Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Since Most of You Have Gone to Hell in a Handbasket (my parents and siblings) . . .

. . . refusing to give me even $5 walking-around money when I was homeless and living under a bridge (unlike others who have been quite generous and helped me with money and other support that has me now living in a hotel at reduced rates and moving into a house with prestigious address tomorrow -- AND I have all but completely won my fight with Ben David and other supporters of narcotics trafficking in Wilmington WHILE MY IMMEDIATE BLOOD RELATIVES LAUGHED AT MY DIFFICULTIES (and some in Wilmington refused to see how they had become complicit in local narco-trafficking by directly and indirectly helping Ben David and other crooks enslave our children with drugs by supporting them because they gave the APPEARANCE of being "nice WHITE church-goers" -- I call this WHITE PEOPLE'S DISEASE, the same syndrome that allowed William R. Kenan SR., in collusion with the then-head-minister of First Presbyterian Church, to double-headedly foment the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot -- perhaps the most shameful and under-reported racial incident in US history.

Even today, First Prez is struggling to come to terms with its heritage and inability to retain off-white congregants -- but it has recently committed to try . . . Can we attract off-white people??? Can we be honest about God's loving creation of gay people??? Can we serve the people of Wilmington instead of the rich who might be offended by the Truth??? Did leadership serve the pipe organ not-an-emergency renovation rather than the real needs of First Prez's employees when the Recession caused it to have to choose material or people support??? Will we work it out correctly??? Damn straight, we will!!!

Too many long term congregants have told me they are willing to make a stand for God rather than money and material property -- a stand which will ATTRACT God's money. Ernie, Pete, and Charlie's hearts are in the right places -- even if they have been bamboozled by lying narco-traffickers and those who support them. Looking nice, writing nice, and worshipping prettily do NOT make right with God, which is OMNISCIENT.


Besides being asked by several to PRESS this point re: First Prez and the ministers there (who have been MOST generous with me -- and sympathetic, though conflicted), many have been also pointing out possible conflicts and problems with my Public Defender, Emily Zvejnieks. They point out that her husband (and she has told me this as well) is a big Gym-Bunny. Often (but not always), Gym-Bunny-dom in men is a symptom of anxiety from crack cocaine (or other) drug use or need to appear more heterosexual. Now, I have NO REASON to believe this is the case with Emily's husband (or her -- drug use, I mean in Emily's case. She's too cogent to have a drug problem, I think), but it has been LONG suspicious to me that Emily's advice to me is FAR more weighted to shutting up about the truth about crimes committed by Ben David and other drug-crime protectors and operatives than it is to get to the TRUTH or bring ACTUAL criminals to JUSTICE. Perhaps it is just a myth that Public Defenders care about a client's interests instead of the interests of criminals. I wish Emily would address this tension in our relationship rather than get on a high-horse about my prickliness (a word I introduced). I seem to have to leverage her with published words to get her to take my side in my cases that she represents. Perhaps she or someone else can explain this problem with me RATIONALLY.

White People of Wilmington (not all of you): Get over drinking your own Kool-Aid!!! The Black Folks (and Brown and Red and Yellow) can tell you the truth if you'll be respectfull for a minute and listen. You MUST do so or be left behind by the sweep of History. ALREADY, you are not the (national) majority any more -- now, just the plurality . . .

Wilmington: We have the opportunity to SHINE. Are we up to it??? If so, sweep the heavy drug dealers out of town, NOW!!!

Scott D. Kenan
Self-styled Cyber-General

PS: I DO wish to make clear that William R. Kenan SR's ancestors and descendants more than made up for his hateful racist actions -- in fact I believe their branch of the Kenan Family is the FIRST family for Integrity, Education, and Liberty in America, and perhaps in the entire world. I would especially like to thank Thomas S. Kenan III for carrying on in the tradition of his Dad, Frank H. Kenan, and "Uncle Jimmy" -- and for his behind-the-scenes support of me, perhaps especially that it has NOT been monetary support.




Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gone Blue Hindhu???

Looks like I'll likely be going into arbitration with Cindy Beatty over this recent charge of Cyber-Stalking. We couldn't do it yesterday in court for several reasons -- including that James H. Faison III was the presiding judge, and I had just met him less than a week ago at a city function where I also met Mayor Bill Saffo, had a short but significant conversation with Sheriff Ed McMahon, and observed District Attorney Benjamin David standing somewhat apart. I asked at least two of these people to pass on the Mr. David that I am mad at NO ONE, and do NOT hope he serves time in jail -- although he's certainly earned it. It was OK for Judge Faison to assign me my Public Defender, Emily Zvejnieks, for this case and to schedule the next event (some time in November).

I told Emily I would detail the charges and other accusations I have against Cidy Beatty that I intend to file if she continues going forward. She can try to screw me -- and she might even get people to perjure themselves to back her up -- but the truth is the truth is the truth, and I am not a liar -- nor will I go down without a fight. I fully intend to triumph and I am unstoppable, as I have shown time and time again. I can take anything they throw at me and continue to prosper, regardless appearances to those who worship only the physical. They know not what they do -- nor when they are defeated.

The rest of us know, and that is all that is required. This Thing we call God does the rest.

Cindy Beatty and her boyfriend, PERSON JUDGE NOECKER GAG-ORDERED ME NOT TO MENTION IN MY BLOG (no longer a client of Emily Zvejnieks, but still, presumably, a bipolar client of Dr. Hueholt at North Carolina Solutions and still prescribed Lithium, which he was NOT taking while living in my house as Cindy and I monitored it), lived in my apartment for a month this past spring when i took them in out of compassion for their homelessness, but they BY THEIR OWN WORDS (spoken as a threat in the end) worked to try to collect evidence for Ben David to use in court against me in the David Nash-initiated Cyber-Stalking case, now pending appeal WITH JURY. They repeatedly promised to pay rent, but the moneys they claimed would come in never did, and they kept putting off the payment and never gave me a dime. I will sue them for the rent. The amount we agreed on should be posted in earlier postings of this blog.

I found notes in Cindy's hand of evidence (actually false evidence -- and it was judgemental, not with ANY specific allegations of incidents supporting the judgements -- as is the case with nearly ALL proceedings of the corrupt aspects of our government). These notes disappeared just days before Cindy brought the charges against me. They disappeared when a strange character, with his two-year-old son, took me to Carolina Beach (as previously reported in this blog) and disappeared with their car which held all my pockets' belongings then including cell phone and wallet with the evidence against Cindy in it.

Later, I ran back into these characters, and got the names of the car owners -- his parents or grandparents, Gary and Gayle of (336) 288-8046, who told me someone else had been middleman in the return of their car and had cleaned it out of ALL loose material. Gayle, with whom I actually spoke, said she COULD NOT allow me to know who the clean-out person was, but if something happens to me, this phone number could lead investigators to the missing link that destroyed the damning actual physical evidence I have against Cindy Beatty.

