Saturday, February 26, 2011

MY ass ain't royal -- but you can still KISS IT!!!

Today's title is directed at my parents, brother, and sisters, as well as my Former Employer (see most previous post), and all the Bush/Cheney/Gingrich/Fox News Republicans and their allies, the CIA (who tried to murder me in Puerto Vallarta), FBI (who murdered JFK, RFK, and MLK Jr.), Papists, Mexican and other Drug Mafia who OWN narco-trafficking in the Americas and Afghanistan; Michael Remer and John Eastman and the others who conspired and hijacked the estate of Tennessee Williams -- especially Thomas Keith who added lies to my Tennessee Williams memoir when he edited it and John Uecker who murdered my former employer when my mother claimed she had me "chemically lobotomized" on Lithium.

Special shout-out to Christal Presley (and her close friend, Sean Hannity of Fox News), who connects these pieces together.

Also directed to some troublemakers in my new hometown, Wilmington, NC: The local drug mafia (operating largely out of Good Shepperd Center), much of the Wilmington Police Force (but NOT the Sheriff or D.A).
 I'll be working with the D.A.'s investigator (and others) soon, to give y'all your "just desserts!"

 >>> CORRECTION!!! The local D.A., Benjamin David, is TOTALLY corrupt from all appearances. >>> IN FACT: He and his lovely family sat Sunday Mornings in the very front pew of Kenan Chapel at First Presbyterian Church. Since I first blogged about his crimes on Palm Sunday (2011 -- this added 3 July 2012 for clarity. Click on blog header to get CURRENT posts and updates) -- or thereabouts -- they have NOT attended services at First Prez (at least not in Kenan Chapel).

The message today is the email I sent to the three pastors at First Presbyterian Church here in Wilmington:

Hey Guys,
I thought you might get a kick out of this. Seems I can’t be satisfied bringing the Republican Party and narco-traffickers to task – I’ve jumped into defending the Presbyterian Church (USA). This in response to an article published on Huffington Post online, 2/22/11, “The Bible Supports Same-Gender Marriage,” by Dr. Janet Edwards, Presbyterian Minister: .
Interesting to note, beyond what I state below about the Kenan family’s involvement in Presbyterianism, is that according to THE KENAN FAMILY, Mercer University Press, 1999, not only was the American Psychiatric Association led by at least two descendants of the three Kenan brothers who landed in Wilmington in the 1730s, during much of the 20th Century, including when homosexuality was taken off the list of mental illnesses, another descendant of the brothers headed the actual research that led to this change. There is no evidence that any of them (and none were Kenan-surnamed), had any idea they were blood related.
Additionally, one finds in the book that while Tom (Thomas S. Kenan III), is descended from the brother who was married to a Johnston(e) who carried the Stuart line, I am not, so cannot claim it. But strangely enough, several years ago, my sister-in-law’s mother discovered she is descended from these same Johnstons, who include a Royal Governor of North Carolina (the father of the wife of Tom’s immigrating Kenan brother). My nephews and niece DO, therefore, have the “royal blood.”
Of course all this bloodline stuff is immaterial since we are all related to each other. (When citing bloodline credentials for practical, bamboozling purposes, I nearly always add: “But don’t worry if you don’t like your blood – nowadays you can buy a transfusion!”)
What got my blood boiling after reading Dr. Edward’s article, was that the comments -- at least early ones -- seemed dominated by liberal gays BLASTING the article for proving that Christians HATE homosexuals. Clearly, these people had not even READ the article and simply jumped in and wrote comments from the place of their OWN prejudices about what ANY Christian minister would HAVE to say about gay people and same-gender marriage. I was shocked, and immediately took several to task by chiding, “Guess you didn’t READ the article either.” Below is how I responded to one such comment by “Guscat,” and then how I responded to the two comments I got regarding my response:

Guscat 05:33 PM on 2/23/2011
In all due respect, your dogmatic thinking and know it all attitude is an example of what makes people run from Christiani­ty.

