes -- in front of his wife and the others), that he knew EXACTLY what to do to expose what has happened to the Williams royalties that remained trapped in the Soviet Union -- until they were no longer trapped.


I KNEW that someone knew, and it wasn't any of the scholars. Remer and John Eastman have never spoken/typed to me (directly), but with this revelation, all hell will soon break loose. Fasten yer seatbelts -- it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!! (But not for anyone I send this email to, although there might be a few exceptions.) I deliberately waited until I intuitively knew THE RUSSIAN had completed his work past the Point-o-No-Return before mentioning any of these details.

Seems like there are other things I wanted to mention this morning, but I'm afraid I've run out of time, and my information is going all unruly on me -- once again. So I'd better stop for now. I dare say, though, that book contracts are zooming toward me quite rapidly now. Anyone have a recommendation whom I might contact?

OH! I nearly forgot, and I must now make concise. Anyone need elaboration, just ask: Bipolarity is the principle that makes the physical (time and space) possible. This self-existant thing we call God could first be defined as "I am." (Buddhists make the ironic -- in New Jersey, "ironical" -- error of thinking this is the "desired" place to get back to. OK, maybe it would be fun for them, but I need more ACTION!!!). I AM existed first as pure energy and consciousness. And being intelligent, it came to play around and add a modifier, which, because Perfection-and-All cannot be one thing without being everything else as well that is NOT that thing, twin ideas, through the power of THE WORD became "flesh," so to speak. (Light requires dark to be complete, etc. etc.).

Hence the Big Bang and explosion into reality of eventually everything we call physical. Positive and Negative particles (and ideas) were created in perfect one-to-one balance out of "thin air," but really, out of the power (energy) of an idea. Their bipolarity holds them in existence. (Mono-polar depression is just a Republican Party mis-idea as ridiculous as HOT!!! warnings on McDonalds coffee cups!)

If all matter were to match up with anti-matter, annihilation would occur, and with a HUGE release of energy, we'd be back to I AM. Time came into existence since no two physical objects can exist in the same place at the same time, but then there is probably a higher truth to this that I don't yet know, and to tell you the truth, I haven't sussed out where Neutrons came from yet, so my theory is a work in progress.

But then, that's why God invented Scientists -- Praise Jesus!!!

Now I need to scare up some cash -- I'm down to 1.5 pesos! Anyone have any PRACTICAL ideas???

Yours, like a Giant!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Letter to a retired Navy officer:

From: ScottKenan
Subject: Re: How in the world are you ? where in the world are you?
Date: August 23, 2010 3:14:53 PM CDT
To: Rife

Hey Rife,

I barely escaped the United States alive (by car) approximately 3 months ago. My adversaries, having keys to both my house and car, had been disappearing things on a regular basis and otherwise bedeviling me in ways that when I talked or wrote about them, causing "typical," "hypnotized" white Americans to think I was crazy. They actually stole my passport from my locked car while I was enroute, but I've worked out all the problems that caused and am now legally in Mexico.

Unfortunately, the most hypnotized were my own immediate family, particularly my siblings Mike and Jane. My other sister and my parents appear to have been deliberately and consciously involved, but I am not yet certain of this.

They wanted me to submit to the very destructive drug Lithium, which had for years left me the ability only to see all the facts, but unable to connect the dots of what had been going on. Others around me tried to manipulate me as well, but I've pretty much fligured out who was my friend and who was not.

After I submitted my first testimony to the FBI via secure server back in February, I was immediately contacted by one of Obama's top advisers, and put into direct contact with the top Democrats in Georgia, whom I continued to feed as I had more evidence to give, all the while continuing to battle the assholes who would not give up. Eventually, Dottie Newman, a retired Army Colonel, who once served as Colin Powell's top protocol officer, and who with the Powells, decided it was too dangerous for him to run in the last Presidential election cycle, was assigned to help protect me.

Later, a Delta flight from here to ATL was held up until an Air Force uniformed co-pilot with serious evasion-tactics skills was brought on-board to make me feel more secure. He made a big, dramatic point of welcoming me onboard the plane, and later searched me out in baggage claim to make sure I knew that Obama's people were getting all my info and doing what they could to protect me.

But the Mexican goverment is the best! I've never directly given them any info nor asked for protection, but the night before I gave a ton of testimony at the PV US Consulate, PV police, Jalisco state police, Federales, and Army troop transports with half a dozen machine-gun-toting troops circled my block repeatedly all night long. So many, that by 1:00 am, there was a ratio of two government vehicles to one private car. I thank God for the kindnesses of the Mexican people and their government. Without them, I'm sure I'd be at least Six Feet Under!!! LOL.

