Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ben David and His Cokie not-Roberts Go a-Visitin' at New Hanover Hospital!!!

Life is flowing more poetically, yet swiftly, as we now go into the last of the "Latter Days." If you missed the memo on "The End of the World as We Know It," and my role in that transition and what all the confusion we seem to be experiencing means, don't blame me -- or at least don't bother doing it by voice, text, email, or other means that I cannot easily ignore, or I just might spit on you (although this is HIGHLY unlikely, but given that a man of my height can't even spit without it landing on SOMEONE'S head -- typically upper -- I do like to fantasize about "Great Expectorations." Dickens, I ain't!!!)

Anywho: Chronic and brilliant local BadBoy Robbie Trahan continues bouncing between getting free beers in exchange for fabulous stories and free narcotics in New Hanover County Hospital on the government's dime. Talk about the most skilled "dual-diagnosis" addict ever invented by Big Sweetie -- he's more creative than am I!!!

That said, Robbie has gotten word not only to contacts at the DEA and New Hanover Sheriff's Dep't. who handle investigations of Racketeering related to narcotics, but also my public defender and then via yours truly, to hundreds of others, Robbie's claim that Ben David and his "cocaine-slender," rabid she-assistant who railroaded me in court last March and His High Puff-n'-Stuff Benjamin David, Himself, were thrice at Robbie's hospital bedside in the last few days, each time (generally, they only showed up right after Robbie had gotten an intravenous narcotic and was woozie), offering to pay ALL Robbie's hospital bills for the last several months he's been in and out of the hospital with acute alcohol poisoning, pancreatitis, and gall bladder peculiarities of an unspecified nature, IN EXCHANGE for Robbie testifying in court that I, Scott Kenan, am mentally ill and desparately need to be medicated.

Well, good grief!!! Of course Robbie believes in medication -- he's medicated around the clock on one thing or another -- and he NEVER PAYS FOR IT!!!

Yes, humans-possessing-intelligence: Robbie split his side laughing as he claims he told them, especially that bitch that rumor has it sleeps with the District Attourney when they do meds to keep her body thin and her mind wired (hello -- can you spell C-O-C-A-I-N-E?!?!?), to go to hell (each and every time). I do not know if either one of these Law Enforcement Officials does cocaine or sleeps with anyone other than their lawful spouses (if she has one -- or he STILL has one, after all his sins have mostly been exposed), but only report what I've ben told by others -- often, MANY others.

And who the hell would believe Robbie's opinion of someone else's need for psych meds, for Christs's sake???

Clearly, TWO people: Ben David and his (possibly) coked-up Side-Kick (get it?). Ahnd a bunch of drug-addled Carpet-Baggers like themselves. Let's run 'em all out of Wilmington in celebration of the 4th of July, OK???

PRAISE Yeshua-the-Jew!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Slamming Criminals Where It Counts!!! (and these are not Republicans -- for once)

My apologies to those conscientious jurists who would take offense at the graphic on my earlier posting today -- unless, of course, it applies to you.


1. I was served "anti-stalking" papers by Cheryl Padezanin, wife of George Padezanin (both of 106 South 8th Street, ILM 08204) #11CV02734 in New Hanover County Court, NC. Claim is that I made "slanderous comments about (undeciferable) plaintiff and her husband of engaging in illegal activity." Well, that sure isn't specific -- and once again, I invite all whom I libel to charge me with a REAL crime. THE JUDGE DID NOT ACCEPT HER CLAIM, saying she did not b ack it up with evidence that was sufficient (might have caused her to admit the truth, I suppose. LOL!!!). So it is NOT in effect, nevertheless, we have a court hearing on 7/8/11 9:30 AM Room 302. I sure hope I remember to go!!!

2. I filed assault charges against some neighbors today, while in the courthouse. The magistrate did not allow me to have a copy and would not allow me to take the forms home to fill out (I had mentioned I could do that and copy them before turning them in. She got very huffy and said she might not let me file at all when I said the magistrate at the county jail had said I could do ALL OR THAT when I almost filed charges against someone else a couple of months ago. I still don't know why copies and take-it-home-and-fill-it-out are allowed by the jail-house magistrate but not the court house one. She even complained that I was distracting her from her lunch. I would have fired her if I'd have had the power -- maybe jailed her, if she misrepresented the law about copies or filling out paperwork at home.

3. A Wilmington Policeman in the Court House who overheard me telling a friend I ran into that I had just talked to the DEA about Ben & Jon David and delivered the evidence against them for narcotrafficking, and at the DEA's advice, spoke to detectives in the Sheriff's office and delivered evidence of Rackeeteering -- both investigations already taking a life of their own and interconnected, approached me, said he was not qualitfied to diagnose, but by law was allowed to declair I am schizoprenic, which he also said I deffinitely was and he probably would have to take me to treatment. I was beyond horrified as he also knew I was talking to DEA and Sheriff and it was too late to stop me. I explained that the jail shrink as well as psychologist and Norrth Carolina Solutions had all examined me and none found me to need drugs or talk therapy. This visibly angered him and he reached out as if to actually take me into custody. I lightened the mood by saying I was a published writer and I use words metaphorically -- like poetry -- while he uses them like provable fact. I apologized for upsetting him and we agreed we are cool with each other. Nevertheless, I turned after getting 20 feet away (and having lots of witnesses) and told him I will ROCK his world, infact I already had -- he just had not yet gotten the memo.

4. I gave several in the Sheriff's office rock-solid evidence of Racketeering by many (including the District Attourney Ben David), and made sure the Sheriff and DEA were together on the same page. Many of us will be partying tonight!!!!!!!!

5. Robbie Trahan was drinking, but given all the pressure around me, it is no surprise. I chanced on paramedics about to take him to the hospital and gave them all the info they needed to connect him with those who care and his background. He was clearly in abdominal pain, but I think less than last time. He was freaked by my coming on the scene, so I'll call him at the hospital later. I'm reserving judgement on him for now.

6. District Attourney Ben David's maybe/maybe not male lover, known as Lee off A.A. who is often drunk, first could not meet my eyes, but later tried to engage me in sale of cigarettes to him. If Robbie is stupid enough to hang with .Lee, that is not my problem, but i told Lee to take a Flying Fuck and NEVER speak to me again!!! Ditto Benjamin David.

7. And now I hope to go home and not be killed. I did get photos of my small wound and swelling bruise for evidence. The Magistrate and other officers were shocked that Wilmington Police did NOT offer to take pictures of my wound on scene -- ESPECIALLY since I had specifically asked them too. Also, they were supposed to have given me a case number, but even though they thought it serious enough for FOUR cop cars to arrive on scene the first time, they laughed at the idea of a case number of photographing evidence.

8.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! That's me, getting the last laugh . . .

Scott D. Kenan

Caught in the act of RACKETEERING!!!