I can testify that she gave me four of her prescription pain pills and told me she would sell me more at $3.00 each. This is the price she said she got on the street. PERSON JUDGE NOECKER GAG-ORDERED ME NOT TO MENTION IN MY BLOG admitted to me that he HATED that Cindy sold her pain pills as he does no drugs -- not even alcohol, except on rare occassion. I threw the pills away, as I hate downers, but claimed otherwise to Cindy -- I was learning much about her. She also admitted doing business, going back years to when they lived in Pennsylvania,  with Cheryl Padezanin of 110 South 8th Street -- right across the street and the wife of the alleged drug dealer I have brought assault charges against. That trial to begin October 31 -- Halloween. LOL!!! Cindy told me Cheryl and her husband were habitual readers of my blog. Considering how many times I reported what others told me of George Padezanin's drug dealing and my next door neighbors', Peter and Jess Demaria's crack lab (which I managed to scare off site by blogging about it and the fact that it was WILMINGTON POLICE OFFICERS who said they believed it was there but had no actionable evidence to busts them, and that former high-end flooring seller Mark Bryant had banged on their door with a haevy hammer held high, apparnetly wanting to bust someone's head wide open for selling bad drugs to him or someone he cared about), it is no wonder that they worked so hard to have me kicked out of my apartment (owned by Kenneth Jernigan, whom I can prove in a court of law was also complicit), and have me shut up by my being prosecuted now for THREE crimes i never committed.

Considering that I healed from my superficial wounds from when George Padezanin came onto (but not into) the property I was renting and kicked me viciously and repeatedly (photos still exist and I did forward them to Ben David as well), and I have actually never threatened ANYONE -- except with legal action -- and never harmed anyone either. NO ONE sues me for libel, but tries to pin crimes or "insanities" on me that they believe they can do using judgement terms WITHOUT specific facts that back up the judgements.

That said, I'm sure they will take some things out of context and try to use them to support their allegations. Too bad that even if this succeeds, THEY CANNOT PROVE I THREATENED OR HARMED ANYONE. THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE!!!

You see why I believe arbitration will work? I gave up expecting compensation from Cindy and PERSON JUDGE NOECKER GAG-ORDERED ME NOT TO MENTION IN MY BLOG long ago, but I WILL pursue it -- as well as anti-stalking papers or charges against Cindy for her antics with friends (several of whom have apologized to me since -- from a couple of weeks ago). I don't care who lies under oath. THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH, and in MY case, I will die if I must defending it!!!

But I won't (die).


Friday, August 26, 2011

Whom Else Could This be Said About???


Said of Steve Jobs, and while I have some issues with his products and organization, I greatly admire him for how he's lived his life:

The only thing that matters to me is how Steve Jobs became the greatest artist that ever lived. You only get to be an artist like that by turning everything in your life upside down, by making horrible, ugly, mistakes, by doing things so differently that people will never be able to figure you out. By failing, cheating, lying, having everyone hate you, and coming out the other side with a little bit more wisdom than the rest.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have this to show for THEIR lifestyle:


Monday, August 22, 2011

Can You Spot the Man in this Photo???

Last night I ran into Ben David at a city prayer function, but rather than possibly disrupt that (and because my public defender says I cannot speak with him while he is prosecuting me), I sopke to Sheriff Ed McMahon who was there instead. He told me he knows nothing of the importation of cocaine by mini-subs under Snow's Cut Bridge, or his deputies' protection of it -- and I beleive him. I'm sure he'll see that the operattion is shut down soon.

I also met Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo (who drives an SUV as big and impressive as is his presence -- a MOST impressive man), and had him laughing over all my tales and nut-shelling of the content of this blog. He thinks Ben David is inn ocent of complicity in drug trafficking, but I told him all evidence I've seen indicates otherwise. I told him I pray that I am wrong, and I really want no one to waste time in jail -- we just need to stop or largely shut down the addictive refined drugs that enslave people and fund Republican Party Black Ops. I also asked him (and actually Ed McMahon as well), to tell Ben David I am not mad at ANYONE -- and that includes Ben. I felt sorry for Ben. He looked small, and stood apart from all the others at the service. I hope he's not been ostracized. REally -- I felt for him.

Then I met the judge who is pictured swearing in Ben above. Now that man is a MAN!!! He's also a minister in Warsaw, NC, and remembered seeing me at the Heritage Day ceremony on the river at Front St. He was kind enough not to mention that he probably noticed my protest of the pre-recorded audio-video presentation that promoted the false idea that our country was founded by evangelical style Christians, when it was founded by Deist sytle Christains who were Masons, honoring all philosophic and religious traditions. At the event (July 2), I had used a rather vulgar salute after shouting out several times "Heresy!" and leaving.

Well, I'm a calmer person now -- having won more battles.

And speaking fo "The Battles," I heard this weekend that the person who had harassed me so badly at 110 Nun St. (a male, who had claimed first to by the "witness's" boyfriend, but changed that to bodyguard, and later to personal chef), has been arrested on felony charges. I also heaerd that the "witness" claims to have told me never to contact her, but that is false -- she never did. She also has spread the rumor around town that I was lusting after her young son (somewhere between 8 and 14 years old -- I only got a brief glimpse of him), and she was sure I wanted to molest him. That is the most shocking allegation imaginable. It also fits the pattern of a similar allegation 2+ weeks ago, by the woman on a bicycle which prompted me to demand my defender get me protection from those who were trying to harm me -- and while the Wilmington Police continued to refuse to help me.

The truth will soon out. I expect to file some kind of charge against this woman -- Defamation of Character, if there is such a charge in NC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My family has continued to get really rude with me on the phone -- especially my sister Jane, who hung up on me after she lied to me and refused to answer why she called Stone Mountain Police January of 2010 to come try to put me in a mental hospital. AT THE TIME SHE HAD HAD NO CONTACT AT ALL WITH ME FOR OVER A WEEK, but suddenly, it was an emergency.

This happened only minutes after Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. of Snellville, GA fired me after first promising to pay me $100/share for my 380 shares of his stock (which I have returned to him). I'm still working on getting him to py the full $38,000.00 he owes me (he's paid $3,800.00, and so far refuses to pay more). I'm working on getting a crack lawyer.

So Jane: WHAT WAS THE EMERGENCY??????????????

