Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Godson Diego-cum-Bigfoot/Mr. Tom-Tom Confuses Me with a CHOO-CHOO TRAIN!!!


Having had an EXCELLENT lesson in "The Past Isn't REALLY What You THOUGHT It Was", yesterday, I returned last night due to the WIT and WISDOM of Mr. Tom-Tom, my GPS, who TOOK me to Colima just fine, and after an hour of getting my bearings, I found Los Amiales ("The Springs" in the Náhuatl Indian tongue -- and ancient recreational place PRE-DATING the arrival of the Spanish).

A palapa restaurant, like that owned by my godson Diego's parents at Los Amiales BEFORE Hurricane Jova. See a GREAT article on what Los Amiales was/is like here (NO GRINGOS!!!):

Not only did I find that Hurricane JOVE (here called "Jova") and COMPLETELY DESTROYED the ancient waterworks -- as well as three modern bridges over the river within 200 meters of the place -- in October 2011, but the place has been rebuilt in the last half year with Government help and everyone pitching in. Of course all the mature vegetation there is gone, as well as the ancient damming, so much charm is missing now -- but all will grow back soon and the people are undefeated.

Here is some video of it: and here: .

My godson, Diego, is now 14 and like his classmates, ENTIRELY COMPLETED SCHOOL when he graduated 6th grade two years ago. He is now pimpled, unemployed, and BIG-FOOT footed -- as large as my feet (15s) but TWICE AS WIDE!!! (above his hairing legs -- all MOST unattractive, but part of growing up). I immediately abondonned my fantasy developed en route that I would maybe buy him a relatively inexpensive computer or tablet to help him with school (he had seemed so scholarly before).

So I gave him 1,000 pesos to do with as he wished ($70.00 USD), and his parents the Bourbon and chocolates. I'd forgotten that "Alfredo" (Cornelio Prada Diaz - something of his story can be found here, although HE is the one who pretended to by my boyfriend and "stole" all my money from the sale of my nearly paid-off house in Stone Mountain, GA, then left me stranded in Puerto Vallarta on moving day from Colima, July 5, 2010.

I later discovered there were so many warrants for Cornelio Prada Diaz's arrest on DRUG GANG charges in Estado Jalisco that he COULDN'T stay. LOL!!! ) had absolutely INSISTED that NO ONE in Los Amiales know we were gay, so NOW I think Mama Martha has the idea that I might be her TICKET TO A HOT-SEX new life with a BETTER MAN (wealthier).

MUCHO debatable -- that description of me!!! If I were straight, I'd take her up IMMEDIATELY. She's the BEST woman there -- about 48 years old now, I'm guessing, and had married the TOP BULL MOOSE in town. Martha runs the family and the restaurant and I'm not sure what her husband actually DOES -- beyond stud services.

Since I saw them last -- two years ago -- Martha CLOCKED him after some misbehavior and KNOCKED OUT one of his front teeth. LOL!!! -- you don't see him smiling in the picture below, do you???).

Diego (feet too big to fit in the frame), Martha, Mr. Larios (terrible that I forget his first name!!!), a niece with her bambino, June 29, 2012 --  EXACTLY to the DAY, two years after Diego's 6th grade graduation.

Too-small picture I took of Diego (on right), with best friend and a shoe two years ago.

North Carolina Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby relaxing in his home in Wilmington, NC -- praisin' JESUS they're WHITE, insulated, and lead such INTERESTING LIVES (see blog post on Sen. Goolsby and snake-handling in church: )!!! 

* * *

And there is the story of how Mr. Tom-Tom not only tried to FORCE me to drive through a very old ferrocarrill (railroad) tunnel THROUGH A MOUNTAIN that had an active railroad but NO way for a car to go through. Really.

