Friday, September 30, 2011

Telling the Truth, One Network to Another

After meeting with head Public Defender Jen Harjo (who was defeated by Ben David in the last race for District Attorney, but said afterward she is NOT defeated -- proving she has Kenan-spunk!), I can report a few more things.

All further court actions are in limbo as Judge Criner (don't know why it was her -- I'd never been in her court until today) ordered two months ago an evaluation of my ability to stand trial. I was found to be legally mentally incompetent -- in direct contradiction to all other mental health evaluations. We must have another hearing to judge my competence for the court before anything else can go forward.

This also regarding Judge Criner, posted on my Facebook page in response to a friend there:

Scott Kenan
Well, you learned right!!! I think Judge Sandra Ray Criner is in District Attorney Ben David's pocket. First she threw out my (Family Violence Restraining Order) case today and dismissed me becasue the complainants had left court. Then they came back and she had a cop chase me down -- ON THE STREET, after I left the Court House to come back and have the hearing!!! She claimed I had harassed the complainants (I had not, but they might have lied to her while I was away), BUT SHE DID NOT THROW ME IN JAIL like is supposed to be automatic if I had harassed them before it was thrown out. I'm going to have Judge Criner investigated for complicity in cocaine trafficking (along with Ben David, D. A.)!!!
A woman who claims to be connected to the Ku Klux Klan and "bikers" has offered to have those organizations go after my adversaries as court has proven to be so unfair. I agree that court in Wilmington has NOTHING to do with Justice, but declined her offer. I want to REFORM Criminal Justine in Wilmington, not supercede it. (I know this woman and know that her connections to these organizations are real. Disclaimer: My grandfather, Joseph Emerson Kenan (Sr.) was a Klansman, although his father, Murphy, did NOT believe in slavery and saved for several years to buy two slaves -- which he did and immediately set free. Shortly thereafter, he enlisted proudly to fight for the South (NOT slavery!!!) His widow, Julia, was the Oldest Living Confederate Widow in NC when she died a few years after killing a rattlesnake with a broomstick in the back yard at her 100th birthday party. My father (William Scott Kenan -- married to Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- identified for the first of many times by key Jews in Atlanta in 1990 as the top Nazi in the US as well as Dick Cheney's boss) is a homosexual who was blackmailed into marrying my mother so she could hide her swastikas (they all admit to the swastikas on the dinner china we used in the 1950s and 1960s as well as the daily beating we reiceved until I was in senior high) behind the Kenan surname.
You see how my life is necessarily somewhat complicated. LOL!!!
Now, I must figure out how to make it through the night homeless and living on a slab of concrete as storms are predicted to come in and cold windy weather behind it tonight. I do NOT have anything to wear but dockers and T-shirt due to Judge Criner's actions in concert (apparently) with Ben David and the big drug dealers Gerald Austin-Wynn and Brenda McKnight. (See recent posts. In some I mistakenly use the first name "Justin" for Gerald Austin-Winn).
I continue my quest for Justice and Reform of the local Judicial System in honor of the late, great Evan Fish.

Right Result, Wrong Reason!!!

First of all, having met a most amazing Presbyterian minister (from another Wilmington congregation -- NOT First Prez) this morning, and having had quite a long and good conversation, I realize it is best at this time to leave Ernie, Pete, and Charlie (the ministers at First Prez) out of my email loops/links for the foreseeable future. I'll just leave it at that for now, although, having a strict policy of not talking behind anyone's back, I WILL send them a copy of this.

In court today, I learned that a "hearing" is actually just like a trial except that the plaintiff and defendant are sworn in and speak from their tables. Others are sworn in speak from the witness box. I thought it was more informal, and had not rehearsed any lines or formulated questions for witnesses or plaintiff -- as I could have, had I understood ahead of time.

I DID get to ask Gerald (not Justin) Austin-Wynn if (when he coached Brenda on the phone the evening before she swore out the commitment papers and told her to "be creative" and admonished her to take some of the pills that he had given her if she got nervous) he was her drug dealer. If I remember correctly, some distraction kept him from answering.

The order was continued, and after only a few minutes' thought, I realized that was the easiest, most expedient thing to do. Clearly Brenda and Gerald had rehearsed and put together a good show. Being naive to how a hearing was held and shocked at the lies delivered, I was like a doe in the headlights, and got no effective traction. The judge appeared to believe everything they said, although in fairness since she made no comment, she might have decided that whether or not I deserved compensation for my troubles, the most important thing is that I stay seperated from them and they from me.

Monday, I'll file similar papers against Gerald -- if I can find out his address through the courts. I am also filing an appeal (which I have to do through offices in Raleigh). I will be homeless and without winter clothes. It is to turn cold and blustery tonight. I'm getting quite sick of this, but also recognize how much better the story is that I will get out of it and sell later. I do meet with the head Public Defender in a few minutes and I still have my new partner in the Walking Tour, which is ready to roll -- once we raise $100.00 for some permit and absolutely necessary marketing costs beforehand.

I expect to solicit the help of an organization protecting the rights of those of us who have mental illness diagnoses (conflicting conclusions from several psych organizations on me the past few years, but those who think I have anything claim I'm bipolar), from those who use that diagnosis to discriminate. Repeatedly, my diagnosis was brought up as an excuse to discredit what I had to say about anything (you can see why I am backing away from expecting empathy or similar from certain people).

In any case, the whole thing is going to get bigger, and I'm going to enjoy it. I am getting much more respect around town (excepting the courts and a few other places) the last several days. For some time, I have felt like I've been channelling Will (William R. Jr.) Kenan, and now, just like litigation between the Florida East Coast Railroad (then owned almost exclusively by the Kenan Family) and the US Government set a record in the decades it took to resolve, I seem to be stuck in long-term litigations to clear the record of lies.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

In Search of a Lousy or not-Lousy Shower

Today, I finally, this morning, was able to speak to Deb Baretta of the Raleigh area -- my backer of my book. I had hoped she might help out with the $80.00 investment in custom-printed T-shirts Kimberly and I need to begin the walking tour: "HENRY FLAGLER, MARY LILY KENAN, TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, AND ME!" (Must buy minimum order of 4). But Deb was clearly heavily drugged, still living in her estranged husband's house (she had hoped to move to her own house over a month ago), and although when last we spoke (a month ago), she said she had cleared all her legal difficulties (their nature unknown to me), she now said she is completely tied in legal knots. She cannot help out with the money she had earlier promised, and I do not hold this against her. Clearly, whatever the intention of her estranged husband/jailor and her daughter Christy (who controls Deb's email and phone and continues to block me from Deb's cell phone.

Please remember that Deb was the second person who eye-witness-confirmed the drugs coming in by mini-sub under Snow's Cut Bridge. She had simply chanced upon it. New Hanover County Sheriff Deputies had surveilled her in cars as she walked across the bridge to get to the other side wheree she could get a cab to Castle Hayne to pick up her own car for less money. She was stopped by the deputies, beaten fairly severely, drugged, and then committed to the same facility where Public Defenders Jennifer Harjo and Emily Zvejnieks had arranged for me to get protective custody after I had confronted District Attorney Benjamin David on his protection of narco-traffickers (in Mixto restaurant on the river, here).

OK, so Ben was sitting with 12 associates and I DID not only nutshell my claims against "Ben Dover," as people are now calling him on the streets in the Historic District, but told all the address of this blog so they could examine my claims in detail. (Some did so and emailed me. THANK YOU!!!) Within 24 hours, I was confronted by aggressive petty drug dealers five times on the streets -- all but one time they were led by Cindy Beattie (Beatty?), who also said I would get a surprise  The next day I was served papers showing her charging me with "Cyber-stalking" going back to months before when she and her boyfriend PERSON JUDGE NOECKER GAG-ORDERED ME NOT TO MENTION IN MY BLOG had lived in my house absolutely rent-free. They never paid the several hundred dollars they promised to pay and kept putting off the payment date until I scared them out, and Wilmington Police verified that under the circumstances I had every right to put their things out in the yard -- which I did.

A couple of interesting things about this:

1. On their way out of the apartment for the last time, Cindy called back to me that they were going to talk to Ben David AGAIN about me. (This was my first clue that they were spying for Ben while taking advantage of my generosity. I first invited them in because they were homeless. Before I knew it, Cindy was pretending to try to re-launch her radio DJ career while actually selling her prescription-gotten pain pills to the masses at $3 a pop. I had to get them out.
2. In clearing Cindy's things out, I found her notes detailing all the things I allegedly had done. No surprise: all were judgement called (i.e.: "He is delusional.") rather than statements of specific behaviors or words. I also found the name and phone number of Cindy's contact on the Wilington Police force who is a cyber detective. All this physical evidence was lost when my wallet and phone were stolen during an ill-fated trip to Pleasure Isalnd beaches with a young guy and his son (one of them was named Andrew). A more accurate description is that I was abandoned on the beach, the wallet and phone went back to Raleigh with Andrew & Co., and his grand-parents later confirmed that the DID get the vehicle back, but that it had been stripped first of all content. THEY ABSOLUTELY REFUSED TO HELP ME GET IN CONTACT WITH THE PERSON WHO STRIPPED THE CAR, ALTHOUGH THEY ADMITTED TO KNOWING HIM OR HER WELL. THEY HELPED DESTROY THE EVIDENCE (not that it's needed -- like the ALL-CAPS I just used).

