Sunday, July 31, 2011

This n' That

1. "Wayne" in yesterday's post is actually Robert (Robbie) Trayhan III.

2. Local D.A. Ben David DID eventually buy Robbie off by getting him re-addicted to heroin. Since I got out of jail on Thursday, Robbie has been traveling almost exclusively with a man who is a known heroin addict, as identified to me by Darrel Grier (a former one-week roommate that the police forcibly removed after Crack-Lab, next door neighbors Jess and Peter Demaria of the "Team Padezanin" drug gang on South 8th Street called them when Darrell treatened to break through the wall and kill them after the complained about the noise in the middle of the night. This man (who had sold me a TV via Darrel -- see previous posts) was also identified to me as a heroin addict by his own legal or common-law wife, whom he frequently separates from and re-unites with).

3. Robbie has proven to me he has no self respect and is even  more a coward then Ben David -- although, to his credit -- at least he IS trying to commit suicide, albeit through alcohol and heroin (and thank you Mom -- Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan for keeping the Republicans and some of their Democratic Party shills (Barack: HELLO!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!) for keeping th eheroin flowing from Afghanstan -- the ONLY reason the US is there!!!

4. First Presbyterian head minister Ernest (Ernie) Thompson III has proven to me that he is complicit in Ben David's drug schemes CONSCIOUSLY. I cannot give details as it looks like arrest warrants for him will be forthcoming. I PROMISE to explain further ASAP, when allowed.

5. Although I have nothing but the highest regard for First Prez ministers Pete Brown and Charlie (blanking at the moment, sorry, Charlie), the congregation in general has drunk WAY too much of the White Racism Kool-Aide, and do not respond well to being forced to look in the morror. I will ALWAYS thank them for their flawless philosphy, but their subtile but definite racist behaviors have turned me off to them. after all, only William R. Kenan SR's portrait is on their wall, and he (aka Buck) is recognized in the Kenan-family funded bio of his son as the main force behind the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot which killed over ten blacks -- and no whites -- and initiated a reign of terror that in more subtile forms continues today, mostly through "nice" people like those who worship as First Prez.

6. Dennis, who is an elder (or similar) there (and his aggressive drug-addicted, Republican daughter who also sat in some of our Sunday school classes in the spring), are perfect example of sham Christianity. Both were EXTRAORDINARILY hateful to me over time, and I credit them for opening my eyes to the evil of self-righteous White People in nice-seeming churches.

7. Remember: First Prez CONTINUED to support Good Shepherd Shelter even after I gave Ernie Thompson enough info that any SANE person would have investigated before giving those narco-traffickers and dealers in slavery of undocumented aliens -- my former roommate from Guatemala included. when he asked to be paid, two of his friends were shot in the face RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Ernie: GO TO HELL, YOU ASSHOLE AND DEMON. Strangely, though, you re-introduced me to Jesus in a very deep way.

8. Finally, today, I got confirmation that my father's oldest sister, Melba Kenan Herring (who was the mother of First Prez choir member Nell Herring Smith (my first cousin), was a Lesbian. I heard if from a relative and then got a separate confirmation. Not that that matters, except for all the les my parents have told me about family.

9. I got my first royalties from Walking on Glass: A Memoir of the Later Days of Tennessee Williams, and I'm talking to a new person about movie rights.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Scott David Kenan Pleads GUILTY to Stalking Charge!!! (not EXACTLY -- LOL!!!)

>>> THIS JUST IN: I have just gotten a copy of the judges order and so in an excersize in prudence, am amending this posting. Changes for this will be in GREEN.

From the judgement (R. Russell Davis, presiding judge): "Not to post any content on blogs or websites in regards to (the alleged victim).

Having no computer or home (I'm currently on an extended camping trip of the urban variety -- and fresh out of a 2.5 week all inclusive New Hanover County "Detention Center" vacatione in Castle Hayne, compliments of Benjamin David & Co.), I am going to say all is well except that my wallet with library card, debit card, NC ID, any notes and papers -- as well as my phone, legal papers, and memory stick with the last copy of my Tennessee Williams book that I still had and other files -- disappeared in the car of Matthew Andrews of Greensboro, Goldsboro, or some such-named town in NC. He was traveling with his 2 year old son, Stuart, and they disappeared from Carolina Beach with all my belongings mid-afternoon Sunday, July 10, 2011.

He might be in violation of custody laws and wanted by the state, as he eventually admitted he had not allowed his former or estrahnged wife weekend custody the weekend before. I allerted Carolina Beach Police to these things when I turned myself in late afternoon to deal with the misdemeanor stalking warrant Wilmington police called to alert me to. I always deal with the law above board -- even if I am guilty of no crime.

