Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great News for Tennessee Williams Festival!!!

THE GOOD NEWS: Rick McKay, whom I met in Atlanta when he took his film BROADWAY: THE GOLDEN AGE on tour, has agreed to let us feature his film here -- AND -- he will help me with contacting celebrities, or at least show me the ropes how to contact some I don´t know.

Here is the Amazon listing for his film: http://www.amazon.com/Broadway-Golden-Legends-Were-There/product-reviews/B000649YA2 as you will see, 60 out of 66 reviews are 5-star! That is what happened because Rick began his project totally as a labor of love. We will have similar success with the Festival here.

More info on Rick's film, including a list of the many actors he interviewed: http://broadwaythemovie.com/prodnotes.htm . I have a DVD copy and can share that with anyone who would like to see this incredible film.

Still waiting to hear from Gloria Palacios regarding how much co-marketing the city will be able to do. Now that I have several presenters signed on, Rick to present as well as help with contacts, several large local companies interested in sponsoring at some level (but waiting to hear regrding the City's level of interest/help), and more venues interested in participating, I certainly hope they can decide soon. Would they even consider shunning the man whose play put Puerto Vallarta squarely on the map?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ah . . . Sabado Gigante!!!

Am I the luckiest person alive, or what???

First, the head cook at the ultra-taco stand that Dr. Mabrey’s perhaps-es-girlfriend owns gave me about eight (ocho!) fried tacos for breakfast today, then I got free coffee from a vender at the market across from Coco’s fabulous Kitchen. Next thing I know, I find a vendor up that street who can sell me a new model Apple laptop for less than the authorized dealers – and set me up with a larger screen to replace the one Benjamin and Arianna Shields stole from me, and while admitting they still have it, absolutely REFUSE to return it. Of course it appears they are in jail now, actually. Their flagship store, Gecho’s Bar, upstairs and three or so doors from McDonalds on the north end of the Malecon, has been closed for three days straight. (More email addresses at pentagon-usa.com – my former employer in Georgia – have gone dead. This, just for the record. That’ll teach GA Rep. John Linder, Newt Gingrich, and Dick Cheney to watch their p`s and q`s!!! The documents in my (and now also law enforcement’s) hand PROVE they were Patrick Stansbury’s bosses.

Don´t mess me with, Republicans/CIA/Mexican PRI Party (actually, just a front for the CIA and the Bush family/Dick Cheney). If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times: I channel this thing I call KENAN, and I CANNOT be defeated. This is only true because I draw my strength and inspiration from my allies. My “family”, so to speak. I am no one special – and no one knows and loves that more than me.

As I was writing this, someone texted me “proving” that my friend and metaphysical teacher, Jim Wilson, is one of the largest narco-traffickers to the USA. I refuse to believe it, and will judge the evidence of how he treats he with a very keen eye from now on.

SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of this, I will communicate no more of the miracles that happened to me here today in Paradise. (My friends are sometimes harassed if I mention names, etc.)

My immediate family can find peace in their self-inflicted divorce from me. I hold no grudge against them whatsoever, and await their contacting me with no strings attached. I do NOT want or expect an apology. I consider their absolute and hateful-seeming resistance to me to prove they are my spiritual betters and teachers. Because of my training with them, I am able to collapse most of the top of the Republican Party (Sen. Lugar, excepted), the CIA, and the Mexican PRI Party (an impoverished disrespected no-self-esteem wing of the Bush/Cheney family of devils).

No, I don’t now believe in devils. It’s a form of speech used at the writer’s prerogative.

I could never have done this without the sacrifice of their assuming unpleasant roles. I thank then and look forward to making all of them rich.

When they let me.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Thus Spoke the Turkey Buzzard!!!

Hola America!!!

I hope everyone had as wonderful a Thanksgiving Day in the US as I and so many of my American, Mexican, and other friends had here in Puerto Vallarta – especially the Jews.

Everyone is (like me) deeply saddened, but thrilled, that I have agreed to give any and all evidence in Court(s) to put my biological mother in jail – or perhaps hang from the noose for High Treason. I don’t know what happened to the mother who raised me, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan. I remember her loving and protecting me when I was young. We went to the public library every two weeks and everyone in the family read every imaginable book. She founded a kindergarten in Cincinnati for the neighborhood kids –and ran it in our house – because there was none when I was of age for it.

She let the TV be repossessed when I was two so that she could buy me an Encyclopedia Britannica, and then read from it to me nightly for some rather long period of time a few years later. She doesn´t remember this, but my long-term memory has NEVER been faulted. Whenever evidence has popped up, my long-term memory has always been proven correct, and there is a reason for that – and it is NOT that I’m anyone “special,” I’m not.

You see, I was so polite and “good” as a child – and most of the time through my mid-50s, that the many sick things that were done to me by her and others of her ilk, I stuffed into my subconscious rather than challenge them, although at those times, I always felt something was wrong. Only through reading a book lent me by my recent spiritual teacher, Jim Wilson, have I realized the pain-bubbles I have so long harbored are called samskara (sp?), and it is the pain of them that made the memories so vivid. That is why I remember so much detail and so accurately. As I have been confronting these pain-bubbles to clear them from my consciousness, the details all come out and the pain if FINALLY and IRREVERSABLY released.

Also of note, is that I had a long talk with my distant cousin Sal who lives in Conchas Chinas. It was he and his mother who introduced me to the woman I have claimed works for 60 MINUTES. She did work with Walter Cronkite for 12 years, she did say she would give the info to 60 MINUTES and that she saw it as several stories. She also agreed that Anderson Cooper would be an excellent choice for CNN to send down to co-do the stories.

Previously, I referred to Anderson as “the Vanderbuilt Boy” because Gloria Vanderbilt is his mother. Also, when I recently re-read the bio of William Rand Kenan Jr. (ACROSS FORTUNE’S TRACK), I kinda/sorta got the idea that the Vandies and the Kenans partied together – especially at Newport, where Mary Lily Kenan Flagler seems to have been the “It Girl” (and later, matron). She was the best friend of, and in Wilmington, NC lived a few doors down from (on Ann St.) Mrs. Pembroke Jones, about whom the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” comes. She, her husband, and her husband’s acknowledged male lover all lived together (at least part of the time) and were quite the party-throwers. And from what I´ve read about the money crowd of that time, Mary Lily was the one that got them competing to throw the best parties and the Joneses must have won. The phrase that survives tells us that.

Well, all is well with me, and I am rapidly making more and more friends from around the world – but especially here in Puerto Vallarta. I am indeed the luckiest man on earth (in MY world). When you become the luckiest person in YOUR world, you will have attained the freedom promised by God and explained by the Jewish rabbi, Yeshua. If you have images in your house showing “Jesus” as an Aryan – or otherwise not looking Jewish – watch out for the coming New Passover. You will NOT by passed over as God removes the hateful from the Earth.

The goblins’ll git ya, if ya don´t watch out!

God’s People (those who choose Him/Her): Let’s Party Hardy!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Job Well Done -- please join me in Giving Thanks

Somewhere along the irregular line of my Metaphysical Studies, I heard that a certain known, successful person referred to -- and addressed -- this thing we call God, BIG SWEETIE.

I get it.

Now that my political battles have been taken over by the press (several under-, on-, or over-ground print media have been contacted in the last several days, as well as the TV networks mentioned yesterday that span the Americas) and various law enforcement agencies in the United States and the Mexican States of America (and Interpol, perhaps, too), I am bursting with THANKSGIVING!!!

First, I´d like to thank the recipients of this email for putting up with my sending you so many. After my computer was stolen a couple of months ago, I had only my old paper address book dating back to my Cape May days. Then that too was stolen a week or so ago. This is why the collection of people I email is so peculiar-seeming: you are the people that came to mind when I had enough of my daily free hour of internet ration to research, instead of just emailing and checking news. I never expected all – or even most – of you to read them. I just wanted to be sure there was ample and widespread electronic evidence that I had written and sent them – a bigger footprint than could easily be erased by my adversaries, easily.

I never expected everyone (and early on, most), to believe me. My story is beyond my own belief, and I would never have believed a stranger who tried to tell it to me. Not a chance in hell!

So please understand that I do not have bad feelings toward ANYONE who has up to now found me unbelievable – I write “up to now” because at this point, if you see things differently than I do, you will begin to suffer and your suffering will increase until you repent all your corrupting beliefs and addictions. You must also make amends.:

Perception of lack of money. (The root of all evil – the perception of lack of it, that is.) And the addiction to money.
Sex addition.
Addiction to drugs. (Natural drugs like marijuana, caffeine, nicotine, mushrooms, alcohol are fine.)
Addiction to control of your environment or other people. Control your own mind instead.