Another interesting event today: I ran into Robbie Trayhan (who, of course, punked me into believeing he's not drinking. I DO have to laugh. Everyone gets punked by Robbie and he always lands on his feet. But although I finally came to realize he really is straight although he had pretended to be my boyfriend at times -- pretending best the day I met him and took him to live in my (same 8th St. apartment) for several days. He was needing a shower and drunk or drunkish. He begged me to jump into the shower with him and then IMMEDIATELY sexually aggressed me and exclaimed he really like it. (You can see how I became convinced -- at least that he was gay.)

But this morning when I saw him, I asked him why on earth he had taken me in his mouth and declared his desire like that. This SEEMED to be before Ben David could have tried to get Robbie to testify against me. Well, maybe not. Robbie got pised off and ran off without answering this morning, and God knows Ben David is a clever man (and THAT'S why deep-down I like and respect him).

Well, tomorrow will be interesting. I'm sure someone will have a surprise for me up his or her sleave . . .

And shame on Charles Adams of his own antiques store on Castle Street who is shacked up with my old acquaintance from Atlanta, Kyle (Ky) Johnson (formerly of Bingo Parlor and stuck-in-a-crack-house fame), and can't help me out with letting me get a simple shower the day before trial. To heap insult on injury, Charles's last words to me were: "Maybe later we can get togther and suck some dick."

I think not, Charles. You can't even afford to let me take a shower. I hope Kyle Johnson doesn't get all Charles's money that came by check-in-the-mail today -- or that new, flush customer . . .

Enough. Let's see what tomorrow brings . . .

All are cordially invited to see me in courtroom #302, New Hanover County Court House, Third & Princess, Wilmington, NC 28401 at 9:30 AM tomorrow, Friday. September 30, 2011. It's just a small matter: a hearing regarding the domestic violence restraining order brought by Brenda McKnight (my roommate/landlord) making false claims against me.

I do NOT blame Brenda -- nor am I angry with her. It is her drug dealer, Justin Austin-Wynn, who scared the crap out of her and forced her to swear lies to a judge to get my committed to a mental hospital on Monday of last week, and then swore additional lies to another judge to get this action taken against me.

Although Brenda has technically perjured herself at least twice (so far), I do not believe the law should go after her, as Justin is as scary as the vapor-huffing character played by Dennis Hopper in the movie BLUE VELVET. Not only did he try for over half an hour on two occassions to scare the crap out of me by insinuating that "only Jesus" prevented him from killing me for . . . what??? He never REALLY said, but did say that I had endangered Brenda's life by moving in with my diagnosis of bipolar -- as if that were a true diagnosis (it's under review), and as if I had ever actually threatened or harmed anyone in my entire life (I haven't). He also said that Brenda's two adult sons who live in Patterson, NJ who come to Wilmington and KILL me if they knew about it (I doubt it. Most adults know that a diagnosis -- correct or incorrect -- coupled with a 60-year record of non-violence does NOT make for a problem roommate in any way).

Justin also claims he stopped the IRS from docking Brenda's pay $500/paycheck just by paying someone a coupole of hundred dollars. I bet with this strange thing Brenda has for NOT checking or reading her mail, Justin's bizarre claim that what makes him special is his unique ability to suss out by looking at the envelopes which pieces of mail need to be read and which are trash -- and really: can't a halfwit do as much??? I assume Brenda opens only the ones he tells her to. Perhaps she was never even audited or fined and docked by the IRS and Justin is just scamming her. I wouldn't know.

What I DO know is that Justin is so confident in his games that he allowed me to overhear his half of a phone conversation with Brenda as she was preparing to swear the lies that got me nut-house committed (for a minimum time since it was apparent to all -- EXCEPT THE JUDGE, which tells us SOMETHING. HELLO!?!?!) that Brenda needed to calm down and just get creative. Apparently she was having difficulty doing that because he next said "If you can't calm down, take some of those pills I gave you." This is why I feel certain Justin is Brenda's drug dealer.

NOW: I expect that Brenda will not be able to handle the pressure of the situation tomorrow. She will break down. She and I will reconcile and I'll be given some kind of compensation for being forced improperly into the nut-house and then forced to live homeless for a week and not allowed access to my things (I could pick up clothing, toiletries, and "articles of trade," but having no where to store them there is no reason to do so.)

If we cannot come to some kind of equitable solution of my continuing to live there with some free rent thrown in as compensation, I will be foreced to sue Brenda for malicious prosecution -- as well as the property owner, Charles Smith (a Navy man who lives in VA), for his getting aggressive with me on the phone over this non-sense as well.

AND FOR THE RECORD: Justin Austin-Wynn told me the reason I was being "taught a lesson" was because I had dared to speak out against District Attorney Benjamin David and also because I had blogged about the drug dealers, loosely called "Team Padezanin" for ring leader George Padezanin who attacked me physically (court hearings on that begin 10/31/11), who live on 8th street between Dock and Orange (close to the former).

So, tomorrow begins the testing of Scott in courtrooms. Who knows what will happen, but I always recommend people bet on KENAN.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Nature of Delusions

I forgot to add my final thought from this morning, which is really a question. You probably can't answer it since you aren't privy to the information I have by experience and research -- but I hope SOMEONE can: What other explanation is there for all the difficulties I've had?

That I am crazy might or might not be true, but it does not satify the need for logical explanation of the difficulties. Also, as I've discussed with Dr. Martin (in The Oaks) and Dr. Hueholt (at North Carolina Solutions), anyone can have a mistaken idea -- that is human. Honest people correct their errors and claim a better idea when logic dictates. People with mental illness diagnoses do this too, BUT their errors are often labeled "delusions" whether or not they naturally correct an error or not when logic dictates it. (Of course some diagnosed mentally ill people DO suffer REAL delusions -- as do SOME people who escape diagnosis their entire life.)

This is a chief difficulty those of us with diagnoses must deal with: Those without diagnosis are often far too quick to label our ideas "delusional" when often they are ideas that the judger is in no position to judge -- or in some cases, someone malevolently-intended hoodwinks people by casually dismissing truthful ideas from a diagnosed person, knowing that others, prejudiced like he is himself, will belittle the diagnosed person and the truthful idea then is dismissed.

As I'm sure you know, I'm not accusing you of these things, but some people in our congregation are quite guilty of this -- in fact this phenomenon runs rampant in society.

Anyway, if you do think or hear of a different theory that explains my difficulties logically, I'd be happy to hear it.


Email to Real-Life Minister Who's Voice Plays Devil's Advocate in My Head


I know you have much to do besides read my materials and respond, but I had some interesting revelations in meditation this morning that I thought I'd share:

1. When I argue with myself in my head while attempting to find the kernel of truth behind the mystery, the second voice I use is yours. (This is my highest compliment.)

2. You and I are on the same side in all this political schtuff that appears to (and at times DOES) drive me crazy. Much of it is still a mystery. Both of us are hoping that I am wrong. I think that is our hearts' concern. But my intellect continues to process the facts (peculiar and all but unbelievable as they are), and continues to serve up the story line about my parents, some top leaders in the Republican Party, Tennessee Williams' murderer -- this one is in aggreement with Tennessee's brother Dakin's and his friend -- previously the highest-paid magazine writer in America -- Dotson Rader's memoirs about Tennessee, so it is nothing new that John Uecker murdered Tennessee, probably by smothering him with a pillow. What I bring to it new is that I found all the trails of action and the logic supporting it -- as well as being material witness to much of the plotting -- I just didn't realize it at the time, or soon afterward.

Let's forget Ben David for now: he's a member of our congregation, so this becomes too personal, and the three trials that I will be defendant in this fall should bring some facts to light for all to see. So as far as District Attorney David is concerned, the wait will not be long. I should warn you, however, that more people in solid, responsible positions in Willmington social and business society have been offering me their moral support this week.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This morning, I formed a new company which I hope to register in Wilmington, NC as KENAN EDUCATIONAL. Our first activity will be the walking tour, "Henry Flagler, Mary Lily Kenan, Tennessee Williams, and Me!" The subject matter necessitates the show-boating "Me" and exclamation point. It was at various times in my life a HUGE surprise that I was connected to ANY of these things -- let alone that they all have connection to the Standard Oil Trust in ways obvious or peculiar.

Additionally, I am taking on Kimberly Hoagland as my sales and marketing partner (the position that Evan Fish was to have had). Kimberly has degrees in Business/Accounting with a minor in writing and in Psychology. She has worked variously in outside sales, computer systems development, and programming. She has worked in programs to help integrate mentally and emotionally challenged individuals into society by teaching them practical coping skills. She has taught meditation in India.

We are hoping to begin the walking tour this weekend, but it might take a few more days, due to needing to raise funds to purchase two custom-printed marketing T-shirts, and all my notes and script are in the house I am temporarily barred from.