Emailing with the Devils and others. FYI: Someone at First Presbyterian Church, ILM, is again blocking my email toady -- maybe because representatives of the Kennedy Family who live in Wilmington, NC claimed to me that Ernie Thompson (head minister) is beholden to and making money off the narco-traffickers. I do not believe this, but am beginning to think it is quite possible.

Re: whole town celebrates eviction of local mad man


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show details 11:06 AM (2 minutes ago)

No, you are Christal Presley at, and you -- with Patrick Stansbury, Allen Rosen, Ruth Anne Kenan, your buddy Sean Hannity -- and a cast of others tried to murder me -- or at least maim me or put me in mental hospital.

Federal Racketeering charges and other charges (you also worked with American Express and ATL Journal/Constitution.

Scott D. Kenan
The Demon Spawn of Tennessee Williams

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 10:57 AM, Chris Presley wrote:

Please remove me from your email list. I'm receiving this by mistake.

(I soon realized that the Christal Presley I meant has the email address of .)

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 10:56 AM, Scott Kenan Scott wrote:

Special shout out to Rachel of Wilkinson & Associates/NC Coast Properties who rented to Ben Wickham and others who allied with the drug dealers on my street to beat me up. Apparently, the property owner of the green two-story house two doors south of 111. So. 8th St. ILM 28401 is a BIG narco-trafficker, because the stupid "speed-dating" fag in the house in-between who either does it all day or deals drugs all day while his taller boyfriend teaches (allegedly) at UNCW -- A KENAN FAMILY SUPPORTED SCHOOL!!! -- scared the crap out of Ben, Brian, and the other roommates, causing them to renege on an aggreement to store a few of my things for a few days.

Ben lost his 10% of royalties on my Tennessee Williams memoir, which I'd hoped would help pay for his and Mandy's (should they produce children) childrens' educations. That's what we Kenans do!!! But having repeatedly asked Ben to contact me to straighten things out, including making clear if he doesn't I would consider the contract that he never had the COURTESY in two weeks to give me a copy of (and both us sign MY copy -- I don't even remember the contents and the un-revised original is on my now-defunct computer, so I can't even look at that much of it).

I've gvine Ben's 10% to St. Mary's Catholic Church in Wilmington to honor and be used by the Sister who runs services for the poor. Also, to honor Father Bob (I think that is his name) who was so kind to me recently. More later!!!

That contract is now null and void, and if Ben has a problem with that, he can sue me in court (I assume you can sue even if you are in prison on a convicetion of felony RACKETEERING charges. Too bad Ben threw his professional future away due to a loud-mouthed, drug-dealing, speed-dating faggot. I guess Ben had sex with the guy and he was blackmailed -- at least that's the talk in the neighborhood. LOL!!!


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Scott Kenan Scott
Date: Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 10:33 AM
Subject: Re: whole town celebrates eviction of local mad man


You talking about me again??? Not so fast, Bubba. I'm giving the Feds racketeering evidence today. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 10:24 AM, wrote:

Come join the fun

Reply Reply to all Forward
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To:Chris Presley ,,,,,,,,,,, Patrick Stansbury , jane kenan ,,,,,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ben David's Male Lover Reveals Himself to DEA!!!

Christian Elder at First Presbyterian (that with my relative William Rand Kenan, Sr.) LED the only successful Coup d'Etat in US HISTORY. How FUNNY that SUPER-DRUG-TRAFFICKING CHRISTIAN MINISTER (and District Court Judge), James A. Faison III, SWORE BEN IN!!!

STRANGE BUT TRUE: Last night, I ran into a man whom for simplicity sake I'll assign the name "Lee." On Front Street in Wilmington, NC. I had met him yesterday morning, as I walked to the Shell station on Third to buy a pack of cigarettes, and he then introduced himself as my boyfriend's good friend who had kindly gotten Robbie into AA. We discussed the importance of my keeping pressures on Robbie low to help him maintain his sobriety once Robbie got out of the hospital where his pancreas and something-or-other are being monitored until stabilized.

Later, I ran into District Attorney Benjamin david in a coffee shop and (as reported in yesterday's post) had a very pleasant, first-time-in-the-flesh meeting, which ended in the D.A. turning white as a ghost after I told him I was on the way to give the DEA my final -- or at least most comprehensive -- evidence so far. While waiting for the Federal building to open, "Lee" showed up again, as if he were suddenly stalking me -- although in the most pleasant and welcome way.

I did my deed (no, no -- not THAT one, delivering evidence. LOL!!!)

But before continuing, allow me to state two punch-lines and one common street expresion that illuminate what happened last night:

"What does it take to make a homosexual?"

#1: "Two heterosexuals." (logical biological answer)
#2: "One 6-pack." (practical advice for fun-loving guys)

The expression heard many times by all, including once by my from my brother Mike when, as an auditor for what is now SUNOCO INC, he called me in Key West when I was working for Tennessee Williams:

"Cocaine makes ya queer."

Well, this gentleman -- and I mean it in only the best sense -- named "Lee" was drunk as a skunk when I ran into him on Front Street last night. But hs was a most pleasant drunk -- WHAT A RELIEF!!! He asked me to sit with him and witness a phone call -- said he had someone in his life that was just like Robbie is in mine (took me a minute to wrap my mind around that though, as I felt certain Lee was straight).

Lee: "Hey! You got your gun there? Yeah? Pick it up, count to five, and then shoot yourself in the head."
What, I wondered? What on earth -- must be some kind of joke.
Lee: "One . . . two . . . three . . . four . . . five . . . OK, you have no balls at all!!!" Lee hung up.

In consternation, I listened to the surreal Middle-Eastern fusion music piped in from above, as we continued to sit in the chairs across the street from The Eat Spot. We did not say a word, until I put out my smoke:

Scott: "Lee, I hope you get back on your program soon. I'm sort of surprised to see you like this after all the help you've been getting Robbie sober. I'll see you soon . . ."

After walking away, I realized that Lee had wanted me to know that Ben David was his lover, and so many things then fell into place: How Robbie had so easily talked with Ben David a few days ago, which had caused his last and final back-slide into drinking (it had been on -- presumably -- Lee's phone while down at The Pavilion on the river). I even wondered if Ben had ever had sexo with Robbie (I shudder to think -- in fact I refuse to -- but that said, Ben is HOT AS HELL, if you ask my humble opinion).


Cyber-General Scott D. Kenan
House O' David.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Time to Collect Some Reward Money . . . Soon

 >>> THIS JUST IN: Harvard University called today to see if I was safe, etc. . .


Where do I start???

Last night I was attacked by all the nice white people on my street -- the drug dealers and those who are afraid of them.While carrying goods to my (now) former business partner's back yard for temporary storage of a couple of things (I've been evicted by landlord Ken Jernigan, and had promised to be out by end of yesterday), the shorter gay guy in the mulberry house next door to my shorgun-dupolex apartment, 111 South 8th Street, Apt. A, Wilmington 29801 -- the one I had first thought was speed-dating-for dollars all day long while his UNCW professor partner was at work, but turned out to be selling drugs (the boys that kept coming and going were a bit fast -- even for 17-year-olds, which they tended to be older than), told me I was "not allowed" to store things there. I told him My (then ) business partner who had bought 10% of all royalties to my Tennessee Williams memoir, , had, with his two other UNCW student roommates, the lease, but this guy insisted he could get me disallowed.

