Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Testimony to Federales -- and evidence dump

Hola Amigos!

I have now had eight hours of interviews with Federales -- lawyers in the Chief Federal Prosecutors office in PV as well as briefed the
My computer costs $1,800.00 USD, and $2000.00 worth of software on it, and 600 CDs
Mexican Authorities and

Baby Azteca is about 5' 7'', very dark complexion with thick medium-length dark hair, 30 years old, many tatooes on his face and upper body, mostly homemade. He is EXTREMELY dangerous.
The guy who owns the store right across the street from Toros house at 1690 Calle Costa Rico, is the ¨Don¨ of the area and totally supports both of these killers, though he tried to fool me. I tested him three times, and in the final one, he tried to trick me into a situation where Baby Azteca would kill me. NONE of the neighbors can be trusted. But the one woman who lives there, Barby, is a great ally of mine and the other smallest guy, ¨Younger Albert¨is a fine person too.

Have to go depose more now. Back soon. . . .


Monday, September 27, 2010

The Face of the CIA in Puerto Vallarta, exposed!

Dear Sinead O'Day.

I am far beyond shocked that I would EVER have to write such a letter (email) to a US Consular agent SWORN to protect the interests of the United States of America. But you, by your words, actions, and apparent inactions, have caused me to do exactly that. I HOPE I am in error (which I sometimes am), and that you will not take this missive as a personal attack. We haven’t met in person, but you seem like a nice person, and I have nothing against you -- other than that you put the interests of George HW Bush’s CIA ahead of those of the United States Government and “We, the People.”

This was your choice. I am only explaining what I have come to understand, and, again, I hope I am wrong and have to apologize to you for my error.

I will not build my case against you here. It is detailed in my blog if you read deep enough. Most of this evidence against you I have copied you on via email. I do not keep secrets and never am harmed by keeping my adversaries fully and truthfully informed of my ideas, intentions, and actions. Generally, this strategy has caused them to second guess me and trip all over each other and make errors, quickly proving my points.

Basically, you have done everything in your power to scare me about the consequences of living in Mexico with no money, and have offered the US Government’s (or the CIA’s) financial support to return home to the US and get psychiatric help. You have not met me and have no credentials to diagnose me in any case. You have quietly pressured me to do this. Repeatedly. Or at least, this is how I’ve read your communications.

You have refused to answer my email of a week or so ago asking where my new passport is. I handed over my temp passport with acceptable photos to have a permanent replacement made back on 20 August 2010. I have the receipt to prove this (although you CIA people are crafty: you give receipts that fade from warmth, so parts of the printing have disappeared from view -- but enough remains to see. HA! Gotcha Daddy Bush!!!)

I was told by the staff in the Consulate and also read online on the State Department’s site two months ago, that normally, this process takes UP TO three weeks. You wrote later to me that it could take up to a month. It has now been five weeks, and you have refused to answer my question. Normally, you reply to me quite promptly -- even when you are not on duty.

In the email in which you pushed the hardest to get me to come back to the US to get under some serious mental health “help,” you said you could get me a temporary passport within a few days. At that time, my permanent passport (by your office’s claims of time expectations) should have been ready within a week.

And you said it like you expected I might have some urgency about going to the US. You read me wrong. It is the CIA’s urgency to assassinate me or put me on heavy drugs. Remember: I published the email from Lee Gosney on my blog in which he wrote that Congressman John Linder’s boss had ordered my assassination. Was that Dick Cheney? Do you know?

It might have been my mother. She’ll do ANYTHING to fuck Jews or gays. She murdered her own brother with Lithium so he’d die a very painful death from slow decay caused by chemically-induced diabetes. Mom had told me Bob had to be kept at above 1.5 (0.15?) lithium level. That is a good bit above what is accepted as therapeutic and 1.5 is the level where Lithium becomes toxic (if it doesn’t actually become toxic at 1.0).

So I am betting that you never turned my temp passport in for processing because:

You did not believe I would live for three weeks. You had inside info on the plans for my assassination.
Best to have no record in the State Department that I had tried to get a replacement passport -- less evidence to have to erase.
Possibly (and I admit this is probably a stretch), the CIA makes fake temp passports and if you could get me onto one of those, no one would be able to really trace what the hell ever happened to me. Not as easily, anyway.

But later, you DID turn it in for processing. You saw that you might have underestimated me, and had better cover your ass. I’m betting that you turned it in about two weeks after I gave the Consulate my temp. If it really does take three weeks to process (as advertised), then it should be ready today. A two week delay is not too suspicious -- unless some jerk gets fed up with his government being corrupted by the CIA, and insists on an investigation.

That would be me.

I need to see records proving exactly when my temp passport was sent to be processed into a full passport.



I wish you the best in your exciting CIA career! I doubt the State Department will have much further use for you, but all this and that said, I hope I am wrong and if proven to be wrong, I will high-tail it to your office ASAP to apologize in person and write all those I copy and blind-copy this email -- including your boss, Secretary Clinton, and her boss, the President (and some of his advisors).

I will post this email on my blog -- if the CIA does not prevent my computer from functioning properly when I connect to the internet this morning.

Best regards, and if possible, do reply today with a realistic estimate of how much longer I need to wait for my full passport.

All best,
Scott D. Kenan

Sunday, September 26, 2010

GIANT SHOE SALE: Bigger than Filene's Basement (was)!!!

Sean and Ligia on the coast of Brazil, fall, 2009.

I am blind-copying everyone in my address book on this. 350. Or at least I intend to in several shifts. Dig?

Buenos Dias, Gentle Reader!

Some of you receiving this email may not have heard from me for quite some time, and are wondering why you are hearing from me now. I have dropped my thermonuclear (metaphysical) political device (see my post from yesterday, below or at ), and today I will eventually get to dropping the other shoe -- which I hope does not get uncomfortably stuck up any of my readers' asses, but as they say, "If the shoe fits -- wear it!!"

Welcome to the Land of Canaan.

While it is accepted knowledge that Cainan is the original spelling of the Scots/Irish family Kenan (they picked up the surname in Ireland while serving the land-owning Maguires as clerics and scholars during the Middle Ages), I have seen no claims that "Canaan" is a spelling variant like McKinney is. In the Judeo-Christian Bible, Cainan (in my random sampling of translations, about 90% use the Cainan form for the fourth in line from Adam, the rest use Kenan) was meant to represent a temporary stopping point on the evolution of consciousness. There is simply no way of knowing if the similarity between Cainan and Canaan is coincidental or a spelling variant.

And it doesn't matter.

The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, published by the Church of Christian Science, defines Kenan (their preferred spelling) as +/- (my copy is still in Georgia, so I'm doing this from memory), the ultimate experience of materialism that leads to the triumph of the spiritual. (See my blog if you do not understand why I claim my distant Kenan relatives are the wealthiest family on earth -- or at least fine stewards of the world's largest fortune: .) And here's the good news: we don't stop evolving with this right-now-step, there are further levels to evolve to through infinity.

And while I'm at Christian Science, my first significant spiritual teacher, Grace Buck, wife of J. Mahlon Buck who was (before he died -- some time before I met his widow) the head of Smith Kline & French -- makers of Eskalith, which I was soon on -- (its most obvious descendant now being SmithKline Beecham -- or something English like that -- few companies have had more name changes. The company began with Smith Brothers' Cough Drops. Mahlon's great grandfather, or more distant ancestor, was one of the Smith brothers), gave tons of her husband's drug-profits money to the Mother Church of Christian Science (and other organizations). She knew that cash is cash is cash -- is GOD IN ACTION!!!

She told me she was introduced to her husband by Henry Flagler's lawyer. Maybe she meant his right-hand-and-arm man, William Rand Kenan, Jr., who made all his money in his own right (not a Flagler beneficiary that I know of). And in fact, it is HIS fortune that became the largest of the Kenan Educational Trusts, and is the one Denison University benefitted from when they received the second highest gift in the major endowment campaign a year or two after I graduated in 1973.

So Grace Buck knew pretty-damn-well who I was when she taught me what I could then accept, and when I completed the house painting work for her, presented me with a copy of Mary Baker Eddy's classic, Something-or-Other, with Key to the Scriptures, in a plain brown envelope in which she said I should keep it as evil people would try to take it from me. Really. I never read the book and eventually threw it out. Really.

I would also like to point out that Mrs. Eddy lived in Wilmington, NC for some period of time, and I believe it was there that she began -- and maybe even completely wrote -- her book. There is an historical marker in front of her house, only a few blocks from Kenan Memorial Fountain, overlooked by the Carolina Apartments, where my and Thomas Stephen Kenan III's one-time boyfriend, Robbie Anderson, lived while I dated him, although at that time, the apartment building's sign was covered with one that said "Deep River Apartments." Dino DeLaurentis was then filming his classic, Blue Velvet, and he used the exteriors for shots of Ms. Rosellini's character's apartment -- interiors were shot at his sound stages, several miles away. The cut-off ear was found in the yard of my father's high school.


