Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All Kisses Flow From "BIG SWEETIE"!!!

TELLING graphic from North Carolina State Employees' Credit Union. See details below.

TELLING graphic of the growth in hits of THIS BLOG (as of this morning).


James Murdoch Steps Down As Executive Chairman Of News International        

"James Murdoch has stepped down as executive chairman of News International, the British arm of News Corp., the company announced Wednesday. Murdoch, who was once seen as the heir apparent to his father Rupert at the head of News Corp., has now lost a key position within the company.

"News Corp. cast the move as stemming from James' recent relocation to New York from London, and Rupert Murdoch said his son would "continue to assume a variety of essential corporate leadership mandates." He will also remain as the deputy COO of News Corp.

"But the reshuffling will be widely seen as a reflection of James' deeply diminished stature following wave after wave of damaging allegations about his complicity in News Corp.'s still-simmering phone hacking scandal. That scandal has mushroomed into a full-blown nightmare for the company, with the persistent threat of serious prosecution hanging in the air."

>>> PLEASE NOTE: I accuse News Corp (Fox News) of having REPEATEDLY hacked my computer, email, blog, Facebook Page, and cell phones for several years now -- often using their shills, my former employer and DRUG TRAFFICKER Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing (the one in Snellville, GA) , Allen Rosen of Allen Rosen Productions (my former roommate in Georgia) , and Christal Presley (currently a "mentor-tutor" for Atlanta Public Schools and BEST friend of Sean and Jill Rhodes Hannity of FOX NEWS who had pretended to be my best friend in Atlanta for two years until I confronted her late one Sunday night and within minutes I got a Robo-Call from American Express CUTTING $24,000.00 credit from my account DESPITE the fact that I then had 18 YEARS of PERFECT FLAWLESS CREDIT (and a ten year relationship WITH AMEX) as well as an 18-year JOB-IN-GOOD-STANDING, which Patrick Stansbury IMMEDIATELY severed me from as well because he knew I knew too much about his NARCO-TRAFFICKING -- and then to rub it in my face, ILLEGALLY refused to pay me $38,000.00 promised to pay me for buy-back of company stock (although I later got him to pay 10% of this amount -- BUT NO MORE ).


B.: In Georgia, it is ILLEGAL for banks to make Robo-Calls after 10:00 PM on a Sunday night.

* * *

2. Republican Congressional Candidate Says 'Holocaust Never Happened' : .

(Ask my mother about the swastikas on the dinner plates she served dinner on in the 1950s and 60s.)

* * *


Could GEORGE TRIFOLIO be the SAME GEORGE who allegedly was FORCED to sell Costello's Gay Piano Bar on Princess Street to David Nash (who brought false charges against me -- probably "innocently") and John Stike after he was convicted of DRUG CHARGES and could no longer legally own a bar in North Carolina???

And why would local UBER-realtor Donna McMahon tell me she knew George and David co-owned the bar (in February 2011) -- BUT HAD NEVER HEARD OF JOHN STIKE'S PART OWNERSHIP???

And then I later heard after I chased Costello-denizen George out of the Duck n' Dive bar in late spring, that he had sold his interest to David Nash and moved to Washington, DC.

I wish I could talk to Mr. Nash to get the truth -- especially since I see NO WAY he could have a problem with me. All I've done is attempt the clarify what actually happened, and I've shown how David HAD to be innocent of the drug trafficking in his bar (the most convincing thing to me was how PANICKED he was when he called me, despite his being a VERY SUCCESSFUL lawyer who would NEVER normally panic. HE SIMPLY COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN WHAT WAS GOING ON OR HOW MUCH CONTROL NARCOTICS DEALERS HAD OVER HIM, HIS BAR, OR THE WHOLE DANG TOWN!!!)

-- Which has NO DOUBT stopped LONG ago now (drug dealing in Costello's bar) -- and the atmosphere and entertainment provided by ALL bartenders except tall-Tim (who I believed ALSO fled town months ago -- and also should NOT be confused with Tall Timmy who runs Nutt Street Comedy downstairs at the edgy Laundro-Lounge on Market.)