Next thing I knew, Leroy Alford of 105 South 8th Street, a very kind man, was caused to freak out and wave his gulf club in my face and demand that I go into my house and shut up. Leroy has often encouraged me in my fight against the neighborhood mobsters, but I know fear when I see it, and he was afraid George Radezanin of 106 South 8th Street would again harm one of his loved ones.

I, of course, always thrust the stick more deeply and vigorously into the hornets nest when danger is upon me -- just to see what I can tempt out of its hole (in this case, George, who owns Hand Painted Homes, a business that some years ago actually painted houses and had a great reputation). Now George only pretends to do estimates -- how he goes out to deliver his drugs. George no longer has a website -- who needs to waste the money when your business only launders drug money -- but I found his "current" graphic designer: -- talk about yer "dinks."

Anyway, George ran across the street furious and screaming at me that I was an asshole and he was going to teach me a lesson. He ran up and chased me into my own yard -- (from the sidewalk in front of my house). He began kicking me and yelled that he was goin gto murder me. His wife ran out after him and tried to calm him down, but like a meth addict (I'd always assumed he was only a crack addict and seller -- but what did I know???), he was out-of-control ballistic and continued kicking me and threatening me with his fists.

I tried to retreat to my porch, but he even followed me there, and in a moment's break in his kicking (but NOT his screaming threats that he would murder me), I broke away, got into the already unlocked house, and stayed behind the bolted door. Once her retreated into the street I called the cops -- as did Leroy, who I could hear telling them the opposite of my own story -- that I had attacked THEM!!!

There were about ta dozen neighbors soon in the street, and Leroy and George -- joined by the "speed-dating" gay guy, ran up to all and told them what to tell the cops. ALL joined in and began yelling at me that they had been there and witnessed what THEY HAD NOT SEEN!!!

The cop who arrived calmed things down and patronized me (or not -- I simply soon learned not to trust Wilmington Police AT ALL!!!) with my stories of my Kenan relatives, the troubles I'd had, etc. Actually, a total of four cars finally arrived, but as soon as they left, George began parading on the sidewalk across the street, waving his middle finger at me and making faces like a five-year-old. Then he crossed the street, and paraded past my house smoking a joint. I reported to later police it was a rolled cigarette, but he'd had no time to roll one and he and his wife are far from poor. His point: HE OWNED THE POLICE!!!

A handsome, well dressed thug arrived at the gay guy's house, and they both approached my porch as I left my Public Defender, Emily Zvejnieks a voicemail, detailing what had happened. I wanted a record made with someone in justice. The thug had a threatening presence (clenched fists, forward leaning, continuing to approach -- walking on the grass at MY addrsss toward me). I went inside and called the police again. They came, but without my giving a full description and there now being about 15 neighbors out front, I was shocked that the cop went to the EXACT right guy (an enforcer???) fist bumped him a couple of times, and then they had a laughing conversation which they seemed intent on me seeing so I'd be intimidated. The cop left without contacting me after about 15 minutes.

The nieghbors including all the above named people (except Leroy) remained on the porch across the street, one house south of George's. The grade school teacher who lives there yelled out (normally, I can't even hear if people on that porch are speaking, but all what I now report was yelled toward me loud and clear), "I'm off tomorrow, and we should have a party to watch him be evicted!!! Two other people said they were off work too (I ASSUME they meant "off work"), and would join in the fun of watching people pick over my goods.

I called the police, was told a seargent would show up in about 5-10 minutes, but no one did. About 2 - 2.5 hours later, a female sargeant clled to make excuses and then told me basically I was ridiculous. I got tired of that, talked over her, told her not to erase that tape, and that I hoped we were on the same side of the law. I went to bed.

Meanwhile, Ben Wickham had been calling and texting demands that I immediately (later changed to by noon today, then tonight) remove my belongings. He admitted that he and the leaseholders had the right to let me keep things there, but said they had been forced to do this -- then later changed that to they just decided to do it. Tocay, I told him to wait and let the Feds remove my things (some evidence is stored there), and that since He weas such an ass, I was canceling our contract for his ownership of part of my book's royalties(only -- no copyright ownership), and he could sue me if he didn't like that. He had never even given me a second copy of the contract for us both to sign, so I do not believe the contract is binding, anyway.

This morning, I ran into District Attorney Benjamin David in a coffee shop on Front Street as I was going to the Federal Building to check in with the DEA. We were both pleasant, and he admitted he was unable to sue me for libel. He claimed I'm mentally ill and he hopes I get better. I told him I had an appointment to speak to the agents at Drug Enforcement Agency. He turned pale as a ghost, Iwished him a nice day, and then departed -- nicely.

I debriefed the several drug agents, whose eyes seemed to nearly pop their heads. Was fun telling about nthe swastikas and my mother's Nazi involvements and ties to the Catholic Church, Republican Party, etc. (much mor earlier in this blog).

I will not go back to get my things, and hope landlord Jernigan has not thrown them all out of the house. I don't need to be killed, which is what several of those white-assed "respectable" drug dealers promised to do. I hope to go back tomorrow with protection (officers, not weapons).

Tonight, I will find some place to stay. I had to spend all my money for two nights in hotel on cell minutes and other necessities.

Stay tuned . . .

BTW: George broke the skin and raised some welts, but I'm fine. I expect to file charges tomorrow (although with all the scred neighbors, I have no idea who will back up my story -- but someone will. I heard Leroy Alford has privately told law enforcement the truth already.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Great Scot!!!

Quickkkly -- because I only have an hour on the Library computer:

1. Yesterday, District Attourney Benjamin David spoke to my Bud, Robbie, and told him I'm a liar and need to be on meds and/or in jail -- things that Ben David knows are untrue and which I can prove to be untrue in a Court of Law. The D.A. also apparently strong-armed Robbie, causing him to violate his alcohol detox and sit with "The Vultures" see video of this song which Robbie wrote and John Mayer recorded: . As a result, I had to spend an hour talking Robbie back to his senses and to resume his detox -- and -- several hours later when he got to his first AA meeting and was assigned a sponsor, he vomited blood and was taken to hospital where he still is. Robbie's body cannot tolerate ANY alcohol now, and he's been diagnosed with "Tennessee Williams Disease", (accute pancreatitis), which, thank God, is easy to control on safe, inexpensive drugs. I handled TW's "eating pills (Donatal and another drug TW described as "the sessicated pancreaus of a hawg." See more about this in my just-published book: .