Life is multidimensional, and YOUR life is as wild as mine when you contemplate it -- although your details will differ. Wake up to your full, true self and enjoy Heaven-on-Earth which is now a firm reality, although the clean-up phase is just beginning. Everything happens in physical reality, the BEST of God's Worlds, in time and space, and patience is found as one learns to relax and enjoy the ride. I am sorry if anyone is disappointed that we did not wait until 2012. The Mayans (Mexicans, ha-ha!) were exactly correct in their prediction -- based on info understood so many years ago -- but too many of us were too damned impatient to end the suffering, and we just got a little carried away.

Nothing is "set in stone." Everything that Mind can conceive, man can achieve. Time-to-Completion is completely subject to degrees of desire and effort -- and willingness to listen to inspiration (meditation). Life truly is A Streetcar Named Desire. (This is where I must break for a brief moment of sobbing. Please excuse me.)

Takes no time on paper (or other writing)!

OK, the promised "other shoe." Many of you are not going to like it, so to help you be able to read it, I will first tell you that after I take you through the uncomfortable parts, there is good news of our self-redemption, which means that it makes no difference in this new post-human world, and whatever you like to do now (although you might or might not find that changes) is perfectly fine with God and everyone else -- including, I hope, you.

In the Great Judeo-Christian Book of Allegories (which includes some important historical records) -- read: written for and by people of what we now call Western Society -- other groups have Holy Scriptures that are equally valid for their traditions -- Original Sin was the disobedience of God by eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Well, the serpent tempted Eve, she successfully tempted Adam, and suddenly they knew they were naked. I won't go on about all of this unfortunate error whose consequences all but totally define human consciousness, except to say that this mentality, combined with our modern technologies -- especially manipulation of communications -- is why we have no choice today other than to IMMEDIATELY evolve to Post Human or perish entirely from the Earth.

The Earth will survive regardless. And life. Many creatures can adapt to intense nuclear radiation if they must. Some are absolutely good to go now. "God" prepared itself in case we continue to turn our backs to "Him." He is never defeated and is always patient, and anyone who thinks the so-called Devil (entirely a man-made figment of imagination) could pose a threat to creation, God, or humankind, is -- BY DEFINITION -- possessed by some form of evil.

But NO ONE is unredeemable. HA!

You see: I have mucho bueno news. Grab a beer, a joint, of a cup of coffee (powder drugs and crack cocaine are not recommended), kick off your shoes, put on some nice music (if you feel like it), and sit back and contemplate this:

Allegorically, man and woman were not meant to ever die. Therefore, this thing we call God, probably a collections of what I'll call Nines (see American movie The Nines from about 2007 for details on 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, and THE TEN -- thank you Sean Blackwell McAllister (who introduced me to the movie), and his wife, Ligia!!! You are my TOTAL heros, as I've expressed in person and sometimes badly and with distortion).

More info on Sean Blackwell McAllister and his absolutely groundbreaking and practical work regarding Bipolar Disorder can be found linked from my three-page personal website: . Political blog, THE WEATHER UP HERE can be accessed from there as well as my Tennessee Williams memoir's site. The newest videos might have gotten a bit muddy after Sean met Christal Presley and she fed him lies about me (she -- and others -- fed me lies about him as well. I've seen through them.) When I looked at some updates he did this past winter, the production values had improved and the material sounded true -- but I was never sure because it failed to hold my attention. That is not likely to be true for you, but I was so used to the multidimensionality of his earlier work, and something in the new just felt a touch collapsed.

Anyway, I highly recommend it -- even, and maybe especially -- if neither you nor anyone you know is bipolar. Trust me on this. After my engagement to Cornelio Prada Diaz, I'm not very keen on the institution for myself. But I have so much admiration for Sean that I'm thinkin' I might just have to go on the hunt for THE ONE, just so I can ask Sean to be the best man at my wedding. (Thank God, Ligia -- who gave me the best hug I've ever received -- is my ally.)

I digress.

Anyway, "GOD" is actually, probably, a collection of Nines with similar interests (which is the definition of a spiritual family), which is also why not being quite perfect, they made a fairly large error:

The animals, which were created all mortal, had to have a way to reproduce, hence asexual as well as sexual reproduction -- and the organs it requires. Man and Woman were to live forever and have dominion over all things in their consciousness. They did, for awhile. But here's the error: Unmindfully, this collection of Nines, while smartly creating Man and Woman last, couldn't decide what to do about their bodies which were descended from animals, AKA 6s. What to do about the reproductive organs they had inherited? They would have to be useless for reproduction -- if ONE human were born, all humans would HAVE TO die. That is the Law of Two Sides to All Coins (why everything that is real is totally "bipolar").

They just couldn't decide, and in their inaction, Eve got curious, invented science, and then tried an experiment. It was successful, and the rest, we call history.

So now what??? Heaven is forever, right? Well, yes, sort of.

The Nines, worried, kept popping into the bodies of 7s (men and women) and were the geniuses of all eras of humankind. They knew they could hide their 9-power adequately, but, of course, everyone noticed how smart they are. The Jews, having been the first in Western Society to go monotheistic, summoned and even GREW themselves a lot of Nines. You see, being monotheistic, they forced their consiousness-of-the-Deity to focus like a laser (coherent light) as opposed to split-viewing many gods. Genius is only a function of the ability to focus. All geniuses have the same native intelligence as you or I. I have tested myself for IQ on the internet -- each test different from the others. My IQ has changed dramatically in the past year, although it remained the same over the entire rest of my life -- from what I know and remember of old results.

Yours is prepared to do the same now -- if it hasn't already. Everything ever created has the eventual potential to become a Nine. That is God's absolute promise (his only kind). Think how much further along you already are than Dick Cheney. Now look at a rock, your beer, the briefs or panties your squeeze is or is not wearing. Think for a moment how much longer those things have to go before they evolve into something with your consciousness. You are already a full-fledged Seven. You get to skip Eight. That's just koalas. They have a special function which you can learn about in the movie.

Here's the hard part: To make it clear that Adam and Eve were NOT to have sex, their sexual organs were made so they really did not give the best pleasure when reproductive sex was engaged in. This was meant to be your clue. All things considered, it would have been far better if it had, in fact, been Adam and Steve -- but there would not even be half as many of us now! And we do enjoy all this variety -- especially us guys, who were given the gift of desire for adventure and the necessity for our seed to be spread widely for the health of the race. Women did not get as fun a lot. First, their bodies were entered -- and usually by larger, stronger, on-top males, and then they loved their young, which they had to protect and have a way to nourish them without interruption. Women embody the urge for security, which men don't naturally care about. War of the Sexes!!!

Men's prostates got a new role. Repeated pressure on them produced 10 times the pleasure of an orgasm (at least!). Women came best when oralized (or, in a pinch, fingered). And we ALL know what THIS is sounding like. Shit!!! It can't be true -- or can it???

Find out for yourself. Your female partner can learn to imitate a penis with a finger or two (or more). Just be sure she cuts her nails first. Get the info from a gay guy, or publication about the mechanics of sex written for a gay man.

But you prefer sex with a woman -- or you like both and don't want to give up either. No problem. It's impossible to get EVERYONE to stop having reproductive sex so with no one being born, no one would die. The development of children is far more precious than ANYONE had ever imagined, so all the early-adapters are pretty much in agreement: We simply cannot give this up. Some Post Humans will in fact bear children, so why not enjoy all the sex that entails -- and more!!! And you, reader, do whatever you feel like doing as long as you don't harm anyone and no one is forced. We'll just die when we want to and start all over, but we'll much sooner come into our spiritual inheritance, and from there continue to evolve.

So how horrid does this world sound? It's where you live now, so welcome to your possibly-new understanding (only). You are -- and always have been -- a Nine. Time to come out of hiding.

Let's party like it's 1999!!!

But ask no favors of me. Essentially NO ONE has contributed a DIME to my basic material needs -- not even Allen FUCKING Rosen. Well, if you don't pay a writer, he simply ceases to share.



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Calling Cynthia McKinney! Calling Cynthia McKinney!

Saturday, 25 September 2010 update (newest):

Big virus of computers going around PV. Obama's friend/former Presidential Campaign Advisor cannot contact me to meet again yet, but he has accomplished his main goal: He spoke with me for ten minutes to be certain that i am actually sane. Someone had to come down to be sure I am since my claims sound so unbelievable -- even to me!

I WISH they were not true.

Someone needs to clue Obama that Daddy Bush/Cheney and Saudis planned 9/11. I saw in the news that Obama claimed the US did not plan it. Sorry to say that on this point, that asshole, Amadinajan (sp?) is correct -- does this mean he is NOT an asshole??? I don't know, but my mind is open to discover the truth, whether I like it or not. I believe Cynthia McKinney (my former GA Congresswoman and failed 2010 Green Party Presidential Candidate) has the evidence or can send anyone to it and the proof. THANK YOU CYNTHIA!!! (McKinney is a form of the name Kenan.)


More important: WHY????????????

Or did he INTENTIONALLY lie in front of UN (I think it was there.)

Republicans: Pack your bags for deluxe, hotel-like prisons.


Sent to Allen Rosen, my former roommate, yesterday morning. I haven't checked email yet to see how he chooses to respond.

