Sunday, January 30, 2011

Good News!!!

The purpose of this blog having been fulfilled, I will soon remove most of it, except for a few of my favorite posts.

I would especially like to thank my top ally and very distant relative, Mr. Thomas S. Kenan III (pictured above). And to give everyone an idea of the changing emphasis of support of one of the largest charitable trusts in the world, the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust, I'll attempt to embed a video of Tom explaining it at the dedication of the new Kenan Music Building at UNC nearly two years ago. Or go here:

Gracias, Senor Kenan!
After an 8-hour fight, I finally chanced on how to get the YouTube link to work, which normally takes only a few seconds to accomplish, but Bad-Seed (Bush/Cheney/Gingrich, etc.) Republicans were blocking my keystrokes in real time. Even now, they block me from correcting the formatting -- repeatedly!!!
As a token of thanks to the Greater Kenan Family's support of Education, Liberty, and Justice for all -- and absolutely impeccable standards of Integrity -- today, I let First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, NC know that I am giving them a percentage of my Tennessee Williams memoir. I'm broke at the moment, but proceeds from my gift I hope go to giving the staff overdue raises or bonuses ASAP.
An astute reader realizes that my gift is simultaneously a goosing of the congregant Kenans, who in my humble opinion might-could have come up with just a little more dough to support the flagship church of Kenan-in-America.
I'll leave you with a nutshell of the definition of KENAN as published by the Unity Church in their METAPHYSICAL BIBLE DICTIONARY:
KENAN: Material wealth taken to the absolute extreme, which leads to spiritual renewal. KENAN (in some Bibles, translated to the original Irish variant, Cainan) is fourth in line from Adam.
Well done, Tom! (and all the rest of you)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adversaries: One worthy, one not

Who knew that I would wake up early this morning wanting to raise a toast to an old friend -- the very man who grew apart from me by refusing to change in a world wracked by change. (This image is a Photoshopped one of Georgia's governor, NOT my friend.)

For one thing, amoung my apparent adversaries, Daniel alone has re-entered communications with me. For another, he has called me on the carpet and demanded that I correct some false charges I have made against him. THIS is what I respect -- a worthy adversary.
And I will make those corrections as soon as it is practical. He and I will have to sort a few things, but they are sure to include my allegations that he had gotten seriously involved in drug trafficking. He did not.
But I do have evidence against two Georgia politicians.

Another friend informed me that Christal Presley has apparently perjured herself, and because I mentioned her name in emails that I did not send to her, has had felony charges brought against me in Georgia. Yes, that is the State of Georgia today: Near absolute Fascism.

In a nutshell, Christal filed anti-stalking papers against me last spring, claiming she thought I was going to find and physically harm her. She knew better than that, and she also knew better than the claims she made about my mental condition: That I had claimed to be Jesus Christ and, well, I have the original paper in my car but am too lazy to go digging for it now to fill in her other unfounded, nut-case allegations.

I was given the opportunity to go to a hearing on the matter, but originally thought I would be in Mexico by then, and would have to miss it. But I was delayed, and being so busy, simply forgot to go to protest. I knew she would get it automatically if I didn't show, but it did not matter since it states clearly that it applies only to my behaviors in the State of Georgia.

One unusual thing was that the judge (or a clerk) had pencilled in on the otherwise standardized form that I was not allowed to mention Christal's name in emails. Again, it applied to my behavior in Georgia, but this incensed me because if I wanted to communicate with a lawyer via email about the problems I was having with Christal -- and I was physically in Georgia -- I would be committing a FELONY. Talk about your freedom of speach and right to fair representation being violated!

In any case, although I have not been in Georgia since late May, 2010, I have sent no emails mentioning her name in violation of that order, which I consider unconstitutional. Still, somehow she discovered that I DID mention her name to others while I was in Mexico and/or North Carolina, and she went to the judge (presumably not telling the whole truth of where I sent emails from), and a FELONY WARRANT FOR MY ARREST WHICH HAS NO EXPIRATION has been issued.

RandyMan was kind enough to inform me of this, saving me a serious headache if I went to Georgia to get the rest of my goods. He also wrote that Christal tried to get me extradited from NC, but the Fulton County judge turned her down. At least someone has some sense.

I'll get this straightened out ASAP, and perhaps will finally get Christal arrested for at least these crimes.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Farewell, oh ye of Little Faith!

I emailed the following to some close family and friends. In it, the family I refer to as close, near, or immediate includes ONLY my parents and siblings: Willam Scott, Ruth Anne (Meyer), Jane Ann, and Michael William Kenan, and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy.

I hold my sister Jane blameless in all things due to her having suffered so much from experiments to her "female plumbing" by my mother and Dr. Fowler in Cincinnati, OH, the first few years after her birth. I feel certain that the long periods of time she was examined under the fluoroscope -- including the anatomy lessons Mom and Doc Fowler gave me -- are why she has to watch so closely for cancer, although they really didn't know then how destructive the early fluoroscope's high-powered x-rays were then (1953-1956). Also, Jane survived a botched assasination attempt the spring of her Junior year at UNC Chapel Hill, but did suffer some minor brain injury.


First of all, as you can tell, I survived overnight in my car despite having the most retched cold I’ve had in years – no thanks to my immediate family, who could have simply paid for a cheap motel room for me online. But it only went down to about 34 here last night, so no big deal. Kenans are indeed like cockroaches – you simply can’t kill us unless we want to be killed. As I’ve pointed out before, my great-grandma Julia Pridgeon (Bordeaux) Kenan was the oldest surviving Confederate widow in NC (portrayed –fictionalized -- by Faye Dunaway in relative-by-marriage Allan Gurganus’s book and award-winning TV movie, THE OLDEST LIVING CONFEDERATE WIDOW TELLS ALL, 1989.

The longest surviving survivors of both the Lusitania (Owen Kenan, physician to Henry Flagler) and the Titanic (Yes, Kate Winslet portrayed a Kenan) were both blood relatives. Also, a careful reading of THE KENAN FAMILY, Mercer University Press, 1999, reveals that the American Psychiatric Association was headed by Kenan relatives (remember, they are descended from the 3 original brothers and few have the surname) most of the 20th Century. In a separate event, the psychiatrist whose work led to taking homosexuality OFF the list of mental illnesses was a Kenan – and, I suppose, no wonder: among Kenans in an economic class to afford it, about 1/3 of the men never married, another third did, but had life-long devoted male secretaries, and the final third seem to have actually been heterosexual.

Kenans commonly married first cousins – a technique that preserved estates and guaranteed a spouse who understood the peculiarity of being a Kenan!

