Monday, October 31, 2011

Summer and Smoke

(What I did in Mexico the summer of 2010)

>>> FINALLY, some news:

1. Public Defender Jennifer Harjo called to say that the results on my sane-enough-for-court test came in and I was found sane (enough) -- but there is some kind of bizarre complication because "the doctor hadn't seen the results of the previous test." At least it sounded like she said that. That comment mystified me for several reasons -- especially since I saw no doctor while taking the test EITHER time and since sanity at one time is not dependent on sanity at another time, as Ms. Harjo had once explained to me. Perhaps I didn't hear her correctly. Bottom line: It should all be worked out before our next court date (not including faux open-container charge that goes to court tomorrow) on Nov. 14.

2. Jen also said that she's heard from the property owner of the house Brenda McKnight leased and I entered a house-share agreement with Brenda -- until she lied and had me committed to a mental hospital (which I popped right back out of, the doctor recognizing the commitment had been based on lies, but then Brenda got a restraining order based on the same lies, so I went HOMELESS once again with NO compensation for the lost rent) and the owner can probably deliver my belongings to Jen's office, where I can pick them up.

I use "leased" because when I asked if Brenda still lived there (she and Gerald Austin-Wynn, her drug dealer had told me Brenda was going to move because I had REFUSED to move (I'd actually never been asked, but Brenda had failed to tell Gerald the truth -- she was too frightened by him, as she had told me repeatedly) -- that, before they decided that commitment/restraining order against me would be the simplest solution. Funny how the best made plans can go so awry . . .

Where was I . . .  OH! Jennifer told me today that "the other person has moved out of the property." That would have to be Brenda, since Gerald never actually lived there. If the owner cannot deliver my goods to Jen's office shortly, I'll have to wait until they come down from Virginia at Christmas.


Therefore: I cannot make plans to see the attorney about Patrick Stansbury until I know when I might have to retrieve my goods from Jen's office, which will (only fairly) need to be done immediately when they arrive. The attorney and I will have a LOT of info and abusive emails to study together. (I'm goin to do this ASAP, regardless anything I have to work around.)

3. I DID receive the certified mail receipt showing that my appeal of the restraining order DID reach the appeal place in time. No response yet on what I sent them.

4. No word yet on the Padezanin assault charge hearing. I'll probably check into it after court tomorrow.

5. Googling Sean Blackwell or BipolarOrWakingUp will NOT bring up comments I have made on this blog previously, because Sean's sites are too numerous and popular for mine to register high. I'm glad for that. My intention has not been to affect Sean's work or followers, but to communicate with HIM.

6. I'm tired of emailing people things not important enough to worry over, so I'll send this to only a few.

7. I bet you don't believe my item 6.


Nicotine Wars Break Out at Mercy House Shelter!!! (lol)

(Mercy House residents prepare for Halloween)


1. I did NOT attend the first hearing this morning regarding my Simple Assault charge against Wilmington, NC drug dealer George Padezanin (of the "Team Padezanin" drug gang on the 100 block of South 8th Street where I used to live) because when I heard NOTHING from New Hanover County authorities about the status of my charge and contacted THEM to find out, they said I DID NOT NEED TO ATTEND. I assume that does not mean by "need" "to avoid another jailing for not showing up in court." You see, it would not surprise me at all if they DELIBERATELY discouraged me from attending so that the case could be dropped by my NOT showing at the hearing. Time will tell . . .

Nothing surprises me any more.

2. I WILL be in courtroom 317 at 9:00 AM tomorrow with Robbie Trahan and "Jersey" for the first hearing on the false open container charge we share. I no longer believe Ben David had us charged to harass me, but rather that an over-zealous cop was sure she had nailed us when someone complained of the noise we were making in an alley, due to our laughing about Ben David's OTHER false charges against me -- all well-documented in this blog, previously. There WERE actual empty beer cans in the alley in weeds behind us -- eight that I could easily count, but possibly more. This is common in alleys.

3. My sister and parents were unable to visit yesterday due to a prior commitment my sister had. They now plan to visit next Saturday.

4.Confidential to Sean Blackwell of : You have blocked my email via your YouTube site: . Here is what I tried to send you this morning:

Hi Sean:

I do not understand why you continue to shun me. I did you a lot of favors and actually got more from you than I gave you -- for which I am grateful. My review of your book on Amazon was honest and will drive sales to you. (See: )

Ligia gave me the best hug I've had in my entire life when I left. SHE is not traumatized by my former sexual attraction to you -- which I am ENTIRELY over. SHE called you (repeatedly) "my gay husband". NO ONE cares what the truth of your sexuality is. You have a right to express it however you desire. I grew up. I hope you, too, are an adult about all this. Your Bipolar materials are the best published anywhere, in my opinion.

I still believe you should do a video on "Bipolar Illness and Sexual Identity." You absolutely refused to do so, but men (especially) have HUGE hang-ups about their place on the heterosexual-to-homosexual continuum, how to responsibly express their sexual nature, and what to make of the opinions of others about this subject. I challenge you to do this video (not to be confused with making it about your own story).

With brotherly love,
>>> AND NOW . . . The Nicotine Wars!!!

A GIANT hat tip to fellow Mercy House resident James Sharpe who had the huevos to (last night) boldly ask the night captain if he could smoke a non-polluting, no-fire-hazzard electronic "cigarette" indoors -- while actually smoking it!!! (and this morning had a nice, civil conversation with me about it).

The answer was yes, but the product was defective, and now James is back to "the real thing" (outdoors, only). Just proves my point that I have no real adversaries -- just people who don't yet understand me well enough. Disclaimer: Unlike District Attorney Ben David or complainant Cindy Beatty, James and I have no legal entanglements that I'm aware of.

>>> ALSO: Getting tired of residents and other not-rich people bumming cigarettes from me, I have been for TEN DAYS promoting my own strategy of seeking cigarette and coffee money "sponsorships" from people BEFORE checking into the shelter each evening -- to cover my evening and early morning needs. This so that I do NOT need to ask those with so little for their wealth. I feel people "bumming" from other poor people is ridiculous, as it REALLY is saying "I'm too lazy to ask someone richer, and I DEMAND that you, fellow poor person, do the work of bumming from THEM and give to me."


To stop this quickly, I have inaugurated a new policy of demanding that the "poor" petitioner "show me something I'm not allowed to play with" and if they want a full 100 mm length cigarette, "I need to see at least a half-salute!!!"

That should stop it fast. HA!!!

>>> Also: Having noticed one Mercy House resident secretly placing two cigarettes on the pillow of another while he was in the bathroom, I have decided HE is the "Cigarette Fairie." Therefore, if they want to call me names over my new policy, they might-could call me "The Cigarette Faggot."

>>> Stay tuned . . .

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Email to Sean (his website wasn't working today)

Hi Sean,

I hope you and Ligia are doing well (it sure looks that way!!!) -- at least better than your email-input contact form, which is a bit quirky . . .

Anyway, I want to apologize again for the difficulties in the past, and let you know how pleased I was to see you are back up on the internet with improved materials!!!

Especially glad that you are using the domain I bought for you and gave you. I trust you are making good use of THE RED BOOK as well. I only point these out as they are such a SMALL token of appreciation for all that you, your work, and Ligia's love have been in my life as it has progressed since I was in Brazil.