Your brother, whom you seem to hate,


Friday, August 19, 2011

Transformational Observations

>>> My Inner Child <<<

After posting the last post, I went to First Presbyterian and had a great hour-long conversation with Pete Brown, Associate Minister. I told him I would be sure that that posting made clear that I knew First Prez had nothing to do with the hate-email I received, but due to time constraints and other considerations, I've decided not to change anything. Pete got me thinking last night on many things -- a hallmark of all three of the ministers therel. I woke up at 5:00 AM this morning, and in meditation, realized many things, the most important being the truth of one thing I told Pete: Yesterday's email from some pathetic near-illiterate was the spot of Yin in the Yang (or vice versa), that proves the greater and opposite truth: the atmosphere in Wilmington, NC has DEFINITELY improved for the better.

Not meaning to pick on the people who had picked on me so severely two weeks ago, but Cindy has seemingly disappeared and her boyfriend PERSON JUDGE NOECKER GAG-ORDERED ME NOT TO MENTION IN MY BLOG as well. One of her friends who had been especially aggressive toward me, accosted me two days ago at the bus station, and after threatening harm to me "if I ever laid a hand on the little girl again," came back a few minutes later, offered his hand, and apologized, saying that maybe he didn't know me at all. He has been consistently friendly since then. I can only guess that the way Cindy had gotten him to be so threatening and agressive toward me in the past was to tell him I had "man-handled" her. I'll confess to fanasizing about doing that. LOL!!! But I never threatened or harmed anyone -- which is part of the mystery of how I got three charges, but I don't want to bore myself or anyone else about that today.

Others of Cindy's friends who had stood with her and harassed me two weeks ago, are now also quite friendly, saying hello when I pass them on the street, and two guys (one white, one black -- not that that is actually important) have told me they are crack addicts, but THEY have no problem with me.

So today, I'd like to thank everyone for calming down enough to see that I am out to harm NO ONE -- and that includes Ben David. I don't believe jail helps anyone beyond a short "time-out" or a place to dry out from an addiction. I was greatly pleased to hear from Pete Brown that Mr. David and his family have been attending services at First Prez, although not with me. I wish them well, but also stick to my allegations (and acknowledge that some might be in error -- and if I'm shown that I will make amends).

First amends: I believe that the person claiming to be Ben David's male lover was simply setting me up to te a fool for believing him. I apologize for that allegation and retrract it.

Now, I intend to enjoy a good and fun-filled weekend!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting Hate Mail -- Claiming to Come From a First Presbyterian Church Member

Ernie, Charlie, and Pete:

Please tell me you do not know who this alleged member of our congregation is (not in the picture above, but in the two emails posted here in reverse chronological order). I'm forwarding this too to Ben David since he is the one who would bring charges (I think) if there are any to bring. Sheriff McMahon as well. My new phone number (also handy to call me if there are more arrest warrants out for me -- LOL!!!): XXX-XXX-XXXX cell.

This is the type of hateful behaviors that occur when Christians don't stand up for Love. I'm showing humor here, but I didn't get out of 10 days of protective custody from the aggression of Cindy Beatty and others who themselves CLAIM to be directed by Ben David.

I will also forward the longer email that he sent just before this one, then post both on my blog: . Thank you for your concern and attention!!!


---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: G Hicks
Date: Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 2:03 PM
Subject: One more thing
To: The Gay Giant Scott Kenan

As a Life long Member of First Church..

Dont go back... Ill crush you with my trusty Rooster!!! Not the Kenon Cock ..

You Freak...

Beware of Slander...

a 5th Generation Wilmingtonian....


G Hicks to me

show details 1:56 PM (1 hour ago)

Hello Fag..

I hear you are gay as a Fruit Loop... And I bet you love lucky Charms... I have read your Gay Ranttings... The Drug Capital of the Us? Gezz Dude... You are so out of touch its not even funny... If that where the case.. It wouldnt be so damm Dry here..

And Who Gives a shit... Some people like to party... its their bodys... They can do what they chose with them.. I understand you smoke Pot.. So I really belive this is the pot calling the keatle black..

As above stated... If you want Dick up your ass.. Thats your choice.. Your Ass.. you can put what every you like up it.. I hear some people like Gerbles..

Did I see you at the pet store the other day?

I think you need to rethink your rantings.. and what you are saying about people.. I would advise you not to piss me off any more.. as since Im board with a lot of time on my hands.. I can rant about you all over the place.. Rattle some of my Media friends.. and go out of my way .. to make you look like the Lunitic that it seems you are.. You could sue me.. but you wouldnt get anything.. and you would help me.. by.. Making my Credit score go down... Hey.. Im hoping to get it down to 350 but .. I belive that its harder to get it than up than to make it go down . Dont figure..

I think you should stop wearing out the Computers that I paid for at the Libary... as other people might need to use one every once and a while.. Please make sure you dont get sticky in my keyboards... Gizz Really fucks them up.. you know. its the salt in the Gizz that make the contact coroad...

I think im going to enjoy fucking with you .. and look forward to some stupid coment on your Gay Blog LOL... By the way.. I like your Sleeping bag.. It makes feel me warm and Fuzzy.... Thinking of what i can do to Fuck up today :)

You have no idea who this is.. and you will never know .. untill I .. the Shadow Come out and Smack you Cute little ass...

You dont know me.. You havnt seen me.. but I know of you .. and know people who do know you .. Maybe Ill throw you a quater some time... What would you do for 20 Bucks?

Suckie Fuckie 20 Buckie?

I hope Ive pissed ya off.. That should keep you warm on the chille nights.. That you spend out doors .. you homeless Fucker !!!! lol You are truely worthless.. other than now.. for me to fuck with.. Thanks for giving me something to do..

Have a Gay Day... Hey.. The Tetter has Cucumbers on sale.. By one.. Shove one up your ass for Free :)

Signed ...
The One your Mother Warned you about ....

I'M going to go fuck your Girl Friend..

Wait.. Your Gay.. You dont have a girl friend.. DAMMIT!!!

Say Hi to Robbie .. I think he just bought you a cucumber!!!!


Coast Guard, Pentagon Publishing, Sen. Goolsby, and Me

Hi Veronica,

It was heartening to hear from you yesterday, that one or more of my emails (of blog posts), had, that morning, been discussed in your studio -- although not on the air. I heard the same from one of the other Wilmington TV stations a couple of months ago, and as I told you, I had stopped by the offices of THE WILMINGTON JOURNAL before I began my quest to expose who is supporting the hard drug traffick here in Wilmington -- especially at the port since from all I've been told, it is the busiest drug port in the US, beating even Miami and Los Angeles.

Before I ran into you, I had just come from debriefing the Coast Guard's top investigator of crime. While he took me seriously, he really works only to follow up on hard evidence of actionable crimes. I SALUTE HIM. Unfortunately, my info is all about the workings and connections, but I am now prepared to contact him if I get actionable intelligence.