Yesterday, it took until 3:30 PM to figure out how to get some breakfast and cigarettes. I gave the store owner across the street my digital camera to hold in exchange for 200 pesos credit ($17.50 USD). After later buying food to cook for our household for dinner, I still have 150 pesos credit left ($13.33 USD), so food is covered until I get the 800 pesos ($71.00 USD), I'd paid former landlord Mauricio ( toward damage deposit. He's agreed to give it all back Monday if I pick it up at his office in the Marina area. I just have to figure out how to put some gas in my car -- it's down to a whisper, and I doubt it will take me to the nearest Pemex station, but it IS nearby, and I know how to carry a gas can.

In the meantime, I'm going to have to walk the two miles to the Puerto Vallarta writers' meeting this morning. Good exercise!

I'll get more money owed to me by Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing soon, and have two excellent books to sell, AND, given the changing of politics in the US, I should be able to do that quite soon and with decently high advances. I am DEFINITELY getting better at asset management, so rest assured that I will NOT allow your help to be wasted.

If anyone else could send me a little something -- perhaps fifty or one hundred dollars -- I would greatly appreciate it.

Your taking a chance on me now will impress me most deeply.


Hi Allen,

You have been good about answering at the times we have traded emails, but due to my having no home access to internet, I have not checked email before writing this one. Perhaps I have a reply from you waiting for me.

First of all, although I have accused you of things that made no sense to you at the time, considering the APPEARANCE of things, they made perfect sense to me. Your confusion led me to come to eventually understand that you were never trying to harm me, but simply acted on lies and bad info that others had fed you: my family, Christal Presley (through my family), and, perhaps in the same way, Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing -- and even others.

This is exactly what my mother's people did to Lawrence Buchthal twenty years ago. They try to be sure Jews are positioned to be scapegoats. I have absolutely no argument with your intentions toward me, and I apologize that I did not see the truth earlier.

I won't judge your wife, Linda Beasley Rosen, but I do think a Jew has to be mighty careful about Christians -- especially ones who have so little sense they insist (as Linda did to me on several occasions), that "God-fearing" exactly means "God-loving." That is a big fat lie and makes no sense in logic.

Also, she DID literally write the book on "instilling values" in school children in Alabama, and the Alabama Public Schools (or maybe just those in Tuscaloosa) read her “inspirational messages” over the school’s PA system to start the day. I also remember that you told me the publishers she contacted absolutely REFUSED to touch her book, Praise Jesus!

If we are made in the Image of God, the values we have naturally are the best ones, so the job is actually to bring these values out. That process goes by the name of "education." The only values that one might be able to ADD to those God endowed us with are inferior to the ones "He" built into us. I won't say what kind of person does this sort of thing to school children, but clearly it is a common "Christian" activity, and is scary to even an honorary Jew.

Just be careful -- that's all.

I would like to ask one small favor -- and I DO mean favor. You owe me nothing.

Georgia Law requires that in the absence of a written lease, one month notice of leaving (landlords must provide TWO months’ notice of end of rental agreement) must be given by a tenant (read: you cannot get out of paying one more month of rent after giving notice). You never gave notice, but simply packed up and out like a criminal in the night while I was out of town for that one night -- and did not pay the final month's rent -- which is what REALLY convinced me you were a criminal.

If you act like one, you have to BE one.

You DID however, have a month's rent as damage deposit. You did NOT clean up any of the stains in the carpeting -- one quite huge -- (which I had earlier proven to you WOULD come out easily), but that also said, you had been there for about 11 years, so carpet damage, even total, would be normal wear and tear. And then I was forced to sell my "new" three-bedroom, 2 1/2 bath two-story house for only $69,900.00, a few hundred more than I paid for it in 1988, and at that price, I could not be bothered to destain your room's carpeting.

See, you and I are even on money.

Still, if you could find it in your heart to help me just a little. I have a three-surface filling that fell out and I must replace it ASAP. My Georgia dentist charges about $230.00 USD for a 3-sided filling, but I met a great dentist here who can do the same composite filling, and although I forgot to ask his price, I'm sure it's less than in the US.

Perhaps you could slide me a couple hundred and sponsor my new filling. I wouldn't ask for more from you, but if you happen to have any contact with my siblings (they are still hypnotized by our mother and other liars, but basically very good people, although I don't get a clear reading on Julie).

I will eventually get all the money Patrick Stansbury owes me: $38,000.00, and pay off the bills I WILL pay: GMAC, Bank of America VISA and overdraft fees. Chase VISA.

If you can, please use Western Union in person at a Kroger or elsewhere, use the Mexico form. Use Scott David Kenan in that order, although it will call for typical Mexican naming style.

City: Puerto Vallarta
State: Jalisco

You will get a 10-digit pick-up code that you must then email to me. Be sure I acknowledge receiving it. I only get SOME emails. I'll call in a couple of days if I do not hear back from you with a code or simple reply that you cannot help at this time.

My brother Mike, who was kind enough to make one GMAC payment for me, later claimed he could not use the same method he had used to make another. Weird and hard to believe, but then THAT is the nature of my family. He refused to send me the money he would have given GMAC for ME to send it, which would have been easy. You can only believe people for so long when they are actually wanting to harm you.

Someday, I hope to speak with my siblings again, but it looks that it will still be a long time off. My parents, I have said Kadish for and never expect to speak with them again.

Anyway, thanks, and please know that if you cannot help me, I will NOT in any way hold that against you. You were a victim of their anti-gay and anti-semitic hatred, as was I. I apologize that I did not see this sooner.

I am going to copy your family so they know that I have clarified my understanding of your involvement in all of this.

All best,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Many Crack Addicts will need to be on chain gangs while they withdraw -- so they can work off the frustration. Fix PV potholes. PRAISE JESUS!!!

Hi Doug,

I've had problems getting Don Gallery's emails, so without getting his replies to what I've sent him via the Group's website, I still don't have his address. Perhaps both you and Martir/Candita can forward this to Don and copy me as well. That way I'll have his direct address so I don't have to do this in the future. I will also try to send him a copy of this via the website, but I have no internet connection and I have to steal it from restaurants in Versalles whose codes I have when I can't find 5 pesos to buy a half hour of internet. This is usually my state of financial affairs. I'm now in a safer house, but, surprise to me: one of the six of us are crack addicts, and our intervention of them has taken a turn for the worst. "Toro," a native-born US citizen who owns the house (1690 Calle Costa Rico -- several blocks due east of the Sheraton), has in the last two days stolen all my quality tools that I brought from the US, and then last night even the stock of candles I had bought for us all to use until we can get electric service in a week or two.

He's as big an asshole as Thomas Keith.

That is a replacement value cost of over $200.00 USD for the wrenches and socket set. Nothing of significance for the four store-brand, basic candles, but it shows you how sick crack addicts are. I think they should be used on chain gangs to repair pot holes for at least a month until they are over the withdrawal and can once again think straight for a while before they get greater freedoms. Would help Puerto Vallarta streets conditions as well!

And I figure it would be OK to email everyone in the Group whose address I have and let you know my intentions to read this coming Saturday. I WOULD like to read the next chapter from my Williams memoir. It is a couple of pages longer than what I've already read, and Don might like to know that it includes a brief scene in which we met in Tennessee's agent's office with Zev Buffman to discuss Liz Taylor's getting rights to redo SWEET BIRD.

I guess everyone who was at our last meeting knows that Don Dureau (who later told me he was a key architect of President Obama's Presidential Election Campaign in 2008), attended our meeting and waited patiently to talk with me after the meeting. He's most keen on my book and other things I have to say, and will be here in PV for at least two weeks. We are to have our first meeting as soon as later today.

I'd like to point out that it was two days after I sent the FBI key evidence against the Republican Party for stealing TW's royalties as well as owning the illegal drug traffic into the US, that President Obama (or someone) had one of his key advisors, Tom Houck -- who is a good friend of Don Dureau's as well -- meet with me in Atlanta and with all the top Georgia Democrats who were available that night. I've kept them all updated on everything, but since things were so dangerous (my taking out virtually the entire Republican Party and even my own parents who had in 1990 been fingered by top Jewish leaders as the top Nazis in the United States, and the owners with the Mexican PRI Party of the illegal drug trade between our countries -- powder drugs and crack, primarily), some people have been afraid to allow me to speak about the politics that are already imbedded in my book. Good news: They are primarily in the Epilogue, and I have no intention of reading that any time soon, although anyone who would like to read all that can do so by asking me for it electronic, or ordering it from my website. A small donation would be most helpful to me.

Hope your sail is going well!

And thank you to all who receive this email. We're cookin' with some political GAS now!!! LOL!!!


PS: Just discovered that Toro stole my sterling Star of David with Peace Dove in the center -- pendant on sterling chain, that I bought and have worn constantly for months now. It was Jonathan Reiner, Emmy-Award-winning TV writer (nephew of Carl and cousin of Rob), who made me an honorary Jew -- my proudest achievement in life. The jewelry only cost $35.00 USD or so. I had taken it off for a shower and then decided to leave it off overnight. Only now did I remember to put it back on. I found it was missing from the table in my room, although the inexpensive shell necklace I also wear all the time was right where I had left the two together.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Follow-Up with Puerto Vallarta's Mayor


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Dear Senor Mayor:

I would first like to take this opportunity to apologize to you for what I have this morning realized was my error of assumption of your intentions and actions regarding what can only be called an extreme crisis of drugs -- most specifically, crack cocaine -- in our City of Puerto Vallarta. And, thank God, I can confidently now say, the crisis has passed the extreme stage.