Costello's has about the BEST ATMOSPHERE AND ENTERTAINMENT IN TOWN and the bar is about the only place where you can have a CIVILIZED DATE -- none of the usual PIGS N' SLUTS action the rest of the DOWNTOWN SPIRIT is DYING from.

Could men and women show each other just a TINY bit of respect when they go out weekend nights to couple??? And they have the nerve to criticize me.

Of course Wilmingtonians are too PROUD to admit any errors -- or at least learn from and get over their foibles -- THEY'D RATHER PROTECT THE DRUG TRADE THAT ENSLAVES ALL OF US AND OUR CHILDREN!!!

And then Wilmingtonians will WRAP IT ALL IN THE CROSS OF DEAR OL' JESUS. Wilmingtonians have acted and talked so crazy to me that I believe that if they REMEMBERED that Jesus was actually a JEW (and his last name was not "Christ"), they would blame him for misleading them ito their hate (when they actually read their scriptures with polluted reading comprehension, really), and then use that as an excuse to lynch a few Jews or sumpthin'.

Ask the black folk about the 1898 Wilmington Race Riot. UNTOLD TONS of black folk were murdered or chased out of town -- the point of land at the confluence of the Cape Fear and the Northeast Cape Fear Rivers then BRISTLING with the gory severed heads of "uppity" blacks -- and YES the top impetus was William R. Kenan SENIOR (Mary Lily and Will's Dad -- the "blackest" of the Kenans that I ever heard of), HIDING behind his position of ELDER at First Presbyterian Church.


But no. WHITE PEOPLE DEFINE MORALITY -- (BY THE ORDER OF GOD). And the Bible gives them the authority to enslave the "colored" races -- and any uppity white boys like me.
Well YOU know and I know this is a little RIDICULOUS, but ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, it's about what things have COME TO!!!

>>> I predict that if you re-read these last several paragraphs in about five days, even Ben David will be able to laugh. THAT's how confident I AM that This Thing We Call God is RAPIDLY working to HEAL this world -- and we can all speed it up (at least in our own lives) by ALLOWING The Dove (His Grace) to descend -- or reveal itself from within us -- whichever way you prefer to look at it, GOD IS.


* * *


Mornin' Sir!!!

I had a great night's sleep last night and did NOT get at all distracted by having a very hot straight man (virtually nekkid) in my bed all night. In fact, he's still in it drinking free hotel coffee and orange juice whilst gnoshing free pastries and watching the color Tee-Vee!!! Funny that I would be in bed non-carnally with so many straight guys in this same hotel I shared with EVAN FISH before Ben David forced him to jump off the parking deck to his death because of all his DETAILED knowledge of Ben's narco-traffiking (but LESS than Robbie Trahan who has allegedly -- and I DO mean allegedly -- escaped to his sister's in Texas. Robbie was going to call me back a WEEK AGO and he's SIMPLY DISAPPEARED SINCE THEN OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH!!!

Well, luckily, some married hotster from SilverDaddies wants to come over later today for a playful time. This works well in that I finally get some relief and "Mr. Copperhead", a new moniker, can go out then to run chores and maybe find him a real woman while he's at it.

Let me explain further.

Yesterday, yet ANOTHER bizarre bank-thing happened. I stopped at a ATM to withdraw $40.00 to have some pocket money, and then go to rent a $12/month mailbox at UPS Store -- having checked my account online at 11:00 AM to see that I still had about $152.00 clear -- NO PROBLEM!!!

But the ATM said I had insufficient funds to withdraw $40.00, which seemed JUST LIKE THE NON-SENSE I HAD TO DEAL WITH A WEEK OR SO AGO. Knowing that I had enough food, etc. that I would not have to do anything but panhandle cigs until Tomorrow when a significant deposit clears, I relaxed, called the bank's line to discover that I had $25.00 clear (bizarre that a couple of hours earlier -- 11:00 AM -- had $152.00 clear AND I HAD USED MY CARD FOR NOTHING BUT SEVERAL UNDER $10.00 PURCHASES IN SEVERAL DAYS).

I resolved that I would wait until Thursday to rent the mailbox, and after buying a slice of pizza, a Coke, AND TWO PACKS OF CIGARETTES (under $4.00/pack here, off-brand) ON THE $20.00 + $2.05 MACHINE CHARGE + WHATEVER FSNB charges for using someone else's machine -- FSNB has three branches in Wilmington, ALL more than a mile from the hotel, and no other ATMs that would save THAT charge, at least, I ALSO decided to talk to BoA again.