That said, he was especially interested in information I had first gotten from local beer-guzzler and guitar and bucket player Robbie Trahan, that the Harbor Master lets the homeless and other "river people" know when large shipments of drugs are coming in (not the ones unloaded from mini-subs under Snow's Cut Bridge, but at the regular port or from pleasure craft along the town's boardwalk). Robbie was also the first to let me know that "everyone" in the drug trade knows who Lee Gosney is and how he's the top person connecting corrupt people in government to drug traffickers. Several others have confirmed both these points since then.

Lee and I worked for Pentagon Publishing Inc of Snellville, GA from 1992-2009, although Lee took off about five years for his SECOND meth lab prison term (according to PPI employee Gerry (Geraldine) Flynn who lives on Raleigh Rd. in Bethlehem, GA with her husband Joel Smith and his mother of a third surname in a mom-in-law attached cottage. I was fired by Patrick Stansbury in January of 2009. Lee still works for Patrick as I've recently received emails from him at PPI's two domains: and (.net? when I email this it wil,l be obvious).

Lee Gosney has been a "big mover" in Alcoholics Anonymous for years --since before I first met him. In fact, he was in a group in Tucker, GA in 1990 with my father and they then were close associates. Lee became a certified counselor of both drug and alcohol addicts and now hides his drug marketing movements behind a front of counseling. Several people in Wilmington confirmed this to me, and I remember how Lee, most years, drank heavily -- but not irresponsibly -- at Pentagon Publishing, Inc. lunches on Fridays when we met at Blue Ribbon Grill Fridays in the 1990s (also with Congressman John Linder), and at the annual Christmas Parties. I NEVER saw Lee actually drunk, although he nearly always drank.

As all even short-time readers of my blog know, I accuse my mother of blackmailing my father into marrying her so she could hide her swastikas behind the Kenan surname. Top Jews have confirmed in 1990 and earlier this year that my mother is the top Nazi in the US. I have speculated how the messages go in and out via card order of first and last hand of duplicate bridge.

But of interest to Fox -- and everyone else, of course -- is that the UK scandal of hacking is NOTHING compared to what is going on in the US. Christal Presley is in a network I found over a year ago on Linked-In with her best friend from college and Sean Hannity's wife: Jill Rhoades Hannity, Patrick Stansbury who constantly monitored all my email and browsing and corrupted my computers, my sister Jane (whom I think was "mind-controlled" and did nothing deliberately to harm me), my former literary agent Cynthia Zigmund (whom I've since forgiven), my then roomate Allen Rosen of Allen Rosen Productions (audio/video) of Tuscaloosa, AL, who changed my security settings remotely -- and i can prove it in a court of law -- recently, I emailed Allen to see if he and hiw wife, Linda Beasley Rosen, escaped the tornados and he answered via my sister Jane instead of simply replying. What kind of idiot is that???

In any case, these people are linked to Fox News and also to several key top republicans in the Bush/Cheney/Gingrich branch of the Party. GA Congressman John Linder is especially involved and I can testify to seeing him pass thick envelopes of apparent cash to Patrick Stansbury weekly in the mid-90s.

Enough for now. You know how to contact me if you'd like to question me. My intention is to next contact Rep. NC Senator Goolsby to see if he can help us get rid of Dem. District Attorney Ben David -- that is what needs to be done RIGHT NOW!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beneath Snow's Cut Bridge: Perfect Place to Unload Cocaine (With Sheriff's Deputies' Protection)

New Developments:

1. One of Cindy Beatty's heavy-handed males who threatened me two weeks ago, crossed my path last night and began threatening me again. Fortunately, I was with some people who knew him -- but were friendly to me. One of those people had had to take out anti-stalking papers on him, so with that knowledge, we could impune his character in court. BUT -- after ten minutes of harassing me and telling me he'd hurt me if I ever touched "that little girl" again (he refused to tell me what that touching was or had been and I still have no idea. Cindy must have claimed I had roughed her up or something to get her allies to be so aggressive with me two weeks ago), he walked away, but came back a few minutes later, extended his hand and shook mine as he apologized, saying "Maybe I have no idea what I was talking about." Maybe he heard that my last name is Kenan (it makes a big difference around here, although I usually try not to trade on it) or maybe he heard I'm quite effective.

2. The whole town has a diffeent feel now. I think a lot of the criminals have left or are lying low. Maybe the info about the mini-subs dilivering cocaine under Snow's Cut Bridge has been acted on. I forgot to mention that two of my sources on that were very seriously harassed by New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies, so Sheriff McMahon is not so clean afterall -- or maybe he really didn't know about it. Plenty of people did.

3.Besides reporting this to the Sheriff's Narcs and my Federal DEA contact, it has also been reported to the Coast Guard Ops Center.

4. Yesterday, my father told me he's proud of me. First time he's said that since Hilary Russell, Chuck Pritchard, and I got Whale's Tale up and running in 1974. Was good to hear.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

FINALLY Confronting After a Night on Which a Knife was Pulled on Me, Wilmington Police REFUSED to Assist me THRICE (!!!!!!!!!!), and I Found My Bed Roll That Had Appeared to Be Stolen

Scott Kenan Scott to cust.service03., nancy_armstrong, 60m, editorial, jbookman, breakingnews, breakingnews, Writers, aisforartist1, joyce, ernie, emcmahon, emily.j.zvejni., wilmjourn, jeffrey_toobin, Benjamin.R.Dav., info, info, info, mwkenan, jane, kenanm, kenan5, duffyjr3, andrea.opperman, alumni and about 230 more people all together:

>>>>> Forgot to mention that info on me in on my blog: . Heavy politics begins 1/1/2010, but issues with publication of this book begin a half year earlier.

Thanks -- and toodles-for now!!!

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 12:02 PM, Scott Kenan Scott wrote:

Thank you for pointing this out. I had somehow not noticed that regulation, but in my review made it VERY clear that I was the author, so it did not appear I was attempting to "pull a fast one" on anyone.

Also, the day after you first listed my book as "published", it was DOWNGRADED to "draft" status. WHY WAS THAT??? What, exactly, is the difference between "published" and "draft" status, and how does it affect Amazon's and my obligations, marketing efforts, ability for people to find the book, etc. Many have told me of difficulties and I have wondered if the "draft" status of my book which was first listed as "published" has affected this.

Additionally, several people told me they bought my book during weeks that YOUR accounting shows NO SALES in the US. How do you do your accounting, and how do you prove your figures??? My lawyer is curious about these strange phenomena.

Also, a couple of friends have told me they have been unable to post reviews for my book. What's up with that???

You may be well aware (as I suspect you are) that in January of 2010, the lawyer for Here Media and Alyson Books (who was to publish it hard copy in April of 2010) canceled my contract and returned my rights to me in full with written documentation, but then called me on the phone and swore they would see that my book was never published. Shortly thereafter, Republicans in Georgia began causing me serious troubles -- especially after I began working with Harvard University's legal department to get back decisionmaking control of my former employer Tennessee Williams' rights.

