Friday, April 29, 2011

Letter to Office of General Council, Harvard University

Special thanks to HOLLIS GILLESPIE, , who trained both me and my nemesis, Christal  Presley, to blog!!!

Hi Nancy,

I hope you are well and things are going well at Harvard. I’ve copied you on a number of emails to keep you up-to-date, but have been so busy I haven’t had time to really contact you personally. It is also true that my emails do not always go where intended, so you might not have gotten them.

On February 28, although assured I would not be arrested since I had realized I’d misremembered my hearing date by one day a few days before, and immediately sought to get right with the law and appeared in court, the judge had me arrested for that error without even asking what had happened first. The hearing was on a Class II misdemeanor charge of Cyber-stalking which local attorney David Nash took out against me for publishing personal and professional information about him on my blog. Mr. Nash’s firm:,-Hill,-Jones,-Nash-and-Lynch,-L.L.P.-1412999-f.html . They do not seem to have a website – in fact, David Nash brags that they have no sign on their building and he has no business card.

I should have gone to the D.A. with the information David’s close friend John Mann gave me about David’s alleged protection of drug dealers, but I did not actually break the law as written, and local public defender Emily Zvejnieks (zuh-VAY-nicks) assures me the case will be thrown out on constitutional grounds, since a blog is a form of journalism, and even if that doesn’t happen, I clearly did not break the law. I was convicted by a new judge without jury after Mr. Mann, at least – and probably David as well –perjured themselves. Since the law requires I knowingly communicated libelous statements to harm the victim, only the judge can answer how he decided that one. He gave me the maximum 45 day sentence (suspended, but one year of probation with psych evaluation and requirement that I take any meds prescribed), and that I take the offending material off my blog (which I had already decided to do, and in any case, the sentence is now suspended pending the appeal).

Interestingly, although I had checked a few months ago, and saw on Dekalb County Georgia’s online court database, my NOLO result from a false charge of Criminal Trespass in 1990, which I took then knowing I had no way to fight it, was still posted as a NOLO result. However, in court, it was referred to as a “Stalking” CONVICTION, which increased my sentence, as NC guidelines give greater sentences for anyone CONVICTED of crimes previously, and I suppose they called it “stalking” to make me sound worse. I protested to my defender, and she said the database said it was a CONVICTION. Later, I checked for myself and found it had been changed! Then, a week later, the charge had disappeared ENTIRELY. Calls to Dekalb County officials get me no explanations.

During the trial, they also kept saying I was not on my meds – something I never told anyone I was ‘supposed’ to be on – precisely because I wasn’t prescribed any. Really, although I HAD been prescribed Lithium for 30 years, the net result being a kind of decreased ability to connect-the-seemingly-paranoid-but-not-dots of my experience, and severe edema and open wounds on the bottom of my feet that took over a half year to heal (chemically induced diabetes). And, intentionally or not, I had been transported from jail to courthouse at 9:00 AM and held in a room that either was not heated (on a freak cold day), or with completely defective heating, in skimpy jail uniform which was so small I looked like a scarecrow (I’m 6’ 11” and had gone from 280 pounds to 203 pounds while homeless) – and to add insult to injuries, NC does NOT put people in street clothes for trial, something everyone knows prejudices a jury or even a well-intentioned judge.

All the held prisoners had to breath down into their tops and still shivered. I was held in that refrigerated space from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM before being taken to trial, and only fed two peanut butter and honey sandwiches on embalmed white bread (think Wonder Bread) and a cookie-ette. I was violently shivering by the time I appeared (deliberately the last case so no one would witness – just like when Newt Gingrich had me tried and held in Linda Warren Hunter’s Dekalb Court in 1990, after I’d tracked how he was bringing drugs into Stone Mountain Park on train cars and distributing them via wholesale food trucks delivering to dealers lined up at fast-food restaurants (including the Krystal on Memorial Drive in Stn. Mtn. – although the facilities in Georgia were heated). Net result: Although entirely confident going to trial, I looked pathetic – I was shaking from ‘hyperthermia’ – and the judge (given the well known lawyer’s clout in Wilmington, NC) was virtually forced to declare my guilt and need of psychiatric treatment. I have observed this judge, and he is a very good and fair and caring one. I DO NOT HOLD THE CONVICTION AGAINST HIM. His eyes (and some of his carefully worded statement) revealed his regret as he spoke. He’s a Republican who was apparently leveraged.

Two years or so ago, at PACT Atlanta, , my shrink nurse, Alexandra Whiddons (who had never even introduced me to her supervising shrink, Todd Antin, MD, until I had worked with her for about seven years, took me off the Lithium after noting I never had mood swings and long term use of it might prove destructive, a couple of years ago. In its place, she prescribed 25 mg of Seroquel, 1 or 2 at bedtime as needed for sleep. For Bipolar Disorder, Seroquel is prescribed in the 600-1200 mg/day range. Also, at the time I got the book contract with Alyson Books, Alex (as she’s called), told me her aunt in Palm Beach’s book club was “all excited” because they heard that a new memoir on Tennessee Williams was coming out, and she had had to bite her tongue because it was by her client and she could not break confidentiality. She KNEW that the Flagler Museum, primarily funded by the heirs of Henry Flagler – my very distant Kenan relatives – is in Palm Beach, and this would really excite me. She MIGHT have an aunt there, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that her aunt and her book club never heard of my book.

Then, a year ago, two days after I sent the FBI by secure server information concerning my former employer’s (Patrick Stansbury, owner of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. – the one in Snellville, GA – ), drug trafficking – apparently in cahoots with Newt Gingrich and current GA Republican Congressman John Linder, but DEFINITELY associated with the Air War College at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL (with whom we had a legitimate contract to market their yearbook’s ad space), alleged Democratic Party consultant Tom Houck , whom I’d never heard of, invited me to a political party at the Highland Tap, Virginia and Highland Aves. In Atlanta. He snubbed me there, but I spoke with a lot of people.

Tom was the white-boy driver for Martin Luther King Jr. for two years. Interestingly, he contacted me after my SECURE communications with the FBI. Jackie Onassis told Tennessee she knew our government had murdered her husband, Bobby Kennedy, and MLK Jr., and were after him and his estate – money to spend, reputation and work to bury. (As you know, I believe John Uecker smothered TW with a pillow after Maria St. Just got assurances that my mother had me safely controlled on Lithium, back in 1983. I had just moved to ATL, where I knew NO ONE at the time. Then several people were bribed to overturn the codicil while I was oblivious on Lithium).

After a couple of hours (going back to the Highland Tap about a year ago), my shrink nurse, Alex Whiddons, whom I’d decided I no longer needed since I was no longer on Lithium and slept well enough, so had recently fired, showed up in the bar/restaurant with a friend to eat dinner – what a co-incidence!!! She tried to talk me into returning – and returning to Lithium. Later, thinking about how events had conspired – especially Houck contacting me after the secure FBI communications and what Jackie had told Tennessee (I already had evidence that something was fishy at PACT Atlanta and my confidentiality had long-before been broken by them – my mother had told me certain things I’d only told Alex and I’d NEVER given Alex permission to speak with anyone – maybe it was Antin or someone else who’d looked at my file), it occurred to me that Tom Houck might have been the person who set up Dr. King to be assassinated.

In both emails and on my blog, I accused him of that. After several days of my continuing, he wrote threatening me with a libel lawsuit, but I pooh-poohed that, having seen how empty Patrick Stansbury’s, Sewanees’ in-house lawyer (I forget her name), and Alyson Books/Here Media’s same threats had been. Tom then asked me to stop copying him, and the minute I did that, my email accounts mysteriously jammed up and I was declared a ‘spammer’ by several of them and unable to send email to more than a couple of people at a time. Buttons on forms to re-establish my accounts as a non-spammer mysteriously disappeared from forms where moments before they had been, and so I began a six-month email-homelessness period of having the same problem on one account after another.

What prompted me to write you today, was an article I saw on, of all places, FoxNews Online: “Convicted RFK assassin says girl manipulated him.” It mentions Harvard and of course feeds my theories with possible explanation: . I posted the following comment that after six hours was not yet posted, although hundreds of later ones were approved and posted. I saved it elsewhere:

“Jackie Kennedy Onassis told my former boss, Tennessee Williams, and me that she knew the government had murdered her husband, Bobby Kennedy, and MLK Jr., and were out to get TW as well. He added a codicil to his will at her suggestion, but died under circumstances still clouded in mystery (the coroner's report was secretly changed at least once) and the last person alive who was bribed to help overturn that codicil told me he had been supported by a top Republican legislator in the Tennessee State Legislature (his estate went to a school in Tennessee). Strangely, this article about Sirhan Sirhan makes some sense, multiplied by the fact that the same Harvard man mentioned in it worked on a new theory about MLK Jr.'s death. THIS one might be blamed on Tom Houck, who had been MLK Jr's white-boy driver, now an alleged consultant to the Democratic Party. He tried to get me into psychiatric care in Atlanta at his party a year ago, when I began telling the truth as I remember it. I believe Tom Houck set MLK Jr. up for assassination, but I cannot prove it. See my political blog beginning 1/1/10 for more details of what I've witnessed or uncovered: .”