Seems to me that BoA and I might work something out -- and HELL!!! they oughta pay ME for doing FREE PR work on my blog, some of which I've also pasted on their Facebook Page to CHEER THEM UP in the face of unfair Fox News/Republican-controlled Press reports scourging them while hardly reporting the WORSE activities of the other Big Banks (BoA's hosting of the Democratic After--Party in their Stadium doesn't help them get "Good Republican Pres" either. LOL!!!) N.B: closed parentheses!!!

Anyway, Warren Buffett, who invested $2 BILLION in BoA late last fall, knows what's REALLY going on and that BoA will be as much a Phoenix for the Kenans/Sinatras as the good work of Frank Hawkins (who left his estate to his grandson Frank Hawkins Kenan) PHOENIX-IZED ATLANTA!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! !!! !!!

On the way to see if I couldn't work out something with BoA, I stopped at the Library to borrow a copy of THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, but ran smack dab into my buddies Jersey (The Resurrection Bird) and James (Dickey Bird). Turns out they've been laughing their butts off at the Mercy House drug addicts/traffickers and homophobes who've been UBER bad-mouthing me since I was tossed out (I also talked to a couple current residents including short fat black Lorenzo-the-Day-Captain and told them Rev. James Pollard -- at least -- will be going to Federal Prison, which got him spewing loud, angry death threats to me that were TOTALLY ACTIONABLE for AT LEAST misdemeanor, if not Felony, "Communicated Threats" charges, which I will NOT file as to me the whole scene of a bunch of black and white drug addicted homophobes he was with playing chorus was a FABULOUS "faggotty" comedy scene, and I ONLY regret not having a movie camera to have recorded it!!!

Back to Dicky Bird who has previously defended me when I was in REAL physical danger several times -- the first time BEFORE I met him, but he saw I was in trouble with JERKS and SPRUNG to my aid. Had I NOT then held him back, he would have punched them out and landed in jail. He's a very physicially impressive MAN-WEAPON as well as smart, who had worked not only many years as a top-trained, top paid electrician for several national companies, but as a Loan Shark's collector, instructed to break people's legs if they wouldn't PAY UP. Best news: He never broke ANYONE's legs (this in Metro NYC area) because he got them to pay using REASON, although he saw MANY broken legs done by his co-workers.

But Dickey Bird did NOT get the job as an electrician with on the CFCC (Cape Fear Community College) new building going up as promised several times (probably because Ben David and others know he's my friend). But he's determined to get a job. Since he TOO is not allowed in Mercy House and has been living "outdoors" for a couple of months, I invited him back to shower, shave, relax, and just enjoy not having to fight the streets for a day or two. (He's offered to go out and do our laundry later as well!!!). And he has some EBT and a few dollars that he spent to buy us a couple of beers last night Praise Jesus.

Today, I discovered that TWO $77.72 charges hit my FSNB account early yesterday afternoon, that are NOT actual charges, but test "pings" of my account to be sure I could pay the several hundred dollar weekly hotel charge (one charge incorrectly made first and "zeroed" by an immediate credit, so that's why TWO pings rather than one). Of course the PINGS hit my account A FULL DAY AND A HALF LATER than the REAL charge, and HAVE NOT BEEN DROPPED after the real charges hit!!!)

In phone communication with FSNB, I learned that they will NOT drop off for 72 hours and THERE IS NOTHING THAT ANYONE AT ANY LEVEL AT THE BANK CAN DO ABOUT IT (except LEND OUT FIVE TIMES the $155.42 at their HIGH interest as allowed by law while IMMORALLY not allowing ME access to my OWN FUNDS!!!) -- unless I get the hotel to put together all manner of paperwork about it and fax it to the bank. I asked the hotel about this, and they said they have to do this REGULARLY with Credit Unions who have different rules than banks: CUs can keep that hold on LEGALLY for up to a FULL MONTH, but that REAL banks almost always drop it within 24 hours (what does that make Fort Sills National Bank -- which likes to PRETEND they care about military service-people, but screw them regularly behind a lot of -- no doubt -- Republican Party Flag Waving???