2. I spoke with a few of Ben David's self-described close personal friends, who had previously been resistant to the truth. They now all agree that Ben and his brother OWN (or at least protect) narco-rafficking in Greater Wilmington, Port Wilmington being the port that accepts more illegal drugs by boat than any other seaport in the USA.

3.I have run into sevral people in the last few days who are willing to testify that they snorted coke with Ben David in recent years while he was D.A. (Is he still D.A.???)

4. Lee Gosney REALLY cooked his and Patrick Stansbury's goose, inadvertently (see yesterday's posting). The Goose is TOTALLY out of the oven-bag now!!! (I mean the leadership of the Republican Party and Fox News are FRIED -- would someone please send them the memo in language they can get their drug-addled minds to understand??? Thank you.)

5. I have now connected with all my first cousins in Wilmington and let them know the truth -- including how my mother blackmailed my father into marrying her so she could hide her swastikas behind the Kenan name by having Dad's male lover shot in the head and forcing Dad to choose between a nasty homo-lover murder and marrying her and it being declared a "Russian-Roulette Suicide." I have not checked old legal record, but Dad told this story (the cover one) many times when I was young -- and Mom agreed. Myb cousins are now in a period of adjustment, but cool.

6. I spoke to Mom today and veryb civilly told her I had done this, which she said I had no right to do (she did not try to deny what she cannot deny -- she still admits to the small pastel swastikas on the dinner plates in the 1950s and 60s and her daily beating of her children (but especially me). All my family acknowedge this, but say that I should be medicated to shut up and otherwise think there was nothing inappropriate about it.

7. My landlord, Ken Jernigan, kindly extended the time I have to get out of my apartment by a few days (given that Robbie is still recovering in hospital), so he has come through for me when push came to shove and I will defend his character against all comers and detractors he might ever find he has. The past is the past and just a great story now -- PRAISE JESUS!!!

All best to all,
Los Azteca Grande

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Lee Gosney!!!

Lee Gosney isn't quite ready for his comeuppance!!!

Hi Lee,

Thank you for clarifying some Pentagon Publishing email addresses.

You knew my computer was blown out last night by Patrick Stansbury who hacks computers from his Pentagon Publishing office, so that I am unable to even get it to run in Safe Mode now. You thought I'd not be able to respond in a timely manner.

I have nothing else to write now, but will get with my attorneys and other allies about this. The lies in here are transparent, so I need not now address them. Anyone data-mining my blog will find the facts -- which can be confirmed elsewhere.

Thank you for being so smart -- ALL OF YOU!!!

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 12:05 PM, Lee Gosney wrote:

You know what is so funny. Scott has his facts mixed up but he is closer than he thinks. Remember when I left CCI and worked as a drug counselor for high risk male youth in Covington Ga? One of the happiest times of my life, I actually was a house parent, I took the kids to school, made their lunches, took them bowling, helped them get jobs and become productive members of society.

Speaking of gainful employment, how is the writing career going Scott? Been traveling a lot being the guest lecturer at various literary functions? Has Oprah made you Book of the Month yet? Let me know when you come to DeKalb County Ga, I have some friends who really want to meet you and hook up. (What does Lee mean by "hook up"? Is this a legal threat???)

As far a Wilmington, damn right skippy, there was a conference of drug counselors there few years back, I was the keynote speaker on “How to Stop Family Enabling” Something Scott’s family and loved ones should check out, I would be glad to talk to them. (Lee talks to my family already -- as reported elsewhere on this blog)

Made a lot of friends at that conference from all over the country, many that I still talk to today,. You know I might even still have the commemorative T Shirt they gave me, they also paid my airfare, and comped my room and expenses, another great memory in my life. (How nice for you!!! Sheez. Can ya mail me that T-shirt so I can sniff it???)

Scott you are what is called a delusional paranoid, everyone is against you and everyone else is wrong. Scott please get help, before those voices you hear become too much to handle and you hurt yourself or some innocent bystander. (Please present your mental health diagnostic credentials, Lee. Several doctors with actual licenses here have different oppinions than yours. ALSO: Why be so defensive -- especially without facts -- if my claims are frivelous and false. Have a nice Republican Party Adderal and a Smile instead. you have nothing to worry about, right???)

Scott may God bless and have His mercy on you… (He did. Same back at ya!!!)

Hi Lee,

As the local D.A. Benjamin David knows, I have not been prescribed psychiatric meds in well over two years, and as far as we've been able to tell, that GA indictment by Christal Presley was based on her FALSE STATEMENTS and appears to have been quashed and seems to have disappeared entirely from the records in GA.

You should catch up on reality as it ACTUALLY IS before responding to intelligent people -- and STOP COVERING YOUR ACTIVITIES BY PRETEND JOBS AND ACTIVITIES THAT SEEM TO DO THE OPPOSITE.

HONESTY COUNTS!!! (Didn't someone say this -- Jesus, perhaps)

On a different subject: I was quite surprised to find out how well known you are here in Wilmington, NC!!!



>>> am on library computer so in hurry and cann't do this justice.
On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 11:16 AM, L. Gosney wrote:

Off your meds again Scott? Did you ever take care of that warrant in DeKalb County Ga, for stalking some lady? Dude, please turn yourself in and let people who love you take care of you.

If anyone has contact with Scott, please inform the authorities. Failing to do so could result in your prosecution of aiding and abiding a fugitive once Scott is apprehended.

Scott has been designated as a person who is a danger to others by DeKalb County Georgia Superior Court. Personally, I think from his previous delusional “blogs” that he is more of a danger to himself.

Please, please if you love Scott, please turn him in so that he can receive the proper medical and mental care, before he hurts himself or something bad happens to him.

Scott, may God watch over you with all His love and mercy.


My Nekkid Sister: JANE!!!

That's right: Turns out it was my sister Jane, who on June 2 of this year, knowing that the computers at FSNB (Fort Sills National Bank) would be DOWN for a period the following day, emailed me saying that she did THAT DAY (June 2) deposit $40.00 cash into my account at the bank branch near her home in Raleigh, NC.

In the email, she wrote that she deposited it June 2, but the computers were down and it would be credited that day. As it so happens, the bank can prove she did not deposit the money until the NEXT day, June 3, and it was ONLY on June 3 that the bank's computers were down.

Thus has been proven that she is CONSCIOUSLY and DELIB ERATELY working with my mother, Patrick Stansbury, Allen Rosen, Christal Presley, Sean Hannity of Fox News, Michael Remer, John Eastman (the last two are NYC attorneys working in colusion with the Episcopal Arch-Bishop of Atlanta who is head of Sewanee -- the University of the South).

Net result was that I, thinking what Jane wrote me was true, bought a pack of cigarettes on my debit card (credit function) on June 2 and that caused a string of overdrafts and the bank charged me 4 x $18.00, plus the electric company tried twice to get my payment from them and so i have 2 x $13.80 in electric company bad check fees. Net fees to me: $99.60 less the $40.00 'gift' leaves me $59.00 in the red as the result.

