Friday, October 29, 2010

Too Shocking to Believe

The supposed finding of "The Liberal Gene" will make it easy for Republicans/Nazis to exterminate thinkers.

See Fox News:

Confronting Sinead O'Day, US Consular Agent, Puerto Vallarta

Dear Ms. O'Day:

Thank you for recommending to my mother that she contract Dr. John H. Mabrey Crouch, although neither you nor he uses Crouch when doing business with me. Having worked with Dr. Mabrey Crouch for about two weeks now, I can tell you he is not what he claims at all. As a therapist (and his credentials appear to be highly suspect – you should thoroughly investigate him), he does not listen as he says he knows all approved roles in society, so my talk of my own creativity is nothing more than an unnecessary distraction to him.

He has the idea that reality is mechanistic, and if he can just get me to behave like a useful piece in a pre-determined puzzle, everything will be OK. In other words, he is a tool of the god-less Republican/CIA/narco-traffickers, and I DO mean tool. He is not properly paid, but is leveraged instead, which has recently caused him to get desperate about getting money from my mother. I have told him this is impossible. I spoke with Mom yesterday, and she claims Dr. M-C did not put me on the “correct” medication (meaning Lithium), and she refuses to pay him or send me the $5,000.00 in exchange for release from benefit in my parents’ will, which she had previously promised both of us she would do if I cooperated with Dr. John. She now additionally claims that she has no such money – despite having several times earlier, claimed she would send it to me if I cooperated with Dr. John.

She also referred to me as being highly manic. No doctor has ever diagnosed me manic or bipolar (manic-depressive), except after she first described me to him and flashed her nursing credentials, so naturally they believed her, especially after she made sure I got agitated by her antics. She’s claimed I am in high mania for 18 months now. Previously, the world record for long-term mania had been about 9 months. Now she says she will pay for me to return to the states so SHE can put me in proper care. See how easily she forgets if her story is no or lots of money?

My mother is entirely insane, and anyone who listens to her lies and manipulations should by strangled or shot – not that I would ever commit physical violence, but I will admit to you that I got much solace last night imagining her violent end. She’s earned it with her swastikas and her hatred. She murdered her brother by insisting that that the Veterans’ Hospital nearest him in Lower Alabama give him double dose Lithium. He shook like a leaf and had to abandon his dental practice because of this Lithium side effect.

I have a note written in her hand in my possession from 1990 where she equates 1.5 level of Lithium to chemical diabetes – Uncle Robert J. Meyer, DDS`s cause of death – painful and slow with many amputations along the way.

She knew he was a closet homosexual, and worse, had allowed his daughter Jan to marry a Jew. Uncle Bob confided these things in me. Faye Gold of Faye Gold Gallery in Atlanta and one of Lawrence Buchthal’s friends whose name currently escapes me confirmed to me in 1990 that my parents were the top Nazis in the USA. Others confirmed this later. Many tell me Dick Cheney reports to my mother and then my mother to the Pope-in-Rome. I have no authoritative confirmation of this, but several days ago, I met a man whose father had been the largest importer of cocaine into the USA in the mid or late twentieth century. “Salinas” is connected to his name and they lived in great wealth in central California.

This man is very happy that Gov. Schwarzenegger has been systematically removing his father’s wealth, and he intends to make full amends for the sins of his family (sounds a little like me). He has since then contacted legitimate reps of our government and given his testimony that he is first-person witness to the Pope-in-Rome giving his father commands of to whom to sell the cocaine and at what price.

Additionally, he is well aware of Columbian drug lords taking over Stone Mountain, GA where I used to live. He knows about Nan Nash and Richard Mailman controlling the town for these people, and of Officer Nunn`s role as chief police enforcer.

Just thought you might like to know this. Since hearing you are fairly new in your job, I have decided not to rush to judgment of you. It is quite true that after making it clear that the US Government does not help destitute citizens abroad, you did write me later (and as I remember, from a different email address), to say that you have the resources to fly me back to the States and set me up in a new life. These emails are saved on hard drives not (yet) stolen by my adversaries.