The story of all that is long and as full of REAL difficulties (improbable as they might have appeared to most, earlier), and my own misunderstandings of things as I sought to sort the incredible tangle of real and unreal events in my life.

I hope the review I posted of your book is helpful and DRIVES SALES. I also hope your money-making ventures work well. I'm in a homeless shelter in Wilmington, NC now, but it is MUCH better than the week I lived under a bridge here or the three weeks on a concrete pad in the open. HA! A HORRID experience for a human -- but FABULOUS for a writer. And it's all just a story now . . .

And I'll make it into book(s).

I'm getting royalties for my Williams memoir on Amazon (electronic) now, and will soon do the paper as well. I recommend you consider Kindle edition for your book as well. With royalties at (since I'm posting this public, you need to do your own research, sorry) per sale. I doubt paper does as well.

Also, I'm getting better at getting donations from my blog. One guy (I have NO idea who he is, except he lives in Manhattan) sent me $260.00 last week. That said, I'm barely scraping by, but will soon sue my former employer for $34,000.00 which he still owes me for company stock buyback. He's a big Republican and thought he could get away with giving me only 10% of the $38,000.00 he owed me. Additionally, he sent me a lot of emails claiming I was a a sick homo and Jesus hated me and my sin. Unfortunately, he was working with Christal Presley who told my family a lot of lies about me and complicated things there ENORMOUSLY -- until my family caught Christal in her lies. I might sue Patrick (former employer) for additional damages. I hope to discuss all this with my attorney early this week.

Please see my blog to see what I posted about you and your book. Click the header to go to most current. Index to subjects is on right a couple of scrolls down. I'm getting as many as 1,000 hits to my blog per day now, although typical is 300-350 (weekdays). Getting about 25% hits from foreign countries.

Please drop me a note to let me know how you all are doing -- and give my love to Ligia.

All best,


Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Happiest Day of My Life (so far)!!!

(With Sean Blackwell and his wife, Ligia in Sao Paulo, Brazil, September 2009)

Without further comment, I will paste in a review of Sean's book I just posted on His book can be found here (along with my review, currently showing lower, right): .

5.0 out of 5 stars -- The Happiest Day of My Life . . .
October 29, 2011

By Scott Kenan (Wilmington, NC) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Am I Bipolar or Waking Up? (Paperback)

. . . is today, because I just found that Sean has revised and published this book!!!

I first came across Sean's video work in early 2009, and knew I had found something and someone extraordiary. I devoured all Sean's then-published videos and contacted him in Sao Paulo. After many long conversations and reading an earlier version of this book, I visited him and his wife Ligia in Brazil (thinking I might help him revise his book). Trust me: it was an intense week traveling in Brazil and tossing around ideas!

On my return to the United States, I discovered that I was not nearly as far along on my own journey of healing Bipolar Illness as I had thought, and the project collapsed as I rocketed into what was to become quite an extraordinary journey of my own. In recent days, my journey has not ended as much as evolved to the "clean-up" phase, and I am repairing my relationships as I re-build my life DRUG FREE and in full charge of my faculties and future. In fact, tomorrow, I am meeting with my parents and sister for the first time since true peace has returned.

I do not know how to thank Sean (and Ligia as well) enough for how he and his materials helped me through this process. I will buy this revised book (the free sample of the new version proves Sean never needed MY editing skills!!!) when I come into my own Amazon book royalties in a few days.

BUY AND READ THIS BOOK. Watch Sean's videos and contact him through his online resources if you feel moved to do so. No one could find a more empathetic and helpful soul than Sean Blackwell, and we are priviledged to have his resources available in this time of global renewal.



>>> More: Comments about our visit on my own site. Sean's main site. Sean's extraordinary videos!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

NO!!! He actually WROTE that???

Left to Right: Jane, Mike, Mom, yours fatly (at the peak of my 332 lithium-retained pounds -- I'm 225 pounds now), Dad, and his now deceased dog Maggie at Wrightsville Beach on Dad's 90th birthday in April 2008. Sister Julie took the picture.

Will miracles never cease??? My sister Jane, my parents, and Jane's dogs are all coming to visit me this Sunday, and go to the lecture on the stained-glass windows in the Chapel at First Presbyterian. (The dogs will remain in the car during the lecture -- I trust, but cannot fully guarentee, knowing my sister.)

ALL are cordially invited to harass me in front of my family, NO HOLDS BARRED!!!

This will be everyone's opportunity to give me my JUST DESSERTS (aka: comeuppance). Please line up at the rear . . .


Christ Triumphant in Wilmington, NC??? (no offense intended to non-Christians)

Yeah, I know: Bank of America is primarily-owned by my distant Kenan relatives, BUT, as I've discovered time and time again, Kenan-owned companies CONTINUE to spend advertising dollars on sites that support and/or lead people to OCCUPY WALL STREET information.

Also, weeks ago, the Kenan Family made it plain and clear that they plan to move BoA's headquarters from Charlotte to New York City if the North Carolina Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage is passed, come spring.

DEAL WITH IT, Faux Christians and other TRAITORS!!!

* * *


1. I had a brief (actually, I had to endure it all night since I had NO access to electronic communications at Mercy House Shelter overnight -- nothing until I could reclaim my phone and computer from U-Haul storage and get to internet access this morning) PANIC ATTACK, due to the fact that I emailed yesterday's second blog post to EVERYONE gmail remembered email addresses from, and I did not think in advance that gmail might come up with many more addresses than I could find when I searched my address book (which I STILL don't know how to remove an address from). I was in too much of a hurry to check which addresses it was to go to before sending -- and possible dire legal consequences had NOT crossed my mind.

2. But, this morning, I was SERIOUSLY RELIEVED to find that I did NOT have Brenda McKnight's email address in that lot -- or at least I had nothing recognizable-as-her-address there.

WHEW!!! I could have been thrown in jail of 120 or 180 days for that (although I would argue that I had not violated the SPIRIT of the law -- especially since the email in no way referred to her or Gerald Austin-Wynn, her witness).

3. I DID find I had inadvertently emailed Cindy Beatty (someone I have pending legal matters to settle with), and I ABSOLUTELY know I should not contact her in any way in the mean time, BUT: no judge in their right mind would find this a punishable transgression since Cindy is not mentioned either. WHEW #2!!!

4. Not having David Nash's email address or the address of the woman-I-am-court-conjoined-from-naming-in-this-blog (a form of journalism, although I'm NOT held to court-reporter or evidence-in-court standards, as SOME seem to believe -- please read the United States Constitution and Amendments, y'all!!!) who lives in the house on Nun Street in which Mary Lily and William R. Kenan, Jr. grew up, I did NOT inadvertently email either of them. I knew last night that this would not be a problem.

I STILL have had no explanation why this woman was allowed to file a Stalking charge against me when I only met/spoke with her once (and she expressed the desire that I exchange part-time renovation work for rent during that meeting -- even gave me a tour of the house!!!), and she NEVER replied to my two text messages to her -- a PERFECT way she could have asked me not to contact her if it was actually SHE who had a problem with me . . .

Anyway, these two still are to be puzzled out in court (I think).