I have, all this time, assumed you did not reply to my letter of nearly three weeks ago, because you were actively involved in drug trafficking -- or at least supported it. But as I consider my observations, I see that this is probably not true at all. Much more likely is that your own political situation was for some time so tenuous that you could not have replied to me in writing except to tell me lies, and because of your personal integrity, you chose to not reply at all -- correctly assuming that no matter how abusive of you I might get in my communications with others, I would eventually deduce the truth.

You, sir, were correct in your decision, and I salute you!

A couple of facts that support my theory:

Almost immediately after I wrote you, the informal network of cops-of-good-will and common citizens who seem to protect me strengthened considerably.
This support was so strong that I never felt in REAL danger during the month I lived by the cemetery, which I suppose is pretty amazing, given what any Mexicans in-the-know have told me about the nature of that neighborhood since. (True that Enrique Rojas tried to kill me there, but I must admit: I all but invited him to do it.)

By the Grace of God, I have moved, and you might get a kick out of the peculiar form that God’s grace can take.

At 3:30 in the morning of Sept. 15 (or thereabout), I awoke from an unintentionally extended evening nap. As I prepared to do a little writing at my computer, a man called to me in a way that was most friendly -- so friendly that I did not even have a jump of the heart that I might be unsafe to immediately open my door to welcome my visitor, and talk to such a person then and there. He wanted to sell me one of the three pair of his used (but still nice) jeans he was carrying, and the silly boy, absolutely INSISTED that I check all three for length, even though the first pair was clearly too short. (You might recall that I am 6’ 11”. He was 5’ 7”.) I had only checked the first pair as a curtesy to honor his eagerness to sell. Normally, I would have laughed at the idea that his jeans could possibly fit me.

Well, we ended up having an extended conversation, and I moved into his house immediately. (I know all Mexicans reading this know that this man had to be a crack addict, but being American, I had no common sense and was bewitched by his schtick and never thought to wonder what he was doing wandering the streets at 3:30 in the morning trying to convince giants they would fit into his jeans -- AND that they would want to buy them.)

The best news is that we have formed a family with his other tenants in a fine large house which is paid off, so no mortgage HAS to be paid. And THAT really takes a load off one’s mind. The other tenants, including two who were recently deported (which included many months of absolutely unnecessary incarceration!!!) from You-Know-Where (Los Angeles, to be specific), their young friend (also just arrived in town after deportation -- importation?), and a most exotic woman of about my age who reminds me of Tina Turner, have performed an intervention on our landlord, and so far, it is going very well!

If the technique we are making up as we go along proves successful, maybe it would be helpful for me to speak with public health officials to see if what we’ve learned is anything new and might help other Mexican (and other) families.

So, sir, mostly what I wanted to do was to apologize for my rash judgement and any embarrassment I might have caused you, but also to entertain you a bit. Nothing pleases me more than to bring a smile to a Mexican’s face, although I must also say, no people on earth smile more than the Mexican people, and for good reason!

I can tell you that from what I’ve seen, Puerto Vallarta’s health has recently improved noticeably, and it is strengthening at an accelerating pace. I’m certain that your firm hold on your integrity -- regardless what it might have looked like to people not-in-the-greater-know during that darkest hour, right before dawn, had to have been the bulwark of strength that the town’s citizens most needed.

For that, sir, I salute you, humbly.

Best regards,

Scott D. Kenan

PS: Still no phone, and, in fact, no electricity now either. LOL!!! But we do have arrangements with a neighbor to tap his juice with an extension cord so we can run vital equipment. (Read: my computer and its monitor on which we watch my collection of over 200 DVDs. In fact, my roommates are having so much fun, I hate to take back my computer to write, even.)

Perhaps some day in the not-too-distant future, you and I can share a fine PV-made cigar and a glass of cognac -- and laugh with gusto while swapping recent war stories!!!


(Plans for Tennessee Williams' 100th birthday celebration are coming slowly, but do now include definite interest from Teatro Vallarta!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Email to a Nacho (NOT Guzman, who lost his presidential bid)

Hi Nacho,

Was great meeting with you last night, and thank you for the firm commitment that you will pay me the 1900 pesos balance this evening (having given me another 100 pesos last night). I especially appreciate hearing that your brother is high in the organization that has a name something like "Mexican Angels," and that either you or he has strong relationships with top Mexican national politicians. Hard for me to believe, but perhaps you included President Calderone. I know you included men quite close to him.

The totally respectable-looking 40-ish-year-old Spanish-descended man and his gorgeous wife who attacked my car with bottles thrown through their windows (her too!!!), in front of Carmela Coffee (next to Subway in Versalles -- the EXACT place Cornelio Prada Diaz said I should always go to use wifi internet. I don't blame the coffeehouse people, but their system is corrupted and I have much proof of this by how my computer is often hijacked there and inoperable by me until I force the power off) me in the giant, new, white Ford or Lincoln SUV (Henry Ford was the top industrial supporter of Adolph Hitler in the US, so naturally, Republicans and PRI like his cars), after I sent Mauricio the email that became my last blog post, was a FOOL to follow into the covered parking lot of Mega Foods.

Actually, it was literally a high-speed chase. I had no idea a businessman could drive a tank so fast and skillfully through PV's narrow streets, potholes, and traffic!!! I knew at Mega I would at least have lots of witnesses. I would NEVER have guessed that the man would pull up next to me, hurl more bottles at my windows trying to break them, and then frustrated, kick all four sides of my car repeatedly and so severely while screaming "FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU!!! at the top of his lungs, that the passenger side front door was fully bashed in flat. Just in front of the driver side tail light, is another huge dent.

The whole incident was WAY beyond shocking. The Republicans in the US were always far more discrete when they attempted to murder me. Mexicanos be BOLD!!!

At least two witnesses (there were about 25) called the police, but as everyone there had already agreed, this man would not have acted like this without the FULL backing of the police and the "Presidente" of Puerto Vallarta.

After 45 minutes, the police still had not arrived.

Luckily, the guy who cleans cars there was later able to push out most of the front door after removing all the inside paneling, and he did it despite my telling him I did not have but a peso and a half to my name at that moment. I will pay him generously as soon as I raise a few dollars. Maybe some people will be kind enough to contribute at my book's site in exchange for a PDF copy: . (And God bless Don's friend who gave me 30 pesos at the writers meeting when I was about to go into a nic-fit. I hope next Saturday I'll be able to afford to join the writers afterward for lunch -- Maybe. No one picks up on my hints of need at all, and my family will only help my find a mental hospital and ONLY if I return to the States, which Sinead O'Day -- an apparent CIA agent working in the PV US Consulate -- has graciously offered to get the US Government -- or something -- to fund. LOL. She must really think I'm stupid.)

Note to Sinead: You damn well better be sure my passport is delivered to me on time. I was told it takes three weeks, but later you said "up to a month." It is exactly a month today since I handed over the temp passport. Maybe when I send this, I will find your email already waiting for me. Any other result might condemn your actual activities in PV. Sorry, no offense intended if I misinterpret.

NOTE TO CANDY: Please tell Don of the writers group that as of two days ago (Saturday evening), I still had NOT received the email he said he had sent me several days before that.

Back to Nacho: I especially appreciate your offer of having any of these people help me legally and with other protections, if necessary. I do have five Mexican roommates now, and feel TOTALLY safe. The live-in landlord owns the house outright, so if rent is missed, no dire consequences.

You have three children. How blessed you are!!!

The sound of Mexican children playing in the streets (the best music my ears have EVER heard), reminds me of the 1950s when I was growing up. This was the last time American children felt safe enough to play outside in any real way. We used to build tree houses (without fear from insurance companies), cowboys and Indians (I dare say that today's American children are smart enough to let the Indians win. We only let them win half the time), and build go-carts, using the recycled wheels of dead Radio Flyer wagons. It was a time of peace, prosperity, and promise. The result of the extraordinary sacrifice of what is now known as The Greatest Generation (of Americans) who defeated Adolf Hitler and those messes in Japan and Italy.

But I believe some of us baby-boomers are FINALLY making our parents proud (although most white Americans sold out totally to the lies of the Republican Party impostors -- and don't even know it. I don't blame them. Humans were never intended to have to deal with today's technologies of news & misinformation, especially as perverted by Rupert Murdock and his Fox News (and associated repeaters -- nearly everyone, even CNN sometimes) minions have caused the News to be.

Fox complains about the "mainstream press" lies about Fox. Yet Fox News is the most popular news on American TV. That is the DEFINITION of "mainstream press." Anyone who cannot follow my logic here -- and see through Fox News's DELIBERATE bullshit, is clearly drug-addled. Their can be no other explanation.

"Fair and Balanced," my ass!!! (As a Mexican, you might not know this is Fox New's slogan.) If I had my way, anyone caught watching Fox News from this point on would be jailed for six months. The world will have changed in that amount of time to make it impossible for them to believe another Rupert Murdock lie or trust in anything he stands for (or most of the current Republican politicians).

There will actually be a Democratic landslide in this fall's elections. I feel this more strongly in my bones than any other thing about America's future. And if I'm wrong, we'll probably just have to have a VIOLENT revolution. There IS such a thing of justifiable homicide. Hell, at this point, I'd kill my mother with my bare hands -- sad to say. . . .