To add insult to injury, the bank (maybe in collusion) sent the report to the electric company that my account had been closed instead of "NSF." By doing this, they willingly and consciously further damaged my credit.

Oh well.

I called my sister and my mother to let them know I realized I'd been mistaken all along about the good intentions of my sister Jan, and i have added her to the list of those I intend to have arrested, fairly tried, and hang on the gallows for HIGH TREASON.

Jane made her bed deliberately. She will now lie in it. PRAISE JESUS!!!

 >>> ADDED NOTE: All of Wilmington is thrilled to hear of the harbormaster's collusion with the David Brothers (District Attourneys) in protecting narco-trafficking in Port Wilmington. The Repulicans are so mad that I pressed my points about Patrick Stansbury and Lee Gosney last night that they screwed my cvomputer so bad, i can't even get it to run Windows in Safe Mode.

FOR MY FINANCIAL HEALTH, read this excellent book now:



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Confirmations of the EXTREME SERIOUSNESS of Lee Gosney's, Patrick Stansbury's, and Pentagon Publishing's Government-Business DRUG CONNECTIONS

. . . have come in – including from the person I identified as “Larry,” who, when I talked with him several times before had seemed to be one of the more courageous people I spoke with.

 >>> UPDATE 10:59 PM: I just tried to post a link to this posting on my Facebook Page and for the FIRST TIME EVER got a pop-up window claiming it "cannot be posted to this wall." I tried and failed three more times. I will try again later. . .

There is nothing really to fear here, but I do think this means we are getting close to a climax in this process. MANY others are working on it as well, and I have been cautioned to slow down many times, as Legitimate Law Enforcement cannot operate as quickly as I tend to discover and reveal.

Thanks for your continuing ear(s). LOL!!!

From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 9:53 PM
To: ''; ''; 'WHQR Public Radio';  ''; ''; ''; 'Patrick Stansbury'; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; '
Cc: 'Scott Kenan'
Subject: Interesting reaction to my former Pentagon Publishing, Inc co-worker's name . . .

Lee Gosney worked for Collegiate Concepts and, later, Pentagon Publishing, Inc. from 1991 – 2010 (sometime after I left), but with about a six year “vacation” while he was in Federal or State Prison for running a Meth Lab in Georgia – or so Gerry Flynn and her husband Joel Miller (other co-workers who live on Raleigh Way in Bethlehem, GA) told me had happened. I always knew he was big in the deal, because when Patrick Stansbury needed someone to help harass me about 15 months ago, it was always Lee. Everyone knew Lee was a big danger, and he liked to talk about his connections to certain Dekalb County judges. I might have even reported their names when I first blogged about them back then – google my name and his name, both in quotes to get more info about all of that.

He rarely actually worked for Patrick, and only sold small sales – the only person I never heard Patrick harass to get his sales up.

But I’d all but forgotten about Lee Gosney until SOMEONE ELSE in Wilmington happened to mention his name, and we connected that he WAS IN FACT the same Lee that I knew. I checked with a few others the last several days to be able to report this with some confidence, and had NO TROUBLE confirming it!!!


See also TWO blog posts today: Trying to confront Sen. Goolsby and earlier post that I ADDED much deep material to after I had emailed it. .


From: Scott Kenan []
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 9:25 PM
To: 'Larry
Cc: 'Scott Kenan'
Subject: RE: Love, Actually -- and that pesky Jewish question . . . AN ANNOUNCEMENT OF ANOTHER PAIRING IN THE MEYER FAMILY!!!

Hey Larry,

You have not offended me AT ALL, and I appreciate your taking the time to answer AND ESPECIALLY your honesty.

Have you ever gotten an email that has a round-up of news items from an organization like the NYTimes or Wall Street Journal? Did you ask them to stop because you could not confirm it all PERSONALLY.

Think about it.

I doubt you doubt my knowledge as much as you fear consequences of associating with the one person in Wilmington who is balls-out NOT afraid of the local, national, and international Drug Mafia. I’ve tangled with All of them over the last 18 months – and it’s ALL in my blog: . I have been beaten up (with stated intention to kill me each time) three times in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, poisoned twice there and twice in the US, jailed illegally for 28 days by local DA Ben David, and there have been six “formal” attempts to commit me – and innumerable attempts, informally (scare or confuse me, then have cops show up for concocted reasons or by “coincidence” and act in ways to further unnerve me).

It never works. I believe in This Thing We Call God.

Soon, a lot of things will clarify as the Republicans continue to cannibalize themselves. When it seems safer – get back in touch, OK?

Late today, I wrote up how I tried to confront Sen. Goolsby: .


From: Larry
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 7:27 PM
To: Scott Kenan
Subject: Re: Love, Actually -- and that pesky Jewish question . . . AN ANNOUNCEMENT OF ANOTHER PAIRING IN THE MEYER FAMILY!!!


It is the political aspect of your e-mails.

Specifically "I have only in the last several days discovered that Lee Gosney of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, , is VERY WELL KNOWN in Wilmington narco-trafficking circles as an important government-private business liaison...".

As I cannot confirm/deny any of this information and do not know any of these people I would rather not be involved (even electronically) in any way, shape or form. I was under the assumption that our correspondence would be more for matters specific to writing and any business related to writing. To put it plainly, I don't want to be associated with any sentiments about people I don't know, and electronic records of these e-mails are being saved on a server.

I am sorry and I don't mean to offend you , but this is a realm that I don't want to go into. I hope you understand.

Thank you again,

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 7:10 PM, Scott Kenan wrote:

Hey Larry:

I’d be happy to do that, but it would be helpful to me if you could be more specific: What do you mean by “little too much for me.”? The more specific, the better. All writing must be clear to have any value.


Speaking Truth to Power's Wife!!! (honoring my former congressperson, Cynthia McKinney)

Walking to the New Hanover County Library this afternoon to rent a copy of my former boss and mentor Tennessee Williams' THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, I noticed that not only was a vehicle in the drive with NC Senate plates at 5th and Dock Streets, but the sliding back door of the van was open -- and no one appeared to be around.

I had stopped before and talking to some hurriedly-leaving, white, Country-Club types, been invited to knock on the back door (more like a side door, actually), if a car was in. When they heard my last name was Kenan, they had become most friendly that day.

But unlike most Wilmington folk, they never seemed to be on their wrap-around porches, and I hate to knock on the doors of those I'm not more acquainted with. It had been about eight weeks since I'd met them briefly, and fearing the anger of "County-Clubbers" when you do something that seems helpful -- like closing a car door inadvertently left open (I've seen these types threaten law suits and make the most ridiculous accusations of intentions over helpful acts -- not realizing they give away their OWN motivations when they do so), I climbed the few steps up and knocked on the door.