I don’t know why Mom called cousin Nell to claim I intended to move in with her. I had hoped to run across her at church (which I didn’t), and considered asking if I could do a load of laundry at her house. Then yesterday, I thought maybe she would put me up for a night or two until my cold broke. But Mom, ever destroying anything that might help me, had proactively warned Nell with lies. And she claims she does it because she loves me so much. LOL!!!

My first true wake up clue to Mom’s being the Devil incarnate was in 1980, when I accompanied her and Dad from Hampstead, NC to my Meyer first cousin, Karen’s, first wedding. As I tried to slumber on the back seat of their yellow, Olds 88 land-yacht, Mom piped up in an angry voice to Dad, “Bill, I’m going to give that asshole the finger!” That certainly got my attention. She had always been such a goody-goody Catholic in speech, but I guess forgot I was in the car. She was annoyed that we’d been stuck climbing a two-lane mountain road behind a semi.

Then, at the wedding, almost as soon as I sat down to talk to Karen's sister Jan and meet Jan's husband, Kim Opperman, for the first time, Jan said to me (with pressure-of-speech), “Dad (my Uncle Bob) said the reason your mother came to Karen’s wedding but not mine is because I married a Jew!” I was shocked and immediately denied it could be true, but I confronted Mom with it, and she rushed to Uncle Bob’s room and threatened to brain him with a cast iron frying pan if he ever said such a “lie” again.

Later, Aunt Pat, whose divorce from Bob may or may not have been finalized (and Pope-authorized annulment, despite three children – yes, Kristen, the 4th, was not fathered by Uncle Bob, an open secret), showed up with her 10-years-younger fitness-trainer squeeze in a shag-carpeting-lined conversion van, high on cocaine and swilling a Martini, which she dropped and broke on the steps up to the entrance.

After that wedding, I knew there were at least skeletons in the Meyer closet – although, amazingly, I had not yet connected the significance of the swastikas on the dinner plates we were raised with in the 1950s and 60s. That came much later – as did Aunt Pat’s and Aunt Jean’s denial that they had ever seen swastikas on grandma’s good china – Mom’s claim of where she got them.

And yes, the swastika was a good luck symbol before the Nazis co-opted it, but what sane mother raised her children eating off swastika plates when the TV showed Nazi atrocities???

It was later that Uncle Bob began his second career: traveling to watch (drool over) college athletes all around the Midwest, and later still that he admitted to me that he was gay.

No wonder Mom forced him to go to VA hospitals, where, with her Republican allies, she was able to force him to take double dose Lithium, which not only gave him the shakes so he could not practice dentistry, but gave him “chemical diabetes,” of which he died after a slow, painful decline as his body parts were chopped off one-by-one, beginning with his toes.

I do have in her ORIGINAL hand (not photo-copy), a document dated BEFORE Bob was put on Lithium on which Mom wrote in her distinctive handwriting “1.5 Lithium = chemical diabetes.” 1.5 is double the therapeutic dosage of Lithium for Bipolar Disorder as measured by blood level. My decimal might be in the wrong place, but not my understanding. (Bob’s “monopolar” diagnosis was a sham. He simply had reactive depression – and for good reason!!!)

Note to Jane: Margie Rose confirmed to me that the stone globe that Christal Presley got you to buy Mom and Dad normally retails for less than half what Christal got you to pay. Christal did this because she knew when I found out, I’d be livid. (It worked!) This is also why you were encouraged to discuss it with all others who would share the cost BEFORE you bought – except me. Christal is the best friend of Sean Hannity’s (of Fox News) wife. How many times did I tell you this? Why did you not believe it? She is also the one who co-ordinated much with Patrick and Cynthia Zigmund, my former agent-who-screwed me.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Email to Dr. Ernest T.Thompson III, Pastor of First Presbyterian, Wilmington, NC

First Presbyterian showing Kenan Tower w/ Rooster (lo-res)

I thought it would be fun to share this email I sent Dr. Thompson after attending his 11:00 service Sunday. Clearly, Ernie is a man with a sense of humor and irony, for although he does not seem possessed of an excitable nature like I am, he's most friendly and welcoming, and has mentioned that my family (near and distant branches) have long been associated with his congregation, and in fact still support it. He's invited me back, and I believe I will accept the invitation, although I might take in the earlier service in Kenan Chapel -- not because of the name, but because the later service seemed to have a narcotizing effect on me, and I'm hoping the earlier service is a little more lively -- not that I'm criticizing. I'm just beginning to learn what Presbyterianism is all about.

In other news, three prominent Wilmington residents who know Tom (TSK III), have confirmed with him that he has been supporting me and my quest all along, although not with money. Thank God for that! Occasional monetary assistance is what God invented NEAR relatives for, although in my case, with the exception of Jane, they've proven to be defective, so far.

We'll see what happens overnight. Tomorrow morning, with all the rest of my primary life mission completed successfully, I get to begin playing God's Avenging Angel -- and I must say, it's going to be amplified since the amounts are so niggerdly, BIG DAD is cooking up some serious brimstone for me to deliver to them. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

I mean here only Bill, Ruth Anne, & Mike Kenan, as well as Julia Duffy.

Well, here's the email. Enjoy! (I sure hope HE did. THAT was the point.)

*****THIS JUST IN***** OK, I've known it for half an hour, but it's so lame, I don't know what to think of it. The less, the better, I guess. But ONCE AGAIN, my underwear and socks were stolen from my laundry as I did it (for the first time at The Soap Box laundramat/bar on Front St.). Even the thugs who smashed my car window right before I left Puerto Vallarta took my underwear and socks -- THE DIRTY ONES. Well, since I've cut all their balls off, this is the best harm to me they can do. Pity.

Dear Ernie,

I suppose I am to address you this way, given your email address. I was raised Catholic (I left that church in high school about 40 years ago), so am not familiar with proper Presbyterian address forms for clergy. My intent is to loosen up a bit and write in a humorous style here, but all that I write will be truthful.

I am a creative writer who once worked as Tennessee Williams’ assistant, and in fact have written a memoir about my experience which was to have been published last spring by Alyson Books – until they tanked in the sour economy. OK, it was due to politics.

I’m one of those troublesome Kenans who landed in Wilmington in the 1730s, and who were then all Presbyterians, helped to found your congregation, and then supported y’all substantially. Actually, the big contributors were descended from a different immigrant brother than am I. Still, it is this heritage that caused me to have interest in your congregation.

That, and the fact that the other day I was contemplating what I learned in comparative religion about Presbyterianism while studying the “Protestant Revolt” in Catholic grade school. (You should have seen the color graphic of Protestants running helter-skelter with pitchforks and torches which they had just applied to the cathedral -- LOL!!!) But all that aside, the study was serious (I think).