As you know, I’m a troublemaker, but I just wanted to let you know what I’ve been up to and that I’m repairing my credibility that I lost by inappropriately posting John Mann’s unproven stories of David Nash’s sad sex acts in Florida and his alleged-by-several-others-as-well Mafia ties on my blog when I should have gone to the D.A about the drug stuff. I’m going to copy a few others in your office as well, since my emails do not always reach intended recipients, and I’ll post it on my blog. My defender might have a fit (of laughing, most likely), but even if I lose the appeal, I can handle probation – or even more jail. I serve the truth and Tennessee Williams was my mentor – possibly guardian angel.

All best to you and your colleagues in your good work!


ADDENDUM for my many Arab and Muslim friends:

I sent this to several at Harvard this afternoon. I think it should nail the Republican coffin shut after it’s had time to ‘trickle down’ awhile. I hope I copied everyone I more or less mentioned in it. I’m sending out a boatload of copies hither and yon.

I am trying to figure out why I am getting (after Americans reading my blog) more than twice as many in Saudi Arabia reading my pages – typically WELL more than 50/day – than any other country. Maybe because I claim the distant Kenans, between their personal wealth and the many self-owned Charitable Trusts formed from their money which they gave away and no longer own, but which they control, control more money than any other family except the Saudi Royals. This Saudi interest has been growing for months. Maybe it’s because the Saudi Royals with the Bush family own the Carlisle group whose companies manufacture most of the world’s heavy armaments (or did) and trade much with Cheney’s Halliburton.

Or because they supplied the pilots for 9/11.

I don’t rag on the Arabs or Muslims in general though – and not just because I’ve known so many good ones. Faux Christians want us all to forget this, but last time the Catholic Church was on a serious crusade to dumb down and enslave the world (the Inquisition – or was it the Dark Ages?), they had a thorough campaign to burn all books, especially classics on history, mathematics, science, logic, metaphysics, etc. Only by the work of Muslim Arabs were copies of these great works preserved – and Western Culture re-ignited. Thank you, Muslims for saving us all!!!

Bet you people who grew up in later dumbed-down, Republican-controlled public educational systems didn’t learn about THAT, huh??? Hell, like my sister Julie, you didn’t even learn to write proper sentences.

Well, it is what it is – no matter what I write and no matter what anyone wants to believe.

But the truth will out.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Responding to an Internet Monitor of Me -- and no doubt, others

Immigration Equality is such an important issue. Please donate to this organization, if you possibly can: .

IMMEDIATELY after posting the above link to Immigration Equality's website, it stopped working (and it WAS working right before), although everything else on the internet that I tested worked. This is the power of people like I accuse Jim Richardson and Patrick Stansbury of being: they monitor my and other "dangerous" people's computer and phone work in real time and then screw with us and those we promote. This is VERY COSTLY, which is why the Republican Party got into narco-trafficking -- to make enough money to do it!!!) After 10 minutes, I.E.'s website resumed normal operation.

Thanks again, Jim Richardson, for this, your second response, which shows you did NOT block as you had promised – although I suspect you have blocked me now (turns out he still has not blocked me). I had told you in my first reply to you that I would not publish that first note from you, but since you persist, I am going to post this one. I dare say you are asking me to.

I believe you that you are not yourself a narco-trafficker. Still, you, the lover of a long-time friend of mine, John Bolinger, retired English and French teacher from Hammond, IN, who moved to Colorado to be with you, ran into me at Hotel Mercurio where so many Mexican Mafia hustlers and dealers also congregated, as well as other high-level drug-connected American “Fags” (Yes, Virginia, there ARE homosexuals who have no self-respect. Therefore they are not ‘gay’, but, unfortunately and justifiably keep pejoratives against gays alive by their thoughts, words, and actions. GAY people use those words, although we don’t like hearing them from the mouths of others.

That said, fine people (mostly), also stay at Hotel Mercurio, including Win Chesson of Immigration Equality,  , also stayed there and raised some money for his TOTALLY worthwhile agency on the premises. The amount seemed quite low to me (Disclosure: I met Jalisco-State-Prosecutor-wanted Drug Mafia agent Cornelio Prada Diaz at hotel Mercurio, where he gave massages for money. He is the crafty individual who made off with my entire life’s savings, leaving me eventually homeless for three months in Mexico and then two in Raleigh, then later Wilmington, NC. MY bad for being so naïve and foolish.)

But what was so cool about Win is that not only did he go to UNC Chapel Hill (founded by my distant Kenan relatives on land they donated in the late 1700s – the very FIRST government-supported college or university in America), but Thomas S. Kenan III, my top political ally who sent 60 MINUTES to Puerto Vallarta to interview me, gave Win the Frank Hawkins Kenan Award (named for his father) for the most promising high school graduate in the whole state of North Carolina. Win was unaware of the significance of this when I discussed it with him, but I have to say: this is just one more piece of evidence of the incredible perception of my very distant relatives. It is entirely clear to me (as it was to Tom) that Win is DEFINITELY a WINNER!!! (Win: you can see more about what additional I have learned about the distant Kenan relatives on my blog. They are quiet, but having inherited the bulk of the Standard Oil Trust – the world’s FIRST oil cartel – they are probably now (quite secretly – but using the money to support the very best in education and liberty around the world),  the second wealthiest family on earth after the Saudi Royals. They do not OWN the wealth. They put it into self-owning Charitable Trusts WHICH THEY CONTROL. Brilliant!!! (The Trusts also control Coca Cola – that also was the ONLY company that last week pressured King & Spalding to drop their support of DOMA, own much of Bank of America which was cobbled together around two Kenan-founded or inherited banks, NCNB and First Atlanta, intermediately operating as NationsBank, and Kenan Advantage Group, largely owned by Tom, is the exclusive supplier of gasoline to Costcos, nationwide. KAG, Inc. has won every award for customer service and environmentally responsible handling of petroleum products. Costco has NEVER given a political donation to Republicans)

KENAN, a name I hope to live up to, is cool!!! I was simply born to my surname. Win Chesson was Kenan-chosen.

Think about it.

My political blog: . (no www)

See a recent video of Thomas S. Kenan III here: .

Jim Richardson: Your lover, John Bolinger, knew I was in Puerto Vallarta then – and staying at Hotel Mercurio – so it was shocking to me that you acted as if it was a purely co-incidental accident. But it now makes sense; here’s why: You and Patrick Stansbury (my former employer who was bringing in quantities of illegal drugs via US Air Force planes to Maxwell AFB, where the son of the general heading the Air War College shipped them to Patrick in Georgia and then they were sold, much money going to fund Republican Party Black Ops on the internet – more details all over my blog), are the only two people I have actually CAUGHT emailing me on subjects that I was IN THAT VERY MOMENT writing about in email as your email arrived. This happened many times with you  but especially Patrick. That is how I know the two of you had totally tapped my computer in real time and were monitoring me.

I don’t give a flip if this seems ‘paranoid.’ Facts are facts and do NOT conform to prejudice, denials, or even court-admissible evidence existence. You work for Liberty Global an internet firm, mostly claiming to work in 14 foreign countries, but something is amiss that you had such incredible access to my real-time doings. I remember that you said your desk is quite close to the President (CEO?) of the companies, and that you had met many high-profile friends of his. Now I would like to think you included mad-dog Republican Donald Trump, but I’m not so sure you mentioned him. You DID mention one of my heroes, Ted Turner. I’d like to say that just because some people abuse a company’s capabilities does NOT mean the company itself is bad – just that they have not vetted the character of some of their employees sufficiently.

And thank you for providing your non-work email address.

Have you given John Bolinger my greetings?


From: Jim Richardson
Sent: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 11:21 AM
To: Scott Kenan
Subject: Re: Go Away

Unfortunately, and sadly, you are the delusioned one. I'm just a regular guy who happened to have the rotten luck to cross paths with you last July at the Hotel Mercurio. I'm not now, nor never have I been a "narco-trafficker" and wouldn't recognize one were he to knock on my door.

I've no idea how you jumped to that conclusion.

Now I'm going to block you from my gmail account. You're nothing but an addled old goat who needs to be put back on his crazy person meds.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cleaning Up My Errors (before the book is written)

Good Morning Jim – and salutations to Kim as well!

