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With Us -- or AGAINST Us (U.S.)???

Old photo from LIFE magazine showing Maria St. Just's (nee Britneva) proudly acquisitive nature. In this photo, presumably in one of her residences, she holds a self protrait of Tennessee Williams -- shades of THINGS TO COME!!!

>>> ANNOYANCE, CONTINUING: 4/1/12, 9:22 AM:

I spent 45 minutes last night when I posted this (right after spending 3.5 hours recovering my computer and anti-virus/firewall), but could NOT get BLOGGER (part of the corrupted Google), to accept my changes -- and it kept changing my formatting in ways I was not doing. ANNOYING.

This morning, TWICE Internet Explorer has reported that this URL does not exist -- meaning hackers had taken this blog down completely, but then it comes back up and I am for a FEW SECONDS ONLY allowed to try to correct these things but then when I SAVE them and publish the updated, SOME -- BUT NOT ALL -- CHANGES REGISTER, and OTHER things are corrupted.

Welcome to APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!! Will be interesting to see WHO the real Fools are -- not unlike what Jeanne Dixon had to say about "the REAL COMMUNISTS in the United States Government", whom she knew she had served.

See more about THAT (and more) below.

* * *


Well, like my UBER REPUBLICAN little sister Julie, you do NOT know how to use a question mark correctly. Your use of it here indicates you question your own mind (not a bad idea!!!)
1. I am a NOTORIOUS PUBLIC FIGURE in Wilmington, NC as well as becoming one NATIONWIDE!!! (and 20% of the hits my blog get daily are from FOREIGN COUNTRIES -- now, especially RUSSIA, where Tennessee claimed his plays were MORE popular than in the US, but back then (1981 - 1982), you could NOT take Russian Rubles out of Russia. Texas Kate and Tennessee used to joke about going over there (a FEW were then allowed to visit the Soviet Union), and coming back DRIPPING a trail of furs.
You see, Tennessee KNEW that Maria St. Just (nee Britneva) had the CONTACTS in the COMMUNIST PARTY to GET much of that money -- AND WOULD!!! So she NOT ONLY grabbed the SECOND LARGEST FORTUNE in Great Britain by having PERMANENTLY COMMITTED HER HUSBAND PETER GRENFEL (The Lord St. Just) to a mental hospital TWO WEEKS AFTER THEY WERE MARRIED and soon controlled the Grenfel Bank.
She put all that money from the COMMUNIST PARTY together with the GRENFEL BANK, SEDUCED (with greed), Tennesee's lawyer John Eastman and Sewanee (The University of the South), who already KNEW Tennessee was going to leave Sewanee his estate in honor of his grandfather, Reverend Walter E. Dakin, because he had attended Sewanee's Episcopal seminary there -- the only one in "The Old South", and had given Tennessee "poetry".
So they got John Uecker (who told me he NEVER left Manhattan to visit Tennessee after the brief few-day visit to Key West mentioned in my memoir (now SUPPRESSED by Amazon or hackers. See: ), during which he complained CONSTANTLY that Tennessee would NOT allow him to look at his manuscripts -- or even ENTER his writing studio.
The claim that John was EVER a "literary assistant" to Tennessee Williams is UTTERLY FALSE. in those days, John had a body akin to a young Marlon Brando -- and Tennessee LOVED to enjoy it, but he did not trust Uecker with his manuscripts, or so Tennessee claimed to me.
And when John stayed with Tennessee in the Hotel Elysee and smothered him with a pillow (presumably -- no one but John really knows), he had ONLY been there the length of time Tennessee was in New York on THAT visit. You SEE, there is a REASON the family of JAMES PURDY (who John REALLY DID SERVE LATER as a literary assistant), is SUING so that John does NOT inherit Purdy's estate (although I have not checked in about a year, that had been the published news reports)!!!
