Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I was BLOCKED totally by the Republican Party and CIA today

My Civil Rights have now been TOTALLY violated. I cannot send email to Republican Party officials or others or post to my own blog. (I meant I could not PASTE any format of text into my blog form. This happens only when things are HOT.)

Still, I thrive, and the Republican Party will fall. My parents will be imprisoned, and Freedom and Liberty will not perish from the United States of America.

I will make phone calls, personal visits, and send texts.

I call this point in my quest THE WRAP.

Praise Jesus!!!



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Letter to Marc LaFont

I was kicked out of my parents' house this morning and had the cops witness it. But you need to know that that whole Richard Jewel/ ATL Olympic bombing thing had to do with an attempt to kill you and me.

You may recall that we were only 10 feet from the bomb site, but left five minutes before it exploded, sending out a spray of nails.

Remember how we freaked after taking the subway to a gay bar and saw the news on TV? It was planted by my mother's people. Earlier, you had told me that after talking with my brother Mike and his wife Gail, something they told you made you decide you would NEVER meet them.

At the time, I did not understand.

Kelly works/worked for my mother's swastika people, and that is why he caused you to seperate from your friends in the neighborhood. Remember also that my cousin Jan Opperman, her husband, children, and my cousin George all lived in the house right behind you -- what became Jon & Bev's house later.

I expect my parents to be arrested after Cheney and Bush and Gingrich (Mom's chief partners in the USA). If you got a settlement from Kelly or other traitors to the United States of America, you will soon be arrested too.

Currently, I am at Liberty Hall in Kenansville, NC. http://www.libertyhallnc.org/ This is where Kenans stop through at major holidays. Or here, the other Kenan home of note: http://www.flaglermuseum.us/

The townspeople are fascinated by my story and most friendly.

Best wishes to you and I hope that the next time I see you it will not be to visit you in prison.

Merry Christmas 2010!!!
Scott David Kenan


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Keeping my family up to date!

PHOTO INFO: Nephew Connor (tallest) at UNC Chapel Hill several years ago, with his out gay roomate (in sweater) and striped admirer. All others pictured are believed to be straight.

Hi All!

And sorry I have not been in touch with of a few of you -- my loved ones, unconditionally -- for a while. Politics prevented it.

I posted an ad to find a better living situation tonight that I think might work the right magic. Dad got up at 3:30 this morning (Tuesday) -- right after the end of the Lunar Eclipse -- went out and shot my windshield with his BB gun. He later admitted it to me, and to make amends, paid for the repair of that as well as the broken rear passenger window as well as filled my car with gas and bought me a pack of cigarettes.

I thanked him for his generosity.

It will take FAR more generosity from my parents, siblings, former roommate (but not nephews, sister-in-law, cousin or her off-spring) for me to see your absolute lack of compassion and your spreading of lies about me as anything other than evidence of devil possession (which, ironically, I don't even believe in).

You even gave other traitors to the United States and Mexico info that helped them in their many attempts to commit or murder me. You act proud of it, too!!!

You blame ME for your troubles. Truth is, YOU spoke and acted and I reported. You blame me for the consequences of YOUR actions. This is EXACTLY how you and many other spoiled Americans resisted taking responsibility for our country's future, and how rogue elements in the Republican Party all but enslaved our nation thought legal and illegal drug addiction (like Linda Rosen's addiction to codiene-laced cough syrup).

Do you expect me to be compassionate toward you when the government acts against you?

Think about it.

But sickest of all are Dad and Mike who have allowed themselves to become slaves through denial of their homosexual natures. Read the many books on the Kenan family. About 1/3 are clearly gay, while another 1/3 have lifelong, devoted male secretaries.

It just runs in the family -- and yes, I exaggerate, but I do hope the fine straight men in our family (like Max) will take charge and help the others find psychological and spiritual help so they can return to their senses.

Think about it.

OK: I consider all but Mom to have been leveraged or hypnotized into Nazi-like behavior. Linda Rosen is a top DELIBERATE devil, however, and Allen the most pathetic, self-hating (and straight) Jew in the Universe.

After thinking about Dad's violence last night and his mindlessness -- he turned the heat off again today, and then when he got cold, turned on the air conditioning -- I told Mom what he did and then hid the BB gun. I don't worry about knives as I have many comforters in my room to toss over him, should he violate my space while threatening my life.

Dad would never harm Mom.

Anyway, I'm posting in an email I sent an old boyfriend who is retired military. He was the adjutant to the Secretary of the Navy under President Carter:

December 21 at 11:07pm

I'm in Nashville at sis's until Jan 1... let me know your travel plans

Scott Kenan December 21 at 11:31pm

I'm envious -- do not yet know Nashville! Also: Forgot you are UNC grad. I've been working closely with my distant cousin Tommy (Thos. S. Kenan III) in political matters. He's UNC grad/trustee as well as heading most Kenan Charitable trusts and business interests derived from Henry Flagler's estate, which his branch of the family inherited.

Do you like my ad? Any suggestions? (Link deleted)

Will keep you posted. Would love to see you so might wait to travel to ATL. My Dad shot my windshield at point blank in middle of night with BB gun last night. My parents are crazed now -- fear I'll follow through and have them hang for high treason. (I will if I have to.)