"Who is it?" -- the voice of a young child.
"Scott Kenan."
I waited about twenty seconds and the door opened. A not-yet-middle-aged woman with a child in her arms stood in front of me.
"I noticed someone left your van's door open . . . " I gestured toward it. "Other side of the car. Can I close it for you?'
"No, I'll get it." The child squirmed and her hold seemed tenuous.
"Well, I stopped while y'all were rushing off a few weeks ago, and someone said to be sure to stop by to talk one day. Never see anyone outside. Which Senator lives here, could you tell me?"
"My husband, Thom."
She nodded.
"Well, if you wouldn't mind telling him that Scott Kenan stopped by -- new in the neighborhood --thought I should let him know I expect to put him in jail before too long -- connections to Republican narco-trafficking and such. Would you like my card?"
Mrs. Goolsby shook her head "no" as she closed the door politely, struggling to keep her grasp on her child as she did. She had only one more door to go!!!
(The van door -- if you are too drug-addled to keep track here.)

More on NC State Senator Goolsby: "Pay-to-play politics can be petty – or deadly serious. The Wilmington Star-Newsreports that state Sen. Thom Goolsby received a $4,000 donationfrom the head of the city’s home builders association and shortly thereafter introduced a bill in the General Assembly that the association’s lobbyist had prepared. The bill overrides a city policy about how the Wilmington convention center is rented to groups. That policy hardly deserves statewide attention, but the Goolsby/builder interaction does, because the two men risk being charged under the state’s anti-bribery law if “it could reasonably be inferred that the thing of value [the $4,000 donation] would influence the legislator in the discharge of the legislator’s duties” (NC General Statute 120-86)."



See Food and Eat It!!!

Professionalism, North Carolina District Attorneys Jon and Ben David style!!!






Jason L Greene What makes you think I'm Jewish? Just wondering.:)
§      20 hours ago · LikeUnlike
Scott Kenan Your Facebook page says you are Reform Jew, silly. If I hadn't just reunited this morning with my soul-mate, I'd offer you some sexo excellete for your joshing me like this, ya little bugger!!!
20 hours ago · LikeUnlike
Scott Kenan ‎(I might be allowed "outside sex" at a later date, but not right now.)
20 hours ago · LikeUnlike
Jason L Greene Wishful thinking "Dude"!:) But I've been known to slip up, now and then. Martini's, Dirty Grey Goose, usually do the trick! Oh, no pun, intended!!!!!
20 hours ago · LikeUnlike
Scott Kenan HUH??? Yer not Jewish? That was a trick played on me by Republicans and you are actually Episcoplayin' or something??? Please explain.
20 hours ago · LikeUnlike
Jason L Greene WTF! Reporting you to the Anti-Deformation League! I've never been so insulted in my life.:)
20 hours ago · UnlikeLike · 1 personLoading...
Scott Kenan Oh wait. I see. LOL!!! I serve Costco's fine vodka, which is actually Grey Goose, recanted for 1/3 the price. The Kenan Family (distant) seems to have had something to do with the development of Costco, and my cousin Thomas S. Kenan III owns Kenan Advantage Group which supplies Costco exclusively with gasoline in the USA.
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Scott Kenan OK!!! Thank you!!!
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Scott Kenan And Bend Over (metaphorically, for now . . .)
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Jason L Greene Scott, I never bend for anyone. But Costco's Vodka, at that price does sound interesting.:)
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Scott Kenan  All bends are now off. Suddenly –  last Friday –  I met the man of my life: Robert A. Trahan III, aka Robbie, a 43-year-old Cajun-Scot mutt who is more handsome than God, and can bench press 275#. He works as a commercial fisherman and has also co-penned the Grammy Award-winning song, "Daughters," with his good friend John Mayer (who has recorded several other co- or Robbie-penned songs, including "Vultures"), and for five years ran the audio/video services at Grand Ole Opry! In one live video, you can actually here people calling out to him, “We love you Robbie!!!” (He was just off stage running A/V):
You can hear John’s recording of “Vultures,” which Robbie wrote by himself here: . This song PERFECTLY describes the people in my immediate family, Pentagon Publishing, Inc, old boyfriends, nearly everyone I ever knew before I “woke up” to my KENANHOOD, which vultures call Bipolar Illness. 
§  His cell phone has a veritable library of old and new rock-folk aristocracy on speed dial, and he tells me we first met in court (and accurately recounted how Judge Wine-Box Blackmore accused me of lying about needing a Public Defender – she claiming that ALL Kenans had AT LEAST two or three trust funds to suck money from) and then transport to New Hanover County (NC) Jail, although he couldn't get my attention at that time because I would only talk to black guys. (It's true: I'm a touch of a racist.) 
POLITICAL NOTE: I have only in the last several days discovered that Lee Gosney of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., of Snellville, GA , is VERY WELL KNOWN in Wilmington narco-trafficking circles as an important government-private business liaison. In 1990, when my father, William Scott Kenan (now of Raleigh, NC), lived at my house for much of the time Newt Gingrich with Judge Linda Warren Hunter held me illegally in Dekalb County, GA jail, and then another six months after I got out, he was very close friends with Lee Gosney and other narco-traffickers at the giant Tucker, GA Alcoholics Anonymous group on Lewis Road – and hence, Patrick Stansbury, who masterminded the Atlanta TV 5 then-CBS affiliate’s investigation of Collegiate Concept, Inc.’s (owned by Russell and Eileen Smith – Eileen was Jewish), which raised money on very generous terms (for a fund-raiser) for the F.O.P. I was the one who was viewed most on the week-long TV broadcasts in “under-cover” filming. (Meant to further terrorize me, in case the false imprisonment and court-ordered house arrest and Lithium with weekly blood test was not enough!!! FUCKERS. (Sorry, I really am trying to reign in my language.)
Anyway, the end result was that Collegiate Concepts and the Smiths’ marriage were both destroyed, and Patrick Stansbury got all the military side of the ad-marketing business after CCI vice President Walter Moore broke in with his key and stole all the ad copy that was to be sent to the publications. Patrick then leveraged all War College’s, Service Academies, and Maritime Academies that CCI represented to publish those ads free and give him their continuing contracts, or face his destruction of their reputations for integrity. (Patrick is the sickest, most vile person I ever met in my life – except for Christal Presley. Also, my mother. He’s destroyed MANY people and I am witness to a few of his extortion crimes and can testify in courts of law on this.)
Maritime Academies were important as I just learned that the Wilmington, NC Harbor Master is kind enough to warn those who hang near the Cape Fear River to disappear for a few days when the BIGGEST loads of illegal drugs come in to port (for their safety, as killers for the Republican Party/Drub Mafia – PROTECTED BY BOBBSEY TWIN DAs, BENJAMIN AND JON DAVID. Many have told me that Wilmington receives more illegal drugs by boat than even Miami!!! Do the Inland Seafood and Cisco trucks I see plying the waterfront in ILM take out the drugs from the boats like they did in Stone Mountain Park in Newt Gingrich’s 1990 operation that I personally witnessed and have blogged about multiple times??? I have only suspicions. 
BTW: Walter Moore (now deceased), was retired military and hailed from Cherry Hill, NJ. He was built like a bulldog (and could act like one too), but was always nice to me, and liked to point out that he had a lot of Sun Oil Company (now SUNOCO, INC) contacts – the very company my father and brother Michael William Kenan of Donalyn Lane, Berwyn, PA worked and work for. BOTH are CONSCIOUSLY working in my mother’s Nazi/Republican Party narco-trafficking businesses, although Dad has been sending me evidence against Mom, recently – his KENAN genes having FINALLY kicked in!!! THANKS DAD!!!
§      Anyway, when we met, Robbie was masquerading as a homeless alcoholic in absolute crisis, and claimed as a Kenan, I had to be platinum -- not gold. Well, I accepted his sexual aggressions, and after our personal Night of the Iguana last night, he's beyond his alcohol (the local Detox Center refused to admit him at 1:00 AM this morning, so he's soldiering on, doing 100 pushups in groups of 25 to help relieve the tension as he resurrects himself and we dream together of adopting a couple of children and living in Puerto Vallarta after the drug wars recede. Now is THAT a happy ending to my difficulties OR WHAT?????????
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Peter and Jess Demaria (in other half of this shotgun-duplex rental house) and landlord Kenneth Jernigan continue to harrass me and my friends). I intend to sue Mr. Jernigan if he and I cannot come to an understanding about my remaining here for a few days after the sheriff can evict me, as I asked repeatedly for secure locks, yet he and others have keys to my apartment. When I returned after a month in jail (March 28, 2011), although I was absolutely certain all FIVE backdoor locks were locked before leaving here a month before, all were UNLOCKED when I returned. Nothing was stolen. It was meant to unnerve me so that I might be put under observation and subsequently medicated