Also, hotel management told me that the bank would take their time processing the faxed paper, so the 72 hour drop would likely happen faster than their action -- the whole business being worthwhile ONLY if it were a Credit Union. (Interesting that they said that the NC State Employees' CU is THE WORST to deal with and will FIGHT LIKE HELL not to drop a hold for the whole month!!!: .

Well, as EVERYONE living in this State and outside it knows: NORTH CAROLINA HAS DEVOLVED INTO A FASCIST GULAG, especially since the Republicans took over the Legislature a few years ago. I am KENAN, so I have duty to serve here -- and so far, I'm racking up SUCCESS AFTER SUCCESS!!!

So Mr. Bird will rest up here a day or two and it's nice to have a loyal friend who's physically intimidating and who will cooperate and temporarily vamoose if some married guys want to stop over for sex -- individual or orgy.

>>> Bottom Line:

1. I will get cash from machines and pay the hotel cash in the future.

2. It might be time to think about OTHER accommodations. Some people in Wilmington might be willing to rent something half reasonable and not fear being killed by Ben David or having their businesses destroyed in retaliation for allowing me an apartment. Maybe.

I'll keep my ears open. Even an EXPENSIVE apartment here is less than the hotel. Basic nice apartments can be had for $600 - $800 near downtown, or less in other areas. Furnished short term apartment rents meant for business people on temp assignment run about $1,000 and up (typical is about $1,200). This is LESS than the higher March hotel charge of about $350/week -- not yet fully negotiated -- here, and they DON'T do background checks if you have the money with some sort of deposit. If they CHANGE that rule for Dear Old Scott KENAN, there could be LEGAL HELL to pay, if ya see where I'm goin' with this.

Something to consider. And maybe I could find a tested, trusted friend to share.

3. I really will try to work something out with BoA, but not today.

4. In other news, I got a funny reply to my emailed last blog post that I'll likely reply to in a later blog post.

5. Dr. Carrie Menke AFTER 2.5 WEEKS, still has not filed her report on whether or not I meet the test for trial-mental-competency of "being able to carry on a conversation" (and NOT illegally threaten anyone), so all is still in Limbo regarding my cases. The LAST time I was tested this way, the testor told me BEFORE I left that I had easily passed -- but then HIS office did not have the same phone number as District Attorney JON David. I think that has something to do with her indecision. LOL!!!

(and with DEEP gratitude)



Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kenans Serve WORLDWIDE (where do YOU serve???)

Thomas S. Kenan III, trustee of the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust, visits the Tablamu Praratchathan School in Phang-nga, Thailand. See more here: .


Kenan Institute Asia (K.I.Asia), the operational name for the Kenan Foundation Asia, is a leading Thailand based non-profit organization which serves the sustainable development needs of the Greater Mekong Subregion (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand,Yunnan Province in southern China), and Vietnam.

Founded in 1996, K.I.Asia works to address the challenges facing South East Asia through free enterprise mechanisms, boundary-spanning partnerships and expertise gained through practical development experience. The organization specializes in designing, managing and implementing programs in five main areas: public health; youth development and innovative education; entrepreneurship; sustainable tourism; business and economic development; and Corporate Social Responsibility.

>>> Hit the link to read the extensive article in Wikipedia: .

* * *

>>> IN RESPONSE TO THIS: (and posted ALSO on Bank of America's Facebook Page):

After frequently pointing out that the Republicans/Fox News-leveraged press goes after BoA far worse than the OTHER banks -- and BLOWS UP horrific specific incidents to appear to be systemic, I'M GLAD THE PRESS HOLDS BoA TO THE FIRE!!!

My distant relatives' various Kenan Charitable Trusts are the largest BoA stockholders, our allies, the Sinatra Family, the second.

Although it seems unnecessary to ask for "a doctor's note" to prove disability, this is common practice in MANY areas -- and EASY TO GET!!!

"Unnecessary and burdensome" requirements DOES NOT state HOW burdensome. Responsible reporting would SPECIFY!!!

Thomas S. Kenan III, now in charge of most Family Charitable Trusts owns the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach -- the LARGEST advertiser on The Daily Koz, which leads people to info about the OCCUPY movement.