So I did want to share the good news and to let all know that Kimberly and I have scoured our minds and can find nothing to suggest there a chance of yet another kicking out of my feet from under me on this one.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Killing the Serpent Within

Hi Ernie,

I intend this to be a good old-fashioned email -- the kind one person writes to one other person. I've calmed down a lot lately, and part of that was due to an amazing dream I had while in The Oaks (mental hospital wing of NHCRMC):

I dreamt I was driving some kind of vehicle and pulling a long, thick power cord behind me. At some point, the cord snapped off, the vehicle disappeared, and the cord rose up into the air and became a neon-green serpent, much like a cobra with hood and hissings, but a miniature human face. It snapped and flailed in the air as it spread its hood menacingly; the air around it glowed as day-glo green as the snake. It came within about two feet of me and fixed me in the eye as it continued to hiss and carry on.

I stood firm, observing it while talking myself down that it had any power to harm me. I refused to meet its stare, but fixed my own gaze just to the side of it so I could see clarly what it was doing.

Suddenly it exploded into a gazillion glowing, chartreuse pieces, which faded as they fell like embers from a fireworks starburst. I was safe. Either the evil outside me or the evil within me had collapsed from my standing firm against it. (Since my dream came from within me, I'm assuming the whole thing was an inside job.)

And I swear, everything has become better since then (except this temporary homeless thing, which will resolve in court Friday morning).

I got out of the mental hospital effortlessly, and I see that since the domestic violence restraining order is based on the same lies, it will fall as easily too. I believe Brenda must have been taking "Mother's Little Helpers" which she got from this character Justin Austin-Wynn. I'm certain he put her up to both actions. I have no bad feelings toward Brenda, and I expect her to cave under oath. If not, I'm still certain to win, and I might press charges of maliscious prosecution against her. But really, I think it will work out and I will be able to continue to stay there with some credit toward rent for compensation for my troubles. As it is, rent is paid through the end of this month.

Last night, I learned that a guy I'd dated ten years ago who is a very nice guy and coincidentally moved to Wilmington half a year ahead of me (which I didn't know until I ran into him here), is doing well and has good friends. When I saw him last (half a year ago), he was in a terrible situation and I've been wondering how he's been doing. My mind is at ease now.

This morning, I ran into Robbie Trayhan whom I've housed temporarily and who sometimes seemed to be my boyfriend, but also confirmed many of my political claims about dope running and its protection here. He also claimed that Ben David promised to pay his hospital bills if he would testify against me in court. Robbie is a bad alcoholic over many years. He is the one person that NO ONE would bet would ever get dry, but everyone loves because he is so inventive in the stories he tells to trick money out of people for beer. But today, I saw he looked so much better and learned he has been dry for five days now, having sweated out the DTs for a few days on his own. Tomorrrow, he expects to feel completely human and to get some clothes so he can find a job. I creied right there with happiness -- in MY Wilmington story, I have two "heroes", Robbie and me. Because we both always land on our feet no matter what happens, and now, I will no longer know that tinged with the sadness of knowing the drinking will eventually kill Robbie. I DO believe he is serious, and I know he kicked a long-term heroin addiction on his own 8 years ago.

The actual purpose of this email was to let you know how impressed I was by your sermon Sunday. Humans do NOT WANT TO CHANGE, but you shepherded all perfectly -- you are such a good writer!!! Comments afterward from some of the "Old Brahmins" were completely in line with your message. The whole congregation has the deepesst love and respect for you. Also, it was clear -- even before your talk -- that no one cared that I was so "down-dressed". I have such high regard for everyone at First Presbyterian -- and I have not yet met a single person who is stupid or not a critical thinker. That's not to say that all think alike or agree with me. But all really care about the church and their own and others' spiritual life. I can't imagine a finer spiritual home.

Also, I thought the new placement of the announcements felt natural. But I DO suggest as you look over different style hymns that you not include too may "Old Negro Spirituals" (or newer soul-style spirituals). I went to mass at St. Mary's again Saturday afternoon (no, they aren't seducing me), at the invitation of a friend, and all four of their hymns were spirituals -- the congregation almost all lily white. It just doesn't work -- or maybe I should say it DOES work, but what it works at is making white folks look ridiculous. A small dose now and then might be fun, however . . .

I have been having difficulty raising funds to renew a month of phone service. First I'd like to say that while I slept the last three nights on a concrete slab, I can AND WILL remember to line up late afternoon before the quota is filled at Salvation Army to get a bed, so that is covered and I'm not asking more. My phone service is $30/month plus about $2 taxes and $3 RT bus fare to get to Best Buy. I will try to angle a few people to spot me that. I really hate asking ANYONE, but having open lines of communication really helps, especially since I only get two hours of 1-at-a-time internet at the library. As soon as I get back to having longer internet, I have plans for several different ways of raising some funds quickly (one is to email all the people I sent a free copy of the book in exchange for a few cigarettes or a buck or two for food to see it they can send a bit more if they liked the book, another is to specially contact the Tennessee Williams scholars, all of whom I sent the book free 18 months ago, but only one has sent me a penny. They all exclaimed over the new-to-them info the book contains). These two actions each require longish time to research on the internet.

Feel free to share this email with Pete and Charlie if you like. I might post parts of it on my blog.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

True Blue (Velvet)

Events of the last few days have made me feel as if I'd been through a re-make of the movie Blue Velvet, which was made here in Wilmington, NC and released exactly 25 years ago -- to the day -- from the day I posted the two most previous posts.

The following day, reporting and swearing to a long list of lies about me, my roommate Brenda had my committed to The Oaks, the psychiatric care wing of New Hanover County Medical Center. The admitting nurse did not believe Brenda's claims. Neither did the psychiatrist.

But the judge had -- and Brenda had sworn to them on a Bible. They had to admit me and keep me for a three-day minimum period of observations. No problem.

I was angry, but there was nothing to do, and I was released at the first opportunity, given the circumstances. It could have lasted up to 10 days.

But there was more: Brenday later swore out Domestic Violence papers, claiming many of the same claims and I am now locked out of the apartment, homeless on the street again, for NO REAL REASON -- excepet that (apparently) Justin put her up to it. Justin had told me I was going to pay for accusing District Attorney Ben David of protecting narco-traffickers. He said he had talked to the drug dealers on 8th Street where I had previously lived (they call themselves "Team Padezanin" and are led by George Padezanin, who lived across the street and down two houses from me there), and I would pay for that too. I still believe Brenda was forced into the swearing of lies to commit me and bring charges against me -- possibly because she is addicted to the pills he meantioned she should take more of if she was nervous. I don't really know. I DO really suffer. There will be a Domestic Violence court hearing this coming Friday. The psychiatrist told me he is fully confident that if I simply explain the truth as calmly and rationally as I had explained it to him, all will be well. I believe he is correct.

Meanwhile, I'm homeless without a change of clothes, no computer, no backpack, no bicycle. I'm still going to attend services at First Presbyterian tomorrow (barring some new calamity).

And so it is,

And a second email sent just to family today:

If you read my email I sent earlier today, you all know that I have pretty neatly trapped the local District Attorney in his lies, and he will be forced into court (assuming my cases go forward, rather than being quashed), and have to testify under oath. This will be a lot of fun if it happens, although I'd rather it did not. I hate seeing his ofice so disrespected -- or rather that he will be publicly humiliated and likely severely punished under the law.

Well, we all make our beds and then have to lie in them.

I DO wnat my immediate family to know that although I've been angered and frustrated by many of you during the last couple of years, I now see how all that ws necessary for me to get the strength I needed through having to go it alone with little help from any of you. Mom & Dad DID send money for me to move back from Mexico, and a couple of hundred beyond that. Jane sent me $40.00 for my birthday in a way that actually caused me to LOSE money (through a bizarre set of circumstances, I got $72.00 in bank charges over that with a net of a $32.00 LOSS). This is all explained in my blog and the bank understands it too. It was NOT the bank's fault -- and I'm not certain it was Jane's fault either. I believe she was manipulated by someone.

But while I am against temporarily homeless, I am not expecting any help or support. I have proven my points about my political adversaries, and I don't really know or care if all my points about my family are true or not. FINALLY, I no longer need to worry about the outcome. This week's events have sealed Ben David's fate -- even if I were killed or lobotomized -- neither of which will happen.

My familiy is my family, and without the bizarre turns of events, it was the DIFFICULTIES friends and adversaries caused me that were the spiritual gymnasium on which I gained my strength. THAT'S the bottom line. So I'm over it, although, just like there is much to still play out in the courts here before all things are resolved, my words and actions might not reflect this "mature" understanding at all times -- at least until I get enough stability to be able to get b ack to my writing. That means a roof over my head that stays there and a little money in my pocket.

Toward that goal, I have been approved for $200/month food stamps, which I am now getting, and will apply for disability (which takes a couple of months to process). I tested a piece of my Walking Tour last weekend with the general public, and it went over GREAT!!! I do still need to find a sales/marketing manager, since Evan Fish is no longer among the living. And there are other things I can do here and there. Marketing my book more aggressively will bring in more money that way, and I hope to sell more copies from my blog, which gets the money to me in two days, versus the Kindle version (which is selling better) and takes 2.5 months. I've signed up for putting ads on my blog, but recieved no word on that from the compay that does it yet.