Scott Kenan 06:30 PM on 2/23/2011
The Presbyteri­an Church is actually the Church of Scotland, in America. The Kenan family of NC is known for having founded the 1st publicly-s­upported college in America, UNC at Chapel Hill, inheriting Henry Flagler's Standard Oil Trust and Florida developmen­t money, inheriting control of Coca Cola, and founding Bank of America (actually founding or inheriting two banks that were eventually developed into BoA). They put most of their money into Educationa­l Trusts, in aggregate, the largest in the world in support of education, now focusing into the performing arts and preservati­on of native languages and cultures in Latin America.

Kenans are descended from the Stuart line in Scotland, so therefore, although not doing the original theorizing­, sanctioned the "Presbyter­ian Church" as the official church of their kingdom, which continues in the US as BOTH branches, although, being gay as a goose, I say the remaining UPC is in error.
Guscat 03:42 AM on 2/24/2011
The University of North Carolina was founded in 1789. Standard Oil was founded in 1870. It would have been impossible for Standard Oil money to have founded UNC. Your historical facts are misleading at best.
Scott Kenan 9 minutes ago (6:04 AM)
I stated events in the correct order, and then you deliberate­ly distorted that. I understand that some people are hateful, but what was your motivation­???
libwingoflibwing 08:24 PM on 2/23/2011
The PCA is not a result of a split in the U.P.C.

It originated when the old southern Presbyterian Church began ordaining women. It had nothing to do with either the United Presbyteri­an Church of North America or the United Presbyteri­an Church U.S.A., both northern Presbyteri­an Churches.
Scott Kenan 2 minutes ago (6:11 AM)
Thank you for correcting me -- if in fact you are correct. I was not trying to clarify the splits in the Presbyteri­an Church, but stating my opinion that the UPC is in error on this issue. I apologize if I have misled the masses into misinforma­tion on the "genealogy­" of the splittings­.
LOL!!! I sure have been having a lot of fun since first entering First Prez’s sanctuary!
This blog is dedicated to my Guardian Angel, JACQUELINE KENNEDY ONASSIS.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Confronting, again, the man who partnered with Newt Gingrich and GA Republican Congressman John Linder to import massive quantities of ILLEGAL DRUGS

My Former Employer's CLIENT LIST published on his public website:

Hi Former Employer, whose name I'll not use today,

I just realized three things.

1. If you delay in sending me the check past today, you should overnight it.

2. My address is (what it is).

3. I am copying the local DA to ask him if this IS in fact extortion, as you claim – and my pastor to see if he thinks I am acting outside integrity. I want to be on the correct side of BOTH laws! Ben is a member of First Presbyterian Church also, so I hope to run into him there on Sunday. I had (at a Sheriff Deputy’s advice) emailed him late last night and then gone to his office early this morning to give info on what I know about local mafia activity and drug trafficking. The man at the desk gave me the phone number of Skip Hedge, who does investigative work, but since no one answered that phone over an hour period, I left a message for him to call me and am still waiting. In the meantime, I have been harassed by two plain-clothesed Wilmington City Police in unmarked cars (they had police computers and radios, so I assume they are police), and two other incidences of apparent mafia harassment.

And then a VERY strange situation when as I left the building of a gas station after buying cigarettes on the SW corner of Kerr and Market, a 35 year old guy +/- was pumping gas right there at the closest pump to me, and he began switching hands, changing the nozzle to his right hand WHICH HELD A LIT CIGARETTE!!! I had a flash of paranoia, thinking the Republicans were so desperate to be rid of me, they had hired a “suicide bomber.” When I yelled at him to WATCH IT!!!, he stopped, and amazingly enough, did NOT seem drug-addled or otherwise impaired. I jumped into my car and burned rubber!!!

I look forward to your reply and/or check. Please extend the courtesy of a reply, at least.


From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 2:12 PM
Subject: RE: My email from you was subtly changed AFTER I got it, just like John Blades, Exec. Dir. of Flagler Museum proved was happening in emails between us a year ago

Thank you for your fairly prompt response to my effective phone call.