Dr. John, like all the narco-traffickers who have been bedeviling me, is now trying to get me to move to his nursery in the sticks and sell my car to pay for things. This sale must be done illegally since I am still upside down in my payments to GMAC, but Dr. John says this will be no problem. He’s actually trying to separate me from my legitimate work here: writing and planning the 100th birthday party for Tennessee Williams. The city has not yet made the announcement, so there is a contest of wills: can they hold off long enough so I can still be reasonably disappeared, or must they cave and set me up as a person who speaks truth. They all act as if the future of the world depends on my little party.

How silly!

Also, many expats are shocked that the Consulate would recommend this man who got into so much trouble writing bogus prescriptions some years ago. I understand it was quite the scandal! And he DID tell me on my second visit that one of his best female friends is a huge cocaine supplier to the US.

Where did you get your info on Dr. John that you would recommend my psychological care to him?

I will send a copy of this report to your bosses, and then I must once again meet with the 60 MINUTE producer whom I met when my previously-unknown-to-me relatives flagged me down on the way to Oxxo in Conchas Chinas, where they have a house. You might recall that they are descended from the sibling of Julia Pridgeon (Bordeaux) Kenan, my great-grandmother, who lived to the age of 107, and Alan Gurganus (who is also a cousin by marriage) memorialized her in his fictionalized book and TV movie, THE OLDEST CONFEDERATE WIDOW TELLS ALL. Faye Dunaway played my great-grandmother, Donald Sutherland played my great-grandfather.

I´ve also learned that the longest survivors of both the Lusitania and Titanic were blood relatives of mine. I think there was a film about the later as well. Leonardo di Caprio played a part. You just can’t sink a Kenan!

Please choose how you respond in words and actions carefully. Many people will be watching.

All best,
Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Letter to Bishop Alexander in Atlanta

Dear Bishop Alexander:

My name is Scott David Kenan, and I am a cousin of your late congregant, Mr. James G. Kenan of Andrews Drive. I lived in Stone Mountain for 22 years, and occasionally visited your sanctuary, usually for concerts by the Gay Mens’ Chorus. I thank you and your diocese for your support of them!

Additionally, I was the last significant assistant to Mr. Tennessee Williams, who, as you know, left his estate to Sewanee in honor of his grandfather, Walter E. Dakin. I understand that as Bishop, you are the titular head of the university, but I am not certain what legal ramifications this will cause you when the news breaks later today (or at least right after the election next Tuesday) of Sewanee’s complicity in the stealing of the bulk of TW’s royalties and giving them to the Daddy Bush-Cheney-Palin-Gingrich-Limbaugh hate-mongering branch of the Republican Party for illegal internet activities in support of their drug importation businesses. (W was a puppet.)

Messers. Michael Remer and John Eastman set this plan up before the death of Mr. Williams. Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), was also complicit, as was John Uecker, who apparently murdered TW by smothering him with a pillow (ignore Mr. Uecker’s recently changed story on this – both accounts are fiction), when Maria claimed she had gotten me into a position of control so that I could never give testimony regarding what I have already given to President Obama’s top aides, the FBI, 60 Minutes’ top news producer, and CNN. They have spent several weeks checking my facts and are prepared to break the stories at any time.

Because I have emailed you many times asking you to investigate the actions of Sewanee’s agent, Mr. Remer, and you and the other trustees and administration officials have not answered a single one of my queries, I feel forced to assume you have been deliberate in your thefts and treasonous activities. Only Donna Pierce, counsel at the school, has replied, and then to threaten me with a lawsuit. But in the light of truth, she is impotent – as are you.