Presbyterianism was said to have been unique in its belief in a doctrine of predestination. While I thought of this (with visions of dancing torch-bearers in my head), it occurred to me that y’all might be just as smart and tricky as the Jews. I mean, Jewish leaders claimed that God said they were the Chosen People, so naturally, believing it was the WORD OF GOD, the Jews had to behave that way.

Nice trick!!!

Presbyterians, if predestined to heaven or hell, would mostly choose for themselves a heavenly predestination, I presume. So the trick works exactly the same way.

Excellente, senor!

Ya don’t mess with a Kenan when he gets on a patriotic tear! Ask the ghost of Gen. James Kenan.

I digress – and have destroyed the grammatical structure of that one long sentence to boot!

Anyway, I happened into the garden on the north side of your parking lot and chanced on my first cousin and her late husband’s stone. Col. Fred Smith was a fine patriot – even taught at the National War College in DC, if I recall correctly. His surviving wife, Nell, is actually near, but less than, my father’s age (92), and they enjoyed much music together in their youth, which they shared due to some of the privations they had to endure together during the Great Depression here in the Wilmington area. I was kind of hoping I’d run into Nell at this morning’s service, but if she was there, I missed her. I was the tallest guy in the congregation this morning, 6’ 11”.

So I’d like to thank you for the chocolate welcome-bread that a very friendly young lady gave me – and your support of Good Shepherd Ministries, which has fed me on several occasions. This is BY FAR the most welcoming, up-beat, and practical assistance to homeless that I have found during this temporary, politically-caused period of homelessness that I have now endured for four months – three in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (while pursuing research into Tennessee Williams and how the movie of his play, NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, put the town on the map), and then one both in Raleigh, where my parents put me out on the street after promising to help me, but being offended by my political views, called the cops on me instead, and now here. (We had swastikas on the dinner plates growing up in the 1950s and 60s.

It is my contention that my mother blackmailed my father into marrying her to hide her activities behind the Kenan name. Key Jews in Atlanta confirmed to me in 1990, that my parents are the top Nazis in the US, more recently I have been told by several that my mother is Dick Cheney’s boss and reports to the Pope – she DID have several private audiences with Pope John Paul II in the 80s and 90s.)

I have already spoken with the director of Good Shepherd and will, once living under a roof instead of in my car, mentor homeless writers. It is my experience that learning to write one’s story (past) and/or dreams (future) is an excellent way to organize and train the mind toward practical concerns and become employable – or even a successful writer.

Now, frankly, I do not know if I will join your congregation, but I do want you to know that besides all the good works your congregation does, I’d like to congratulate whoever placed the rooster atop the Kenan tower. Religion is best when it serves as a wake-up call rather than the burden of guilt over that Old Bloody Cross. Jeshua (his Hebrew name) was reported to have said we could do what he did – and more. He told the physician to heal himself. He was a very cool guy!

I am fully aware that my story sounds unbelievable, but three doctors now have certified me as not having mood swings, hallucinations, or a violent disposition. I pray I am wrong, but facts support my contentions. Also, Thomas S. Kenan III has been a tremendous help to me. He is a trustee of UNC, and head of the wealthier branch of the family now. He and I had the same boyfriend here in Wilmington in the 1980s – although at separate times (HA-HA! No three-ways.) That’s how I had the nerve to contact such a powerful man.

You can read more about me on my websites: (political blog)

All best,

Scott David Kenan

New and Proud Wilmington resident

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WE THE PEOPLE demand to know:

1. Why Barach Obama supports ethanol when scientists have proven it takes more oil in the form of fertiler and processing energy to produce than a gallon of gas. Also, it removes land from food production, driving up food prices. Therefore, support of ethanol is DELIBERATE evil.

2. Why Barach Obama's advisors shield him from the truth that the Bush and Saudi Royal families conspired to create the event called "9/11." (I don't believe he deliberately lied to the UN about this.) Saudis flew the planes.

3. Why Barach Obama acts as if he does not know that the only reason we invaded Afghanistan was to get the Taliban out of the CIA's way. The Taliban were mostly unthinkable criminals, but they did one good thing: they completely stopped the cultivation of the opium poppy in the most productive country, thus drying up the support money for the now-extra-USA-acting CIA, as set up by Daddy Bush.

4. The CIA, which is partnered with the Bush/Cheney/Gingrich/Drug-Rush Limbaugh branch of the Republican Party now OWNS the importation, distribution, and profits from illegal hard drugs in the USA. When I crossed the border from Mexico a few weeks ago, several Border Agents said they've all known that for YEARS -- but also know you can't publish it in this country. I did -- right here on this blog!

Why didn't CNN publish it -- or Huffington Post? CNN gets a lot of ad dollars from AT&T which built what in Georgia is now called AT&T MATRIX. 'Nuf said. And you wondered why their service gives you troubles???

I don't know about Huffington Post. Generally, you can count on them for intelligence, or at least sincere attempts at it.

5. What's up with the persecution of the WikiLeaks guy? Actually, I think everyone has figured that one out. His case proves that right now, governments worldwide are in their last gasps of controlling their subjects, instead of working for the interests of citizens -- some governments were bigger controllers than others.

USA: Look in the mirror, please.

6. Why did it take on average nine months to deport the hundred or so deported Mexican citizens I interviewed in Mexico back to Mexico from the United States? Because we privatized much of our jail and prison system, and the Cheney family owns it. They are bleeding the US Treasury -- when Dick isn't sabotaging oil wells, bribing African nations, or otherwise Darth-Vadering around the world. At least HE never claimed to do it in the name of Jesus, like so many others.

To be continued, before or after the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS, Tuesday. . . .

Scott David Kenan
Scott Kenan, House o' David

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Waaaaay too funny -- until it's not. . . .

If you can get your hands on a copy of today's USA TODAY, check the photo on page 2 of the Reagans with Frank Sinatra -- it's worth a gazzillion words, or at least a whole load of blowjobs by Nancy Reagan!

She was the best female practitioner of the art in Ronald Reagan's Hollywood -- so good she got him to marry her (see detailed and documented story in earlier postings in this blog), and then she (if not exactly THROUGH Sinatra, at least through his mafia contacts), ran the country while blowing Sinatra under the desk in the Oval Office. Poor Ronnie dozed in chairs on his pre-Alzheimers drugs, but he was not oblivious -- he gave many hints in his speaches that he knew he was only a trapped puppet. Trapped, ultimately, by Daddy Bush and Cheney's CIA operatives, who had not yet expanded CIA extra-government funding by sale of illegal drugs beyond the opium derivitives that they were already importing from Afghanistan.

Hence, eventually, our invasion of that poor country whose devilish Taliban had done one excellent thing: they had stopped the growth of the opium poppy. Bush/Saudi Royal families had planned 9/11 (ask my former GA Congresswoman and failed 2008 Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney about that one. She appears to know a lot).