I certainly do not accuse Amazon of being in league with the same people who have tried to jail, commit, and otherwise harm me since, but they appear to have compromised your company to at least a significant extent. My sales are shockingly low and do not reflect even the number of my friends who tell me they have bought my book through Amazon.

Please have one of your top legal council contact m by email, and Nancy Armstrong, who is in the legal department at Harvard University. You can see some of my press contacts above.

Thank you for your swift attention. Let's work together to save from a lawsuit that is larger than you even dare imagine!!! (I expect to sue American Express to have to drop "American" from their name (or as an alternative, pay me billions of dollars to criple them for a couple of years). Please see my blog if you have not been givin the memo on who I am and what I'm doing -- and have done!!!

All best, and wth utmost sincerity,
Scott D. Kenan

On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 9:54 AM, Customer Service wrote:

Hello Scott,

It's come to our attention that you have submitted reviews for the following titles:


Our posted Guidelines prohibit publishers/authors/artists from submitting reviews for books/music/items they publish, write or manufacture. As a result, we've removed the reviews for these titles. Any further violations of our posted Guidelines may result in the removal of your title from our website.

Please feel free to review our posted Guidelines if you have any questions:

We hope to see you again soon.
Best regards,

Shanay O.

Your feedback is helping us build Earth's Most Customer-Centric Company.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Gig Is Up!!!

THIS JUST IN 2:19 PM: I had lunch at Mixto on the river (1/2 price appetizers and lunch. I had an order of nachos for $2.50 that was bigger than Texas!!! -- and boy were they great!!!). I went out for a smoke and when I returned, District Attorney Benjamin David was siting at the center of a table of about a dozen young and youngish professionals, seeming to be "holding court," -- or maybe just buying everyone dinner on our tax dollars -- who knows??? I politely told him that I had just blogged after court and forgotten to send him a copy via email. I told all how to find it so they could see how I was sending him to jail. He thanked me (calmly and politely), and said he looked forward to reading it. He was wearing a tie, but I didn't think to check to see if he had a suitcoat there or if when he stood, everyone would see the poop stains on his khakis . . .

* * *
Court was excellent today!!! Emily explained to Judge Davis that my proper court clothes were stolen last night, my cousins had been unable to help me with getting a shower (four days of living out of doors in this heat with NO change of clothes -- miraculously, I don't stink). But he did the right thing and did NOT re-secure my bond. He emphasized that BEGINNING today through end of appeal I am not allowed to contact or excercise my constitutional Freedom of the Press to even mention my accuser on this blog, which is a form of journalism. "I don't need to anyway," I explained to him, I gave all the info to Sheriff McMahon in person as well as Thomas S. Kenan III via voicemail to his home in Chapel Hill, so THEY can deal with it. So I give Judge Davis an A for being NOT involved with Ben David's drug-trafficking cronies. He gets an F for understanding the constitution and Freedom of the Press. I did NOT explain why I will no longer need that form on income (room in exchange for part-time renovation), but I'll get to that in a minute -- GREAT NEWS!!!

The competency evaluation of me that was done while I was in jail came in, and Emily presented it to me. I wish I had a scanner as it is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the jail psychiatrist (one visit), jail psychologist (three visits over 28 day period), and North Carolina Solutions' 90 minute evaluation that I asked them to do after I was released from jail 3/28/11.

How will they explain this (quoted exactly):

1. Mr. Kenan does not have a rational understanding of the proceedings against him. FALSE!!!
2. " " does exhibits symptoms that indicate a presense of mental illness. (not according to the other three professionals)
3. " " attributed everything that has occurred to a conspiracy against him. ABSOLUTELY FLASE LIE!!!
4. " " Mr. Kenan displayed scattered thinking and speaking, paranoia, grandiosity, delusional thinking, and provided inappropriate responses to questions. (I cannot refute without examples -- specific ones!!!)

Does not have the capacity to assist his attorney in the preparation of his own defense.

1. Mr. Kenan displayed irrational thoughts, delusional material, and paranoia. (Give us examples please. Next time I will refuse without my OWN tape recorder -- is that a paranoid thought???)
2. " " indicated that his atorney is influenced from outside sources. His responses were not logical or coherent. (I remember the exact question here and answering that I felt Emily was entirely competent and rational, but that at first she had not been aware of some background info that explained some of the difficulties I've had, and some false accusations would likely be made about me in court -- and they were. Emily, not knowing about these false charges or how to refute them, was therefore unable to defend me as well as she could have if I'd thought to prepare her. This is a completely rational, logical dilemma which was real.)
3.Mr. kenan is suffering from mental health symptoms (I think they meant "mental ILLNESS symptoms, LOL!!!) that would interfere with his capacity to understand proceedings. He was not able to demonstrate a rational through (I think they meant "thought" -- I'm beginning to think the evaluator was on serious recreational drugs!!!) process.
4. Mr. Kenan is not able to rationally work with his attorney. (Emily has never complained about this to me -- or anyone else, to my knowledge. That said, I have at times been difficult to deal with, but we've always resolved things.)

Emily said that we now have to have a competency hearing before proceeding in Superior Court with appeals, and that if they feel I might be dangerous, I could be even permanently committed to a mental hospital. (You can see they lie and are not educated enough to express what they MEAN to say, so they had better have a tape recording of the hearing or re-do it!!!) LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER (TAKE II)!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! LOL!!!

Anyway, I told Emily I am now going to do exactly what the magistrate in Carolina Beach insisted I do a month ago: demand that either the people I'm working with at the Federal DEA or Sheriff McMahon give me protection against the New Hanover County District Attorney and certain elements in the Wilmington Police Department. She forgot to check to see if George Padezanin (Pedazanin?) of 106 South 8th Street was ever served with the warrant I swore against him (and gave photo of my wound) for assault. She's checking now.

Last night, I chanced into some people from my Sunday School class at First Presbyterian who are very active in the church. They too had been thinking of leaving for the same reason: White Bigotry and the hypocrisy displayed CONSTANTLY by too many there. Ernie Thompson, we agree, is not a bigot, but to serve the bigots who threaten to pull out their money, he donates to criminal enterprises like Good Shepherd Center so that no unkempt or non-whites show up on church property -- they can all be sent away. We have decided to stay at First Prez to heop reform it, which we believe Ernie would love to do, but has felt trapped by the powerful, rich bigots. Too many regular congregants and church members agree with us, and I have talked about this to TONS of people around town and EVERY ONE of the ones I've spoken with say that from their own experience or knowledge, First Prez, while talkin' good, is EFFECTIVELY the most racist church in Wilmington.


