Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Mother the Car/Card/Jewess(???)

One of MANY images referring to  SEVERAL key victories for GOD'S PEOPLE today!!!

I didn't pay much attention to the Judge in the MILLION-DOLLAR HAIRCUT TRIAL, but I DO know a few things:

1. He's a FEDERAL judge, not NC Court System judge like the ones I've commented on -- although he's located in "polarized" North Carolina, as all the talking heads now call it.

2. From what I've heard in the media (although I didn't research him or the reports at all on my own), he took painstaking care to keep a potential THREE-RING-CIRCUS trial (which it sometimes was, sometimes wasn't), on a professional keel.

3. The main irregularity was the political motivation of the charges (if that allegation by ALL the talking heads I've watched can be trusted -- and I perceive that it can).

4. Watching John Edwards' after-statement a few times now, I see why Thomas S. Kenan III had at first backed John Edwards for President in 2008:

A. He calmly and confidently LEGALLY played his best hand throughout the trial.
B. His statement after the verdict showed (although a tad over-effusive for my taste), sober honesty and a clear understanding of his errors, if not legal guilt. He seems now a man truly tested and one who has passed the "test of being a man" (fully-adult human, gender unimportant). This is what my KENAN Family seeks to make possible and real for all people on earth, eventually, through emphasis on Education and Ethics.
C. On the other hand -- if he's just the world's best actor, I'm OK with that -- as long as he stays in character.

Perhaps Bakunas is related to Britneva -- in spirit, if not in blood. I've heard from quite a few people that the photo I posted of the pair from Wikipedia convinced THEM he HAS to be gay. For the record, I don't know.

I miss the connection that "My Mother the Jew" would be a good title for Ms. Lavin -- or what exactly she would use it for (other than the just-now-coming-into-my-
perception notion that she is the genuinely mature, psychological/financial parent of the dependent Steve Bakunas -- and, although I'd forgotten all about it, I know she is a Jew (no WONDER I like her so much!!!).

I have read many places that the gentiles with Jew-associated surnames like Meyer are actually descended from Jews who converted to save their lives during one Pogrom or another. Also that Meyer translated is "smith" (one who works with his hands).

Self-oddity confession: I GREATLY prefer all the now-disallowed "-ess" words -- SIMPLY BECAUSE I FIND THEM EUPHONIC: Jewess, laundress, actress, stewardess, Negress (that one is admittedly too emotionally stimulating to use -- probably Jewess too).

But I must tell you that my FIRST impression about your title is that it might replace "My Mother the Car" (dadaist/media-reference approach) or "My Mother the Card" (reference to passing signals through order of cards in Duplicate Bridge card game boards -- as well as simultaneous lighthearted second title meaning to VERY SERIOUS story.

As you know, my mother's maiden name was Meyer (actually the Dutch variant Meijer, which is pronounced the same way), but force-changed to the German spelling at Ellis Island as her grandparents passed through around 1880. I have the family tree my mother researched in the 1970s after feeling "left out" when the first edition of THE KENAN FAMILY was published in 1967.

And I know the REMARKABLE story of how Mom's grandfather came to America out of jealousy that his older brother inherited ALL their father's estate (minor, because he was the caretaker of a large dairy farm in NW Germany -- the jealously arising because this was at the time that estates were beginning to be divided equally among children -- or at least the males ones -- and the older brother ran with the cash to Indiana).

The youngest brother remained and assumed his father's position as caretaker of the landowner's estate. The one I am descended from followed his brother to Indiana, hoping to cash in SOMEHOW and to SOME EXTENT. He never found his older brother.

What my mother discovered during several years of researching and compiling that Meyer family tree, is that the descendants of the oldest brother actually settled in the NEXT county to that where my great-grandfather settled (Franklin) -- in Indiana -- and that the oldest son and his sons all eventually became HORSE THIEVES. HA!!!

Also, the youngest son who remained to take over as caretaker of the estate INHERITED THE ENTIRE ESTATE OF THE LANDOWNER WHO HAD NO CHILDREN, and truly appreciated his servant's loyal service!!! Today, his descendants still own the Dairy Estate, which when Mom visited them in Germany (1984 or thereabouts), was the largest and most modern dairy farm in all of Germany. HA!!!

Of course what Mom loved best is that THEY ALL were still LOYAL CATHOLICS. TRIPLE-HA!!!

Anyway, there are GREAT stories on BOTH sides of my family, and a have a photo-copy of my Mom's Dad's autobiography written in longhand, that I might publish one day. It is MOST remarkable, and proves he held values OPPOSITE to those of my swastika-phillic mother.

I had a long nap earlier, and will now enjoy one of the films you sent me. I got both your packages today, but NEVER got the email alerting me to their arrival several days ago that the UPS Store people SWEAR they sent me. Are you surprised??? HA!!!

Your pal down here in Heaven,

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 6:02 PM, A FRIEND (and anonymous Theater Critic) wrote:

That it just proves NC jedges are loopy, like you been sayin'.
Bakunas is 54. It's a Lithuanian name or, more broadly, Russian.

In 1966 I saw Lavin appearing in a preview of It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman! I only remember that the "music" was amplified very loud and the flying Superman was a miniature figure on a wire.

I have a play title she can use free of charge: "My Mother, the Jewess."

I guess I'm just getting back to "my roots".



WWAY TV-3 in Wilmington, NC REFUSED to Post This Comment!!!

Perhaps WWAY TV-3 is somehow associated with the WILMINGTON STAR NEWS which I can PROVE IN A COURT OF LAW publishes puff pieces on Drug-Front Businesses in Wilmington, NC to make then appear real and to protect the STAR NEWS'S share of illegal drug profits.


They get read (like all my emails) by Homeland Security. I am fine with this -- although I DO have problems with the Patriot Act -- I have nothing to hide and am actually a consummate Patriot.

The subject matter of my emails, blog, Facebook, phone calls, etc. gives our government the right to monitor me -- and EVERYONE I COMMUNICATE WITH or HAVE communicated with COMPLETELY.

So far no arrests (of me) on the more rights-conscious FEDERAL LEVEL.