Later, CIA/Republican Party/PRI Party Mexico/mafia/Catholic Church hierarchy, allied to control all distilled illegal drugs in the Americas (but not really marijuana, mushrooms, peyote, etc.).

In the photo, you see everyone's attitude about the situation perfectly expressed on their faces.

I find the image of President Reagan difficult to look at. I met both him and Nancy in the White House when I worked for Tennessee Williams in late 1981. He totally disarmed me of my prejudices of him, and it took years to understand how a man with such a good heart and absolute love of our country could have brought so much evil to politics.

He didn't. The evil was brought by Bush/Cheney. Mr. Cheney needs a heart IMPLANT -- not transplant. If he falls off the podium while speaking tonight and dies, it will have been rehearsed. That's how Nazis are.

Ask my mother.
My heart goes out to Ron Reagan, who, if the exerpts printed in Sunday's PARADE magazine are truly indicative, has found the perfect tone in his book to honor the absolute best in his Dad, respect the good intentions of those who near-deified his father, and simultaneously tell the truth (in thinly coded language).
Ron Reagan, I salute you!
And President Reagan: You were one of the finest men I ever met in person. I'm sorry your presidency had to be so complicated, but perhaps best of all was your ability to keep your sense of humor through it all.
You inspired me to pull the masks off George Herbert Walker Bush, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, Fox News (and many of its mouthers) -- but especially my own mother.
Scott David Kenan

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nailing them

Once again, I have sent something via email that angers Republicans: A letter to GA Congressman John Lewis detailing how the man who has been spearheading my demise or commitment to a mental hospital, Tom Houck ( ), is in fact the same man who set Dr. Martin Luther King up to be assassinated by J. Edgar Hoover's people.

I promised Jackie Kennedy Onassis that I would avenge Dr. King's, her husband's and her brother-in-law's deaths one day, and I have done so. The Republican Party will fall today -- even if it takes more time.

My mother will hang from the gallows as Dick Cheney's boss and the top Nazi in the USA. (She reports to the Pope.)

Dick Cheney's heart just might stop cold today. . . .

All best to all of good will!!! (even the deluded)

Scott David Kenan

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Let's Party Tonight, Y'all!!!!

Yesterday, (although not via this blog), I claimed to have flushed out the man who infiltrated the inner circle of Martin Luther King Jr. so that he could set up J. Edgar Hoover's people to successfully assassinate Dr. King. This is not entirely true.

I had figured this one out several months ago, but had waited for right timing, and also to allow Tom Houck the opportunity to rebut me and somehow show SOME sign that I was wrong. This is a SERIOUS charge to make, and I can guarentee you this much: Mr. Houck will NOT be suing me for libel. He knows that my evidence is primarily circumstantial, but opening it up in a courtroom would force the exposure of the hard evidence.

Loyal readers will recall that I have several times reported here that I had promised Jackie Kennedy Onassis, when I met privately with her and Tennessee Williams the night of Jan. 10, 1982 in Jean Stein's Manhattan apartment, that I would eventually avenge the deaths of her husband, brother-in-law, and MLK. Jackie knew that our government had murdered all of them and that Jeanne Dixon (as later revealed in documents released by the FBI) had never been a psychic, but was actually Hoover's paid publicist. They faked the psychic thing to terrorize future victims after establishing psychic credit with JFK's assassination.

Yes, White People: THIS is your elected government. Black and Brown people were never hypnotized by Fox News and its predecessors, so this is hardly news to them.

Another note: On my road-trip back up from Puerto Vallarta, I stopped in Tuscalloosa, AL, hoping to at least call my former roommate, Allen Rosen of Allen Rosen Productions (video). He was abused by my adversaries who made him appear to me to do things against me that he never did. But the pay phone by the Wendy's ate two dollars of my change without giving me the promised directory assistance, and when I complained to some black folks in the Wendy's, they said you could get arrested if you complian about anything in that town. They claimed it was a virtual Police State, and from the vibes I got (and the police escort out of town) I can tell you that is EXACTLY what it is.

Much of this might be attibuted to Linda (Beasley) Allen (her 1st husband's surname) Rosen, who once showed me a picture of her family. I asked who the hateful looking, old, grump-faced man was -- joking that he looked like a demonic judge. And she answered with pride that he WAS a judge. I'd hate to show up in THAT man's court!

Also, Linda works for the "T-Town" (as it's called by cutesy White people) scholl system, and wrote the book of "inspiration" messages to be read to school children in Alabama. Her philosophy that she stated to me is that she want to "instill values." This means her intent is to introduce them to foreign values not given to us all by our Creator. She also argued me until we were blue in the face one time that "God-fearing" equals "God-loving."

Now, it's true that a hundred years ago, Puritan-ish people substituted these terms as if they were equal. But in modern times, God-fearing people are only those who believe they are not created in the Image of this thing we call God. They believe the Ultimate lie: Duality. That is, that there are TWO Gods, and they fear the evil one is stronger.

Poor Allen. His mother, Sylvia, a frisky, fire-headed, writing teacher, already had enough on her hands with one daughter-in-law who belongs to Jews for Jesus. Now she's got a rabid schiksa (sp?) as well. Personally, I would be fine if someone belonged to Jews for Yeshua. That acknowleges that the man was Jewish and implies that he was a teacher, rather than a savior (which he actually taught we must ALL be in our own lives for ourselves. Remember his rebuke to the physician who begged to be healed?)

BTW: I am now under the care of a Wilmington, NC psychiatrist and taking a not-Lithium drug originally meant to help those with siezures for a possible Bipolar Disorder diagnosis. My situration is too complex to diagnose with confidence in one session, but we both wanted me to be doing the right thing, so I jumped right in. It can't hurt me -- hell, the top lawyer form Wal-Mart couldn't successfully poison me, so I'm quite resistant to foreign substances.

I am also encouraged to continue unravelling what happened to me in the hands of my adversaries and to begin to bring ALL of the key actors to trail or sue them for all their wealth.

And yes, I continue as if possessed by the Soul of Avengance.

Scott David Kenan

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Casting out Albatrosses (less-loaded term than "devils")

Yesterday, with my mother's aggreement, I formally and irrevocably divorced my parents as part of my family. I suppose this is about the same thing as jews saying kaddish (sp?) over a living family member.

But after a 24-minute discussion -- entirely civil -- my mother refused to take responsibility for yer own actions and the promises that she forever renegs on, but worse, refuses to acknowlege that I, a 59 year old adult male who has been twice recently psychologically evaluated and found to be free of delusions and in no need of immediate counselling, care, or medication, am responsible for myself and she has no right to try to control me either directly, or through a network of my immediate family or other associates of hers who have hounded me since the day in 1978 when she realized she could not cure me of homosexuality.