In closing, I'd just like that once again say that all's well that ends well, but until I am a tad more grounded and able to work from a stable place, I might have flare-ups of frustration. If you cannot understand that, perhaps you will someday.

I will email this to only a few, and then likely post it on the bottom of my last blog post.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Clarifying for My Public Defender and Dr. Ernie Thompson (who are not quite getting it)

Dear Jen:

No problem! Sorry, if you read my email, you would know I had my life threatened last night very seriously by people claiming to have gotten instructions from Ben David, the District Attorney. I have to live there or be homeless again, and that is the first thing we need to talk about.

I apologize that the stress of my life's being threatened, under which I (somewhat humanly), allowed myself to break this rule, has caused you to use strident language with me and show no empathy for my situation whatsoever.

And I DID send it to your AOL address, not your public defender address.

I also feel that I will be able to comply, but given that no one will help me pay $32.00 for a month's phone renewal and my roommate reneging on our agreement and cutting the cable internet connection in the house (just before her friend threatened to "disappear" me), so communications from and living in a hell-hole like that is not pretty.

Even Ernie Thompson, acting like he's got a position to defend, is "skeptical." He would properly be a person not taking sides -- or maybe offer to pay for a month's phone service -- but he didn't. (Disclaimer: I told him I had not come to see him to ask for money – which was true – but he did not see it in his heart to help, either. I think this is part of that WHITE PEOPLE’S DISEASE. It was one of his predecessors who helped plan and execute the Wilmington Race Riot of 1898, and I guess he’s just a Traditionalist. I hope I’m wrong, but lately, he’s been acting very defensive. Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States, lived in Wilmington from 1874 to 1882 at the Presbyterian Manse while his father, Dr. Joseph R. Wilson, served as the minister of the city’s First Presbyterian Church. Perhaps the church leadership can begin to think more like President Wilson – the man who masterminded The League of Nations.

I did stop by and leave you a note. I hope THIS email does not bring on another sharp rebuke. I GET your point. Sorry, if under stress I acted with human failing of over-emailing you. It won't happen again, but you might need to think about protection options again.

Like tonight, DAMN IT!!!

(Only kidding. I'm staying there -- something I'm sure YOU and any other reader of this email would do if they were in such a position.)

I trust neither you nor anyone else I emailed in authority for law Enforcement will be held liable if there is a problem.

All that now off my chest, I hope you got MY point as well. I promise to find some other more appropriate way to communicate if my life is threatened by the very people I live with while I have little choice (except homelessness), due to the fact that Ben David's people tell anyone who hired me to fire me, so I can't earn a living and the money people tell me they sent to Amazon and GOT MY BOOK does not translate into sales showing. (OK, you say it is IMPOSSIBLE for Amazon to screw people? Well they got caught taking PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED COPIES of the book 1984 off people's Kindles and had to settle lawsuits over that.

I hold Ralph Evangelous and Ed McMahon personally responsible if something happens to me -- but don't worry: I am smart enough to handle whatever comes, but DO expect help from Wilmington Police and New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies, although -- TRUTH BE TOLD -- They did NOT try to keep the crowd from chanting for Evan Fish to jump from the parking deck two weeks ago, did they???


PS: I've sent you a total of two emails since you asked me to comply. I'm over my stress (by expressing it here). This final one I will send to both your email addresses which I have on record in the hope that you have NOT YET totally blocked me -- as you seem to claim you already have. If I get an indication of being blocked, I will feel forced FOR MY PERSONAL SAFETY to publish it on my blog.

You will find I am not typical, but I am logical, relentless, and considerate when it is not dangerous to violate considerations, empathetic, and for the most part: CORRECT. I never lie, although I do make some errors, which I quickly attempt to correct.

On Mon, Sep 19, 2011 at 1:01 PM, wrote:

Dear Mr. Kenan,

I last indicated that I only wanted emails regarding scheduling a time to meet to discuss your case. Your emails have been far more extensive and I am not going to participate in that discussion. I intend to preserve your attorney/client privilege, therefore, I am going to block all further email contact from your account. If you wish to call to schedule an appointment to discuss your case, please do so and I suggest you do so at your earliest convenience.

Any further email correspondence from you will not be received by my office.

Jennifer Harjo
New Hanover County Public Defender
P.O. Box 2560
414 Chestnut St., First Floor
Wilmington, NC 28402

910-251-7090, ext. 224 - office
910-343-6427 - fax

A Tale in Two Emails (sent within the last 24 hours)

>>> AMENDED 9/24/11, 9:45 AM: As this posting was to published primarily to be sure info got to law enforcement in case anything happened to me, I have deleted most specific contact information at my earliest convenience. On Tuesday, 9/20/11, I was picked up by police on commitment papers that Brenda had filed a day earlier. Apparently, the phone conversation I overheard between Justin Austin-Wynn and my roommate Brenda, was of him telling her to be "creative" when she swore out the papers, and her nervousness was why he told her to take "some of my (his) pills."

I still feel that Brenda was forced into this, as she had always been sweet to me until Justin came back into her life. Two days after I moved in, Brenda dismissed him from her life (or so she claimed to me), telling me that Justin made her do things she didn't want to do and forced her to give him much of her money -- then several days later, he came back. (Brenda and I lived together as roommates only for three weeks before she went "crazy" on me -- although it was Justin who did the true, aggressive harranges. If I knew where he actually lived, I'd swear out papers against him today.

Below is the original posting with changes noted in purple.

Ms. Harjo:

While I fully respect and appreciate all Ms. Zvejnieks has done for me, I am completely happy that you would represent me. Somehow, I feel we will be "cooking with gas" as they used to say.

FYI: I met with Tom Fetzer, former head of the Republican Party in NC until rumors and such forced him out. He's totally cool, and sees many of my political points exactly. Most important to me is that he was a friend and admirer of my distant relative Frank Hawkins Kenan, who as I imagine you know, was a stalwart of true Republican Values. Any friend and/or admirer of Frank Kenan is a friend and ally of mine!!! He TOTALLY encouraged me (about WHY the Republican Party needs to be TOTALLY reformed) -- and I found his wife and child quite charming as well. HA!!!

As my roommate, Brenda XXXXX has pulled the plug on the cable and internet in our house and has announced that she is moving out at a time she refuses to disclose to live with a 48 year old black guy (Justin Austin-Wynn) who is not her relative or lover, but who she claimed to me before he got back in control of her and her money, uses her and she hates him. He doesn't work, is 6' 3" approx, has slicked back straightened hair, uses perfect English -- except for using "socialist' when he means "social" -- as in a person with a social personality. I overheard him telling her to "get creative" to get something out of someone and if she doesn't calm down to take some of his pills. Brenda is in very deep trouble, the IRS having just started docking her pay $500.00 per bi-monthly paycheck. She also is getting multiple overdraft notices in the mail. I have no idea how she expected to pay the rent -- even with my paying her. (I do know the squatters right laws here and how to work them if I must to stay NOT homeless, at least for a month). She works in finding solutions for customers of Verizon Wireless to pay their bills when they get behind. She claims to have worked for them 32 years -- if that is possible. I didn't know they were that old.), all is again in limbo for me. Additionally, having had no financial support (although some have said they have bought my book online (which there is no evidence of), my cell phone went dead a day ago due to my inability to pay a month's subscription.

This black guy told me he was shocked when he found out she had a roommate and that she "ws not allowed to have one." He claimed she told me I had to move out, and when I said that was not true, he forced her downstairs and she did admit she had lied to me. I told him privately that she had told me he was a criminal who had somehow gained control of her (true). Just planting seeds so we can get this to a head. My mother had told me she would force me to move out of this house. At the time, it made no sense, but it looks like somehow, she and her people are doing it.

At the moment, I am at the Time Warner store, but the mechanics of tall me at their free stand-up computer kiosk is beyond bearable. I intend to scare up a dollar or two to go to McDonald's next so I can get back online and blog important political developments. i completely agree that our discussions need to be secure. Today, at First Presbyterian I got several congratulations for having defeated Ben David and exposed his crimes, but I now things must play out in time and in court.

As you can see, this email is going to many, but it gives nothing of our strategy away. i will use extreme caution with these people, as I feel certain this black guy -- who has impressed on me how dangerous he is and that he has absolutely no conscience -- and while admiring my logic and intelligence which he calls opposite of what is true, shuts me up, which I go along with and all has been miraculously calm, although I believe this email will change it.

I wish I knew his name. Address: XXXX Oleander Drive, ILM, 28403. Landlord is an active career navy man about 45 and lives in VA. His cell phone (I'd call to give him heads-up if I could. Charles XXXX 757-348-XXXX. Brenda cell phone: 201-694-XXXX.

All best,

Should be fun!!!