HOWEVER: For an assortment of reasons I will not now go into, I decided to plead guilty and got time served with non-reporting probation for a year (I think it's a year). Otherwise, I would have had to remain in jail for another several weeks to get to a next hearing, and I had no patience for that. I DO have the OPTION of appealing my Guilty plea within 10 days, and will discuss that with my Public Defender later today.

I am not allowed to blog about my accuser, so I will type in below, verbatim, the letter I sent to District Attorney Benjamin David, with copies by snail mail to my lawyer and media which I will not name, except to say I included Dave Ennis or Editor in charge of New Hanover County. They should have recieved it yesterday.

The Letter:

Tuesday, 7/26/2011,
Dear Benjamin David, District Attorney:

As you know, I do not like talking behind anyone's back, and since I have nothing to hide, and to my knowledge have committed no crimes, I will bring you up to date concerning my situation. Please share this with the female prosecutor who (so far) typically prosecutes me in court. Unfortunately, I know her only as "Miss Coca Leaf" -- her street name -- no doubt because she's tall, thin, and aggressive like a classic "Coke Chick" from the 1980s.

You probably know by now that I submitted a request Sunday Night, 7/24/2011, to plead guilty to the stalking charge 14-277.3A(C), file # 11CR056486. I included a truthful accounting of what happened and mentioned that the magistrate in Carolina Beach told me what to say in video court to likely have the charge dismissed -- especially since I'd seen of spoken to (the alleged victim) only ONCE in my life...



Details of this are on my guilty plea request. I also discussed this at leangth with Sheriff McMahon the evening of July 2, 2011, and I sent word directly to Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill (He is the official "kenan Family Historian", has overseen many renovations of historically significant Kenan homes and other buildings in Wilmington, Kenansville, Palm Beach, FL, etc.) Tom had just returned from business in Egypt, and I had not heard back from him before my arrest. He has recently helped me in other matters.

Here are a few other things you might want to be aware of:

1. I was on the way to give info and evidence against you, your brother Jon David, and the self-described "Team Padezanin" (apparent) drug gang on South 8th Street (in the vacinity of my former apartment -- names and addresses deleted for blog), when I met you in person the first time at a coffee shop on Front Street near Chestnut. There, we differed in opinion, but we had a civilized conversation -- brief!!! This, during the last week of June 2011, and you said you hope I get over my mental illness soon.

2. Shortly thereafter, I found I was being followed by a man known to me as "Lee," who after I gave my evidence at the Federal DEA office, approached me drunk (He had previously claimed he would take my friend (fictitious: Wayne) to Alcoholics Anonymous -- but got him drunk instead.) "lee" insisted that he had a male lover (like I had "Wayne"), and he wanted me to overhear his half of a phone call to him, which I did. Later, Lee indicated YOU were the person he had spoken with. He was crying. I had heard him suggest you should commit suicide to escape the scandal and when you did not use the pistol that you confirmed you were wearing, "Lee" called you a coward, hung up on you, and gave me a conflicted smile.

3. "Wayne"told me that you and "Miss Coca Leaf" visited him three times while he was in New Hanover Hospital with acute pancreatitis the last week of June 2011. He said that you offered on three occassions (each one right after he had been made groggy on narcotic pain medication) to pay his ENTIRE hospital bill (he had been in New Hanover Hospital at least five times in June -- for as long as five days at a time and  sometimes in intensive care), IF he testified in court against me.
>>> "Wayne" told me he adamently refused each time.
>>> As a carity case, his hospitalization cost him NOTHING (Smart D.A.s do RESEARCH first!!!)
>>> Given "Wayne's" recent record with alcohol and the law, YOU had to be BEYOND DESPARATE to try to bribe "Wayne" into a COURT APPEARANCE!!!

>>>>>>> read more on my previous blog posts, "The Weather Up Here" .

I am sorry you have not felt comfortable sitting with your wife and family in the first pew of Kenan Chapel at First Presbyterian Church (as was previously your habit) since the first time I blogged about your connection to drug trafficking on Palm Sunday. But you will find that I have defended your right to do so (as well as defended you against misplaced race-hatred speach) on the Facebook Page (which I did NOT initiate), "Ben David Is a Piece of Shit."

PLEASE REMEMBER: I cannot confirm that Lee was really speaking to Ben David!!! I only report what Lee said and or indicated in other ways to me.

Also: I will check court order re: gag as soon as I can get a copy to be sure I am in compliance with ALL stipulations. Since I do not have a computer and cannot easily use others', I will get to this as soon as is humanly possible.

Thanks to all who emailed and Facebook messaged me (and my attorney), while I was in the "Detention Center" to be sure I was fine!!!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

That Sinatra - Kennedy - Kenan Family Alliance That Benefits Humankind!!!