In reality, we have already won. We're only waiting for reality to be made manifest in time and space. Witness the joyful, playful Democratic Party leadership. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

If I remember correctly, you said you knew about 8 Mexicans who would like to read my book. I don't know if you mean my first book (the memoir of my working for Tennessee Williams), or the second, which will be based on my political blog: . The blog will need a few months, at least, of cleaning up before it is a proper book (Thank you Hollis Gillespie!!!). The Williams memoir is ready for the typesetter.

I'll attach that here so you can give it electronic to anyone who wants a copy but cannot order it with a credit or debit card. Fifty pesos is the price, but if someone wants it and is willing to pay at least a few pesos, let them have it. I care about being read -- NOT about making money, although I expect to do LOTS of that. Since this price is low, I am raising your commission from what we previously discussed to 25%. I don't care if you keep records or not. Just hand over any proceeds when it's convenient.

Thanks, Senor y Amigo, and I'll see you at your apartment about 8:00 tonight.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Letter to my Former Landlord

Hi Mauricio,

I want you to know that I have moved out of the apartment. I had no plans to do so, but when opportunity presented itself, I accepted.

And I had gotten into an impossible situation. I can't prove that you or Big Guy hired Enrique Rojas to assassinate me, but Fernando Merino has pretty clearly sent me a message that you work for him.

One of President Obama's top advisers from his presidential campaign was at the PV Writers' Club meeting today. He knows my friend Tom Houck . He will be in town for two weeks and wants to meet with me to get the names and evidence against all Mexicans who have given me a difficult time so the American and Mexican governments can investigate them.

I have left the apartment clean and in excellent condition. I apologize that I left in such a hurry without notice, but ALL things considered, it would be i your best interest to return the 800 pesos I paid toward the deposit today or tomorrow. I stayed a few days less than one month.

I know you had me sign some kind of contract, but since you did not translate it for me and did not give me a copy, it will not hold up in court -- especially since I now have an Obama adviser helping me here in PV. Or so it might appear. LOL!!!

I will check email about 5:00 PM to get your response. I will give you the key and the paid receipt for 59 pesos old electric bill and extra 80 pesos I paid.

Also, representatives of the Mexican political press were at today's meeting and have arranged to meet with me soon.

Best regards,

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sex, Cocaine, and the Villiage People!!!

Max, Taylor, Mike, and Connor Kenan at Meyer family reunion 2009 at lake house of my cousin's, Mary Beth (Meyer) Lernihan and her husband, Greg Lernihan, who owns one of the largest internet security firms in the world.

Uncle Bob's children call the Lernihan family "The Stepford Cousins."

Which smiles do YOU believe are natural???

Good Morning Connor!

No, I did NOT confront the mayor of Puerto Vallarta last night -- I didn’t even get to the festivities. I had actually intended to, but only to put my tall, off-white self (wearing my bright orange T-shirt that I bought at the Decatur, GA Book Festival a year ago. Giant black letters: “GOT BOOKS?”) close enough to the podium for “El Presidente” to be unable to miss seeing me. I really had wanted to shout “VIVA MEXICO!!! VIVA MEXICO!!! VIVA MEXICO!!!” with the crowd afterward, and enjoy the fireworks.

But Enrique Rojas showed up at my apartment late morning -- exactly as I had requested in my blog a few days before -- and also as requested there (I used “visit the bucolic regions” or something like that, which I knew he’d know meant going to the cow pastures near Tuito to partake of magic mushrooms). Well, we did that, but there were no mushrooms -- their season has ended. We traipsed up and down hill and vale for at least two hours, and then went for a long swim in the ocean.

Once home (7:30 PM), I collapsed, exhausted, and slept until 3:30 this morning. Enrique must have suffered the same fate. He went to take down his laundry from a clothesline, and was then to return. He never made it back.

You shouldn’t be surprised that I’m palling again with Enrique. We are past his failed, paid attempt to assassinate me. HE never wanted to do it, and he seems to no longer be smoking the crack he was so into then -- his addiction, the means by which Fernando Merino had manipulated him to try to murder me.

I’ll get to the sexual revelations about my immediate family members at the end of this message. If you are an Enquirer-loving person, you can skip ahead now.

I learned an interesting thing from Enrique: HE was the one who had left the sweet bread at my apartment. This makes perfect sense because through all, he and I always have given each other food, cigarettes, and pesos when the other was in need. That’s why I knew he was ENTIRELY redeemable. He told me he had dropped the 12-inch diameter loaf of bread (bagged) through my window. This ALSO made sense. Although I found it on my counter -- not the floor -- it was slightly flattened from the impact. At the time, THAT had made no sense.

Now, I see that whoever entered my apartment with a key to find the original of the Kenan/Fernando Merino/Hector-the-Engineer land-scam document (and boldly made sure I knew they had cracked my briefcase’s lock code), had thoughtfully put the bread on the counter.

I DID see landlord Mauricio yesterday, and I did give him as much of the back-rent as I could. He remains patient, which is a damn good thing, considering the evidence I have been able to collect against him.

You see, Big Guy, Mauricio’s deputy whom he had had first show me a couple of apartments here, works as a security guard with his best friend from across the street. The best friend is the person Enrique smokes (smoked) crack with. Big Guy’s apartment number has been changed twice and illogically since I moved in. Last I looked, the number was still completely painted over. Big Guy is the one who convinced me when the cops came to get Enrique out of my apartment after the beating -- I thought he still might be there -- that I would be killed if I persisted in filing charges.

The cops witnessed this.

They also (060 vehicle as well as contingent of Tourista Police) ALL refused to give me their names, and in fact refused to keep the business card on which I’d written Enrique’s name as well as his prostitution-business (massage. LOL!!!) web address and his email address. I am looking at it now, sitting on the table exactly where the police left it. (Later, at Police HQ on the road to “Las Juntas” police refused to talk to me and a fist was shaken in my face “FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU!!!” was what they yelled at me as they disappeared behind their locked doors within their gated quarters.)

In the past two times (before yesterday) that Mauricio visited me, he brought a lawyer, hoping to entrap me legally. He/they didn’t.

Yesterday, Mauricio told me how I could pay someone else to get my lock re-tumbled. Excuse me, but providing a secure lock on an apartment is ENTIRELY the landlord’s responsibility. Mauricio still has not explained how to make my air conditioning work or why I had to pay an 80-pesos fee to change the electric account to my name -- and then the electric company absolutely REFUSED to change it without showing THREE documents. They should have waited to charge me until I had those documents -- if, in fact, they are necessary. Mauricio never mentioned their necessity when he told me to change it to my name.

I now believe Mauricio is the one who entered my apartment to find the document. I also believe he operates directly under Fernando Merino, and he, himself (or through Big Guy) arranged for for my assassination through Enrique.

Moreover, I just went to buy a pack of cigarettes, and found that Enrique had cleaned the car out of the pesos that I had told him had fallen out of my pocket, and I would collect later. Additionally, he had tried to drink my one remaining yogurt after eating ALL of my cookies yesterday -- the yogurt without my permission. He saw that the only other food I had was two eggs, which he had asked for and which I had given him. He DELIBERATELY was again operating for my enemies to clean me out of all food and peso -- unlike when he is himself.

For these reasons, I will see that in proper timing, Mauricio and Enrique (if he doesn't COMPLETELY straighten up IMMEDIATELY), and Big Guy are prosecuted to the full extent of the Law.

Nacho, who owns Frida Producciones, CORRECTION and DELETED material was here. Nacho and Frida Producciones have been great to me. My earlier suspicions were in error. Roberto, the handsome guy whom I dealt with most, and Charley, the Buddha-like money man in the back of the store who reminds me of my friend Phil Dietz in Cape May, are totally cool.


Now, to my family.

This gives me no pleasure, but I must honor my commitments. And in fairness, I’ve given them EVERY opportunity to avoid this: Three days ago I called my brother, sister Jane, and mother and told them EXACTLY and in detail what I would reveal. I will reveal no more. Then I sent a message to my nephew Connor by email and Facebook message (these ALWAYS go through -- thank you Facebook!!!) If Connor had responded to me asking me not to do this, I’d have relented, regardless the money.

I should also say that I have not checked email since yesterday morning, so if anyone has relented, I’m not aware of it, but the deadline was midnight 1.5 days ago, so it wouldn’t matter. I feel I have Connor’s tacit approval -- maybe even encouragement. I’ll try to be brief:

My father, whose feats of “swordsmanship” were so well known that by high school he was nick-named “Middle Leg,” had many homosexual experiences after marrying my mother. Many of these he shared with me (including that the one time a prostitute rolled him and he lost his wallet, it had been a man -- not a woman -- as my mother thought she had to tell everyone). Dad sometimes called me from the road when he was traveling on business to ask where the gay bars were.

My brother and his girl friend in high school faked suicide with shallow wrist-cuts. Mike was seen as a handsome, built stud by all -- a super athlete -- but he could not cut the mustard with his girlfriend. The pressure to perform eventually got to them. Since the release of Viagra, Mike has not been able to get it up for a woman without the drug. He had a long-time woman on the side, but that eventually ended. I doubt my sister-in-law, Gail (whom I like ENORMOUSLY), has seen any action from Mike in quite a while. I hope Gail found a REAL man to help her out.