This Jim is Jim Wilson, who hails from Oregon, but winters (or year-rounds it now), in Puerto Vallarta. He styles himself "WholyJim," a reference to his belief he is fully self-actualized, and while I was in PV, he attempted to lead a metaphysical group at Mercedes-managed La Quiza bar, art gallery, and art-lessons studio, but pulled a Governor Palin after one meeting and canceled the group. I don't know if the misspelling of 'wholly' is to emphasize its contains the word 'holy,' or is humorously meant to show that, although metaphysically fully realized, Jim, still a tad human, has the domain of spelling to complete his realization on. 

I DO know that he had been calling his wife, 'Kimberly,' rather than 'Kim' -- in Mexico -- and I warned him that like Americans say 'Kleenex' when they mean 'nose tissue,' because Kimberly was the first brand of toilet paper in Mexico, when Mexicans hear 'Kimberly,' they imagine 'ass wipe.'

Anyway, please don't confuse this Jim Wilson with Jim Richardson, the one-week visitor to PV who stayed at Hotel Mercurio and responded badly to my offer to him, also, that I would correct any errors I'd published about him. As of Saturday 10:00 AM (EDT), I still have received no response from Jim Wilson.

First off, after approximately two years of seeming insanity (I’m counting since about the time my former literary agent, Cynthia Zigmund, announced the sale of my book to Alyson Books on a trade site on the internet and the first movie producer sniffed it), things are now rapidly settling down in my life. Remembering I had some international calling credit on my phone yesterday, I called Mercedes, and she said to email you to contact her to email me.

Sound a bit peculiar to you too?

But, Mercedes long ago proved to me she is a playful imp of the first order, and even though I also, last night, found my giant stash of business cards from Mexico, so tons of phone numbers, addresses, and email address – including hers – I thought about it (and you and Kim), and decided to write you and copy Mercedes,  because as the dust has been clearing, I am realizing some of the errors I have made and it is time to try to make a few amends.

Actually, I’ve made two very serious attempts so far – one with Cynthia Zigmund, and I am now completely convinced that she (like me, actually) is innocent of any intentional wrongdoing. We both were caught in the storm of political games that arose when powerful people realized I had virtually ‘arisen from the dead’ of what can best be called a 30-year chemical lobotomy on Lithium, had begun connecting the dots of my experience, and would NOT stop until I made sense of all the amazing things that I’ve witnessed during my almost 60 years. I posted my journey on my blog in real time, so it shows all my triumphs and errors, and brought on every imaginable scheme to medicate, commit, incarcerate, or kill me, imaginable. My adversaries tried every trick in the book, but failed to stop me. I now have an understanding that is complete enough I need look no further. I’m in clean-up mode now, and hope I still have your ears (eyes).

I realize that at the time I left, things had gotten bad between the two of us (not really counting Kim, since she was not so involved). The fact of the matter is that I reported things I extrapolated from certain things you’d told me about your distant past, and assumed they had to be true or you would not have backed out of certain financial-support commitments you had made to me. I now realize that I had to seem entirely insane and dangerous to you in that my published and harsh AND untrue words about you would have scared ANYONE from me – and they certainly would not have felt they needed to honor any financial commitments they had made. You did the right thing.

Today (a month after being released from a 28-day incarceration in the New Hanover County Jail in Wilmington, NC where I now live), I am working for an arborist, planting healthy trees and major-pruning or taking out diseased trees. My boss has such high ethics that his clients are only the wealthiest in the area. The estates we work on are incredible. Unfortunately, boss-man seems to be bipolar and had a total psychological meltdown last week and could not work for 3.5 days, which has made my climb out of the financial hole even more problematic than it should be. That said, I brought every bit of it on myself, so I’m not blaming him (or anyone else) for it – I’m just happy to have a boss with integrity, regardless his current stability.

I also go out on the interstate and at gas pumps tell stories of how I had to check on my parents in their 90s and forgot my credit card – “I still have a gallon, could you help me a little? I only need about 2 1/5 or 3 gallons to get home to Raleigh.” I split what cash I get between the gas tank and the bills, but I hate doing this. Of course no one has to assist me, and I NEVER ask for cash, which would be the crime of panhandling.

I do hope you have gotten good use out of the Rosetta Stone Five Level Spanish program I sold you and Kim ($550.00 never-discounted retail, new, approximate). I had not loaded it on but one of my computers and it is legal to put it on two. I’ve gotten no complaint from you about its working. I do believe, however, that I sold it to you too cheap – and the first thing I want to say about that is that it is water over the dam – the second is that I DID sell it to you for $50.00 USD (or maybe 500 pesos, I forget), and NO ONE forced me. The price because you said it could be bought for that price on Craig’s List.

Don’t know if you read about this in Mexico, but Rosetta Stone lit after those cheap copies because (unlike the one I sold you), they were illegal. In fact, Craig’s List has been widely criticized for all manner of crimes it facilitates but takes no responsibility for, including selling of sex, slavery, and narcotics trade. Knowing that, perhaps you can see how I CONFUSED part of that with you. Your insistence on that price seemed like a confirmation of my suspicions, but I now see you only saw the price and negotiated without malice. For the record, although defended by key Republicans and such and therefore not suffering real penalties, Craig’s List has been pressured to put in certain attempts to control some of the illegal activities it had become notorious for in the United States, but in general, Democrats and others often termed ‘Progressive’ avoid it still like the plague.

Here is what I’d like to do for you: I will modify or completely pull off all inappropriate and unfair things I published about you on my blog – no matter what you think of me, do, etc. This is a sort of free-will ‘gift’ that depends on nothing else at all from you. The assistance you DID give me was invaluable, and I thank you. But I must ask you a favor; I have so little time. Please google on one line “Scott Kenan” and “Jim (can’t believe I’m blanking on your last name at the moment, but it goes here)”. Then check my blog posts that come up and simply paste a link to each into an email to me and I will clean them up and let you know when I have completed the work. I’ll then work with you if you are not satisfied.

Only two days ago, I discovered a counter on my blog that I had not even realized was there. There, I discovered that nearly no one had looked at my blog until I moved to Mexico, June 2010. Then, readership quickly soared, and I have had over 22,000 hits in aggregate. Things are now peaking, with 3,300 hits the month before I was arrested here. Yesterday, I had well over 100 hits.(Added later: As of 10:00 AM today, I've already had 72 hits TODAY!!!) This is probably no great number, but I have reason to believe that very influential people are the ones who read my blog, and I hate that I have misinformation that defames innocent people on it. I am entirely committed to cleaning this up, so please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Also, both Jim and Mercedes: Since it is a proven fact that my emails often do not reach the intended addressee, please reply to this email immediately just to let me know you received it. If I do not hear from you, I will follow up until I am satisfied that you got it. I will post it on my blog to ensure my readers hold me to it.

I hope to have the last two updated soon. I intend to base my second book (on what happened when I sought to publish my Tennessee Williams memoir) on the blog, so good clean-up is essential before things go into the book.

All best to you all!

Monday, April 25, 2011

In Gratitude

ADDENDUM: 11:24 AM, 4/25/11: 

Dear Canon Calloway,

I received an auto-response that Bishop Alexander (Archbishop of Atlanta and head of the Episcopal Church in the area of the US that basically equals the Confederate South. Bishop Alexander is also the titular head of The University of the South -- aka Sewanee), is out of town, and to therefore contact you. You should know that I have occasionally kept Bishop Alexander informed by email of my activities to see that the illegal overturning of my former employer playwright Tennessee Williams is reversed so that Harvard University oversees TW’s gift to Sewanee, which has been considerably abused. Disgruntled lawyer alumni of Sewanee have confirmed to me that the gift, originally valued at about $11,000,000.00 is now worth over $1/3 billion, and virtually NONE of it is used as both Tennessee Williams’ will and codicil specified. Additionally, and this is important, those lawyers claim Bishop Alexander has inappropriately used the proceeds from the will to hide the fact that ‘liberalization’ reforms he initiated at Sewanee have caused great loss of alumni giving. There could be real legal matters involved here, as I continue to work with Harvard’s legal department to overturn the illegally thrown-out codicil. I was with Jackie Kennedy Onassis the night of January 10, 1982, when she explained why Tennessee had to write that codicil, and he did. He was NOT incompetent.

Details in my blog:

To further identify myself, I am shirttail related to Thomas S. Kenan III, whose uncle, the late James Kenan who lived on Andrews Drive across from the Atlanta History Center and was a powerful lawyer in Atlanta, gave me sage legal advice in 1990, when I had had some difficulties. James Kenan was a member of your cathedral congregation, and as I understand it, a significantly generous one.