I was following it to get back to the toll road to Manzinilla, and the paved road became a gravel road, and then a two-dirt-tracks-in-the-grasses lane (sometimes in Mexico, valuable shortcuts ARE primitive, although nearly all of them have recently been upgraded) -- and finally dead-ended just before the railroad tunnel through a mountain -- with NO WAY you could have gotten anything short of a Hummer to hop onto the tracks if you WANTED to!!!

Previously (about six weeks ago), Mr. Tom-Tom took Sonny (Jimmy Humberto Montaño Prieto, see: ), his wife, child, and a friend of Sonny's -- and me -- on a wild 30-mile detour down a road so eroded and covered by debris from landslides that a local resident told me that if we continued we'd all "fall into the sea and die!!!"

In early 2010, my PREVIOUS Garmin GPS led me to places in North Carolina that reminded me of the movie DELIVERANCE (but less mountainous), claiming that I 40/85 was clogged due to a HORRIFIC accident. Later, after I finally got a bit freaked out by being so in the boonies, and MANUALLY returned to the intererstate (which Garmin had led me 90 degress AWAY from -- instead of parallel to), I discovered there had been NO ACCIDENT AT ALL!!!

So don't tell ME someone running the GPS satellites isn't up to SOMETHING peculiar!!!

And then after sticking around no longer to find ANY MORE wierd Colima-area things and deciding that I would stay in Manzanilla at a fun but inexpensive ($24.00 USD/night) resort con WiFi right on the beach with pools too, etc., which Mr. Tom-Tom had taken me right by on the way TO Colima, but kept me MILES from, returning, I just decided to drive on back to Puerto Vallarta, getting in at 12:15 AM this morning.

Now I go to the beach for some R&R FINALLY, then later make this into a amusing blog post with photos . . .


Bridge re-building near Los Amiales


Betty White/Tiger in Mexico's Tank???/Premature Dating

>>> FROM MY FACEBOOK PAGE, still suffering occassional POSTUS INTERRUPTUS!!!

Scott Kenan shared a link.
8 hours ago

    • Scott Kenan Looks like I could use some education myself (spelling of "Charitable"). LOL!!!

    • 8 hours ago ·

* * *

"grrrREAT!!! He only wanted to BITE OFF my stripey tail!!!" (buy Esso!!!)


Facebook/CIA is BLOCKING ME AGAIN (LOL!!!)!!!

My first cousin, Judith "Judy" Russ Whitney

Hi Judy,

I'm goning (sic) to try to re-friend you on Facebook, but if you can't handle that, please just deny the request. After Sen. Thom Goolsby had friended and un-friended me TWICE -- and I tried again -- he then reported me as as trying to friend someone I didn't know (him), and I was blocked by Facebook for a week from freinding anyone at all.

Interesting is that NOT ONLY had he PREVIOUSLY friended me TWICE, but I have met him, his parents, his wife, and several of his children. I have BEEN INSIDE not only his Law Office many times but his HOUSE (by invite of his wife), once!!!

If you feel a need to kow-tow to that old Herker woman, that's your business, but it would be nice to know that at least ONE (other than Janice and her daughter -- and my nephew Connor) blood relatives did NOT side with WHITE, REPUBLICAN, people who HATE what Jesus said, and USE his teachings to screw non-whites and people with differing opinions or "live-styles".

I mean REALLY -- I always thought you were better than that!!!

What would Aunt Doris and Uncle Wilber do???


>>> FACEBOOK'S RESPONSE when I tried to send this message to my first cousin Judith Whitney of Castle Hayne, NC (CLICK ON IT TO SEE THE ENTIRE THING)


* * *

>>> JUST IN!!!: While I was out of town yesterday (which Facebook/CIA was WELL aware of), they DELETED the following post from my blog, after having FINALLY allowed me to post links to this blog after a two-week REFUSAL to allow it (and REFUSING to say WHY they did it or how long it would last!!!)

One thing I will say for GOOGLE (and GMAIL and BLOGGER, which are parts of it), is that they have NEVER sensured or censored me or DISALLOWED me from blogging/emailing.