On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 2:49 PM, A FRIEND wrote:

(Referring to how my emails are always delayed in transit -- Scott) on the phone is better than nothing. Maybe calls are prioritized, especially during biz hours. Also, I don't think your emails to me are instantaneous.

* * *


>>> And here's the original article to which I was NOT allowed to post this comment!!!: .

I refer to Guest33666's response that Wilmington -- one of the WEALTHIEST cities in America -- cannot afford this baseball park or a team, or at least only the privileged/wealthy will benefit from it.

What are you, another one of those Godless Republicans who have no Faith in God or God-operating-through-man???

YES, the wealthy need to begin to pay their FAIR SHARE of taxes again -- as the wealthy in my Kenan Family have always looked on as THE MOST PATRIOTIC THING WE CAN DO (other than honor the US Constitution, educate and love ALL children regardless race, creed, color, RELIGION -- or lack thereof, and now especially remembering that some of our TOP military heroes, business creators, and other most societally-helpful citizens have been gay or raised by gay parents, we must treat ALL GOD'S PEOPLE equally regardless their sex or sexual orientation.

As I'm sure most Wilmingtonians know, the Kenan Family has contributed MUCH to Wilmington and North Carolina and NC economic health (Hello UNC!!!, Bank of America, etc.), but beginning with William R. Kenan, Jr., Wilmington has generally treated Kenans with HATRED in response because of our Libertarian views about politics and sex. Indeed, we seem over-populated with gays -- Like Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill (who now controls the Family companies and Trusts) and me.

I promise that if I win my lawsuits against Wilmington Police Department and North Carolina Courts for GROSS violations of my Civil Rights (I'm suing for hundreds of millions to teach y'all a SERIOUS lesson), I will personally contribute a GREAT DEAL so the children and adults of Wilmington can afford to enjoy the GREAT AMERICAN PASTIME -- baseball -- which some think is no longer affordable to all. I will see to it that it is.

If you have NOT seen in the local press the progress of my suits against the city and Police, you should demand of the local Press that they report on them.

Someone is keeping Wilmingtonians in the dark about how I am going to FORCE tax rates to go SKY high to pay this judgement!!!

But I'll give it back to the needy -- not the Republicans like Sen. Thom Goolsby who hate God and control the narco-trafficking in Wilmington with "Blue dog" Democrat District Attorney Ben David. More on my blog:

Thanks for reading this,

Scott D. Kenan
Puerto Vallarta (in exile)


Getting "STRAIGHT" with Linda Lavin's Husband (who may or may NOT be)!!!

The extraordinary actress (and Wilmington, NC resident and promoter!!!) Linda Lavin with her current husband, musician Steve Bakunas. Photo is from Linda's Wikipedia page and was taken at the Kennedy Center -- a venue known well to Linda, Steve, and me -- for differing reasons).

>>> BUT FIRST A WORD FROM A THEATER CRITIC IN NYC (who prefers to remain anonymous):

Now THAT's better!!!

Time is of the essence and if I don't have to continue RE-EXPLAINING things to you (as well as others), I would have time to report on cats -- and even work on revising WALKING ON GLASS for updated politics (minimal) in Kindle Edition as well as new paper!!!

I agree about Linda -- FINE actress, but not a singer. Steve Bakunas is an accomplished musician who fancies propelling himself to stardom via making a singer (accompanied by himself) of his wife.



On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 11:09 AM, An Anonymous Theater Critic wrote:

Linda Lavin has 18 songs for download at Amazon mp3. I sampled a few, for free, and they are for tin-eared fans only.
She's doing fine on B'dway as the "scaldingly blunt Jewish mother" in "The Lyons" (even Ben Brantley in NY Times likes her and it).
She's 74, but with a dye job who knows !
I find it hard to believe that yr 2 cats have not yet done anything worth reporting. 
* * *


Thanks for this Steve,

And I appreciate your tack here. You are right about many things -- but not all. The gist of my problem is my incomplete discovery of how to handle the problems generated by being the first-born son of a woman who actually raised her children eating off china decorated with swastikas, who blackmailed my homosexual father into marriage to hide behind the Kenan surname as she worked with top GOP leaders and certain Catholic hierarchy to bring down Democracy in this country.

One part of this was the planned drug-addiction of many in this country, whether by legal prescription (Americans over-medicate unnecessarily in ways people in NO OTHER COUNTY DO) or by illegal drugs. Unfortunately, my parents, while living in Wilmington during the 1980s and 1990s, helped set up Wilmington as the LARGEST drug-importation port in the United States -- now beating both Miami and Los Angeles. It's run mostly by Republicans, but in Wilmington a Democrat, District Attorney Ben David, runs it with profits going to the Republican Party, primarily. I will not here go into further details -- which can be found in my blog, .

That you and I had a couple of phone conversations when I first came to Wilmington, and you then said you wanted to meet with me regarding my service to Tennessee Williams and also about theater in Wilmington -- after you returned to Wilmington (Linda had just had a GREAT opening in a play!!!) -- but did NOT later respond to my Facebook messages (we had been friended there for most of my 16 months in Wilmington), caused me to believe you had been scared off by those who spread lies about me.

You see, the corruption caused by illegal drug profits in Wilmington, NC is FAR beyond what is true most other places, and even the NICEST people are scared to death of what would happen to their livelihood from it (directly OR indirectly), were to stop.

I fully understand this, but the cancer must be addressed ASAP -- or Wilmington will die of overindulgence of both Drugs and Greed. The symptoms of this corruption are EVERYWHERE, including in your apparent action to have my Facebook account BLOCKED to me by complaining that I tried to friend you last night (I DID send a new "friend request" to you then), but your apparent claim to them that we did NOT know each other is FALSE (given our phone conversations and your then-claimed interest in meeting me).

I should further explain that although Facebook told me this action has resulted in my being banned from sending friend requests (but I could continue using my Facebook account in the meantime), for a month.

In fact, Facebook NOW gives NO way for me to log into my account. It is POSSIBLE that this is NEITHER your nor Facebook's fault (and you are in GOOD COMPANY, because Republican Sen. Thom Goolsby, who channels the illegal drug profits to other NC Republicans, did the SAME THING to me two months ago -- although he and I HAD met -- AND IN PERSON!!!, and I was banned from "friending" for one week then -- although THAT time, I actually COULD continue using my Facebook account). You see, I ALSO suffer major hacking in the United States of emails, phones, and the Internet (including corruption of things like Facebook which the HACKERS may have removed the button to sign in on this morning rather than Facebook itself).