* * *

Hi Lee,

Thanks for your email, which I received with a heavy heart. Although in my emails and blog posts the last couple of years, foolish people might judge you and I to be adversaries, I have LONG known we were always birds-of-a-feather -- although your feather is not gay. And that was easy for me because, mercifully, you are not my physical type, though TOTALLY my Bad Ass Mo-Fo type as few have had adventures like I always knew you had and respected you for. Hell, whether deliberately or inadvertently, you and my local bud Robbie Trayhan -- the first of several to tell me of your assorted legal-and-not activities in Wilmington (who D.A. Ben David actually got to "oralize" me in the shower, despite his being straight -- just to bamboozle me into thinking Robbie was not Ben's spy, loved and desired me -- Robbie admitted as much to me yesterday -- poor fella. No straight guy (or gal, like my Mom did when her "retarded" uncle forced her to when she was six) should have to "play the flute" when he/she doesn't want to. (Robbie is a GREAT storyteller, and all the homeless folk who told me a few days ago they hated him, already are glad to see him after he got sprung from the county jail after just a day's incarceration. Robbie ALWAYS lands on his feet, so I don't worry about him.)

Well, last night a 54 year old black guy named Justin Austin-Wynn (he was so adamant that I get his name right, so it might be false, and If his first name isn't Justin, it's similar), sat in my apartment and acted JUST LIKE Dennis Hopper in the movie BLUE VELVET. I think he was on meth -- or at least something similar. In honor of our friendship, I will tell you a few things before I tell anyone else:

1. My roommate, Brenda XXXXX, for TWO DAYS ignored me and ran around the apartment fake-hyena-laughing and later chanting "The Blood of Jesus, The Blood of Jesus" to keep from hearing my question of what was wrong with her. She claims to be Buddhist, but when she prays for hours on end, she is actually watching Fox News behind closed doors and texting on her cell phone.

2. She had told me she HATED this Justin guy and that he took all her money and controlled her and made her do things she did NOT want to do, but this morning, after all the BS and my clearly laughing in their faces after listening to their multiple threats on my life overnight, she continues to support me EVEN THOUGH SHE OVERHEARD ME REPORT TO THE NEXT DOOR NEIGHBORS THAT JUSTIN IS A MAJOR DRUG TRAFFICKER AND PSYCHOPATH AND THAT I BELIEVED BRENDA REALLY WANTED ME TO PROTECT HER. Well, that is her choice and she has made her bed. (some details are in an email I sent my new Public Defender yesterday, and I will forward a copy to you later.)

3. Justin said I would be "disappeared" if I stay in the house longer than the end of the month. He said Brenda's two sons would kill me if he told them the truth about me (my bipolar diagnosis -- as if anyone with sense hadn't gotten THAT non-sense diagnosis attached to them. I pointed out that I've never threatened or harmed anyone in my life, so his calling the landlord, Charles XXXXX, and getting him to lie to me that the neighbors had complained that I was "loud and rude repeatedly" -- a complete fiction, I've asked them on both sides this morning and we all had a big laugh about it, so he had to demand I move ASAP, but would allow me to stay a month, which I believe is the earliest date he could legally ask me to leave. Charles kept making plain that he would see I was killed if I stayed past 10/1/11. I don't know if Charles XXXXX is a drug dealer too -- or just scared of this criminal.

4. I spoke with Mr. XXXXX (whom I had given my info so he could check my criminal record two days after I made the ACTUAL RENTAL AGREEMENT with Brenda -- not him -- and told him that the convictions on my record are being appealed and would be overturned. I gave him the top ministers of First Presbyterian and Sheriff Ed McMahon as personal references), so I know it was not my convictions that caused this planned eviction or murder.

But Justin said it is the fact that I am a "psychotic" who could murder his cousin Brenda (previously, both he and Brenda claimed they were not blood related, but Justin kept emphasizing that Brenda's two sons live in Patterson, NJ -- as if THAT was supposed to scare me). I said he got the info from an officer CJ and another with last name beginning with "O" and having 5 or 6 letters -- names I recognized as police who had caused me problems in the past. My intention is to move out as soon as practical, and then sue the crap out of Brenda and Mr. XXXXX both for taking this action against me because of my bipolar diagnosis which I've lived PEACEFULLY with since 1978, both in times I've taken meds and in times I have not -- THERE'S BEEN NO DIFFERENCE AND I NEVER HAVE MOOD SWINGS AS MY SHRINK NURSE IN GA SAID IS WHY SHE TOOK ME OFF LITHIUM in 2009.

Well, I expect to make a lot of money off Mr. XXXXX who owns rental properties so he's got to have some. Not so much Brenda, who WAS having $500/paycheck deducted by the IRS because she didn't pay taxes for years. This began shortly after my mother told me I would have to move from this place, which I did not connect -- until last night. Justin claimed he paid "a couple hundred dollars" to someone and that has stopped the IRS from docking Brenda's pay. But she also three overdraft notices for Wachovia Bank (which I know how to recognize without opening) and a notice from NC State Dept. of Revenue that she refused to open. I guess NC is after her as well.

5. Bottom line was that Justin told me all these troubles I had brought on myself because I had thought i could mess with Ben David. He said it is HIS job to teach me a lesson about that!!! He also was stupid enough to say he had talked to George Padezanin, the big drug dealer on 8th Street across the street from where I previously lived -- and the person I brought simple assault charges against which come up for first hearing on Halloween (how cool is that???). He said George and other drug dealers (unnamed) on 8th street told him all about the bullshit I did there and that he was getting their revenge too.

Well, enough politics and crime reporting. Like Stanley Kowalski in A STREET CAR NAMED DESIRE, I say:  HA!!!

Also interesting: You might recall that it was in the William R. Kenan Jr. built Carolina Apartments that I used to make love to Robbie Anderson (now a music teacher at Burgaw High School -- the town where Dad was born) as Kenan Fountain played in Kenan Plaza, just below the windows. At that time, a sign, "Deep River Apartments" covered the actual apartments' name, as the exterior was used in the film for the apartments where Isabella Rossallini and Kyle McLaughlin made love. Robbie (Anderson) had been Thomas S. Kenan III's lover not long before we met, and it was the shared taste for a music teacher that gave me the balls to contact Tommy when the Republicans (with Dear Ol' Patrick Stansbury's help!!!) first tried to commit and/or kill me in January, 2010.

Tommy, of course, sent 60 MINUTES to get my story in Puerto Vallarta, sending the woman who had been Walter Cronkite's producer of CBS NEWS TONIGHT the last twelve years it was on the air. She is the most highly-decorated woman in TV news. Unfortunately, I forget her name, although my second or third cousins (once or twice removed) who were with her and all but jumped me on the streets of Conchas Chinas, just south of PV. They also told me that the woman played in her youth by Kate Winslet in TITANIC was my blood relative. I'd known the last living survivor of the sinking of the Lusitania was Owen Kenan (Flagler's physician), and of course my own great-grandparents were the subject of the TV film from 1989 staring Donald Sutherland and Diane Lane/late-life-portrayal Bogie's widow, Lauren Bacall. Alan Gurganus had changed the name from Kenan to Marsden in OLDEST CONFEDERATE WIDOW TELLS ALL.

I do also want you to know that while things might have gone past what you feel is the point of no return, if anyone could triumph over a diagnosis like you got, it would be you. That said, we all must live and leave by the agreements we made before entering life, and rarely have conscious knowledge of them while alive. So, my friend, you will remain my friend while you walk this earth, whether you leave soon or 40 years from now. In any case, you will certainly be an important character in my successful book or books!!! I appreciate not only your appreciation and candor, but your suggestions as well. At this time, I am favoring the approach taken by Philip Gerard in his CAPE FEAR RISING published in 1997, the tale of Wilmington's 1898 race riot -- one of the worst episodes in America's history of racial strife, as well as being highly under-reported. Wilmington had had more than twice as many blacks as whites, and was a Mecca for middle-class blacks. Afterward, Wilmington became majority white and the whole thing inspired the Jim Crow laws that soon swept the South and returned Democrats to power.

It was led by William R. Kenan SENIOR (variously called Buck or Bill), who had been the only Confederate to get within firing distance of Abraham Lincoln INSIDE Washington, DC and fire a shot (he missed and killed Lincoln's body guard instead), with the then Head Minister of First Presbyterian. (Author Gerard added a couple of fictional characters, published it as historical fiction, and has refused to provide a key as to which characters -- nearly all, apparently -- were real and which ones were not. At the moment, I'm planning to clean up my blog for clarity and to remove my errors, then make it into book form and publish it as historical fiction, after adding a fictional character or two). In any case, no one dares sue me for libel. LOL!!!

Well, I so much enjoyed including to you so many things I had planned only to blog, that I will copy this email to others and publish it on my blog. I hope you will not have pain in your lungs from your laughter -- ALWAYS the best medication!

All best to you Lee, and I expect we'll remain in contact for quite some time . . .

* * *

On Sat, Sep 17, 2011 at 12:55 PM, Lee Gosney wrote:

Hi Scott:

I’m glad to see you are hanging in there. It must be nice to live the life of a world traveler. Actually I been there done that, I used to hitchhike all over the US. Working at day labor, giving blood, sleeping under bridges and in orange groves, I think one of my favorite times in life I was living in an orange grove across from a truck stop in Orlando. They had showers, restaurant, the whole set up, I unloaded trucks at Disney World for $5.00-$10.00 a thousand. A 20,000 lb truck only took about 6 hrs to unload and there was plenty of work. I even turned down a job a Disney. Fun, sun, money, party every night and best of all except for a $3.00 shower and eating at the truck stop, no overhead! No rent, no utilities, no credit card payment, taxes, none of that BS, yes my friend that was the good life.