I fully understand that she has issues with men -- especially those of us who enjoy sexual expression. At the age of six, my mother was forced by her 'retarded" unwashed and uncircumcized uncle to repeatedly give him blow jobs. and then when she went to the Catholic Church (whose authority, she tells me, she has never doubted a day in her life), the priest told her it was all her fault -- she had seduced him!

So I am empathetic, but I cannot have people in my life who having fallen vicits to evil, embrace it as their remedy. In traditional terms, I believe this is the same thing as "selling your soul to the devil." (Disclaimer: I don't actually believe in the devil.)

So today, I will approach my sibblings to find out where they stand. My brother Mike had, for most of his life, pretended to stand for freedom, justice, respect for the earth. But very recently, and in full knowlege that Amy Fortenberry, attack-dog lawyer for WalMart, had literally poisoned me -- and having claimed to have hated WalMart for destroying small-town America, and feeling so out-of-place working for Sun Oil Co.-cum-Sunoco, Inc., which he claimed was riddled with greedy, ignorant Republicans -- he decided that although he could not afford to send me the $18.50 fee it would have cost to clean and dress the open wound that is still on the bottom of my right foot, he said (through my sister Jane), that he would pay for a pair of jeans for me -- but ONLY if bought at WalMart!!!

*WalMart does not have jeans long enough for my 39" inseam legs --and he knows this. He apparently wanted me to walk around in jeans too short.

Well, today, my sibblings will need to give me some assistance to move into one of the apartments I have applied for. If not, we will divorce permanently too. I slept so well last night and acually woke up warm in my car, knowing I had thrown off a major albetross and contacted a couple of people who might well purchase part of the rights to one of my books -- in case NO immediate family helps me at all.

I have no idea where my seed money will come from. I really only need about $2,500.00 -- that much because due to the Republicans having screwed my credit report, I will be reuired to pay a double deposit.

But should the reader find any money in his or her pockets or bank accounts that is asking to be sent my way, it can be sent to me through PayPal on my book's website: .

Also, I apologize that the book's site is so out of date. I was unable to contact my web designer to correct some things, but now that life is settling back down, hope to do so soon. FYI: Mr. Alfredo Cornelio blah-blah-blah is the Mexican who tricked me out of all my assets the first month I was in Mexico. He is wanted by Mexican autorities on a number of counts. Bottom line: I BLAME MYSELF FOR LETTING HIM TRICK ME. And I thank him for teaching me a lesson I will never forget.

You will get an electronic copy of my book, but please remember that although I have been blocked to this account, it is re-opening to me today, and I can transfer those funds to my new account here in Wilmington with FSNB, "Armed Services Banking."

Muchos gracias!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The House was not MEANT to Stand

Regarding the recent shooting in Arizona:

Yesterday, I made sure that by speaking with a few people (or their voicemails) by phone, I got this info out to whomever is tapping my phone. I m able to hear the tones of the recorder and have found the sound reassuring -- whether that is warrented or not.

Benjamin and Adrianna Shields, who live in Conchas Chinas, Jalisco, Mexico -- right behind the police substation on the highway to Mismaloya -- had, as previously reported here, near-kidnapped me and said I would have to sell marijuana for them while they kept full use of my car. (I got out of that.) What I had failed to report, and has become important, is that Ben on three occassions became hepped up on methamphetamine and marijuana, and bragged that he owned the top 20 "Hate Obama" websites, including and

He claimed that the Bible says that when "niggar" becomes President, it is the end of the world, and it was his Christian duty to incite a Race War. On at least four occassions while in this state, he spoke with my mother on the phone -- often for at least half an hour. She gave him instructions, and while it was ostensibly to have me "get on my meds," he spent 95% of the time listening to instructions she was giving him. He took her VERY seriously.

Monday (please know that the library here is closed Sundays, and then was closed Monday and Tuesday due to the record 5.1 inches of snow.) I tracked down the station manager of the local Fox affiliate, but discovered that I was confused about the nature of his station's programming, and he made one other thing clear to me as well: Rupert Murdock is only in it for the money. He is not political. He's been selling hate and allowing his networks to be a tool of the Republican Party because it has been profitable.

Now that the polarity of the Human Universe has reversed, his networks will follow suit to remain profitable, and my mother's people will be without their communications giant. This, I only know from intuition.

And speaking of tools of the Republicans, you might think WalMart, whose top "Attack-Dog" lawyer (her description), Amy Fortenberry, who poisoned me last May was a Republican operative. Not so.

The last week, I have gotten much disturbing news of the Clintons, with accusations that it was Bill who let WalMart (Arkansas) become what it is and China get our manufacturing. The Republicans did that impeachment thing to distract people from seeing the truth that he was a pawn of the Republicans. Think: Defense of Marriage Act, Don't Ask Don't Tell. Bill Clinton. No wonder Jimmy Carter detests him.

BTW: The WalMart front end manager of the store near Market and College here in Wilmington told me he is not political, but decided to strongly support Walmart's PAC. Much of what he did weas support their campaign for the Health Care Act. He said their intent is to drop the coverage of the vast majority of their employees (which he labeled "low level" or "low class" and "fairly uneducated and ignorant") and let the taxpayers pick up the tab.

He said this would shoot their profits through the roof and then they would get control of nearly all corporate farming and food production in the US (but allowed that Harris Teeter Stores and maybe a couple others would still be able to aford some of it). All this while also acknoweging he considers it traitorous and God-hating.

This is the disconnect of my mother's people's operatives.

And now, the Clinton "middle ground" people are taking over Obama's administration. The poor man is still naive. Whites apparently have been too bigotted to tell him the whole truth and let him in on how our government REALLY is run.

These Obama advisors I know personally and have kept in my email loop, but for traitorous reason, they do not pass any info on: Tom Houck , and the architecht of Obama's presdential campaign, whom I met in Puerto Vallarta at the writers' group.

Last night, I white-lied my way up I-40 bumming gas. I'm still living in my "mobile home," and having gotten a cold, needed extra cash to buy some meds. At my final stop, synchronicities kicked in. The gentleman I decided would be my last try pulled up opposite me, turned out to be a personal friend of Senator Dick Lugar -- the only one in the Senate or House i feel truly is my ally -- and gave me generous cash. I refused more than $10.00, as I don't like to be a burden on anyone.

This was in Duplin County, whose seat is Kenansville, and where Liberty Hall, the ancestoral home of the Kenans (Thomas S. Kenan III's branch) is located.

and then last night, i dreamt I was in a huge house thta collapsed around me, but did not injure me. I preserved its heritage as it fell to earth. Tennessee Williams' play that I helped mount in Chicago, A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND, had come to fruition.