But oddly, no problems now in Mexico (except as regards communications with the United States).

Of course your (and Linda Lavin's, for that matter) sexuality and practice is only YOUR business, but the Drug Dealing Fake Christians (Republicans, mostly), control each other by threatening to expose each other's homosexual longings or activity -- as I have expose Ben David's ACTIONS many times, but to STOP his crimes rather than to protect Wilmington's Narco-Trafficking.

Suffice it to say that whatever your reason for fearing my friendship, I SALUTE you and Linda for your MANY efforts at improving Wilmington, the town where Gen. James Kenan led the FIRST armed resistance to the Crown over the hated Stamp Act. Yankees can claim what they want about Boston Tea Party being first -- but it does NOT change the facts. And Kenans being addicted to effectiveness rather than credit, we always win -- as we WILL win over the NARCOTICS AND DRUG-PROFIT ADDICTIONS which are bringing Wilmington to her knees.

I might or might not expand on this later in email to you or on my blog -- TIME is our MOST precious commodity, and frankly, I am bored with belaboring my points -- and from Google Statistics, I see that researchers have been hitting my most damning posts more and more frequently with total views per day at about 2,000, so no matter what CRAZED Wilmingtonians think of my blog -- it is getting MAJOR attention now.

Because the post last night regarding you and Linda has all but set records for being hit, I am going to post this email also as a sort of antidote. Please let me know if I can do anything else -- and I apologize for upsetting you and/or Linda.

It is true that given our two phone conversations and several emails or Facebook messages in the past, we don't know each other REALLY well. To know more about me and my character, may I suggest you contact one of my top political allies (in undoing the illegal overturning of Tennessee Williams' codicil to his will) Gregory Mosher (whom I worked with in 1982 and have seen twice more in the last few years): (actual email address redacted for blog) , the writer Edmund White through his teaching position at Princeton: (actual email address redacted for blog) , any of the top lawyers at Harvard's Legal Department, which I continue to work with, my distant cousin with whom I once "shared" a male lover and who sent 60 MINUTES to get my story (which is a continuing project), Thomas S. Kenan III who can be contacted through any of the Kenan Charitable Trusts in Chapel Hill, NC.

>>> Or simply use Linda's connections to speak with the person I saw most of while working for Mr. Williams who is still alive today: Meryl Streep. To be clear, I have NOT contacted Meryl since then, but several of her friends have said they are sure she remembers me.

Thanks again, Steve, and I PROMISE I hold none of the delusional aspects of your actions against you -- at least not PERSONALLY. The corruption of Wilmington, NC is entirely SYSTEMIC now and affects people without their being consciously aware of it -- whether they do drug or not -- and it forces them to PROTECT the Narco-Traffickers to keep THEIR SECRETS FROM BEING KNOWN.

While I actually DO hold many other people's secrets secret -- I have none of my own.

Via con Dios, Senor!!! -- and all best to Linda as well.

Scott D. Kenan
Puerto Vallarta (in exile)

On Thu, May 31, 2012 at 10:19 AM, steve bakunas wrote:

Scott, I friended you, like many other people, I don't know, because it seemed there were things in common to share. Since friending you, all I seemed to get were postings about, all your unfortunate experiences, jail, etc. I saw, your anger, and rage, and felt sorry, for your misfortune, but wasn't interested in partaking. We really don't know each other, so I didn't think you would take offense. I see that, your lashing out at me, is just a way of saying, you were hurt, an I'm sorry for that. You can say whatever you like about me, but as you stated, Linda is a fine woman, and I would ask you, to please not involve her.  I can relate to your anger, and at a time in my life, I got pretty low, I went for help. I did have to pay someone to listen to me, but it was worth it, because it turned out, the more I talked, the more I discovered, I had some deep pain, and was crying out for help. Now, with that perspective, I have the opportunity, to look at myself, before I blame someone else, for any unhappiness. I know these times have been tough for you, and I'm sure you are still grieving your loss. If you need to continue to slander me, please know, I know its not because you mean it, and I forgive you for it.

Hope you can find some peace, soon.


>>> ADDED BY SCOTT JUNE 1, 2012: More notes on Steve Bakunas's email to me:

1. I sent and continue to send copies of all my blog posts to Steve by REGULAR email, not Facebook message, so his UNFRIENDING and BLOCKING me had NO EFFECT re: receiving my messages whatsoever, as Steve HAD to know. 

So there is NO LOGIC in his action against me or Facebook's -- and then several hours after I BLOGGED about the missing access buttons (a phenomenon I have experienced on MANY internet sites ACROSS the Internet -- not just on Facebook), the buttons RE-APPEARED and I was able to access my Facebook account, although still barred from friending for a month. 

I considered reporting Steve's LIES and ABUSE to Facebook for them to take action against HIM, but decided I'm "above such things" (6' 11" aka dos metros diez).

2. All things considered, it sounds to me like Steve Bakunas got psychiatric help to overcome homosexuality ("ex-gay" therapy). He might not do men these days, but it appears he has lost ALL VESTIGES of MORALITY in the process. 

Pity. (But it's not MY problem.)

On May 31, 2012, at 2:07 AM, Scott Kenan wrote:


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Linda Lavin's Fagotty Husband DE-FRIENDED Me for What I Know!!!

Steve Bakunas and Linda Lavin onstage a month ago at Kenan Auditorium, Wilmington, NC. 


  • Scott Kenan
    about a minute ago
    Scott Kenan
    • Hi Steve,

      I believe we used to be friends on Facebook -- rather a natural as I worked for Tennessee Williams and am a Kenan with DEEP roots in Wilmington and North Carolina.

      In addition to that, I SECONDED your wife Linda Lavin's ABSOLUTE dis-allowance of the drug-addicted young lady (daughter of the owners) of the William R. Kenan Sr. house at 110 Nun Street, to access the back of their garage through Linda's Front Street property for renovations -- knowing that so many people wanted for Felony charges stay there (but fewer now since the one who forced Anna Berry to bring false Staking charges against me is now in South Carolina Prison -- PRAISE JESUS)!!!