During the off season, I would stay at places like the Salvation Army, back then it was $2.00 a night for a bed in the dorm, but they fed you and had a shower. Man, I stayed there so long I ended up with a private room, I think it was like $50.00 a week, being downtown Atlanta, there was always day labor jobs, plasma centers, I ended up working at a hotel as a dishwasher and ended up being a chef’s assistance at Dunfey’s Hotel. Being a chef’s assistance definitely had its perks.

Anyway, it seems that all that good living or just old age has taken its toll. The doctors say that I’m terminal, few weeks, few months, might even get a year. They are going to try lung surgery and all that stuff, but in reality, it might prolong it but it always ends up the same.

Scott I wanted to thank you for entertaining me with your e-mails and stories these last couple of years, you were always one of my most favorite people, bitch homosexual that you are. I always wondered with your talent of Mark Twain-ish story telling, why didn’t you write another book or two? Sure you got your ass handed to you by the publisher, this time, but how many books did Stephen King write under an assumed name, before he hit one that started his career? Little know trivia. Also did you know that Stephen King was in AA? So is Elton John. EJ has he calls himself, goes to the Triangle club in Atlanta, unless you knew it was him, you would never know.

If I took all you e-mails and reformatted them, I could probably get a Pelican Brief type conspiracy good ass story, Congressman, drugs, cover-up or what was that movie where Tom Cruise worked for this vigilante law firm ? You got the makings of a good story, just add a couple of dead bodies, maybe a gay newspaper reporter who’s lover saw the murders and supposedly committed suicide…. A damsel in distress, a smart mouth ex-con/biker side kick who lives on the edge of the law and Scott we are going to Hollywood. Dude, you might even be able to turn it into a series, a gay Mickey Spillane, that would fucking rock out!!!

Anyway dude, I gotta go get some of my “affairs” in order, still got to live and even though I’m dying I still have to pay bills. Sucks, huh… Let me know what you think about the story line, I’d love to collaborate.


Friday, September 16, 2011

All's Well That Ends Well!!!

It's been a perfect day, thanks to Father Bob at St. Mary's Catholic Church for his sage advice and guidance (he's a brilliant man -- as good as Dr. Ernie Thompson at First Presbyterian, although they have different manners and such).

Also a special shout-out to Chris Allmond who was man enough NOT to ask me to remove his real name from my last post. He's cut of the same fine cloth as Evan Fish, and I look forward to the brilliant life he creates and the love he finds, appropriately.

Details tomorrow. Tonight, I gotta go out and dance . . .


>>> IMPORTANT: Almost forgot to add that I ran into a good friend of Robbie Trayhan's today, and learned that he's in New Hanover County Jail -- no doubt on yet ANOTHER open-container (beer) charge. Robbie's incorrigible (like me, but differently -- LOL!!!), but at least he's safe there -- and forced to dry out for a few days, at least. His bail's only $100.00, but no one he knows has a dollar -- at least not one they'd spend to spring him, God bless his sorry ass!!! (He's the ONE homeless nut-case I took into my apartment, back when I had my own, who got sexually agressive with me out of genuine desire.)

Father Bob "accidentally" referred to him as "my partner" today. YIKES!!! I can't think about that tonight. not with Deb Baratta still missing and unaccounted for. But I DO believe that all will work out and there will be no more drug-trafficking-cover-up deaths in Wilmington, NC (or wherever Deb currently is).


Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Pain of Evan Fish's Friend: Christopher Allmond

>>> ADDED 24 MARCH 2013, 2:43 PM, CST:
Evan had been honorably discharged from Marines boot camp after he sustained minor injuries in an accident -- this KILLING Evan's childhood dream. At the time of the below posting, I had not yet learned that Evan's stories to all in Wilmington about his courageous experiences in Afghanistan as a US Marine were all lies.
You see, having lost two years of his life to serious narco-trafficking, Evan had to fool everyone with something, and he did a GREAT JOB. But NONE of his family and friends back in Ohio knew a THING about those lies. Below, you'll see how I simply let slide Chris's challenge to me on this matter. As I recall, it was only a day or two later that I HAD to accept that Evan had never been deployed.
People who don't lie much are the most gullible.
* * *

This afternoon, I sent the following message to James Fish, father of Evan Fish who was (I allege) murdered in a way that was made to look like suicide because of the info he had on heavy narcotics trafficking in Wilmington, NC, and where he had tried to get out of the drug dealing he had been in in Maine. Understandably, this has been very hard on his family and older friends who knew nothing about it. But rather than respond, Mr. Fish has blocked me on Facebook. I will paste in my message to him, followed by my exchange with Evan's close friend Christopher Allmond.

I really had planned to file charges if I did not get Mr. Fish's reassurance, but the final entry from Chris (which I only saw a few minutes ago when I went back to see if Mr. Fish had responded) made me realize he is just mad as hell that a man he loves as a friend has been unfairly cut down, and not wanting to face the depth of the real tragedy, he attacks me. He will not harm me physically. That I see in this final message from him. Still, I post this in case I'm wrong. There needs to be a legal record.

Before that, I post a link to a great video of Evan by his friends from an earlier, kinder, gentler time, credited on his memorial page as by his brother Stephen Henry and posted on YouTube by his cousin Craig Foltz:

Five Hours Ago
From: Scott Kenan

Mr. Fish, I hate to bother you further, but Chris Allmond, a friend of Evan's and your Facebook friend has sent actionably serious threats to me via Facebook. Despite your and my differing opinions of certain things, I believe we both know that all three of us had a lot of respect for Evan. If you friend me, I will send you the threats, but whether you are willing to do that or not, please contact Chris. It will only be YOUR assurance to me that he is not too crazed and he will not come to Wilmington and actually harm me as he promised REPEATEDLY. I hope to hear from you soon or I will begin contacting legal authorities.


The exchange with Chris Allmond:

September 6
From Chris Allmond:

i dont know who you are you sick fuck, but i swear to god and on my resting friends life that i will find you, and you will wish you remained hidden or replaced yourself on that deck with my best friend.. i read your little blog, everything about him you put is wrong, he never went to afghanistan you motherfucker, you dont even know him dont you dare pretend like he was anything to you, he was like a brother to me and for you to slander his family and act like you fucking mean something just fuels me even more, i promise you i will find you, and when i do, it will be your worst nightmare, hope you enjoy the remaining time you have left, if i were you id spend the rest of my remaining life behind bars, trust me you're safer there, see you soon you fucking bastard

September 9
From Scott Kenan

Hi Chris:

The first thing I get from this message that I found only now because Facebook did NOT email me to let me know you'd sent me a message, although Facebook always has done that in the past (this happens also with my cell phone -- just last night while I was driving to Kure Beach with my good friend Deb Baratta who turned out to be fine, her daughter Christy had somehow blocked me from calling Deb's and Christy's phones and neither Christy nor Deb's estranged husband -- who knew this and REFUSED to explain it so I did not fear for Deb's safety: she, too, had (inadvertently) witnessed cocaine being brought in by mini-sub and unloaded under Snow's Cut Bridge, when I got Deb's voicemail telling me she was fine -- AND DEB HAD LEFT THAT MESSAGE TO ME SIX HOURS EARLIER!!! You can't tell me that the same Fox News/Republicans who control heavy-drug traffickinig as detailed on my blog do not mess with all my electronic communications. Deb and I had to laugh and laugh and laugh about that because we still got back together and enjoyed a relaxing evening on the beach remembering and honoring Evan Fish -- although deb still doesn't remember meeting him (this leads me to think she might actually be a Lesbian. Who else could not notice and be attracted to Evan's extraordinary beauty of mind, body, and soul??? Obviously you were attracted -- and I DON'T mean to imply you are gay.

Anyway, your message is a perfect example of what happens to people who refuse to face the truth -- you want to murder those of us who wish to heal our society and nation. Now don't get me wrong: I honor you and thank you for your service to our country, but war is serious business, and your love of blowing up things is typical for boys, but not so for men. The reality of destroying things and people is not so pretty. No one knew this more than Evan, who, as part of his "lying" (I say re-inventing-story-telling) to me included how haunted in his dreams he still was by the look of fear and innocence in the eyes of many of those he killed in Afghanistan close enough to see into their eyes. Evan sure knew how to fill in all the believable details in his story.

Now, with all due respect, I believe you will get over your anger with me, but what is also true is that you could be prosecuted for a crime for the content of your message. I could easily get you dishonorably discharged from the Army if I wanted to. But I don't. I feel your pain. I suffer too. Evan had become MY best friend. Please remember that he and I sat through Hurricaine Irene in that hotel room without electricity, cable, internet access, or even a candle (Evan DID have quite a lot of cocaine and some serious grass, only one of which I had to "endure") -- and the room got quite hot. But not our action. We were perfect sexuality opposites and completely trusted and respected each other.

As the armed services integrate allowing openly gay service members, I hope you will be as adult about serving beside gay brothers and sisters and Evan was in sharing his everything (except body) with me during our six days and nights of living together there. I will post this message thead on my blog -- not to embarrass you, but to leave an evidence trail should you actually be as crazy as your email would prove you to be in a court of law or military court, and as an example of how crazy WHITE PEOPLE'S DISEASE (lying hypocrisy -- in this case not yours, but the lies others have told you about both Evan and me).

