Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Touched Me!

Hi Colleen,

First of all, I am in near shock after checking and the professional reviews indeed ARE up on Amazon!!! I'm at a total loss of what to say (yet still typing . . .).

When I first published it there, there had been no room to put them in the allowed space for description, and I felt the description would be better since it was one or the other. Soon after, knowing I was not allowed to review my own book, I posted them in a review in which I clearly identifed myself and my purpose in posting them so there would be no confusion.

Next (I think) John Bolinger, whom I'd known since 1999 internetically only, yet very well, posted a review. Soon thereafter, I got a nasty-gram email from amazon, not blasting me for posting a review of my own book, but for violating terms that DO NOT ALLOW professional reviews to be posted. They had taken mine down.

Then Meredith (K8smomma) whom I met in Puerto Vallarta and had given a copy to, posted a review.

BUT DIG THIS (and I'm sobbing with joy and infinite appreciation as I write to you), I met John Bolinger's boyfriend by chance as he was staying in the same hotel in Puerto Vallarta (I just got a roll of toilet paper from the bathroom to keep up with my tears and nose-runnings. I'm having FREQUENT breaks of sobbing now -- and it feels so good!!!). This was when I had just run out of cash and credit after the faker boyfriend who was actually pretty high in a drug cartel, had tricked me out of everything. Jim gave me $1,000.00 -- no questions asked and no repayment expected!!!

Of course, given certain things that happened that must have been coincidental (including that the hotel we stayed in -- with many "innocent" tourists as well, turned out to be THE place for the biggest drug traffickers who were gay to stay -- so I put THAT on Jim as well). I later turned on him. He works for an internet security company in Denver (or similar) and he kept writing me about things I was writing AT THAT VERY MINUTE. I assumed he had to be reading my computer directly, but it could have been intuitive or coincidence.

Meredith has been kind enough to send me three bread-and-butter sized donations -- each of them arriving in PERFECT TIMING.

i could write on and on, but I have to stop in a minute and allow what I read to be a collapse of ALL my greatest difficulties, this Amazon thing being the first sign. You see, THEY HAD TAKEN THOSE REVIEWS OFF MONTHS AGO, and just weeks ago had completely screwed up my payments and their explanation did not fit the facts that were transparent -- all of which I reported in the last few days on my blog -- as well as the fact that they quietly later fixed the payment thing -- without explanation. Now, I see they researched and found the professional reviews and posted them too.

I'm a blubbering idiot at the moment. Worthless -- like I just had sex with God and I need a little time to recover my composure. LOL!!!

BTW: I really DID track how Gingrich brought drugs into Stone Mountain Park behind my home in GA in 1990. I'm no Romney fan, but watching returns, I suddenly realized how pleased I am that Gingrich has NO HOPE of resurrecting. OK, he's a Republican and they are crazy, and maybe he will, but not a chance in the fall if he does. Ditto Romney. It's all UBER-apparent to me now.

It looks like it will take a little longer to get the print version together permissions and gathering of photos and putting all together, etc.

I'm going to copy a couple of people as I send this and might post some on my blog: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com , where you can keep up with the latest in political schtuff (I recently went Jewish -- LOL!!!)


On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 6:03 PM, Colleen wrote:

Here is your first reminder from me. BTW, I read professional reviews of WOG – and they were on amazon. Wonders never cease.

Have you made any progress in getting WOG ready for publication?

Take care,

aka the eternal understudy for Blanche DuBois


Old Chinese Proberb: Forked Tongue Give Two Lickin's!!!

Hi Jane,
To confirm our surreal (because in your business-like call you gave no hint that you have read my emails or blog posts in which I call for Mom's arrest, fair trial, and hanging for being a Nazi Traitor -- and YOUR, Mike's, and Julie's fair trials with -- hopefully -- AT LEAST twenty (20) year prison sentences. Dad should get off (I think) for having to put up with the-bitch-who-blackmailed-him.
That said, I'd probably be in a better mood about it all if I DO get approved for Disability -- LEGALLY. Here are my concerns:

1. My backer is quite adamant that I not have a doctor's exam (physical or mental -- I think he'd be OK with one by a DD -- Doctor of Divinity -- not double-D cup chocolate drop like that silly De' Corbett -- see: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2011/10/bimbo-diverted.html )

Also: I could handle any doctor pretty good. I know me well enough to know that.
2. But I DO insist that respect be given me. When you came here and helped with that initial interview, you told them I MUST have a surrogate (or whatever it's called -- someone that gets the funds and releases them to me, no doubt if I BEHAVE THE WAY SOMEONE INSISTS ON).
Well, I have discovered that as disrespectful and unnecessary as that is to begin with (to say nothing of DELAYING funds), there is a charge TO ME of $35.00 for each disbursement!!!
>>> I am going to need to have WRITTEN confirmation that this overseer thing has been DROPPED and I would receive funds directly before I will see a doctor of any kind about this matter.
Please remember that my old phone will only be working for a few weeks and I have no intentions of ever allowing you, Mike, Julie, Mom or Dad to have my new number. If  we cannot work things out to suit me in this demand, I will spit on your corpse if you get the electric chair (or later, should you be allowed by the Law to die a natural death).
Please advise ASAP.
Yours in YHWY (not to be confused with "YMCA")