And this leads to the OBVIOUS FACT stated by the fake psychic Jeanne Dixon, who after-the-fact was revealed to have PREDICTED President Kennedy's -- and OTHERS' -- ASSASSINATIONS: On her deathbed, she said the world would ONE DAY BE SHOCKED when it was REVEALED who the REAL Communists (I would say "TOTALITARIANS"), in the United States Government ARE/were.
In documents obtained in the early oughts (2000 - 2009) through the Freedom of Information Act -- and at the time reported, albeit quietly, in various places in the US press -- but now largely suppressed (I last found them three years ago), FBI DOCUMENTS proved that she was ACTUALLY not a psychic (although she had a puff astrology column), but a PUBLICIST ON J. EDGAR HOOVER'S STAFF -- TERRORIZING HIS VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILIES in advance of Hoover's people MURDERING them.
1. Yes, this is real and documented.
2. These are the same people who with the Republican Party, the Episcopal Church, Maria St. Just's Grenfel Bank and Communist Party connections and TENNESSEE's OWN COMMUNIST ROYALTIES!!! -- and of course Sewanee -- got John Uecker to murder Tennessee, covered it up, BRIBED Leoncia McGee (Tennessee's maid), Gary Tucker, and Schuyler Wyatt -- with the plotting Maria, of course, as well -- to PERJURE THEMSELVES when they claimed Tennessee was incompetent when he signed the codicil to his will -- as recommended by Jackie Onassis at Jeanne Stein and George Plimpton's party that we attended on January 11, 1982.
As you will remember (and even John Uecker heard the same story from Skye Wyatt), Skye bragged to US BOTH that although he was a mere flunky for a caterer in Chattanooga, TN after his partner Gary Tucker died of AIDS in late 1989 I think, Skye's luxurious lifestyle was actually paid for by a TOP Legislator in the Tennessee State Legislature -- without trade for sex -- and the guy was a REPUBLICAN. ALSO: Sewannee IS IN TENNESEE!!!
3. Harvard's lawyers, when I first approached them a year or more ago, were THRILLED to FINALLY understand some of the dynamics of this -- as they had been so spun in circles by the BRILLIANT PLOT (and had NO IDEA so many were involved in it), that they finally had given up and just stored the case notes for posterity.
4. But they have pulled those notes out since!!!
5. If YOU, Sir, have "sold your soul to the Devil" (so to speak) to advance your OWN career via this production , just be very careful how you deal with me and Harvard (and TOP investigators of the US Government -- somewhat now reformed). Because you HONESTLY approached me originally (or so it appears), wanting my candid observations, and having appreciated my memoir (you now, Joe Jeffreys earlier), I do NOT see that YOU ALL in the production should suffer -- as long as you GET RIGHT WITH ME (which includes publishing any material I send you for that purpose which is NOT politically incendiary, and assisting me in MODEST transportation and accommodations for the opening.
YOUR CLAIM THAT YOUR INVITATION WAS BASED ON MY "BEING LOCAL" is PROVED a BOLD-FACED LIE, due to the FACT that before that, you ALREADY knew I lived in Wilmington, NC.
5. I'm in the mood for NO FURTHER GAMES.
SHIT, or get OFF THE POT!!!
6. I DO not recommend DOUBTING MY SINCERITY.
7. My computer was hit by a MASSIVE CYBER ATTACK shortly after I sent you that last email -- THE SECOND TIME THIS HAS HAPPEND IN THE LAST FEW DAYS!!! It took me 3.5 hours to repair and re-install Norton 360, the BEST antivirus and firewall on the "normal" consumer market!!!

On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 5:02 PM, Victor Syrmis wrote:

Scott, I sent the reply email only to you?


Victor Syrmis


Doesn't this poster look FABULOUS down here at the bottom of this blog post??? I DO hope we can work everything out, but New York (producers and dramaturg for MASKS and my anonymous financial backer, are VERY slow to respond).


Why LIBERALS Turn My stomach MORE Than Traitorous Republicans, Even!!!