Evan was abused rather severely in his youth by his mother. He only said that much about it -- he refused to give details so I assume it was only physical and/or emotional, and NOT sexual. From the information I have gathered, many people who were abused as kids end up with the diagnosis "Bipolar" which Evan and I shared. You can see what I think about that in my most previous posting about Evolution.

Today, at 12:30 PM, there will be a memorial service for Evan at Grace Bretheren Church, despite Evan's HATING religion -- especially Christian -- although he totally loved the teachings of Jesus. No doubt Ellie (whom he despised and cheated out of money while we shared the room -- as well as tricked money out of a number of his old drug-dealing associates in Maine -- that money all coming in via Wells Fargo electronic) and Evan's mother will put on a good "loving" show. But I dare say their tears will be more of regret for the things they did to Evan than for his loss -- and also they will cry knowing I will not stop telling the truth about Evan and they HATE having everyone know of their hateful acts and words.

Not so Evan's Dad. Evan loved and respected his Dad with his whole heart and soul.

I wish you all the best, Chris, and suggest that you join me in re-dedicating yourself to what Evan was so passionate about: Love, Truth, and Patriotism. I look forward to seeing your great success going forward: your career and the truly loving family you will create -- probably with a fine, loving woman.

Evan would never have associated with you so deeply if you, too, were not cut from the very best cloth.

Scott D. Kenan

5 hours ago
From Chris Allmond

HA i laugh in your face you stupid fucking human being! dude seriously you are an absolute moron, i feel bad for your parents seeing what kind of person they have raised if they are still even around, and by the way BUD, you cant do shit to me, its called freedom of speech motherfucker and just like you said i can say all i want to your ass, who the fuck is gonna give two shits about you to stop me if i decided to throw my life away and come pay you a visit? i never said anything about violence by the way, i can fuck you up mentally dont worry about that, but anyways, you lie and make yourself believe so much shit, one thing i hate in life is someone trying to tell me some bullshit and i know the actual fucking truth because i was actually there, so go ahead and keep living your life of lies, it will all be over soon enough, ive had it with you bro, and i could give a fuck if gay people join the military, they wont last anyways, i can promise ytou that, you gotta remember the majority of the military is filled with old school dudes, and they make the rules and nobody can do shit about it, its just another excuse for gays to say they made a so called difference, yeah whatever stop being so goddamn proud of everytime you ppl take a shit

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From Chris Allmond

and btw im not a boy, im a grown ass fucking (LOL!!! -- added by Scott) man, and remember that shit

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From: Scott Kenan

I am reminded of my 8th grade teacher's fave quote she put on the blackboard most often: "Little Boats Toot Loudest in a Fog."

Thanks for tooting, and YES, I support freedom of expression -- as limited by laws that protect people from themselves and others. I will refer your comment to higher authorities as I believe in continuiing your rants you have stepped over the legal line and should be dishonorably discharged from the Armed Forces (Army, if I remember correctly). Scott

5 hours ago
From Chris Allmond

already out dumbass but nice try!

you really believe that you're some badass that can just hit someone up and be like hey this guys bein a jerk to me can you do something about it? and they'll ask if i hurt you or stalked you or whatever, but since all i have done is angrily message you because you have no business posting lies about my best friend and his family, they are not going to give a flying fuck, WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD SCOTT KENAN!

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From Scott Kenan

So I just saw. Still, I lived in Atlanta area for years, and I will forward this info to those who investigate interstate cyber crimes.

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From Chris Allmond


5 hours ago
From Scott Kenan

Chris: Please calm down or you will ruin the rest of your life by your words and actions. It is inappropriate that I communicate further with you since I intend to bring charges against you. Please contact Evan's family to get their advice. They do not want to believe all that I know and can largely prove, but they understand your pain which we all share and might guide you to a more suitable way to express it. Also see your minister or psychologist. Scott -- I will respond to you no more.

4 hours ago
From Chris Allmond

sweet dueces, you dont scare me dude, but i insist that you live out the rest of your life remembering the bullshit you have out ppl through, because alot of ppl are talking and will not tolerate your shit, im just the one who had the balls to be straightforward, if anyone needs therapy its you, you crazy fucking psycho

* * * * *

And then, I went back and sent Chris another message:

From Scott Kenan

Chris: My heart goes out to you and everyone else. We all miss Evan bad. I really had meant that I would press charges against you if Mr. Fish didn't respond. When I saw he blocked me, I became really determined, but then realized both he and you are just so mad about ALL of it. I am too.

You should know that two more people, one who was with Evan and me in the institution (where the County's Chief Public Defender sent me for protective custody after I had five threats on my life and Wilmington Police absolutely REFUSED to help me -- in one day! -- and Evan and Deb were committed for other reasons), a short time before he passed, are now also missing. none of their friends can find them. They both also knew about the cocaine coming in by mini-sub under Snow's Cut Bridge here. I put out a call to find them like I did for Evan. The picture of Deb is terrible, but it is a mug shot from a minor pot arrest a couple of months ago. She is a top materials engineer with DuPont in Raleigh, but she is missing. Her family is scared to talk with me -- similar to Evan's family, but there is nothing as difficult about Deb's situation. She was not ever a drug dealer. She only occasionally smoked pot. She made nearly $200,000.00 per year as a scientist. I hope I get news about her soon.

Robbie Trayhan was a long-time homeless person and a serious alcoholic whom I befriended and tried to help by getting him to dry-out programs twice and hospitalization a couple of times for accute pancreatitis. I am afraid no one cared about Robbie -- his family abandoned him years ago.

I assume he is dead. See:

I wish you all the best Chris. I'm sorry all this is so painful, but I tried to find Evan and I was too late. Do you understand how bad I kick myself for not realizing he was in trouble and being more aggressive???

I am doing the best i can for these other two who knew too much, and hope you can share some of this message with othere friends and relatives of Evan's when their pain eases a little.


The Weather Up Here: Has District Attorney Ben David Killed Robbie Trayhan and Deb Baratta too???

Educated North Carolinians Are Striking Back at Republicans HARD!!!


Letter to My Public Defender (I'm an open book)

Conspirators' meeting at WSB radio, Atlanta, date unknown. Sean Hannity, Neil Boortz, unknown #1, Hollis Gillespie (former long-time collumnist for Creative Loafing magazine, short-term collumnist for Atlanta magazine who promoted Christal Presley, Uber-Traitor, in her short-lived faux Veterans PTSD support campaign that The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also supported on the front page of their Sunday edition one Sunday in January, 2010, DESPITE my warning several of them including Jay Bookman and other top editors that Christal was a PROVEN fraud -- see previous blog posts), Clark Howard, an excellent consumer advocate and definite spot of Yin in the Yang -- or vice-versa, James Carville (the Ragin' Cajin), and unknown #2.

Hi Emily,

It's almost the end of the week, and I was wondering if you had had the meeting with Ben David (or was it a judge?), to see about how we are to proceed with appeals of my Cyberstalking and Stalking convictions (without juries). You had said you expected to meet with them this week.

I know you also said that after that "bimbo" who evaluated me in jail and decided I was not fit for trial or even to deal with my own attorney -- that after you had been working with me for months already -- LOL!!! -- that I needed to watch myself or I could be held in a mental hospital until it was determined I COULD. What a joke all that was -- in fact Dr. Hueholt of North Carolina Solutions had a good laugh about it with me. She thinks I'm doing better all the time, and I will certainly be prepared to have a Lithium level blood test on the spot, should the court desire one at my "competency" hearing. Results can be gotten within hours.

It was the safety of the protective custody you and Jennifer Harjo arranged for me, far more than the lithium I began taking there, that relaxed me so I could see things more clearly. Silly: The people like my mother who think drugs change facts and/or history!!!

FYI: I got the hospital bill for $618.00 "Level 5 ER visit, service by Ott" as well as a FINANCIAL AID CARD from NHRMC, apparently good for all charges. I'll have to call the biller ASAP. At the moment, I have no phone sevice due to being broke again, which I'm sure will be temporary. I have an appointment to see Father Bob (whom my mother respects highly, as do I), tomorrow morning, and I'm hoping he can broker some kind of healing or at least detente with my immediate family, and maybe a little financial assistance from them as well. I forgot to copy you on that one, so will forward it seperately.

Also, ran into Lee, the guy who claimed he was Ben David's male lover. Said he somehow got a new truck out of it, although he was also pulling that "I was too drunk to remember" thing fake straight people do. He asked about the whereabouts of Robbie Trayhan, and I explained that Robbie, like my backer Deb Baratta, is missing and disappeared. I pray they have not been murdered like Evan Fish. Several of his friends have asked me about him, although all seem happy he's left town. I put a call on my blog asking for information. I'm far more concerened about Deb. Every time I see her, she asks me to help protect her since she knows so much about cocaine coming in by sub under Snow's Cut Bridge. I've left many messages on her estranged husband's cell phone and home phone, but no response. Deb told me her daughter Christy monitors all Deb's emails, so I've been careful to be sure to copy Deb on everything, so Christy cannot claim she does not know what I've been doing.