The problems I have had with emails being allowed to go out, have had to do with my NOT deleting addresses that have blocked me, and GMAIL understandably slows things down when a person -- appearing to be a spammer -- has many emails bounced back. They NEVER stopped me from emailing, however, AS EVERONE KNOWS (too well???)!!!

And LOOK what dead-beat Dad and DEBTS-NON-PAYER (and HUGE supporter of Sen. Thom Goolsby -- Republican NC State Senator of Wilmington, NC) tried to do to me IN AN ORGANIZED WAY THAT HE BRAGS ABOUT, but was FOILED EACH TIME:

>>> And WHEN-OH-WHEN will they LEARN that:


. . . and will REWARD all the RIGHTEOUS who have honored his NATURE of INFINITE INTELLIGENCE AND LOVE.

'Nuff said.

Now it's time to relax -- and maybe later enjoy some SEX-O!!!




Friday, June 29, 2012

FACEBOOK Severing Ties with the CIA???

I certainly hope no one took me too seriously in my "Messianic/Revelations" rant that was entirely couched in Christian Mythology -- my point being to POINT OUT the absurdity of it and HORRIFY some who think the Bible is to be taken LITERALLY.

I mean REALLY!!!

But then leading fools into absurd conclusions logicly from misunderstood premeses is the HALLMARK of Republican and other TOMFOOLERY!!!

See how they now have ramped up their LIE MACHINE ROBOTS OF DISINFORMATION to continue their fight against those who are finding a way for REASONABLE HEALTH CARE in the US.

And they have NO alternate PLAN, but serve up INFINITE and BOTTOMLESS HOT AIR FROM HELL as a distraction and HYPNOTISM  trick.

In any case, MYSTERIOUSLY, Facebook (long controled by the CIA), yesterday morning STOPPED BLOCKING my attempts to post links on it to THIS BLOG. That means that either they are giving up on SILENCING ME, or they are REFORMING THEMSELVES to act ONCE AGAIN within the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, as they have ALWAYS been intended.

I count EITHER motivation as a HUGE PERSONAL WIN in my fight to reform the US GOVERNMENT, which is REALLY to say that I am only a cog in a VAST "WE THE PEOPLE" CONSPIRACY which operates more through intuition and deep spiritual connections that we all share and LESS through the VERY REAL other actual contacts that I really DO have, but so many want to claim I don't.

This is NOT TRUE of those in power in Wilmington and the State of North Carolina -- AND I GAVE THEM EVERY OPPORTUNITY to back down from their many illegal, abusive, and unconstitutional actions against me.


As I mentioned in email to my "list" yesterday, I have already begun the search for a Law Firm to represent me, and indeed, SCHILLER & SCHILLER PLLC of Raleigh, NC has turned me down. Because I only spoke to the receptionist and not as well as I could have, I am NOT going to rip them to shreds in this blog as I will any firm that turns me down after a BETTER approach on my part in the very near future.

But today, I'm motoring to Colima, Colima, Mexico to find my god-son and his family. I will return on Sunday, and any DRUG MAFIA, CIA, OR OTHER CRIMINALS can try to murder me on that route.

I doubt this will happen, but I might as well let them know what I'm up to.

Monday, after a follow-up visit to the doctor about the wound/plantars tissue on the bottom of my right foot, I'll continue my quest to find a lawyer/law firm.

Thanks for reading this,

Me, in the center of it all (actually in Paraty, Brazil in 2009)


Thursday, June 28, 2012

GOD RULES (through his son, Mr. Tennessee Williams)!!!

Jesus Retorno???

(Did only I recognize him???)

As predicted by many a wag, "If Jesus ever DID return, Christians would IMMEDIATELY NAIL HIM RIGHT BACK UP ON THAT CROSS!!!"

And so they did.

And so did we, by our silence.

And so it is, or was, or sumpthin'.