Are you now a “law unto yourself,” and have the authority to hire a bounty hunter? I thought you had gotten into some kind of trouble of your own making and your company is now in shambles and you might even have been indicted on some kind of charge (although quite seriously, I do NOT know the facts of what happened to you, your family, your company, or your former contractors).

For your own legal health (so that it does not deteriorate further), I suggest that you in your Christian faith, love, and compassion – which you have made a big deal of – reconsider, including the fact that I speak the truth when I say it is only the distractions caused by my mother’s people and other Republicans that I was not able to get completely on my own financial feet in the last 2 ½ weeks. Had I had a full month before rent was due again, I would likely have solved all this on my own without bothering you, which I never intended.

You can see the trend, by the Grace of God, is one of at least diminishment of my requests. I understand your reluctance to trust me, but feel I have also given you the proof that I CAN be trusted, although I failed to consider that I would be paying rent again after only 3 weeks instead of the usual 4+ weeks. Also, my landlord’s requirement that being self-employed I needed to pay an EXTRA MONTH’S RENT in advance, caused me a problem greater than I had expected. Had it not been for that, I’m sure that I could have swung this month’s bills entirely on my own.

If you simply mailed the check drawn on the same bank (SunTrust), I could talk my way out of any late fees as I think the check would clear again in only two days, like the previous one. This would at least save you the overnight fees.

Best wishes to you, YOUR WIFE, and SON, and may I respectfully request that you reply ASAP and keep all this on a friendly basis.


Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 1:54 PM
To: 'Scott Kenan'
Subject: RE: My email from you was subtly changed AFTER I got it, just like John Blades, Exec. Dir. of Flagler Museum proved was happening in emails between us a year ago

Jane’s email seemed to be in reply to one you had initiated – and your further comments to Jane are also in violation of our agreement. This would seem to confirm my fears (and what others warned me) that your condition is still not stable. It also seems you think it’s OK to accuse everyone of being in the drug business that you disagree with – sad testament to your mental condition. I was told by some people that apparently knew better than myself not to send you any money because it would only lead to repeated requests – that you would not stop asking for money from me. Seems they were correct.

I will not accept your calls or respond to any more emails. If I spend any more money on your account it will be to hire a bounty hunter to have you brought back to GA to spend some time in jail. I hope you will not make me regret my generosity – but at this point expect the worse from you – since you seem to feel it is OK to make false accusations against anyone and everyone… I predict you will end up back on the street unless you focus on a job instead of extortion.

From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 7:05 PM
Subject: FW: My email from you was subtly changed AFTER I got it, just like John Blades, Exec. Dir. of Flagler Museum proved was happening in emails between us a year ago


First I’d like to say that I believe I have complied with all the terms we agreed to when you kindly sent me the check for $3,800.00. The email below DOES mention you by name, but Jane initiated that, so it was out of my control. Shortly, I will have a few more things to say about Jane’s and my trail.

Your check was an enormous help, and as I’ve told you before, you are the only person who vexed me who has later helped me – voluntarily, really, since I’d used no legal or other force to compel you -- and although on the surface we had quite an argument, I’ve always known you respected me and NEVER wanted to do me harm. God knows that I have learned that one cannot judge by appearances, and that we all being human, evil people can manipulate us through blackmail, and in those situations we are not entirely at fault – although it is also true that no one can blackmail us without our permission.

My mother blackmailed my father into marrying her, but since the only other choice would have been a set-up conviction of murder and possible capital punishment, I do not criticize him for his choice.

I assume you have followed my blog, so you know what has been going on with me. I would also like to say that I REALLY have little idea what has happened with you and your company after I left for Mexico. In October, one of my Mafia contacts in Puerto Vallarta said that “The System” had had a huge hit in Georgia, one of its biggest ever. Soon after that I tried to call your personal line and it no longer worked. I called the company number and found that nearly no extensions worked, so I ASSUMED you must have been busted, but I found nothing googling the news. I know if the Republican Pols whom I believe also are in drug trafficking (although I’ve connected them with you, this is something that I cannot prove and I might be incorrect on – but I DO know that they are in the drug trafficking business, whether connected to you or not! I only really knew that a box of pot shipped to you by the son of the black AF General in charge of the US AIR WAR COLLEGE AT MAXWELL AFB, MONTGOMERY, AL had gone missing from a UPS truck in the late 1990s, and I only had that on hearsay from YOUR FEMALE CONTRACTOR WITHE THE MALE-SEEMING NAME and a few others (so don’t just blame HER!!!)