And so it is.

My favorite Presidents and hopefulls (during my lifetime): Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Cynthia McKinney (my former congresswoman who ran on the Green Party ticket in 2008). President Obama needs to prove himself still, and WE THE PEOPLE need to hold his feet to the fire. He's a good man, but a serious tad naive.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Bush/Cheney/Ratzinger/Murdock have lost. Pity.

I just got an email from Robby Anderson, but I have had my one remaining email address blocked by my political adversaries. They are so mad they could commit suicide!!! Especially, my mother, but she's not electronically inclined, so it must be her chief deputy, Dick Cheney.

Today, I called Lynn Elsenhans, CEO of Sunoco, Inc. (formerly Sun Oil Co.) and Agnes Steele had me leave a message for Louisa Cresson, a top attorney for Sunoco. I reported many of the details of this blog to her, and that my mother had somehow gotten Sun to transfer Dad to Louisville, KY in 1956, where, although he was a lowly acounting clerk, he gecame a chief ally of the Bingham family, and was given many gifts including manyfrom a Pepsi Cola vice president. I remember my mother not letting us kids drink any of the Pepsi or Teem that were delivered every year to our Stanton Blvd. and Noe Way address.

As astute historians or readers of this blog know, it was Col. Bingham who poisoned Mary Lily Kenan Flagler Bingham after getting her addicted to laudenum and to write a codicil to her will leaving him $6,000,000.00 -- a pittance to Mary Lily, declared by the New York Times to then be the wealthiest woman in the world.

I'm tired. I worked hard all week and am broke and must now go out and beg money to buy lunch. If my email were not all blocked up again, I'd email John Blades and ask him to ask Tom if he might be interested in a 10% interest in ownership of rights to my Williams memoir for a few thousand dollars so I could get off the street.

I'm too proud to keep begging and I don't want a gift. I am a Kenan, and we always earn our own way. Tom and i were born into our positions by accident or design -- seemingly barely connected by blood, but we are actually intimately connected due to the peculiar history of the Kenan family -- and the absolute diabolical greed of Bush/Cheney/Gingrich/Limbaugh/Murdock, and all the rest of their ilk. I will soon begin my canpaign to put them all (the conscious actors) into the "FEMA" camps they were building for us, but into which THEY will now go.

Let the News avalanche now begin!

Gracias and God Bless everyone -- especially my adversaries who need it most.

Scott David Kenan

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Royal Saudi Family v. Kenan Family

First, I'd like to say that all info I have has been culled from publically available sources, except that which I got from personal experience and interaction with others. I have always tried to verify what I get from others. While I respect my distant relatives' privacy, I have never revealed anything about them that I could not find in public records, although I have often -- perhaps occassionally in error -- deduced my conclusions using intuition as well as logic.

In this new era, secrecy no longer is power. Openess is now power, and in that spirit, I have made my life like an open book, and tell much about my distant relatives which they have kept quiet about, although they have not asked me to shut up -- and I have repeatedly sent them messages to comment or stop me if they feel I am going out of line.

Last night, I got yet another opinion that the Kenan family of North Carolina is the second wealthiest family on earth after the Saudi Royals. This from a contractor who went through extensive background checks and an indirect route before being allowed to meet Thomas S. Kenan III, for whom he did some construction work some years ago. It seemed as if he had been sent to speak to me to give me that message and to calm me after I had become a bit discombobulated.

Yesterday, I filled out a financial and reference application that was extensive, so that I could be approved to move into an apartment. The application was left at a drop point -- the mailbox of a private home worth well more than $1 million. The mail had already been delivered, but two hours later, my paperwork was missing. This proved (almost -- there could have been mischievious children raiding mail boxs, a Federal crime, but not likely), that my adversaries have continued to track my every move and tried to block my every effort to succeed.

Luckily, they are now so toothless, they resort to annoyances like this, rather than trying to commit me to a mental hospital, jail me, or murder me -- all of which they were still attempting in Raleigh, but have not attempted in Wilmington.

They can't. Kenan is too strong here, and they know it.

The only person in Wilmington who has suggested I need to be medicated is John Mann, who interestingly enough is -- by his own admission -- legally addicted to Adderal (sp?) for ADD. He spends his days on a computer doing who-knows-what, and nights at The Tool Box, a funky gay bar in the longshoreman district.

Last night (at 10:15 PM), the Tool Box was closed. I don't know why -- unless of course I do.

Back to the meat: The Saudi Royals with the Bush family own the Carlisle group (maybe a new name now -- it was that name when I last researched them several years ago) which owns top arms manufacturing corporations around the world. Bush and Cheney own narco-trafficking in the Americas with the CIA, as well as Afghanistan (for opium and its derivatives).

Most of the legal drug industry is owned by Republicans.

Henry Flagler (with his father-in-law) controlled 2/3 of Standard Oil. He left that and his other interests to his last wife Mary Lily Kenan, who was declared by The New York Times to be the wealthiest woman on earth. Later Kenans multiplied this money abundantly through various ways, including the doubling of stock values of the Standard-Oil-derived stocks that occurred within a year of the US Government's break up of the Standard Oil Trust -- the world's first oil cartel.

Now, Henry Flagler made his fortune owning 90% of the oil business in the US, and the Kenans continued to own as much -- even after the cartel became many companies. They still owned it all! No one accused Flagler or the Kenans of truly gouging consumers; the gret profits were in the economies of scale, etc. The Kenan family used the profits to found many charitable organizations (under various names -- not all "Kenan"), mainly in support of university education, and centered primarily around UNC Chapel Hill, which their earlier kin had founded and supplied the original land for.

They gave most of their profits back to the consumers who bought the petroleum products to insure an educated United States public.

I'm damned proud of them!!!

But what have the Sudi Royals and the Bush/Cheneys done with their Middle East oil and legal and illegal drug profits? They have supported the Republican Party which is systematically causing people to need to be addicted to drugs just to have some sanity in this United States which they are systematically bancrupting -- and then destroying the educational system which is the FOUNDATION on which democracy thrives.

Get it???

My parents and siblings totally support the Republicans, although Mike and Jane claim to be progressive. My mother is a Nazi and we had swastikas on the dinner plates in the 1950s and 60s -- and her sisters-in-law tell me that my grandmother did NOT own those plates.

My brother won't speak to me because I have reveaed that when doing cocaine, he has sex with men. He also has not been able to perform with women very well at all, although his side-woman in the late 90s or early 80s was satisfied once Viagra was introduced to the market.

Ladies: If your husband is healthy and otherwise is not on drugs with sexual side effects, he is likely a homosexual hiding behind your marriage. Make him confess, and/or take him for every penny he's got and divorce him for decieving you. It just is totally unfair to so many wonderful women.