First of all, to clarify yesterday's post: It was after speaking with several previously prominent citizens of other cities who happen to now live in Wilmington, NC and be life-long, supporting Presbyterians, that I wrote what I wrote about First Presbyterian's treatment of those unwilling or unable to give the APPEARANCE of lily white respectability. These people had all been shocked that they were refered to Good Shepherd Center for shelter because TWO of them had already tried that and found the overnight environment to be FAR to violent for them to handle. You will please remember that I told Ernie Thompson III, head minister, that the Center is the cover for the toughest crime ring in the city and that not only is it the nerve center for illegal narcotics trafficking, but also slavery of undocumented foreigners (enforced by shooting those who demand to be paid wages in the face -- as witnessed by my former Guatemalan roommate, David Escalante, who months ago had to flee to Charlotte, NC -- or so his girl friend told me).

Rev. Thompson did not want to believe me or stop the church's support of the Center (ostensibly, "nice" churches -- read "white") opened the off-site facility that is hidden away in an inconvenient, run-down, and abandoned neighborhood so that no neighbors are around to witness the many violent crimes committed there. The Centr was set up so that prominent white churches could refer those in need -- read "undesirable in appearance" to a central agency and keep them away from their doors and discouraged from entering their pews.

Despite years of abuses at Good Shepherd that were once investigated but never cleared up, all these white congregations and especially their leadership, prefered to support the drug trafficking, slavery, murder, and disappearance-act-to-their-enemies function of one of the most heinous organizations that I've ever heard of.

All this because white Christians decided to stick their heads in the sand to avoid the truth of what IN THE NAME OF JESUS they had allowed to happen in this community. Why??? Ask them. I do not pretend to know.

That said, I think First Prez is lightyears ahead of most Christian congregations here and beyond, so I hate picking on them, but this is MY congregation, and one must clean one's own house before criticizing others. But if any Presbyterian tells me he or she thinks it is bizarre that a people as civilized as the ancient Romans loved blodd sport in the Colloseum so much, I'll sure as hell want to haul off and smack their addled faces -- but I won't. I'm non-violent.

All this said, I think that since I only have T-shirts and shorts, I'll worship elsewhere this weekend. Maybe even at St. Mary's. I have philosophic disagreements with Catholic teaching -- but they sure don't snub the poor and powerless!!! Father Bob and Sister Isaac are two of the finest saints (or people -- I'm not certain which) I've ever met, and SisterWoman can sure do some practical helping of folks in need!!!

Last night a Repubican kook who works (or worked) for Firestone Tire Stores harassed me while I spoke with him and his nice buddy at the free concert at the river. But an hour later, he ran up and trying to kick the absolute crap out of me, missed and hit a nice tourist in a group from Texas with whom I was speaking. Her husband immediately went understandably ballistic, and much confusion reigned as it was clear I knew the guy who kicked his wife and also the "good" buddy had returned and as he put it, "bought (me) a beer, regardless."

The best part was that it took only about 15 seconds for Police to swoop in, grab the guy, and haul him off -- without questioning me or blaming me, as usually happens when I am attacked (see recent post regarding -- as they call themselves -- Team Padezanin, named for drug-dealer George Padezanin, who STILL to my knowledge has not been arrested on the warrent I swore out against him well over a week ago at the county court house).

This morning, I had a long talk with a woman closely related to Frank Sinatra and bearing that surname. She was able to clarify me on a lot of things concerning the alliance of the Sinatra, Kennedy, and Kenan families. Although I have always known that Bank of America was founded by Italians in San Francisco and is actually descended from the Bank of Italy, I have been using a simplified story of how the Kenan family came to dominate it.

We also traded secrets collected by all three families, and generally WOW-ed each other by the increased understanding each of us got. I'm not spilling any real beans now. I'm keeping my hand more closely held to my vest -- for the moment.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Seeking to Thaw the Frozen Chosen

I seem to have become a notorious colorful character in Wilmington, NC. I can hardly find a local to tell my story to who doesn't already know it, and this morning, I discovered in court that Cheryl Padezanin dropped her claims against me of stalking, voluntarily. She didn't want to get into a discusion under oath of her husband's drug dealing, so she was wise to do so.

So much for what her next door neighbor (the fellow, not his crack-addicted, grade-school-teaching girlfriend. It's amazing what people do to enable their straight partners -- and I suppose that's true of gay and lesbian partners as well, although I haven't (yet) had reason to find out, personally) called "Team Padezanin." All she really did (see: ) was help prove the pattern of racketeering that includes most of the neighbors where I used to live on So. 8th Street. I don't live there now, as my landlord, Ken Jernigan, finally locked me out (legally), rather than continue to work with me. By doing so, he too proved himself part of the racketeering bunch. Pity!