Hi Patrick,
Today, I posted about your taking the form of avatars on Second Life, and as Gerry Flynn told me, crusin' for guys on the service (but mostly just for "dirty talk").
I also remembered that the first time I was in your office with you alone at Collegiate Concepts, Inc. in 1990, you stared at my crotch unrelentingly for a very (to me) uncomfortably long time. You never did that even ONCE later. I salute you for your self-controll!!!
Anyway, I know you aren't COMPLETELY gay or you would never have attempted to rape Gerry years ago -- before I even met you. Back when you and several others who emmigrated to CCI from the Dale Corporation.
You see, I had always assumed it had to do with penis ENVY, not DESIRE, although given so many other things I've witnessed, I've had my doubts and back-n-forth opinions.
Can we settle this once and for all: Just how big (little) IS your penis??? (Several blog readers are curious)
Yours in YHWH (not your AA-beloved YMCA -- see song lyrics: http://www.elyrics.net/read/v/village-people-lyrics/ymca-lyrics.html )
PS: I'm copying my cousin's daughter Andrea as she likes to chime in at times when you and I have verbal intercourse.


My Latest JEW-PUNCH!!!


Please relax and trust me -- I KNOW what I'm doing (usually -- LOL!!!), and I DO know LOTS about computers and programs, etc. The Library is no different for internet connection except that it blocks sites having X shots and materials due to children being able to use it.

I was talking about the OLD computer, and the guy who sold it to me used (a single proprietor with a shop http://www.collinspcs.com/about.php ) but the antivirus on it, and also a program called "Sample", which ALWAYS prevents the OLD computer from shutting down until I TWO or THREE times manually hit "End Now". Unlike ALL other programs that get hung in the process of shutting a computer down, SAMPLE is NEVER shut down by Windows automatically after a period of time.

Although Windows shows in this process that SAMPLE is  a PROGRAM, I can NOT find it in a list of programs via "control panel" -- nor by using Windows' search function. I think it is a SPY program, but I'm an Open Book, so don't really worry too much.

THE NEW COMPUTER DOES NOT HAVE THIS. IT RUNS NORTON 360. I suspect it is SAMPLE that prevents Norton from loading on the old program.

That said, I believe there will be no problem using it to try to extract the files from that disk as the disk is locked so it can't be written over and destroyed. I am breaking for lunch then getting to it. NO POLITICS FOR A WHILE!!!

>>> VERY INTERESTING!!!: When I google "edward starsmith"  (SEE: HALFWAY DOWN: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2012/01/only-humor-remains-in-gods-reality.html ), I get a LOT of results -- all pointing to a single FAKE person (or avatar) on Second Life. See: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/user/v1/viewprofilepage/user-id/281734 .

Second Life is a community of avatars that Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc -- my old boss -- is ADDICTED TO!!! Patrick used to frequently try to get me to join it (claiming it was not only fun, but he made A LOT OF MONEY ON IT -- maybe it's just another drug front) but Gerry Flynn told me that Patrick's avatars are all WOMEN and he uses it to PICK UP MEN AND TALK DIRTY TO THEM (IF NOT ALWAYS MEET THEM IN PERSON).

I had TOTALLY forgotten about that. LIKE MIKE MASSICOTT, PATRICK'S JUST A FAG. ha!!!

(can't wait to post THIS one. LOL!!!)

I need to eat and work. Bye for now.

>>> On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 12:23 PM, Joseph wrote:

"Edward Starsmith" shows in a single site on google, but the page causes google to "stop working."

Do I understand correctly that the seller loaded an anti-malware program into your computer? Any other programs, to your knowledge? Why wasn't all protection left to Norton 360?


Only the Humor Remains (in God's REALITY)


Keep up the fight for TRUTH in the Republican Party!!!

EVERYONE knows the Kenan Family of North Carolina has been the TOP in-state support of the Republican Party's REAL values of LIBERTY and FAIRNESS FOR ALL, until god-hating, totalitarian, narco-trafficking Bush/Cheney/Gingrich/Fox News GREED-BOTS took over, screwing EDUCATION (a KENAN hallmark) and passing an anti-gay NC Constitutional Amendment (which will be voted on this spring by the general population -- those not DISENFRANCHISED by Republican efforts to block minorities to vote, that is.)

Kenans -- WE BE GAY (or bisexual, heterosexual, etc) and often FUNCTIONING BIPOLAR (just means smart enough to see more than one perspective at a time)!!!

Thank you for your courageous campaign in the face of Republican Party HATRED!!!

Scott David Kenan
Wilmington, NC

>>> DEFINITION OF KRISTALLNACHT (which last night was patterned after by Republican/Fox News hackers) FOR THOSE DEPRIVED OF AN EDUCATION:

"Kristallnacht, also referred to as the Night of Broken Glass, and also Reichskristallnacht, Pogromnacht, and Novemberpogrome, was a pogrom or series of co-ordinated attacks against Jews throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria on 9–10 November 1938, carried out by SA stormtroopers and civilians. German authorities looked on without intervening.[1] The attacks left the streets covered with broken glass from the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and synagogues.[2]"

* * *

The problem was not the WiFi and it wasn't the computer(s). The problem was a massive electronic attack last night that was annoying, but ultimately unsuccessful. Here is an answer to a Huffingtonpost.com reply to a comment I left five days ago, but I never received the email alert because even HuffPost (or gmail, or my computer) has been compromised -- whether from within or from outside, I do not know.


We Kenans are TAR HEELS, baby -- that means -- BY DEFINITION -- that we didn't and DON'T get stuck in the MUCK!!! LOL!!! (UNC having been founded by the Kenan Family with allies in 1789, when the Kenan's were making their first fortune in naval stores (pitch, turpentine, tar, etc. all extracted from the native pine forests). That's why we named the UNC teams TAR HEELS, in tribute to how we were were makin' the dough.