I'm not going anywhere and I'm no longer staying away because I only have shorts and T-shirt to wear. Get used to me!!! AND, Ernie: Sorry I've been so rough on you in my blog. I've always known your heart is right, but we need a Truth and Reconciliation Council like South Africa had after Apartheit -- or something. And yes, it was Buck Kenan and the then head minister who were most to blame for the history since then of suppression of minority rights in Wilmington, including down to and through these sterilization scandals, etc.


I met a successful network TV series producer last night, and expect to negotiate the sale of rights of my Williams memoir and/or blog to him for movie or TV series production. This means that we will get all court records and reproduce all court proceedings verbatim. My accusations of my mother and Republicans, Episcopalians, Williams will and codicil perverters, etc., will likely be on cable TV network "reality show" movie, or something before TOO long.

Family and friends: please explain why you have treated me the way you have or deal with my opinions which I've expressed very clearly in my blog.

Also: Cindy Beatty had cyberstalking papers served on me this morning for my actions 4/15-5/15, with no explanation what they were or why she waited so long. First appearance: 8/29/2011 County Courthouse Room 317.



Robbed Before Court!!!

For what it's worth, last night when I returned to my "camp," all my belongings -- including sleepingbag, clothes for court, shoes, court papers, other supplies -- had disappeared. This had happened during the time I was in jail most recently as well. I have permission to camp where I do as long as I am unseen by the public, but I must have told the wrong people where I camp (I DID tell Robbie Trayhan, who recently proved he works with Ben David the local D.A.). I know the property owner would never have stolen my things, and if he'd put them in safekeeping, he would have emailed me that.

PERSON JUDGE NOECKER GAG-ORDERED ME NOT TO MENTION IN MY BLOG (Cindy Beatty's boyfriend -- the two of them had ben planted by Ben David in my house for the month of April and Cindy, who sells her prescrition painkiller drugs to raise money -- and they both convert their Food Stamps 50 cents on the dollar to raise money -- they prefer other drugs, apparently), was just outside the library this morning before it opened. He has told me twice since I got out of jail last Thrusday, that he would have me right back in. After seeing me, he spoke with Wilmington Police car #06076 which pulled in beside the library.

I HATE going to court in disrespectful clothing!!! But all I have access to is dirty T-shirt and shorts, unfortunately.



Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Thank God that at least I ain't Jesus. If I were, I'd have been nailed right back up on that cross by Ben David, Ernie Thompson, and a gang of soul-less white Christian hypocrites. But I walk free for now, and I might or might not tomorrow, after Judge Davis decides what to do with me. For my part, I've already decided: If 2.5 weeks in jail for a crime I did not commit (nor did I ever get a legally-approapriate warning: the alleged vicim never asked me not to contact her after the ONE meeting I had with her AND she had my phone number to call or text a request not to contact her, which she never did. Officer Jenkins who did warn me that "they" would put me in jail if I ever contacted her REFUSED to tell me the name of the complainant, and since with a family home with two rooms rented to tennants conts leagally as three domiciles and the only person who had been in any way ugly to me was the aggressive white male tennant who first claimed he was the alleged victim's boyfriend -- but later said no, he was her "protector" and "personal chef", I had EVERY logical reason to believe it was HE who had complained, not the person who filed the charge. She had asked me to move in in exchange for part-time renovation work, and I also offered to talk to Linda Lavin (I already knew Linda's husband Steve), to get access to the back roof of the garage so they could replace it. Linda was worried about liability. Officer Jenkins compounded his legal dillemma by telling me he would not tell me which person in the three-legal-domile house (where Mary Lily and William R. Kenan, Jr. grew up). he said he could not do this because he had not told that person who I was -- so that somehow made it only fair. In TRUE fairness, this sounds so outlandish now that i must remember incorrectly his reasoning, because at the moment i had not seen the logic flaw, but did see it a few minutes later. Bottom Line: I did NOT know who had complained, and so did not know which person of group of people had a problem with me. I honestly was quite certain it was not anyone from the blood family (or a son's spouse, if that was the lady's situation). NO ONE in that family had been unkind or unwelcoming to me at all when i met them in January of this year, or the day i visited and got the tour a month or so ago.

I felt certain the culprit was the "thug." It was he who gave me the bum's rush, and he who screamed at the person who kindly gave me the tour and i saw all the filth and knee-deep piles of dirty clothing in all the back rooms -- more clothes than left in the anterooms at Auschwitz, almost. I think i was given the tour for the soul purpose of making this info known to Sheriff McMahon and my wealthy Kenan relatives, and i did both those things. For the first time, I called Thomas S. Kenan III directly (1st time since 1990). no one answered at Figure Eight Island, and there was no answering machine on. i left a message on the machine in his residence in Chapel Hill -- and then within less than a day, I was arrested.

I have decided to stand on the Constitution of the United States of America -- the greatest spiritual document on a which a country has been based -- at least to its time. I will rot in New Hanover County "Detention Center" until hell freezes over if I have to.

I ask that if any one in my immediate blood family wishes to ever speak to me again, they call Powell's Bonding (same company my parents dealt with before), and bail me out within 24 hours. If not, then that's it. if they do not (I kind of hope they don't -- they are more trouble than they are worth: Devils, every one of them), then my business partner Ben has two days to get me out or he loses his right to the royalties. He's already not sent me a copy of our contract, so he's in jeopardy. i hope he comes through though, because i like and respect him and his girlfriend.

Other than that, i intend to have little to say tomorrow.

other news:

Cindy Beattie (Beatty?) and PERSON JUDGE NOECKER GAG-ORDERED ME NOT TO MENTION IN MY BLOG, who once lived in my house and whose notes i found of false claims they were sending to Ben David and a Wilmington police detective -- they were literally spies in my own house when i thought i was doing them a favor of giving them shelter for a month while they were homeless (see previous blog info in march and April), have been selling Cindy's prescription pain pills again -- at the Drop In Center before it closed, and more recently seemed to be doing that today outside the library as i came in. i offered to Cindy that I had found the autographed photo of George W. and Laura Bush signed to Cindy's Jewish grandmother, mrs. Rose, and that i would give it back to her when i next unpack my stored belongings if she emailed me how to contact her. Cindy said not to say one word to her or she would have me arrested again. A big black guy she had been giving instruction to tald me if i mentioned her in my blog i would be very sorry and threatened me with physical harm. I asked him for his name, date of birth, and address so i could file charges of threatening me, but he refused and said I would be very sorry. if history repeats itself, i'll soon get served anti-stalking papers by his wife (like what Cheryl Padezanin of 106 South 8th Street did to me after her husband verb ally and physically assaulted me a month ago). That, Cheryl voluntarily withdrew, but the warrent i swore against her husband was not to my knowledge ever served. My public defender is checking on that today, and we'll know by court tomorrow the answer. Cindy and Cheryl go back a long time, and Cindy told me she does a lot of business with the self-described "Team Padezanin" drug gang from South 8th Street (see previous blogs).