I would especially like to thank the following people who have helped me in significant, material ways:

Jim and Kim Wilson, who swept into my life and actually forked over significant, good cash to help with my material needs when I needed it most. We’ve had our misunderstandings, but have all learned in the process.
Goyo, whose real name I don´t even know. Weeks of small kindnesses of all kinds.
Dr. John Mabrey Crouch, who put a roof over my head and surrounded me with plants. Many meals and small monies when needed – and he could spare a peso. He also put up with having to deal first hand with my mother, and is, like me, a “victim” of her reneging on her business agreement with Dr. John and me. I will compensate John properly when I can afford to, although there is no such thing as a victim in Reality.

So many people have helped me – or challenged me, and that is a huge help as well. I can’t possibly remember all of you to thank, but I would like to mention that the Tennessee Williams scholars are my Keepers of the Faith, and now that I have wrapped all essential political info-dumping, I am on top of the 100th Birthday Festival. Just in the last two days, I got the name of the person at Flamingos Resort who approves ads and marketing, and have been told they are inclined to help fund the festival in a significant way. I also stopped in at Mayan Plaza to introduce myself and get the contact there. Mum’s the word on that one for the moment, but I have a great feeling about this one, especially.

Later today or tomorrow (I am only allowed one hour’s use on the Mango Library’s computer per day. I don´t have any pesos to waste at 10 pesos (87 cents)/hour or when I haven’t had pesos to buy a cigarette or thing to eat today.) I will contact several people who have all the contacts for the people long associated with Tennessee Williams plays. I know, personally, both John di Leo (whose book on the major actors who frequently played roles in Williams movies will soon be out), and the guy who wrote, filmed, edited, produced, distributed, and tirelessly marketed his brilliant documentary BROADWAY: THE GOLDEN YEARS. I’m blanking on his name, now, but he is easy to find.

I’ll thank the media and the politicians when they have achieved what they need to achieve. I began this political fight only to get my book published, and it was the resistance to that that caused me to scour out my entire mind of memories of how I (and others!) have been abused, primarily by my mother, Republicans (not all), and other loveless idiots in general – ALL of whom I´m actually quite fond of.

That’s why I call them “adversaries” rather than enemies.

I expect that after the Feast of Thanksgiving (which Jim and Kim Wilson have kindly invited me to join them in), I will be more focused and targeted to appropriate people in my communications.

Thank you one and all, and have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Talking to Latin American TV for immanent release of my blog's key points.

Dear Jim,

Thank you for all your assistance so far, but in an effort to be sure no misunderstandings get in our way, I want to get get clarity on one thing, and make another thing quite clear.

When we were talking an hour ago, you got quite emotional about my using my finger to point while making strong points. This is common American behavior, and has NEVER gotten you riled before. I asked you why you walked up and chest-bumped me while looking straight into my eyes and by tone of voice, threatening me while saying, "If you EVER do that again, I'm going to let you know exactly WHO I AM."

So why have you been letting me think you are someone other than you are so far? I thought we had an honest and friendly relationwhip that was characterized by mutual respect. As I mentioned, I had not expected to visit you -- nor had you expected me -- so I can see how it was a bit of a surprise. I had hoped to stop by my distant relatives' business to have them give the 60 Minutes producer they had introduced me to a heads up that I had just given an interview to several Latin American TV networks -- a serendipitous meeting with a journalist who had already studied the Rockefeller family in depth, so he was already somewhat familiar with my family.

Anyway, I'll email them later with that info. The plan is that the key points from my blog are to be released this Wednesday at the latest, and on as many Latin American media as possible. Since I had given 60 Minutes/CNN an exclusive for video work for a week back then (which for various reasons they could not take me up on), I did want them to know that I still prefer my favorite US News media break my stories first -- but it is not necessary, and here in Mexicao, we are on Mexican time, so no telling when things will actually pop.

Although I know that you and your wife do not take drugs (except prescription -- I did see you have quite a large collection in the kitchen, but did NOT snoop to see which ones), I was concerned that your behavior as well as Kim's behavior (as reported by you -- I did not see her and the bedroom door was closed. 2:45 PM and I hope she was not actually ill or had ingested something that disagreed with her). You see, this is the EXACT behavior I have had from people pretending not to be protecting drug interests before, so just to be sure the three of us keep our consciousnesses clear, I am telling you of my honest concerns so you can explain your behavior in a way that helps me see how it fits into your ALL-BLISS-ALL-THE-TIME program.

Additional things that waved like a red flag trying to attract a bull were your love the I OF THE EYE author, whom some friends and I studied until he went into absolute raptures over the spiritual excelence of George W. Bush and Sam Walton. As you know -- and as reported on my blog -- Amy Fortenberry, former top dog lawyer in Walmart's attack-dog group of twenty lawyers pretended to befriend me this past spring, and then poisoned me with a tamale from a restaurant in Tucker, GA. This after Christal Presley (best friends with Fox Commentator Sean Hannity's wife) got mad at me and ten minutes later, American Express cut my credit limit by $24,000.00 USD, leaving me $230.00 USD available, approx.

This on a Sunday night, late, as I recall!!! American Express sure likes to be sure they do THE DEVIL'S biddding -- no matter the hour!

Anyway, you also said that Religious Science (Science of Mind -- NOT to be confused with Scientology -- which you have given much praise of, too.) was quite passe', yet you claim a connection to Michael Beckwith and that you actually stalked Ekhard Tolle in the woods for quite a while to be sure he was "legit", as you put it. You found he was, and then met him.

You are a compound/complex guy -- and since you also claim that Kim, who had previously had ashtrays in the livingroom, but I took one outside to smoke -- and cleaned the buts and ash smear out of it after smoking (non-smokers hate dirty ashtrays even more than I do, so I like to stay considerate), now has said she does not want me smoking outside. I hope you understand that thses kinds of behaviors on your part -- and reported by YOU to be true on Kim's part, although she has shown no such inclinations to me -- are highly suspect to this dangerous mind.

The book you lent me is GREAT -- although the stuff in it is "old hat" to me. It is a nice refresher. I know you like to rehash old philosophers. I prefer to break new-to-me ground in consciousness, although I will not claim political fire-storming is even in your catelogue of spiritual activities. That has been your attitude. That and all that gay-sashaying you do with me and the guy in your building (also married) who has that new theater in town. Your happiness is not tied to my behaving the way you seem to think you can control me to behave. Sorry.

Re-read your books.

Oh! the other point:


Then, several minutes later, this computer had a massive failure, but the staff here fnally revived it. Five other computers here are in use, but no other one had a problem.

Just as I got going again, a phishing warning popped up. This Library's computers are on XP with anti-virus copywrighted 2000-2006.

Jim: You must please call or text me tonight letting me know how long you need me tomorrow so I know when it will be fair to leave you and Jill at Liverpool Department Store, which we are heading toward at 9:30 AM. I MIGHT have to leave you after an agreed upon time if something (like a media feeding frenzy) occurs, but I don´t expect it. We are trying to keep violence to a minimum -- and I will certainly be involved in NONE.

I look forward to seeing how the responses go to the Craig's List ads you posted for me to get a reasonable room -- possibly rent-free in exchange for some driving-around of the owner, and what the guy with the timeshare-closing classes says. I don´t feel I need this, but it should be interesting.

Also, a one friend I saw since leaving you said, "It sure would appear that Jim is trying to delay your getting an FM·!!!" I'm sure this couldn´t possibly be the case, but I do need to get those times from you before I can pick you up tomorrow. Let's avoid the tensiions of yesterday when you implied that we'd be through mid-day, but things dragged on til dinner -- and YES! I appreciate all your generosity. After buying sugar, filters, Coffeemate, and FINALLY toilet paper, I still had enough money to buy cigs and two 5 peso tacos for food today. Been eating those peanuts you bought, and enjoyed the coffee so much!!!

I am NOT being ungrateful, but you need to know that paternalistic pandering (not that I´m accusing you, but you DO come close -- as your wife Kim stated the other day.

I re-confirm our Thanksgiving Dinner Date for 7:00 PM at Tia Catrina's, 418 Basillo Badillo, Zona Romantica. Thanks so much for the invite! With luck, the TV won´t be on blasting my blog stuff (with or without credit to me). It should be available internationally by then -- although that is not to say anyone will have the huevos to air it. LOL!!!