5. I say "I think" because Jennifer Harjo, my Public Defender who promised to call me yesterday afternoon to let me know the results -- now FINALLY reported to her -- of my recent evaluation to see if I'm psychologically fit for trial has NOT called or left a message (given that I have to cut my phone off and store it at 6:00 PM due to new rules at Mercy Houses Shelter).

I suspect she hasn't called because the result is NOT what Don Hoover told me it would be (that I AM competent), and corrupting the actual result is what delayed it, but I might just be displaying a little paranoia -- and a LITTLE paranoia is NORMAL, given all I've had to put up with lately. HA!!!

>>> The result doesn't really matter, as I know how I win regardless the reported result.

6. I've had EXCELLENT conversations with the person at Mercy House Shelter with whom I'd been having serious "difficulties." We now have collapsed all the non-sense, and in fact have what seems a perfect understanding. Shortly, I will remove his name and identity from earlier blog posts, replacing his name with "Numby," which refers to a private joke that only HE and I understand -- although if he tells YOU about it, that's fine with ME.

>>> UPDATE 11:07 AM: I have made changes to ALL posts back through the second one from 10/25.

7. I expect to receive the Registered Mail receipt from my APPEAL of the Domestic Violence Restraining Order filed against me by Brenda McKnight today (just got it in before end of appeal time-window). I appeal on grounds of 1.: DOUBLE JEOPARDY. 2.: The plaintff and witness lied repeatedly under oath and while I AGREE not to contact either without Police help, the Restraining Order should NOT be on my Record!!!

8. It looks likely that my sister Jane will visit this Sunday (with her dogs!!!), and attend Windows class and services at First Prez (without her dogs!!!).

9. Still waiting for word from Jennifer Harjo . . .

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gay in the US Military Today vs. Gay in Wilmington, NC (and Stone Mountain, GA, etc., etc., etc. . .)

>>> FIRST: I am gratified to see that 36% of my audience today is FOREIGN (before this week, it rarely reached 10% foreign), nearly all of it from Europe -- and hits today are already 17% above yesterday -- and it is only 3:29 PM here!!! (up 22% at 4:12 PM)

Europeans are looking to see the Truth behind the Monster our United States government has become, and my blog has taken off exponentially over there the last few days.

Thank you Foreigners and Domestics!!!

* * *

Here is the article from that the picture is from: . Makes me extra-proud that I spent 18 years of my life (1992-2010) working for Pentagon Publishing, Inc. selling ad space in the yearbooks and some alumni journals for all the Service Academies, War Colleges, and Maritime Academies in the United States!!!

I'm so mad I could SPIT -- but I won't. I'm so mad I could strangle my parents, Ben David, some goons staying at Mercy House Shelter, the thug who came up to me last night in the shelter's parking lot (apparently after "Numby" called him to come and intimidate me), the FAUX friends there and elsewhere who kissed up to me only to stab me in the back, and all the rest of my immediate family who sided with my mother's campaign (since she found out I was gay and she couldn't change it) to smear me, commit me, chemical-lobotomize me on Lithium -- those who working with my mother's Swastika-loving Republican friends and allies who ACTUALLY poisoned me four times, beat me up three times, etc., etc., etc., etc. (all during the last year and a half -- before that it was less frequent).

But MOSTLY, I'm mad at Patrick Stansbury, owner of Pentagon Publishing for firing me when he realized I knew too much about how he was partnered with some at the US Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, AL, and GA Congressman John Linder (Rep.), and others, bringing in massive quantities of illegal drugs via US Air Force planes to sell to help finance Republican Black Ops on the internet and cell phones. AND I want to thank the dozens of US Marines who swore to me they had been ordered overseas to protect Air Force planes while they were loaded with illegal drugs to be flown back to the United States.


Patrick will soon learn what I have in mind for his Penance . . .

I won. WE won. And heterosexuality is NOT a mental illness, although TOO MANY heterosexuals seem DEEPLY mentally ill.

There. It's off my chest. Now, I'll return to having a Nice Day.


PS: I ran into Jennifer Harjo leaving lunch at Mixto restaurant this afternoon. She said the report came back FINALLY (it's only a week late) from my court-ordered psychological evaluation to determine if I'm capable of trial. She said she'd call me this afternoon with the results, but I haven't gotten her call yet.

Strange that it took so long. Will be interesting . . .

Stay tuned.

Many Peoplia Not Only Upsidedownia, But Now Spinning Entirely Out of Control!!!

LOL!!! All heck broke loose last night at Mercy House Shelter after Pastor James laid down the law!!! (I'm trying to watch my language because I suspect -- since he sharply rebuked one resident who used the word "damn" in a question to the minister -- Pastor James was as much offended by language I'd accurately suggested was in the lyrics to a spontaneous song sung with gusto night-before-last when led by Rosencrantz.)

In fact, Rosencrantz first gained entry and took his bed, but later I noticed he had mysteriously disappeared and was not there later when the Pastor of ANOTHER church showed up to give him much needed new shoes for his "two-week fishing venture" that is alleged to commence today.

Guildenstern slept through it all (but not dinner, later).

>>> BTW: The graphic above is NOT meant to suggest ME. Oh wait a minute . . . I mis-read it. It says "coordinate", not "handle". I can't seem to coordinate much of anything at all right now, but I have been proven to be able to handle everything that's come down the pike -- and there've been some DOOZIES!!!

>>> WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, which bore almost no relationship to what some people voiced was happening:

Pastor James laid down (or decided to enforce) these rules:

1. All rents must be caught up PRONTO! or the rent-less must move out. He said the MAJORITY of residents (many of them having as many as THREE cell phones PLUS computers, game-players, video-players, MP3 players, etc. in their packs) were behind in their rent -- many of them seriously behind. He pointed out that if they can afford electronics, they can afford rent. And this situation has been going on for a long time DESPITE warnings by him and other staff.

2. All electronic devices (including cell phones) are ABSOLUTELY BANNED from Mercy House Shelter for at least seven years. (The time period was for dramatic effect, but might not be completely serious, in my opinion.) Even the person with a probation-GPS-device must get written evidence that it is court ordered to be allowed to stay and wear it. Pastor James had his LAST NERVE WORKED!!! These devices have been played and abused by many -- often keeping people awake after "lights out" for many months now, and no one (or nearly no one) listened to the MANY warnings given by staff.

3. All issues of things and from things not actually part of Mercy House are to be kept OUT of Mercy House. He specifically mentioned comments on Facebook pages and blog posts, which turned about half the eyes on me. He further elaborated the importance of posting only truthful things or being subject to Slander Laws and Cyber-Stalking Laws. I would add to that Libel Laws (I frequently suggest to those who accuse me of lying on this blog to sue me for Libel -- but no one has.)

>>> DISCLAIMER: While I have been charged twice with Cyber-Stalking, neither case has yet been settled in court. And actually, my Public Defender believes both will be thrown out -- for lack of evidence.

As soon as Pastor James left the facility last night, "Numby" (called that for his early, sexual precociousness) several times again promised to "dill" me or have me "dilled", WHILE WALKING AROUND INSIDE MERCY HOUSE SHELTER!!! (pickle-in-pants)

You can see why I think he's nuts and is more in need of psycho-adjustment than incarceration. But he IS improving: each time he threatened me, he did so with less vehemence and even toned down his words. The last couple of times he only said I would get mine -- and that that was NOT a threat. LOL -- of course not!!!