The only other possibility is that these same Republicans have prevented ALL of you from receiving the emails. I assure you that James Kenan’s wife’s nephew, Gregg Loomis, an attorney and fellow writer whom Mr. Kenan recommended I consult -- should I ever have need of family assistance -- has been well informed, as has John Blades, Executive Director of the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, a major Kenan Family philanthropy. Mr. Blades works quite closely with Tommy (Thomas Stephen Kenan III), with whom I once “shared” a boyfriend. Actually, them first, and then Robbie Anderson and me later.

I hope you will be able to respond adequately when the press breaks down the Cathedral door today (or later, depending). My suggestion is that if you convince me you were kept in the dark (easy for me to believe, given what I have recently endured), I will be able to verify this fact for the press and spare some of my relatives embarrassment as well. Additionally, you must make a statement to the press today that you are at least looking into this matter. I did write “today.”

You will find my political blog, THE WEATHER UP HERE, here: , and it has links to my book on Tennessee Williams, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, which has gotten rave reviews from John Lahr as well as key Williams scholars. I anticipate it will be published in March to coincide with the 100th birthday celebration of our nation’s top poet-dramatist, March 17-20, 2011, here in Puerto Vallarta. Gloria Palacios (on PV City Council) expects to release a press release about the huge party later today, and it is sure to scare up all the info that you will find in my blog.

Also, as all my worldly possessions except my car and my clothes have been stolen by agents of the Republican Party working here in Mexico, and I have been severely beaten three times as well as poisoned twice (once while still in Georgia, by Amy Fortenberry, the head lawyer in Wal-Mart Corporation’s 20 attack-dog lawyer group – and I can prove this in a court of law).

I am a little tired of living without resources and it makes it a challenge to look presentable as I continue to plan the festival, but as you may have heard, it is impossible to stop a Kenan. My parents are also complicit and they refuse to send me a dime – even when I agree to sign a contract that I want out of inheriting anything from them and will never ask for another penny. I will soon sell the first of my books to a publisher and a movie producer, so I assure you, there will be no continuing need for anyone to support me!

Also, it is important that you know that if you do find it in your heart to send me some compassionate assistance ($5,000.00 would be prefect for me to replace my stolen computer and get an apartment as I will be once again living in my car Nov. 1, if you do not), it will NOT change anything that I say and do. I live in full integrity and my Kenan family stands for integrity, educational opportunities, and liberty for ALL.

I have seen the reforms you have been working on at Sewanee, and I salute all your good efforts. In my heart, I know you could never have been consciously a part of this, and while the unmindfulness of many has caused the suffering of quite a few people, intentions do modify the degree of amends that God will require as this story unfolds.

Please call me anytime on my cell phone from any US phone: 011-52-1-322-174-6561, or email me at . Google anyone mentioned in this email to get their reference regarding me.

Money can be sent Western Union on the Mexico form with my name in this order: Scott David Kenan. Estado: Jalisco, Cuidad: Puerto Vallarta. Then please text me or call to give the 10-digit code I will need to pick up the assistance.

VERY IMPORTANT INFO: This is NOT an attempt to distort money, and any sent or NOT sent will have no effect on my testimony against Michael Remer, et al. Also, I understand times are tough and your congregation and/or diocese may not be able to help with anything at all. But I do wish to remind you of my Kenan relatives’ support of your church – and my former boss, Mr. Williams’, support of your university.

Thank you,
Scott D. Kenan

PS: I will be sending this to many press contacts and publishing it on my blog as well.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting Down to Business

Hi Gloria,

Glad to hear I have probably sent you enough information for the City of Puerto Vallarta re: the 100th birthday festival for Tennessee Williams. If you need more, please let me know.

In a series of small and larger miracles yesterday, Omar, who said he is the Chief of PV Police, helped me get the remainder of my property from the place I had been staying, and then I met a wealthy Canadian, who with her boyfriend and two other roommates, made a deal for me to move into their house (next door to the Chief of PV Police's house), in exchange for my stories and assistance in mediating some Canadian/Mexican misunderstandings -- as well as acting occassionally as their personal chaufer, so I am in NO WAY homeless anymore, and live in an upper middle-class home with private room, etc.