That’s it!

But I am NOT going to stand on the sidelines as the one person who has (except in the very end) ALWAYS treated me with respect and integrity, and allow you to take a hit if those assholes in politics don’t take a MUCH LARGER hit. ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU ALONE ARE THE PERSON WHO GOT ME OUT OF THE HELL OF LIVING HOMELESS!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but you are stuck with my benevolence, and I will do all in my power to be sensitive to how to portray you in the best light from now on.

I do wish to ask you a small favor, but let me also say something else first. As we reached our last agreement, I did not press you on a point of reality that was, is, and always will be the truth. This business of the $100.00/share being a typo is a late afterthought on your part to indicate that $3,800.00 was the upper limit of what you could send me then, for whatever reason. In the email below, you will see more of my thoughts about it, BUT, I don’t expect it ever to come to that – AND I don’t expect to ask you for the full balance of the $38,000.00 either.

But I do have a special situation right now that I could use some assistance with. I have been too tied up in the political battle to put as much effort into re-selling my Williams book or getting onto the lecture circuit as I had expected – although I HAVE been able to do some work on both. My rent is coming due 2/1, and since I had to put down THREE months rent to get into this place instead of the usual two (because I could not prove I had a “job” or one year’s rent in savings).

So I ask if you could please send me a check to cover this month’s rent and utilities. Because I moved in Feb. 8 and paid a full three months, I am to pro-rate the rent based on 30 day month (confusing since there are only 28 days in Feb) but I figure I owe 21/30 of a month ($630) or $441.00, plus $117 for cable/internet bill already received (includes installation) plus $150 estimated gas + electric. Total of $708.

I could ask for a lot more, but because of your kindness, actually hope and believe that I will NEVER ask you for more than this. If you added some to help me buy groceries, that would be nice, but I certainly don’t insist on it.

I will post something extremely important on my blog later tonight (in four hours?). I suggest you answer after reading it. What I will be giving to the DA will be about my mother and Alyson Books and politicians (later correction: mafia activities in New Hanover and Pender Counties, NC). I will NOT be making claims that you are some kind of HUGE narco like NEWT GINGRICH or the others.

You know I am sincere, and I thank you for your consideration.


From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 1:42 PM
To: 'jane kenan'
Subject: My email from you was subtly changed AFTER I got it, just like John Blades, Exec. Dir. of Flagler Museum proved was happening in emails between us a year ago

Yes, in the part of this email which you originally wrote, you used the verb “feel” where now “think” has been substituted. I am quite certain of this and do not care if you think I’m delusional. Facts are facts and cannot be changed by anyone’s beliefs, opinions, or feelings.

In checking, I found that this verb switcheroo happened in each copy. No surprise to me. When you consider how many people actively and effectively are fighting Mom’s swastika associates, you understand why the Republicans had to steal so much money to police all of us who confront them that our economy has tanked for all but the rich, who feed off the others. The good news is that when they finally admit defeat and stop all this non-sense, all that money will flood back to everyone and we will find the country is not bankrupt at all!

This is one of the reasons I am working so diligently to wrap things up – as are so many others on the side I am on.

Too bad you have not yet found your way to join us. But you will. Presbyterians are right: we are all predestined to Heaven, and no one will be lost.


From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 12:51 PM
To: 'Scott Kenan'; 'jane kenan'
Subject: Your points

Here are some examples of how you have been tricked into using what I call pretzel logic:

1. It’s too late. I already didn’t show up in court (yesterday, because I failed to be certain of my court date), so your first thing makes no sense whatsoever. The law is that an arrest warrant is issued if someone misses the court date. Only after it is issued can the bondsman help me by explaining the circumstances and with luck I will then be re-released, rather than held in jail on bogus charges and mom have to pay $3,500.00. Although I would get guilty pleasure from Mom having to pay, it was not HER fault, so if she does have to pay, I will reimburse her when I can.