Over and out!!! No telling when i'll get access to a computer next . . .

Scott D. Kenan
A-Hole for Justice


On other side of sign: "Keep Corruption Private!!!"

1. No time this morning.
2. Robbie's fine and we are united.
3. I spoke with my lawyer and we file appeal tomorrow.
2. This might lead to my re-incarceration. As Emily pointed out, it made NO SENSE that Judge Davis REFUSED to unsecure my tiny $1,000 bond, yet for pleading guilty, he waved all court and defender fees, gave me time served, and non-reporting probation. He might-could re-incarcerate me, as it appears he is in bed with Ben David and their cronies and let me off easy by FORCING me to plead guilty to get out of jail. You might remember that my accuser went out of town for an extended period and we already knew that the trial would have considerable delays. Already, because the jailers had deemed me too dangerous to give me my first cousins' phone numbers so I could try to raise the $150.00 cash bail, I would have been incarcerated indefinitely. This happens routinely in New Hanover County Jail, as MANY inmates I spoke with told me. So, if I get thrown back in jail for appealing (they really really really want me to have a stalkin conviction on my record), Judge Davis will find himself in jail soon enough.

I promiSe you that.

JAIL BEN DAVID NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 >>> ADDED 12:58 PM:

1. I take back the possibly-perceived threat against Judge Davis. His peers will judge him if he couldn't un-secure my mini-bond, the jailors couldn't look up my cousins' phone numbers because I'm "too dangerous," but he could release me for 2.5 weeks time served and wave all fees, reporting probation, etc. It had not actually even occurred to me until hours after I was released that I had a right to appeal a conviction based on my own free-will confession -- but I did and do. I bet it had not occurred to my corrupt law enforcement adversaries or their Queen: Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan. But now we all know -- whadaya think they'll make of THAT???

2. Robie Trayhan finally showed his true colors this morning when after I found five bucks to get him some breakfast and he said he wanted some orange juice, as soon as we left the library, he changed that to Sparks (an alcoholic beverage). I was OK with that at first -- it would probably help bring him forward toward a health crisis -- and he's definitely drinking a lot less since I found him a day or two ago. But then Jerry, who's been hanging with Robbie lately (the guy Darrel Grier bought my $20 box TV from and who claims I -- NOT Darrel -- somehow owe him another $10 for it, AND the guy whom I have two confirmations -- actually, as well as his own, which I'd forgotten about previously -- is a heroin addict, now also CONFIRMED: current!!! wanted Robbie to go drink alcohol with him. Robbie agreed, and then told him what happened when he tried to get his newly-mailed-to-him Food Stamps card from Good Shepherd Center, where he receives his mail. Robbie told Jerry that The guy at the door (I forget his name, but it's the same name as the guy who told cops I was trespassing and told me I would be trespassing at ANY SHELTER IN WILMINGTON -- this a day or two before I got the three emails from people who claimed the overnight crew at Good Shepherd had posted a "Wanted: Dead or Alive" poster in the main room there (8.5" x 11") with my mug shot.

Bottom lines:

1. Robbie said that the same G.S.C. doorman told him the last two days in a row that he was not giving out mail that day, although Robbie also said he knew the guy DID actually have his keys -- the reason he claimed he could not distribute mail. Robbie said he could do nothing about that, but it is a FEDERAL CRIME to interfere with US Mail distribution, and this guy (is it Tim???) is definitely guilty of THAT (although it is probably the very least of his and the Shelter's multiple crimes). I said I would call authorities and have it looked into, but Robbie said "No -- NEVER!!!" Then, with lislt in his allegedly extreme-pained voice: "Let's go drink us some Sparks!" I said "No, I don't hang with trash!!!" and walked, not looking back. Robbie had told me last night that the reason he could not get his replacement Food Stamps card -- which the Good Shepherd people had ALREADY told him had come in -- was because Jerry had abandoned him as they walked the long distance to the shelter and he (Robbie) was afraid to walk "through the hood" alone. EXCUSE ME?!?!? The only people who are afraid to walk through the "hood" in Wilmington are the White Racists and the drug dealers. Black folk don't put up with that shit any more -- PRAISE JESUS!!!



Well, the drug-loving, White Republicans (mostly) of Wilmington can all go f@ck themselves. Actually, like the Republicans (white, mostly) in Congress -- but ESPECIALLY Presdent Obama, the biggest traitor to not only America but his father's race as well (maybe a bigger traitor than my mother: Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh) -- they already have committed suicide via the traitorous acts they have committed to pass this recent debt extension.

They are all toast.

Back to the Future:

If Robbie Trayhan presents me with the $68 cash he promised he would get yesterday after selling his food stamps credit 50 cents on the dollar as is the common practice in Wilmington, I will consider using him as a sex toy.

That's it. Period. "consider," being the opperative word.

Other news:

1. I stopped by Senator Goolsby's office this morning and since he is heavily busy in court this week, asked the clerk to pass on my apology to his wife, whom I had told I would put her husband in jail. I did NOT want to go to the house and possibly scare her in person. My threat was undeserved, and I explained that it was Republicans in general (aligned with my mother) whom I had a problem with. I know almost nothing about Sen. Goolsby's stands, so I hope he is actually one of those who will reform his Party. I am a BIG FAN of Self-Reliance (as per Ralph Waldo Emerson), so, by actual nature, more a Republican than a Democrat.

2. Desptie my dig at Judge Hogston a few days ago, I actually DO have a lot of respect for him. Also, this young guy Josh who's running for City Council.

3. I absolutely blasted my cousin Janice Ludwig today after she proved she even colder and more self-centered than my mother -- something I'd though was impossible. She is on heavy drugs for an auto-immune disease (what the hell are those things and how did they sudenly -- only recenty, rally -- come into being?!?!?). The side effects of the drugs are worse than death, and her sisters confirm she's hell to have to deal with. I remember when she was young and sweet -- like her parents and her other sisters. I hope she has a miracle soon. I'm praying for her.

Still, my uncouth mouth with her (I used language I normally reserve only for my mother) was semi-uncalled-for, so I apologize publically for that.

And now I must go. sorry for formatting, spelling, and other errors.

Also: I still have no phone, and I have respoded to all personal email, so if you don't get an answer from me, it's because I never got you message by regualr email of Facebook message.



Monday, August 1, 2011

Miracles All Over!!!

First, a correction from yesterday. Sorry, folks, but my political adversaries do all they can to make my life look like a fun-house-mirrored hall, and yes, they DO sometimes confuse me, but I like to correct things as I go.