The Chief of Staff at HuffPost is on the Board at Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University.

I am giving evidence to Law Enforcement PROVING the link between the Republican Party/Fox News with NARCO-TRAFFICKING.

The Dems will party at BoA Stadium in Charlotte at the end of the Convention this summer.

I'm SURE this will all work out. See .

Thank you,

Betty Kenan (widow of Frank Hawkins Kenan) center, TSK III on right.



Monday, February 27, 2012

Riding the Unicorn (in UNICODE)

  • It's all become so surreal -- especially since MY family inherited ALL of the wealth of the man who INVENTED the multi-state corporation, founded Standard Oil, opened Florida with his railroad, etc.


    Well, Henry Flagler was called both The Visionary Robber Baron and the one that had HEART!!! He left my Kenan relatives EVERYTHING (almost), and they put it to supporting:

    University Education, Democracy, the Arts, and now preserving all the native languages and cultures in Latin America.

    Our chief Adversaries are the SECOND Oil Cartel owned by the Saudi Royals with their bin Laden/Bush/Cheney/Fox News allies -- but DIG THIS!!! 


    Read about it on my blog. Index to subjects is a couple of scrolls below link to my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams: .

    WASHINGTON -- On Tuesday morning, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument on whether corporations, like real people, can be held liable in American courts for international human rights violations. The issue has divided four appeals courts over the past year and a half, as Democrat-appointed judges have uniformly voted for corporate liability while all but one Republican-appointed judge has come down for corporate...

    · · 14 minutes ago via The Huffington Post

  • Santorum has TANKED out -- all tied in KNOTS with his HATE. Ron Paul's smoked too much pot to make sense any more, and now Romney remembers parades that happened WHILE HIS PARENTS WERE CONCEIVING HIM!!!

    What's next???


    Praise CHEESES!!!

    Mitt Romney came under criticism Monday for recalling a seminal moment from his childhood in Detroit that actually took place nine months before he was born. Mitch Potter of the Toronto Star on Monday questioned a tale that the former Massachusetts governor recently told to a Tea Party crowd of atte...

    · · · 2 hours ago

    Tennessee Williams and me at The Kennedy Center Honors 1981.


    I'm Not Only Getting Younger . . .

    I've CHANGED MY NAME!!! (Not unlike Wilmingtonian Kathleen Haberstick who is now Kathleen Little. See .) 

    To everyone who has responded in a positive way. My partner and I want to say thank you. Dalan (I hope you like his new name!!!), the giant in the photo, can't believe how many shares and likes we have gotten on this.

    We didn't do this to get famous,or something like that we did this cause after 3 deployments and four years knowing each other, we finally told each other how we felt. As for the haters, let em quote Kat Williams, everyone needs haters, so let them hate.

    We are the happiest we have ever been and as for the whole PDA and kissing slash hugging in was a homecoming, if the Sergeants Major, Captains, Majors, and Colonels around us didn't care...then why do you care what these random people have to say?

    In summation, thank you for your love and support. I received a lot of friend requests off this. I don't just accept requests so if your request was because of this post message me and let me know.

    Goodnight all, and Semper Fi!!!

    Evan Fish
    See more here: .


    Resolution Begins To Emerge . . .

    Sewanee Chief Council Donna Pierce with Alabama's former Poet Laureate, the pill-popping Helen Norris, who like the old goat she appears to be, is now mostly consigned to a "retirement farm" in North Carolina, but still gets around to advising women to "just eat chocolate" if you want to live the man-member-free Life of Fiction. And there's MORE!!!:

    >>> BUT FIRST, a few "various" items:

    1. Regarding that very real NEW YORK POST ARTICLE I referenced here: : I need to clarify EXACTLY what happened (which is corroborated by my contemporaneous blog posts which I'm too lazy to hunt down, as Google isn't good at delving into this blog's older material -- although it can be accessed through a dark glass using the Index).

    A. Dr. Larry Myers -- sometimes I slip and call him "Larry Wright" -- (a one-time sexual trystist -- at least -- with Mr.Williams, who went on to write theater pieces such as TWITTER THEATER and teaches English or writing at St. John's University -- and who wrote a very flattering review of my Williams memoir that makes me feel I'd like to show him some "appreciation" if given the chance in the future -- he and I HAVE met in the past, but without DNA exchange) spoke to Fox News reporters in January 2010 and Fox published the interview on its East Coast and West Coast, "flagship" TV-station websites (both disappearing exactly one year after publication), telling about how the "bottle-cap" scenario" had been a fiction.