I think you know how to find my blog: scottkenan.blogspot.com .

I feel like the Ultimate Patriot. LOL!!! (Did all my crying over my parents' behaviors six months ago, when I could not escape the truth about them.)


FINALLY ready for worldwide release:

Because my Civil Rights have been repeatedly violated tonight as I tried to contact several US Government officials, I am forced to post this to my blog, breaking a promise to my mother that I would not:

Reply Scott Kenan Scott to tom, 60m, audsvcs, breakingnews, mjoseph, editorial, executivedirec., greggloomis, Ssc5417, nan0708, Richard_Mailman, codeenforcement show details 3:53 AM (9 minutes ago)


Will you send this to Barack and Secretary Clinton -- or are you really a fat cat machine Democrat sided with the Republicans as many have told me? I have not been able to judge.


---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Scott Kenan Scott To: href="mailto:consularagentpvr@prodigy.net.mx">consularagentpvr@prodigy.net.mx, joyce@joycerennolds.com, info@gop.com, ps@pentagon-usa.com, thouck@tomhouck.com

Sent to Yahoo.com today:

Scott Kenan Scott to Yahoo! show details 3:15 AM (2 minutes ago)

Thank you!!!

I was evaluated today by a North Carolina mental health provider and found to be without delusions. My parents are afraid I will send them to the gallows for being traitors -- as I will send many Bush family members, Dick Cheney, and other (but not all) Republicans. See my political blog for details.

I feel like a truly free man for the first time in my life. My distant relative, Thomas S. Kenan III, now in charge of most of the legacy inherited from Henry Flagler (most of Standard Oil, much of Coca Cola, Bank of Ameca, etc.), is fully supporting me as is the Obama administration. 60 Minutes producer who interviewed me in Puerto Vallarta said they expect to run more than one segment on my story.

The world will be shocked that Jeane Dixon (shown in Freedom of Information Act documents to be Hoover's mouthpiece -- not an actual psychic) was correct when she said the revelations to come of exactly who was America's true internal enemy would SHOCK us all.

On Jan. 10, 1982, in Jean Stein's Manhattan apartment at the party she and George Plimpton threw for my then employer Tennessee Williams, I promised Jackie Onassis I would get revenge for her husband's, brother-in-law's, and MLK Jr.'s deaths. Jackie knew our government had murdered them and that they were attempting to murder Tennessee. She did NOT know that the Republican Party would eventually succeed in bribing Leoncia McGee, Schuyler Wyatt, and Gary Tucker to claim TW was incompetent when he made to the codicil to his will that she recommended.

I have many documents to support my claims --especially against Newt Gingrich. I will also send a copy of this email to my contacts at 60 Minutes and the Obama Admininstration. Three of my mafia contacts in Puerto Vallarta confirmed that Stone Mountain had been taken over by Columbian Drug Lords years ago, and that (this told to me three weeks ago), the one in charge had fled to a great plains state a few months ago. I cannot confirm his whereabouts, but my blog contains his name in a posting about a month before I was forced by Nan Nash, Richard Mailman, and others to flee the town in late May, 2010.

I expect to visit Stone Mountain this holiday season and would appreciate it if the Stone Mountain addressees of this email would EACH respond to me and tell me if I should expect to be murdered.


see scottkenan.blogspot.com

Merry Christmas!!!
Scott David Kenan
Raleigh, NC (formerly Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico and Stone Mountain, GA)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Comment to Alec Baldwin I tried to post on HuffingtonPost.com:

Thanks, Alec:

I worked for Tennessee Williams 1981-82, and got to know your friend Meryl Streep a bit back then. I wrote a memoir about it which was to be published April 2010, but was torpedoed by Alyson Books because it contained some of the information I and others know and can testify in court about concerning how lawyer Micheal Remer (acting for the University of the South), Maria St. Just (nee Britneva), and John Eastman (TW's attorney and Paul McCartney's former brother-in-law -- possibly also complicit in John Lennon's death). I was with Tennessee and Jackie Onassis at George Plimpton and Jean Stein's party of Jan. 10, 1982 (or threabouts), when, concerned because knowing our government had murdered her husband, her brother-in-law, and Martin Luther King -- as well that they intended to screw Thomas Lanier Williams and steal the proceeds from his rights after his death -- she convinced his to write the codicil to his will. I know exactly who and how they bribed several people to lie and claim TW was incompetent when he wrote the codicil. I have documents and personal knowledge enough to convict them easily in a court of law.

I have suffered for having this knowledge, but gladly, for I have gotten OUR revenge.

Did you recieve my invite to be a presenter at the Williams 100th Birthday celebration I was planning in Puerto Vallarta? If so, you and Meryl should know that I had to postpone it a year until March 2011 due to a lack of funding and city support. I will fund it myself -- after I re-sell my memoir.

If you or anyone you know would like to read my ms., please email me at the address on my blog page: scottkenan.blogspot.com .

I will soon be working to find another publisher. John Lahr gave it a rave review -- as have several of the top Williams scholars.