I found this comment in the results when I goggled "scott kenan thom goolsby" to see if google results are still corrupted like they worked last night to do (They ARE still corrupted):

>>> "Edward Starsmith": (SEE 1/3 WAY DOWN: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-latest-jew-punch.html .)
 Commented 5 days ago in Politics

"May I please fan you?
I'm a fellow NC resident over near Winston-Sa­lem. Governor Perdue has put up a great fight against deplorable odds. I hate to see her step down, but I'm hopeful someone might step forward and take up the fight.”

 >>> My response:

I only now got this comment. Comment alerts no longer reach me by email because of my attacks on Sen. Goolsby, the MOST drug-money-corrupted Republican in North Carolina government!!!

In the last 24 hours:

1. WiFi on my computer ONLY has been too intermittent to write online on my blog: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com , so I had to write in Word and paste it in during viable moments. Rest of hotel had STRONG WiFi.

2. I just got two email reminders to pay bills I ALREADY have paid (luckily, when I called the companies, their records showed I had paid and they were entirely mystified how their systems got hacked to send the notices).

3. I learned the wrong phone number is associated with three of my accounts, requiring all manner of security checks to correct them.

4. The hotel where I stay had their computer system so hacked overnight that it gave the old Windows "Blue Screen of Death", which no one has seen since Windows 2000. Fortunately, they have a back-up system, but after four hours they STILL cannot figure out how the system failed -- or how to get it back up. (Hint: Evan Fish stayed here with me for 6 nights before D.A. Ben David with his buddy Republican Sen. Goolsby FORCED Evan to jump to his death and tried to cover it up as suicide.

5. Google results of not only "Scott Kenan Thom Goolsby" but also simply "Thom Goolsby" have been corrupted overnight so that this posting (which had been coming up in the very top results, now is hard to find: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2011/12/riding-wave.html .

6. My Amazon royalty payments for my Tennessee Williams memoir (which got raves from John Lahr of THE NEW YORKER) were mysteriously changed from electronic to physical check ( a few weeks ago) -- AND THEN AMAZON DIDN'T EVEN SEND THE CHECK!!! (now corrected).

7. My "old number" cell phone, which I had fully charged last night and then made two five minute calls from, was down to one bar of power this morning. THEY MUST HAVE REMOTELY TURNED ON THE MICROPHONE SO THEY COULD LISTEN TO MY NOCTURNAL ACTIVITIES (and boy did THOSE Fox News/Republican Party hackers have a long night. I didn't pull-the-pud or even SNORE -- that I know of . . .


>>> SNAPSHOT OF TOP 10 SEARCH ENGINE SUBJECTS THAT BROUGHT HITS TO THIS BLOG THIS MORNING. (I understand how I'd be found using the top subject -- which is ALWAYS the top subject when I've checked this -- but the second one is a COMPLETE MYSTERY. LOL!!!)

buenos dias senor jesus
casas de narcos en mexico
duck hunter
scott kenan
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the weather up here
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demotivational wicca
happy mexicans in america


Monday, January 30, 2012


Evan Fish with unidentified child the year he graduated high school, and before moving to Maine where he was one of the top cocaine dealers in the state for over a year.

Evan claimed to me that he bought several new cars that year, including a Maserati for cash, but decided to get out of the drug business and relocated to Wilmington, NC, where District Attorney Ben David and Evan's girlfriend Eleanor Schwaner (second one confirmed by sources inside the Wilmington Police Department) conspired to force him to jump off the parking deck next to the New Hanover County Library early Saturday September 3, 2011. The past several months have been very difficult for his family, who are still in denial about what happened to the man they loved so much -- which is ENTIRELY understandable.

Today, when I checked into the hotel, I was (by chance, only) given the same room Evan and I shared for six nights through Hurricane Irene -- he consuming a large quantity of cocaine and marijuana -- after contacting friends for cash -- including Eleanor Schwaner, whom he tricked into giving him something in the area of $150.00. Evan often stated he HATED Ellie for her demands that he sell drugs to return her to the life-style she had gotten used to, and he laughed and laughed over having gotten that money from her.

It was the negotiator (and later two others) who first confirmed to me by voice call that she had talked Evan down TOTALLY from jumping, but then Police released Ellie, she ran up to him and whispered something in his ear. He IMMEDIATELY jumped to his death after saying "There's no way out."

Earlier (that Friday afternoon), bail-bondsman Jason (don't know last name, but his cell phone US Cellular 910-540-5557 is currently "temporarily disconnected") met me at the jail and I gave him the necessary $75.00 to free Evan, who had been jailed the night he left our hotel after getting drunk and breaking a window.

Jason told me the jail staff told him earlier in the day they would expedite Evan's release because they owed him a favor, but when he went inside the building to complete the transaction, he was delayed for HALF AN HOUR before they told him Evan had been released on his own recognizance earlier in video court (I wonder which judge: Criner? Noecker?).

Jason was furious at the Sheriff's Deputies, cussing them out to me for lying and delaying telling him the truth WHICH THEY KNEW ALL ALONG!!! (They DELIBERATELY had delayed Jason, and he knew it. Later, I realized it was to be sure I did not catch up to Evan before he got stuck in THE TRAP.) He returned my money and left in disgust. Google "Scott Kenan Evan Fish" (or just Evan Fish) to find my blog posts detailing what happened after that, including my phone conversation with Evan.