So now I've been truly homeless since Monday, but enjoying it like a camping adventure. My only regret is that I will have to show up in Kenan Chapel at First Prez in homeless-people clothes, and there is NOTHING the Frozen Chosen hate more than not keeping up appearances. Mostly, they seem to be altogether too white. No wonder my distant relatives abandoned them.

But I won't. We're all in the family, but the family is going to have to admit more diversity and stop keeping people of color, gays, homeless people, etc. out of the sanctuary by a strictly controled system of smoke and mirrors. None of them admit to discrimination, but they nearly all make sure that such people are held at arms length and in the out-reach programs, rather than made comfortable in the sanctuary or chapel. Just attend on Sunday, if you have any questions. I will.

I never wanted to get into this aspect of things, but it does seem that the leadership of the congregation, not wanting to inadvertantly uproot the Money Tree, comforted the comfortable -- instead to challenging them to growth. What really got to me is the increasing number of homeless people who have a gripe against First Presbyterian, but, that said, the complaints are about ALL ORGANIZED religions and local congregations.

The biggest complaint is that so many refer one to Good Shepherd Center, the place that is completely overtaken by drug-criminals at night, more realistic by day. The lunches there are exceptionally good and usually served by folks from First Baptist. But the night shelter is run by drug mafia. They run surveilance day and night from the Good Shepherd logoed vans -- even at times parking right in front of my apartment in February, tapping my electronics. Once, I got two emails from friends staying in the shelter who claimed they were looking at that moment at a wanted dead-or-alive poster showing my face and name.

Now, I don't know who promotes Good Shepherd -- and I'm sure it does SOME good -- but from my personal experience I know it also serves as a nerve center for drug trafficking, slavery of un-documented foreigners, and the violence and other crimes used to hold all of this together. The congregations who support Good Shepherd don't want to personally deal with homeless people or others in need, so they centralized services -- keeps their hands from being soiled.

The Drug Mafia (Benjamin David protecting it) knew that these churches would deny the Evil done by the shelter until Kingdom Come, rather than deal with "low-life" people themselves, so they could get away with nearly ANYTHING and not be busted.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the first things I learned from both street people and others in political know is the corruption and crimes of Good Shepherd Center, and I have talked about them to many -- even asking First Presbyterian to give services and lunch support, but nothing else -- but ESPECIALLY, I have asked Ernie Thompson to see that they investigate for themselves. Have they?

I doubt it. That might lead to "undesirables" polluting the near lily white services.

Thank about it. I only pick on First Prez because I know them personally. Other congregations are in the same boat. The Sunday morning Church Hour is the most segregated hour in American Life.

Let's heal that . . .


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lastest Victims of WHITE PEOPLE'S SICKNESS revealed!!!

The High (sic) Comedy continues in Wilmington, NC. Not only did my parents and sister attend my Aunt Doris Russ's funeral (but were afraid my sister Jane could not find the cemetary for the burial although she's a fully capable 58 year old spinster -- yes, folks, completely VOLUNTARILY, she's been acting like a dried up old prune in recent years -- and excellent driver) so they went home. One of my cousins confirms that she asked my parents about my situation to not only get their side of it, but to see if they might FINALLY help me out a little in my very temporary RETURN TO HOMELESSNESS!!! (that was meant to have echo-chamber effect)

But my parents ignored her and changed the subject without responding at all -- thus proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have no concern for me in the least. I'd warned them -- AND HEREBY WARN ALL OTHERS AS WELL -- that ANYONE who in any way claims or spreads rumors that I am "supposed" to be on meds will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If you've read much of this blog at all, you know I am currently diagnosed as either mentally healthy, healed of bipolar disorder, or bipolar disorder is in remission and has been for some time.


The picture above is of a woman who claims to be the leasor of the Williams Cottage on the alleyway that ends in First Prez's parking lot by the church offices. She had noticed me returning some clothes I'd laundered to the bag that contains all the possessions I now control (not held hostage inside 111 South 8th Street Apt. A by the landlord), that by permission of Alice who with her husband David Kraeber, MD, a urologist, had permitted me to hide a two-cubic-foot bag of my belongings behind their garden gate. At the time, I cautioned Alice that neighbors might worry should they see me without either of them there, but I at least knew the people in the adjoining property fronting on 4th Street, so did not worry about them. I never expected I'd need to worry about some pugnaceous little busybody bulldozing her way up the lane to accost me.