This never works, as any apparernt unnervement on my part is simple drama, which I stop when I decide to.

Several movies (DVD & Blu-Ray) have disappeared over time, as well as many electronic cables. Just in the last few days, the last 1/6 of a PERFECT cantelope was taken from my refridgerator. All this to make me sound crazy when I report it, but Jernigan admitted when I moved in that the keys had never been changed -- and he REFUSED TO DO IT. I always seemed to be having all my money removed from me by all kinds of tricks (this pattern -- now easy to prove -- is called RACKETEERING, as I understand it), and I've never had anyone to guard the door, should I try to take the locks to be re-keyed.

Saturday night, Peter Demaria, who with his wife Jess seemed to own a crack lab that they had in their half of this house until I blogged about it a few weeks ago -- THIS ACCORDING TO WILMINGTON POLICE, who said they were watching, but did not yet have the evidence to act -- told my boyfriend Robbie that he was not allowed to remain on the porch on MY SIDE OF THE HOUSE, waiting for me when I was late getting back here to meet him. Peter had the NERVE to then tell Robbie about how trashy I and everyone I knew was. THIS FROM A FREAKIN' DRUG-LAB ASSHOLE WHO IS PROTECTED BY DRUG-TRAFFICKING LANDLORD JERNIGAN.

 >>> TELLING: When I got out of jail on trumped up charges of Cyber-Stalking (appeal trial date WITH JURY THIS TIME: August 24, 2011), Mr. Jernigan said he had checked the definition of Cyber-Stalking and said to me, "Hell, people accuse me of that (refering to my offending blog post concerning a prominent Wilmington lawyer's involvement in drug trafficking) ALL THE TIME. I had no idea I could sue them!!!"


 >>> LINK TO PETER AND JESS DEMARIA'S BUSINESSES, which many tell me are use ONLY to launder drug money. Jess told me they use her clothing site, , only for email with family (after I sent her a message via its Facebook Page and after several weeks she still was not aware it waited for her on her BUSINESS site -- she didn't even have her Facebook messages forwarded to her REGULAR email, like I do.

Why not use a business site for business??? I would.

Check Peter's sites out as well: Not a single thing a REAL person would have ANY interest in owning!!! . Don't miss his scintilating blog: .

For several reasons, Robbie will not be able to send me money to move into another place until next Wednesday. If I cannot work out a deal with Jernigan to remain here until then, I'll sue the you-know-what out of him for various crimes. I DO NOT CARE any more about any of this (meaning that he, Jess, or Peter go to jail for their crimes), but I need a few days past when the Sheriff can evict me. That's all. Jernigan can give me that. HE STILL HAS MORE OF MY MONEY IN ESCROW THAN I OWE HIM -- and I ALWAYS pay up, anyway, for things I ACTUALLY RECEIVE.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't Get Hung on the Language -- Yeshua Cursed the Money Changers in the Temple, Remember???

FIRST: I apologize for the language below. More and more I feel unclean and in need of a mikveh whenever I even think of many of my (close) blood relatives. I will moderate the language and then post this on my blog shortly.

But I do want some to get it FULL STRENGTH!!!

Ben David: We will do to you in court WORSE than what I do to my family here. Mazel tov!!!

Sheriff McMahon: Just a heads up: Ken Jernigan got a magistrate’s order in a perfectly legal way, allowing him to have your crew empty my apartment this coming Friday 6/24/11. At this time, I have less than a dollar to my name and a negative bank balance due to illegal trick by FSNB over near Wal-Mart. I am not certain if I’ll have money to rent elsewhere by then, so I might need to rely on your crew to put my stuff into the street. I’ve already said good-bye to it. My first book is published, and the second will be based on my blog which lives in the “cloud,” so I don’t even need my computer, since I can use those at the Library. But one thing’s for sure: if a bunch of damn white people (supporters and detractors alike – aka Republicans and Liberal hypocrites) can’t directly or indirectly provide me with shelter, a job, or any reasonable means of my making money to pay for my own shelter and basic needs for two or three months until book revenues do that, I’m sure as hell not going to lift a finger to pack, clean, or tote my crap out of this apartment!!! I might-could make some lemon Kool-Aid (NOT drug-laced, LOL!!!), and since I DID pay the electric, will be sure to have the air conditioning cranked. That said, I might get a little randy with all your handsome fellas totin’ and sweatin’, but I never disrespect a uniformed officer, so PLEASE don’t just send females, or I’ll come over there and personally spank your big white fanny!!! (This is meant to be a joke, you stupid, drug-addled, Republican scumbags.)

Ken: I hope you can be here with my drug-concocting co-tenants of this shotgun duplex house. It’s gonna be quite a spectacle – I’m even thinking of reprising my only previous turn in drag at the Key West Fantasy Fest 1981 (see my book: ) for the day: THE AMAZON ADULTERESS!!! (green body paint, Nancy Reagan Red lips and “fuck me pumps”, aviator glasses, straight blond wig. Think Gloria Steinem possessed by Hunter S. Thompson). Let me know if you’d like to discuss this first. My phone seems to be working better lately – now that national Republicans see they must respect me.