Anyway, I got stared down by several, and even one I had thought was more adult than most residents blamed ME -- despite most of the problems, ESPECIALLY THE ONES SO MANY HAD AND WERE A PART OF (non-payment of rent, abuse of electronic devices) having gone on LONG before I ever moved in.

At about 8:55 PM while on break outside (while we were being served dinner), a thug I'd never seen before, came up to me and asked if I was "the faggot who'd been blogging all the lies about 'everyone'." I guess Numby (maybe I should call him "Numby-the-Dilly") had already been at work on his not-yet-banned cell phone (rules crackdown begins today). I said "I do not respond when addressed in that manner," turned my back, and walked away.

>>> THE FUNNIEST PART: After a lot of grousing (we all -- including me -- were in a bit of a state of shock for Pastor James to have acted so severely, although fairly) several people said they planned to see Sister Isaac at Tileson Outreach, St. Mary's Catholic Church's service organization aiding the homeless -- in my view, the BEST not-a-shelter homeless services in town (Recently, Sister Isaac was honored by the Pope for her service!!!).

Sister Isaac can sometimes help with rent checks in modest amounts, typically no more than $40.00 and no more often than once every six months. What none of those Mercy House Shelter residents know is that I pledged 10% of my Tennessee Williams memoir's royalties (including movie rights, which I'm working to sell) to this charity -- although, so far the royalties have been small and I can't pay up until I'm first more on my own feet -- but I will soon.

Had I been able to send Sister Isaac those monies, these people who blame ME for their troubles with NO justification would be partially supported by ME -- AND I AM (OR RATHER: WOULD BE) FINE WITH THAT!!!

Talk about your UBER-LOL. Ha!!!

>>> STRANGE BUT TRUE: One resident named Geoffrey grew up on the north side of town and was an altar boy at St. Mark's Catholic Church when I occasionally visited my parents who lived in Wilmington in the 1980s and 90s. I went to Mass a couple of times with Mom and Dad back then, so have been crossing Geoffrey's path for quite a while now -- not that anything can be made of that . . .


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Many Peoplia Upsidedownia . . .

The title to this blog post is in memory of Kay (Katherine W.) Pritchard, late wife of the late Leland Stanford Pritchard and mother of Charles Octavius Pritchard, my former partner in Whale's Tale in Cape May, NJ. This phrase, "Many Peoplia Upsidedownia" was written beneath the hand-painted depiction of a lily-of-the-valley string-of-blossoms (the blossoms all replaced by small faces of people) painted on a plate Kay presented her future daughter-in-law (and my former, other, active partner) Hilary Ann Russell in a wry comment on the people in the large household Chuck, Hilary, and I shared with a few others in 1975.

It seems fitting as applied today to our society -- and many of our government and private "helping" agencies as well.

Thank you Kay -- and Leland Stanford too. There are so many of us who miss you and your gentle, caring ways . . .

* * *

This afternoon, I want to address the reply Dan Ferrell sent me and I want to emphasize that I really do not want to pick on him as I suspect MANY people are in similar positions and I DO NOT KNOW ALL THE FACTS ABOUT HIS POSITION OR DUTIES, so this is pretty much by definition unfair.

Still, I believe I have a valid point to make. And unlike the city worker in this morning's post Good News for Nutballs!!! -- I DO NOT accuse Mr. Farrell of being involved in protecting drug trafficking or anything like that.

Mr. Farrell's response is in black and my comments will be in RED:

Mr. Kenan,

I am responding to your questions about the Make A Change donation meters. The Make A Change meter program is an innovative  strategy (good marketing verbiage! sounds like it will be of GREAT practical help to the homeless!!!) for reducing panhandling in downtown areas. (how does it do THIS? I doubt it has reduced panhandling at all -- but I have pereformed no scientific study.) Studies undertaken in Denver and other communities  have confirmed that very little of the money panhandled in downtown areas is actually directed toward  breaking the cycle of homelessness. (This is quite believable as homeless panhandle primarily for food, cigarettes, and alcohol/drugs, in my observation.) In addition, panhandling is a practice that creates a less than hospitable environment in downtown business districts for both residents and visitors alike. (Generally true, although when I ask for "sponsorships" for coffee, etc. -- I have food stamps and there is much free food in ILM so no needing food -- and figure I'm basically a "charity case", so to avoid panhandling, which is illegal -- I ask for Sponsorships like good, upstanding Charities!!!)

Accordingly, the primary goal of the meter program is simply  to discourage panhandling. (you probably earn an "F" grade for this.) Any money received from donations made to the meters is considered a byproduct of that goal.  The meter heads, poles and the labor needed to install the meters were donated by the Town of Wrightsville Beach, the City of Wilmington and Lanier Parking Systems.  (I'm sure they meant well and trusted your United Way brand, the "26th most valued brand"!!!) We placed the first meter downtown  in August of 2009.  Subsequently, slightly more that $700 has been collected from the meters and has been deposited in a United Way bank account for safe-keeping. (I've heard you have about eight meters all together. For ease, let's say seven. That's $50.00 collected per meter per year -- or 14 cents each per day. Was that sum worth the investment in equipment and other costs of instalation and collection??? Additionally, there is the cost of administration -- your salary, which is none of my business, but I assume you get one. Maybe you are a volunteer. Who pays that? Do you have other duties? ILM United Way Staff Directory: . This was all I could find by googling you: .)

All money collected from the meters is donated annually by the 10 Year Plan’s Executive Board to organizations in the downtown area that are working to help end homelessness.  Five meters are currently operating within the downtown Wilmington business district. In May 2011 the Executive Board donated $600 to The Salvation Army and the Good Shepherd Center – split evenly between the two organizations.  The board will make its next donation in May of 2012.

I'm glad that Providence led me to Mercy House Shelter, although I have nothing bad to say about the Salvation Army. I wish you the best in this continuing innovative effort to (primarily) reduce panhandling in Downtown Wilmington and presumably Wrightsville Beach as well -- not that the Beach lets homeless stay overnight!!! I assume since I'd heard there were more meters than the six in ILM that they are there. And may The Lord bless you with improving financial results so that someday, the program director's salary (if you are NOT a volunteer) can be covered. Otherwise, this seems justs a drain on United Way's budget!!!

Dan Ferrell
Strategic Director
10 Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness and Reduce Homelessness in the Cape Fear Region        

5919 Oleander Dr., Suite 115  
Arboretum Center Building II  
Wilmington, NC  28403  
910-798-3900 X105  
910-798-3917 (fax)

Please note new email and web addresses:  

Good News for Nutballs!!!

This graphic pretty much clears up any confusion and I will also add that THE PAST IS THE PAST. If you and I do NOT have pending legal matters still to be settled in court (or out of it), and you are NOT to be a witness who LIES in a case for or against me (telling the truth -- even if it does not help MY case is PERFECTLY FINE AS LONG AS IT IS THE TRUTH), I don't CARE about that crap NOW IN THE PAST.

Let's treat each other with respect (if we can't find love) NOW AND IN THE FUTURE and ALL is well in MY book. I hope you can find similar feelings within yourself.