I salute you in your political and acting work!

My passport is found:

Hi Ricardo,

I just got onto the internet for the first time since driving near non-stop from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to my parents' house in Raleigh, NC, Estado Unidos. I am blessed in that, while I left under cover of night, I escaped an immanent death treat from the mafia but also eluded the Federales and other Law Enforcement who were kindly protecting me to the best of their ability. They picked me up in a road block about 25 miles north of the farthest north turnoff Hwy 200 toward Guadelajara, and were genuinely relieved and we kidded around a while before I shoved off again to soon cross the Sierra Madres, Occidental.

They were able to pretty accurately guess my continuing route and I was often heartened to see occasional evidence they were keeping watch. I passed through exit authorities without having to stop my car or pay a fine for leaving Mexico several days after my Visa expired. US Border Guards (many of whom I spoke with both on and off duty) treated me like a true American Hero.

One pointed out that being there in the trenches, they forget that most Americans (if not those of other nationalities), had been unaware the Bush and Cheney families are, with the Pope-in-Rome, in charge of the bulk of international narco-trafficking -- so they roundly applauded me for bringing this fact to the general public on my blog. I was humbled.

I am relieved that you found my passport. Someone else found my wallet and left word for me via Los Mangos Library, but the phone number was mis-conveyed, so I was unable to get it back. Tomorrow (Saturday), I expect to get use of someone's phone so I can call you and make arrangements for its shipment to me in the States.

Here in Estados Unidos, we have all won a glorious victory for Truth and Justice through the so-called Culture Wars, which in substance concluded today with the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell by the US Senate's overwhelming action.

But most importantly, we have won a victory for Love and Law -- the very definition of This Bipolar Thing We Call God.

Thank you for contacting me and for having cared enough to track me down. I will copy US Consular agent in PV, Sinead O'Day, as well as post this on my blog. I will change your name to protect your privacy.

PLEASE REPLY TO ME AT scottdkenan@gmail.com .

All best,
Scott Kenan

parents' phone: +001 (919) 231-xxxx

How Sinead O'Day could claim she never spoke with my mother (she refused to disclose she had had contact with my Nazi siblings)


I am quite safe in Ralegh, NC -- staying at of all places, my parents' house. I am watching the moviw MILK in celebration of our having won -- unquestionably -- the so-called Culture Wars, as proven by the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, earlier today. I like to think that both sides having tapped my parents' phone years ago under authority of The Pariot Act and other statutes (or illegally), they knew they'd lost after (more in a minute)

The email below, I found on my patent's computer after Mom asked me to boot it up to see if I could find a good price on a set of new cordeless phones. I'm sure she forgot that when I surprised them by driving up unannounced at 7:00 am yesterday, she was at the computer working, and closed all her programs but meaning to shut it down fast, she didn't realize that 1. She put it to sleep instead, which means this email remained open, and 2.: I had already noticed that the lights were on in the room they use for nothing else but the conputer -- AND the conputer was slow getting to sleep (It's very old), so I saw all the lights lit the way they do for actually running. It hd once been my computer, so I knew all this without doubt. I'll be writing more very soon from Raleigh, NC -- my first period of residence in the Land of Kenan.

Praise Jesus.

----- Forwarded Message ----From:Sinead O'Day To: jane kenan Cc: kenan5@aol.comSent: Thu, October 21, 2010 6:06:24 PMSubject: RE: Sinead O'Day re Scott Kenan
Dear Ms. Kenan,
Fortunately Scott has put you on his Privacy Act Waiver so I can share what little information I have. I have no reports of him being incarcerated or hospitali

Below is the Consular Agency Website, there you will find information on attorneys who you may wish to consult to provide you with applicable information regarding Mexican Law and guardianship. http://guadalajara.usconsulate.gov/puerto_vallarta.html

I sympathize with your family and with Scott. Unfortunately my role is limited to providing information with the intention of helping American Citizens, help themselves. Dr. Mabrey commented in a courtesy call that he was “looking for Scott”, I would encourage you to assign someone in the family to be in regular communication with the doctor and keep the rest informed of the happenings.

Hopefully Scott will come to his senses and seek help.

Best wishes,
Sinead O'Day . – U.S. Consular Agent Vallarta

From: jane kenan [mailto:janekenan@att.net] Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 7:55 PMTo: consularagentpvr@prodigy.net.mxCc: kenan5@aol.comSubject: Sinead O'Day re Scott Kenan

Dear Sinead O'Day ,

I am Scott Kenan's and Mike Kenan's sister. I appreciate all you have done to keep us in the loop in reference to Scott.

Do you (or Mexico) have any arrangements for assigning a guardian for someone who is incapable of making correct decisions for himself? I know Scott sounds like he is really getting bad and an attorney friend of mine is involved in guardianship cases and suggested I ask that. I am sure Mexico is not like the US and does not offer what we have in place here but I am wondering if there is anything like that available in Mexico?