Heretic-in-Training, John Nally (From his Facebook Page:!/jon.nalley .)

Jon Nalley
ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, who, of thy tender love towards mankind, hast sent thy Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, to take upon him our flesh, and to suffer death upon the cross, that all mankind should follow the example of his great humility; Mercifully grant, that we may both follow the example of his patience, and also be made partakers of his resurrection; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Weekly Masses from Saint Luke's Church, Sedona AZ. The 8am Mass - a quiet, reflective service without music. Masses are posted at
· · · 14 minutes ago ·


 . . . or ARE we???




>>> MY ORIGINAL COMMENTS ON FACEBOOK: and you can see my other comments on political matters NOT covered in this blog there as well. I tell the TRUTH and have nothing to hide. My Facebook page is open to ALL to see, whether or not they are members:!/profile.php?id=1111771878 .


As the US continues to be revealed as having TRASHED its own Constitution and broken International and other countries LAWS as directed by the TRAITOROUS Republicans, especially Dick Cheney -- AND I am eventually allowed to prove in International Courts that my own mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now of Raleigh, NC -- who blackmailed my father into marrying her to hide swastikas behind the iconic Kenan surname, and has MANY TIMES now been confirmed to be the TOP NAZI in the US -- as well as Dick Cheney's boss (she reports to the Pope in Rome),  LIBERTY will be restored to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

Also, perhaps surprisingly, it will be revealed how Sewanee (The University of the South) cooperated with the Republican Party and Narco-traffickers to STEAL the estate of playwright Tennessee Williams from Harvard University.

I have been working with Harvard's TOP lawyers to reverse this -- which will happen shortly -- especially if Victor Syrmis (Producer) and Joe E. Jeffreys (Dramaturg) of the production of continue to LIE to me and cooperate with those who would kill or medicate me into what I call a "chemical lobotomy" here in Wilmington, NC, led by local District Attorney Benjamin R. David. (I posses OVERWHELMING evidence of ALL my claims.)


And I MIGHT have to STOP this play's production -- which I am FULLY CAPABLE OF DOING!!!

Scott D. Kenan
The DEMON Spawn of Tennessee Williams
The AVENGING Angel of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis : As seen on University of North Carolina TV (UNC was FOUNDED by the Kenan Family with allies in 1789): "INSIDE THE NAZI STATE: The North Carolina Connection".


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How to Communicate with an Angel (in a way that can be proven in court)!!!

"As God is my waitress, I'll never be hungry again!" -- image compliments of Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's BEST Christian!!! (as posted by Miss Sandra Beckham of Miami, Florida -- a Friend of Jesus) See:!/pages/Mrs-Betty-Bowers-Americas-Best-Christian/312383761871 .


Working for Tennessee Williams I was paid $175.00 per week by check and I DID get a 1099 from his accountants at the end of the SECOND year only, because I had not made enough in 1981 for them to have to report it to the IRS. I have original documentary evidence still of all of this -- as well as the original complimentary reference with Tennessee's signature that he gave me after I left his employ. I can easily produce all or most of this.

Tennessee also reimbursed me for anything I paid out of pocket for him or household expenses, but I let much of that slide, knowing that previous assistants usually padded those things and ripped him off by stealing as well.

Accounts management was handled by the brother and sister accounting firm in NYC (I have their names in my records, but not immediately accessible). All bills were sent there for payment. Tennessee left moderate amounts of cash where anyone could take it (part of it). His Valium was also easy to steal -- and both often were, which put me in the position of having to help him find a FOURTH doctor in Key West to try to get another concurrent prescription. Thank God the doctors there all know of the problem and I was unsuccessful. He did well enough on his own in Manhattan on this quest. HA!!!

Many incidents of cheating -- but none by me. I preferred to eat a lot of the expenses so he knew my low requests for reimbursement verified my Integrity. He appreciated it, although we never spoke of it.