Well, this pictured woman not only insisted I was trespassing on HER property (although she had leased it to the Kraebers), even after I named them. We both remained polite and confident throughout our conversation, but she could rouse no one at the Kraebers' door, so she called the Police who caught up with me in town and after a short discussion I returned to get my belongings until the Kraebers could be consulted.

When I got to the cottage, Alice was with the landlord and the cops, and she would not meet my eye, although she admitted she had been lying on the sofa right inside the door and heard me knocking -- and later her landlady knocking -- and rather than open it to me, her landlady, whose voice she could have clearly heard as well as mine. This was a planned set up of me. They had orchestrated it with cops, as I had told Alice I would come by at about that time. Another Ben David & Co. set-up of me, as you will see in the next paragraph.

Additionally, Alice told the police that she never wanted me to return to visit them and she would have me arrested if I did -- even though I have never had a problem with either her or her husband. Too bad I continued to be level-headed and they could not arrest or commit me.

What they continue to try to do is to gather evidence for Benjamin R. David, the District Attorney, who thinks he can destroy me and the truth. is the address her husband gave me some time ago, to contact him regarding sex on the side, but it doesn't work. Unfortunately, I had once thought -- but now am quite glad of!!!



Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Library was closed Sun. and Mon., so finally back. Much has clarified!!! I must be brief:

Spoke in person to Sheriff McMahon before concert by the river where he gave opening comments, Saturday. I asked him when indictments would be issued, and he hesitated. I asked if he couldn't say because everyone knows I blab too much and he cracked up. Read into this what you may.

After fireworks last night, I ran into Officer Jenkins of Wilmington PD. Several events have confused me --especially the absolute LACK of protection of me by Wilmington Police Department. Instead they have been harrassing me.It has now been over one week since I swore out a warrant for George Padezanin's arrest for kicking me last Sunday night. I've heard nothing about a court date (see peculiarities in the process reported last week, and discrepancies in how warrants can be sworn in different parts of the county, as well as the dangers of being diagnosed a schizophrenic by an officer and arrested. Is this not already Nazi Germany, or what???). I have seen no evidence that George has been arrested. I have a court date late this week regarding his wife, Cheryl's attempt to file anti-stalking papers against me, which was denied as an IMMEDIATE gesture.

This weekend, I have attempted several times to approach the William R. (Buck) Kenan house at 110 Nun Street. Sue Barry, who (with her now absent husband, Bill Berry) owns it and her daughter Anna Berry (who with her Dad has done some wonderful interior renovation work, said they would like to rent me a room there, but were full. I later realized there is one room that they don't use (behind the new kitchen and before the laundry room) that I could use -- perhaps in exchange for a set number of hours helping renovate per week. They were both eager to have me participate, and simply had not realized how easily that room could be adapted to my needs.

But when I tried to approach the house, the man who claimed to be Anna's boyfriend -- which he later corrected to "protector", admitting she had another boyfriend, he and another very muscular male who lives next door away from the river, both in mid-thirties or so, screamed at me that I was not allowed to contact anyone at that house or approach it or they would beat the crap out of me. Since I was NOT seeking to talk to him, but Anna Barry, whose mother told me Anna handled business matters, I need confirmation that Anna does not want me to approach her. This is none of that man's business.

This is difficult to write clearly because I'm very tired today, sorry.

I discussed this with Sheriff McMahon Saturday night, and he said they would have to look into it -- especially since these two remind me so much of my neighbors on 8th Street who are crack-addicted and easily end of violetn. THESE two men, however, are clearly more dangerous, and unlike those on 8th street who simply kick and fuss like junior-high-school girls, I don't doubt they would try to kill me.

In fact, that night AFTER the concert, I walked past the house on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, hoping I might chance on Anna or her mother sitting on the front stoop, but all was quiet and seemingly abandonned. I took three photos of the house from the opposite side, hoping one might be good enough to use in email or post to show others where I expect to move. They are a little too dark -- and distant, having been taken from the far sidewalk. I gave up.

But as I walked to the end of the block, a car screamed around the corner with the passenger-side window down and the guy who is Anna's "protector" -- clearly aready knowing he would find me there -- yelled out the window that he and his next-door friend were going to kill me because I was not allowed within a block of that house. I still had my phone in my hand, so raised it up and took two pictures as I began running up the street yelling for someone to call the police. They jumped out the the car and began running after me, but stopped as I was nearly to Third Street by then. I decided I would file charges or anti-stalking papers on Tuesday when courts reopen.

NEXT, only a block from my house, I chanced on the straight couple who live next door (south side) of George Padezanin, and thinking all had quieted down -- and the two of them had never been truly unkind to me, although she seemed wary of me -- I have reason to believe she, a grade-school teacher -- is a crack addict. When her boyfriend moved in, he cleaned TWELVE oversized lawn and leaf bags full of trash out of her house, and also threw out her old flea-bitten overstuffed furniture before moving his furniture in. He even took down her "don't ring bell" sign. Crack addicts become more and more paranoic over time. They become intolerant of sudden or loud noises, even to the point of hating rock music or any music that has much of a beat. Most like "space" or "Zen" meditation music to zone out on.