Given my second blog post from yesterday, I'd especially like to declare that this INCLUDES how I feel about "Numby", James Sharpe, and all the little snip-heads who mimicked their mutterings and toss me small insults. I'M OVER IT. I don't care and I will not prosecute you, commit you, take out restraining orders against you, or even identify you to the Library staff. DIG???

I intuitively knew that if I continued to blog the truth and refused to be intimidated that EVERYONE would eventually get his or her sense of humor back -- and we all did last night at the Shelter (except that James Sharpe was too tired and slept through all the fun). I'll report on some of the fun shortly, but first a note to Rosencrantz:

As requested, I dropped the offending word from a previous post and needing to re-fill the space, replaced it with "and briefly tried to inflate me." Anyone else having a problem with what I have posted should speak with me and we MIGHT even negotiate what I replace offending words with. Why Rosencrantz didn't consider that, as they say, "the cure is often worse than the problem," is surprising, given his high native intelligence. Luckily for me, he also has a very sophisticated sense of humor -- and in fact took the lead in healing the atmosphere in Mercy House Shelter, which had been dripping with poison when we first arrived for initial lockdown -- and THANK GOD, no one had apparently read my second post before arriving (it had just been posted).

Also, I CANNOT delete new comments about the mystereious "Numby". I did EXACTLY what he requested a couple of days ago and instead of thanks I got attacked again by him with GREATER vehemence. What motivated him is a mystery to no one who knows whom he spent a lot of time getting advice from in the meantime -- and I'll not elaborate on that unless future actions DEMAND I do so . . .

>>> SO . . . the true fun began when Rosencrantz (soon joined by Guildenstern and just about everybody else) thoroughly roasted my behonkus with rousing renditions of many verses (which I CANNOT publish here due to the fact that I am trying to keep this a FAMILY VALUES blog) of the song "Bend Over, Ben David," sung to the tune of "You're Nothin' But A Hound Dog, Cryin' All The Time".

This tune is now ENTIRELY stuck in my head worse than a DoubleMint gum jingle from the 1960s!!!

I do NOT want to belabor this as I have no problems with Ben, personally. I KNOW he's done many good things and deeply befriended many fine people in this town. I DO have a problem with the MONEY from narco-trafficking that corrupts politics and with the addictions that drive people to destroy their own lives and commit crimes against people and property to serve those addictions.

I also have no problem with those addicts and PETTY drug sellers just trying to defray the cost of their addictions. I DO think society would be better served by legalizing marijuana (who ever got violent on that??? -- and it can't be controlled since it grows any and every where -- not even by the Drug Mafia). It should be taxed and sold -- probably in State Stores -- like liquor.

Yes, I know many will grow their own or grow and sell to others at less than the taxed price sold openly in stores. So what??? White People HATE to be seen as law-breakers, so suburbanites and the similar-minded will mostly pay more money to buy trendy, designer blends legally, and enjoy showing off the clever packaging, debating the qualities of various blends, etc. Those who sell illegally, when caught, should be fined based on DOUBLE the taxes due on the demonstrable estimate of volume they have sold, but NOT jailed.

Marijuana costs next to nothing to produce, so if street prices remained about what they now are, HUGE taxes would be collected to help us get out of our debts. The other drugs I'm not so sure about, but I understand that in France ALL are legal and the percentage of the population using or addicted to drugs is far lower than here. (Of course, they are not burdened by living under what is commonly called American Politics, which has become the TRUE pox on our nation.)

Education programs and programs to help people OUT of their chemical or psychological addictions should be easily available to all.

>>> ALSO I'D LIKE TO SAY: that (to my knowledge) NO other homeless shelter in Wilmington, NC is open to ANYONE who can be reasonably behaved, no matter their minor condition of intoxication, criminal record, or even blog-post contentions. In my opinion, the staff and management of MERCY HOUSE SHELTER are most fully alligned with the values of what real Christians might call THE HEART OF JESUS.

Thank you -- one and all.

>>> AND TO CLARIFY ONE THING: Mercy House had been dominated by ex-cons, who, having been brainwashed in prison, exited it not realizing that "normal" society into which they supposedly are trying to transition is NOT based on the thug-style behavior control that dominates our prisons (and jails to a lesser extent) and mostly serves to make more effective criminals of inmates.

I always knew that this misunderstanding of the function of a transitional facility such as Mercy House was why I had so much difficulty and was so often called and threatened for allegedly BEING a "snitch." I never took it personally.

>>> This morning's observation: The same city "clean-up" worker I found reading a paperback book at The Pavilion on the river a few days ago (while his co-worker actually worked), and who often is seen driving a city golf cart while his co-worker leans out and picks up trash with a pick-up stick devise (TOTALLY LABOR AND EQUIPMENT AND ENERGY INEFFICIENT USE OF TAXPAYERS' MONEY!!!), stopped at a Front Street coffee cafe for about 40 minutes this morning -- just to shoot the breeze, smoke cigarettes outside while he spoke to John of The Good Shepherd (the guy I identified as recruiting people out of the Shepherd to fly to California to work a magazine-sales scam operation -- see paragraph begining "Kimberly's friend . . ." halfway down this post: ). They exchanged info by viewing each others' cell phones and exchanged keys to something. A car pulled up to the curb and John loaded his bike into the trunk, got in, and they drove off. The city worker then FINALLY left after his 40 minute "break."

DON'T TELL ME SOME CITY WORKERS DON'T GET JOBS THAT ARE NOT ACTUALLY JOBS THAT HELP THE CITY!!! This is the same guy that through subtile, good-'ol-boy chumminess used to try to get me to leave Ben David alone. I contend that his REAL job is to keep ears to the street to stop any problem that might adversely affect the drug trade in the bud. I've seen him dispensing small favors of cigarettes, small monies, leads to small jobs, etc. to many people.

See more: Item #4, halfway down: .

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Local Terrorism Update:

In consultation with Officer Kearfoss (I think I remembered correctly -- he said I could use his name) in the Clerk of Court's Office at New Hanover County Court House these things were decided:

1. I will consider harder and check all my notes and blogposts to see if I actually have a SPECIFIC threat of death before filing a restraining order against James Sharpe.
2. Reserving judgement on whether or not to have "Numby" committed to a mental hospital or file charges is best for now, although he's the one who MANY times in the past several days has threatened my life. I still know that he and I have no logical reason to even argue. Why he acts as James Sharpe's defender is unclear.
3. Officer Kearfoss recommends instead (and he's aware that I told two managers of Red Cross Shelter of my intentions and they told me to act) that to avoid (hopefully) unnecessary legal complications to BOTH these people's lives -- as I prefer -- let the Shelter management kick them out if they harass me from now on. I agreed and last night Numby (I'm half-wanting to call him "Pickle-Head"!!!) was actually warned about this.
4. After I was at the Court House, Whitehead accosted me repeatedly while I worked on my computer and I did not respond or even look at him (he was at a computer station directly behind me). He apparently left of his own accord and Library management wrote up a report -- including his repeated death threats to me. They asked me to identify him to them if he ever returns to the Library as they do not want these kinds of people harassing patrons.
5. I have decided that given these new threats late this afternoon, I will have no choice but to file a CRIMINAL charge against "Numby" tomorrow as it's too late today. I thrust Shelter management can handle things in the meantime.