I do not mean to bombard you from all sides about Scott. Thank you for your assistance so far. It is just a sad situation. I am involved w/ the National Alliance for Mental Illness and their guidance has been that Scott has to reach his bottom and ask for help before we do anything. I know my parents have sent money to the doctor for treatment purposes. He told Scott he has money for him but he must come in for an exam and I understand Scott went ballistic and is nowhere to be found at this point. Her certainly is not capable of making correct decisions in reference to himself or his care. He is probably a danger to himself if not others also.

We appreciate all your assistance.

Jane Kenan

Thursday, December 9, 2010

All my ID stolen

Well, here in Paradise, not all is exactly perfect. LOL!!!

My car was just broken into on Calle Conucopia, aka Easy Street, right at the beach in Conchas Chinas -- the best address on the south side of Puerto Vallarta. Nothing of value was taken – not the $400.00 usd aftermarket radio, although the stuff in the empty space compartment was moved around. They only took my soft briefcase and my jeans, which contained my wallet.

They got every single piece of ID that I own: passport, visa, driver’s licence (copy, only. Original stolen months ago with my $575.00 usd Invicta watch by a thief working in conjunction with the manager-on-duty that early morning in the gambling casino in “Liverpool” mall. Reported on blog back then.), photo local library card.

But I DO have an “original” birth certificate where I’m staying, so that’s good. And while I was writing this, the librarian came up with a note saying someone found my wallet and he called them – so at least the library card is still in it. I’ll find a friend who can translate and ask him to call for me and then I can retrieve.

Then off to see the Consulate in the morning – after bumming sufficient gas to go round trip.

Earlier today, my mother absolutely refused to send a couple of hundred dollars to help me out. And she asked if I had a sore on my foot – AS IF I HADN’T COMPLAINED ABOUT IT A THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE. When I mentioned that, she asked which foot it is. She is not my mother. My mother is lost and some ALIEN FROM HELL has possessed Mom’s body. I simply don´t get her at all any more.

Again, she started in on the bit about taking “my medicine.” No doctor who’s seen me in the last two years has said I NEED medicine. The Georgia doctor stopped the Lithium and gave me voluntary 25 mg (super-minimal to help me sleep) something. Well, the bottle of that went with the briefcase. Dr. Mabrey here said I needed none.

She said if I come home and am put into a “program to help me with my medicine” and got on US Disability, they could help me a little – but NOT send me even 100.00 usd.

I told her to go to hell and stay there. I was so fed up I repeated (calmly) three times: “I condemn you. I condemn you. I condemn you.” And, surprisingly to me, finished with an entirely spontaneous flourish that shocked me almost as it escaped my lips: “Thus sayeth the Lord!”

Don´t know what to make of that. Doubt it’s truly a committable transgression as long as I continue to support myself, which I’m getting a lot better at.

And now to track down my wallet. Maybe some other ID still exists in it. The thief took his time. Left an empty pack of Fortune cigarettes in the fingers hole in arm rest of the drivers door.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For Michael Remer, Lawyer in the employ of the University of the South

Hi Michael,

Just thought you'd like to know that due to being behind the eight-ball (not enough time of money to do it right for this coming March), I will proceed to do a much better job in 2012 for the 101th.

This means we will not have to consider rights yet.

Also, you should know that I retired from politics three days ago, and am busying myself with writing and making money. I don´t have any beef with Sewanee controling rights -- that's what Tom wanted. But I DO expect a full acounting since the day he died. Sewanee is not getting the money and disgruntleed alumns have complained to me!!!

Also, what happened to the FORTUNE in royalties accrued in the former Soviet Union? Tennessee always claimed he made more money there than in the USA: Maybe your buddy, John Eastman (I don´t really know if he is personally implicated in the ordering of John Lennon's murder or not. That is hearsay, although I DO find it believable.) can help you with that one -- he was quite connected to Maria St. Just (nee Britneva).

And speaking of her: She never should have told so many people she destroyed so many of TW's letters to make her book slant the way she intended.

AND: I'm leaving Harvard (and others) to persue any rights re-allignment. It's not my problem -- but please tell them to stop authorizing crap like novelty race-casting. You can't kill Tennessee, although John Uecker sure did try to with that pillow when Maria told him that I was finally properly under my mother's Nazi control!!!

I'm sure you wish THAT had turned out differenntly.

Anyone who has questions about Tennessee Williams -- including his death and the illegal overturning of the codicil -- can contact me anytime.

All best to you and your deputy, Mr. Thomas Keith,

CANCELLED: Tennessee Williams 100th Birthday Celebration in Puerto Vallarta -- sorta

Overnight, but after many days of consideration, I decided to cancel the Tennessee Williams 100th Birthday Party Celebration. He doesn´t need it, and I won´t have the time or money in time to do it right.

I am tempted to blame Jim Wilson – after all, he’s the one who more brilliantly than any other got me to believe he would help me with doctor’s attention for my wound, a roof over my head, and a laptop of ANY description that would connect me to the internet, and hence, make it possible for me to plan.

If you look at what Jim DID help me with (see last post), it was a few meals, some gasoline, and an oil change. He made sure not to help me with the tire replacement, which I have to have to drive to the border to renew my visas for me and my Pontiac Vibe.