    >>> Reviews can be found on this site (as well as others). Click "Show More" under "Book Description": . 

    B. At that time, John Uecker had ALREADY admitted to me that HE had given the Coroner the idea of the "bottle-cap scenario" to cover up the "Seconal-overdose" scenario that he DIDN'T EVEN THINK UP until at least some days later, but WAS able to convince ME of -- despite ITS being total fiction too!!!

    John claimed to me that he had had to make up SOMETHING since there were no signs of struggle nor bruises on the cadaver, and the Press was our in front of the Hotel Elysee CLAMORING FOR DETAILS ON THE DEATH and would assume it was a drug overdose if no contradictory theory was credibly proposed.

    C. The original Fox News TV website article was different than this NY Post aricle in many ways, but having just learned that Rupert Murdock ALSO owns the Post, there's NOTHING surprising there!!! In the original (It was Uecker who made the claim about WHO made and then changed the "cause of death" (by adding a comment online!!!), and I had commented on TW's vigor during the half year I had worked for him, despite my having spoken to NO reporters (but still, it was accurate).

    D. The NEW YORK POST had clearly only picked up the information from the Fox News websites, originally publishing something closer to the online Fox report, but over the last two years have AMENDED it to be what you see today.

    E. BOTH the TV websites and this one have changed the story several times -- without showing dates of updating -- AS IF THIS WAS WHAT THEY HAD PUBLISHED ALL ALONG!!! (And the TV websites disappeared a year after appearing.)

    F. AT THAT TIME, I copied those TV websites into this blog with comments about what was going on (although I don't now remember if I had even yet realized FOR CERTAIN that John Uecker murdered Tennessee Williams when Maria St. Just let him know "THE PLAN" was READY FOR EXECUTION!!!

    G. In a cursory look, I cannot find that in this blog, so like RECENT EVIDENCE of removal of small items in RECENT blog posts, FOX NEWS/REPUBLICAN PARTY HACKERS have probably removed all of that back then. That said, I might not have looked in the right place, and it might have been before or after January 2010 that all this occurred (don't trust Fox's dates!!!).

    * * *

    Helen Norris, Alabama’s poet laureate from 1999 to 2003, turned 95 in June and now lives in Black Mountain, N.C., at a retirement farm. In September 2009, my husband and I took Helen some McIntosh apples. She had received pills by mail that day “for the brain.” She assured us that, like our apples, the pills would increase acetylcholine to improve memory and slow mental decline. When we started to leave, she demanded, “What are you doing for your brain, Kathleen?” I replied, “Not a thing, Helen.” “Here,” she said. “These will help.” She held out two bars of European dark chocolate and flashed her knowing smile.

    Helen chooses never to write what she knows, but only what she can imagine. In 2003 I interviewed her in her Montgomery home and over she-crab soup at Sinclair’s. I wanted to know the how and why of her fiction, based on her essay in the spring 1991 Sewanee Review, “The Self and the Matrix of Fiction.”

    >>> WELL, Sewanee's Legal Council (including the late Michael Remer in NYC who REIGNED IN TERROR over the Tennessee Williams estate, now replaced by Kenneth Swezy at the same law firm), is ALSO BIG into "FICTION WRITING," and I'm beginning to believe that the Humane way out of all the MESS, not only over Tennessee Williams' estate, but the political situation in the US -- and even THE WORLD, is to reconcile all the WRITERS!!!

    THAT'S RIGHT -- Since WE are non-FICTION writers, we have a natural disposition to call them "LIARS", when in fact, THEY'RE JUST SUPER-EXCELLENT FICTION WRITERS!!!

    If we change what we call them, they might calm down and negotiate so that we have to imprison fewer of them -- AND THEY ALL GET PUBLISHING CONTRACTS SO THEY'LL HAVE A SOURCE OF CONTINUING INCOME.

    I think that will work PERFECTLY -- and not only that, only proven NON-FICTION WRITERS will be allowed to own any publishing venues, so just THINK of all the fun that could ensue . . .