I did wish my mother a happy 88th birthday today, but since she continues to reneg on her promise that if I saw a doctor about my alleged bipolar disorder and followed his instructions (I did that in Puerto Vallarta and am doing that in North Carolina -- both said I need NO MEDICATION, am NOT delusional, and there is NO CRISIS), she would send me $5,000.00 in exchange for my being taken off my parets' will, and I would sign a contract never to ask them for money again, I will legally remove all my parents' wealth, but then, being compassionate, make them my dependents and provide them financial support so they can live a BETTER lifestyle than they do today.

I will also do this to my siblings since they totally support my mother, her Republican allies, etc. It will take a little time and they might not enjoy it, but they will be made to respect my rights as a 59 year old human being and stop trying to put me on Lithium, which is very dangerous to the body and has already caused me to lose most of my teeth and develop "chemical diabetes" in my feet. I have an open wound on the bottom of my right foot for 6 months now. My family would not even pay the $18.50 USD that it would have cost a Mexican doctor to clean and dress it.

They claimed repeatedly that they could not afford to send me that much money. Really. Ask them. And I have it in saved emails, as well.

So this is my next course: transfer of wealth from sub-human Nazis to me.

I'd especially like to thank Eminem for his song about his own hateful mother and how he has had to deal with her. Eminem: You made me feel there was at least one person in the world who was born to devils, yet denounced them and rose above them. I was not alone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Scott David Kenan

PS: We moved from Louisville, KY approximately two weeks before President Kennedy was assissinated. (My Tennessee Williams book reports on my meeting Jackie Onassis in 1982 and how she treated me with deference. I did promise her to avenge her husband's, her brother-in-law's, and MLK Jr.'s deathes when it became possible. She knew our government had done it -- more on this deep in my blog).

My parents, once we had moved to between West Chester and Exton, PA, used to trumpet all around that they thing they most missed about Louisville was the Louisville Courier Journal. This seemed to be code to meet their own kind of people. This comment will be perfectly understood by people truly "in the Kenan know."

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Metaphorical shot accross the Republican Party's bow

This letter which I sent to Mr. Fetzer, head of the Republican Party in North Carolina on December 27, 2010, bears re-publication and re-sending. Actually, I was unable to publish it on this blog at that time because the Republican Black Ops people still had any computer I used so corrupted, it was impossible to copy and paste it from either the Word program I wrote it in or the Gmail email I sent it to Mr. Fetzer in. Today, this computer is acting as if it were not corrupted -- Praise Jesus!!!


Also new to report-by-me:

The "FEMA" camps that were begun construction under President Bush on railroad sidings around the country to house those of the "artistic" bent after the Republicans collapsed the economy and stirred (via the Fox News Network) their gun-totin', un-educated allies into a frenzy to round us up, will now be used to house those who planned this diabolical plot, instead.

They will be held in these Nazi-inspired camps until they show they can be trusted in society and then will do the labor to restore this country to ecological beauty -- something like the current condition of most of my other favorite country, Mexico.

They will restore all the wealth they stole from us.

Eventually, after all that has been completed, when they have shown they have replaced the greed in their hearts with love, they will all be restored to full citizenship rights and welcomed back into society with open arms. They will not be abused by us nor do manual or other labor at less than the going, legal rates.

See former Gov. Jesse Ventura's TV program or google "FEMA camps" for more information. Also check on Anadarko Oil, a Bush family drug importation scam-company.

I hope this about wraps things up for my political activity, and I can go back to writing books.

To understand me better, please study the symbolism of the Kenan family Coat of Arms -- to paraphrase Helen Reddy:

I am KENAN; hear me roar!


And now the letter:

Dear Mr. Fetzer:

My name is Scott David Kenan, and I am a new resident of Raleigh, having moved here from Stone Mountain, GA after a half year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Yesterday morning, I left a card with a note under the front door of the Headquarters of the Republican Party on Hillsborough St., and wanted to further explain myself.

I will not be joining your party.

Two and a half years ago, I was taken off the drug Lithium, which I had been on inappropriately for 25+ years, and woke up to discover that I was a key person (inadvertent), in a very serious plot of High Treason against the United States of America – the country my North Carolina Kenan ancestors and relatives have fought so hard to found, defend, and educate. Perhaps, you have heard of at least a few of them.

I am the only person alive who has had the balls to tell the truth about the pernicious actions of rogue elements in the Republican Party – but not confined to only your Party. These people include most of the Bush family (especially Daddy), Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, most of the staff of Fox News, much of the CIA, the Mexican PRI Party and its mafia allies, and even the Pope.

A key ally of mine is Thomas S. Kenan III, trustee of UNC Chapel Hill as well as many of the Kenan enterprises and Charitable Trusts, bolstered from the money his branch of the family inherited from Henry Flagler.

I have been abused most severely by members of your party: five attempts to commit me to a mental hospital in Georgia in a two month period, a poisoning by the top lawyer from Wal-Mart Corporation, several attempts to kill me by mafia associates in Puerto Vallarta, extreme corruption of all my electronic devices including my computers, phones, GPS, etc.

I DO NOT blame all Republicans – most believe themselves to be very decent people, and at times, I have even counted myself among them. They are as duped by the top actors as much as are their victims. I’m sure you are a man of integrity, and I hope that you and I can meet privately as soon as your office’s winter holiday is over next week.

We need to be sure that the legitimate interests of ALL of North Carolina’s citizens are properly represented when your party takes over shortly. You can be sure that I will be on your Party like "white on rice," and that I will use every legal means to keep Republicans from further damaging the future of this great State, which my forebears where so proud to help found.

More info about me:

Please use this address when contacting me. Republican Black Ops people have had all the rest of my email addresses tied up and blocked for months now: .

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you as WE THE PEOPLE transform the Republican Party into the Grand Old Party it once was!

Scott David Kenan

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Business Proposal and Jane's response:


I put a copy of my business card on the windshield of a truck bearing the logo of the local FOX TV network. I dared them to interview me and referred to the lies they published and then refused to take off their websites for the NYC and LA Fox sites. They had claimed that I said Tennessee Williams took a lot of illegal drugs.

He didn't. All I ever saw of that was his smoking pot twice in six months.

Also, today, this exchange with my sister:

Hi Jane,

After texting you this morning, I thought of some other things. First. I want you to know that I hope that my theories and remembered facts are incorrect and that I am in fact mentally ill and delusional. I would FAR prefer that to be true than that I am correct. I would prefer to spend my life in a mental hospital or heavily medicated than to have what I believe to be true actually be true. But I have seen no evidence that convinces me that I am fundamentally wrong. Of course I am human and I have made some errors, but they do not invalidate my basic premises.