Also: I filed my "appeal" on the Domestic Violence Restraining Order brought by Brenda McKnight against me today and am about to mail it to Raleigh. Details on that tomorrow.

Sleep well, ALL!!!

Putting That Esso Tiger in My Tank!!!

This graphic pretty much expresses the final conclusion of the now-dominant population of Mercy House Shelter, my current and temporary residence. More about that later, but first a news item or two and some gratitude expressed:

1. "Rosencrantz" and "Guildenstern" never got to talk to the Assistant District Attorney yesterday because Mondays are too busy a court day for court people to deal with literary characters, no matter how illustrious. Minor characters in Mr. Shakespeare's HAMLET, the boys were such memorable clowns/spies that W. S. Gilbert's satire Rosencrantz and Guildenstern starred them in key roles and later, they became alienated heroes of Tom Stoppard's absurdist play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead .

Today, I am honored that they are two of my pals in REAL LIFE!!! (except, of course, when they're misbehaving, which can be more often than frequent).

2. High Drama at the shelter last night when James Sharpe smacked my just-gotten meal out of my hands (spraying gravy all over my T-shirt), and James "Whitehead" (once again) inexplicably came to his irrational defense. I'm not going to report all the details (except to legal authorities), but in discussion with a couple of shelter managers, we agreed that I should take out Restraining Orders against BOTH of them, and while I had fully intended to do that, my instincts tell me to only take one out on Sharpe, who has deliberately and consciously caused me many difficulties over many months' time.

At one point after insisting I had "tripped and spilled my dinner" and then brandishing his fist, which he'd wrapped in a cloth to protect his knuckles should he punch me in my bony face, Whitehead insisted he had tried to "save me," so I have decided to return the favor and commit him to a mental hospital so that his meds can be properly re-adjusted.

He and I have NOTHING to keep us from being friends and I did EVERYTHING he asked when he was last psychotic -- I even gave him the money to change his phone number, which was MY idea, not his. But the criminal James Sharpe somehow got him off center again and back ready to take the legal fall for physically harming me. A few others cheered them, but the majority of residents and non-residents watched it all with humor -- as they should have.

I only wish Whitehead's friend James Flowers were here (he's reported to be away due to family difficulties). Flowers and Whitehead palled around all the time and in the best humor. Additionally, Flowers showed true sensitivity and love in the way he was mentoring Whitehead to prepare for his GED exam. I only wish James Whitehead the best, so I will hold off on committing him until he gets aggressive with me again -- if he does. I trust he will regain his sense of humor. And in ANY case, unlike James Sharpe, he has not actually been minor-violent with me in a way that adds the cost of laundering a shirt.

And James Sharpe's violence was the teeny tip of a MUCH more violent lava-surge, now on the verge of erupting. Don't mistake this for a sexual eruption -- Sharpe appears by all reports to be asexual (possibly a side-effect of his drugs).

* * *
>>> NOW TO THE GRATITUDE: This morning, I ran into local wag Bob Jenkins rhapturizing once again on local history to a spell-bound group of women. I first met Bob in early 1990, when I was in Wilmington trying to find out about the heritage of my distant and close Kenan relatives. At the time, I found him in the Dixie Grill, and for $20.00 American, hired him to give me "The Kenan Tour of Wilmington," which he did.

You see, my own parents are Kenan Family deniars -- claiming (erroniously) that our branch of the family (descended from William -- I've previously mis-reported "from Felix") is not related to the brothers Thomas and Felix. Actually, all came from Ireland (where the family lived after fleeing Scotland about 30 years before -- this group of Scots are properly called "Ulster Scots"). Additionally, my parents claimed they are not of the True Catholic Religion and what they accomplished was of little importance.

Au Contrare!!!

So, it was the eye-opening (at that time I'd had no access to Alvaretta Kenan Register's not-yet-revised-and-published-by-Mercer-University-Press THE KENAN FAMILY AND SOME ALLIED FAMILIES since soon after it was published in 1967 when I was in high school) that began my search for the truth about my family and its legacy.

I owe Bob Jenkins of Wilmington Adventure Tours a HUGE debt of gratitude, and recommend him as a tour guide for tours of ALL TYPES in the Wilmington area. Rather than risk crank calls (like Whitehead claims he got after I inadvertently published his phone number on this blog), I can tell you that any Wilmingtonian with a love of history -- or any tourist or history organization in town -- can put you in contact with Bob.



Monday, October 24, 2011

The United Way and Good Shepherd Center -- Partners in Crime???

Letter I just sent to the Director of Wilmington, NC's "10-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness", part of the United Way: :

Dear Mr. Ferrell,

I moved to Wilmington, NC the first of this year, and although I am from an "Old Wilmington Family" (not the better-known wealthy branch that founded UNC), I never lived in NC before -- although I've been visiting since I was an infant.

Some call me "The Homeless Kenan," but, in fact, I've found a home at Mercy House Shelter. Because of my parents' involvement with some top Republicans (mostly -- District Attorney Ben David is a Democrat who is involved) involved in narco-trafficking, I've had some serious adventures of just about any kind you might imagine -- many of them here in Wilmington.

Months ago, I noticed your organization's faux parking meters for collection of donations to support organizations that help the homeless, and after frequent observation, I must say I've never seen anyone contribute through them (except one woman who thought it was her REAL parking meter -- I hope she didn't get a ticket!!!).

Now, I must confess that for years I've heard that United Way is more of a profitable business than anything else -- not that you show profits, but pay some nice salaries to people not really helping the needy of any description. In fact, I just noticed the most prominent thing on your website is this statement of pride in the value of your BRAND:

Did You Know?

According to Forbes 2010 List of the Most Valuable Brands, United Way ranks #26! Our brand is worth more than Nike, American Express, ESPN, and many more! Check it out here. (Link can be accessed from this page.)

Wouldn't it have been better Public Relations if you had bragged on some service you provided rather than the value of your brand???

>>> Exactly how much money have you collected from these meters since 2008, which was the beginning of your program?

Do you even have any idea the crimes that are committed at Good Shepherd Center -- or by its employees and residents?

1. In late January or early February, Tim, the overnight manager, banned me from breakfast at the Shepherd and called the Police who, like me, could get NO REASON for the banning (this is reported on my blog), but the Police said that nevertheless, I would have to abide by it. Tim also told me then (not in front of Police) that I was PERMANENTLY BANNED from ALL shelters in Wilmington. This later proved to be a lie.

2. In February, I secured enough money to rent an apartment at 111A South Eighth Street and took in a bewildered man from Guatemala, David (last name withheld) who had been tricked into paying them $3,500.00 USD and moving to Wilmington by people who claimed he would get legal immigrant papers when he arrived on their bus. He did NOT. They let him out here with no contacts or anything and I met him at the former Drop In Center behind Le' Chris at 16th and Market Sts. I took him in for a month until he fled Wilmington. He had been working for someone associated with The Good Shepherd Center until he demanded he be paid after several delays, and they took him out with two of his Guatemalan friends, shot the two friends in the face, and told him they would do that to him if he asked to be paid again. I believe he is hiding in Charlotte now. I have his cell phone so his contacts can be checked by LAWFUL Law Enforcement, eventually (I removed the battery to prevent hacker-tampering).