I believe this development will free up some (or all) of the $5,000.00 that Dr. John Mabrey claimed my mother had sent him. I will be persuing this next, today.

All best, and here's to a great celebration of Tennessee Williams and local culture and arts!!!


From: Gloria Palacios (Puerto Vallarta City Councilperson)
To: Scott Kenan
Sent: Mon, October 18, 2010 7:44:27 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: Tennessee Williams Festival in Puerto Vallarta


I´ve received both mails, it´s ok.

Thank you. I will let you know as soon as i have the answer to your proposal.

"Hay que hacer las cosas ordinarias, con un amor extraordinario."
Gloria Palacios ---

On Mon, 10/18/10, wrote:

Gloria: This did not yet come back to me, although I sent it before other emails that DID come back to me that I sent AFTER this one to you. My apologies if you recieve both.


----- Forwarded Message ----From:
To: gloriapalaciosMon, October 18, 2010 1:15:00 PM
Subject: Tennessee Williams Festival in Puerto Vallarta

Dear Ms. Palacio Ponce:

My name is Scott David Kenan, and I was Tennessee Willaims’ last significant assistant. I wrote a book, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, which has gotten rave reviews from John Lahr of The New Yorker magazine and many top Williams scholars. My book’s website is here: .

I propose to hold a festival in celebration of Tennessee Williams’ 100th birthday the weekend of March 17-20, 2011 centered on the island in Rio Cuale. I have already lined up the enthusiastic support of several venues, including (but not limited to) Oscar’s restaurant, La Cuiz , River Walk Café, the cultural center at the top of the island, La Palapa restaurant, Teatro Vallarta, and Teo’s in Mismaloya. Tennessee`s birthday is actually the 25th, but in deference to the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival which will fall on that date in 2011, I propose the earlier date. Also, we can then get some of the same people to speak here without time conflicts. One of them is already interested.

The festival will begin with a cocktail reception Thursday night, and then Friday and Saturday will include performances and lectures in several venues. Films of TW’s plays will also be shown – perhaps at the Liz Taylor Theater , if it can be cleaned-up of the porno films that have been allowed there. This will be key to getting Ms. Taylor to sign on as Honorary Chairperson, and possibly even attend if her health allows. This, however, is not necessary.

Because the person (still living) whom I knew best while working for Mr. Williams is Meryl Streep, and because I am personal friends with John DiLeo, whose book on TW’s major screen actors is being published soon, as well as Rick McKay who wrote and filmed BROADWAY: THE GOLDEN AGE (available on DVD) – and they have agreed to help me get in touch with all the right actors, we will have the top people. I also personally have had recent contact with others, such as Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Vanessa Redgrave, Olympia Dukakis, etc.

I worked the last 18 years for Pentagon Publishing, Inc., in Snellville , GA ( ) selling advertising in major Defense Department publications, so I know how to contact key people and have much experience in fundraising. My distant cousins (whom I now know personally, plus/minus) own major interests in The Coca Cola Company and Bank of America, as well as many other major corporations who proudly sponsor cultural events. I will be able to raise substantial funds from them or others, and then the proceeds from ticket events (there will be many free events open to everyone as well) will go to support local arts and cultural programs, perhaps with a prejudice in favor of native Mexicans of this region.

I can supply references who are well known in their fields, especially the arts. Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you need further information from me before proceeding. XXXXXX is a good contact person while I am without a cell phone or computer of my own.

Scott D. Kenan

Monday, October 18, 2010

I`m in L-O- (secret code)

Major Breaking News on Puerto Vallarta Tennessee Williams Birthday Festival soon!

I am now dating Luis Alberto Gonzalez Perez, former Chief Protocal Officer on the US Embassy in Mexico City (the largest embasy in the world). Luiz knew presidents Clinton (his favorite), and George W. Bush (his favorite puppet), but was fired in December of 2006, after he resisted the Cheney/Daddy Bush/CIA efforts to take control of US Embasies from the legitimate government of the United States.