Today will be a KICK ASS DAY as I'm in the mood to follow up with those at Wyndham Hotels, Sen. Goolsby's aide, and others who NEVER got back to me, etc. (Results of the follow-ups will be published at the bottom of this email.)

So you know:

1. Wednesday, I successfully got my drivers license without having to take the driving test. It should arrive by the end of next week, although I've got temp papers now (and the photo ID with the wrong address).

2. NO WORRYING ABOUT THIS, but after the misunderstanding with my cousin Judy about whether or not we had opened a bank account for my SSI benefits, I yesterday vetted and signed up with a company, Benefits Management on Wrightsville Ave. here (you can google them) to handle my benefits. They were SO clear, specific, professional, and friendly I THANK GOD I did it and $38.00 flat fee per month is OK with me for PROFESSIONAL services.

It will take a month to transfer over to them and in the meantime Judy will handle things, if I get a check before then.

Also, that agency has NO PROBLEM with what country I live in, should I decide to live in a country with lower cost of living -- and they have many clients living abroad so are used to the complications that can sometimes cause.

3. Don't worry about the riffraff living here. I find them amusing and know how to rid myself of leaches when necessary, although I'll admit to learning through error. Best news about this past weeks errors is that it only cost a total of $10.00 and two packs of cigarettes to handle THREE separate leaches!!! -- and the entertainment/story benefit was FAR greater than that!!! (although I DID get gypped of the promised by TWO of them sex. DANG!!! And one of them just moved here from Louisiana where he has a lawyer stalling his drug charges. His Dad came by and gave him heroin to sell and he was already selling Meth.

He borrowed my phone to call a "friend" and the friend left many messages on MY phone asking details of the Meth lab this guy now has here in Wilmington. I doubt sincerely that local law enforcement would like any of the info I have -- since they generally PROTECT narco-traffickers, but the guy's name is Trent Eps -- at least when I met his father, that was the last name his father introduced himself with -- and his girlfriend is Amber Kerry.

They stayed about three nights in room 229 at the Travelodge on Market Street ending about 5-7 days ago. The manager should have photocopies of at least one of their IDs. Trent's cell phone is 318-340-9656. The guy whom I WITNESSED buy Meth from Trent and Amber and had made those call-backs to MY phone -- I saved damning voicemails -- 910-228-6220.

Funny thing: Trent had told this guy that Trent's name was SCOTT, so the voicemails sound like they address ME. I believe this was actually an attempt by BEN DAVID's NARCO-TRAFFICKING MINIONS to set me up for a manufactured FALSE BUST for Meth trafficking, but I managed to foil it. Knowing that, I had to wait several days to report it so too much time had passed for the set-up to be believed. I have MORE info, less critical, if LEGITIMATE Law Enforcement wants to contact me.)

One of the other distractions was Adam O. Kennedy, whose business card claiming her represents "Mens & Womens Skin Care" and "Home & Sportsman Knives" and "FHTM" (whatever THAT is) shows an email address as , 910-534-0979 -- which is his working cell number -- and hours of operation as Mon - Sat 8 AM - 8 PM.

He told me he charges $50.00/hour for sex, and while he DID strip down several times over a two-day period, trying to get me excited over his gorgeous, hairless, blond body and pretty organ, I was NOT about to pay for it -- or even TOUCH him unless I saw his picture ID proving he is actually at least 18, which is the age he claims.

He ALSO claims he is studying to get his high school diploma at CFCC, and hails from Topsail Island where he's caused MUCH mayhem before. He brims with confidence and positive exuberance, could passably travel in anyone's company anywhere (doesn't appear trashy at all), and is decidedly UN-READ. He lives in the very back of the apartment complex first one on left on the road that ends at Princess Place behind the Wells Fargo Bank that fronts on Market.