    * * *


    I hope you had as much fun as I did over the weekend! Seems I had all manner of delightful things to occupy my time, not the least of which was scorching Wilmingtonians with several emails per day, apparently causing a rash of spontaneous eye-bleedings and head explosions, but THANK GOD, no one's sent me their medical bills yet!!!

    The good news is that now that I've turned certain matters over to "Higher Authorities" in the Presbyterian Church USA, I believe the godly will conduct their own fair investigation into matters at First Prez, and what the various Law Enforcement Agencies are both slow and afraid to do, the RIGHTEOUS will look into fearlessly. And if I'm wrong, then I'll have plenty of amends to amend to, but THAT ain't a-gonna happen. HA!

    Once Ben David is stripped of his Deaconship (God, the very IDEA gets me having "impure thoughts"), the Law will be less timid. And yes, we're looking at a significant amount of time for such things to be done FAIRLY and HONESTLY. In the meantime, any harm coming to me will be deflected as it would only prove my points. Of my adversaries, Ben really is not only BRILLIANT, he has taught Sunday School at First Prez so he GETS the Presbyterian message, even if he perverts himself while hiding behind it.

    Only Stephanie and their children get in the way of what I think would be one of the HOTTEST Power Couplings IMAGINABLE!!!

    But ya know what? Ben's familial responsibilities are FAR more important than my little Hottentot fantasies, and I know dang well that I've been too pubic (should have been "public") for Ben to ever even THINK of trying to do something discrete with me on the side like he's done with those other fellows.


    FYI: I called Ms. Donna Pierce, Chief Legal Council at Sewanee this morning to see if I could get her to start threatening me with lawsuits again like she was doing two years ago. I'm afraid it didn't work and she EVENTUALLY hung up on me, but we discussed some things in detail first which might amuse you and other Williams Friends.

    I DID ask who now was in charge over TW's rights since Mr. Remer's passing late last fall, and she REFUSED to tell me. I suggested she not line herself up for a Prison Term like I'd like to give Bishop Alexander in ATL, the school's titular head. My point being that SO MANY PEOPLE have been so WELL lied to, it's VERY DIFFICULT to know who actually INTENTIONALLY broke laws given what info they've had access to -- and how BRILLIANTLY the top people have manipulated their lowers.

    Next, I called Cowan, DeBaets, Abrahams & Sheppard LLP in NYC (where the receptionist is very nice), and learned that Ken Swezy is the new lawyer in charge -- just as I told Ding Dong Donna I'd be able to do! He didn't answer his line, but I left him a very long message that since HE had never been part of the original conspiracy (Michael Remer, Maria St. Just, and John Eastman -- with their murdering tool John Uecker -- having DONE THE DEED(S)), and why don't we all work together so that Sewanee retains the ownership (and some serious proceeds), while Harvard gets what Tennessee stipulated they were to have: Control of management of the rights and also decision-making regarding how the proceeds are spent, PRIMARILY TO ASSIST STRUGGLING WRITERS WHOSE WORK IS OF AN "EXPERIMENTAL NATURE."

    I'm not opposed to Harvard's allocating Swanee enough funds to cover up all the alumni-giving support they've lost over Bishop Alexander's "reforms," and FURTHER, I don't think it's anyone's business how Sewanee chooses to govern itself -- except for those in the Sewanee Community (assuming all is legal). I mean Tennessee Williams estate was worth about $10 Million when he died -- something I don't argue with since he SHOWED me his net-worth report from his accountants while I worked for him and it was $11 million.

    But the estimate of the estate's value from about three years ago -- provided to me by disgruntled alumni of Sewanee WHO ARE TOP LAWYERS -- was then $1/3 BILLION, and THAT BEFORE the stock market rise we've seen since Obama took over.

    I bet it's doubled -- or nearly so since then.

    I plan to blog, answer any intriguing emails, DO WASH, GET A MAILBOX, and then relax and see what develops today.



    Never Give Up!!!

    Why President Obama and I remain so vigorous and youthful!!! (N.B.: I'M the one who's available for dating still -- NOT HIM!!!)


    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    TRUTH of Tennessee Williams Murder Published in the NEW YORK POST!!!