>>> EVAN'S DEATH WILL BE AVENGED (in a legal way) by the now-in-progress investigation. I SALUTE Sheriff Ed McMahon, who has ALREADY reorganized certain personnel in the jail and ENTIRELY changed the staff (security/bailiffs) in the court house -- as previously reported in this blog.

* * *

>>> I cannot hold an internet connection tonight for more than a couple of minutes at a time (although the hotel reports no one else complaining and having no problems themselves in the office), so I have been writing in my word processing software to paste hurriedly to Blogger.

I was able to call Deb Baratta (mentioned many times in this blog since I met her this past summer), this afternoon. Her daughter Christy had blocked Deb’s cell phone to me months ago, but now either she relented or the block expired.
Today, Deb seemed drugged, but moderately (which she said she was), and she had absolutely no memory of having, while walking across Snow’s Cut Bridge, inadvertently witnessed something (drugs) being unloaded from a mini-sub under the bridge (or nearby it). When she was involuntarily committed (which judge, I wonder: Criner? Noecker?), she claimed she had been followed by New Hanover County Sheriff’s Deputies’ cars with dark windows and unmarked, stopped by them, beat up – she had dark purple bruises all up and down her inner thighs when she arrived – DRUGGED, and then committed.
She did not vary from this story the whole week she and I shared there. (I had made a deal with my then-public defender and her boss to check in for my personal safety after I was confronted aggressively FIVE times in ONE day, including once at knife-point, after confronting District Attorney Ben David in Mixto restaurant about Ben’s control of the heroin and cocaine trafficking in Wilmington).
She DID remember meeting Evan Fish there and she accurately described him. I asked her if she remembered giving me anything and she accurately offered that she had given me $2,000.00. That was to be for 10% of WALKING ON GLASS royalties, but today she said she didn’t think we should do business together or continue to have contact.
I agreed to that because too many other people had also told me they’d seen (or knew of) the mini-subs, so we do NOT need Deb’s testimony. She has other issues and needs to heal after some serious trauma. Unfortunately, she’s lost her high-paying job as a scientist doing research in duPont’s labs over all of this, but she and her husband Mark have plenty of money.
I left a message on Mark’s phone later, recapping my discussion with Deb and her release of me of any financial obligation, asking him to call me any time if he has questions or needs to discuss any of this.

* * *

>>> THREE NIGHTS AGO, when I googled "Thom Goolsby" this item came up in the second listing position -- THANK YOU "The Weather Up Here" readers (and two weeks before that, it had come up in THIRD position): http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2011/12/riding-wave.html .

This morning when I googled the same thing, it came up half way down the second page of results.

Just now, it does not show in the first SEVEN PAGES of results -- as do NONE of my other blog posts mentioning the Republican State Senator from Wilmington. Three nights ago, THREE of my posts mentioning Sen. Goolsby turned up in the first TWO pages of results (I have been checking on this regularly, because I want to do to Sen. Goolsby what Dan Savage did to Sen. Santorum. Google Santorum and you will find that after a PAID ad for Santorum's campaign and a link to news about him, the first result is: http://spreadingsantorum.com/ .


What is interesting is that previously, http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2011/12/riding-wave.html ALWAYS came up as the TOP Google result in "Scott Kenan Thom Goolsby". An hour ago, it came up the 4th result SHOWING ONLY MY BLOG POSTS THAT MENTION THE SENATOR. Just now, I checked again, and it is in POSITION 14 of my blog posts mentioning him

>>> BUT WAIT!!! I just checked Google statistics for my blog and in the last 30 days, this blog had 8,532 hits -- AND http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2011/12/riding-wave.html was the THIRD MOST HIT POSTING OF ALL!!! No other post mentioning Goolsby even registered in the top 10 listing.

>>> THIS PROVES THAT: The Republicans in conjunction with what I call the FOX NEWS/RUPERT MURDOCK internet manipulators have been hitting the HELL out of other pages mentioning Goolsby to bring them all higher.

>>> BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!: They HAVE to have someone working inside GOOGLE manipulating search engine results. THERE SIMPLY IS NO OTHER LOGICAL EXPLANATION.

Senator Goolsby controls how the money from Ben David's narco-trafficking operation is distributed to Republicans. The operation in Wilmington is the LARGEST drug importation operation in the United States -- larger than the operation in the ports of Miami or Los Angeles -- and my parents helped set it up.


It is a miracle that I am smart enough to still be alive (and Deb Baratta is alive!!!) -- BUT EVAN FISH IS DEAD AND ROBBIE TRAHAN KNEW THAT BEN DAVID WAS GOING TO KILL HIM, SO HE DISAPPEARED, etc., etc., etc. -- as detailed in this blog (associated informally with www.huffingtonpost.com , a Kenan Family supported HONEST news source.


There's much more, but I'm tired and going to bed.

Thank you, Citizens of Wilmington, of North Carolina, and the United States of America for helping me. We WILL restore the Constitution as the Law of the Land.


>>> JUST ADDED 11:19 PM: An email to Mike Massicott, sent from his rarely active blog about keeping a "green office." Like his employer Patrick Stansbury's FAVORITE friend, Christal Presley (see: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2011/12/christal-presley-at-work.html ) -- who handled me for the Republicans and Fox News -- she's a good friend of Sean Hannity's -- best college chum of Sean's wife Jill Rhodes Hannity, Mike knows how to put up a BS blog.

I, on the other hand, have a little something to say.

What I said in email to Mike:

Big kisses to your sweet self!!! Hope you are doing well. I mention you in my blog today, the earlier of two posts.