Bishop: I warned ya, and warned ya, and warned every single sub-bishop in The Old South who is under you – but you refused to listen. You and your predecessors sucked at the “Uncle Jimmy” Kenan teat whilst willfully cooperating with the Republicans in robbing the correct heirs of Tennessee Williams of the money meant to fund education for writers of an experimental bent – and you Goddamned Mother-Fucker: TW did NOT mean experiments in enslaving the world!!! The Episcopal Church is indeed “more Catholic than God,” as people like to say. That sentence can spin your head in circles, but bottom line, is NOT a compliment. And the Catholic Cathedral +/- across Peachtree Street from you sucked James Kenan’s wife’s money-teat. Y’all are just a bunch of cannibalistic blood-suckers and I command you to hell. (not that I have any authority, mind you, but I do enjoy encouraging you to self-condemn).

The rest of you (top line except Ed) are just a bunch of major fucks that I want out of my life, period. Please restore communications as you slide on down to the hells-of-your-own-making.

Thank you,
Scott Kenan
House o’ David


From: Scott Kenan []

Sent: Monday, June 20, 2011 6:44 AM
To:; Doug Meyer; George Meyer;; Julie Duffy; Karen and Paul Murray; KENAN, MICHAEL W;; Marybeth Meyer;; Mike Kenan;;; Aunt Pat;;; 'jane kenan'
Cc:;;;; fay.g;;; 'WHQR Public Radio';; jeffrey toobin

Subject: Congratulations to the Bride: the former Jan Meyer Opperman (she's been officially de-Jewed by my mother, who arranged the marriage).

OOOPS!!! Wrong photo of happy, loving heterosexuals (this one is actually my little sister, Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy and Joel Duffy – poised to live happily ever after in the Church of Jesus (and before turning into belligerent, porker, top fans of Sarah Palin – PRAISE JESUS!!!) Julie how on earth did you get so God-damned STUPID??? Eating cannibalistic Catholic Communion??? That’s right: Believing the host and wine are LITERALLY the body and blood of Jesus (Transubstantiation – accepted theory of the Catholic and Episcopalian Churches) means you are literally a cannibal if you eat communion parts. No wonder Catholics are less than human. And if you think of it, few animals eat their own kind – I’m not certain vultures eat dead vultures, although they’ll eat just about anything else.

Me, of course, I’ll eat anything human and three-legged (almost, but certainly not some thing as swine as your asshole husband).

Disclaimer: Not all Catholics who take communion turn into animals like Julie and Mom. My brother Mike turned into one without having Catholic communion (or sucking dick – to my knowledge) for at least a few years!!!

Back to the wedding actually at hand:

What's your new name? Did my mother finally make it to one of your weddings? Is your Dad proud of you from the grave? Your husband looks like John Boehner in Ian's pics -- are they related? Do his people look like Mafia thugs in real life like in Ian's pictures (although your own children, Ian and Andrea in left side as we look at the pic, look truly Love-ly)? Do you think Ian's camera is Jewish -- or it is just Ian's eye that make you look like a FUCKING FULL-BLOWN NAZI like your Aunt Ruth Anne???

Is your marriage over? Did you have some good fucks first? Was it worthwhile? Are you glad you FUCKED ME REPEATEDLY by promising to buy me dinner if I helped clear sleazy Florida drug dealers out of your Georgia apartment and then not only did you NOT help me, but you hugged and kissed that asshole and told him you loved him and hated that I was clearing you out. Then you were "too tired" to take me to grab a quick meal -- although I had done all the fucking work!!!

Do you think my mouth should be washed out with soap for sinning by saying naughty words??? OK, I typed them -- rap me with a ruler!!!

You FUCKING CUNT!!! NO APOLOGIES!!! From now on I'm calling you Ruth Anne Jr.



Sunday, June 19, 2011

I've Left a Light on -- on the Front Porch

I was going to blog about the men (it's a very short list), who might be my Life Partner, but clarity is not yet complete. I've decided to leave you with something else instead:

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
'Neath the halo of a street lamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

"Fools", said I, "You do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you
Take my arms that I might reach you"
But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed
In the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming
And the sign said, "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls"
And whispered in the sounds of silence.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Isolating My Mama (With the Help of Me Da'!!!)

From Facebook:

 In this photo:

"Hi, it's me again Sarah Palin, and I want to talk about this Tony Weener thing.Oh my, "Obviously it was the right thing to do. Day late dollar short though, I think he should have resigned when all of this came to light.” don't you think Tony, was so bad that it made what Johnny Ensign, Davey Vitter, oh, and that toe tappin' Larry Craig, Pickering, Newtered Gingrich, Sanford, Lee, and Arnie Schwarzene¬gger, seem almost normal?

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 Marty Auz: She never looked lovlier...

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 Paul Bott: ‎"why thank you Marty, I always knew you liked pork"

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 Marty Auz:  Hahaha...

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Tamara L. Kaufman: the weiner has pulled out but the boehner is still in the house... am not the first to write this joke i am sure...

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 Scott Kenan: Having been made an Honorary Jew by the Reiner Family of Hollywood over a year ago, when I first blogged that my Mom is the Top Nazi in the USA (and Dick Cheney's boss -- she reports to the Pope), I'm gonna keep kosher for now, and forgo the PORK. See: for the latest!!!

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Paul Bott: I wonder if I know your mom........having had the pleasure of knowing Dick
and his lovely wife Twatty

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 Diana DeLucia: They need to do a background check on all these dudes before hiring any of them to help run a country. They didn't just begin their antics yesterday.

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Scott Kenan: I doubt it, Paul. Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan lives in Raleigh, NC with my Dad, William Scott Kenan (who has actually been sending me evidence against her, lately). Address etc. in phone book. I think main way she communicates is at weekly duplicate bridge: Info in is in the pre-dealt hands. Info out, in how last hands are returned to holders -- is my INTUITED guess. She's quite the clever gal!!!

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 Scott Kenan: ‎@Diana: Do you have a MIND at all???

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 Scott Kenan: Mom might have perfected the HIV virus when she ran Proctor & Gamble's Skin research Labs in the late 1940s until just before I was born in 1951, using Dr. Mengele's earlier research. Probably explains why I'm immune to it as well (early DNA manipulation. Dr. Fowler routinely worked on my younger sister Jane's eggs, or other she-parts, which I was occasionally allowed to watch via a fluoroscope in his office in his vintage 1920s home that had about six concrete steps up from the sidewalk). I took it unprotected, rear delivery, from 2-4 people a week in late 70s-mid 90s, so that's some serious risk-taking that I intuited then I could afford. Still HIV neg, although I have found my self-respect and don't trick so often now, although i'm considering going back to old ways. LOL!!!

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Scott Kenan: Almost forgot: When we lived in Cincinnati (until I was five), my parents' best friends were a couple surnamed WALGREEN, and their family owned a drug store chain.

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 Jt Grant: ‎?

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Scott Kenan: ‎@JT Grant: If you have a "?", please state it more clearly and precisely. Your run-on sentence is baffling.