I blogged about this as well.

3. I was told at the time that David's employer was coming over to "shoot up my house" by David's alleged girlfriend by phone. I looked outside and a Good Shepherd van sat idling with two people in the front seat in front of the house across the street. I knew someone had hacked my wifi network and I assume they were doing at least that.

David's girlfriend continued to act concerned and texted me frequently. David thought she was in Wilmington -- and in fact she claimed to be -- but her texts each used two of my text credits, which is how it works for texts from foreign countries.

4. One long-time resident who is called "Whitey" was seen (by me) dividing white powder up into small plastic bags in the mens room at The King's Breakfast, Oct. 1, 2011, and the drivers for the free Sunday breakfast held weekly here in town at a church joke about "The EVIL Shepherd" as they call it and try to avoid picking up people there because they are so argumentative.

5. I do not believe the fine volunteers from First Baptist Church, especially, are at all involved in the crimes of The Good Shepherd Center -- but those who direct funds to the Center from other organizations might be, including Ernie Thompson from my own First Presbyterian Church. I have been warning Ernie of what goes on there for MONTHS now and asked him to do some kind of investigation, but he has refused to consider it. He is a close friend of District Attorney Ben David, and anyone who knows anything in Wilmington knows that Ben David protects the cocaine and heroin traffic in Wilmington -- in fact, TV-3 aired their anchor interviewing me about that nearly three weeks ago. WRAL in Raleigh got a lot of info from me on it as well.

6. I do NOT believe the local members of your board are tainted by your organization's support of organized crime -- including narco-trafficking which destroys ALL our children's futures -- to say nothing of so many marriages. It also CORRUPTS POLITICS!!! They trusted your BRAND, which you are either abusing or is sullied everywhere it is used. I wouldn't pretend to know the answer to this.

>>> So, Sir, just how much money do you collect from those meters and how do you use it to enhance the health of Wilmington, NC???

My blog: .

Scott David Kenan
Jackie Kennedy Onassis's Avenging Angel

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thank God for the Wilmington (NC) Journal (our "black" newspaper)!!!

>>> THIS JUST IN!!! 10/24/11, 10:23 AM: Today, I got five hits from Mexico -- the first from there in MONTHS. Previously, I had had FAR more hits from Mexico than from any other country. Perhaps Carlos Slim has relented and unblocked my blog and email from his TelMex and TelCel Communications companies that DOMINATE Mexican communications. PRAISE YESHUA-THE-JEW!!!

The Republicans are cannibalizinig each other so that they cannot win. The candidates do not know why they are compelled to do this, but they cannot seem to stop themselves. They do not even realize they are being manipulated by the TRUE powers that be: The Banks. The reason is so that the TRUE DARLING OF WALL STREET: Barack Obama is certain to win. From yesterday's Huffington Post:

Instead of merely looking at campaign contributions in one dimension - that is, cash given directly to... the candidate - they decided to expand their analysis to include contributions given to the Democratic National Committee for re-election purposes by individuals in the financial sector. This time around, Obama is at top, beating Romney with double the amount of total Wall Street contributions.

According to American-owned THE WILMINGTON (NC) JOURNAL (the Star-News is owned by the New York Times, recently rescued from a near-death experience by the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim, who owns so much stock and debt in NYTimes he effectively controls it to keep it off the backs of narco-traffickers -- of which he is one (the biggest in Mexico) and also controls Telmex/Telcel (land and ce...ll companies controling over 80% of Mexican communications and BLOCKING my blog and emails for several months now. See for more on Carlos Slim -- actually, his Arabic family name is "Salim": ), the National Black Chamber of Congress recently released figures showing that the percentage of Federal contracting dollars to black businesses which peaked under Reagan at 6%, declined slightly under Clinton, rose a little under G. W. Bush, and than fell into the toilet after Obama was inaugurated -- falling to a mere 0.3 (ZERO point three )% currently -- and falling . . .

I propose that Obama jump parties to Republican, Hillary run for President with unwanted-by-the-Republicans Sen. Richard Lugar of IN as VP. Joe Biden would be a GREAT Sect. of State!!! See my blog for more. Index is two scrolls below link to my memoir of working for playwright Tennessee Williams: ..

>>> ADDED 10/24/11, 8:33 AM: Actually, with Biden now talking 2016, maybe HE should head the 2012 Democratic Party ticket!!!



Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Go A-Fishin' . . .

Coming Soon -- to a blog near YOU!!! (this one) . . .

Actually, beloved Wilmington, NC beer aficionado and citation-collector "Rosencrantz" (aka Robbie Trahan, sometimes called "Tre" for being -- as he likes to say -- "a third". A third WHAT, Robbie, 1/3 brain left??? OK, his name is Robert A. Trahan III. That's why "a third.") today accused this blog of being the NATIONAL ENQUIRER of Wilmington homeless life. That, shortly before letting me know that he is taking on seafood specialist (really!!!) Guildenstern (street name: "Jersey") as his partner in a commercial fishing adventure that will net them quite a lot of lucre after nearly a week on the sea.

Best of all is that the rest of the crew, who are seasoned professionals, guzzle scotch whiskey ONLY, so with no beer on the boat, our adventuresome boys will remain sober throughout!!!

Sounds like a good deal to me, and I hope make a LOT OF MONEY (through whatever means).

Stay tuned for cryptic updates -- should I feel inspired by my own creative thinking or their actions . . .

>>> CRYPTIC UPDATE 10/24/11: Our boys claim to be off to see the Assistant District Attorney today to try to make a deal of a dry-out tank to be rid of some of those Open Container violations. I sincerely wish them luck!!! (See: )

Yesterday, I paid my former New Hanover County Jail cellmate $1.00 USD (that was all he asked for!!!) in thanks for his having alerted me back then to the fact that Robbie is, as he put it, "the most selfish person I ever met." I'll give him more later (if he asks), as that info completely opened my eyes which have remained open, regardless my words or actions since.

Over the last two days a sizable number of people have told me how Robbie is talking with a forked tongue behind my back (it wasn't news to me!!!). "Jersey", on the other hand, is FULLY onto Robbie and THAT'S ALL I'll say about THAT. LOL!!!

>>> OK, I'll say more: Robbie is too much of a "Love Bucket" not to at least like, and THAT'S why Jersey, I, and so many more in Wilmington look out for him -- even though he's his own worst enemy.

>>> QUESTION: Why has Java Dog had a sign up "Get a Job: We're Hiring Great People" for over a week and no one (or not enough people) have been hired???

Or is The Great Recession over in Wilmington, NC???

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are ALIVE!!!

This morning, I have a very serious matter to deal with and will get to it shortly, before returning to the Humor of Reality. I have committed a HUGE error -- which I will attempt to correct as I figure out the best way to do so without making it worse -- especially for the person I have clearly wronged.

I would have gotten to this earlier this morning, but after an absolute DROUGHT of guys hitting on me on , FOUR hit on me by private message since late yesterday, and being celibate TOO LONG, I couldn't help but check them out, PRONTO!!!