I don't know how many times Mike has had sex with men (other than the time he called me in Key West and sheepishly asked "Ya know how they say cocaine makes ya queer?. . . .") But he DID have a cocaine problem that began then (1981) and got worse as it continued into 1990. So bad, that it began to effect his family's financial stability. Eventually, I felt forced to call his secretary at Sun Oil and tell her.

Immediately after that, it stopped, and Mike also joined AA, a spiritual organization that had been so corrupted after the death of Bill Wilson, that it has been actively used to psychologically prep people to serve in drug trafficking. That is why you will never find winners-in-life attending meetings after they get off the sauce. They KNOW AA is absolute spiritual poison. It is where you learn homosexuality is "against God's Law," although the "straight" attendees at the Tucker Ga meetings LOVED to act out the Village People's song "YMCA," -- and they went EN MASS to see the boys in concert when they came to Atlanta that year.

Disclaimer: I knew the Village People from when they visited Key West in 1980 -- and stole my best bartender (Gary) at the restaurant Tux -- and then later (2002-ish), when a nut-case invited me to visit him in Palm Springs. Turned out his roommate was one of the original members. I just checked, and the page in my physical address book that gives all their names and addresses has been ripped out. I last saw it in place three months ago.

And that same Tucker, GA meeting is where my father (during the half year he stayed with me during and after I was jailed) had so many important meetings with Lee Gosney of Pentagon Publishing -- the person who sent me an email later to say that GA Congressman John Linder's "boss" had ordered my assassination. It was Gerry Flynn, another Pentagon Publishing employee who had regularly raped my contacts and stolen my sales -- but DID have the decency to tell me I was going to be killed and I had NO idea how big this operation was.

I DID eventually find out the truth of that!!!

My sister Jane lays down for any and every black man, and believe me, I’m a bit jealous!!! When we went on the Windjammer cruise in the Caribbean, she slept up on the deck EVERY night so she could ball black, male crew members. She quickly got the reputation as the “Slut of the Boat.”

When he was in second grade, my nephew Connor (Mike and Gail’s oldest, who eventually graduated from UNC Chapel Hill), when the teacher left the room for a few minutes, got up in the front of the class with a classmate, dropped his friend’s pants, and proceeded to give a cock-sucking demonstration for the class. The teacher caught him (and if I correctly remember, was so flustered, she temporarily locked him in a mop closet).

Imagine the tizzy THAT sent his and my parents into!!! After much talk throughout the family, a code a silence about the incident descended.

Connor’s best friend and roommate at Chapel Hill was gay. I never met him, but he was cute as a button and so nice that even my parents had to pretend to like him. They sent me pictures of the two of them with their arms around each other!!! And the whole family says Connor is my spiritual heir -- he’s TOTALLY smartassy!

I dig my nephews and niece like no other people on earth. They are all three so amazing and have every possibility from which they can choose in life. I believe they will all choose well.

Secret note to Chuck and Hilary: We all know why the Mafia-connected Bill Johnson moved to Big Canoe, GA -- to be closer to Newt Gingrich, your ally (whether you knew it or not). Hilary: Remember how the pop guns from Japan were too cool and you insisted we had to peel off the "Made in Japan" labels and sell them despite our advertised policy of no sale of Japanese goods due to Japan's whaling policy? Chuck DID eventually stop us from that. You are so incredibly corrupt, you might hang from the gallows. Chuck too, although I doubt it.

Whale's Talers: Prepare to buy the business!!!

THIS JUST IN!!! I just checked Enrique’s apartment to see if he’d give me back the 5 pesos he stole yesterday from my car’s floor. He was GONE. A crack pipe sits on his door sill -- it wasn’t there when I checked by right before we went to Tuito yesterday. His neighbor in the building -- a known crack dealer -- has cleared out his apartment and fled.

I wonder if my mother has committed suicide yet. I doubt it. Like Hitler, her Savior, she will take as many down with her as possible before doing that. I wonder if she can buy True Blue Sunoco gasoline in Raleigh to be doused with and incinerated after she commits the act.

Stay tuned.


THIS JUST, JUST IN: I went to the cyber cafe near el Coyul liquor store in my neighborhood to file this report. This is where Enrique goes to use the internet and is owned by a narco-trafficker (although managed by a great guy). It is closed, inexplicably, this morning.

I MUST say that when we got to El Tuito yesterday and saw a virtual Army camp of Federal Narco cops amassed, Enrique nearly shit two bricks!!!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Celebrating Kate Schweppe Sharp Moldawer McNamara as the Savior of the United States of America (as we know it) -- and Mexico

Hi Dudley -- and salutations as well to your sister, Kate Farris, and your brother, Parker Moldawer (I hope I have the spelling correct -- I have the worst time with that name!), as well!

Today is the celebration of the Mexican Bicentennial here in Puerto Vallarta, where I now live. I am celebrating the fact that in getting to the bottom of all that happened when I worked for Tennessee, and then all that was caused by that to happen later, I have submitted evidence directly to the FBI and Obama’s top advisers to put Newt Gingrich, Dick Cheney, George H. W. Bush (but NOT his son), Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Hector-the-Mexican-engineer who worked on many major civil engineering around the world, including the Chunnel between England and France -- booby-trapping all to use with these ersatz-Republicans for purposes of terrorism -- the mayor of Puerto Vallarta, and the former PRI President of Mexico who owns Telcel (the largest cell phone company in Mexico) and is reported to be the second wealthiest person in the world, in prison -- if not to hang from the gallows.

It was your mother who made it possible for me to do this, and you, as Thomas Lanier Williams’ only known godson, should be proud of me. Let me explain.

First, you should know that your father served only the most admirable and patriotic of Republicans: Dwight D. Eisenhower and James Baker. I do not paint all Republicans “bad,” in fact, in many ways, I consider myself more allied to the traditionally-held values of the Republican Party. Dick Lugar, who went to my school (Denison University), and is now a trustee of it, I drafted into my “crusade.” John McCain is the highest living patriot (he suffered the most for our country), but he suffers some serious effects of PTSD and has been, at best, goofy. Sarah Palin is the bitch who for purely selfish reasons (fame and fortune), is absolutely destroying the Republican Party.

Let me try to cut to the chase. You can fill yourself in on details -- ALL of which I’ve published on my blog: .

Your mother recognized that I was the only hope to resurrect Tennessee’s legacy after the Republican Party stole most of the proceeds of his plays after he died (although she might not have realized they would do this at that time, she DID know they were fucking his reputation at EVERY opportunity). I am the only person with balls enough to stand resolutely and not blink in the face of two poisonings, one severe up-beating, five attempts to commit me to a mental hospital, and numerous attempts to arrest me, both here and in the United States.

Your mother told me many times that she knew my distant Kenan relatives from her days growing up in Atlanta. These would be Frank Hawkins Kenan (before he moved to the Chapel Hill area), and his brothers James and Owen. She knew that they held the world’s largest fortune (left to his last wife, Mary Lily Kenan Flagler -- later Bingham -- by Henry Flagler who owned 2/3 of Standard Oil -- Rockefeller was his minority partner and frontman -- and then opened the State of Florida with his railroad, all the way to Key West) in trust, the proceeds going to support education first in the South, later in the entire US, and now, Thomas Stephens Kenan III, son of Frank and family historian, is the main person in charge of the many Kenan trust which are under many names -- many, not Kenan. Tommy is now busy preserving native languages and cultures in Latin America.

Gen. James Kenan led the first armed resistance to the Crown at Wilmington, NC, although because the Yankees won, they re-wrote history, leaving him out so that most believe the Boston Tea Party was first. He (or his Kenan relatives) donated the land and founded UNC Chapel Hill -- the first publicly supported university in America. Several Kenans contributed to the Articles of the Confederacy -- the pre-Constitution of the US, and later Kenans were high placed in the Confederacy. Five earlier ancestors were MAGNA CARTA SURETIES.

They currently center their activity in Kenansville and Chapel Hill, NC. These Kenans also inherited the estate of Frank Hawkins, who not only founded Citizens & Southern Bank in Atlanta (became First Atlanta, merged with another Kenan bank, NCNB of NC, and became NationsBank, later Bank of America, currently the fifth largest corporation in America). Mr. Hawkins also left them in his will one of the largest blocks of Coca Cola stock, which he bought quite early on.

Frank founded Kenan Oil with a few Exxon stations in Chapel Hill, and grew it to eventually become Kenan Advantage Group, operator of the largest trucking system of petroleum and other products in the Untied States today -- and recipient of many awards for responsible and ethical business practices.

My distant relatives are like King Midas!!!

The Kenan line can be traced from Pepin, King of Italy, through his son and then grandson, Charlemagne, the kings of Scotland, including the entire Stewart line. A descendant of them who brought the royal line, Elizabeth Johnstone (after crossing the Atlantic, the Johnstones dropped the “e”), married an earlier Thomas Kenan in about 1700. Her father was appointed Governor of North Carolina by the Crown. Gen. James Kenan was their son. I am descended from Thomas’s brother, Felix Kenan.