Anyway, instead of returning my friendly hello, they turned on me and started yelling that I had attacked them and that they were going to have me arrested (what's new, you might aslk. LOL!!!). I backed off, and the male reversed his direction and came toward me threateningly, saying they were on "Team Padezanin." That even seemed to make him proud, and he repeted it, louder: "We're on Team Padezanin!"

Well, at least I now had something to call the gang of lying white drug dealers and addicts who have conspired to harass me (the racketeering bunch, is what I'd been refering to them as).

TEAM PADEZANIN!!! whoop-de-do.

Well, after the threats, and the newly self-acknowledged pack identity, I figured I'd been file antistalking papers and would need to get their names. The same officer who had come out a couple of weeks ago arrived in his wrap-around dark shades (the sun was behind the trees and houses and it was becoming twilight. This was the same guy who had claimed before that he was on the ILM Police Force for six years, yet had NEVER heard the name Kenan. What drug does THIS fete of lobotomy is beyond my ken.

He talked to us both, and refused to give me their names as I had asked. He, playing judge, rather than cop, claimed I had no claim of significance at all DESPITE my explaining the history of harassment. He ADMITTED that the other two knew my name, but then said rather stupidly: I didn't give them YOUR name, and I won't give you THEIR names. Hello!?!?! He has in the previous breath said the other two KNEW my name. This HAD TO BE CONSICIOUS MIND-CONTROL ATTEMEPT OF ME -- in that there was tension, so he knew I would not think in the larger picture and realize the deliberate ill- logic of his actions -- and I DIDN'T realize his deliberate trick until right after he left.

Because of what happened above -- PROVING the Wilmington Police Department protects drug dealers and users (many of its officers -- please remember, that it was officers sympathetic to law-abiding citizens who had earlier told me or cnfirmed neighborhood rumors, from many, including some who ran with "Team Padezanin" the night that "Baby" George Padezanin kicked me repeatedly and for which I swore out a warrant for his arest nearly a week ago, but have seen no evidence of its service or gotten notice of court hearing -- the Magistrate Court also seems to protect drug dealers/users -- and then the police in the court house accuse law-abiding, peaceful people of being schizophrenic and threaten them with arrest on the spot.


But that is not all. Last night after 4th of july fireworks, i asked a police officer (in front of other officers), what to do about the straight couple, since the cop had refused to tell me his name. His reply??? (you really are NOT going to believe this -- my own jaw dropped to the pavement instantly): "Mr. Kenan, we know who you are and have you in "The System." You are NOT allowed to go back to Nun Street and harass those people. You have been hanging out taking pictures of them at their house and clearly stalking them and trying to cause trouble."


Nun Street??? I had not brought that up and had never discussed it with police, yet he knew ALL about it -- and what he knew was a complete LIE!!! I practically yelled at him, saying I was talking about another incident in which Mr. Never-Heard-the -Name-Kenan refused to give me the aggressors' names, after just telling me they knew MY name, but he didn 't tell them my name and somehow that made it all fair. he played judge instead of cop -- in a situationi he had not witnessed and depsite my having explained that the situation was serious.


But I THEN wanted to know why he had then gone on to tell me I would likely be arrested if i tried to contact "those people" (I was not trying to contact the drug-criminals who had lied about me -- I'm presuming here who had claimed this -- but rather Anna and Sue Berry who actually OWN the property). Where was the report on all this, I asked? "No report, no number," Officer Jenkins replied."Well, I need to know which of the people claimed this. I doubt they are the ones I'm trying to contact. I need to know before contacting the propery owner and her daughter so I don't do so if it actually was they, rather than the apparent drug criminals." "No, you don't," Officer Jenkins replied, "you are going to be in jail soon if you contact anyone there."


I was beyond shocked. Then, this morning, locked out of my apartment in violation of the agreement to not press for the prosecution of my landlord on racketeering charges if he continued to allow me to live in the apartment until I could move. Without giving me warning (he agreed to this AFTER the letter came from the Sheriff's Department signed by a M. Curry, saying i'd be evicted at 9:00 AM today, so i had trusted ken Jernigan. now I will screw him through the law to the greatest extent possible.