He was fired ONE WEEK before he was eligible to live permanently in the United States as is custom for 15-year employees of our consulates and embasies. He was prevented from finding a job for the next four years, and now teaches English for a rather small salary -- especially given that he was head of security preparations for these Presidents. He spent 6 months in Cabo San Lucas setting up security for the meeting between Presidents Bush and Calderone.

I will see that after the CIA is thrown out of our government that he is properly compensated. I have additional meetings with Walter Cronkite's prducer, now working with 60 Minutes, soon. We do not expect to break the news seen in this blog until after the November election, not only to prevent unnecessary violence, but because a small army of fact checkers is going to need more time to be sure we have everything factually correct.

Thank you relatives of mine descended from the sibling of Julia Pridgeon Bordeaux Kenan, the oldest living Confederate Widow in North Carolina!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

CIA is too cheap to hire a believable fake shrink!!!

In the desire to see how absurd the experience would be, I went to see Dr. John H. Mabrey (Medico Familiar U.A.G., Turistico Legal Preventivo. Petalos #168. Col. Villa Las Flores, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, tel. cel.: 322-292-2188. My mother had found him through Kelly Trainor, US Consular Agent, PV. I knew that made him likely CIA, but I kept an open mind. He promised to lend me money if I came to his office. He, of course, did nothing of the sort and refused when I asked him for a 100 (8.50 USD) peso loan.

On the way, I met the lawyer who had bullshat me at two writers`group meetings. I run into him often in strange ways. I have his card at my apartment, so I can identify him. I told him to his face this time that several people told me he protects drug traffickers and not to ever speak to me again. He looked shocked, and then agreed.

"Dr." Mabry, who could not prove he is an MD, let alone a psychiatrist or psychologist or other mental health professional, kept twisting my words and when I constantly and unrelentingly corrected each and every misquote he made of me, he said he would report I am aggressive, and he said that he is sure that all reports to the Consulate are that I am out-of-control aggressive.

I laughed.

He said he would try to get money from my mother if I paid him $200.00 minimum USD. I said that was fine, but I would only pay out of proceeds, and I explained that my deal that I want my mother to buy is that she send me $5,000.00 USD in exchange for my being dropped from my parents' will and I never ask for more money. I will sign a contract.

My mother calls this ''extortion,'' but I fail to see her logic in that.

Then the ''doctor'' -- he NEVER claimed to be an MD -- said he would not call my mother. He said I was aggressive and need to be sent back to the US because I'm homeless here (I'm not homeless, as I explained umpteen times to him.) He claimed I have n o future here (I have two books to sell and am working with the city on Tennessee Williams`100th birthday party).

Finally, I got totally fed up. I told him I would put him and Kelly Trainor (US Consular agent here) in jail for being loyal to CIA and traitors to USA. He screamed at me and kicked me out. Claimed he's going to put me in JAIL right away.

He slammed the sliding door in my face.

JAIL??? He had claimed to be checking out my mental health, not my criminal record. LOLOLOLOLOL

Then, when I got back to the person whose phone I had used to call "Dr." Mabrey, she said he`d called at 4:15 (about 7 minutes after I left his office), to say he`d spoken to my mother and she`s sent money. Well, she couldn´t have sent it that quickly. Ì'll call him tomorrow to see if he`s a big fat liar or if she has sent it -- and if he thinks he`s gonna take a cut and how much.

We have already so won -- Praise Jesus!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Karma Payback Time TO THE MAX!!!

Problems with computer here, today, but Walter Cronkeit`s producer of the last twelve years he gave the CBS News arrived in town yesterday and is staying with
relatives of mine descended from my great-grandmother's sister, who have a villa in Concha Chinas, where I just moved.