Should you care to contact me about these matters, my cell phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX, or you can email me. You should know that a year ago, I emailed every bishop in the southeast under your archdiocese about these matters (about two dozen?), so there is no excuse that the hierarchy is not aware of these goings-on – EXCEPT that it is a proven fact that many of my emails do not reach their intended recipients.

I do NOT wish to get anyone who is not a CONSCIOUS actor in the many crimes I have been reporting on my blog into trouble. I seek only to serve the truth of my mentor, Mr. Tennessee Williams.

All best to you, Bishop Alexander, and your congregants!
Scott D. Kenan

Easter was a swell day here in Wilmington, NC – and not just because Patrick Stansbury, my former employer at Pentagon Publishing, Inc., (the one in Snellville, GA), did nor manage to have me arrested or sued-n’-served, or whatever else he threatened me with Saturday (see bottom of my last blog post). In fact, I would not have been surprised if Patrick had shown up at the 11:00 AM service at First Presbyterian. David Nash (the lawyer who’d brought Cyberstalking charges against me in February, and will soon face the publicity of my appeal in a JURY trial of that sham conviction), was there – and just as comfortable as a bug-in-a-rug (which he’s not much bigger than – and sort of resembles). I took a place halfway up the right side very early, and not much later while 80% of the pew space was still available, David took an aisle seat just across the aisle and two rows behind me. We both seemed perfectly comfortable to be in church together, although it was clear we were each avoiding each other’s eyes – easy for me since after watching the filling of the church, there was no reason for me to look behind me.

Ironically, John Stike, DDS, sat (also alone) where he always sits, an aisle seat on my side, two rows ahead of me. Typically, I go to the earlier service in the Chapel, but wanted to see the highest festivities and all the Presbyterian Easter plumage. John always arrives early at 11:00 AM services and never looks side to side the whole times he’s in church. But I was surprised that David had not joined him since according to THEM, they are partners in Costello’s piano bar on Princess Street, the bar where bartender Tim tossed me out after patron (or new owner), George – depending on whose story you believe – complained when I took issue with George’s emphatic claims that I had NEVER worked for Tennessee Williams and he was tired of my “lying shit.” Later, local real estate agent and David Nash friend MaDONNA McMAHON (as she always styles her name), told me David had sold the bar to this same George several years ago – and she seemed to have no knowledge of John Stike’s business partnership with David. (In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that John Stike had had his then-boyfriend (considerably younger than him – about my own age) lure me home from the now long-gone David’s Bar – no relationship to David Nash – on Market Street (although you had to enter through the back door from an alleyway, like to a speakeasy) in the mid-1980s, and the boyfriend disappeared once we got to his house and John sexually aggressed me. Let me be clear: the net result was a surprise to me, but I DID go along with it, although reluctantly. I do NOT want anyone to misunderstand and think I am accusing Dr. Stike of a crime. It was simple fraudulent seduction. I was forced into NOTHING.

Well, John Mann (another of David Nash’s friends), and others have told me that this same George had actually founded Costello’s piano bar, and, after getting into drug trouble there (specifically they said it was from drugs being sold between clients of the bar) had been forced by NC law to no longer be legally associated with it, so he had sold the bar to Messrs. Nash and Stike. But when bartender Tim threw me out of the bar for defending myself against George’s lies about me, 6’ 8” Tim said that David does NOT own the bar and has no authority, so my complaining to him would have no effect.

This, too, proved wrong, because the message I left asking David to call me about the situation so I could understand, caused David to call me and lie that his receptionist at his law firm had been scared to death by my words (she was completely professional and courteous, actually), and that if I ever stepped on his property or called him again, he would have me arrested. Despite my taking all pains not to do either, I found myself, three weeks later, arrested on trumped up charges of Cyber-stalking less than 24 hours after signing my apartment lease and moving into my apartment. In North Carolina, you cannot file charges against someone without their having a physical address, and someone was monitoring me closely, just waiting for me to become NOT homeless so this could be done. (If police witness a crime and make an arrest, a home is not required – just to be clear about the necessity of being homefull to being arrestable.)

I should stop a moment and say that I have no evidence that Patrick Stansbury only paid me the 10% of what he owed me because he was somehow connected to Mr. Nash’s vigilant-about-my-homeless/ful-situation spies who made it possible for Mr. Nash to file the false charge THE MOMENT I had an actual address, but I would not be surprised at all if it had been the case. These greedy Republican-type drug folks will stop at nothin’ to harass a person if they have reason to!!!

So I am grateful that I have combed out the logic tangles regarding the false charge brought against me, and its timing. Today, I have no clue who owns Costello’s piano bar. I suspect the legal record shows David Nash and John Stike, but due to an “informal” arrangement, George actually owns it.

Interestingly enough, George is said to also own Mixto, a great Latin bar/restaurant on Water Street, just around the corner from Market Street, and I’ve looked forward to spending some time there when I have enough money to at least buy a shot of one of their multitudinous tequilas. The staff and bartenders there were extremely fun to talk with when I was telling my Mexican adventures and knowledge of Tequila, back when I first moved to town. But what I find totally weird is that in any state I previously lived in, if a bar owner got in trouble for too much drug dealing going on in his bar(s) – the reason several have CLAIMED George had to sell to David and John, originally –  his liquor license was yanked and he was barred from having licenses ANYWHERE in that state – which generally meant he had to sell ALL his bars and get out of the business of selling liquor in any way.

The only thing I know for sure is that this is the true record of my experience and what I was told. Perhaps the truth will come out in the appeal of my case in court – but I ain’t bettin’ my life on it. LOL!!!

Therefore, I am grateful that I will continue to possess my life.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Patrick Stansbury is (apparently) pressured by his Republican bosses to make a fool of himself

( )

Thank you, Patrick. (see Patrick Stansbury’s email attack of me below)

One of my several purposes (but not the main one) in sending this email and DELIBERATELY copying you which I haven’t done in ages, was to draw you out. My agreement with you (not to mention you in emails or blog posts in exchange for your paying me a mere 10% of the $38,000.00 you owed me by your own admission in email I still possess), was made under duress because it was winter then, and I was homeless and had the flu and it enabled me to get off the streets. Between that duress – and your continuing harassment of me and others, according to them – you would not stand a chance of enforcing it, ESPECIALLY since you still owe me an additional $38,000.00 less $3,800.00, which, I surmise, you still refuse to pay. I will not explain here your many harassments of me – and other disgruntled former employees (no matter what they say to you at the moment), as I’m saving them to WOW you in court, should you attempt any such foolish thing.

Not ALL your former employees (all but one or two of them seem to have fled your company), would perjure themselves in court if subpoenaed, although I would not place bets on Congressman Linder standing with me. And the thick envelopes that used to pass from GA Republican Congressman John Linder (still in office, but revised district boundaries) to many in Blue Ribbon Grill on that odd triangle where Briarcliff Rd. splits off LaVista in Tucker, GA, every Friday during the 1990s, where you so generously fed us open-bar lunch and handed out commission checks. After your many PUBLIC ‘conversations’ with him there, you have even lied to me, claiming you’ve never met him. Why lie, if you have nothing to hide about it??? I’d have to really scour my mind to remember if he actually passed any of those thick plain envelopes to you while the two of you conversed.

By your own illegal – or at least unethical – actions, you ON YOUR OWN reduced your company to a shell. Anyone calling the number, who listens for the dozen+ extensions listed for sales people will find that none of them connect to anything – unless you can change your phone system quickly. I check on this several times over several months, and found no changes to it. Previously, all had connected to your highly effective sales team who sold ad space in yearbooks and alumni publications for our nation’s Service Academies, War Colleges, and Maritime Academies – legitimate work of which I was always proud!

But your greed, Republican Party connections, and faux Christianity destroyed your mind, soul, and company. You cannot blame me for that. I am sorry that the politicians I gave the FBI evidence against have not yet gotten their due – but I am still working on that. You still have not answered my many questions about what happened to Pentagon Publishing, Inc (the one in Snellville, GA) – or if it’s true you are out on bail awaiting trial on drug charges as Columbian and Mexican Drug Operatives in Mexico claimed to me. They said that not only had Stone Mountain, GA been controlled by Columbian Drug Lords for many years, but that the hit on them by narcs in Georgia (which I seem to have helped happen) was the largest ever. I DID get some respect from them for that, although the evidence I have against you on THOSE things is hearsay from others of your former employees, or circumstantial.

One thing it does NOT qualify for is libel, another: stalking, third: Cyberstalking, as defined by North Carolina.

Anyone wishing to test Patrick’s phone system can call his UNLISTED company number (Pentagon Publishing, Inc. in Snellville, GA has NEVER since its founding in 1991, had a listed number): 404-262-3121. Patrick’s extension is 1251 (or simply push “1”). My old extension was 1258. Currently, a fake name, Chance Davis, is associated with it, and in Georgia, it is illegal to sell on the phone with a fake name, although I don’t blame Mike Booz for using a different fake name, given his surname’s pronunciation. In fairness, there should have been exception for people with names like that who must sell to or cavort with Faux Christians. LOL!!!