And Congratulations!!! You have successfully managed to keep my positings that have mentioned from YOU, from getting into the first three pages of results when one googles your name. Not so, Patrick Stansbury or Pentagon Publishing. Have you tried to google them -- LATELY???

Good news: I've checked with my lawyers and you can't prosecute people for reporting facts in the news. Thats why Patrick hasn't sued me -- although I hear-tell he's asked around!!!

And guess who else from Pemtagpn Publishing is talking to the Feds!!! Patrick's BEYOND toast and he's panicking -- everybody knows it.

Where are you??? Gonna talk??? Or go to jail.

You might have made your money in sales, but you knew everything (AT&T -- your former employer where you BRAG you got your training is the BACKBONE of "THE SYSTEM").


A MIGHTY WIND (loved that film as well!!!)

Although you might think this refers to Jessie Jones, who continues to harass me and act like a drug dealer in the shelter -- and has been leaking THE WORST AND MOST POTENT GASSES NIGHTLY, LATELY, it is not. Not sure if the Cult of a Mighty Wind is organized and incorporated -- or just a cartoonist's concept.

>>> ADDED 11:02 AM from emails I just sent Law Enforcement and others, after discovering that "David Kenan" really DID send me some pictures (which I cannot post here):

I had not noticed them before, but when I went to forward THIS email (I think) or one sent just previous to it -- I had carefully made sure it was the first of the string of emails, and it DID have this photo of Dick Cheney on top of the email he forwarded to me.
There were four pics, three of a short, blond, Mohawk-haircutted "freak", followed by a pic of a normal-looking person naked with erection. I opened the "erection" shot (Hey -- it's my nature), and immediately knew I needed to get this all off to you all, but on getting back to forward the emails, I discovered that either that email had been "disappeared" from my gmail or tossed in trash.
Or maybe I'm overlooking something. I'll check all and make further note later, regardless what I find.

>>> Then afer finding them:

FOUND IT IN MY TRASH -- where I am ABSOLUTELY certain I did NOT send it!!!
Beware the trashiness if any of you are prudes!!!
* * *


Also, I'd like to say that I checked with a couple of Christian ministers, and they agree that the truly shocking thing was Rev. Holderness's icy reply to me without a flinch at the ugliness of my words. To be clear, I really had meant to try to make up with the leadership (other than Ernie) of the church and then the congregation. I had had NO idea of speaking such a shocking thing, but the words came up spontaneously, and I shamelessly delivered them -- possibly the BEST move I've made yet -- at least to that organization that PROUDLY lets Ben David hide his narco-trafficking behind beautifully delivered sermons and ministry.

The serpent has a forked tongue (so to speak)!!!

I happened to pass the Reform Synagogue yesterday, and remembering how kind the group of Jews were to me when I first go here -- a group of ladies offering to treat me to lunch, but I had a pressing matter then and could not join them -- I expect to contact the leadership there to see if I can attend services or study next weekend. I'm TIRED TO DEATH of being beat to crap by so-called Christians, but very importantly want to say that the REAL CHRISTIANS and I are on the same team -- it's just that they allow so many FAKERS to hide among them and attack me. They do not do this deliberately, but fail to discern who are the "devils" among them.

Jews do better!!!

Not only that, but Jonathan Reiner of the iconic Hollywood Family -- and a long-time internet friend who is also now a Religious Science Practitioner -- really did make me an Honorary Jew. Also, my TWICE roommate (in Cape May and very briefly in NYC) Janet Leuchter's father, Ben Zion Leuchter (loosely translates as "Son of Zion who spreads Light"), then owner of the newspaper in Vineland, NJ where he lived as well as a chain of small town newspapers and was considered a major Zionist, had assumed that the Kenans were Jews -- probably because of their unfailing support of Education and the Arts -- as good Jews do!!!

Dean Hansell, the attorney I might use who is a Denison '74 grad and Denison University Trustee as well, is a Jew.

>>> JEWS BE US. HA!!!


Dear friends in Law Enforcement, Politics, and others,

I'm sending this to several of you and then follow up by forwarding about eight emails form the fake people David Jones and David Kenan, who became so frustrated that he accidentally signed off "Dick", then in the most recent tried to save himself by calling himself "David 'Dicky' Kenan. LOL!!! -- and now he's moved on to Ketchikan, AK. HA!!! I am sending ONLY this intro email to the people you see on the top. The rest I will expose in the forwarded emails and NOT include those showing in this email so you can co-ordinate as you might need to.

I responded to NONE of these, and will send them in the order I received them. They might be helpful for evidence. I really don't think Dick Cheney himself would take the time to write emails to me, although he WOULD have top deputies do so. I've proven that I see through all their crap, so they have to have their best give it a go. That said, the slip of "David Kenan" signing off as "Dick" the other day at first seemed damning -- but it's probably just some other "Dick" (lol), and I don't buy that David is called "Dicky" or he'd have revealed that before the slip and the slip would have been "Dicky" -- not "Dick".

SUPER-LOL!!! !!! !!!

I called Patrick Stansbury this morning and left a message that surely he knows his goose is cooked (but not this gay one), and he'll be going to Federal Prison soon. That's why I'm sending to some PPI people shown at the top. Patrick and possibly Lee will get this, but not the others. Patrick remotely controls their email delivery, as Gerry Flynn explained to me a couple of years ago.