That’s a lot, but gives the flavor of my family/spiritual inheritance. Your mother recognized this in a way that no one else could. That’s why she invested so much in seeing to it that Tennessee and I were together as long as possible. She knew that all things considered, I might wake up one day, connect the already-dots and dots-to-be-dotted, and change the world.

I have.

BTW: John Uecker smothered Tennessee with a pillow when Maria St. Just gave him the word that she had ME properly controlled. You see, turns out that my mother, who raised us with swastikas on our dinner plates in the 1950s and 60s, had blackmailed my father (a homosexual) into marrying her so she could hide her Nazi activity behind the Kenan name. She is BRILLIANT, and to this moment, my siblings are still entirely in her control.

In 1990, when I first tried to break up Newt Gingrich’s OWNERSHIP of the illegal drug traffic into the US, via trains from Mexico that were unloaded in Stone Mountain Park behind my house, I mistakenly went to Gingrich for help I knew my mother had much to do with it, but failed to see she had partnered with Gingrich.

In later years, several have explained to me that Cheney reports to my mother. My mother reports to the Pope-in-Rome. (John Paul II she met in private on several occasions in the 1980s and 90s.) Net result: I landed in jail on false charges of criminal trespass and was held illegally for 15 +/- weeks. After filing Habeus Corpus, I was released to house arrest for the remained of a year, and FORCED to take Lithium, a drug which lets you know everything, but unable to see how things connect. It is normally prescribed for Bipolar Disorder (but it has since been proved I never had that) -- or to manifest chemical diabetes. My mother killed her gay brother Bob with that one.

In 1990, some other significant things happened:

Key Jewish leaders in Atlanta confirmed absolutely to me that my parents were the top Nazis in the US.
I contacted Thomas Stephens Kenan III, with whom in the mid-1980s, I’d shared a boyfriend (Robbie Anderson). Tommy first, me later. We had the same taste! But I was not yet ready, and that contact was disastrous, but opened the future possibilities.

Tommy is now head of the family and I have contacted him on these matters by direct mail as well as through Gregg Loomis, a lawyer and writer who is an in-law to the late James Kenan of Andrews Drive in Atlanta, and John Blades, Executive Director of the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, a major Kenan philanthropy. The esteemed writer Randall Kenan, who is likely descended from slaves owned by Tommy’s ancestors, now teaches at UNC Chapel Hill. Because he also has sat on the faculty of the Tennessee Williams Literary Conference at Sewanee for at least eight years, he knows all those people and has been of enormous help to me -- although he’s used a minimum of words.

Anyway, I’m getting a big dizzy juggling all this incredible info. Bottom line: I am going to honor your mother as the one person who knew how to secure TW’s legacy -- and ACTED!!! I have decided that I’m going to dedicate my second book, based on my cleaned up blog, to her. My Williams memoir, I am dedicating to Allean Hale, Queen of Williams Scholars (and still practicing at the age of 96 or 97). After a period of being blocked for publication by the Republican Party, I expect to have a REAL contract soon for the memoir.

I have collapsed the Evil which resided in the Republican Party fakers.

Currently (besides continuing this political work), I am on the committee of the Writers Group here to plan the 2011 Puerto Vallarta Writers Conference (late February, including the anniversary of TW’s death). I have excellent contacts and expect to get some very top names to present. I have begun lining up top restaurants and even gotten interest from Teatro Vallarta (much more impressive than even the Alliance Theatre back in Atlanta), for a giant party celebrating TW’s 100th anniversary of birth, 25 March, 2011, or thereabout. I don’t want to compete with the New Orleans Festival of about the same time.

The sort of “owner” of the local writers group is Don Gallery (google him), whom I’ve befriended. He was the son of a silent movie queen and later raised by ZaSu Pitts. He lived next door to or knew personally many of the top people in Hollywood, including Elizabeth Taylor since her childhood, and he remains her best friend today.

I am hoping that if I can clean out the trash who converted the theater she gave the people of PV to show only porno films now (CAN YOU IMAGINE???????), and who somehow gave the park John Huston built around the movie set ruins and then gave it to the local residents (in perpetuity!!!), to a drug trafficker, Claudio Leone (second richest man in Guadalajara) to sell to be redeveloped with high-end homes and a “fantasy” hotel -- I believe I HAVE already succeeded in stopping this cold -- Liz Taylor will (health allowing) consent to return for the festivities. We will have them regardless, but let me tell you this:

In a very recent and real-like dream, Tennessee released me from his employ and appointed me Elizabeth Taylor’s Avenging Angel. She is, after all, the ONLY person who has ever proven Thomas Lanier Williams wrong in anything significant. I was in the offices of ICM in Manhattan when Zev Buffman pitched Tennessee to gain the rights for her to redo SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH. I disagreed with his decision that while she certainly had the talent, she was simply a few years too old for the part. EVERYONE there disagreed with him, but he could not be persuaded.

After he died, the little vixen GOT the rights! My friend Gavin Lambert wrote the teleplay (it was for TV). Rip Torn and Mark Harmon also star. The DVD can be bought used on “the internets.” Do so, please, at your earliest convenience and see why I balled my eyes out for two hours straight.

So, what’s new with you?

I hope you and your siblings are prepared to be thrust into the limelight. It cannot be avoided if the truth is to be known -- the truth about your mother’s incredible place in literary and US Political history. I cannot be stopped.

Also, when I spoke with your mother shortly before she died, she was SOOOOOO full of love and praise of her children. You DO know that, I presume. What a Texas Toast she was!!!

I intend to directly confront "El Presidente" (the mayor) of Puerto Vallarta over his complicity in narco-trafficking publicly tonight at the festivities celebrating the Mexican Bicentennial. I am told he is scheduled to speak at 11:30 PM CST (they stay up and get up late here) on the main square adjacent to the Government Palace. Stay tuned to see if it goes like a scene (or two) from SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH.

It won't. Not exactly. . . .

Love to you all,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Gentle Readers (with a hat-tip to Judith Martin):

Woke up early this morning, after an early-for-me retirement last night. Needed cigs, so drove to the local Oxxo, and returning, passed the house of the narco-trafficker friend of Enrique Rojas -- the reddish-haired one whose wifi I had been using (with permisso), awhile back. At 5:30 this morning, the house was WIDE open and the inhabitants were frantically packing the car, hoping to escape the Noose of Law Enforcement that is tightening, tightening, tightening around them and their ilk here in Puerto Vallarta.


I want to clear up two errors I’ve made:

No one has been letting air out of my tires. The reason I was certain of this is that the one tire that ALWAYS has a problem (takes about 2 days to activate the low-tire-pressure light on my dash), had NO problem for five days including those Enrique Rojas and I spent in Guadalajara. I’ve come to realize that is because, although Enrique took and used my car without my permisso several times there, he loves it so much, he was taking care of my tires when I did not witness it, causing me to think no air had been leaking for that time. SOLVED!!!

I hope Enrique takes me to the bucolic region tomorrow. It would ameliorate the risk that I cause a scene at any public Bicentennial celebrations tomorrow. Better that they remain simply those planned by the Mexican Citizens.

My notebook showed up mysteriously on the other side of the town last night -- and still contained the photo copies of my IDs -- but my house was still broken into by someone wielding a key, once or twice. I leave the decision on that one to Mauricio. The DVD of the movie THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA has NOT been returned to me oddly or not-oddly, or to its dedicated sleeve, or in any other way.

I can buy a new copy on the internets. (George Bush did NOT slip up when he used the plural. He KNEW the Republican Party had engineered TWO internets and controlled which computers accessed which parts of each. It is their top tool to keep Americans (and others) confused. Go deeply into my blog to read great detail about this system.

In fact, George W. Bush has been trying FOREVER to clue us all to the fact that he was just a forced puppet of his father and Dick Cheney. The clues are EVERYWHERE in the filmed record. Ditto my friend Ronald Reagan, who had the good and bad fortune of marrying the World’s Best Female Cocksucker!!!

Have W and Mr. Mehlman run off to California (or wherever) yet and gotten hitched? Pity poor Laura. She’s a nice lady, and I sincerely like her. Her mother-in-law is another story, however. Nancy Reagan invited her husband’s vice president and Babs Bush to the White House socially, only ONCE in all those eight years. Nancy considered (correctly) Barbara to be the lowest of the low farm animals -- not even human! A PIG!!!

Nothing kosher about that!

Did you know that George W. Bush’s house on his Texas ranch is one of the most ecologically-friendly houses ever built in the US?

It’s a fact.

So don’t rush to judgement of Mr. George W. Bush. Fuck Dick Cheney, instead.

I spoke by phone last night with my mother, brother (Mike), and sister Jane. I explained to them they have to shit (pay me) or get off the pot. If not, I will reveal extraordinarily embarrassing things about my father, my sister Jane, my brother, and MOST extensively and damaging to his future, one of my nephews -- the taller one. I’m going to KILL the future his father and my parents have hoped he might have.

And he is cool with that. I’ve spoken with him about it in the past.

If I must do it, it will feel to my immediate family that I am stripping their skin off in wide strips -- like the Nazis did to the Jews to make lampshades, although they DID murder them first.

But not me!!! I’m working metaphorically with words of fact and truth, so no need to “kill” anyone. Then I will do more painful things to them until they either kill themselves (literally), or relent.