Thanks for reading!!!



I CONFESS (to hacking)!!!

Curtis Wright, formerly on FM radio THE BIG TALKER, , lost his job due to his hiding from Sheriff's Deputies trying to serve him papers for a judgment against him for NON-PAYMENT of debts, now is relegated to AM radio, where he BRAVELY SOLDIERS ON!!!

>>> BREAKING!!! This just in at 9:45 AM, Curtis Wright's reply to this BLOG POST:

Interesting agent, and personal family friend, Jim Rafferty, noted in this article, and I were having a drink the other night discussing this article that ran in the local media - without any comment or verification by either party. We both joked just how dangerous the local media is in their reporting what they believe to be "fact" vs "reality", and how our local media will print anything - even if not verified! The media knows just how ignorant people are - people like this asshole.

Curtis Wright

* * *


As mentioned in the title, I DO confess to hacking -- in fact, it annoys NOT ONLY my landlord (I'm not really supposed to smoke in my apartment, but times have been a tad stressful, and it's all non-absorbant surfaces here, so no carpeting, heavy drapes, etc. to retain the smell), but my next-door neighbor Larry -- on the rare event that he's home and his adjoining-to-mine rear terrace doors are open is likely mildly annoyed as well, although he's never complained (to my knowledge).

That said, I'm smoking less and hacking MUCH less -- now that so many respect my opinions, FINALLY.

This problem is WELL on its way to solving itself, so whilst I thank you for your concern, Curtis -- and appreciate all YOU and others, like Sen. Thom Goolsby who lied to Facebook and got me banned from "friending" for a week, and Broadway actress cum Wilmingtoninan Linda Lavin's Gay-Goose husband, Steve Bakunas who ALSO lied to Facebook and GOT ME BANNED FROM "FRIENDING" FOR A MONTH (recently expired), I feel that neither you nor the better-humored Bob Ashley need concern yourselves with my help.

Why not concentrate on paying your own bills -- or reversing your job slide so you have more money again --


Thanks so much,
Scott D. Kenan
Cyber-General (Five Star)

From: Curtis Wright  (910) 763-40009:23 PM (9 hours ago)
To me, Bob Ashley


This guy is a total asshole and has hundreds and uses multiple email addresses and has hundreds on his email address lists. No matter how many times you ask him to remove you he refuses. Maybe you all should do an article on such abuse of the internet and email. I just delete all emails I receive and try and block his many email addresses. Be careful because he is a 'hacker' and no sure if he has tried to hack people's computers through email. He has been reported to gmail and other email providers but they have not acted to block his activity.

Curtis Wright
WFNC 640 AM & WAAV 980 AM
Cumulus Broadcasting Inc.
North Carolina

From: Scott Kenan
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 5:02 PM
To: Bob Ashley
Subject: Re: Old Email

If you get District Attorney Ben David or Sen. Thom Goolsby in Wilmington, NC to write me an email or snail mail asking me to do so, I will be happy to comply.


On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 3:57 PM, Bob Ashley of the Durham, NC HERALD SUN wrote:

You gotta be kidding.   Why not?

Bob   Ashley
The   Herald-Sun

From: Scott Kenan  
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 4:55   PM
To: Bob Ashley
Subject: Re: Old   Email

Sorry, but this cannot be done at this time.

The   ReplyBot

On Wed, Jun 27, 2012 at 3:40 PM, Bob Ashley (Durham, NC HERALD SUN) wrote:

Dear Scott Kenan:

Please remove me from   this mailing list. Thank you.

Bob   Ashley
The   Herald-Sun

Heralding the Sun (only for Negresses??? See: )


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Total SHAM!!!

I had posted the beginnning of all the TO-DO-ing by landlord's son Mark and two "engineers". I've deleted all that as it was too boring. Bottom line: although the cable was PERFECTLY fine beginning 15 minutes before the engineer was to arrive at 10:00 AM until Mark picked TWO "engineers" up (they appeared to be "common laborers" and in fact Mark appeared to direct all their moves).