REMEMBER: I need to hear the times from you tonight and will let you know if there's a problem. I'll bend over backwards to make everything work -- but not literally.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Going after John Eastman

I sent my evidence about Mr. Eastman's complicity in the deaths of John Lennon and Tennessee Wiliams to my usual email list -- including 60 Minutes and Barach Obama's advisors earlier. For reasons unknown to me, it is at the moment IMPOSSIBLE to copy this text from Word or my email program on Hotmail into this form. Ususally, I can do it, but apparently, someone does not want me to do it.

Also given was the evidence that Jan Meyer was screwed by her sister Karen because Karen works with my mother and got her and her husband's debts paid off by a neighbor who was set up to LOOK LIKE they won a lottery. Actually, it was Momn's people paying them off for helping cover up the murder of her father, Robert J. Meyer DDS.

Her brother George gets the prize 777 pilot for United Airlines who is an accomplished and ground breaking author as well. He is pretending he is not gay like his Dad. That bitch was despicable to me in private emails after we met at the Meyer family reunion, summer 2009.

Michael Remer is trying to set up John Eastman to take the full blame for stealing Tennessee Williams' royalties -- and hey folks -- why has no one explained yet what happened to the royalties in USSR that could not be taken out back then? Tennessee claimed they were greater than what he had earned in the States!!!

I'll post the letter later if I can.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A New Tack with the Mayor

Dear Mayor Gonzalez;

Once again, I`m afraid I must apologize for my rash words of the past. I hope you speak fluent English -- or have an excellent translator -- so you can understand my words completely.

Monday, I discovered that your office was closed for the holiday, but your English-speaking secretary had given me an appointment at noon on that day! I was quite angry that I was treated this way – especially because you have not responded to my four previous attempts to communicate with you over the past three months.

Today, I’m choosing to see that is part of the Mexican sense of humor, which I have found is MUCH advanced, compared to that of typical Americans. Actually, I find Mexico herself to be advanced compared to the United States, my home, in nearly every area, especially the high itegrity and spiritual quality of most of the Mexican people – the best people on earth.

But Mexico suffers much more poverty than the United States, and it is my firm opinion that my country has never treated Mexico or the Mexican people with the respect they deserve. We stole the western third of our county from Mexico, and today, we abuse Mexican immigrants with low wages, and often by holding them in jail FAR too long (typical: 3-9 MONTHS!!! Only 3 days is necessary to process the paper, and is occasionally the case.), when deporting them – just to enrich the family of Dick Cheney, who bought most of the US jails and prisons that have been privatized.

Additionally, the Republican Party and the CIA (who own nearly all the North American traffic in illegal drugs), do not pay their “mafia” partners in Mexico nearly as much of the drug trafficking profits as is their fair share. They play their Mexican partners for fools and LAUGH at their Mexican drug lord partners all the time.

My country is chock full of racists, I hate to admit.

Despite what I have written and spoken about in the past, I do NOT really have a problem with the Mexican mafia. They are business people and while producing for the insatiable American appetite for drugs (caused by the corruption of the politics, media, and law in the US by the Republicans and their partners, the CIA), they always sold (in the past) to America without polluting the bodies, minds, and souls of the Mexican people with the poisonous hard drugs (cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, heroin, etc.). I have no problem with marijuana, mushrooms, or other natural substances like cervesa or Delicados.

But the Bush administration closed the border hard to the drug traffic a few years ago, and the purpose was NOT to stop the drugs, but to force the Mexican mafia to have to sell their drug inventory cheap, and to Mexicans, so that they too could be slaves to drug addiction – and therefore spend the money they hoped to use to provide opportunity to their families on addictive drugs instead. Because crack cocaine is so cheap, it had the greatest success, and as I’m sure you have also seen, it corrupts the mind, body, and spirit of the addict in ways that the Devil himself could not have dreamed up.

Addicts and mafia crack sellers in Puerto Vallarta tell me their habit is no more problem than cigarette smoking, but I ask them this: “At what age do you start your daughter smoking crack, six years old? A six year old is coordinated enough to hold and smoke a crack pipe.”

They do not like this question, and I’m sure if you have or care about children, you find this question difficult. But anyone who uses drugs, sells drugs, or in any way helps people sell drugs MUST answer this question TO GOD when he dies.


OK, I was being dramatic, but as you know, this statement is COMPLETELY true. If you do not understand how narco-trafficking is completely controlled by these racist, money-addicted, and God-hating mostly-Republican Americans (Thank God, there are many other Americans who are truly wonderful), just ask me. I am working with President Obama and the FBI to stop this drug trafficking. Information I sent them resulted in my former employer, Pentagon Publishing, Inc., in Snellville, GA being shut down and the owner and some others PLUS over 100 other people in Georgia were arrested three weeks ago in the largest drug bust in Georgia’s history (or so I’ve been told – including through two of my PV mafia informants).

The same could happen here in Mexico, but I think it would be better to find other ways for the local mafia to make their money. Lawfully ways. I don’t want to see any Mexicans (except those who have been violent) go to jail for drug charges. This drug problem is ENTIRELY the fault of the USA for its sickness in the spirit of her people.

I love my country, so hate to write those words, but I must always be truthful. I am a man of integrity, as is my family, perhaps the second wealthiest in the world after the Royal Saudi family, and like them, we got our first real wealth by owning an oil cartel. My distant cousin Mary Lily Kenan was the last wife of Henry Flagler who founded Standard Oil (and owned twice as much of it as the better known John D. Rockefeller). Later, Mr. Flagler opened the whole state of Florida with his railroad, eventually all the way to Key West, and owning nearly all of the utilities, hotels, steamship lines, land-sales offices, etc. When he died, the NEW YORK TIMES said that Mary Lily Kenan Flagler was the wealthiest woman on earth.

Her heirs put the money in trusts to support education. Others in the family inherited the largest block of Coca Cola stock and grew the company to what it is today. You might be proud to know that in the 1980s and 1990s, they put a Mexican-American in charge of Coca Cola: Roberto Gusuetta (spelling?), and later sold the Mexican operation to Mexicans so the bulk of profits now go to Mexicans. They also founded two banks, one in Atlanta, the other in Charlotte, NC that merged and eventually became Bank of America. Today, my cousin Thomas Stephen Kenan III is busy preserving native languages and cultures in Latin America.

Another Flagler heir, Jean Matthews (my relative by marriage), was a major benefactor of the Los Mangos Library – where I am currently using a computer to compose this email to you.

I am very proud of my family heritage! But it is not the royal line starting with Charlemagne’s grandfather, Pepin, first King of Italy, then down through the French monarchs and later beginning with Robert the Bruce (Braveheart) through all the Scotland Stewarts that is important. Blood is only blood. Ideas and most of all VALUES are what count and are what we cherish in our families. Drugs, of course, destroy these values and then the family perishes. All people who sell or protect drug sales are guilty BEFORE GOD for this corruption of the modern world, and this thing we call GOD will take care of the punishment of these Devils – not you or I.

So I propose that you and I work together to better the life of the people – especially the Mexican people – of Puerto Vallarta. As you know, I worked for Tennessee Williams and wrote a book about that which I will soon have published. The first publishing contract was spoiled by the Republicans in their first attempt to destroy me – they know I have all the damning evidence against them, but I have now given it also to the FBI, the Obama administration, law enforcement officials in Mexico, and 60 Minutes and CNN News. The material is so damning that the news stories are being slowly leaked out but without my name. This helps to keep me safe – not that I NEED to be protected. I’ve already given them all the evidence, documents, etc., that they will need to break up this Republican/CIA cartel of toxic drugs once and for all.

So I am now moving on to plan the 100th Birthday Celebration for Tennessee Williams – honoring his life and work -- on March 17-20, 2011. Many major restaurants have already signed on to be part of it, and several people in film and theater have asked to be presenters. I believe I detailed the plans to you before, and Gloria Palacios has my written description. I will raise the great bulk of funds, and not too much is needed of city money, but co-marketing of the event will benefit both of us.

Several key people in Hollywood heard rumor of my plans, and have emailed me asking if they can be presenters. Having known well or worked with Meryl Streep, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, other Kennedy family members, and stage and screen actors, directors, and producers, I can guarantee we will have the top people here to celebrate America’s best poet-dramatist.

I am still trying to get my mother to honor the commitment she made to me and which was also witnessed by local doctor John Mabrey, who also goes by Dr. John Mabrey Crouch at times. He is an odd character, but he has helped me enormously by providing me a place to live and other small material support. If my mother continues to violate her own promise (Dr. Mabrey can and will attest to the fact that I have honored my side of it.), I might ask you to give her a quick friendly call to say that the city would be most happy if she could send on the money as she promised to do. This would avoid my asking you, the city, or others to provide the $5,000.00 seed money I need to get going in earnest. After that, my book will sell and I’ll soon have quite a lot of money, half of which will support local arts and culture, especially of the native people of Mexico.