      Well, I hope Linda is cool with your faggoty ass -- although I dare say she deserves better!!!

      You SURE know a good meal ticket when you marry one!!!

      This posting will probably end up on my blog which gets over 2,000 views per day.

      All best,
      Scott D. Kenan

      "The Demon Spawn of Tennessee Williams"
      "The Avenging Angel of Jackie Kennedy Onassis"

Tennessee Williams and Scott Kenan at 1981 Kennedy Center Honors. I didn't have sex with Tennessee Williams, but unlike Steve Bakunas, I did not marry my then "meal ticket" to prove I wasn't gay -- nor would I have, had the option been available. Tennessee was my mentor more than anything -- not my lover (fake or real)!!!



FOX NEWS and CNN Long-Time Contributor IMRAN ANWAR CONFIRMS (to me, personally) That ALL US NEWS PEOPLE KNOW That the Bush and Bin Laden Families PLANNED 9/11 TOGETHER!!!

Imran Anwar (far left) on FOX NEWS.

>>> ORIGINAL POSTING (with more), PROVING that after Ted Turner sold CNN, it became a SHILL of Fox News. Fox is targeted to an audience with LESS than a high school diploma (yet reports most news FASTER than CNN, which more carefully crafts their propaganda -- and with more and DEEPER stories -- sometimes -- that clever Fox News reporters often get online -- online edition only -- that CONTRADICT Fox's propaganda, making the online edition of FOX often QUITE AMUSING!!!

CNN's propaganda is crafted for people with a higher IQ and level of education, so it takes longer to get up, usually (and its reporters/talking head like WOLF and gay-boy ANDERSON COOPER probably have to do more drugs to quiet their consciences).

Original posting is here: .

After this exchange I just had with him via Facebook Messages, he UNFRIENDED THEN BLOCKED ME!!!

YOU be the Judge . . .

>>> FOX NEWS HACKERS DELETED my conversation from this blog when I FIRST hit the "PUBLISH" BUTTON. Since Imran had ALREADY unfriended and blocked me on Facebook, I thought I had lost all saved record of this conversation, but was able to retrieve TODAY's portion of it -- but NOT Imran's previous TRAITOROUS remarks to me from last spring.
(Imran's Facebook Profile can be found here:!/IMRAN.TV/info )


Did he DISCLOSE this on either Fox News or CNN???

I doubt it -- it would have made NEWS (Imran's accidental death immediately following that, I mean).

Scott Kenan
about an hour ago
Scott Kenan
  • Hi Imran: I know you don't like to hear from me too much, but your friends in the Middle East who contacted me GAVE PROOF of the link between the Bush Family and the bin Ladens -- for which I will be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!!! You should read my posting today. I've got the ENTIRE Republican Party (almost) READY TO FALL!!!: . All best, Scott

  • Imran Anwar
    about an hour ago
    Imran Anwar
    • Here we go again, Scott.... I do not have any "friends" in the Middle East whom you falsely referred to on my Wall and I had to put my foot down. If you found proof of a connection almost everyone already knows existed (Bush Bin Laden family business ties) good for you and glad you're highlighting it, but Bush is history and Americans sadly do not care. I again, politely but firmly, remind you not to associate my name falsely with people you may know and I have no connection with. Thank you.

  • (My formatting/color emphases -- Scott)

  • Scott Kenan
    57 minutes ago
    Scott Kenan
    • I'm sorry Sir, but that is NOT what these people told me. For the moment I will assume your claims here are due more to naivete than Treason toward the United States, and WILL NOT AT THIS TIME report my suspicions on my blog or to Law Enforcement except privately. As you know, if these allegations are false, you have nothing to worry about except that I might have egg on MY face -- which you CERTAINLY have my permission to LAUGH ABOUT!!!

  • * * *
    Filed at 2:30 PM EDT, 2/26/2012

    Scott David Kenan
    Cyber-General (self-appointed)
    Wilmington, NC


    NAILING Don Weise, Now Publisher at Magnus Books!!!

    Lobby of Hotel Elysee in Manhattan, sans ghosts.


    Although I bought renewal of Norton Internet Security over 45 minutes ago -- and the debit immediately hit my BoA checking -- AND it renewed on my computer and SO FAR in a DEEP and COMPLETE scan it has found and corrected 42 THREATS so far, DESPITE confirming I had competed this renewal through my LONG-HELD Norton account accessed through onoe of my email addresses, I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE CONFIRMING EMAIL FROM NORTON, which was promised to (and previously has always) come through IMMEDIATELY.

    I believe this is ADDITIONAL proof that SOMEONE (or thing) CONTINUES to illegally screw with my emails. I'm betting the REPUBLICAN PARTY/FOX NEWS HACKERS (but I can't prove it in a court of law).

    I am holding off on changing any Toshiba internet entangling software since I found SO MANY of them in my programs list in Control Panel, and while I think I know which to delete, am not ENTIRELY certain and do not want to harm any computer functionality. If after the scan I still have the same difficulties, I will deal with  that then.

    A nice check including several reimbursements hit my BoA account this afternoon as well.

    I still need to contact Amazon about that payment, but might wait until tomorrow just for the heck of it (and because I'm getting tired of working today).

    I will now call the person at Carrie Haddad Gallery (which reps artist Mark Beard in Manhattan) to see why I never heard back from them when she agreed to get me back in touch with Mark. Long-time astute readers of my blog (and readers of my Williams memoir) know that Mark was (CORRECTED: THE BOYFRIEND OF) Tennessee Williams' most often visited-in-New-York and visiting-in-Key-West male friend, Vassilis Voglis, when I worked for Tennessee (also, Vassilis was then already the inheriting heir of his longtime lover whose father had been President of the New York Stock Exchange).

    Although Mark does NOT currently like his sexual relationship with Vassilis then to be known (and asked me to DELETE it from my book -- which I did at first but might have restored -- I don't at the moment recall for certain, he was in Art School in then in 1981 - 82 (and already brilliant, although pimpled -- this being the days before Accutane).