Adam also sells pot (which I have no problem with), but maybe other things too. He seems to be small time in that. he also smokes "bath salts" which he was shocked to hear from me are now illegal to sell in NC. He claims he buys them from the counter of several stores in the area -- including the day I met him, exactly one week ago. (which means that Eps and Kerry checked out this past Saturday, I think).

The third distraction was (again) Mr. Jerry Hughes Jr., the Nekkid Wilmington Skateboarder, who had been kicked off the boat he previously lived on in the marina near PPD, lived a few days with a friend, but had (he claimed) lived in this hotel for two nights -- until his money ran out.

I ran into him as I passed his room where he sat all packed with the door wide open, as if someone had spied on me or cell-phone triangulated my movements and KNEW I would pass by the ONE person who can reliably be counted on to have sex with me. I fell for it, and even invited him to stay one night -- which he did -- then the next day he was so interruptive of my work and insistent I get drunk, etc., that I kicked him out -- ONLY THEN DISCOVERING THAT AT THE EXACT SAME TIME HE HAD PROBABLY DELIBERATELY BEEN DISTRACTING ME, the dramaturg, producers, and or others HAD REMOVED REFERENCE TO ME FROM THE WEBSITE FOR Tennessee Williams' play production of IN MASKS OUTRAGEOUS AND AUSTERE!!!

How's THAT for OUTRAGEOUS (and masky)???



And now I must get down to it.


On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 9:12 AM, An Angel wrote:

How much were you paid?

How tight or lax was accounts management? Who was the overseer? Were there some "incidents" of petty cheating?

* * *


1. Joseph Kyzer in Sen. Goolsby's (on the State Senate Banking Committee) legislative office in Raleigh (919-715-2525) never returned my voicemail from Monday, regarding how SUPER 8/Wyndham Hotels had abused my debit card placing OUTRAGEOUSLY HIGH HOLDS on my checking accounts, so I called back -- again during normal business hours and AGAIN got ONLY voicemail. I left a rather "urgent" message that if I didn't get a call back I'd blog a report of it all. i still have heard nothing.

I DID speak then by phone with the nice and NICELY-GIRFRIENDED front office assistant from Sen. Goolsby's law office here whom I've treated unfairly in this blog, but already apologized about that to him when I saw him in Subway sandwiches and he gave me Mr. Kyzer's name and phone number -- then again today. He too had no idea what to make of what has happened here, and correctly pointed out that he really only knows about the law office side of things.

2. I tried to call "214-863-1000 Phone" the Corporate Office of Wyndham listed on their website , but got the phone company's recording that it was either disconnected or never assigned number (number correctly read back to me and I tried it twice), meaning it has been OUT OF SERVICE FOR A LONG TIME -- Why is it still listed on their website???

Then I called "Customer Service Inquires 800-347-7559" which is answered "Reservations!", and although after explaining myself and the rep telling me to hold for a quick moment, I gave up waiting after FIVE MINUTES, figuring she never had ANY intention of transferring me to Corporate Offices, as she had promised and Wyndham is as CORRUPT and part of the so-called "MATRIX" as AT&T!!!

It makes no practical difference to me now as the holds all expired, but I do have the screen captures proving their crimes and I will press forward using my contacts in US DEMOCRATIC Senator, Kay Hagan's office, next. I'd thought I should start local first, but in fact have received NO response from the Republicans I've contacted (Sen. Goolsby and NC's other US Senator, Richard Burr).


(Still no response from "the Dramaturg" in New York!!!, since my careful WIN-WIN reply to him this morning.)



The Thickening Plot . . .

Actually, I'm not sure that the emotional claims of BOTH sides aren't overdrawn. If this FALLS in the Court, it will NOT be the End of the World -- at least for that reason. That said, I don't know enough to judge if it is actually Constitutional or not, so I have no opinion -- although Obamacare's intention MUST be worked toward, POST HASTE!!!


Good. We're on the same page about how I write answers.