You see, for my adversaries, discrediting me in any way is the name of the game since they are entirely unable to find significant fault with what I say, and so, the TW 100th Birthday Celebration was actually torpedoed by the fact that it is too intertwined with high-power politics and I have failed to wrap that up in time to then make and raise money and make the celebration as good as it should be.

But I HAVE wrapped the politics up, even if I comment on it occassionally. We’ll have a big party for the birthday, but with local people. Maybe some others will congregate here then too: actors, film and theater people, literate readers. If they do, then I can coordinate that info and we can interconnect and throw some last minute parties with simple catering – or even take over a beach. Who knows?

I do not like announcing this in this manner to people who signed on in the beginning, like Mercedes at La Cuiza, Michael at River Café, and Abelardo at La Palapa. And there have been many more of you who have offered your assistance and enthusiastic support, but at this time, I must fold up that project with the intention of doing a 101th Birthday Celebration.

National and International politics will have clarified a bit by then, and I will understand this Mexican System that I now must work within. I’ve been resolutely stubborn about that. I also need to build bridges with my family members – at least most of them. And God knows I need to make some money, and that’s something I look forward to. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire.

Just two quick follow-up notes on my story:

Dr. John Mabrey Crouch kicked me out of his plant nursery several days ago, claiming he was so broke he had to close his office (where he normally also sleeps) and move to the nursery. But after I moved out, I asked him why he seemed to be so upset lately, and he said it was because I – Scott – wasn`t taking my medicine, and couldn´t I “just reach in my pocket and pop one?”

True, I had carried them religiously for two months, in case I felt I needed one, but a week ago, I simply threw them out. Now I wish I had them to have them analyzed. I feel certain they must be poison of some kind that would leave no trace.

Then, yesterday, Dr. Crouch texted me this message: “MAKE ME MAD. I KNOW WHERE YOU SLEEP.” I texted back: “1. You are already mad. 2. That makes 2 of us.”

I'm still winding down with Jim Wilson -- privately.


Monday, December 6, 2010

The Age of Artists has commenced!!!

First OF ALL, I want to make clear that had I had just a little cash, I would have posted this entry HOURS ago. In fact, I texted Jim Wilson to tell him to expect it, and it’s embarrassing that it has taken this long – only because I had to firsts wait FIVE hours for my Mexican hosts to get out of bed, which was then, technically, this afternoon. Next, I had to run them around town for two hours doing errands (my trade for a roof over my head).

Finally, I am here.

As suggested by someone whose name I forget, the name of “Post Humans” might actually be “Artists.” So the name of this age, then, would be The Age of Artists. It began officially at midnight, at the beginning of yesterday, December 5, 2010, when the sign was received.

Ain’t no turning back now.

As to Jim Wilson, let me make clear that in NONE of my research have I found that he ever trafficked in drugs of any kind, but rather, he made a nice fortune importing herb to California (or at least the west coast) – and frankly, I consider that a public service.

Have YOU tried to live in the United States in recent years without access to herbal remedies??? I have – and it ain’t pretty.

Unfortunately, his operation was so large that the mafia honed in on him, and thus his being leveraged by them to pressure me. I like Jim and his wife Kim a lot, and I don´t take ANY of their actions against me personally. I hope they remain in Puerto Vallarta and have a great time here – and return any time they feel like it. I will always want to make them feel welcome, although they may not just this red-hot minute feel like trusting me on that.

Therefore, I WON’T file a formal complaint with the US Consular Agent against them, nor will I get a translator and file charges or ask either of my Jalisco Prosecutor friends to do so either. I AM NOT INTO PUNISHMENT.

I have made my piece with the two guys who (in Mexico) tried to murder me: Enrique Rojas and “Toro” of the infamous Calle Costa Rico. Both are actually cool guys working hard to get off crack (I saw and conversed with both of them within the last week – Enrique even gave me cigarettes and cash, which I did not ask him for.) They both were leveraged by the mafia BEFORE THE MAFIA KNEW I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST THEM EITHER (see recent postings).

I have nothing against Big Albert, aka “Baby Azteca.” He threatened to kill me very seriously, and terrorized me with his 6" blade -- but he never harmed me or beat me more than one glancing blow of inconsequence. He was leveraged too, but given his murders, I think the law had best keep him locked up – at least for now. I look forward to working with his brother Martin, who shows uncommon promise as a writer.

Walmart's top "Attack Dog Lawyer" -- her description, not mine -- is such a pathetic person I cannot even remember her name at the moment. Her, I frankly pity.

I ain’t mad at my mother or family, either. Their resistance to me proved to be the impetus for me to take things to their natural conclusion a day and a half ago. I told them or left voicemails and text messages to those whose phone numbers I still have, that I love them unconditionally.

So now I have been retired from politics for a day and half – and loving it! On with the Tennessee Williams 100th Birthday Celebration!!! There’s lots of work to be done – and I’m up to it!!!

All best to all,
Scott David Kenan

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cornering my Adversaries -- it feels SOOOOO GOOD!!!