I plan to get a full mental health evaluation and follow any doctor's orders. I agree with Mom on that, but I will NOT take Lithium again. It is extremely dangerous to many organs and in fact is what caused me to loose my teeth and get "chemical diabetes" in my foot. It is outlawed in nearly every other country on earth -- except for uses in severe mania.

BTW: If Mom is correct, I have been manic for nearly two years now. The longest previous report of a manic episode that I have been able to find is 9 months.

As you know, I have never believed you have deliberately treated me badly. Mom and Dad have, I THINK Mike has, and I have not had enough contact with Julie to judge. Therefore, I have a proposition for you: I need $2,500.00 to get into a furnished appartment and buy a computer. I found one that is furnished with everything for -- including silverware, etc. -- $950.00 (most within walking distance of the Historic Distict are $1,100.00 and above). I have to pay the same amount as damage deposit, which of course I get back later. I can get a good basic laptop for $500.00.

I propose that if you (from your funds, sharing the investment with others, or borrowing from John or your traveling companion) invest that much, I will give you 10% ownership in my Williams memoir -- including movie rights. You and your group read my boook, so you know what others think of it. As soon as I get out of living in my ice-box car and have my own computer, I will begin to find a publisher. Your cut comes from the royalties I get AFTER any agent's commission (15%, generally, although I think I can sell it without using one), and BEFORE any of my own expenses. I'm likely to get at least $25,000.00 advance, so when I sign the contract, you will get your investment back, although there is no guarentee of this and it might take longer.

Then if sold for a movie -- highly likely -- you might rememeber that the producers of all the Harry Potter films asked to see it and we never began to try to sell it. They had gotten wind of it. They opted out as it is not the subject matter they normally do. The producers of Julie and Julia, The Hours, The Queen, etc., are still considering it. I will pay you back any balance of the $2,500.00 investment that is not earned back within five years, but without interest, should that be the case.

My plan is to make you well-off, and expect that within two years, you will be able to retire comfortably if you want to. You may share anything I write to you with anyone, although I will NOT make this offer to anyone else in the family. I will try to sell another 15% of the book to someone else for four times as much money, and expect it to be bought by xxxxxxxxx xxxx.


1. I have met many people here, including city and business leaders. About 25% claim to be blood related to me/us. All have been very friendly, and none claim I need a doctor or meds, but I want to check that out anyway.

2. I have volunteered my services at Thallian Hall as an usher/concession worker.

3. I am in the process of offering to co-write with a local theater group a touring show based on my book and blog, and will give them a major chunk of the rights to help fund all their activities. If this proposal interests you, please let me know by phone call or text. i could drive up to pick up the money, or it could be sent electronically to my new bank account and I would provide routing and account numbers.

If you are certain you would not be interested, please let me know immediately. If you are inclined, the sooner I could get off the street and to work on selling the book and my profession, writing, the better. I would provide a written, signed document of the terms to be replaced by a contract drawn by a lawyer of your choice ASAP.

All my love,

Jane's response:


I am not interested in your proposal as I have no extra money for that. I just found out I am not getting anything back in taxes and thought I was so am even shorter on cash than I thought.

Good luck w/ getting some money; maybe you should try and find a paying job to get you back on your feet until you can pursue the book.


And mine:

Sorry you don't think borrowing money from John or your traveling companion for an investment that is so good is foolish. Borrowing for things in a tough economy that DON'T produce income is the real mark of a fool. But, then, Mom and Dad would criticize you if you got rich. They have always said we don't deserve to have even the average income for people of our education level.

If you change your mind in the next day or two, let me know. I can still extend my offer to you if someone else invests. I'm going to make too much money for just myself, but can't wait too long for anyone in the family who can't see an opportunity.

Love and best wishes,
Everything in Wilmington, NC is going GREAT!!!

Idea to balance the federal budget:

The corporation that bought up most of the privatized jails and prisons in the US is owned by the Cheney family. It takes three days to process paperwork to deport Mexicans and others, and a little longer to arrange transportation. However, I sopke with dozens of deported Mexicans while I was in Puerto Vallarta, and on average, they were transferred from jail to jail in the US for NINE MONTHS before being returned to Mexico.

Dick Cheney is bleeding the US taxpayers to enrich himself.

Idea to recoup the US budget deficit:

There was a law passed or court order in the last few years that allowed the IRS to get inside the secret records of off-shore banks that protected wealthy from paying the US taxes they owed. Our government did get taxes out of the least wealthy of these people, but stopped short of investigating the top ones.

It has been estimated (I came actross this three times) that if the top people were also investigated and made to pay their back taxes, $13 trillion would be raised.

This roughly equals the US debt.

I am NOT as confident of this as I am of the Cheney/prison scam info, but I'm sure it's worth looking into.

Cheers to the Lovers of Liberty!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year; Prosperity Rules!!!

So much has happened since my last posting that I don't know where to start!!!

Afterbeing kicked out of my parents' house in Raleigh (under the supervision of cops -- at MY request), the guy I was sharing my car with for sleeping, food, cigs, and money, turned out to be getting orders from my mother. Pete White drives a maroon 2002 Kia Sportage with PA plates and is about 33 years old with the appearance of a 5' 9" heavyish build, dark hair. His furry crack shows when he bends over. His phone number is (orwas) 919-607-9692.

I had to call the cops on him after he stole things from several of my pockets -- including my car keys, which were later found and my belongings in my car were, thank God, unmolested (unlike me, LOL!!!)

I moved to Wilmington, NC, where 1/3 the residents claim to be my blood relatives -- and all are at least as crazy as me. I figure I have literally died and gone to heaven. Reconnected with old boy friends and met many friends of my distant Kenan relatives. The people here are as loving, smart, and hard-working as the Mexican people, so it is a relief to see Americans can be as good as Mexicans if they want to be.

Praise Jesus!!!

Completely divorced my parents and siblings, and then went back to Raleigh to pick up a tattered Stars and Bars flag that I had framed under glass and stored at my parents' house. It was a cool reception there (I was barredfrom entering their property, so Dad carried the art out and leaned it against my car on the farside of the street. I waited until he had re-entered his house before getting out to put it in my car.), and Dad looked defeated.


Discovered that my Net 10 phone was actually an ATT phone --which is why I kept loosing the ability to call in or out for hours at a time right after saying things against my mother or Republicans. Got a new 910 area code number from a different company.

A representative from Kenansville, NC met me two days ago in Best Buys while I was considering new phones. She said I should "sue the shit out of my mother for forcing me to take Lithium." I have conpassion, but I haven't decided. Meet with Kenan family associated lawyers soon to decide on that one. Have several lawyers who will begin suing corporations who screwed me -- and possibly the Republican Party national organization.

Much to do today, so must get to it!!!

I really am in heaven and money is flowing to me now.