My first thought on reading your email, however, was "Those damn Republicans have moved the goal posts again!!!" Your earlier email had made no suggestion you needed an ACCUMULATION of answers or PHOTOS before you would publish it on your blog. This suggests that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE thinks that before I meet this NEW threshold, they can successfully DISAPPEAR me -- or at least silence me, and then I will REMAIN uncredited in anyway -- at least as regards your production.

That said, I DO tend to agree that without more material in its initial publication, it would tantalize without providing enough meat for a good first bite.

Here is what I propose (and what would SUBSTANTIALLY motivate me to proceed post haste): you are going to HAVE to either shock or gentle rights holders into accepting ANY mention of me -- let alone the considerable volume we are talking about here. Better to break it to them gradually, so I think that today (ASAP) you should re-publish a small reference to my being TW's assistant during that time. (Perhaps you have already -- or I simply could not find it last I checked. In that case, tell me how to find it.) This is simply a fact that cannot be denied, and I don't think Sewanee's lawyers et al can protest too strongly. They are WELL AWARE of my blog, and it HORRIFIES AND SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF THEM.

But as I said, my goal here is your and my success which in this place and time converge -- BUT CONVERGE WITH THEIR DESIRE TO GET MAXIMUM INCOME FROM THE RIGHTS AS WELL!!! That is why I FIRMLY believe that as they see my here-voice of "Crassless Diplomacy" (LOL!!!), they will see that I can FULLY be trusted to keep my legal quest against them OUT of this production, and not only ALLOW my association with it, but be at least privately glad of it as well.

Not doing that would likely lead to shock and apoplexy on their part if you gut-punched them with that full installment "out of the blue."

What say you??? I will refrain from writing until I get your answer, and if you are NOT in agreement, carefully consider any counter-proposal.

As to Gary: Actually, his card DEFINITELY said "9 1/2"." In the book I spelled out inches to avoid visual confusion due to multiple quotation marks. BUT, I do have a very vague recollection of some mentioning "eleven" about him. Never seeing it "grown" i would say it had EITHER potential, but eleven was PROBABLY an exaggeration. HA!!!

I can also tell you he was originally from Detroit and his sister Holly was a General Motors executive, going by "Holly Tucker" whether she was married or not. He and she seemed to be quite close. Also, Gary had a clock, which had been fashioned from a battery-operated clock-work (very trendy to turn just about ANYTHING into a clock then, so these works were widely available and cheap) affixed in the center of a Ronette's 45 rpm disk. On the base was a little plaque of thanks from Phil Spector that anyone could have had made. Gary flashed this around frequently to substantiate his claim that he (Gary) had engineered one or another "Resurrections" of Spector's career!!! (God, that boy knew how to do self-serving PR!!!)

But that's not all!!! He also claimed to have engineered Little Richard's SECOND comeback, but when I MET L.R. at a book signing of his memoir several years after the TW days, after I nutshelled everything Gary had claimed about it, Richard responded, "Baby, I've known so many people over my career -- and so many have been wonderful and helpful to me. I hate to admit that I just can't remember ALL of them." Since ANYONE -- even the most drug-addled (which I'm not claiming L.R. was then) -- would remember the person who single-handedly engineered their second comeback (as Gary had claimed). I concluded Gary probably had had some minor association with Richard and smartly blew it out of proportion to advance himself -- or none at all, but GIANT BALLS (to go with the rest of it). HA!!!

Now before you decide how to proceed, I will also tell you that despite the fact that you KNOW I spent a year and a half homeless -- sometimes sleeping under a highway bridge here in Wilmington or on pavement on the grounds of two local churches -- and NOW am in a cheap, drug-dealer and prostitute infested motel (those details you DIDN'T know), by the grace of an anonymous financial angel, you have NOT offered in ANY way to assist me in coming up for the opening.

I do know that everyone's budget is tight, but you might have AT LEAST offered to help me find accommodations that are NY-reasonable and safe. I mean: REALLY.