Here is a quote from my sister’s email to me this past Wed., 4/20/11, in response to my asking if my mother’s claim that Jane does not want me to speak with her or visit her house. There had been some confusion in my family about my sanity and need of medication, until three agencies in NC tested me and gave me a clean bill of mental health during the last two months: I believe you should get any of your information about me from me, not from other people.” She is quite willing for me to visit her in Raleigh. I will leave her and my mother’s opinions of you – and your co-conspirator Christal Presley – to the imagination of the reader. I have no idea if or how Jane would respond to anyone’s inquiry, but I will also not try to stop anyone from contacting her. She’s an independent person, not really involved in my mother’s crazy schemes. When, recently, I talked with Mom, I enumerated the list of crimes I believe she has committed, and, FINALLY she began sobbing. She did not hang up abruptly as usual, interrupt me, or say I needed medication, incarceration, or commitment, like usual. She even gathered her voice and apologized for some of it. Later, she recovered and was back to her usual shtick, BUT I’m not certain she is the reliable Republican she had been, and I think she’s beginning to regret serving dinner through the 1950s and 60s on plates with swastikas and beating us kids daily with no provocation.

Well, I’m sure glad I ain’t Jesus – or I’d be dead today (but not tomorrow). I also ain't anti-Jesus, so don't get any ideas whose execution might cause my condition to reverse, come tomorrow.

Now, if the undead, soulless, greedy, narco-trafficking Republicans associated with the Bush/Cheney/Gingrich/Fox News branch of the Republican Party (whose honest members like Sen. Dick Lugar, run-off ex-members like Bill Frist, and possibly VERY-recently-come-to-their-senses-members like Gov. Jan Brewer of AZ – boy were Republicans shocked when she vetoed those two bills this week – have very legitimate concerns that also must be addressed, but not before the over-medication of Americans, legal and illegal), look in the mirror and see that nothing is there, together, we will Resurrect American Values and Principles, and Liberty will triumph over her turned-harlot sister, Freedom, who, lacking consideration for her fellow Americans was bought off by the thrill-seeking and greedy – and eventually bled to death. (Please consult a dictionary for the difference between Liberty and Freedom before attacking me, those who got a more recent, dumbed-down American education.)

Thank you,


From: Patrick Stansbury []
Sent: Saturday, April 23, 2011 1:20 PM
To: 'Scott Kenan';
Cc: Nancy @ Harvard Univ.;Tennessee Williams/New Orleans lit Fest; 60 Minutes; The Flagler Museum; Denison Univ. Alum Assoc.; Don Weise, formerly of Alyson Books; Banderas News, PV, Mexico; OPED @ NYTimes; Jane Kenan
Subject: Important ADDENDUM to: Regarding the death, will, and codicil of TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, my former employer

I have forwarded this email and others to both my attorney and the local police for study. I fear for Scott’s safety as he has obviously lost all touch with reality now and violates his own agreements. He has already used cyber stalking and physical stalking to attempt to extort people and continues to defame me and my company with this idiotic tale of lies and invented paranoia. I guess Scott will only be helped once he is confined and jailed – so I will move toward that as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact his sister Jane Kenan (last email address above) for details on his life long battle with bipolar disorder. She has sent me several emails apologizing for him and we all pray he will get the medication he needs to get his life back together.

Revenge of Tennessee Williams???

Yesterday's blog post (originally an email to Michael Remer), did NOT appear to arrive in the inboxes of two people I sent it to whom I checked with, but after much sleuthing, we discovered it went into obscure subfolders in their email NOT within their inboxes. This is EXACTLY what frequently happens to my emails, but only since I became political, including before I left the employment of Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. . At that time, Geraldine (Gerry) Flynn and her husband, Joel Miller, both PPI contract employees also and living at 7350 Raleigh Way, Bethlehem GA 30620, explained to me that Patrick had adjusted every contractor’s computers via his own from his home office on Millers’ Pond Lane, Snellville, GA, so that my emails went directly to their trash or weird subfolder, unnoticed – and they both reported that this had begun happening to all my emails to them. Gerry twice said Patrick’s organization was FAR larger than I had any idea, and that they were planning to kill me.

I know that Dudley Crawford Sharp III of Houston, TX, son of Tennessee Williams’ good friend ‘Texas Kate’ (Kate Schweppe, Sharp, Moldawer, McNamara, who died in 2007, and although blind, left a printed copy of my manuscript of WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS front and center on her desk. Also, when I knew her while working for TW, she told me she had known Thomas S. Kenan III’s close relatives in Atlanta, where she grew up, quite well) and Dudley Crawford Sharp II, who was Dwight Eisenhower’s Secretary of the Air Force and had a role in developing Outer Space Law for the Air Force (Good Republicans!!!), NEVER receives my emails, despite my attempts of let him and his other two siblings, who had checked my manuscript for factual errors, know what I’m up to and discovering.

Interestingly, not long after that when Patrick first offered to buy back my PPI stock @ $100.00 per share (I was expecting my Tennessee Williams memoir would actually be published and I would leave the company to go on book tour), and then through a single long string of back and forth emails full of ‘pretzel logic’ on his part, reduced it to $10.00, then $1.00, and finally ZERO, giving non-sense reasons, and even, in the end firing me for no REAL reason and threatened he was going to take out anti-stalking papers against me. He offered that “everybody” know I should have been taking “my medications” and being connected through his Republican Party drug Mafia allies (apparently – I can’t prove this in a court of law, although the circumstantial evidence is quite strong), assumed he could force me into court-ordered mental hospitalization or supervised heavy Lithium ingestion.

Only twenty minutes after the end of that email ‘conversation,’ two cops showed up at my door saying they had received a call that I was suicidal and they tried to commit me, but within a few minutes, I had them laughing at the idea. Months later, my sister Jane admitted to making that call, even though she and I had had no contact whatsoever in a week. I have never tried to force her to answer my question how and why she decided without contact with me in a week, she had decided I was in a sudden emergency situation. Jane is the most reasonable of my immediate family – and THAT’s saying a lot!!!

Later, using Google, I found a small ‘business’ network including Christal Presley, Jane, one of the Alyson Books’ people, and Sean Hannity of Fox news’ wife (Christal’s best friend since college). Patrick accidentally told me of his conversations with Christal several times, and then IMMEDIATELY denied it each time after I thanked him for proving my point, which in this case is that I suspect Patrick had Christal (who had already manipulated Jane into buying a double-priced globe of the Earth for my parents), to get Jane to make that call.

You see, all along, these people worked in ways that sound insane, deliberately to make my reporting of them seem like I MUST be delusional. I would never believe my story without evidence if someone else told it to me. GOOD NEWS: I have the evidence of much of my story, including several electronic and hard copies of that email chain with Patrick, which, like the files on my computer of the many revisions of WALKING ON GLASS, became thoroughly gutted. Alyson Books publisher Don Weise (who will not now return my civil voicemails or emails), told me to delete all files from my computer when I was in his office in NYC in late 2009 (I didn’t, and already had hidden copies). When I returned to GA, I found ALL my files of the book – including the final version I had just delivered to him – had been completely gutted ON ALL THREE OF MY COMPUTERS.

Sorry, this was only to be a short note to announce that when I awoke to discover the St. Louis Airport had been nearly destroyed by a tornado late Good Friday night, I had to laugh (no disrespect to any injured intended). Tennessee Williams’ brother Dakin had had him buried in St. Louis, a city he hated. Of all the people I’ve met in my life, TW was the closest to Jesus – something I have often expressed to friends. And I’ve often said (although it is not original to me), that if Dear Ol’ Jesus ever did or does come back, the Christians (at least the Republicans) would nail him right back up on that cross in a heartbeat! Well, they did – and then they overturned the codicil to his will.

Writing the book of that story and getting the truth out about it is MY mission in life, and I seem to be protected by a Divine Presence so that NOTHING in this World can stop me.

And so it is.

Scott David Kenan

Friday, April 22, 2011

Letter to Current Overseer of Tennessee Williams' rights, Michael Remer

1. Image borrowed without permission from Michael Remer's law firm's (Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams, & Sheppard, LLP, in NYC) website. I will remove it immediately, if so requested by him or his firm. 2. John Eastman from "New York Social Diary" 3. The late Maria St. Just with one of Tennessee Williams' paintings, a self-portrait.