    Since then, Mark has gone on to hold the world's record for the largest oil-on-canvas painting EVER (his installation at Abercrombie & Fitch's flagship store in Tokyo, 2009). On the phone on March 30, 2012, Mark's gallery DID confirm that in the last two years he has completed at least of few of A & F's additional commissions in European stores which Mark told me they contracted at several million USD each.

    Mark SHAPED Abercrombie & Fitch's ENTIRE HOMO-EROTIC LOOK, which is why they love him so much.

    Of course astute readers of my blog ALSO know that Joseph Smith dictated THE BOOK OF MORMON to only three people, one of whom was Mark's grandfather or great-grandfather, and today, Mark's family owns the largest "Mormon" bank. Mark's artist's assistant's family owns the SECOND largest Mormon bank. BOTH of them have been officially been disinherited, but told me many stories of the EVIL in Mormon Church Leadership -- including their families, so MITTENS (and "magic Mormon undies"-wearing) ROMNEY does NOT want to meet ME!!!


    And all that said, Mark offered (in late 2009, but possibly before thinking), to PAY me to use his image on my book's cover: "The Ghost of Tennessee Williams Leaving the Hotel Elysee" which appeared in a limited edition Mark Beard art book published in the mid-1980s and of which one copy fetched $30,000 in auction at Sotheby's, last one had hit the market -- I think about 2008.

    Also, Mark has a history (oddly) of denigrating both the artistic merit of Tennessee Williams and his character -- BUT THEN IN 2009 HE HOSTED BOOK-LAUNCH PARTIES FOR TOP WRITERS FOR DON WEISE AND ALYSON BOOKS -- Don having DELIBERATELY SCREWED ME, KNOWING HE WAS WORKING WITH REPUBLICANS ALL ALONG AND THEY WERE NEVER GOING TO PUBLISH ME AT ALYSON (he hadn't even LOOKED at the photos I sent him yet when the galleys were a month overdue -- despite my having delivered the manuscript literally "typesetter-ready" on time, an unusual request to be THAT formatted by an author from ANY publisher -- but I did it. I ALWAYS do what I have to do!!!

    And then when I attended Mark's Christmas 2009 GIANT ANNUAL BASH, he (and many others) claimed that I had been the life of the party and everyone talked about meeting ME. I had a good time but don't know about the rest of that (some photos are deep on my blog from the party). I DO know that several local NETWORK AFFILIATE TV talk show hosts from NYC who were there said they wanted me to appear on their shows AS SOON AS MY BOOK WAS PUBLISHED (as we all, still, then, believed naively that it would be). I might still fish out their business cards as I continue sorting my papers -- unfortunately MANY were lost or stolen along the way of the last three years of political fighting and homelessness, now almost completely completed, and secure roof over my head (as well as swimming pool up there!!!).

    For now, I won't get into a related story of how John Uecker told me Don Weise (previously Senior Editor for Carroll & Graf, now Owner/Publisher at where  a few of his authors -- including Ghalib Shiraz Dhalla -- have contacted me complaining they are not being paid properly) conspired with Edmund White to SINK C&G by paying Edmund a $500,000.00 advance on a book they BOTH KNEW would be a commercial dog.

    I believe this is just sour grapes on Uecker's part and it is not true. I DO know it's true that Don and Edmund have worked together many times, that I got CNN online to IMMEDIATELY HIDE a TOP FEATURED story on Edmund about a year ago in which they cleverly worded it to look like Edmund had claimed that President Reagan AND his idiot nut-ball Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop both LOVED gay people and had assisted AIDS RESEARCH AGGRESSIVELY while in office when any IDIOT knows the EXACT OPPOSITE WAS TRUE!!!

    Later, I EXPOSED CNN and FOX NEWS contributor Imran Anwar as a TRAITOR. I'll re-post that ENTIRE posting soon if I can find it.

    Anyway, it will be fun to see if Mark still has the same interest. Stay tuned . . .

    Scott D. Kenan
    THE AVENGING ANGEL OF JACQUELINE KENNEDY ONASSIS (and Elizabeth Taylor, locally in Puerto Vallarta)


    I just spoke with Mark Beard's rep in New York City and she will get a message to Mark today, she claims.


    Art people HANG TOGETHER (but not on nooses), especially now that we are FULLY in the AGE OF THE ARTIST!!! (some dregs of society still to be cleaned up on a schedule NOT to my knowing)

    Yes indeedy!!!


    Is TOSHIBA Now Complicit with Republican/Fox News Internet/Email/Phone Hackers???

    I was a bit SHOCKED to see how much bad news I just found on the Internet about TOSHIBA COMPUTERS!!! That said, using logic and deduction, I'm certain I can solve my OWN seemingly Toshiba-caused computer problems. My ADVERSARIES are certain to use my report of such things as FURTHER PROOF I am delusional and in need of HEAVY PSYCH DRUGS. LOL!!!


    I appreciate your thoughts and the opportunity they give me to more CAREFULLY consider and explain certain things -- and have come to understand that in your nudges, etc., that you TRULY are my BET FRIEND!!!

    So let me address them and post this along with some news I will give you first (Letters) followed by replying to your points with matched Numbers):

    A. I just called Jennifer Harjo and discovered from her admin, that I REMAIN HER CLIENT. I left her a message asking again (24 hours later, exactly), that she call me and that while I DO have at least TWO cell phone numbers she has called me from, I am so far calling only her business phone as I attempt to be MORE PROFESSIONAL going forward.

    I also mentioned that on my blog this morning I have begun attacking TRAITORS in the Democratic Party (although, of course, Wilmington, NC District Attorney Ben David is a Democrat whom I've been telling the truth about for OVER A YEAR NOW). Jennifer Harjo is what I would call a GOOD or REAL Republican -- as well as a REAL or GOD-LOVING/FOLLOWING Catholic (NOT a Papist)!!!

    B. I just discovered that while I DID receive my this-month Amazon royalties payment for WALKING ON GLASS foreign royalties (it cleared my bank May 25, 2012), I have NOT received my Domestic Royalties.