CORRRECTION(???) >>> Robbie Trayhan is NOT re-addicted to heroin!!! And the guy who I bought a TV from a few months ago, has (according to Robbie) been clean for two weeks. A beginning (I hope)! I say hope, because these people always trick Robbie out of money, and this guy knows Robbie gets some money today, which he claims he is going to give me at this library (at least $65.00) at 1:30 this afternoon. If this actually happens, I'll be surprised and have to eat my words -- although I do NOT DOUBT Robbie's belief in it. I believe Robbie will be tricked out of it by this guy -- and probabbly feel bad about it and have a beer or two and ask me -- YET AGAIN -- to SAVE him. I told him only he can save himself ("Physician: Heal thyself!!!" Yeshua-the-Jew). We'll see what happens and I'll report back later today or tomorrow.

Other news: I ran into a cool guy who does NOT look the part at all, but he claims he gave a substantial sum of money to re-open the Drop-In Center at 16th and Dock Sts. here in Wilmington -- PRAISE JESUS (Buddha, Allah, etc.). It SHOULD be re-opened TODAY!!!

I went to Catholic Mass yesterday at St. Mary's on Fifth and got depressed -- not by the great intetions of most of the people -- and I was plesed at the improvements in tha Mass and the fact that everyone was so nicely mixed and welcoming -- but half the church emptied right after communion, proving that Catholics (half, anyway), don't actually believe in God, but go is an insurance policy because the Church says they go to hell if they don't each Sunday and they must stay until communion to get crdit with God. GOT IS NOT FOOLED!!!

I have all the same issues with "First Prez" that I had yesterday, although I hope I am wrong about Ernie Thompson, although I must report that the last several times I spoke with him in person, he seemed VERY nervous and also tohave a slight "buzz" like you get from prescription "nerve" pills. I DO SINCERELY HOPE I'M WRONG.

I have suspended my decisions on who will get royalties cuts from my Tennessee Williams book except that Sister Isaac's share for her homeless work will be increased from 10 to at least 15%. My investor Ben (whom I have not yet been able to re-contact since I got out of jail, will continue to get his share and additional opportunities in businesses I form under an umbrella company -- and he still might get to be CEO, but no final decision on that yet. I will work individually with the descendents of my Aunt Doris Kenan Russ to fund education and other opportunities since she has passed and no moneys are now needed to help fund her care in a nursing home.

Yesterday, I ran into someone who worked for Robert F. Kennedy and we are going to know each other well.

Last night I ran into someone with the surname Condie who is descended from Jeff Davis, his wife from Robert E. Lee (or vice versa). He is a good friend of Tim Kenan of Burgaw, whom I met with his future wife-to-be and his boyfriend -- all partying together at the Duck n' Dive like all us sexual-libertarian Kenans like to do. I need to find the 1999 Mercer University Press edition of THE KENAN FAMILY to see exactly how close kin Tim is to me, but since he lives on a farm near Burgaw, it might be the "old family farm" that Murphy Kenan -- my great-grandfather who bought slaves only to free them, bought back after the War Between the States after fighting for the South and who's life Alan Gurganus's book and movie OLDEST CONFEDERATE WIDOW TELLS ALL is based on. OK, the book is more about my great-grandmother (played by both Diane Lane and in late life Lauren Bacall -- Donald Sutherland played Murphy and a fictitious surname is used: Marsden). I need to now contact Tim since he informally invited me to his wedding, so I can get details. His male lover will be in the wedding party -- which his fiance is perfectly fine with. Kenans -- we do as we please!!! HA!!!

I am TOTALLY divorced from my immediate family and if they ever want to see me again, they can contact me. I will NEVER expect anything from them and now effectively provide for myself without their help. Being an actual "Christian" now (Muslim, Religious Scientist, Jew, and atheist as well), I will probably help them if they ever ask for it. But they continue to kiss my mother's Nazi-tatooed ass which she has NEVER wiped clean -- and I am NOT into scat!!!

There have been many more miracles in the last day as well. And the paper this morning said it best: whatever the deal is they worked out in Congress (it's sure to be a complicated, inefficient pile of manure which will only benefit the pockets of politicians), BOTH sides of the aisle are TOTALLY disgraced!!! Baby Boy Obama -- who being brainwashed by a hypocritical white Liberal Mama (the WORST and most hypocritical type person -- Liberals all swill white wine and look at art and refuse to take responsibility to correct the devilish deeds of Republicans and other Devils like my OWN Nazi mother, so they end up simply being their shills) cannot grow up and be a BLACK MAN (he's a mulato, but since he's been an oreo so long, it would be nice if he played BLACK MAN and got something done. I'm a big fan of actual black people -- male and femal both -- regardless their skin color).

Enough for now. Let's see what happens to Robbie and his money -- and let's see if Ben David can remain in office until dinner time today. I tend to doubt it.

Last night, I ran into Kathleen Haberstick, who lived (until today) in the William R. Kenan Sr. (Buck) house at 110 Nun St. -- where Mary Lily Kenan Flagler and William R Kenan Jr, (Will) grew up. She said it was OK for me to talk to her and also to blog about this. Note to local law enforcement: I am blogging here solely as a journalistic function and am protected by the United States Constitution no matter how much you have ignored it under Ben and Jon David's rule. I asked her if anything had improved and she said that "the problem" had moved out of the house. As ALL know, I only met my accuser once in my entire life and she at least feigned friendliness to me then. My Public Defender, Emily Zvejnicks, reported to me that she had spoken to my accuser and that person really does not want to talk to me -- but she was on the verge of "going out of state for some time" so could not be subpoenaed to be at a hearing. Draw your own conclusions, but i think it's about time for me to start suing local officials for personal damages to me!!!

And there's more: I learned that the person "George", who with Tim the 6' 8" part time bartender at Costello's Piano Bat on Princess St. had actually kicked me out (and been manytimes identified to me as key players in drug trafficking), has sold his share of the bar back to my accuser there, David Nash, and my former sex-partner from the mid-80s, John Stike, DDS. It was local realtor MaDonna McMahon who confirmed that George had bought the bar -- she even claimed to me she did not know who David Nash is!!! (Which is how I got the intuited notion she is the preferred realtor to drug traffickers -- her office is on Market St., 1.5 blocks from the river -- BUT PLEASE: I do NOT here wish to cast aspertions on MaDonna herself (although I DO know that many of her clients -- like the urologist David in the Williams Cottage on the lane adjacent to the offices of First Prez are people who HATE and seek to destroy me. If you pay attention to my blog you know why they as Episcopalians want me DEAD!!!) They stole Tennessee Williams' royalties in collusion with the Nazis and Republican Party.