Julia (nee Pridgeon) Kenan was much younger than my great-grandfather Murphy. Murphy hated slavery and worked for a physician for years to save enough money to buy two slaves and immediately set them free. He did that, and then was quick to enlist to support the Confederacy (Yankees: the War was NOT only about slavery).

Julia`s sister (or brother) had children. One married a Gurganus and their son Allan wrote his book that became the TV movie THE OLDEST CONFEDERATE WIDOW TELLS ALL. My father remembers her killing a rattlesnake in the yard with a broomstick at her 100th birthday party. (Guess she was kinda like me!)

Faye Dunaway played my great-grandmother. Donald Sutherland played my great-grandfather.

How cool is that?

Cronkite`s producer interviewed me for 45 minutes, and is now fact-checking me. She agrees that I have more than one story, and that CNN also should be involved. I´m hoping for both Anderson Cooper and Larry King. She said I have more than one story.

She loves that the Reiner family of Hollywood made me an Honorary Jew several months ago for my service.

It`s gonna be FUN getting Karma Payback from all the liars associated with my mother.´I am stressing that this cannnot come out too quickly or all the gun-nuts will get violent. I prefer that it come out underground immediately, then mainstream the day after the election. The Republicans will then shoot each other, blaming everyone but themselves for letting me get to the press!!!


It is done.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Going Nukuler with the US Press after putting adversaries into absolute Checkmate!!!

I contacted several major US media companies today after hearing that a friend`s expose of Klan violence got him $200,000.00.

I do not want money from the first tier. They have integrity. I will sell interview time to others later, being sure my first choices get to air before the later ones.

Stay tuned. . . .


Monday, October 11, 2010

How Bipolar Disorder became a cash cow for doctors and pharmaceutical companies

From CNN. See article here: CNN

How to brand a disease -- and sell a cure
By Carl Elliott, Special to CNN
cnnAuthor = "By Carl Elliott, Special to CNN";


Carl Elliott: Drug makers have mastered the art of branding medical conditions to sell cures.

By creating a brand, firms can make consumers feel taking a drug is needed.

The disease branding tends to overlook the potential side effects of the drug, he says.

Elliott: Paxil was marketed to treat "social anxiety disorder," once known as "shyness".

(CNN) -- If you want to understand the way prescription drugs are marketed today, have a look at the 1928 book, "Propaganda," by Edward Bernays, the father of public relations in America.

For Bernays, the public relations business was less about selling things than about creating the conditions for things to sell themselves. When Bernays was working as a salesman for Mozart pianos, for example, he did not simply place advertisements for pianos in newspapers. That would have been too obvious.
Instead, Bernays persuaded reporters to write about a new trend: Sophisticated people were putting aside a special room in the home for playing music. Once a person had a music room, Bernays believed, he would naturally think of buying a piano. As Bernays wrote, "It will come to him as his own idea."

Just as Bernays sold pianos by selling the music room, pharmaceutical marketers now sell drugs by selling the diseases that they treat. The buzzword is "disease branding."

To brand a disease is to shape its public perception in order to make it more palatable to potential patients. Panic disorder, reflux disease, erectile dysfunction, restless legs syndrome, bipolar disorder, overactive bladder, ADHD, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, even clinical depression: All these conditions were once regarded as rare until a marketing campaign transformed the brand.

Once a branded disease has achieved a degree of cultural legitimacy, there is no need to convince anyone that a drug to treat it is necessary. It will come to him as his own idea.

Disease branding works especially well for two kinds of conditions. The first is the shameful condition that can be destigmatized. For instance, when Pharmacia launched Detrol in the late 1990s, the condition the drug treated was known to doctors as "urge incontinence." Patients called it "accidentally peeing in my pants" and were embarrassed to bring it up with their physicians.

Pharmacia fixed the problem by rebranding the condition as "overactive bladder." Whereas "incontinence" suggested weakness and was associated mainly with elderly women, the phrase "overactive bladder" evoked a supercharged organ frantically working overtime.