    The domestic royalties, which actually HAD shown up as "incompletely transferred" (aka "tentatively posted") on my BoA checking account when I looked several days ago, NEVER FINISHED POSTING -- AND NOW DO NOT SHOW AS TENTATIVE EITHER, and they should have become "verified and fully credited" overnight several days ago. I just checked Amazon's info re: My Account with Kindle, and found the payment routing/manner info has NOT been changed from to my BoA checking, like it had been a few months ago when HACKERS got into my account before I added extra security, provided free by BoA, and then changed ALL my important passwords across the internet.

    I can only surmise that what I have called Republican Party/Fox News HACKERS prevented the completion of this credit. I will contact Amazon first, to see what they show in their records about the completion of this transfer, and then BoA, if necessary. As you might recall, some of the difficulties I had seemed to have with Amazon in the past (the "draft" status of my book for months), turned out to have been MY error and not Amazon's so I am being as careful as possible in jumping to BLAME anyone.

    C. In the process of checking these things out, I discovered that my Windows 7 "Snip It" tool, which I have used to GREAT advantage capturing things on the internet, NO LONGER WORKS -- or more precisely, only shows blank BLACK IMAGES when I try to use it now. I have tested it and found the same dysfunction on many and varied places on the Internet. I believe this is because my adversaries have successfully hacked my computer and disabled it since it was so useful in my proving points against them.

    What has changed, recently, is only that I had had the SMALLER version of "Norton Internet Security" which came with free trial running simultaneously with the McAfee Internet Security (which BoA gave me a year free of), as well as Trusteer (a small security program given to me also by BoA free to make passwords OPAQUE to at least MOST hackers and others of their ilk). And I manually run Malwarebytes scans, an anti-malware program my Wilmington computer guru gave me (its' free).

    The Norton free trial ran out a few days ago, which is ALSO when my computer slowed ESPECIALLY in opening, closing and SENDING EMAILS and GETTING THE REPLIES INDIVIDUALLY which tell me WHO has blocked my emails.

    Finally this morning, when I tried to shut down (which the last few days ALWAYS shows a window that some background program is slowing/preventing the shutdown with option to FORCE CLOSE that program, but I wait instead) it took a FULL TWO MINUTES to compete from that point which BEFORE Norton ran out, had been UNENCUMBERED and IMMEDIATE. And THIS time, it identified the program as "Toshiba Service" so I will first (next) uninstall that program (if I can) and then purchase the Norton.

    I am NOT using the full Norton 360 Security because both BoA's top security people and my Wilmington computer guru said it is INEFFECTIVE in many ways as well as so big it slows everything (although both of them said nearly any other major company's software would be fine -- they only DIS-recommended Norton 360). USUALLY differing companies' security software conflict with each other, but THESE ones worked together FINE for me, so I will re-new that Norton also.

    D. I have as yet received NO US Mail via my box in Miami, but expect to on the next air lift.

    >>> Now, to answering your points:

    1. It was Tanya (traveling only with their child) who was accosted on the bus TO or FROM Guadalajara when fake police robbed everyone and found her treasure (money or gems), which she had tucked under her seat hoping they would not find it but they did. (Sorry i am not COMPLETELY sure it was on the return, although I believe that is correct).

    Tanya also reported to me that the woman in the seat next to her stuffed $1000.00 USD into the blanket Tanya/Sonny's daughter was wrapped in, desperate that it not be found, but Tanya gave it back, afraid they might find the money and being pissed kill her or her child. They DID check the blanket (and everyone's clothing as well -- and found the other woman's money wherever she had then stashed it), so it was a good thing she smartly refused to help the woman.

    2. That customer DID finally come back in the last few days and buy the pieces!!! That is how Sonny caught up his bills the last two days.

    3. Sonny and Tanya put their wares on blankets in the open on the Malecon -- AS THEY ARE LEGALLY PERMITTED TO DO. Of COURSE rainy weather hurts EVERYONE on the Malecon, but completely SHUTS DOWN those who do not have a covered stall at least.

    4. Under FURTHER QUESTIONING, because he's worked that material for several years now, he's NOW quite certain that because he had run out of protective "surgeon's gloves" and worked it bare-handed recently, that it is the MOISTURE in the material that re-inflamed his fungal infections (as DOCTOR-diagnosed) which had not yet fully healed. He is NOT working it again without gloves!!!

    5. Story #5 will indeed be interesting -- NO TELLING what it might be. LOL!!! (but i spent last night with the three of them watching a movie and finally cracking that champagne. NO ONE asked me for a cent!!!)


    On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 12:27 AM, A TRUE FRIEND wrote:

    1. His costume jewelry biz was adversely affected when false police stole his raw materials as he was bringing them from Guada.
    2. A potential customer who was to buy $350 worth failed to carry through.
    3. A day or two of bad weather significantly interrupted his biz.
    4. Finally it's discovered that his hands are allergic to the materials he works with.
    Possibly Sonny is a con artist who smells your money and vulnerability. What will story #5 be? Si, I may be casting doubt on a truly reformed criminal. So I'm just putting in my two cents worth.
    That plain beige futon cover looks tired. How about some bold stripes, some pattern with more cosmetic power?  (AGREED!!! Sorry I forgot to comment above.)

    My colorful self-image: FURTHER PROOF THAT I AM DELUSIONAL. LOL!!!



    DEMOCRATS From HELL (yes, now we must go after THEM, too)!!!

    Tom Houck of Atlanta. See:


    1. Scott Kenan shared Tom Houck's photo.  DID YOU NOTICE THAT TOM HOUCK POSTED THIS PICTURE???
      Be sure to see my comment. When I met Tom Houck at a party he invited me to in the spring of 2010, I was able to determine that HE was the mole for J. Edgar Hoover's FBI that set up Dr. King to be assassinated.

      Tom got VERY ANGRY at me for that -- but he was unable to commit me as he actually TRIED to do at that party, ALSO attended LATER by Alexandra Widdons of PACT ATLANTA, my shrink nurse of ten years who Tom called in to deal with me, and who had taken me off Lithium because in 10 years there had been no evidence I had ever had a "mood swing". Later, her Republican boss made her try to reverse.

      It was when I began to tell the truth of my mother's association with Dick Cheney and Swastikas (Fay Gold of Fay Gold Gallery and other key Jews in Atlanta confirmed in 1990 that my mother is the TOP Nazi in the US), that Tom got so upset with me.