The Williams Festival will raise money for this same group, and it is my absolute goal that I will become the largest supporter of the new cultural and arts center that I recently heard the current city offices on the Malacon will become, after city government moves to new offices during the next year.

Next year, I intend to have a Festival honoring the life and films of John Huston, and after that, each year a Cultural Festival with a different theme each year. I believe if done right, this will cause the City that you and I both love so much to become the cultural center of the Americas – in the sense that this will be where top thinkers and artists come to trade ideas, party, and relax.

And Puerto Vallarta, her people, and Mexico in general will make lots of money and the living standards of all will be raised to make real the dreams that Mexican parents have for their children. I hope that you and I can work together on some of these things, and that we can become good friends. You are young. It is not too early for you to think about what kinds of accomplishments will take you higher in politics of this great country. Perhaps you will someday be President of Mexico. Perhaps I can help. I do have a powerful family, and excellent political and other connections in the United States of both Mexico and America.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to your reply (but please: do not take so long as Mexicans are so famous for doing. LOL!)

I salute you and send sincere, kind greetings to your entire family.

Via con Dios!

Scott David Kenan
Mex cell: 322-174-xxxx

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

El Presidente (mayor) of Puerto Vallarta, Chava Gonzalez, responsible for local mafia murder – and I can prove it!!!

In my ongoing attempt to get the city of Puerto Vallarta to endorse my Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Tennessee Williams’ Birth, I have contacted the Mayor’s office five times in four months, but have received no reply, and yesterday, was scheduled to meet with him BY HIS SECRETARY (I have the appointment note in her hand), but, of course, it turned out to be another Mexican holiday and the offices were closed. His secretary knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

I won´t put up with this crap any more.

I’m no one particularly important, but Tennessee Williams’ play THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, put Puerto Vallarta on the map, and even if the mayor thinks I’m totally loco, he should have at least acknowledged my efforts and encouraged me.

On my third visit to his office about six weeks ago, I told him that Albert (aka Baby Azteca) one of the most dangerous killers from the chief drug gang in Los Angeles, CA had been let off three counts of drug-related murders as well as illegal entry and living in the USA. The CIA then sent him to Puerto Vallarta to kill people opposed to their drug operation here, but they sent him three years before I arrived – not as recently as I had first remembered from his telling of his story, incorrectly.

Albert/Baby Azteca is very proud of his story and has tattoos celebrating those murders (and many other tattoos, all homemade) on his face and upper body to frighten all who see him. And from the reactions of my friends who met him, I can tell you this works!!!

But the timing of his arrival is not the issue. Kind Mexicans lured me into the house where he lived with another killer, Toro. There, after about 10 days, Toro beat me severely and said he was going to kill me if I didn´t shut up about his stealing my Apple laptop (value with the music CDs I’d loaded and then given to charity in US plus software is $10,000.00 USD), and selling it for 500 pesos ($47.50 approx. USD) for a few rocks of crack.

Then, Albert/Baby Azteca threatened my life by holding a six-inch blade to my throat and my diabetes-swollen foot (saying he’d show me how to reduce the pressure, and then slit my throat like a chicken’s. My housemates then fed me a chicken neck with skin and the huge artery (vein?) swimming in broth for my dinner. Albert and Toro said I would not live through the night. They planned to terrorize me and then kill me before dawn.

But I was smarter and managed to sneak out of the house.

A few days later, I visited the Mayor’s office and explained to the mayor’s fluent English-speaking secretary what happened to me and that Baby Azteca was in the house working for the CIA and local mafia to kill people opposing the drug trade, and if he didn´t do something to scare Baby Azteca out of town, someone would soon be killed.

I could not give testimony FORMALLY to my Jalisco and Federale prosecution contacts without a translator I trusted, and I did not have one. I DID give all the info informally, however.

The mayor did nothing, and three weeks later a man was killed by Baby Azteca and an accomplice. Lurid photos were all over the local newspapers. The police picked up Albert/Baby A. and Albert’s brother, Martin, at 1690 Calle Costa Rica – exactly where I said they would be since my words did not scare them and they believed (or so they told me), they had the protection of the mayor. They picked up the accomplice the same day, elsewhere.

Martin was found to have no guilt – and I can attest to Martin’s character. I heard from him last night that he is safe in Guadelajara now, but there is as yet no confirmation that his brother Albert/Baby Azteca, is actually in jail. Two days after Martin was released by the police, he and I went to the jail and found that the accomplice was there, but there was NO RECORD of Albert/Baby A. having ever been there.

This is the power of the Republican Party USA/CIA. All hard drugs sold in Mexico or the US (and most other places) enrich Dick Cheney’s and Newt Gingrich’s wealth. The local mafia get little compared to their US partners-in-crime.

So Sr. Chava Gonzalez, El Presidente of Puerto Vallarta, I blame YOU for causing this murder by failing to protect the citizens of the city that elected you. You had three weeks, but you failed to act. Now arrest (or scare out of town) the man Toro, who claims to own the house, and the guy across the street who runs the little store. Albert/Baby Azteca, Toro, another resident of the house named Barby, and others (including his own admission of this to me) have told me this guy is the neighborhood mafia boss.

He cheated me too.

So, Mr. Chava Gonzalez, perhaps you can convince me this is all a misunderstanding. Your refusal to call me or text me in the last hour as I called for in the ultimatum I gave your secretary two hours ago, indicates you are sick of doing the mafia bidding of your family who put you into power as the Mayor – and their puppet.

Mr. Gonzalez: Please now that I have trapped you and your family, work for the good of the people of your beloved city and give testimony against your family as I have given testimony against my own mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, confirmed multiple times by key Jews as the top Nazi in the United States of America.

Also, I would like a PR announcement from the city about the Tennessee Williams Festival, whose details I gave to Gloria Palacios on City Council. I am an EXCELLENT fundraiser, and will be able to raise nearly all funds independently, but must have some seed money to set me up with a Mac computer and internet access. I now have a house in exchange for some housekeeping duties, but it needs to have cable and internet added.

I figure I really need about $6,000.00 USD for seed money, and after that I will be self-sustaining. I am still trying to get this amount of money from my family, so might not need it from the city.

But I MUST have an IMMEDIATE answer. Time is wasting and I want this party to be the best Puerto Vallarta has ever seen and raise much money for local (especially native) arts and culture. I will press on with or without your help or response. Don´t be left looking like a fool (criminal) when my Celebration is excellent and YOU refused to help honor Tennessee Williams whose play put this town on the map.

Muchos Garcia – and here is to a long and enduring friendship as we partner in making Puerto Vallarta the magnificent city that we both know it already is in the Mind of God.

Special thanks to a couple of locals:

Debbi Egan, former owner of ChocoBanana Cantina, who gave me my first bit of evidence regarding the Republican Party's activities in Puerto Vallarta, and later absolute confirmation of certain key pòints of evidence.

The manager and two other employees of Hotel Mercurio.

Fernando Merino, godson (if still alive) of Hector-the-Engineer (built highway and bridge to San Sebastain del Oeste), whose (Hector's) photos of himself at his ranch in Mezcales have his face wrapped in the same-patterned Arab head-wrap that Yassir Arafat used to wear -- despite Fernando's claim that Hector is a Jew and a closeted homosexual -- for telling me so much about Hector's drug operations worldwide and his near daily claim that Hector is in fact CIA--and so was I because I signed the contract that I posted a couple of months ago on this blog.

It didn´t work out quite as they expected. Pity.

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta
16 November, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I found a house!

In exchange for watering the owner´s plants. Praise Jesus!!!

I am unable to paste in what I copied from a memory stick, so I have to leave this message short.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I am FURIOUS at (with?) Mexico!!!

First of all, I don't mean with the Mexican People -- they are the finest on earth and I love them dearly. And I don't mean I'm upset with President Calderone. He's not politically able to say he's OK with gay people, but that is politics. To tell the truth; after all the evidence I've given his advisors, Federale and Jalisco state prosecutors, and Omar, who said he is the Chief of Puerto Vallarta Police, I feel like'm a personal friend of President Calderone.

And remember: Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage act and I certainly never gave up on him.

I mean the part of the Mexican Government that passed a regulation that at Costco, no one may buy anything over the equivalent of $100.00 USD in cash. They MUST use credit/debit cards. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO SAM'S CLUB -- THE SAME EXACT TYPE OF BUSINESS. I´ll tell you exactly why in a minute.