Today, two parts to my posting. First, some legal issues: Jim Wilson threatened my life, but I got all the goods on him, so no worry for my safety. Then, my correspondence-of-the-day with "Chava" Salvador Gonzalez, Mayor (El Presidente) of Puerto Vallarta:

Sinead O'Day
US Consular Agent
Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

December 3, 2010

Dear Ms. O'Day:

At approximately 2:15 PM today, I met with James (Jim) A. Wilson, his wife Kimberly (although I believe she uses a different last name), and a rather mammoth thug they brought with them (about 6’ – 6’ 2” , heavy in muscles and not-muscles, shaved bald, 50s – I should have photos soon to show you) at El Torito Sports Bar & Grill, Ignacio Vallarta #290, PV. Jim and I were to have lunch together to discuss the progress he’s made in helping me with several things he’s promised to help me with. I have saved the list for anyone’s perusal.

The first thing that caught my attention was that his wife was with him. Jim said it would be just the two of us, and Kim is a vegetarian who HATES the smell of meat – and there we were planning to eat 2 for 1 ribs with a bunch of fellow carnivores. The thug was introduced to me as someone who would “take me to the doctor to handle my foot.” I have an open wound on the bottom of my right foot that Dr. John Mabrey Crouch has called an open ulcer with fungal infection. Others say that it was caused by “chemical diabetes” brought on by my many years of taking Lithium, inappropriately insisted on by my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, NC. I believe you have spoken with my mother.

I have been walking on my wounded foot for three months now without doctor care (no one will pay Dr. John, so he won’t clean or dress it, although he says his fee to do that is only 200 pesos – less than twenty dollars. Some people won’t even fart if you don´t pay them!)

Anyway, in the course of sitting down, Jim became irate with me – accused me of claiming he is a narco-trafficker on my blog. This is NOT true, although, as I tried to explain to him, someone had texted me “proof” that he was one, but I had not had a chance to research that, so I never called him one myself. Everyone who reads my blog knows that during the difficult times I have endured the last year, I DO make errors and am sometimes rash. I ALWAYS correct errors that I’m aware of, and make amends when appropriate. I call things as I see them, and I let my adversaries know EXACTLY what I’m up to. They need help if they think they can beat me!
What is TRUE from my discussions with Jim and Kim is that Jim bragged several times about all the "kilos and bales" he imported into the United States over many years. In fairness, I must say that he NEVER mentioned importing any SPECIFIC drug. I have been assuming he meant marijuana, but kilos could be of chemical-drugs, I suppose. Jim only vaguely referred to selling commercial real estate, so I think he made most of his money in imports.
Kimberly, on the other hand, always talked about projects her company built along the west coast: large shopping centers and malls, mostly, so I believe Kim's money was made legally.

BTW: I may have been rash in my assessment of you, Ms. O'Day, and the fact that you didn´t respond seems to indicate that you are confident that you are a Patriot to the Constitution of the United States of America . If I have jumped to contrary conclusions at times, I apologize, but please remember that my mother’s associates-of-the-swastika have been spinning me in circles at times. Just ask Dick Cheney – MethTeeth, an aquaintance in GA emailed me to say that Cheney had issued my assassination order some months ago. And I have endured numerous attempts on my life in GA as well as Mexico (so far), and five attempts to commit me to a mental institution in GA – then one in Puerto Vallarta. Ask Dr. Mabrey for his assessment of my mental state.

I am sorry that people upset with the content of my speech have complained to you in the guise of concern about my “behavior.” There’s no libel law in Mexico , but there is in the USA . There, NO ONE ever accused me of libel – they could only try to have me committed and chemically lobotomized, which is basically what Lithium does to you (when it isn’t building to an outbreak of chemical diabetes, rotting out your teeth (I had perfect teeth, but after years of Lithium, I only have a few on each side of my bottom jaw—NONE in my upper jaw, but I DO have excellent dentures – which I still owe my dentist in GA for).

Back to the main thread: Jim threatened to kill me. Actually, when I asked him to repeat himself (which he did twice, I believe – I don´t now have a transcript of the conversation) he actually STATED that he is going to kill me, although I think he meant the thug would do it, but I didn’t stick around to get all the details.

I did run by the office of the Jalisco Prosecutors whom I’ve been working with on other matters, and was asked to file a formal complaint with you as well. I will attempt to stop by your office first thing Monday morning.

Specifics on Jim: His business card shows 2075 Floral Hill Dr . , Eugene , OR 97403 as his address. wholyjim@comcast.net , and (541) 228-8546. His PV cell is: (322) 728-9022. He and his wife live in Conchas Chinas on Sagitario (I think. At the Oxxo and Bagette Deli, take the lane downhill at the south end of parking lot. Make hairpin turn. Then, before road next climbs, in newish condo stack with two perpendicular parking spots by front door, just before the road nearly becomes a canyon, they are in top left apartment. They DID say they switched from another place they had intended to live in at the last moment, so if this does not jibe with other address you might have for them, that is why.