Dear Mr. Remer:
I have written you before with my concerns about the death and disposition of the will and codicil of my former employer, Tennessee Williams, as well as the seeming fact that neither is being respected by the chief beneficiary, The University of the South, aka Sewanee. My understanding is that you are in charge of much of the rights management.
Only today, I notice you went to Oberlin, my second choice of colleges – like Sen. Richard Lugar, Hal Holbrook, Michael Eisner, and Steve Carrel, I graduated from Denison University – and then you finished your education at the Bush family’s favorite Skull & Bones school, Yale. Life seems so full of interesting coincidences, wouldn’t you say?
I want to first be clear, that although I DO have court-admissible information and proof that certain people perjured themselves (many of them bribed), so that the codicil to Tennessee Williams’ will was formally or informally overturned, I do NOT accuse YOU of anything, but since you are reported to have been intimately involved in much of this, I figure you will be happy to clear up some of my concerns. After you do that, I will be able to cease my seemingly unstoppable efforts to reveal what I find to be true about these matters – in fact, I will publicly recant anything I have said or published in error.
Currently, I am in contact with people in Harvard University’s Legal Department who remember well their consternation that events robbed them (I hope you forgive me if I play a little loose with language here – I’m not an attorney), of the supervision of Tennessee’s rights and the disbursement of their proceeds. They seem interested in getting to the bottom of things, but, frankly, I damaged my credibility a bit a couple of months ago, when I allowed a storm of annoyance by people here in Wilmington, NC, who had become enraged by my attempts to expose and stop drug traffickers, to unnerve me to the point of publishing on my blog information about a top Wilmington attorney’s Mafia connections that his best friend told me. Well, that ‘friend’ might have actually lied to me – and I should have simply taken the information to the D.A. But, in court, the ‘friend’ lied under oath, and being a naïve white boy from suburbia (Republican Party parents, of course), I had no idea people could perjure themselves like that. I dare say that being a long-practicing attorney, you are not so naïve about perjury!
I was convicted by a judge without jury, but the case is being appealed. Since I clearly can show I did not violate the law, I am not concerned what a jury will find, but since I inappropriately (but not illegally), published that info (now deleted), I hope the case and verdict will simply be thrown out on constitutional grounds without further embarrassing my accuser. His day in court will come, and barring no additional harassment of me, I have no intention of pressing charges against him for inappropriate legal harassment – or whatever it’s called in North Carolina.
In any case, since I have often copied you in emails, as well as occasionally written you directly – even including a Word doc copy of my manuscript WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS (added 11/18/11: I just changed the link as my own page was sabotaged by Mac Cauley my web designer and Han Hills of Wilmington Web Design -- -- half a year ago, and I lost my domain . This new link goes to the book's site on Amazon, or you can buy it from me direct from this blog, top right.) at least once, I’m not going to waste too many bytes on the whole possible conspiracy theory, which can only be called “massive.” I’ll paste in just a bit from a recent email to a friend to help refresh your memory. Additional info can be found in the last 18 months of my political blog,
Perhaps the reason you have not previously replied to me is because you did not have my mailing address and you know how easily the content of emails can be changed. Would you kindly send me a written response by US Mail to:
Scott D. Kenan
(address and phone number deleted for blog)

And if you would simply drop an email stating that you are or have done that, it will end my attempts to contact you further through various electronic and other means, as I know many of my emails do not reach their addressees, so I must call to verify they have been received. It was the Executive Director of the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, who first proved to me how my emails were also changed in content in transit. That museum is a major philanthropy of my distant powerful Kenan relatives who inherited nearly all of Henry Flagler’s fortune. One of those Kenans sent 60 MINUTES to Puerto Vallarta to interview me regarding my experience and political theories when I spent six months there, failing to mount a 100th Birthday celebration of the life and work of Mr. Williams. Silly me, I fell prey to drug Mafia, and my entire life savings were stolen and I became homeless, a condition that persisted for five months, including the first two months after I managed to get to North Carolina. Now I have an apartment, have a job with a tree-man, and tell conspiracy and other stories to strangers in exchange for free-will donations, an activity I do not like, BUT it spreads the word, and I can usually make at least $15.00/hour – not bad after homelessness! I’m slowly working my way out of both my financial and credibility-damage holes, both of which I accept full responsibility for.
Soon, I am going to write Michael Remer, head rights lawyer (in NYC) for Sewanee, handling the Williams estate. It is my belief that he, TW’s lawyer John Eastman (former bro-in-law to Paul McCartney) after his brilliant Dad, Lee, retired, and Maria St. Just (nee Britneva – she has bit parts in several Merchant Ivory films, notably Mrs. Vyse in A ROOM WITH A VIEW and she’s in MAURICE as well, even her house, Wilbury Park, the first Palladian home built in England, which she inherited from Peter Grenfell, the Lord St. Just, second wealthiest man in England after marrying him when he was in deep depression, and, according to TW, “promptly committed him to a mental hospital to get control of the money and the house,” is a main set in MAURICE – more info in my memoir), conspired to overturn the codicil to TW’s will. Michael and John are still alive. If they really had anything to do with TW’s death – which Tennessee’s brother Dakin and writer and close Williams friend Dotson Rader both claimed in THEIR books was actually murder by John Uecker, whom I know well (and who several times has claimed to me he sometimes feels he CHANNELS Maria St. just from the grave), and also now believe smothered TW with a pillow after Maria got reassurances that I was effectively chemically lobotomized on Lithium (the official coroner’s report was quietly changed at least once. It was physically impossible for TW to have choked on that medicine bottle cap. Uecker’s explanation to me of why the first report was false and his suggestion of it to the complying coroner and the coroner’s change simply does not hold water – then it is also quite possible that John Eastman, who frequently disrespected TW when we sat in his office which was papered with photos of McCartney and his sister – he managed McCartney’s business empire – he could well have also arranged for the more talented John Lennon’s murder (without McCartney’s knowledge), to enhance McCartney’s business value. McCartney has floundered and looks terrible since Lennon’s death. Most of his songwriting since then has been mediocre. This is not really my fight and I do not intend to pursue it.
Additionally, John Lahr and John Uecker both told me Maria had destroyed many of her letters to/from Tennessee before publishing her volume of those letters. That volume includes none or almost none from the time I worked for Tennessee, and I remember his frequent mail and phone contact with her then. In fact, the first time I am named by ANYTHING published, was when FOX NEWS ONLINE published (about 15 months ago) on both their NYC and LA flagship websites a story about my being TW’s “long-time” assistant, and info about the change of the coroner’s report. John Uecker, Dr. Larry Wright (a Williams friend, playwright, and theater professor), and I all posted laudatory comments about the article. THEN, an editor ADDED comments to the text quoting me as claiming TW had done many illegal drugs, a pure lie (for the record, the only illegal drugs I ever saw him do were on two occasions to take one or two hits of a joint – something I had never told anyone) – and in FOX’s (typical) dishonesty, they did not show that the article itself had been updated. They let it stand so that the time stamps made it appear I had praised them AFTER they added the lies. I protested vigorously, to no avail. Half a year later, they deleted all three comments, and then after a year, the pages disappeared from the internet. 

But other publications reported on that article, and last I checked, still exist, although they were written before the drug lies were added, so do not mention any of that, thank God!
One thing I HAVE been involved in is re-opening the inquest into Natalie Wood’s death. Writer Gavin Lambert, who wrote the screenplay of original ROMAN SPRING OF MRS. STONE (ironically my father’s favorite movie – don’t tell me he wasn’t a gigolo, once) worked with TW over Christmas holidays, and told us that he had seen Natalie a few days before her death. She told him she feared for her life because she had found out her husband, Robert Wagner, was having an affair with Christopher Walken. She was afraid if they found out she knew, they would murder her. I read an account online a year or so ago that lawyers for Natalie’s family were seeking to re-open the case and I contacted them and gave that info. Later, I learned that the captain of the boat had recanted his story, but LAPD (or whomever – I believe it was actually off Catalina Island) still had not re-opened it. I have been too distracted to follow up, and all my contacts and many files, including 60 pages of a third manuscript, disappeared with my MAC, although they exist on’s cloud, and I have several months still to pay them $100 before all completely disappears. Money will flow to me soon, and I AM making progress. After this week’s paycheck, I can pay enough to forestall gas and electric shut-offs.
I need to get to the letter to Mr. Remer. Don’t worry – there’s not a thing that will not be in it that I haven’t claimed for a long time. But now, more settled, I’ll be able to make my case clearly and cogently. I’ll copy you and publish it as well, assuming no computer or internet breakdowns, which happen less and less frequently for me – they being nothing but circumstantial evidence that I am on the right track, and my adversaries know that. I now have them all but checkmated. As I said, I’m a Bad-Ass Mo-Fo!!