I´m impatient. Here's why: Walmart gives nearly all campain contributions to the Republican Party in the US. Costco is JUSTIFYIBLY proud of NEVER giving a Republican a donation (or so it was a year ago when I last checked).

Therefore, the Repubican Party is getting revenge through the CIA and PRI Party Mexico, which they still CONTROL. Yes Mexico, the PRI party is a front for the US CIA. That is why when you buy crack, cocaine, methamphetamine, or opium drugs, you are giving money to the CIA and Republican Party. See deeper into this blog to find the truth of how and why.

Also, I´m very angry with Wal-Mart Corporation because a month before I moved to the Estado Unido de Mexico, Amy Fortenberry, former top attack dog lawyer in Walmart's special unit to destroy its enemies in courts, poisoned me with a tamale she bought in a Mexican restaurant in Tucker, GA. She had had a slight concussion and was suffering dizzy spells so had to leave her normal duties with wal-Mart, but still worked for them -- or so she claimed to me. She was staying with her parents, the Chip Fortenberrys of Stone Mountain when she tricked her way into my life and became my confidant.

When I complained to City Councilperson Nan Nash and later the Stone Mountain Police about this attempted murder (I barely made it through the night. Graphic description is on my blog in April or May), they both said the Frotenberry family was too powerful for them to even think of questioning -- and of course right about then, the cops and the county mental health nurse came out to try to commit me to a psych ward one of the five times they did this in two months -- all attempts were unsuccessful.

So this remnant of the CIA/PRI Party that is working through the Mexican government to hassle Costco had better IMMEDIATELY recind this cash restriction at Costco or make it apply to Sam's Club equally (and any other equivalent stores).

Don´t mess with my favorite store: COSTCO!!!

In Appreciation of Sun Oil Company, my Brother, my Parents, and Hilary and Chuck Pritchard-Russell

Today is Appreciation Day for Sunoco, Inc. (Formerly Sun Oil Company) Day!

Not only did my father spend his career working for them, but my brother Mike has worked for them in accounting (like Dad), since he graduated from URI. Not usually volunteered by me is that Sun Oil gave me my first post-graduation job, a summer job in their Newark offices, which they offered to extend to full time, but also having the offer to move to Cape May and start an art studio with fellow Denison alum Hilary Russell and live with her and her life-partner-to-be – another Denison alum – Chuck Pritchard, I declined and eventually that led to the formation of Whale’s Tale, the best gift/craft store on the Cape May pedestrian mall.

So I owe them (Sunoco, Chuck, and Hilary) a lot – but there’s more!

The only reason Patrick Stansbury was able to get the contracts for the military and non-military schools was because Walter Moore was vice president of Collegiate Concepts, Inc., and had a key to literally steal all the artwork and documents necessary from CCI offices when CCI was torpedoed by an almost entirely false “investigation.”

One of the Smiths who owned it was Jewish – are you surprised??? -- and Channel 5 (which, as part of the deal, was taken over by Fox Network immediately after the station did the bogus investigation into CCI – and that is how Fox got a VHF (important then) station in the ATL market.

All the news for a week featured ME in all the “investigation” video – talk about your embarrassment!!!

Back to Walter Moore -- who loved to brag to me how when he lived in Cherry Hill, NJ he knew ALL the top executives of Sunoco. This is probably just coincidence, but it is hard not to feel like Sunoco has been watching over me all my life. Also too bad that Walter always impersonated an Army or Air Force general when selling ad space in military yearbooks – and that his son was in prison for rape. What a sleeze-ball!!!

Too bad I had to break with Pentagon Publishing, Inc. when Patrick refused to pay me the $38,000.00 for company stock he AGREED to pay me $100.00/share. It’s too late now – PPI no longer answers phones and most extensions to my old co-workers are disconnected. It seems there was a giant drug bust in GA based largely on evidence I gave to the FBI and a couple of President Obama’s top advisors.

Let all who still claim I’m crazy and need psychiatric care of any kind be forewarned that if they do not get truthful with me, I will put them in prison too. For life, if possible.

The good news for Sunoco, Inc.:

The son of the man who developed the Bardahl high-performance oils asked me (he heard my family was associated with the oil business) to sell the formula which his brother and he retained rights to when the family sold the Bardahl company his father developed. This would be a perfect fit with Sunoco’s high performance gasolines which are loved by those in the racing industry. I was going to offer it to Kenan Avantage Group of Ohio – developed from the humble beginnings of a couple of Exxon stations in NC by Frank Harkness Kenan and his son Thomas S. Kenan III (the latter my “personal” friend for some time now), but they only transport petroleum products (although nationwide and winning all kinds of environmental good citizen awards), and Sunoco produces them.

The head of a group of Latin American businessmen who invested in Texas wells has asked me to help them find US investors to increase their drilling of Texas Gold crude – the cleanest in the industry. They find and drill in pockets overlooked by the major companies, but US law requires that they sell only to American companies. Since Gasproz (whatever – the name of the Russian state oil company) did NOT buy Sunoco a year or so ago, when it looked like they would buy it, they still qualify, and this clean petroleum is perfect for Sunoco’s refineries which do not do dirty petroleum well.

This company is 20 years old, has a proven track record, and is currently valued at about $10,000,000.00 usd. They are on track for a value of $100,000,000.00 in five years. I have not yet verified all by research, but it’s worth taking a look. I figure my brother will know whom to contact, and we can split any commissions for BOTH companies, should one or both work out. Couple million each, perhaps.

I have reversed on my parents. It is quite conceivable that the swastikas on the china we used in the 1950s and 1960s was actually my grandparents’ china – although my aunts Pat and Jeanne tell me they never saw it in my grandparents’ house (they might not remember something as subtle as swastikas on dinner plates).

You see, while the stuff I wrote about Sun Oil is straightforward, the rest I am choosing to claim at the moment because I am sick and tired of begging for gas, food, and cigarettes while living in my car. My right calf is now swollen and pressured. I expect the chemical diabetes in that foot that was caused by Lithium for many years also has caused a blood clot in a vein near my knee. I have no money to consult a doctor, and just hope the clot doesn´t move to my heart and cause a heart attack.

I’m hoping that all things considered (and with a more kindly point of view toward my parents – my mother, especially – Dad has reversed and has actually been supporting everything I´m doing for the last two weeks. But when my mother enters the room he’s in, I can tell – he changes his words then by 180 degrees.

Nazis are very powerful.

Patrick is now in jail. My mother might be next – unless she helps me out of compassion for my medical situation and gets a reduced sentence. She’ll have to pay something. I got that decision from above.

I hope that I can wake up my brother and sisters in time. If they continue to insist on supporting my mother, they will go to prison for life or possibly even hang on the gallows. Patrick has been put away. Ruth Anne Meyer Kenan is next, and time is running out fast.

I give my parents one day to send me some compassionate assistance. The previously agreed sum of $5,000.00 in exchange for me being off their will from my parents and $1,000.00 from my brother (he will potentially get commissions from the sales listed above and a RT ticket to come visit me ASAP with free place to stay).

It’s a deal they cannot refuse, I hope. . . .


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Money Talks!!! (More than me, sometimes)

I think my yahoo.com email is working, but not well. It is the best way to contact me -- or leave a comment on my blog.

It was only because so many Puerto Vallartans were asking me why the hell I had not gotten Benjamin and Adrianna Shields put in jail that I acted so strongly yesterday. Everyone knows that he is one of the two top CIA narco-traffickers in town, and everyone knows that he has people killed or disappeared and is highly dangerous. Even Omar, who told me that he was Chief of Police, was visibly taken aback when he saw that official city police handcuffs were part of the way I was locked out of my apartment in the Shields's house in Conchas Chinas. The cops in the substation directly below the Shieldses' property are totally paid off, and Omar knew that he was in a dangerous situation.

I do not blame anyone for taking time to correct Mafia problems here since so many are affected and many in government are so corrupt (just like in the USA). Capt. Don (Capt. Don's bar) knows that his nighttime bartender, Sid, and his Sunday bartendress, No-namia, take their marching orders direct from the Mafia. He's been trying to get rid of them for years.

I watched both times I was kicked out for no reason as Mexicans who had smoked crack in the house I'd lived in on Calle Costa Rico (specific address in earlier blog post) came into Capt. Don's bar and GAVE THEM THE ORDERS!!! This is the same house where Toro, who tried to kill me, lives and Albert "Baby Azteca" lived until Albert was hauled in by police for murdering someone else.