I trust I will have the full protection of your office, and that the United States Government will do everything possible to investigate this incident, and hopefully get Jim to the help he needs – or charge him and put him in prison. I know I have the full protection of the legitimate law in Mexico , Jalisco, and Puerto Vallarta . I actually like Jim and his wife, but he has told me that he was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and put on Welbutrin. That is a VERY DANGEROUS combination, usually causing very aggressive behavior, which many of Jim’s closest friends have complained to me that he is. Several are afraid of him. I will not name names in this email.

A couple of months ago, I warned Mayor Chava Gonzalez of a murderer released after all charges were dropped from California jail and deprted to Puerto Vallarta . Because the law here is impossible, I could not file charges that he had said the same thing to me as Jim did in similar circumstances. I’d suggested the mayor at least scare Albert out of town (this is all documented in my blog a month or so ago) before someone else was murdered, and then a month later, the newspapers in town were full of the story of Albert’s arrest after his brutal murder of someone – thank God, not me!

I’m really getting a little sick and tired of having to try to stand up for my own Human Rights in this, that, or another country!!! I have been bumming gas, food, cigs, and Coca Cola (a Kenan family drink) for too long, and it seems to me that SOMEONE could help me a little more.

If I help put my mother, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, and most of the Bush family in jail for High Treason, will I get a reward???

Well, read my blog carefully – IT’S ALL THERE.

Scott D. Kenan

Good News in Bad News clothing!

To:mayor Salvador Chava Gonzalez
Cc:gloriapalacios@yahoo.com; scotke@yahoo.com

Dear Mayor Gonzalez:

I received word this morning from Gloria Palacios that the City of Puerto Vallarta will not be able to lend any support to the Tennessee Williams 100th Birthday Celebration that so many of us have already been planning for March 17-20 of 2011. While my immediate reaction was one of disappointment – and, frankly, anger – I quickly realized that in your decision, you have done the Williams Festival a huge favor.

And I thank you!

Now, we will be able to proceed unencumbered by bureaucratic razzmatazz. This is especially helpful since because of the fact that I first contacted your office regarding this matter in late July, you have NOT ONCE in more than four months met with me or answered any of my emails to you specifically. Your secretaries, while acknowledging that they know who I am and that they have given you every written note and letter I dropped with them to give you, have never had a word to give me from you.

Once (about 10 days ago), your English-speaking secretary set me up with an appointment to see you, but the appointment was (unbeknownst to naïve me), on Mexican Independence Day. While all government offices were closed, (but the city hall building remained open), three people were in the anteroom of your office to laugh at me for having fallen for the stunt. I love your/their sense of humor!

In any case, John Huston’s movie of Tennessee Williams’ play LA NOCHE DEL IGUANA put this town on the map. An international audience is eager to hear the details of what we will be doing for the celebration. Local people (Mexicans and expats from many countries) are completely supporting the Festival.


We will just be leaner and more nimble. I will be thinking about some other things I need to announce to the press and other interested parties. First off, I’ll be listing some specific people who have at all turns tried to thwart me and this project, and the exact reasons they were threatened by it. This will include the English language writers’ group that meets Saturdays at the Friendship Club. Don Gallery (who can still remember his one-time next-door-neighbor Liz Taylor from the bottom on his bottle), the guy who once worked in scripts approval (censorship) for the BBC – Trevor, aka “Miss Sugar Pants”, and the “Captain”, who when not absent because he’s running stuff – or boats, rather – up and down the coast is usually out sick.

Should I get the notion to reveal things about the City Leadership, I might play GIANT MARTIN LUTHER, but not nail my complaints to the Cathedral door – but rather, to City Hall’s door, and not in a way that damages anyone’s property.

I will be sure to have press present, although since electronics are now so miniaturized, no one will likely know the cameras and microphones are present and running.

As I’ve stated many times before, you can’t stop a Kenan – at least not this one. I’m out to harm no one, and to benefit all. I have no enemies – only people who don’t know me very well yet, but when crossed, I can be meaner than a snake (poisonous).

Recently, more than 100 people in GA were arrested on drug trafficking charges, largely through the info I had sent the FBI and three of President Obama’s advisors (60 Minutes might have played a hand in this too, although I don´t know that).

Then contact the Mayor of Stone Mountain, GA, my hometown that had been taken over by Columbian drug lords. Ask Mayor Wheeler, Council-gal Nan Nash and others how much I upended THEIR lives.

I have tried to make clear that I am NOT opposed to the mafia in Mexico . SOMEONE has to rule enough to keep law and order while so many elected officials only line their pockets instead of fix potholes on the Tunel Highway during rainy season. I just think that it is time that the mafia – originally sanctioned by the Catholic Church, and for CENTURIES they stayed out of narco-trafficking – to divest themselves of selling hard drugs such as cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, and heroin. The money is too seductive, and the addictions of the people are not only heart-breaking but ruining both our beloved countries.

The mafia should be allowed to deal all the marijuana they want – after all, in my experience it is the Puerto Vallarta Police who sell marijuana at the best prices and highest quality. Ask anyone!

I trust that we will gradually find more common ground than we appear to have now, and that unofficially, you and your allies will see that the Williams Festival has a clear path to the huge success it will find, come March. We will raise a lot of money for native Arts & Culture, and have a party that no one will be able to forget. I’m already working on network TV coverage in the USA – and I am pleased to announce that the prospects are good!