So check out the blog. Heavy politics begins about Jan. 1, 2010. It, cleaned up, will be my second book. Both books will sell millions, and might make great movies as well. I sail brightly and confidently into my future. This has been a most EXCELLENT adventure!!!I

just hope I can salvage at least some of my family as well.


On 8/23/10 2:41 PM, Rife wrote:
Thanks for your reply - no, Steve had nothing to do with this; just googled you and found your website. In fact, I lost touch with him as soon as you guys connected, if I remember.

So how long have yuou bee in Mexico? How did you decide to pull up stakes and when and why there? I'd love to visit and reconnect, here online, if not there in person. You are generous to offer; love to see P.V., having heard many good things. Will check out your websites - meanwhile stay in touch.. All best, Rife
From: Scott Kenan
To: Rife
Cc: Steve Poynter
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2010 3:32 PM
Subject: Re: How in the world are you ? where in the world are you?

Hey Rife!

What a wonderful and completely unexpected surprise to hear from you!

I'm glad to hear you've settled, finally, on a definite description of your job situation, although I must say it sounds like you might be still floundering a bit in regards to where you truly want to live. May I suggest Puerto Vallarta as a possibility? As I recall, you once worked for the Navy, and indeed for a top admiral. That is so cool!!! You have no idea how much I have come to appreciate the sacrifices made by those who have fought the good fight for Liberty and Justice for all, especially those who served in our United States military.

I have, in fact -- now that I've been off Lithium for nearly 3 years (in Mexico, Lithium is considered a very dangerous drug to many internal systems, and never used if there is an alternative) -- come to my senses. Luckily for me, all I really suffered after all the years my family insisted I take it is the loss of most of my previously perfect teeth, but they have been nicely replaced, and, being out-pullable, enhance my love-making skills, if you get my drift).

I DO condemn the US health care system that has proven itself to be only about profits, and many of its "remedies" lead only to high-cost repairs CAUSED by its remedies. The greed and hatred of some people in the US is almost unfathomable, once your eyes are opened, but the open-eyed include so few white Americans, although the black folk and others seem to have known all this for many years -- at least the ones I got to know). God knows the Canadians have been trying to warn us for years, and the rest of the world (the foreigners I keep meeting -- without exception) have known this as well.

All that said, Puerto Vallarta is truly heaven for those who love the sea. Google it for details. Should you care to check things out, I'd be happy to put you up to save on your expenses. You won't believe the apartment I've got in a Mexican area a mile from the beach, but with easy access. I'll move into a fourth-floor apartment when it's completed in about 2 weeks, and the roof is just above it, with spectacular views 360 degrees. Lots of breezes as well, and only $200/month USD (plus electric).

I'm guessing that my old BF Steve Poynter from 1980 Key West, whom you kindly got me back in touch with in late 1994, has had a hand in my hearing from you today. Steve is the kindest and most generous of persons, and recently sent me several hundred dollars to help me move to this apartment from one I was set up in by narco-traffickers. You can read about what-all I've been up to on my blog: scottkenan.blogspot.com .

And I did complete a Williams memoir, which is ready to sell and I expect will sell soon. The political climate in America is finally changing, and doing so radically and quickly. See: www.walkingonglass.net . If interested, I'd be happy to email a copy in PDF. I do call for donations on the site, but certainly would never require them of a friend. Let me know.

And do come for a visit! You will be amazed at all the fun one can have with these Mexican fellows. They are ALL available (and the married ones, not having accepted a bad image of themselves due to believing the lies society teaches us gay-identified people), are the best, least inhibited, and most loving. Although some require a bit of cash, as little as 200 pesos ($16).; Others are just wanting to express love and affection and appreciation without charge. They are not ageist, racist, or handsomeness-ists here at all!!! Really!!! But you being you, don't qualify as old, too-white (actually, they universally prefer sex with white people), or ugly.

And again, what a great surprise and I look forward to staying in touch.

On Aug 22, 2010, at 3:15 PM, Rife wrote:

Hi, Scott !

Long time. A big year for me - both parents died; finally decided I am retired after too long a time saying I was between jobs or looking or semi-retired. We shall see. Sold my home on Lanier Blvd. Moved to my sisters' house in Collier Hills; she moved to my parents' home in Nashville...

Let's catch up. Hope you are well.
All best, Rife