I DID also tell him in the voicemail that if he pays me more or all of the $38,000.00 less $3,800.00 he still owes me, his sentencing MIGHT be lighter -- although I couldn't guarantee that. I also mentioned that I have nothing personally against Gerry Flynn or her husband Joel Miller (in early 2010 of Raleigh Way or Rd., Bethlehem, GA -- but looking for a place to move to further out in the country) for their help. I'm pretty sure they'd turn State's evidence, especially Joel as he HATES Patrick with a passion. And years ago, Patrick tried (unsuccessfully) to rape Gerry, so she's got some issues with him too. They DID give me some money and Gerry DID give me the most honest warnings about what was REALLY up, although she was terrified to do so.

Mike Massicott is the biggest salesman and Patrick ALWAYS took his side when he and Gerry or Joel fought over a client. Much resentment there on G and J's parts. Mike is also a practicing homosexual and described a time or two to me some of the activities that put him into absolute ecstasy. That said, he has a wife (whom I like) and children. I think he would say anything to limit the embarrassment this is all going to cause his family. "Ted" Troy Emory Daniel to my knowledge no longer works for Pentagon Publishing, but he was often Patrick's confidant. He lives in the Decatur area and his family had something to do with the founding of Emory University, a school HEAVILY supported by the Kenan Charitable Trusts. He's always been especially friendly to me, although he and I never discussed any of these things. He, his wife, and I used to LOVE to joke about Massicott's OBVIOUS homosexuality.

I will send the other emails soon, after I drop a quick note to my backer in NYC -- then blog. I just checked, and have no scheduled court appearances this week.

I really do not believe my phone and emails are tampered with anymore, although I could be wrong. David Kenan NEVER sent any pictures, and his attempt, which you'll soon see, to get my new phone number is a joke.

All best to ALL (including the guilty)!!! LOL!!!



Also, so you know, Amazon mysteriously (without comment) transferred the royalties payment that had gotten mis-directed to me through THE ALWAYS BEFORE WORKING electronic deposit into my bank account about a week after I contacted them and that payment SHOULD have been (by that error) snail-mailed to me +/- 12/28/11, but I had noticed the unauthorized change about a week later and got in touch with them. BY THEIR SYSTEM, that physical check should STILL have gone out on the same date AND unlike I had feared, the Post Office WOULD have forwarded the mail to me for a full year. It NEVER arrived -- AND, as I said, they quietly sent the money a week after I contacted them, electronically. Also, I received the payment send +/- 1/28/12 on time, electronically.

this PROVES that someone working in Amazon had STOPPED my payments (there must have been a plan to murder me at about that time that they had HIGH CONFIDENCE in) -- not simply changed the setting to snail mail -- and then they sent the money without explanation and resumed normal delivery.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Devil Wears PRESBYTERIAN!!! (in THIS congregation)

Jim Holderness, Parish Associate for Discipleship, First Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, NC: http://www.firstonthird.org/Default.aspx

>>> I'm going to cut to the chase here as I'm bound and determined to take most of the afternoon off. After completing this blog post and broadcast emailing it to over 200 recipients, I will post some funny emails I received from fake people (David Kenan and David Jones -- who this morning forgot his fake name and signed off "Dick Jones" -- both mentioned in recent blog posts, which you can easily find), associated with my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh (the top Nazi in the US) and her lieutenant Dick Cheney.

1:53 PM: I am NOT going to publish those other emails, although I'll forward them on to a few in Law Enforcement, the Press, etc.
* * *


It was just as simple as this -- in fact, it WAS this (as Jim pumped gas at the Shell station at Third and Red Cross Streets. I was walking to U-Haul next-door to retrieve my computer, as we are not allowed electronics in the homeless shelter where I stay, 1 1/2 blocks away:

Me: "Hi Jim, I just wanted to let you know I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused at First Presbyterian and I hold no one responsible except Ernie Thompson. I'm working with the DEA and FBI to put him in Federal Prison for allowing (District Attorney) Ben David to hide his heroin and cocaine trafficking behind the church -- making him a Deacon, this year."

Jim: "Ben David is one of the finest individuals in this town, and I protect him too!!!"

Me: "You're a goddamn racist then!!! FUCK you and go to hell!!! I'll put you in prison, too, if there's anyway I can prove your crimes."

That was basically it, but what truly shocked me is that Jim had NO VISCERAL REACTION to my hideous words. You would (or at least I would) think that an ordained minister of God -- regardless the denomination -- would at least wince, but he didn't.

>>> And THAT's what REALLY damns him.

He did it to himself -- not as one might imagine -- God operating through me. And I SURE AS HELL thank God for that!!!

Thank you,


Warm Up (before unleashing HELL-FIRE!!!)


(Beginning with my reply)

Oh, THANK YOU!!! I knew that and in fact he used that title more often (although St. Texas Kate Schweppe, Sharp, Moldawer, and eventually McNamara called it BABE! )

I will add this.

I am NOT going to publish those other emails, although I'll forward them on to a few in Law Enforcement, the Press, etc.

A BUNCH of emails disappeared from my SENT folder this morning, but they all went out. I guess they still think they can kill me and are busy trying to "disappear" all evidence of me (in vain) beforehand. This would necessitate "disappearing" all 200+ email recipients I have (except those complicit).

It is an IMPOSSIBLE task and they need to barricade their doors instead, as authorities -- Legal or NOT -- will soon be carting them all away to pay their debt to Society -- PRAISE JESUS!!! LOL.


On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 1:28 PM, a Reader wrote:

Gideons Point = In Masks Outrageous and Austere

See the tangle at Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In_Masks_Outrageous_and_Austere .

* * *

Email From: Scott Kenan

11:14 AM (0 minutes ago)

To: Joseph

Yeah, Baby -- That's the vid!!! LOL. Martin Estavez . . . errrr Sheen and LOTTA LENYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was just ahead of its time.