      Oddly, the party was in Highland Tap (

      ), in THE EXACT SPACE that in the mid-1980s had been the "leather" gay bar (Texas Drilling Company) where Gary Tucker worked as a DJ -- one of the people bribed by Maria St. Just to overturn the codicil to Tennessee Williams' will, suggested by Jackie Kennedy Onassis when TW and I met with her at Jean Stein and George Plimpton's party in Tennessee Williams' honor on Jan. 11, 1982.

      At that time when Gary spun those discs, he and Schuyler Wyatt (another bribed person who admitted to me and John Uecker -- Tennessee's actual MURDERER -- that their rent-free Victorian Mansion on Peachtree Street near the Alliance Theater (since gone) was PAID FOR by a top Republican in the Tennessee State Legislature WITHOUT TRADE FOR SEX (Gary and "Skye" were known to sell their bodies -- Skye for his beauty, Gary for his length and girth).

      >>> IMPORTANT <<<

      1. Sewanee and the Episcopal Church illegally got Tennessee Williams' estate because of the overturn of the codicil due to bribery planned and executed by Maria St. Just, Sewanee lawyer Michael Remer (deceased as of last fall), and TW's own last lawyer, John Eastman of Eastman& Eastman in NYC). 

      It was worth $10,000.000.00 at the time of Tennessee's death (according to the statement from his accountants Tennessee showed me in early 1982), but now (according to a group of disgruntled Sewanee alumni in Birmingham, AL who confirmed this several years ago), should be worth nearly a BILLION dollars -- the confirmation was that it was worth $1/3 Billion, but at the DEPTH of the stock market troubles, so it is certain to have gained a LOT of value since then!!!

      2. I would bet that the OWNER(S) of that property and/or the businesses that have occupied it are CLEVER Republicans or their shills and that is why so much happened there.


      The Times they are a Changin! Iconic 60's bro Bob Dylan being blessed by Prez Obama with the Medal of Freedom Award. Like a Rolling Stone. Congrats my friend. (These words written my Tom Houck)

      · ·

    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    Adult Children of Heterosexuals -- KNOW ANY??? (personally)

    HOT new self-help group on Facebook: Adult Children of Heterosexuals: "ACoH is open to people of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, and cultures. It is a 21 and over adult forum that is moderated. Certain negative opinions, politics, and race, gender or orientation bashing is subject to an immediate ban without warning." Emphasis appears to be on "ADULT." See: .

    >>> QUICKLY, before I detail my recent phone calls to JOHN UECKER, THE MAN SO MANY ACCUSE OF MURDERING TENNESSEE WILLIAMS!!!

    1. I spoke this morning with my rep at Benefits Management and all is well after misunderstandings attributable MOSTLY to my still being on a bit of a "hair trigger" after three years of sustained abuse by both Government Officials and Criminals -- PARTICULARLY THE LAST 16 MONTHS WHEN I LIVED IN WILMINGTON, NC (see this blog for details).

    I have been PERFECTLY safe since crossing the border into Mexico and am STILL hoping I do NOT have to apply for POLITICAL ASYLUM, which I have been led to believe I might get from Mexico due to my particular situation of knowing so much about the HEINOUS CRIMES of the Republican Party (with "Blue-Dog" Democrats and PROBABLY President Obama), Fox News, and the narco-trafficking operation of  the very TOP Republicans with corrupted agents of the CIA, FBI, US Military, Pentagon Publishing, Inc., the Papacy, Episcopal Church, my own mother, etc.

    Too bad Obama didn't do something to END our government's RUNNING of most illegal drugs after George W. Bush shocked him at his inauguration by telling him he had to continue it and protect it or be killed. Obama has had over THREE YEARS to do this, but instead, allowed Republicans to PLAY HIM AS A PATSY, caving to them TIME AND TIME AGAIN on all things important -- and only pushing publicly for things he vetted with Republicans first to be certain they would STOP any such legislation -- but giving Obama good PR in the process.

    Barack Obama has indeed proved himself to be BALL-LESS and the ULTIMATE (but not ONLY), ANTI-NEGRO!!!

    And TOO MANY PEOPLE KNOW IT, which is why 40+% voted for "Other" in a recent Democratic Primary. The Democrats need to ditch him now and nominate an ACTUAL Democrat, although with Obama being the first half-white (also half-black), ever elected President, it would SURE STIR UP A HORNETS NEST TO DO SO!!!

    Well, GOOD LUCK USA in getting out of this absurd dilemma, which in your press-propaganda climate and disinformation culture (as well as being too high on legal and illegal drugs to THINK STRAIGHT), you have BROUGHT ON YOURSELF, so don't blame ME or anyone else if the truth makes you "uncomfortable". If you don't deal with these things ASAP, you will graduate to something FAR WORSE than discomfort.

    2. I have left a message for my Public Defender Jennifer Harjo to call me to update me on my legal situation in Wilmington, NC. Jen always makes me wait at least 24 hours before returning a call. She always wants everyone to know that SHE is boss. I just ADORE a bossy woman, so am OK with that. If my patience wears out before I hear from her, I'll take other steps.

    3. My friend Sonny (ex-Cali Cartel operative in New York City) has not been harmed or even threatened here in Puerto Vallarta. In fact, after dud-hurricane Bud cleared out and the weather improved, he made some nice sales and paid his rent and some debts off. Unfortunately, while creating EIGHT new art pieces in recent days he learned he is seriously allergic to the 'fish-bone epoxy resin' which is his medium, but at least now knows it was NOT fungus infections he was suffering. He is trying to find protective gloves thin enough to be effective and still sheer enough to be practical.

    Sonny and his friend Martin have also put together a list of gay-for-small-pay Mexicans who would competently bugger me so I don't act like the sex-starved desperado I apparently have become (in some ways). While I salute their kind help and EXCELLENT PRACTICAL INTENTIONS, I still prefer to find something of greater substance and will apply what I know of "mind over matter" to my frustrated libido and the foul moods I have allowed it to bring on me.

    This will be a GREAT TEST of my theories -- until the root of the problem gets QUALITY service.