Any thoughts? (I told you Kenans are addicted to effectiveness.) No thoughts are necessary if DOCUMENTED PROOF of assistance is provided. And as you should have learned by now, I ALWAYS post on my blog correspondence that explains MY side of what might have the APPEARANCE of paranoia.



On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 7:54 AM, Joe E. Jeffreys  wrote:


     Thanks for the answer. It's great. Answer a few more select ones and we'll make a posting. Maybe we should do a part one and part two with 5 or so answers now and 5 or so more later?

     The Gary Tucker parts of your memoir floored me as I read them. I was aware of a student named Gary Tucker at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in the 1960s with James Roy Eichelberger. He took his classmate to the rehearsal of a show he was in, I believe Big Hotel, and this led to Ethyl Eichelberger emerging from the Ridiculous. When I was first reading your book and saw the name, I thought common name, can't be. I think you mention Tucker's Ridiculous connection or nickname Eleven at some point and then I got interested in the unfolding story from several more angles.

     I'll need a few pics for each posting.

     Look forward to more.

                          Joe E. Jeffreys


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Keeping Up with the Correspondence/dents/dants(?)

"Sitting in Church on Sunday has about as much to do with making you a Christian as sitting in your garage has to do with making you an automobile." -- My Mother the Car (ask an "older" person).


1. To: Mark, bcc: Mitch Bossanna:

Your request is to ignore any more emails from YOUR address??? OK!!!

The ReplyBot

PS: That said, My Master, Mr. Scott Kenan (aka "Big Bird"), who is 6' 11" and appears to be white, hopes to meet you at the river soon when your band (that sounds pretty cool) plays.

Would you happen to know that song written by my friends Robbie Trahan (aka "Rosencranz", aka "The Yellow Bird of Texas", and a friend of John Mayer) and Michael Keogh (aka "Guildenstern", aka "Jersey", aka "The Resurrection Bird" who once cut a slab of beef into steaks for Richard Nixon and has since been hopelessly hypnotised into the Republican Fold), that when sung in its several spontaneous and rousing verses almost got half the population permanently kicked out of Mercy House Homeless Shelter (where we all lived then, several months ago), for its lushly obscene lyrics???

Oh, its title: BEND OVER BEN DAVID (sung to the tune of "You Ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog -- Cryin' All the Time!!!" (Mr. Benjamin R. David is the local District Attorney who trumps up false charges to incarcerate or Nut House commit those who interfere with his Heroin and Cocaine operation -- and dismisses charges against narco-traffickers if a naive cop accidentally arrests them.

Ben once even VISITED Robbie in the hospital and offered that he would pay his several-day-stay in the hospital -- from drug profits, I guess -- not taxpayer funds!!! -- (this after getting the nurse to add extra Demerol to Robbie's I.V.) if Robbie would testify against me in court.

The Assistant D.A. known in this blog as "Miss Coca Leaf" who had prosecuted me dishonestly in my first Cyberstalking case -- appeal still pending -- brought by the possibly naive owner and local MEGA-Lawyer David Nash of Costello's gay piano bar on Princess Street, where others sold many an illegal drug on the back "smoking patio" whilest David teetered drunk on his bar stool, nightly (and frequently took home my kind, giant, black friend from Oak Island -- a nicely equipped "top", whose mental "retardation" gives him the mind of a six-year-old. My friend has told me that David ALWAYS took him home if he couldn't find something better by the end of the night -- "Last call for al-co-hol(-ics)!!!"

David Nash, like his partner in the bar, the former dentist-cum-real-estate-developer extraordinaire!!!, John Stike, who in the LEGAL sense RAPED ME in the mid-1980s when his decoy younger boyfriend picked me up in the now-gone David's gay bar, and then after I disrobed, disappeared and John Stike appeared from "nowhere", naked to "do" me. I resisted, but not knowing what else I could do, eventually yielded. His course ministrations left me walking crooked for a couple of days.