Albert's little brother (and totally cool guy as well as budding writer) Martin and I went to the prison and discovered that the guy caught with his brother was listed as being there, but Albert was not. Either because of his worth to the CIA as a killing machine he was ONCE AGAIN fogiven all his crimes so he can get back to work.

Three years ago, he was forgiven three drug-related murder charges, as well as illegal entering and living, freed from Los Angeles, CA jail and deported in a way that allows him to re-enter the US. By contrast, his brother, who turned totally anti-drug after being shot in gang violence in LA three years ago, was charged with illegal entry and illegal living -- despite the fact that he was brought across the Rio Grande by his parents when he was five years old. He was not responsible for that crime!!!

But the way the US Government works it, only nice Mexicans are deported, and they are held for a half year or more in jail to 1. enrich the Cheney family who bought all the privitized jails, and 2. to wear them down so they sign any false confessions. Two crimes and you can never get a US VISA.

Corrupt Mexicans are encouraged to stay -- not only to make the Mexican population in the US one you can hate more and more, but also to work crimes for the CIA/Republican Party.


Great night last night drinking the miraculous martinis at Viva bar on Olas Atlas! Pricy at 90 pesos each, they are ALWAYS 2 for 1, so only about 4 bucks each -- and once you’ve had one, you’ll never want to stop!

I recommend the Dirty and the Cocotina (I had two of each). If I’d tried the others, I’d probably recommend them too.

And if you like Pet Shop Boys or the Dutch DJ Tiesto, I lent them my copies of the December 2008 PSB concert in Mexico City, bonus DVD from the Boys’ latest CD, Love, Etc., and a two-disk Tiesto concert that is out of this world. They will play one (or more) for you if you ask.

Tell them that Tall Scott sent you – and please tip generously!!!

A Canadian gentleman who was kind enough to buy me some gasolina this morning told me that when the US government recently (finally!) got the Swiss to divulge some info about the secret bank accounts held there by Americans, it was found that the top tier of mega accounts held by American citizens equaled roughly the US debt. He used the figure $12 trillion USD.

The Chinese Communist Party holds America in debt only because these traitors stole it and hid it in Switzerland (if they weren’t traitors, why would the money be in another country and held in absolute secret? Also, the Swiss have refused repeatedly to help find and return Jewish wealth stolen by the Nazis and deposited with them – not just cash, but art, jewels, and precious metals as well. Are the Swiss not still Nazis?). The US government decided to give this top tier of criminals no problem, and go after the next tier down of US depositors to recoup the less-politically-connected people’s money, and in so doing, proved there are Nazis (or use whatever moniker you prefer) at the very top of the decision-makers in US Government – especially regarding money matters.

Brother Obama would do well to have these top people investigated – both the US deciding officials and the depositors. Likely, it’s not all ill-gotten money, but I bet this action would eliminate most of the US foreign debt.

The other monetary action I strongly recommend (and soon I will INSIST on, if it is not approved in Congress pronto – perfect action for a Lame Duck Congress – LOL!!!) is to change the ink color (cheap solution! See who squawks in Congress when it’s proposed!!!) in the new $100.00 bill so it retains all safety features but is immediately recognized as different from the current bills in circulation. Then have a period (two months?) in which ALL old $100.00 bills must be exchanged for new WORLDWIDE.

Everyone knows that most of the ill-gotten money in the world is held in $100.00 US bills. Swaps over a certain size ($5,000.00?) should be recorded with serial numbers, and no swaps ever without government issued photo ID and a record made of names and amounts. After the two months, all old currency would become no longer viable as money. It would simply be a collectible and subject to market valuation as such.

Mexico does this on a regular (or irregular) basis, and it’s a proven way to flush out money launderers.

This would also flush out so I could see just how deep that stash of $100.00 bills my parents keep and throw at me when they wanted me to gas up and get back out of their lives. Mom claimed it was bonus money from VISA for using their card so much, but since they are on such a limited budget, how would they get VISA to mail them so many hundred dollar bills – and VISA isn’t stupid, they’d either credit their account, or better, send them cash cards so they could continue to lend money on what was on deposit until the cards were used (or better yet, lost.)


And I’d also like to point out that in the late 1980s and early 1990s when it was becoming very difficult for the Dutch to get their money out of South America, my parents worked with a number of people to assist them in this. The biggest way they used (according to my mother) was to buy art and take that out. I wish I remembered the names of they mega-rich my parents were working with. It was my mother who said they were mega-rich. I know they played duplicate bridge together – a time-tested excellent way to pass info and orders through the pre-dealt cards.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Letter to Banderas News online

All four of my email addresses have been made inopperable, presumably by my adversaries. I can no longer receive email at scotke@yahoo.com , which was the remainiing one that worked.

I am forced to post all correspondence on this blog until this can be corrected.


Dear Editor:

My name is Scott Kenan, and I now live in Puerto Vallarta. I was the last significant assistant to Mr. Tennessee Williams (1981-1982). I wrote a book about it, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, which was to be published by Alyson Books this past April, but the publisher (bought by a front for the Republican Party) failed to publish any of their 30 spring books, and I am on the verge of finding another publisher. www.walkingonglass.net shows rave reviews from John Lahr of The New Yorker, as well as top Williams scholars.

I am working with Gloria Palacios of city council, and have an appointment next Monday with the mayor to see what moneys they might have in the city’s budget to co-market the festival I am planning, 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Life and Work of Tennessee Williams. I already have the major restaurants on the island in Rio Cuale, as well as La Palapa and others lined up. Also Teatro Vallarta and the Cultural Center at the top of the island. A German gentleman, used to taking celebrities out on his 40 ft. sloop, will organize a flotilla of yachts to usher celebrities around the bay. The celebrity still alive from that time that I knew best was Meryl Streep, and because of the work I did with the Kennedys and Jackie Onassis, I will have all connections to guarantee a success. I believe I can get Liz Taylor back if her health allows.

Additionally, I am privy to much damaging information that connects Dick Cheney, George HW Bush, Newt Gingrich, and other key Republicans and the CIA to major narco-trafficking using US Air Force planes. I am in direct contact with three of President Obama’s top aides, as well as some of President Caderone’s, and I have not only given testimony to the FBI, but also Federale and Jalisco prosecutors, as well PV police departments. 60 Minutes sent their top producer here to get my info three weeks ago. They expect to break some news soon.

And my former employer in Georgia was busted for drug trafficking a week ago. Biggest bust in Georgia ever – but the press is not yet reporting the links to the Republican Party which I can prove in a court of law.

Don’t worry – I am safe. I put all the evidence on my blog: scottkenan.blogspot.com . At 6’ 11”, I am too tall to hide and so had to go public. Unfortunately, my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan is the top Nazi in the US. She blackmailed my homosexual father into marrying her in 1950 to hide her swastika activity behind his last name. Distant relatives of my last name inherited Henry Flagler’s estate – and much more. Cheney reports to her (so I’ve been told many times but have no proof), my mother reports to the Pope.

Ten days go, I found a Mexican-American born in California, whose father was the largest cocaine importer into the US in the 1980s and 1990s. He recently gave testimony to the US Government that he was material witness to the Pope (John Paul II, I believe) giving his father the order of to whom to sell his cocaine and at what price.

The whole Republican Party could fall in a flash – in the blinking of an eye, as they say. Sen. Dick Lugar of Indiana is clean, though, and a key ally of mine.

Note to PV: Benjamin Shields and his wife Adrianna (associated with the ersatz charity Mama Vallarta, are top CIA in PV and perhaps the largest narco-traffickers (if you don´t count Hector the Engineer who built the highway to San Sebastian del Oeste – I’ve TOTALLY nailed him and his “godson” Fernando Merino).

I did not need to give police info about the Shieldses when they helped me remove my belongings from an apartment they had rented to me in their place in Conchas Chinas where the south end of Mother of Pearl hits the highway – which they subsequently locked me out of. I only confirmed that Benjamin told me after he attempted to steal my car that I would only be allowed to sell pot that he would supply as a form of income – and I could take the bus.

Also, that I witnessed the three days a few weeks ago when Benjamin had taken some bad Methamphetamine and almost died – but could not go to hospital. I believe the reason the front yard of his house smells so bad (like rotting flesh) is not a sewer leak in his front yard, but body parts rotting under the potted plants that are also sitting on mounds of rocks.

I wish this were not true. I wish also that my mother were not a Nazi. But we must all face reality if we hope to correct the world’s woes.

Please contact me if you would like to run a story: scotke@yahoo.com Mex cell: 322-174-xxxx. My phone and email work most irregularly, so you might have to flag me down as I walk the Malecon, which I frequently do. I’m 2.10 meters.