The Saints have all marched into New Orleans (and other places). Tanning-Bed Boehner has cracked -- he couldn't get dark enough to attract the giant African dick he craves up his ass. The two worlds are completely separated. But I ALWAYS leave an out so that ALL suffering is voluntary. The worlds are TODAY still close enough so that the brave can jump from hell into heaven. I cannot promise this will be true tomorrow. Our Great Father controls these things and does not tell me everything.

Narco-traffickers and all manner of traitors to the United States and Mexican States of America: You MUST turn yourselves in to legal authorities TODAY to get any leniency. Tomorrow, we will seek capital punishment of all MAJOR drug dealers and traitors. Minor ones will get off almost scot-free.

We ALL had to compromise ourselves to deal with the Republican Party-created nightmare. This is proof of our addiction to survival for later flourishment. It is proof that all good-choosing people are made of the fiber I call KENAN.

God has blessed us all. REALIZE this in your personal lives and viva ut vivas!!!

So ordered 14 September in the year of our lord 2010, 9:33 AM CDT, Puerto Vallarta.

Scott Kenan
House of David

Monday, September 13, 2010

Email to a Writers' Group member


I don't actually have a "list". I add recipients individually each time. But I know what you mean, and i will not email you anything concerning my political activities that relate to drugs.

Frequently, I am strapped for time, and start writing someone, and then continue adding info that many are interested in and then send it all to many people. I will exclude you from these types of emails.

Because I am the only person alive who can prove the Republican Party stole most of Tennessee Williams' royalties by bribing key associates of his (one later told me he was kept in high style despite being a flunky for a catering company in Chattanooga. TN, by a "high-placed Republican in the Tennessee State Legislature), I DO suffer some difficulties -- especially since I can also prove that Newt Gingrich, in cahoots with my former employer in GA who had defense contracts, OWNS the illegal drug trade and is associated with Hector-the-Engineer, the PRI Mexican President who now owns Telcel, and, apparently, the President of the City of Puerto Vallarta, whom I have recently publicly pledged to see is put into prison. I have the support of high-level Mexicans and Americans in the City of Puerto Vallarta on this. They say ITS ABOUT TIME SOMEONE DID SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!

Mexicans, in droves, are now supporting my blog and even buying my book -- although for cash, rather than using PayPal.

Hotel Mercurio and Anonymo Bar in Zona Romantica are major US narco-trafficker hang-outs. I've proven this to top level Mexican Law enforcement. Most of the top narco-traffickers I've met work through Anibal Rivero's Costa Real Estate office.

Beware the company you keep -- and the drugs that might be hidden in the yachts you pilot to the US.

I'm very excited about the writers' conference and will soon email a list of some people I might be able to interest in speaking. I have EXCELLENT contacts. I will avoid discussing politics with you, but because so much evidence is in my book (why it's publication was canceled), it WILL come up in writers' group. I feel it only fair to warn you that writing about one's life CANNOT be censored.

Have a great trip, and I'll email you soon.

You can follow me politically, if you care to, on my blog: .

All best,

PS: I have been asked to copy certain people when responding to requests to "take a name off my list," so I am letting you see who they are (for the most part).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Say WHAT????

If that English gal, Liz Taylor, has been correctly identified as the Reigning Queen of Mismaloya -- The Land of Love -- (and she has. She EARNED it, the old-fashioned way), what does that make Michael Jackson?

The Lamb of God.

It is the Will of God that Mismaloya now expands rapidly to enrapture the entire World. I have told my readers time and time again that it is the End of the World, which is NO end of the Earth. My primary purpose in life is to pull back the curtain and reveal the positions everyone has chosen for him- or her- self in this New Order of Post Humans.

The Last Judgement is now complete. Those who have chosen darkness, fear, lack, and worse: attempted domination of others and their enslavement, especially through drugs -- legal or not -- have consigned themselves to the Fires of Hell.

But God has not judged you -- YOU have. And so you can also heal yourselves of judgement. That will include making amends to all you have wronged: people, places, and things. You will return our wealth. You will labor to clean up the planet and restore it to its glory. After that --and only after that -- will you be allowed to earn full citizenship by the demonstrating to all the purity of your hearts.

There will be much futile resistance -- especially at first. Many do not yet even believe that I have broken the back of the Republican Party/ Mexican PRI Party illegal drug-trafficking ring. Suffer to try to hold it in place if you feel you must, but know that you harm no one now but yourselves. You guarantee multiplication exponentially of the Fires you are already suffering.

So be it.

I am no one special. I am the humble servant of my (and your) Great Father. I have also served as the Demon Spawn of Tennessee Williams. Today, he has released me from his service and promoted me to serve as First Knight in the Court of Queen Elizabeth-the-Only. I intuit that I will have many and diverse duties that will include serving as her Avenging Angel, should there ever be that need.

Here is our palace. It is the first house up the hill from the entrance to the Iguana movie set ruins, on Av. Eva Gardner. Allegedly, Cathy Griffin lives next-door, or pretty damn close. Currently, it is owned by a major narco-trafficker, Jaimie Southheimer, SVP of Wells Cargo Powder Transfer in Chicago. He contracted with me (sealed by the downpayment of a small poster of TW’s play A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND, that was personalized and presented to me by Gregory Mosher after the play opened at the Goodman Theater in Chicago, late April, 1982.

The poster’s value has not yet been determined, so I do not yet know how much cash will be needed to complete the transaction, but the full contract price is in the mid-$700,000.00s USD, details are in my notes.

The house is EL FABU -- except that the living room is SPLIT diagonally in floor level, making it ALL BUT IMPOSSIBLE to use for more than a few.

We might need a yacht captain. Please pass this message on to Don Gallery. I could send it through the writers' site, but don't yet have his email address. I doubt the site allows attachments. I hope all can expand the photo to read it's message. I took the photo (as well as many others) in February, when I talked the guard into letting me enter the property for 30 minutes.

Much still remains of the Park John Huston built and gave the people of Mismaloya/Puerto Vallarta. How public land came to now be owned by Mr. Claudio Leone -- wealthiest (or second wealthiest) man in Guadalajara, according to Hector-the-Engineer's godson, Fernando Merino. Fernando also said that Mr. Leone works WITH Hector and intends to redevelop the property for ultra-high-end residences, with a "fantasy hotel" on an island (Los Arcos????) just offshore.

I do not know if this is the best idea or not and do not pass judgement on it. But I do think that all transactions MUST be delayed for a thorough examination of the legalities of how Mr. Leone came to possess this publicly-owned property. And the plans themselves must me considered. In the last few days, someone has machete-ed the undergrowth from much of the peninsula, indicating they plan to act soon. I CANNOT get email through to Mr. Leone -- I am blocked -- but his email address is .

Would someone please throw a temporary spoke in this wheel ASAP???

(Special shout-out of thanks to Senor Vasco.)

Now, let's have a GREAT Bicentennial here in Mexico 15 September, (and continue the Third Mexican Revolution), while hitting the gas on the Second American Revolution.

Many thanks, and Best to ALL!!!
Vive ut Vivas

Currently, no phone.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Family that Preys Together, Stays Together (for Dad's 90th birthday, two years ago).

Subject: Re: today
From: Scott Kenan
Date: September 11, 2010 5:52:38 PM CDT
To: Jane Kenan

You are off your rocker, Jane. See a priest, shrink, or devil-dispossessor.

Or just eat shit and die.

I don't even care anymore. You are not my sister.

But you WILL pay me money for all the heartache and hatred you have shown toward me. You are worse than Mom. You have decided to hate me CONSCIOUSLY. Mom hates me because she was forced to give her stale BO smelling "retarded" uncle a blow job when she was six years old, and the Catholic Church told her it was her own fault.

THIS Can NOT be denied. Mom has told that story too many times. So she took up the swastika to get revenge. That too cannot be denied.

But I'm fine with Mom now -- I'm verging on hatred of you.

With all sincerity -- and may I suggest you keep up with the latest by checking my blog: . I usually update it once or twice a day.

Today, I met Liz Taylor's best friend and he likes me. I have already begun lining up top restaurants for our celebration of his 100th birthday here in PV. I was asked to (and consented to) sit on the board of the Committee planning the Regional Conference for writers next February. I don't have time for your silly games anymore, so fuck yourself. No one else will.

I'm off into the positive aspects now and have no time for self-hating losers like you.


PS: Have you asked Mom and Dad where they got that stack of $100.00 bills that they peel off to give me gas money when I visit them? They probably don't even know they showed me that it was a stack!!!

God, do they play you for a FOOL!!!!!!!!!

On Sep 11, 2010, at 8:28 AM, jane kenan wrote:


Not sure which of these emails will reach you. I have been told you will be calling todaY to ask for money. Please do not call me for money. If and when you are ready to receive treatment, I will be glad to help you w/ trying to find services to assist you. THat however, will most likely entail you returning to the states as I do not feel capable nor qualified to help find services in Mexico.

My facilitator in the NAMI group has advised me aND I have relied on his experience and strength to help me in reference to you. I love you and wish the best for you. These are the choices you have made and you haVE TO live w/ them and dig out of aNY holes they have led you to fall into.

I think of happy times w/ you all the time and miss the thought that we may not have more. It is sad and I am sorry.