BTW: I googled Ms. Harjo and was most heartened to see she ran as a REAL Republican against Mr. David -- and although she lost, did not see it that way. Now, that's MY kind of woman!!! HA! I might just have to copy her on this and the forwarding of my earlier email I need to forward to you. I like to think the two or you are highly amused -- despite all the difficulties I can scare up.

I got your notice of 11/14 hearing for State of North Carolina vs. Scott Kenan 11CR 057333 I presume that is the Cyberstalking charge brought by Ms. Cindy Beatty. Since I'm bimbo-declared unfit for trial until I've had a hearing, do I have to attend if it's before my competency hearing???

I've got some press interest in all these matters, so we should have a lot of fun with them. My preference, however, is that they be quashed somehow to avoid all the public embarassment to the D.A.'s office. WE DO NEED TO GET HIM ON THE STAND to deny or verify that Cindy Beatty worked for him undercover, as she repeatedly alleged to me. Most of all, let's shoot for the Constitutional toss-out, although without it, the fall (and possibly winter) is sure shaping up to be a fun and entertaining time in New Hanover County Courts!!!

All best -- and THANKS!!!


See: which actually includes that email.

Me (tallest) with Grant Henry (aka Sister Louisa, the artist of considerable talent -- and best friend of Hollis Gillespie) and Uber-Traitor (Sean Hannity's good friend) Christal Presley in better times -- right before I called her to say I knew she was a Traitor, which caused American Express to call me twenty minutes later to reduce my credit limit by $24,000.00 -- THAT after 10:00 PM on a Sunday night, which was illegal, but Christal wanted me to know she was powerful.

Has District Attorney Ben David Killed Robbie Trayhan and Deb Baratta too???

Flattering official mugshot of Deb Baratta from minor marijuana possession arrest in July of this year. You should see all of MY Mugshots!!! THE COPS GOT MINE FROM MY OWN WEBSITES BEFORE THEY EVER ARRESTED ME. LOL!!!

Although I really had not intended to post this email to my immediate family members, there is nothing secret in my life, so to continue to clarify my points and to hopefully learn of Robbie's and Deb's safety, I am posting this ASAP!!!

Please remember that I waited a day after getting an intuitive urge to find Evan Fish (when I spoke on phone with him and felt something had gone very wrong). I don't blame Evan's death on myself, but had I acted faster, he might still be alive.

And as previously reported on this blog, Deborah Baratta's cell phone is controlled by her daughter Christy. Christy has blocked her own and Deb's phones to my calls and texts. Deb's estranged husband Mark has recieved my voicemails and texts begging for assurances that Deb is fine, but he continues to refuse to reply to me. Last I saw Deb (about a week ago), she was still highly drugged and fleeing the house she still shared with Mark whenever he was home (driving around Raleigh during evening hours, to the beach for weekends). He seemed not to be allowing her to make progress moving out, which she has constantly delayed. Deb's deep purple bruises from the Sheriff's Deputies roughing her up when they captured her on Snow's Cut Bridge had healed.

She still had great reluctance to tell me much of what she knows -- but continued to verify things I asked her about.

Info for Law Enforcement: Deb cell: 919-810-7537, home with Mark: 919-212-5583, at DuPont (currently has message to call her cell): 919-248-5110. Mark Baratta cell: 919-830-9634, Christy (Deb's daughter): cell: 919-810-5854.

Deb has told me Mark Baratta is a "amateur Kenan Historian." I fear he might be studying Kenans for ill intent. Otherwise, why would he not respond to the appeal to hear of his estranged wife's safety by a Kenan???

Dear Jane, Mike, and Julie,

I trust you got my text message today that I have made an appointment to see Father Bob this Friday morning, at St. Mary's parish. I have met Father Bob and have the greatest respect for him, as has Mom (for Father Bob's info: our parents, Bill and Ruth Anne Kenan, were in your previous parish on the other side of Wilmington in the 1980s and 90s, before they moved to Raleigh).

Although I am continuing my spiritual association with First Presbyterian, I have benefitted from Sister Isaac's homeless outreach, which I feel is the finest charity work anyone is doing in Wilmington. In fact, I assigned 10% of ALL my Tennessee Williams memoir royalties to her mission work, which I anticipate being able to begin paying very soon.

I am hoping that since Father Bob was a psychologist until he studied for the priesthood in his 50s, he can help Mom and I find some healing in our relationship. Rather than discuss it further here, I'll speak with Father Bob and see what he recommends. Because of the incident when Mom rocked violently in her chair shouting accusing me over and over of condemning her, crying, refusing to listen when I kept repeating that I have no power or authority to condemn ANYONE, I think he might be able to address the apparent "demon possession" aspect.

For the record, I do not believe in demon possession -- or even a personified devil at all -- but know that someone who does (read: Mom) might experience things subjectively that way. Since Mom does NOT seem to remember what she does when lying and demanding I take more drugs to shut up about her swastikas, daily beatings when we were growing up, etc., when she is kind the next minute, and does not seem to remember her kind self when "demonic" I wonder if she might be suffering from multiple personalities, although I am certainly not qualified to diagnose.

Also important is the fact that at the age of six, Mom was forced by her low-hygiene, "retarded" uncle to perform acts of oral sex to completion repeatedly. Although I think Mom told me she spoke to a priest about it at the time and he blamed her for seducing her uncle, I might be confusing things with another person's story. I believe because of Mom's great respect for Father Bob (I remember her talking about him with admiration when they lived in Wilmington, and she remembered him well and with admiration, recently, when I told her I had met him and Sister Isaac -- whom she also knew much about).

It is important also to note that Mom told me this story first -- in 1973 -- right after she first found out I am gay, and told me she had never told ANYONE before (except that priest?). So she kept it secret from the age of six (1930) to 1973. She next talked to people at the first Meyer reunion, telling it casually to Aunt Jeanne -- but so that all nearby could hear -- at the salad bar the first night. Not sure what year that was, but I'm guessing 1995 or so.

Mom seems to have a problem being realistic in that she acts toward me as if my taking drugs will shut me up about things that happened in our past, but my psychiatrist thinks I'm doing better all the time. Mom is mad because I won't shut up about many events in our lives and my conclusions about their meaning. My being drugged will NOT change the facts or history. In the past, Lithium decreased my ability to think and to see the relationship of events -- as well as care about any of that -- enough so that I gave up my own interpretation and accepted what everyone else in the family liked to believe. I no longer do that. The continuing resistance to me and aggressive difficulties I've had to deal with are proof to me I’m right. If it were I who was crazy, everyone could just laugh -- instead of doing so much to cause me difficulty.

I hope Father Bob can help sort this out -- or at least recommend someone for Mom for counseling she will cooperate with. I have been getting psychiatric help for years, so no one can claim I am not doing my part. ALSO: I believe this email is logical and empathetic, which no one else in my family seems to be.

I look forward to meeting with Father Bob late Friday morning.

FYI: Because my backer has not been able to contact me and my business partner Evan Fish who was to handle sales and marketing for my walking tour, "Henry Flagler, Mary Lily Kenan, Tennessee Williams, and Me!" was forced to jump off the parking deck here in Wilmington weekend before last (it was meant to look like a suicide, but Evan had a lot of info on D.A. Ben David's protection of drug dealing and he knew too much about it as he had been a major dealer himself in Maine and moved here to get away from it. The "Big Guys" knew he knew too much and especially coupled with me, was a problem so he had to be disposed of. I got a lot of info about the corrupt police and sheriff deputies' cover up of the truth from many people and have passed it on to responsible law enforcement at federal, state, and local levels), I am broke and my phone month expires the end of today, Thursday, but I have only one minute left so can only take texts.

Good news: I got Food Stamps today -- and they work!!! Also, I have a roof over my head and no longer live under the bridge over the old railroad gulch on Fourth Street!!! I just wish given my continuing to make practical progress, but set back by my business partner's murder, that my own family had a little empathy and had not refused to send me $32 to cover a month's phone cost. You ALL have so much and are comfortable. I can only think you are hateful.

Also, another person I know here has disappeared in the last few days. Robbie Trayhan introduced me to the man (Lee), who claims to be D.A. Ben David's male lover and told me much about Ben and his habits. Robbie knows far too much too. I still have several other people who know about the cocaine being unloaded from mini-subs under Snow's Cut Bridge. My backer, Deb Baratta, has also seemingly disappeared. She was beaten severely and drugged by Sheriff's Deputies when she walked across Snow's Cut Bridge a few weeks ago and unknowingly saw too much.

So, the person who knew the most "committed suicide." The two people I know best who knew the NEXT most about Ben David and the narco-trafficking in Wilmington have disappeared (although Deb, being a high-paid materials engineer for DuPont has a greater chance of survival because she will be more missed than a homeless person like Robbie). There are plenty of other people who know about these things, and several of them are willing to testify in court. Ben David and the drug dealers (whom I feel certain my parents are connected with) CANNOT win. They will all go to jail.

So there it is in a nutshell. Father Bob now has something to look over before we meet.

I will blind-copy a few people in law enforcement so they know what I'm doing. Otherwise, this is staying within family -- at least for now. Also my ministers at First Presbyterian.