BTW: I have seen that some (not many) have been calling A HOUSE NOT MEANT TO STAND TW's best play. Memory tells me that is not true, BUT I also know that it more accurately describes TODAY'S state of affairs than it did those of 1982 when we (pardon me my little indulgence) premiered the final version at the Goodman. I'd LOVE to see it today. I read it a couple of years ago, but good production/acting talent adds so much more to what is simply on the pages. I'd give ANYTHING to see a bang-up production of it now.

I'd give MORE than anything to read the ms of GIDEON'S POINT. I kick myself for not trying to force John Uecker to give me a copy when he and I reunited in fall of 2009, and had a spell of "friendship" before I put more info together and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had murdered TW.

I ran into a minister from First Presbyterian this morning at the Shell station, pumping gas and had QUITE the revealing confrontation, which I'll save you the details until I blog about it shortly.

And that reminds me: I need to email the head of the Legal Department at Sewanee to find out what lawyer has replaced the recently deceased (and mourner-less) Michael Remer in continuing the lead in perpetuating the rip-off of the $1/3 Billion Williams estate. Will be fun to see if she (if same person as two years ago) threatens me with lawsuits again. HA!!!

Also, fresh overnight emails from BOTH "David Kenan" (2)  and "David Jones" (1) (purportedly of Alaska). I haven't even opened them yet -- certain to be a source of fun and amusement!!!

Scotty-poo (or Scotty-poop) depending on your perspective!

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 8:00 PM, Joseph wrote:

I doubted you had seen a movie of this perpetual failure. But now I find that the original short version, Ten Blocks on the Camino Real, is available on DVD--a 1966 TV version, 70 min. So I ordered it.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Off the Hook -- Permanently

Scott Kenan

4:50 PM (11 minutes ago)

To: "David Kenan" 

Oh Fiddle-de-dee "David Kenan," and Rum-de-dum-dumb!!!

I never said your or anyone else's silly prayer!!! And I wouldn't bother with praying in front of a black candle (unless it was attached to a "brother", which you CLEARLY didn't mean).

I meant it didn't work that you visited me in my dream.

You have proved to be a materialist, which is someone who thinks the material (read drugs, black candles, statues, blessed palm, amulets, etc. have INTRINSIC power. They CAN have power -- but only the power WE put into them by virtue of our own belief. That's why they appear to work sometimes. That's why people who visit Catholic shrines have apparent cures -- they put their OWN power of belief into the experience. But here's the rub: that power don't last and must always be re-invested.

Belief in This Thing We Call God allows GOD'S power and love to flow through us and effect a REAL cure. That said, I have no problem with ANY of those other things. God is the self-existent Consciousness that created EVERYTHING out of Self-contemplation and the power of the Word. The energy of creation and God, we call Love. It's that simple.

Since God had nothing to create anything out of except Its Godself (I use the gender neutral since God in Its purest essence is a singularity so can have no sex with another, so no gender, although the creative aspect of God we often think of as a masculine trait -- or is that a feminine trait??? If I were God, I guess I'd know.

But I DO know this: God experiences sex through the activities of all it creates, so when you have self-respecting sex with yourself or another, God gets Its jollies!!! Do It a favor and have the best sex possible.

Now back to your self-identifying words in your email below. It is only those associated with Dick Cheney and my own physical mother (whom I've now ENTIRELY disowned -- while thanking her for the things she did for me before she came to hate me when she discovered I am gay and that being God-given, could not be changed) who doubt I worked for Tennessee Williams. Hell, it was actually FOX NEWS itself that first in national media reported my association with TW (those news reports have since fallen off the internet as Fox deletes news reports on their one-year anniversary -- but OTHER media that picked up on them and reported it are still up -- at least last I checked a few months ago).

For the record, it was a story about comments Dr. Larry Wright, the playwright who wrote TWITTER THEATER and teaches theater in the NYC area (in his youth, he was one of Tennessee Williams boyfriends) -- NOT the one that writes for THE NEW YORKER -- and I made about the changing of the coroner's report on TW's death six months after it occurred. John Uecker (who claimed to me he was BOUND to obey Maria St. Just and whom I later realized DID murder Tennessee Williams), Larry Wright, and I later added comments to the story.

I DO get distracted, but back to it: (second thought coming . . .) You're not worth it, but I'll publish this email anyway. I actually think if you are NOT Dick Cheney, you are one or more people working for him who have some psychological knowledge who thinks you can trick me into non-sense. Problem is, you misunderstand the Nature of God, so it's impossible for you to win.

And THAT's the bottom line!!!

Sub-bottom line: Lee Gosney, who (like I did) works/worked for www.pentagon-usa.com nominally, yet was the chief liaison between PPI owner Patrick Stansbury and Wilmington District Attorney Ben David (and many others in positions like Ben's) in the drug trafficking OWNED by the Republican Party and Fox News, told me several times that certain of the orders for actions against me had come DIRECTLY from Dick Cheney (and others -- fewer -- from GA Republican Congressman John Linder)

Of course Lee was my father's best friend from Alcoholics Anonymous when Dad lived in my GA house for half a year in 1990 and first connected with Patrick Stansbury to control me, TAKE DOWN Collegiate Concepts, Inc (the forerunner company owned by Eileen and Russell Smith -- she a Jew, so she HAD to go -- which Patrick then managed, but caused by means of a trumped up FALSE scandal on then CBS TV affiliate channel 5, which soon after became the Fox affiliate -- using film of ME giving questionable pitches for the Fraternal Order of Police that PATRICK STANSBURY WROTE that ran nightly in the news to DESTROY the value of the Smith's company.