This is the same site that I have recommended to ladies in Wilmington who want to see if their husbands are sneaking out with men when they're not at home -- and men who want to sneak, as well (or out guys who don't want to play games). You can get some "fast action" here or find a life partner -- and anything in-between. It is serious and playful, and might be of special interest to guys who want to see if their guy-friends are ACTUALLY swinging both ways (yes, "straight" fellas -- I just gave you a believable excuse to go there, should you get caught. Another excuse is to see "how you measure up" -- as it is a GRAPHIC SITE, but please remember that it is show-ers who generally show, so don't think they are average.

The person I need to "get right with" just came into Java Dog and told me he needs to talk to me outside. I told him I'm working on things right now, but he said I'd had enough time. If I'm not back to this in a few minutes -- PLEASE CALL THE POLICE (but frankly, I doubt that will be necessary).

>>> BACK!!! See, I told you it wouldn't be necessary. And all things considered, I think it best I comment only the minimum on the situation, which is resolving:

I got into a verbal fight with another resident of Mercy House Shelter with whom I never had a thing to fight about because he jumped in to defend James Sharpe rather aggressively -- something that he had no business doing. If James Sharpe wants to do verbal battle (or legal battle) with me, he should do it himself. He's smart enough, I'm sure.

Things spiraled out of control, but bottom line is that the most fair thing is that I remove all mention of the person who is most upset with me. I already gave him the first part of payment to change his phone number -- something necessitated by the error I made in posting his number in this blog (although I realized this and corrected the problem before he first asked me to do so, it was not quick enough and he got calls harassing him. Some people are jerks-beyond-jerks).

There COULD be legal ramifications to all of this, but the original blog posts were emailed verbatim (at the time I posted them) to over 100 people in politics, law enforcement, Tennessee Williams scholarship, the press, and friends, so there is plenty of record of the originals should they be needed for court action -- but I trust they won't.

Things got so tense at Mercy House last night that in conversation with the management, it was decided the best thing would be for me to take out a restraining order first thing this morning -- and to do better at minding my own business. HOWEVER, because this person clearly had become more calm after the 9:00 PM smoke break (probably due to the wise interaction of the overnight supervisor), I realized no restraining order would be necessary, and with that relaxation, came to understand that I needed to take the offending material off my blog.

I WILL say this, however: I have heard of the difficulties this person has experienced in the past (from his own mouth -- one of the reasons I gave him a shirt the other day) and of his struggle to make a better life. He has a lot on his plate right now. It is my firm belief that a lot of minor and major drug dealers (which he is NOT one of) and corrupt law enforcement and political people who are ANGRY at ME, saw this man as someone who had the potential to get so angry he would harm me. I believe they DELIBERATELY fed him lies and half-truths, called his phone to harass him, and generally egged him on, hoping they could get him to act and take the inescapable legal fall for doing what THEY wished they could do.

I would grovel in HELL for the rest of my life rather than allow them to do that to this man.

'Nuff said. Now, I will get to removing offending material from my recent posts.


returning soon . . . HUMOR!!!

 . . . but first, I'll paste in somoe of the proof that SERIOUS hackers (probably here in Wilmington and associated with The Good Shepherd Center and/or Wilmington Web and Han Hills actually hacked my gmail email account. I can ONLY get this material by signing into my email there and switching to my "own" blog (this one is associated with a DIFFERENT email address) there.

Someone HAD to have hacked in and created this so-labelled "Meyer's Blog" that showed a picture of me ripped from . It was posted at about the same time (February, I believe) that night manager Tim at Good Shepherd inexplicably banned me from breakfast there, called the Police so that it could be noted and me arrested if I returned, and then lied and claimed that I was PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM ALL SHELTERS IN WILMINGTON, NC.

This is the crap I've been dealing with from District Attorney Ben David's associates -- and shows WHY the Police Officers who have supported me since I began my campaign to put Ben David in jail said they always knew he was guilty, but no one knew how to fight him and win.

This blog was removed immediately after I found it and posted comments to it. These remnants of its only two postings remain ONLY in my Google account because they legally are "my writing," although they were not written by me:

One Flew Over The Kenan's Nest

Of No Particular Significance- 7 months ago

The irrelevant Scott David Kenan Update. As it turns out the local madman has* NO *relationship to the well known Kenan family of eastern NC. He* has *stalked the family for years in such places as Atlanta, Kenansville, Wilmington, and in TN. He has* NO *relationship to the family that started the First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington. It should be mentioned that his own family had to call the police to remove him from their home. The fact that he has to try to steal other peoples identity only proves that he truly is* The irrelevant Scott David Kenan* from a* *family* Of No ...more » (This goes to a page that says the material has been deleted. Ditto below.)

The irrelevant Scott David Kenan

* * *
 Tellat Of No Particular Significance- 7 months ago

There is a madman running about Wilmington, NC. His name is The irrelevant Scott David Kenan. He lives at 111 South 8th Street. This poor man, both mentally and financially, believes the he is relevant to the world. In his sick mind he thinks the CIA and evil Republicans are out to destroy his life. He sees conspiracies everywhere. No matter where he goes the evil people are following. He claims to have known famous people, but he does not. He claims to discover drug empires and then has claimed to have found JFK's killers, but he has not. He thinks the CIA is tracking him t...more »

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More Humor:
Much-loved local boys Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (actually, Guildenstern does not mind that I use his street name: "Jersey"), complained to me yesterday that too many city workers have been reading my blog, and having read my report a few days ago that Rosencrantz had spoken about suicide -- which had brought up yellow caution-flags in my mind, NOT red ones -- he has been frequently accosted on the streets and asked if he is depressed or, hopefully, "feeling any better."

The poor fellow feels this is an intrusion of his privacy, but in my OWN opinion, the outpouring from locals-who-actually-care has improved his spirits so much, I am formally removing my yellow-flag allert. So THERE!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Republican Party and Fox News Hackers: PAY UP!!!

What's on your mind?

News International agrees to pay family in hacking scandal

News International, publisher of the now-defunct News of the World newspaper in Great Britain, has agreed to pay 2 million British pounds -- the equivalent of $3.2 million -- to the family of British teenager Milly Dowler, who disappeared in 2002 and was later found dead...

LikeUnlike · · Share · about a minute ago

Scott Kenan:

So when is Fox News going to pay ME for the extreme damages caused by their hacking of my computers and cell phones??? I am clearly owed far more!!! See:

>> FYI: To date (to my knowledge) NO investigation into the forced suicide of my friend Evan Fish has begun. Several times people pretending to be (or callously being) Evan's friends or family (I think their email accounts were hacked as NO family could be this hateful about their own), emailed me asking for the names of Wilmington Law Enforcement Officials who had given me information implicating District Attorney Benjamin David's complicity in this murder.

Each time, I replied that I would discuss it on the phone with them (so that I could at least get a fix on a human voice -- far more unique and identifying than an email), and provided my phone number. NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM EVER CALLED ME OR CONTACTED ME AGAIN. To me, this proves they were ACTUALLY CORRUPT LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS (or scared relatives of Evans forced to do it), looking to get names of people to PUNISH FOR GIVING ME INFO.

THIS is the extraordinary power and reach of the Narco-Traffickers in Wilmington, NC!!!

But maybe I have helped lessen it a little . . .