    * * *


    1. I am NOT going to get into many details of my conversation with Thomas Keith a couple of days ago BECAUSE he was kind enough to at least talk to me for a few minutes. This always inclines me toward leniency and forgiveness -- BESIDES, when I first met him in 2004 (before his legal drug addictions took their toll), HE WAS SO HOT that I mentioned to a friend via email that "When he walks, Thomas drips testosterone EVERYWHERE HE GOES!!!"

    Can't get much hotter than that. Too bad it is now LONG in the past -- but that is THOMAS's problem, not mine. I doubt having that boyfriend Arturo of the Stone Mountain, GA branch of the Colombian Cali Cartel helps with matters of DRUG ADDICTIONS (not my problem, either).

    2. Over a period of three days now, I have called John Uecker REPEATEDLY on both his land-line and cell phones. What I have to report about that is, I hate to say it, not pretty.

    John will not take my calls, although he answered his land-line once to demand in panic "WHO'S THIS!!!" and then slam the phone down when I identified myself, that was actually my FIRST call to him, so he was ALREADY STRESSED past the max by OTHER things happening to him, likely the result of my reporting the TRUTH in this blog about his murdering Tennessee Williams and his believing he is sometimes POSSESSED by the ghost of Maria St. Just and acts FOR HER, rather than personally being in control.

    Now, I do NOT subscribe to this idea of being "possessed by spirits" whether evil or well (in the sense that we must ALL ALWAYS accept the consequences of our actions, regardless). I DO believe that it can SEEM like spirits are visiting us or even in possession of our thoughts and/or actions at times -- BUT ONLY BECAUSE WE CONSCIOUSLY ALLOW IT!!! And that is NOT to say they are actually other "entities" -- they might just be products of our own or THE HIGHER Creative Imagination.

    This is NOT a point that Science has yet explained well, so I (and you) should tread CAREFULLY.

    And this is why I have not yet detailed my own "possession" by spirits (or imagination) at times -- WHICH I CONSCIOUSLY ALLOWED AND TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR, including the spirits of  Howard Hughes and to a lesser extent, William R. Kenan, JUNIOR. I will explain ALL of this in detail very soon, as well as the appearances of Jackie Kennedy Onassis and her son John (as John-John and later as his adult self), and a couple of dead presidents -- ALL of whom appeared EXACTLY as those iconic images of Our Lady of Guadelupe, that is, with the tear in reality being an oval shape, its edges defined by a ring of licks of fire.

    Pretty cool huh (no matter what you make of it)??? And then there was the time (written down in my Williams memoir to a dream so I would not be criticized for it), when Tennessee Williams appeared in my bedroom AFTER he died, but before I got up and LEARNED that from CNN. The best way to describe it was he seemed to be a 90% materialized hologram, although he lost all shape (as did I) as we proceeded to the "place beyond time and space" for our reconciliation.

    This is described in my book in the FIRST PARAGRAPHS, so you can download the FREE SAMPLE of my book from Amazon AT NO COST TO YOU if you want to check it out here: .

    Amazon lets you download FREE software to view Kindle books on other devices including tablets, phones, and computers -- both PCs and MACs -- if you don't have a Kindle, but I don't think you have to do that to read the free sample.

    >>> Back to John Uecker:

    I have explained to him (and I KNOW this flies in the face of some of my "writing voices" which ignorant or temporarily thoughtless readers have confused with MY voice which rides "higher in consciousness" and is never harmed or upset as I continue toward my goals which are GUARANTEED to be achieved successfully

    HELLO?!?!?!? -- Have you NEVER wondered why I remain fine despite all those attempts on my freedom and life by my adversaries???

    I have explained to Mr. Uecker's voicemail that I FULLY UNDERSTAND why Judas actually has a HIGHER PLACE than Jesus in the DEFINING CHRISTIAN MYTH: He agreed to a ROLE that was NECESSARY -- The Betrayer -- and which would cause him to be HATED by un-evolved humans out of the limitations of linear human thinking, UNTIL HUMANS TOOK THE NEXT LEAP IN CONSCIOUSNESS TO THE LEVEL OF ARTIST, which has been called "The End of the World" in human consciousness, since the human ego is ALL about preservation and KNOWS that evolving to Artist KILLS it so that LOVE and FREEDOM can prevail instead.

    Well, I have THREE times promised John Uecker that I would publish his address and phone numbers in this blog if he did NOT speak with me or call me back by noon today, so I am going to do that as promised.

    FIRST, I would like to say that while this will be of interest to investigating Press, Scholars, and Law Enforcement, I ask all to NOT call or visit John's apartment by surprise. He's just TOO FRAGILE from what I can make of it.

    Better that you casually befriend him (even John has to leave his cave now and then), or google him and see all the famous and successful actors he has coached and other friends of his and acquaintances. Approach John through them (with their loving concern and care not to reveal anything that might frighten him over the brink), as John REALLY IS (or once was) an EXCELLENT drama coach -- just ask James Gandolfini (one among many others of his SUCCESSFUL CLIENTS)!!!

    In fact, I just decided NOT to publish those things, but his phone is listed -- he's the John Uecker on 88th Street in Manhatttan, and if he slams the phone on you, call back until you get his voicemail and it will give you his cell phone number (the main one of several).

    The only photo of John Uecker I have EVER found on the internet can be found in the following blog post. You can use it (as it's fairly recent and DOES look like him as I remember him from my many visits to his apartment in 2009 -- although he MIGHT have deteriorated since): .

    >>> FOR THE RECORD: I do NOT mind receiving unexpected guests here in Puerto Vallarta -- especially if you are hot, male, and horny -- but ALL will be respectfully received. I DO prefer that you email me in advance if possible, however, but I never freak out since I have nothing to hide about me or MY life -- TRY ME!!!

    All best to ALL!!!


    Reception Salon of my apartment in Puerto Vallarta -- terrace with ocean view also showing.

    Entrance Hall of Whitehall, built by Henry Flagler for his last wife, Mary Lily Kenan Flagler of Wilmington and Kenansville, NC. See

    Posted here to PROVE how low THIS Kenan has sunk from my (as Tennessee Williams liked to describe them, "Aristocratic roots.")