Victors always re-write history, so don’t be alarmed that I have sometimes written in rash ways. In the end, I will clarify all – including my many errors and moments of foolishness.

I trust I can look forward to supporting you strongly when you run for a second term.

Scott D. Kenan

I got this from the Mayor today:

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Please don't send me mails!!!
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Making sure I make my points -- and raise seed money without BEGGING.

Hey Lawrence,

By now, I think you know I hold no bad feelings toward you, Robin, or any other Mama Mia's people. From my current perspective, both of us (and others) were compelled to act in court and other places as we did, and in ways that might have been so subtle as to escape our attention at the time.

I had lost your email address and just found you here. As you probably know -- if you got my emails I was sending a couple of months ago before my computer was stolen -- I was made an Honorary Jew by Jonathan Reiner, cousin of Rob, nephew of Carl, who in his own right has won Emmys for TV writing. This because I exposed my mother as the top Nazi in the US. I could not imagine a higher honor, and I seem to be multiply blessed with each new day.

My plan to throw a huge celebration of Tennessee Williams' 100th birthday here in Puerto Vallarta is gaining great momentum, and after some difficulties (to say the least), I prevail. Rck McKay is signed on to give a presentation of his incredible documentary film: http://www.broadwaythemovie.com/ . See Amazon reviews!!!: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000649YA2/ref=nosim/broadwthegold-20 .

He's also helping to line up presenters and talent. Yesterday, I put out feelers toward Liz Taylor, Meryl Streep (whom I knew back then--see my ms that I will send seperately if I can find your email address, or send it to me so I can send to you), Alec Baldwin (love his acting and his politics), and, of course, John Waters, who has said "Tennessee Williams saved my life."

I'd like to float an idea to you to see if it interests you. I have just made this offer to an American here who is rich as can be -- but cheap as hell and working against my interests more often than for them. I am waiting for the City of Puerto Vallarta to make a PR announcement of the Festival, and then to re-sell my book to a REAL publisher (Alyson Books went under and did not publish ANY of its 30 spring 2010 list. I was to be the headliner, and several authors were extremely well known. But alas -- Alyson had been secretly bought by the Republican Party and they topedoed me due to the evidence in my book against them. I know EXACTLY how they conspired and stole most of TW's royalties after he died. I know who did it, how, and have statement from the last surviving bribee that he was kept in high luxury by high-placed Republican in Tennessee State Legislature -- without trade for sex. Individual's name not to be disclosed yet.)

I really believe that my book will easily make at least $100,000.00 USD, and actually much more after selling movie rights. I'm willing to sell 10% for $10,000.00. That is that you would get 10% of royalties right off the top before ANY of my expenses. My first agent, Cynthia Zigmund, was in cahoots with them and screwed me royal, so I'll not be using another agent -- and save those costs. I'll hire a good contracts lawyer, instead.

It should sell fast once the publicity machine for the Birthday Festival here (TW's movie NIGHT OF THE IGUANA put PV on the map) gets going -- even if I have to force some local political hands, which I WELL can do. The advance should be sizable since I'm waiting to maximize Festival publicity first and you would get 10% of that very quickly -- maybe even all of your investment -- and then it would continue to pay you.

Frankly, I have decided you need to be compensated for the crap my mother and others have put you through, and no one else will do it, but I need some seed money here to continue at an efficient pace.

Perhaps Stanley might even be interested in it since I've followed his career and see he does documentary types of material. And the original HAIRSPRAY remains one of my top favorites.
Hell -- maybe even Buchthal and Waters together again. To tell the truth, THAT would be my dream team, and if YOU could have bragging rights for putting it together, that would be better than spitting in the eye of the entire Nazi Nation (which is what unmindful America seems to have become -- although subtler).

As I recall, both me and you are or were the black sheep of our families, and you were often given short shrift. Karma payback time???

Well, I hope to immediately find your email address, but if I can't, please send it so I can email the ms.

Shalom -- and best to your family!

PS: Come visit me in Paradise. Swear to God: The highest compliment in Mexico is to call someone a Jew. Really!!! I even have a Delta RT US-Mex that I could give you if you want to come down and check things out.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Soliciting a Pro!!! (and some stars)

Hey Marc,

Don´t know if you've been getting my emails -- I've had many irregularities. I just signed on Rick McKay to help with the festival and to present his movie: http://www.broadwaythemovie.com/ . It's incredible, and I've started putting out feelers to various top people, including Liz Taylor, Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, amnd John Waters. Things are really cooking now, and we are on track for an incredible festival and to make a lot of money for native arts and culture.

If you are in Santa Ana, I expect to leave here about Dec. 13 or so to drive to at least San Diego, but possibly to visit you as well. I'd love to have your help since you ran PR/ Marketing for Cirque du Soliel for SoCal for years and also for the renovation of the HOLLYWOOD sign 25 or so years ago. People just LOVE to hear how you carved Charleston Heston's invite in tablets of stone before you took it to his house!

Anyway, let's talk! I'm mentioned your work to so many people, so I hope you'd like to help invite and work with LA celebrities.