Well, you might have to go to the blog to refresh your memory. I’ll be copying this email widely, both openly and blindly – and publishing it on my blog.
I look forward to your response, and trust that you understand that I DO NOT accuse you of anything, but merely believe you, being so intimately involved, can clear up anything I have misunderstood or misinterpreted.
All best to you and your family on this Good Friday-Easter Sunday holiday – and if you actually happen to be Jewish, I was made an Honorary Jew by Jonathan Reiner, nephew to Carl, cousin to Rob, over a year ago, right after I reported on my blog that my parents were confirmed by key Jews in Atlanta back in 1990, to be the top Nazis in the United States. I continue to seek their exposure and prosecution, until I am proved wrong, of course. Disclosure: I am now a practicing Presbyterian (it’s complicated), but am prouder of being named an Honorary Jew than of anything in my life other than working for Tom Williams.
Boy could I have some serious amends to make and apologies, huh? I’m really out on a limb, but have recently passed psychological testing by three professionals, so I guess I’ll be eating humble pie – or at least someone will be – depending on the truth, when it fully outs, which I feel certain will be soon.
Thank you in advance for your thoughtful and informative response.
Some info on John Eastman from New York Social Diary.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Putting It Out to The Universe!!!

Hi Steve,

I think you are right about the significance and the potential for re-examination and celebration of BLUE VELVET as a PR as well as artistic and local-film-business plus. Here are my thoughts about getting funding, and please understand that I am NOT an authority on ANYTHING much in the BUSINESS of theater or film, except some parts of Tennessee Williams’ life and art. With my height, resonant voice, deep command of English and (usually) logic, people often mistake me for an authority. Here in Wilmington, my surname has considerable cache, although I am VERY shirttail related to the powerful Kenans, although it is also true that I have connected with them and I know Tom has helped me INDIRECTLY. I had one phone conversation with him in 1990, and have sent him a few snail-mail letters recently, which he never replied to, however, I DO send email updates of my political activities to John Blades, executive director of the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach (almost wholly supported by Kenan money) where Thomas S. Kenan III is the “Secretary” – especially if I mention the powerful branch on my blog – and about every two months, I ask Mr. Blades to let me know if I am embarrassing my distant relatives or offending them, or if they wish me to cease, tone down, etc. He has NEVER written back asking me to do anything.
I actually had a long email conversation with him about a year ago, and he is the first person who (on his own volition!) sent me proof that my emails to him were being changed en route. This is no longer true – to my knowledge anyway. I am getting more and more respect from my adversaries, and having insisted on publicly making my political claims on my blog and in emails, I am too public to be “off-ed” by my adversaries, and they have stopped trying. Over a year ago, one of the top think tanks announced that the polarity of power of information has recently, completely reversed, and while secrecy used to be power, now transparency is – witness how everything is leaked or hacked so enemies get all the secrets anyway. I’d be perfectly happy to have my bank accounts and business published online. I have nothing to hide – not really. And I am in a position to throw “bombs” at “devils” in ways powerful Kenans cannot – due to their social positions.
INSERTED AFTERTHOUGH: I also noticed, a year ago, when I visited and was allowed to browse some of the ancient volumes in the home's book shelf, that the sign over the gate at Liberty Hall that had always stated “HE WHO ENTERS THIS WIDE OPEN GATE NEVER ENTERS TOO EARLY, NEVER LEAVES TOO LATE,” had been removed, and the website for Liberty Hall had been “dumbed down” – possible evidence that Republicans had influenced the now-owners of the property, Duplin County Board of Education. Attacking Liberty Hall was more than I could let happen without taking action!!!
Now, the reason I allied myself with at least the values of my distant relatives is that as I uncovered the “Nazi” secrets of my parents (I still believe my sister Jane is a dupe, although it’s possible my other siblings, Mike and Julie were first trapped and then became conscious actors – like my originally-blackmailed father – I remember how my mother especially, but Dad too, always trashed even Dad’s close family, calling them the essence of “trailer trash,” and worse, “Protestants.” They pooh-poohed the wealthy Kenans, and minimized their significance to our national health, which I find has been enormous. And despite all this, my father always referred to, first NCNB, then Bank of America as “that Kenan bank” (meaning HE cared for whatever reason and HAD done some research!), and, years before, when Jane was turned down for admission as an out of state student to UNC Chapel Hill (she was a National Merit scholar, but OOS student standards are/were really high), Dad wrote them and said that after everything the Kenan family had done for UNC, the least they could do was to admit her since she greatly exceeded the standards for in-state admission. She was admitted and got a partial scholarship!
Jane chose UNC because of my father’s pressure. My nephew, Connor, also chose UNC under family pressure. Why? To help my mother hide her swastika-associated activities behind the Kenan name and CEMENT the appearance of a link to the powerful branch that they denied to us existed, but traded on in their Republican Party/Mafia activities. And poor Connor – they had him almost married off to some uber-rich girl from Key Biscayne – Nixon/Bebe Rebozo country! And what broke that up? They blamed it on me – for posting on my blog a very funny story that the ENTIRE family laughed over at the time it happened, and his father (my brother), told it to many. Connor and his best buddy in second grade went in front of the class while the teacher had left the room for a few minutes and gave a pants-down fellatio demonstration! Hey! Kids do crazy things – and it doesn’t mean he’s gay. It means he’s more a smart-ass than is even his uncle. The teacher, walking in on it, panicked and locked him in a janitor’s closet until she quickly realized that might get her in trouble. He got in no real trouble, but it DID flummox a few people for a while. I have GREAT expectations for Connor’s future!!!
Now, I bet any amount of money that NO ONE in Connor’s girlfriend’s circle read or reads my blog – but next thing you know, the relationship is over and Connor is working out in the Freezer Belt (Minneapolis, I think), instead of near Philadelphia, were he had been. He’s become so skittish, he’s stripped nearly all info and photos from his Facebook page. That said, he is the ONLY one of my parents’ descendants who has accepted my friendship request on Facebook. He spent his Junior year in Florence (also my favorite place on earth), studying food and/or art and traveling Europe. He was pressured into working for a pharmaceuticals company (Republicans profit from the legal and illegal over-medication of Americans – to say nothing of keeping everyone too high or disoriented to be logical and see the truth of our National Condition). All those descended from my parents who have jobs work in pharmaceuticals directly, or, like Jane in NC Disability Benefits Determination, indirectly. My parents knew for decades that was the winning place to be – hell, they PROMOTE illegal drug trafficking. And they STILL refuse to explain the stack of $100.00 bills they peel off nonchalantly to give me gas money when I visit them. They claim they get them as a reward benefit from their AARP bank – but I got news for ya: NO bank would pay a cash benefit – and their stack is way too high given their apparent limited resources and frugal lifestyle – banks would give a VISA or MC cash card, so they can lend out the money not yet tapped, pray that the card gets lost, while knowing that few of those cards are ever entirely used up. Many have monthly fees that reduce their value until used up.
Well, I have gotten distracted – and you are dyslexic. Sorry, I’ll get back to my original point. For the hell of it, I might publish this email and even spread it a little.
I suspect that you need either an investor who wants a profit, or a philanthropic financial supporter (Sugar Daddy, LOL!). Maybe you should look for both. I don’t KNOW about this, but I suspect the Kenan organizations support more general efforts (like Cucalorus?). But I also know from what I’ve seen of the college’s they most closely support (e.g.: Flagler College), that they have a fairly conservative attitude. At Flagler, students complain that there’s not even one co-ed dorm, due to the values of the “supporting families”. Googling Frank or Tom Kenan, you would find they have a long history of donating to the Republican Party, although Tom donated to Carolina’s own presidential candidate, Mr. Hair-Grin. More recently, he’s not listed for donating to politicians.
Well, we all make mistakes. My good friend Rafael  Cherry, an artist from Durham whom I dated briefly in the early 1990s and given that he had partied frequently with TSK III, Alan Gurganus, and others in the 80’s, informed me of many things about NC culture – he’s a total blabber-mouth, was a close friend of Elizabeth Edwards. During John Edwards’ first presidential run, he was unable to resist her asking him to produce campaign art. He’s damn good, and maybe he would be of assistance to you and/or your documentary, musical BLUE VELVET, or Cucalorus Film Festival. He adores the bizarre , AND he still actually speaks to me, despite being a Sewanee alum. HA!
Well, I start my arborist assistant’s job in an hour and must convince the power and gas companies I will have money for them soon, and not to cut me off, first. (Don’t worry, I ALWAYS win.)
I hope all this is somehow helpful. I KNOW you are on the right track, but I cannot ask my distant relatives to assist you, and although some might be interested (probably in a quiet or anonymous way), I recommend you go through your own natural connection – those folks in Raleigh. Be a tad aggressive – we ALL must ask – if we wish to be given.
From: Steven C. Fox
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 2:51 PM
To: 'Scott Kenan'