2. I’m not sure MY FORMER BOSS’s business closed entirely as although he disconnected his personal phone lines, his business line is working, but not the extensions to most other employees. But the stock value has indeed dropped precipitously. BUT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT HE OWES ME, $38,000.00 less $3,800.00 he paid a month ago. I have an email dated a year ago in which he agreed to pay me $100.00 per share. He later tried to lower the price to $10.00, then $1.00, then $0 per share. This is based on my owning 380 shares after one split. He has never argued over how many shares I own. So far, he has only paid me 10% of what he owes me. If he does not soon pay me the rest, I will sue him for damages, harassment (ask Andrea Opperman if I have valid grounds – she understands). Even though he is likely going to be convicted of narco-trafficking and possibly other crimes, as a former employee, I will get priority on payment if his funds do not cover his bills.

3. My suggestions is that you THINK first, using REASON and LOGIC, rather than “feel” first. Feelings are very important as a barometer of integrity and other things – a sort of verification of your having THOUGHT correctly first -- but they were never meant to be the thing that leads one to action. Example: I feel lust for someone. That does NOT mean I can with integrity grab them and begin a sexual act.



From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 12:31 PM
To: 'jane kenan'
Subject: RE: I really screwed up now!!!

Thanks for sharing your opinions, but since you are still hypnotized by Mom’s Psy-Ops (like what Gen. McKrystal used illegally on Senators to get them to support the CIA/Republican Party’s traitorous goals in the Middle East, and recently was fired for doing by President Obama. You can find the full story in the press, but not on Fox or even CNN, yet.), I know I cannot trust you, although you do not CONSCIOUSLY try to screw me. I know you love me. This is not true of Mom, and not likely true of Mike or Julie – certainly not of Joel, who has proved himself to behave like an animal – witness how he lurched at me, beet-red in the face and threatening me with physical violence when I merely offered an opinion without aggression on my part when I was last at Mom & Dad’s house before I moved to Mexico.

Dad is cool, and whenever I talk to him and Mom is not around, he cheers and supports me in my efforts. He’s the one she blackmailed into marrying her, and he knows the true Kenan values that he has allowed her to force him to abandon. I am doing this to free Dad as much as for any other reason.

Have a nice day! This will all be over soon. Current expectation is that Mom will be arrested (probably Dad too) in about a week. Events have caused the expected time to extend a little, but it could contract too.

I’ll keep everyone posted.


From: jane kenan []
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 12:14 PM
To: Scott Kenan
Subject: Re: I really screwed up now!!!


I am not sure I would believe the bondsman about not worrying about not showing up. Doesn't he/she stand to benefit (original used the verb "to profit") if you don't show for court?

I have plans Sat so not a good time for me to get together w/ you.

I hear what you say about everything but I tend to disagree about what you say. For example: I do not believe YOUR FORMER BOSS would have sent you money if you had succeeded in closing down his business due to drug running (as you say) (actually, I have claimed that UPS and others were "running" the drugs. Patrick was making arrangements for their distribution once in Georgia). If his business closed, his stock would be penniless.

I try to be open to how you are handling things but I think (originally “feel”) you will benefit by going to the mental health center for counseling/treatment. What is going on w/ your psychiaTRIST? Have you been back to see her? (The peculiar lower/upper case of "psychiaTRIST" is not due to Jane's eccentricity. Since buying her Windows 7 computer nearly a year ago, she has had to deal with her email program randomly switching cases, and she's found it very annoying. Jane has talked to tech support people several times about this, and they have been unable to find the cause or offer an effective cure. Reloading the program did not help. I say it is most likely evidence of malware on her computer that is so advanced the tech support people and her excellent anti-virus program can't find it. But rather than listen to my suggestions that this is proof that others manipulate her and the content on her computer, she just puts up with it, mindlessly.)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Email to Benjamin R. David, local District Attorney