I am again homeless, but since my mother got Ally Bank to renege on their agreement with me to be patient a few months on payments and no not yet reposses (car now gone -- she sent me money to buy shoes as a ha-Ha birthday gift -- I did NOT need shoes, but could have used a used bike to travel to find a job, and now Ken claims he changed the locks and so i have only the shorts, T-shirt, undies, sox and sandlas i am wearing and no prostpect of a roof over my head for a couple of days. Ken absolutely refuses to let me pick up my things until at least Thrusday afternoon -- when he says i must pick up everything at once (he knows I cannot afford a rental vehicle with trailer or a truck, which would be required to do that).

I expect he has already sifted through some of the evidence which i have in the house and have warned him about touching. I warn the Sheriff's deputies to check with the Sheriff as well. i suspect we can wlrk something out. I really DON'T believe the sheriff will want to colude in this crime -- even if threats are made against his family -- which I don't doubt at all.

My parents are in town today for my Aunt Doris's funeral. I decided not to attend as she is Dad's sister and less importantly my aunt. i don't want the politics to be present at the service. I left messages for my parents and my sister jane 9who is likely to drive them here from Raleigh), but have heard nothing from anyone. I don't really expect them to offer to give me a penny. But they cannot not claim they do NOT know what they do. . .

And they call ME sick. LOL!!!

Oh well, I'll make some nice spiked lenon-aide out of this soon. Stay tuned . . .

In other news: I saw David Nash, the attorney who accused me of Cyberstalking, on the other side of the street last night. It has become crystal clear to me that David was leveeraged by the mob (chiefly, John Mann). No excellent lawyer like David would have been so panicked on the phone with me while he lied to me right after I had left a message for him with his recept the morning after i was kicked out of his bar, Costellos (on Princess Street).

David and I were equally 'vicitms,' and i will make that clear to all at the re-trial. Only John Mann perjured himself. I bet he cannot be found. he moved from 708 South 5th Street to an undisclosed location, according to his roommates.

Last night at 3:38 AM, while i was pondering recent events and having difficulty sleeping -- a rarity -- I saw a thin, medium-height woman taking material out of George Padezanin's closed trailer parked across the street from his house. Current one (there have been at least three during the five months I've lived on the street) has NC plate: BV 30717, and is plain on the sides. The previous two were similar in size, but had had logos painted on the sides -- but NOT for "Hand Painted Houses." George frequently goes to the trailer, although he never does any pointing jobs -- not one since I moved onto the street.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Science and Art United!!!

 >>> My phone is temporarily OUT OF SERVICE. Back soon . . .

Who knew that the circus could get even better???

Tennessee Williams, that's who!!! And that is why John Uecker (who smothered TW with a pillow when my mother communicated to Maria St. Just -- nee Britneva -- that I was controlled on Lithium and would not be a problem. WHOOPS!!!), told me he had been given the right by Michael Remer, Sewanee's rights lawyer based in NYC and representing the Republican Party and the Episcopal Bishop of Atlanta -- the titular head of that denomination in the "Old South" -- and who with all the bishops beneath him whom I emailed REPEATEDLY over the last 15 months, warning them of their possibly inadvertent crime and allowing them the opportunity to correct it, which they REPEATEDLY refused to do, to edit Tennessee Williams' last play he was working on before he died so that the character John Uecker told me clearly represented me (a very tall black man who was mute), was removed. The reason??? I caused things to be "just too chaotic" at the end of the world.

WHOOOPS #2: That didn't work out as planned either. HA!

It HAS been chaotic, and it IS the so-called End of the World -- but the "world" ain't ending, just human existence. Those who release their negativity in a process equivalent to what the Catholic Church calls Purgatory, will quickly be moving on to what might be called Heaven on Earth, or the Age of the Artist. The Bipolar Condition of material reality (all material things have equal opposites that when put back together annialate the positive and negative matter in a supreme release of ennergy. Hello?!?!? How exactly did you think This Thing We Call God which was self-existent intelligent energy created all through contemplation of Its nature??? Duh!!! Science already explains it quite adequately -- except where the hell God came from, which so far, at least, remains a mystery.

Anyway, materialists (slaves to the physical) condemn themselves to the hells of their own creation until they give up. The Truth that Tennessee Williams and so many other artists held up as a mirror to us all was our guiding light to prepare for this event, which is already complete In the Mind of God, so absolutely irreversible. God ain't judging you and neither am I or anyone else, although we all must use discernment to keep out of the way of fleshed souls gnashing and cannibalizing each other in their immature blame-game: Witness the Republican Party (most of them -- definitely NOT local Judge Hogston)!!!