Subject: RE: Kenan Family support going toward the Arts, especially. Your musical version or documentary about the movie BLUE VELVET? Who knows!
What I was thinking was, with limited time available how might we get them engaged in this Blue Velvet event. I think there’s a very legitimate argument to be made that this could be an important public relations event for the state. Re-associating ourselves with this film could very positively impact the future of the production industry in this state.
From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 11:39 AM
To: 'Steven C. Fox'
Subject: New: Kenan Family support going toward the Arts, especially. Your musical version or documentary about the movie BLUE VELVET? Who knows!
I did a LOT of research and found that not only did the Kenans inherit Henry Flagler’s portion of Standard Oil (Flagler, his 1st father-n-law, and Rockefeller each owned 1/3) and all the Florida ventures: utility companies, railroads, steamship companies, luxury hotel chain, land sales companies, etc., TKS III’s father Frank Hawkins Kenan inherited controlling interest in Coca Cola and C&S Bank, which grew to be 1st Atlanta, and then merging with Kenan-founded UNCB, became NationsBank, then Bank of America. Because stocks are split among dozens of Charitable Trusts, many with not-Kenan married-in names, like Wise, Graham, Lewis, Rand, etc., none show too high in overall ownership, but in aggregate, they probably still control these companies – as well as the derivatives of Standard Oil.
These Kenans are very cagey, and while their trusts remain (taken together) the largest private support of university education in the world, they have also founded institutions around the world in support of Ethics as well as ones supporting Democracy (the later, especially across Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, as well as portions of Asia.
It’s absolutely extraordinary. Generally, they live quiet, inconspicuous lives in not-too-grand homes, although the first generation of heirs lived in marble palaces. Their phones are listed (although it’s hard to get info on their foundations except mailing addresses).
I actually believe that they are in aggregate the second wealthiest family on earth after the Saudi Royals, who own the bulk of the second-ever oil cartel, Standard Oil (which controlled 90% of US oil business – which its derivatives mostly still control – as well as much business OUTSIDE the US), being the first. At least they are good stewards of the money!!! Many amateur Kenan researchers in town have agreed with me on this.
I’m just glad that Tom (TSK III) is friendly to me – and sent 60 MINUTES to Puerto Vallarta to interview me, using descendants of my great-great grandmother to flag me down on the street (due to my height) to introduce us!!!
From: Steven C. Fox
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 11:08 AM
To: 'Scott Kenan'
This is interesting. I’m going to educate myself a bit on this. Thanks Scott, Steve
From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 10:45 AM
To: 'Steven C. Fox'
I had meant to send you a link to this YouTube video of Thomas S Kenan III, at the dedication of a new building at UNC Chapel Hill. He talks about the new arts direction for the William R. Kenan Jr. Memorial Trust – the granddaddy of Kenan Trusts, and the largest in support for education. Now to be directed to support performing arts!!!
Yeah, I’ve been looking forward to Republican debates too! I think no “enhancements” will be necessary! HA!
From: Steven C. Fox
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 10:35 AM
To: 'Scott Kenan'
I wouldn’t worry about Newt. Actually I think it would be kind of fun if Newt were to get the republican nomination. He might finally come to understand what the general population in this country thinks of him. And boy am I looking forward to the 2012 republican debates. What a laughable pack of freaks that’s going to be. A cornucopia of crazy. I’m going to record and cherish every moment. It would be fun to CGI clown features on each candidate and put in a laugh track. I can almost see it now.
From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 9:26 AM
To: 'Steven C. Fox'
Well, I understand the difficulties dyslexic people have, and in my experience (not that I have it), dyslexic people have special gifts – usually dismissed by the herd of Muggles (Harry Potter book reference to thoughtless people).
When in orientation classes at First Prez (Presbyterian Church), as they like to refer to their congregation, a Mr. Boney and others all talked about Kenans having given the church this and that, and they always spoke as if Kenans were mythological – like the gods on Olympus! I have also found that there are many amateur Kenan-history researchers in ILM, and they too act this way. Being, in fact – if not always in appearance – quite down-to-earth, I get quite a kick out of this, but I ALWAYS point out I’m only shirttail related, but that doesn’t stop them from treating me with a sort of deference that I’ve not (or at least not yet) earned.
I did a little research in the Chapel Hill/Durham phone book this morning, and find that the top Kenans listed are, besides Tom, his stepmother, Betty and his half-sister, Betty, as well as about eight others. There is also a Sterling Kenan, who has an interior design firm, but she is too young to be in the 1967 edition of THE KENAN FAMILY, which I have. Drug mafia in Mexico stole my copy of the 2000 update published by Mercer University Press, so I don’t know her relationship. Tom, Betty, Betty, and Sterling all have phones listed at Figure Eight Island addresses, as well. Those are the serious ones.
I re-published a scan of my notes to Newt Gingrich about drug trafficking through Stone Mountain Park, GA in 1990 on my blog this morning. I want to sink his ass as a viable Republican candidate, although he does well enough on his own. At that time, I did not realized he was in charge of the operation – and in cahoots with my mother. See: .
From: Steven C. Fox
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 12:15 PM
To: 'Scott Kenan'
Hello Scott
It was a pleasure meeting you. You said two things that pricked up my ears, serendipity and Kenan. And you are clearly quick to catch the lay of the land. Beyond sitting in a few of their auditoriums here and there I’ve never had a brush with any of the Kenans. While having my second meeting with (specifics deleted for this blog) , So-n-so said something about how other So-n-so was telling so and so Kenan about this 25th anniversary Blue Velvet thing at dinner the other night. The ‘so and so’ was female but I can’t recall the name. If it was intended to make an impression, it did, I thought ’well that’s high cotton, good for you Bernie’.
Anyway, the point here, I have made a conscious effort to allow this project to follow the path of any serendipitous events that came along. I have no formal religion but I do feel there are forces in the world which shape our paths which I’m incapable of understanding, but they’re there somehow stirring events. And something you said here also strikes the chord of a major theme in this affair. The future of this area as a media production hub. We’re an odd sort of place to have been, for 15 years or so, the third largest movie producing town behind LA and New York. That’s just plane strange, no way around it. We’re a gathering force. People are drawn here, interesting people, creative people, very nice people. We’re going to have a voice in this world and this whole Blue Velvet business is in service to that eventuality. That’s honestly what I believe. I have taken a long look at the fans of this film. They are the creative and artistic folks of the world. They’re the avant garde and independent film makers. And by reestablishing our association to this film we’re going to attract some of them here. And when you come to Wilmington, Wilmington might not let you leave. Here you are. And now you’re involved. Now we just have to figure out what part you’re supposed to play.
I’m sending you a friend request through Facebook and I’ll send you a link to the facebook page for the documentary. We don’t have a page for the celebration per se as yet. Hopefully I’ll be getting to that soon.
Just a note, I’m dyslexic and a horribly slow reader, I rarely read for pleasure so don’t be looking for any feedback on the manuscript soon. But I’m looking forward to reading it. Thanks for sending it. Oh by the way. It just occurred to me. I’m sure you know this but, some people are publishing exclusively online these days. My dad just got a Kindle and he loves it. He’s a veracious reader and he’s down loading everything now.
Once again, pleasure to meet you and I’m sure I’ll see you soon.
Steve Fox
From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 8:14 AM
Good morning Steve!
Great meeting you last night, and having a chance to speak with people who care about and are committed to making Wilmington a better place. Some day, it would be great to learn more about the foundation the gentleman who bought me the beer runs, and once I get some kind of money-machine rolling, it is exactly the kind of thing I’d like to support. In the meantime, I’d like to know more about Cucalorus, and some of the things you do to promote the film industry here. It seems like such a perfect industry for Wilmington, and although I know so little about it so far, I’d like to grow into some kind of role where I might help with this kind of effort. I get the feeling that despite the significant history of film in Wilmington, there is no real cementing of the industry to the city.
I really had little idea before I got into so much political peculiarity just over a year ago, how influential my very distant relatives have been in education, promotion of democracy, and the arts (or how much wealth they rather secretly actually control) – or, therefore, how attention-getting my last name is, at least in S.E. NC. That, with my 6’ 11” height, resonant voice and deep command of English -- as well as having been the only actually significant assistant in Tennessee Williams his last 20 years (maybe longer), my well received book (although not yet actually published), and my political tales (which are not yet completely sorted out for truth, but make an incredible story – which I WILL write and publish even if I have to fictionalize much or all of it) could be a strong foundation for effective lobbying, at least informally. Eventually.
Anyway, I’ve attached my manuscript. My websites, most needing updating. You can see I was given an exaggerated idea of Shaun’s format, but YouTube can be powerful – if Shaun calms down a little and doesn’t keep distracting with BS from his meat.