David Nash and Ben David are both HIGHLY RESPECTED members in good standing at First Presbyterian Church, which was TOTALLY endowed two generations ago by my wealthy Kenan relatives, although their descendants no longer associate with this perverted congregation, which not only once hid the WORST of Kenans, William R. SENIOR, as an ELDER as he and the then top minister planned and caused to occur the notorious 1898 Wilmington Race Riot (see: ), which was not only the ONLY time a municipal government in the United States was overturned by violence, but flipped the town, which had been a Mecca for educated blacks, from 2/3 majority black to majority white and DIRECTLY inspired all the Jim Crow Laws that immediately spread like wildfire across the South.

Most blacks escaped the town by fleeing so fast they left all their wealth for the white residents to claim as their own. NONE were ever compensated -- INCLUDING THOSE WHO OWNED MANY OF THE BIGGEST BUSINESSES IN TOWN. Untold numbers were executed, and the spit of land seperating the Cape Fear River from the Northeast Cape Fear River at their confluence, clearly seen from downtown, BRISTLED with hundreds of severed black heads impailed on stakes. For YEARS this was known as "Nigger-Head Point."

NOW, Pastor Ernie Thompson and Rev. Jim Holderness (at least) -- Jim even exclaimed PROUDLY to me that he "supports and protects Ben David" when I confronted him while he was pumping gas one Sunday at the Shell station at Third and Red Cross Streets a couple of months ago with SEVERAL of my jaw-dropped friends witnessing -- including "The Resurrection Bird" and "Dickey Bird", aka James -- their jaws dropping when I eventually told Jim to F*** himself and GO TO HELL!!! -- after a vote by the ENTIRE Sunday-service-attending congregation -- raised Ben David to a DEACON, so he could hide HIS God-hating narco-trafficking behind First Presbyterian Church as well!!!

This after I had warned Ernie Thompson REPEATEDLY for NINE MONTHS that Ben was TOTALLY corrupted and that the church needed to have their OWN investigation of my claims -- NOT believe me.

Ernie's repeated response for months??? "I think you are delusional and might need to be medicated."

Medicate THIS, asshole!!!

Sorry, Mark, I got off topic . . .


On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 10:44 AM, Mark Baumgardner <> wrote:

I dont know who you are and I never personally sent you an email  and it looks like everyone in my band is on your list. I think someone hacked my contact list. Please disregard any more emails from this adress. - slayer

* * *

2. To Joe, carlrumbaugh, victorsyrmis (dramaturg + two producers of IN MASKS OUTRAGEOUS AND AUSTERE):

I be ready for my questions, Mr. DeMille . . .

VERY SMART to have word limit with people like me!!! LOL.


On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 7:45 AM, Joe E. Jeffreys <drj247@makingGideon'> wrote:

Hi Scott,

    Joe here, dramaturg for Masks. So good to have contact with you. I read your book a while ago and greatly enjoyed it. Great info on Masks in at at what was up with Williams at the time.

    I've got a blog up at the website and would like to run a series of questions by you for it for written answers averaging @ 300 word each. How are you with that?

                                              Joe E. Jeffreys

* * *

So now I wait dot com.


I THINK not.


>>> THIS JUST IN (6:58 PM): has AGAIN tried to attack my email program. A couple of days ago, I asked that anyone who knows who this is MUST cause him to STOP his attacks BEFORE I take ANYONE's email address off the lists of "Concerned" Republicans and Democrats in Wilmington, NC that "Mitch Bossanna" so kindly provided me.

Since NO ONE has cared to do this, I will now assume that means that ALL of you prefer to remain on my email broadcast list, at least I will DO SO if he or she -- or anyone else on those lists -- attacks my email, computer, or me (physically -- but NOT verbally) ever again!!!

I will re-visit the idea of slimming down my list at the next opportunity I feel is an appropriate one. READ: As soon as I am found NOT GUILTY of ALL false charges, or Ben David drops them.

Thank you,