Back "down to earth.": The landlord's rocker, my ashtray and two planters filled with herbs and flowers were stolen off my front porch lastnight between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM this morning. I've already filed the police report#2011-247742 with Wilmington Police Officer Scott Holzberger -- a man with a delightful sense of humor!!! But most of the details I'm saving for the DEA and the detectives working on putting the local D.A.'s (and Ben David's chief prosecutor whose name I don't know but like to call Miss Coca Leaf 2011), in jail for protecting the narcotics trade in this region after my parents, Jesse Helms (whom my father once admitted to having put and kept in office), Lee Gosney (also of with Patrick Stansbury), GA Republican Congressman John Linder, Newt Gingrich, and later supported by Christal Presley of Atlanta Public Schools (a so-called "mentor-teacher"), Sean Hannity and many other of Fox News . . . well the list goes on and on and even includes Chuck and hilary Pritchard-Russell of -- my former partners in business for the mid-70's, Gail Brockway and Dobbs Hobbs of Key West, FL (but not Sue Hobbs of Cape May), old boyfriends Marc LaFont of So. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA and -- after being turned -- Steve Pynter of Seattle, WA who is an Alaska Airlines flight attendant (Delta Airlines is also at least partly involved thanks to Vicki Escara of about 2000, who later went on to hhead the ACVB in ATL).

Well, it will be interesting to see if my parents actually come to my Aunt Doris's (Doris Russ, Baptist, widow of Wilbur Russ of Carolina Beach Road) funeral this coming Tuesday, here in Wilmington. I bet Mom pushes Dad down the front or back steps to make an excuse -- it's too late to kill him, especially since when Mom isn't home, Dad gives me evidence against her.

Meanwhile, looks like I have a deal to move into 110 Nun Street here in town in exchange for helping the loving owners renovate the property, although the win-win-win deal has not yet gelled. This is the house build by William Rand Kenan, in which Mary Lily, Will (WRK Jr., Flagler's right-hand man in his Florida enterprises) grew up.

And all I can say is simply this:

GOD IS. (no qualifiers necessary)


Friday, July 1, 2011

Imposters, Rogues, and Nazis: I Love My Family and Friends for Their Character -- I'm a WRITER!!!

Well, all turned to high comedy last night when Robbie Trahan called me from New Hanover County Jail. He needed about $50.00 beyond the twenty he had to make bail -- or so he claimed. He knew I had only my lucky penny, and when I told him I couldn't help him, he said got faux-angry (I know how ballistic Robbie is when he's actually angry), said he was going to tell the District Attorney Ben David (whom he had claimed was the one who arrested him -- not actually likely), "everything" about me, and then he slammed down the phone.

I burst into laughter like a fey hyena!!!

In a split instant, I realized:

1. Robbie is the most skilled con-man I ever heard of -- let alone know. He's up to something that is beyond my ken, but will tickle my innards when he returns from jail: someday.
2. All his stories about John Mayer, song-writing, etc. are PROBABLY false. There simply is no record of him on the internet -- at least the part I'm allowed to access. His claim that Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band emailing him is another false claim -- probably suggested by Ben David to keep me interested. Another Ben David idea to keep me hangin' on: that Robbie is a commercial fisherman and can make any money at it.
3.Robbie's just a bum, actually. I DO believe he has some kind of child whom he would like to get custody of, although not as much as he likes to drink and get narcotics injections and pills in the hospital for free. He's in crisis because he knows he must grow up and accept responsibility for his sobriety -- the only way his drug-tortured body will continue to live -- but he's stuck crying like a baby.
4. Someone (not me) in a fit of deliberate or accidental wisdom, put Robbie in jail last night on charges of trespass with a bail of $500.00. There, he will get no alcohol or drugs, and will have to think clearly until later today, when he has a video hearing, or sometime in August, when he's scheduled to have his next hearing. NOT MY PROBLEM. Also: I'm not allowing him into my house if he takes another drink. Period. And I'm sorry he thought he had to impress me with his lies, although I DO appreciate his intelligence which I hope he uses more constructively in the future. His choice.
5. I spoke with my landlord this morning, and he said I can remain in the apartment until I make arraingements to move elsewhere. I thank him. He knows I really want to get out, and will ASAP. The neighborhood has quieted down and arrests of at least one person are immanent -- or have already happened.
6. Ben Wickham, my backer, and I made peace, and we will talk soon to see if he can help me one way or another.
7. My Aunt Doris (Dad's sister) died yesterday morning, which was probably a blessing, as she had deteriorated beyond conscious awareness. The funeral is expected to be Tuesday, and I hope to attend. Since my parents will BOTH be there, I will ask my cousins how they feel about my attending, as no one wants Mom and I have confront each other -- and we won't -- but they might not believe that I will "behave" myself, although it is my mother who is the confirmed top Nazi. Being a Nazi, she is quite well disciplined, so no one need worry about her. I'm the Truth-Teller, so not always as disciplined.
8. That's it for now!!!