To qualify for a diagnosis of "overactive bladder," patients did not actually have to lose bladder control." They simply needed to go to the bathroom a lot.
The vice president of Pharmacia, Neil Wolf, explained the branding strategy in a 2002 presentation called "Positioning Detrol: Creating a Disease." By creating the disease of "overactive bladder," Wolf claimed, Pharmacia created a market of 21 million potential patients.

Another good candidate for branding is a condition that can be plausibly portrayed as under-diagnosed. Branding such a condition assures potential patients that they are part of a large and credible community of sufferers. For example, in 1999, the FDA approved the antidepressant Paxil for the treatment of "social anxiety disorder," a condition previously known as "shyness."

See more opinion articles

Friday, October 8, 2010

Softening my family / Marc LaFont for PR in USA???

Busy working with City of Puerto Vallarta getting ready to release press release about TW 100th birthday party, so only a note.

My family is softening up as they see they can no longer insist I must return to the US and be heavily medicated in a mental hospital.

Success really IS the best revenge!!!

I expect to soon sign Marc LaFont of Santa Ana, CA, an old friend, to handle PR in US. Marc has won several regional awards for his PR work, including handling PR and Pubicity for Cirque du Soleil in So. Cal. for many years. Marc also handled publicity for the renovation of the giant, iconic Hollywood sign 20 years ago, and his taking Charleton Heston`s invite carved in Ten Commandments tablets of stone, can only be called legendary.

Let's hope Marc will sign on (I know he's leaning toward it).

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Confirmation of Party and parents` Party affiliation

Have City of Puerto Vallarta endorsement. 100th birthday party for Tennessee Williams to be 17-20 March 2011. Have top theater and restaurants lined up. Know Liz Taylor`s and John Huston`s best friends here. Will be HUGE event.

I have been contracted by Mexican hotel chain to give motivational talk to top employees next Monday.

I called my parents last night to tell them of party victory and plans and new motivational speaking career. They say: NO!!! You must come back to USA and we put you in mental hospital and on Lithium -- but stronger dose. I say: I already have chemical diabetes in my feet. (Mom made her brother Bob take 2.5 times stronger does of Lithium and killed him with chemical diabetes that it always causes.)

I say: So you really ARE top US Nazis like Jewish leaders in Atlanta say in 1990. I was never sure.

They hang up.

Details on party soon.


More soon. see for updates.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Puerto Vallarta City Goveverment to support Tennessee Williams 100th Birthday Party!!!

Yesterday, the top Arts and Culture official on City Council aggreed to entusiatically support the 100th Birthday party for Tennessee Williams to be held here and in mismaloya.

The dates will include March 18-20, 2011, and might incluse more dates. Festival will be one week early to keep from conflicting with the New Orleans Tennessee Williams Festival which actually includes the date of his birth, March 26.

Major PR campaign soon and invitations to Theater and Film artists. Major restaturants on the island in Rio Cuale have agreed to host most events. Oscar´s, River Cafe, le Bistro, etc., plus La Palapa on the beach and Teatro Vallarta. River Cafe will handle most event planning.

HUGE financial and PR benefit to PV and Mismaloya expected. Major celebrity endorsements to be made soon.

Stay tuned.

Law Enforcement officials at all levels of Mexican government now cooperating with me and protecting me, and investigating all of my claims regarding illegal drugs, the Republican party, and the CIA.

I feel like the King of Puerto Vallarta. One hotel chain has asked me to give motivational speach next week. My dreams are all coming true!!!

Scott D. Kenan

Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to contact me since computer was stolen

I cannot figure out how to get into my email, which is gmail-based. and are out of commission until or so I get it easily.

I am working with federal and state prosecutors and will sign affidavits soon.

I will try to remember some email addresses, since my address book was lost with my computer. Perhaps one of these services has some stored.

Muchos gracias.

I fear no one and nothing. I never give up. I always win.