Dear Mr. David,

I had thought it might be helpful to write you before visiting your office later this morning to tell you all I have discovered about drug Mafia infiltration of business and government in Wilmington, but I fell asleep shortly after dinner, and when I awoke, realized that it was not necessary at all as a preventive to my possible kidnapping or violent demise before I arrive. I had not felt that way Tuesday night before going to the Sheriff’s office (I called first so they knew to expect me), with the intent of swearing a warrant against a narco-trafficker/undocumented-Latino-enslaver/murderer named Gabriel Fuentes of 2731 Kerr Ave. , who had been harassing both me and my recent Guatemalan roommate who disappeared Sunday night into hiding (if you can call forcing a man to watch other undocumented Latinos be shot for the crime of daring to ask twice to be paid for the labor they have performed “harassment”).

I did a little background research on you, and found that things have actually improved for citizens in the years you have been here, and I also like the organizations you have associated yourself with in both public and private life, so I suspect that you and I will be EXCELLENT allies in the retaking of America – or at least Wilmington, the home of my forebears -- for WE THE PEOPLE!

It might interest you to know that I am working with others to arrest, try, and convict my parents, William Scott Kenan and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, whom Jewish leaders in Atlanta first confirmed for me in 1990 are the top Nazis in the United States. (The Reiner family in Hollywood made me an Honorary Jew a year ago when I first declared this publicly on my political blog, .) My mother is the real culprit, having blackmailed my father into marrying her to hide her activities behind the Kenan surname. She is said to be Dick Cheney’s boss and reports only to the Pope.

Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill and Sen. Richard Lugar of IN (trustee of my college, Denison University in OH), are my top allies in my quest. Tom sent 60 Minutes to interview me in Puerto Vallarta, where I lived for six months prior to moving briefly to Raleigh right before Christmas, and a few weeks later, here. The producer claimed she expected they would want to run at least two segments on my story when it became politically possible. We’re getting close.

My parents lived on Villas Place East for nearly twenty years, until 2000, when they moved to Raleigh. They likely had a lot to do with the corruption of Wilmington, but this is a realization that has only come to me tonight – and only through intuition.

I see that you are a member of “First Prez,” which I was formally accepted into this past Sunday. I’ll copy this to Ernie, whom I believe gets a great kick-of-conflicted-emotions out of the emails I send him.

See you later this morning!

Scott David Kenan

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I connect with Harvard University

To: Michael Remer; Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival; ''; ''; Harvard University Legal Department
Sent: Wed 2/23/2011 12:39 PM
Subject: Regarding the ILLEGAL overturning of the codicil to Mr. Tennessee Williams' will!!!

No time for too much now, but I am going to do everything in my power to see that justice is had!!!

Mr. Remer: Please forward this to your compatriots: Mssrs. John Eastman, Thomas Keith, and the man who murdered TW with a pillow when my mother claimed she had me under control, John Uecker.

TW/NO Festival: Get ready for some fun this year! I totally support you, and understand that you could not help being compromised by Mssrs. Remer and Keith.

GOP: You’ve blocked my email, so no heads up for you. LOL!!!

Bishop: You are complicit as you never investigated my claims which I sent to you and EVERY SINGLE BISHOP IN THE SOUTHEAST STATES OF AMERICA. NOT ONE OF YOU RESPONDED. Nor did Sewanee’s legal council, except to threaten me with a lawsuit of libel. I understand that in addition to most of the funds going to support Republican Black Ops on the “internets,” you used some to hide the fact that your reforms have caused your school to lose the support of alumni.

Nancy: You know what to do! I am your top ally, and please send my best wishes to the entire Kennedy clan, many of whom I met in 1981-82. I worked with Pat Kennedy Lawford and even went to her Sutton Place apartment a time or two.

I am including a copy of my Williams memoir, which has a couple of lies embedded in it by Thomas Keith who edited it, but they are minor to the story and will be corrected. I am looking for a new publisher – if anyone has any suggestions. Also for my cleaned up political blog, which will read like Dan Brown but be non-fiction. I will make a fortune off my story!!!

Living well is the best revenge.

Scott David Kenan