Al best,
Scott Kenan

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recent Mexicutions in Puerto Vallarta

Today's news: Clear skys, excellent water temperature. Sun is hot, but at low angle. Comfort rules.

Phil Kerr showed up today to film interviews, but his batteries were dead and he had only five minutes anyway. That after claiming he wanted to spend four days (part time) getting as much of my story as possible. (He'd already delayed for two.) I'm convinced he covers for narco-traffickers who send drugs north on all the fishing boats as they move for the season.

I suppose that is not as bad as the photographer from Banderas News whom I met Sunday at the fishing show. He claimed he was going to interview me Monday at 11:00 AM, but he was drunk as a skunk at the end of the fishing tournament. I figured he'd need at least a day or two to sleep that one off. And HE'D promised his contacts would publish my book electronically.

It will be interesting when the truth of their intentions comes out. For now, they're fired so it's again open season.

Bang bang.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Inspiration after dinner with a hairless chef

Hola Mike,

I don´t know what happened at Pentagon Publishing, but I know Patrick’s home phone says it’s disconnected and most of the extensions don´t work, no one answers any that work. I’ll try to send this Facebook too to be sure you get it.

If your life has blown up, despair not. You are the smartest, most smartassy person I’ve met other than me, so you must have options, and of course you have many. One of them that I offer – WITHOUT trade for or expectation of sex – is to put you up here in Paradise until you get on your own two feet. $20,000.00 to spend per year and you live like a king. Gayest town in Mexico as well, with every available type to play with or nest.

Senoritas so hot even I have nearly gone straight.

The Mexican people are all heart – and as hot as Ricky Martin on a good day a couple of years ago.

You can get nicely furnished 1-bedroom apartment with pool and hi-tech appliances one block from beach in old part of town (best part) starting at $800.00 usd/ month. Nice 2-bedroom condos on beach for $199,000.00 – furnished! Cut that in half for 5 blocks or more from beach.

Anyway, smartasses must take care of each other and I don´t believe you were involved in Patrick’s drug dealing. Gerry and Joel were, but were kind enough to let me know some things that helped bust it up (if that’s what happened. I blab too much – no one talks to me. Still, I am the best keeper of secrets because everyone thinks I tell all so they never pry. HA!

Anyway, tomorrow begins the several-day taping of hi-def interviews with me for TV. Will first go on internet TV channels, then mainstream US and elsewhere. PPI will be famous. Soon the tape of the guy I found and got to testify that he was physical witness to the Pope ordering his top-in-US cocaine-dealing Dad (1980s and 1990s) to whom to sell his cocaine, and for what price. I also have copied, before turning over, documents absolutely implicating Newt Gingrich. Lee Gosney has already ratted on my parents (top Nazis in US) and Cheney. All hell will break loose as soon as it hits. Will be hell in USA and dollar will likely drop.

US to be humbled and the whole world will party in thanksgiving. US had become worse than Nazi Germany, but more subtle.

Come visit if you find Caroline less than understanding. You can make arrangements to see your children fairly frequently. Your relationship with your kids is the most important one of all.

Also, if you like, for an investment of $5,000.00, I will give you one Delta Skymiles round-trip ticket to here and 10% interest in my Tennessee Williams memoir www.walkingonglass.net . For another $1,500.00, I’ll include 10% of movie rights. As soon as city of Puerto Vallarta gives me how much they will kick in for marketing the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Tennessee Williams Life & Work, I will send city’s big PR announcement of MY party with reviews seen online and get big advance. You get paid when I do for each haul of cash (less reasonable expenses that we will negotiate).

This offer good to any who receive this email first hand or passed along. Mike: I am sending this to Williams people, not anyone associated with PPI, so don´t worry.

First come, first served. Use scotke@yahoo.com or Mex cell.

From US dial 011 52 1 322 174-xxxx, anytime. I´m up early and sleep late with naps on beach if necessary.

Why work for the corrupted US System?

Say hi to any friend PPI people you talk to. I miss all of you, badly. OK, not Patrick.


A Day in Paradise

I am having too much fun in this, the Karma Payback Period. My intention was to just write that much and sign off, but I couldn´t resist writing a tad more.

Recently, there was a giant drug bust in the Atlanta area. Biggest haul in quite a while. I like to imagine my information helped bring it about. LOL!!!!! Yes, of course, the phones at Pentagon Publishing, Inc. are not just temporarily out of order.

I wonder what the news is of Stone Mountain, by hometown. Anyone know if this affected the City, please email me at scotke@yahoo.com .

They tried to murder me again last night. I watched them as they set part of it up. They are so clumbsy, but I swear, it was the closest call. The apparently in-serious-withdrawal from something wife of my friend who does promos in a booth two doors from Costa Realty as well as sits in the both where the tunel road to the beach ends, was set up to knock me off. She chased me out of the house, where her husband and she had been letting me sleep, with first a hammer and later a large screwdriver. Locked the gate then, so I couldn´t even get all of it.

Today, I have meetings with both print and internet media. I'll be working with Phil Kerr filming interview in HD for broadcast on his TV stations on the internet. Then (I assume) we give some to respected news media, and sell more to human interest types of TV networks. Should be fun. Profitable too.

That's why I don´t need money but it would tide me a week or so. I made an offer to three friends to see if they have interest in a business venture (loan to me with great paybacks) at unheard of before interest rates. LOL!

Like is too much fun here in Mexico. The Tennessee Williams Festival is gonna be a blast!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Duck Sopa (Soup)

The election over, political fallout to begin. Jail terms in the future for many.

IMPORTANTE: My only email address that works is scotke@yahoo.com . But I have recieved NO incoming emails in weeks that are of much note. Most of my outgoing emails do not reach most of their recipients, so what good is email???

My local cell phone can be called from US this way: 011-52-1-322-174-6561. It is hit or miss to reach me -- usually calls to me from US do not go through, but occassionally they do come through.

The phone is loaded with spywear and is registered to Dr. John Mabrey Crouch who gave it to me gratis. He told me he got caught in service to the CIA because his best platonic female friend was a big cocaine trafficker some years ago, and so he was leveraged. He also got in much trouble years ago because he wrote many bogus prescriptions for fun pills. This is who Kelly Trainor, current US Consular Agent in Puerto Vallarta recommended when my parents wanted a competent doctor to counsel me (actually to force me to take the poison called Lithium). Kelly is also CIA and has little allegence to the legitimate US Government.

I spoke with Jalisco State and Mexican Federale prosecutors today, reaffirming my willingness to work with them to bust the CIA, Republican Party (Geo. HW Bush, Cheney, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Hannity, Christal Presley, my mother, et al), Mexican PRI Party, Vatican for owning the largest narco-trafficking rings. All my evidence has long been secured and I am now safe. I had two poisonings, three up-beatings (severe), several less severe, and five attemts to commit me to mental hospital in Georgia (one later in Mexico, also).

All my money and hock-able possessions have been stolen, but I get by with the help and graces of the Mexican people -- the finest people on earth. VIVA MEXICO!!!

Barach Obama: Admit the United State's guilt re the drug trade: DEMAND for drugs so people can put up with living in US, and the CIA/Republican Party ownership of it and control of nearly ALL profits. Then go for the Pope's jugular. He's in charge, and I have the admissable evidence now -- PRAISE JESUS!!!

My mother is his accomplice. My brother, Mike, consciously supports her. My Dad is semi-clueless. (My latest assesment, subject to change for the males.)

60 Minutes/CNN continue to vet this blog. Powerful people read it.

My immediate blood family still thinks my penniless/homeless (I'm living in my car), situation is none of their concern, and my parents and brother Mike prefer never to speak to me again. Still waiting to hear from sisters Jane and Julie. I'm thriving despite all difficulties.

It is now past the deadline -- 7:00 PM EST today -- that I gave on voicemail to my parents, brother Mike, sisters Jane and Julie to send me ANY financial help. Not a single one has responded by phone or email.

I will now use courts to remove every penny they own that I can sue for and then put them all in jail for consciously being a part of the CIA/Repubican Party narco-trafficking ring. Also to fall: Geo. HW Bush, Cheney, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Hannity, Christal Presley, my mother, Pope Ratzinger.

Just watch me do it -- and thanks to all who have provided so much additional evidence that I did not have first hand!


So ordered, 4 November 2010, 7:39 CST, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scott David Kenan, aka by the locals here: "El Grande"

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

CORRECTION and Duck Season Commencement!!!