Patrick eventually got control of ALL Collegiate Concept's military school, maritime school, and engineering university publication advertising-placement contracts. He did this in consort with Collegiate Concepts vice president (now deceased) Walter Moore, who had hailed form Cherry Hill, NJ and used to like to brag to me how he knew so many top people in what was then Sun Oil Company (now Sunoco, Inc) which my father spent his career with, and my brother, Micheal William Kenan works for now.

It's a good company (mostly), but J. Howard Pew, who owned and ran it for years was a hater of Liberty. He was my father's absolute hero. His heirs reversed their polarity ENTIRELY and founded the Pew Charitable Trusts, who friends of mine from DenisonKenan relatives with their Standard Oil derived wealth and Charitable Trusts.

(Oddly, my father worked briefly for Pure Oil in the Wilmington area for some time before marrying my mother. Pure Oil's logo is on Kenan Advantage Group's website http://www.thekag.com/ , so I guess Frank Hawkins Kenan once owned it!!!)

Also of interest might be that Lee Gosney, while hiding behind his role as an Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous "veteran" counselor who traveled nationally in that capacity, hiding his narcotics-trafficking role, was the first to tell me what ANY streetwise person in Wilmington, NC will tell you: "If you want to buy drugs, go to an AA meeting. If you want to buy sex, go to an NA meeting."

That said, some in those organizations actually DO work the REAL programs -- but I would hate to guess what percentage . . .

And so it is today, Saturday 1/28/12.

Thanks for reading such a long one,

PS: So, "David Kenan," where are those pictures you promised you were sending HOURS ago??? LOL. I don't NEED a picture of Dick Cheney, but I'll insert one when I post all this on my blog (if I remember to).

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 12:04 PM, David Kenan davidgkenan@gmail.com wrote:

If the prayer didn't work it is because you didn't invoke in front of the black candle.

Obviously I have misjudged you. Tall (like Lurch) bipolar, paranoid and goofy; dumb as a box of rocks do not begin to describe you.

You cant possibly have been with Tom Williams long, if you even were. 

Perhaps you can be a biological outlet for me to release into. I am sending you pictures.

Look at the prayers again. Look at them backwards.

I shall be in contact with your mother and siblings for a " family reunion planning meeting" of sorts. Do you think I should tape record and attach to your blog in a wave file.

Pics to follow. Say the prayers!

David Kenan
Grand High Priest
Allistair Crowley Coven

>>> GOOGLING "Allistair Crowley Coven" we find that "David" (Dick Cheney???) misspelled "ALEISTER Crowley Coven" (those Republicans are all LAZY or DRUG-ADDLED!!!)

On Jan 28, 2012 6:22 AM, "Scott Kenan" wrote:

Didn't work.

I know I was not going to reply, but it seemed only fair that you know that. Follow my blog and if you have something germane to say, contact me and i MIGHT re-engage.

Best wishes to you regardless. We are all created in the Image of This Thing We Call God.

In the REALITY of this morning, I have connected in-the-flesh to a film/video producer who has done much work about not only Tupac Shakur (whose museum is only a few blocks from my former home in GA), but the Crystal Skulls. When i lived lived in Puerto Vallarta, there was a guy I constantly ran into on the beach who had made movies about the Crystal Skulls. He gave me his BEST one, which I never viewed but still possess. This is all new to me, but seems to be taking me into a new, significant expansion.

Since this man intuitively came up to speak to me (he lives in town but stayed here a night after his girlfriend did him violence which he does not yet have perspective on) AND he spoke first against the Rothschilds (connected to Maria St. Just and the Grenfel bank) -- and one of his documentaries that I sampled on Tupac is about how Tupac was murdered for breaking the Illuminati oath when he PUBLICLY talked about Quincy Jones' invitation for him to join him upstairs in Q's house "sucking dick and eating pussy" I am totally fascinated, yet recognize it might just be a distraction AND i am only one person and can not take on ALL things. Still, there must be a reason that man insisted I take his Mystery of the Crystal Skulls DVD.

I just checked the Illuminati Oath, based on the Jesuit Oath. it is a DENIAL of God-WITHIN-us in favor of the Absolute Authority of the Top Leader (VERY Papist, really).

I have a new phone number that strangely was assigned and is appropriate to a place several hundred miles from Wilmington, despite my giving the correct zip code. My old phone will work for a time, so you could still call me on it for a while. I will NOT be giving my new phone number to siblings or parents -- and will be careful in to whom I do give it.


On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 3:29 AM, David Kenan <davidgkenan@gmail.com> wrote:

Tonight, I shall appear to you in your dreams. I will always hear you, see you, be watching you.
David Kenan
Grand High Priest

On Jan 27, 2012 2:33 PM, "David Kenan" <davidgkenan@gmail.com> wrote:

Thankfulness to high heavens! And mostly important, my cousin/ brother read the story of Malchezedek and apply it to me and your nearer relative. You almost have solved the puzzle.

The prayer I have tailored to suit you in our ancient tongue. You will find it useful to give you strength to destroy the enemy. I am dreaming dreams. As you are aware, many Kenans throughout time have been blessed with gifts of second sight, precognitive ability, telekinesis and as myself and I believe you possess also,telepathy. You need to look to the old one to find the power within!

Now go directly to the black candle and SAY THE PRAYER.

May the Gods be with you!