Yesterday, Albert (aka Baby Azteca and my former roommate at 1690 Calle Costa Rica), was arrested for murder in the process of a robbery which would have netted him $50.00 USD. I regret that the process to turn evidence against him is so difficult in Mexico that I did not have the time to give the Jalisco state prosecutor my evidence that Albert had pulled a blade on me and threatened my life. He’d said I would not survive that night – and I was not about use a translator provided by US Consular agent Kelley Trainor de O. All evidence is that she is CIA and working against me, although I’m open to the idea that I have misunderstood.

Had I been able to give testimony and had him incarcerated, this person would never have lost his life. Under the circumstances, I feel no guilt whatsoever, and blame the Mexican people who have allowed this system of justice that protects criminals rather than citizens to flourish.

Grow up, Mexico!!!

That said, I love this country (despite its flaws), more than I love my own. The people are the very best in the world and have made me the happiest person on earth – even when I have the most difficult challenges. I thank God for the Mexican People!!!

Here is my correction: Albert was forgiven his three homicide charges and two illegal Mexican charges – and then deported to Mexico -- THREE YEARS AGO, so it is NOT the case (as I have stated repeatedly in this blog and other places) that he was sent here directly by the Republican Party/CIA to murder me in exchange for this forgiveness.

Still, it seems that he WAS set up in “Toro’s” house with the purposes of killing me, and the CIA is probably who authorized this. Intelligent people who read my blog will know that by that I mean George HW Bush, Dick Cheney, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, or the Pope.

See yesterday’s Puerto Vallarta newspapers for Albert’s legal name and three pages of lurid color photos of his arrest.

FYI: His brother, Martin, who was another of my roommates there, is a really nice guy, a great writer, and innocent. Authorities mistook him for an accomplice, but realized this error almost immediately and released him -- but AFTER the deadline for the presses to roll. You would think he was guilty too if you read the reports.

I hope the local papers care enough about making corrections as I do.

My brother, Michael William Kenan, today confirmed that he joins my parents in refusing to send me any help even though they know:

1. I am NOT bipolar and several doctors have said I need no mental health medications.
2. I DO have chemical diabetes in my feet, and a gaping hole in the bottom of my right foot that has not yet healed after three months. Doctors say the Lithium that my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, insisted US doctors give me caused the diabetes – or this is at least the most likely cause.
3. I have made much progress in organizing a huge, city-endorsed 100th Birthday Celebration for Tennessee Williams next March.
4. 60 Minutes really did debrief me and expects to use my stories with or without mentioning me – unless this was just another CIA/Republican Party deception. The woman who claimed to have produced Walter Cronkite’s news program for his last 12 years also thought that CNN would participate in breaking these “multiple” – more than one 60 Minute segment -- stories.
5. I am penniless, homeless, and live out of my car.
6. My car has a whisper of gas.
7. The doctor said I must limit walking on my feet so my open (no longer infected and seething) wound can heal, but with no money for gas, this is impossible.

Kind Mexicans and others provide “my daily bread.”

Does anyone besides me understand why I call my immediate blood family Nazis? They feel they are morally justified and half my family are liberals who vote totally Democratic Party – especially my brother!!!

Well, the election is over, it is now LAME DUCK SEASON.

Karma payback to begin IMMEDIATELY, so that as many incumbent and newly elected Republicans can be charged with high treason and imprisoned before the next Congress begins as possible.

God Rules! – and LET’S PARTY!!!

Message to Patrick Stansbury who owes me $38,000.00 USD

Hola Patrick!

I regret that I was unable to reach you yesterday alter I sent the email. I did try calling your direct line, but it was disconnected – or so the recording said. Sometimes lines get crossed when calling the States from here, so it is hard to know if you in fact have had a reason to disconnect your phone or not.

I was too busy with other political work to watch election returns last night, but I understand things played out about as expected by the polls. I guess we are going to be in for a bumpy lame duck session that will not thrill some people at all. Should be fun.

Anyway, please consider my email of yesterday and be prepared to act immediately tomorrow. The alternative is for a law suit that will fell you, your company, your contract employees, my own immediate blood family, Congressman Linder, Newt Gingrich, George HW Bush, and Dick Cheney. That is what you will cause to happen if you do not settle with me tomorrow. I know you know the truth, so don´t bullshit me. I still have the email Lee Gosney sent saying someone ABOVE Linder had ordered my assassination, and the fact that you also received it.

Let’s be civil and non-violent, OK?

Imagine how your Ditto-Head Allies will treat YOU if you act selfishly and shortsightedly. . . .

Again, you can always call me directly by dialing from any US phone 011-52-1-322-174-xxxx. Frequently, calls don’t go through between our countries, but my experience is that text messages always make it. I might need a little time to respond since I have no credit on my phone for outgoing, but always get incoming regardless. There is a free phone to US about a mile from where I’m staying.

All best,
Scott David Kenan

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Vote your conscience, not your fears, please.

See you on the other side.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Announcing Tennessee Williams Festival in Puerto Vallarta

No one knows better than I, how important tomorrow’s election is in the United States of America. A constant barrage of disinformation, lead primarily by Fox News and associated interests of Rupert Murdock, has clouded the picture. Clouds created with pretzel logic and motivated by addiction to money, power and drugs (Rush Limbaugh, et al).

I’ll be watching at Que Pasa bar here in Puerto Vallarta with many other ex-pats. Regardless the outcome, the evidence I have given three of President Obama’s top aides, the FBI, and various levels of the Mexican government – as well as that given by an army of others – will sink the cancerous Bush/Cheney/Palin/Gingrich/Hannity/Beck branch of the GOP. Those aligned with patriots (such as Sen. Richard Lugar, trustee of my alma mater, Denison University) and in the tradition of Republican Presidents Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower will bring the Grand Old Party back to sanity and integrity.

And I’d like to remind my gentle readers that the CBS News producer who worked with Walter Cronkite the last 12 years of his anchor career and now works occasionally for 60 Minutes, was recently introduced to me by some of my Kenan relatives and has been fact-checking this blog for two weeks now. What – and when – they end up reporting any of it is completely out of my hands.

Meanwhile, here is the info I just sent Puerto Vallarta's top events site for an announcement. I ran into the owners of it last night while celebrating Halloween:

Cc:scotke@yahoo.com; larryf; tom@tomhouck.com; 60m@cbsnews.com; gloriapalacios

I spoke last night with Larry Friedland and (presumably), his wife on the Malacon. They asked me to send info on my project to post to events:

I am Scott Kenan, the last significant assistant to Tennessee Williams, and I am planning a 100th birthday celebration of the life and work of TW, to be held here in Puerto Vallarta the weekend of March 17-20, 2011. This will be a week before his actual birthday, as I don´t want to conflict with the New Orleans Williams Festival that falls on the actual date.

So far, I have lined up many restaurants (primarily on the island in Rio Cuale), including La Cuiz, Oscars, and River Walk Cafe, La Palapa, the cultural center, Teatro Vallarta, and many others. I am planning to have play productions, showings of Williams films, lectures, and parties (some of which will be free to all), and in fact, word is already out in Hollywood and I have recieved requests from several who want to give presentations.

A gentleman accustomed to taking out celebrities on his 40-foot sloop has agreed to coordinate a flotilla of watercraft to ferry key participants around the bay. I have much experience as a fundraiser, and anticipate having no problems finding financial support for the festival (my relatives own significant interest in the Coca Cola Company and founded two banks that became Bank of America. They inherited almost all of Henry Flagler's fortune), with all profits going to support local arts and culture. Gloria Palacios is working to gain the city's imprimata for some co-marketing, and I have personally delivered several letters and messages to the mayor's office asking for city support.

Tennessee's play, THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, put PV on the map. Now we have the opportunity to show the world how to properly celebrate America's most important poet-playwright.

I expect to begin planning in earnest soon, and will seek the help of many locals and ex-pats as planning progresses.

Since I´m 6' 11" tall (2.10 meters) I'm easy to spot in town, and would love to talk with anyone who can help in any way. My own book, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, www.walkingonglass.net (previously under contract to be published by Alyson Books this past spring, but NOT published as Alyson ran out of funds and published none of the 30 books they had contracted for this year), should be published at about the same time. It is ready for the typesetter, and has even been edited by TW's own editor, Thomas Keith, formerly of New Directions Press.

I also have a political blog documenting certain problems I have had from the Republican Party and including all my communications with the FBI, three of President Obama's top advisers, and a 60 Minutes producer: scottkenan.blogspot.com .

My Apple laptop was recently stolen, so I have only occcasional access to the internet, a situation that will soon be corrected. In the meantime, my best contact email address is scotke@yahoo.com . My PV cell -- not for the public: 322-xxx-xxxx.