Mark disconnected the cable downstairs before he OR the "engineers" saw the great picture I was ALREADY getting, and then it took them 2.5 hours to get the picture back to the quality it had been before they started.

During the process (and at least ONE of them does do SOME cable wiring, because Mark said he wired the building when it was built several years ago -- seven?), they bought a long piece of aluminum wire to guide the new cable through the conduit in the walls.


Now EXCUSE ME VERY MUCH, but this is the FIRST thing I learned when I was replacing some of my OWN cable in my Georgia house years ago. Mexicans simply are quite smart and CLEVER, in my experience, and I don't think ANY of these guys regularly deal with cable AT ALL.

Either that, or they are "learning disabled" -- and WTF was up with changing everything after the signal was PERFECT -- that is, after Mark did WHATEVER he did at 8:45 this morning (which he let no one -- but me -- see).

Well, reader, you can decide for yourself what to make of all of this, but in the end WE WERE ALL FRIENDLY, and THAT was a FIRST for this IMPATIENT GIANT.


>>> SOON, I will report on my FIRST call to a North Carolina Law Firm hoping to get representation to sue Wilmington and North Carolina Courts.

And I will report on EACH and EVERY one that I call (I have a nice list), until I find one to represent me -- or run out of law firms licesnced to practice in North Carolina.

Fun, no???


Amazing developments, but first responding to your points:

1. I will only have a public outdoor discussion with Sonny at his place of business on the Malecon -- IF ANY CONTACT GOING FORWARD AT ALL. I'm his daughter's god-father, but Tanya's got enough sense to raise her daughter right -- and if Sonny for any reason "disappears" or feels he must flee town/Mexico (I have become TOTALLY convinced that Sonny is still a high operative in the Cali Cartel and probably the CIA as well. I have reported this and my reasons for it MANY times to top Mexican Authorities, and now, what they DO about it will reveal THEIR intentions for this country -- that does NOT mean something needs to be done immediately, but WE WILL ALL BE WATCHING!!!), then if called on, I will assist Tanya and Jeretzi in finding a suitable situation, although I believe she would take Jeretzi and return to her family in San Miguel del Allende.

2. Yes, the lawsuits will be the THRUST, but that does not mean a different direction is not found following the path of least resistance as I go forward there. I DO expect some kind of compensation will be quickly offered to keep THE EMBARRASSMENT out of court. I will hold out for a HIGH amount. Period.

3. Trahan is toast and pathetic. That said, I expect to hear from him from time to time. He DOES have a HUGE crush on me, but I feel nothing for him now.

4. I have (since arriving in PV), thought long and hard about the security concerns you mention, and have had the same thoughts -- although your offer to help financially came as a surprise. I'll get to all of that in a minute.

Actually, having address all your other points, I'll now tell the STRANGE story of this morning's events.

The engineer was scheduled to come at 9:00 this morning to "correct the TV cable." At 8:45, I was smoking a cig on the terrace and noticed I had a PERFECT TV picture, where only a minute before it had been exactly the TERRIBLE it had been since a couple of hours after Mark corrected it two weeks(?) ago.

I went downstairs and the door to Mark's Dad's apartment was ajar so I called for him and he emerged from THE SAME AREA where he had worked on the TV cable connections previously. REALLY!!! (so we DEFINITELY know that the correction was actually done by MARK, exactly as I have claimed before -- THE WHOLE MONKEY-ACT OF MY CABLE TROUBLE WAS MANIPULATED BY MARK TO HARASS ME!!!)

Mark COULD NOT look me in the eye (just as before!!!), and said that because the connection was "unreliable", he wanted the wire to be changed out regardless (actually it has been TOTALLY reliable in that it was always terrible except for the couple of hours between when Mark repaired it and then when he screwed it back up, and NOW so the engineer didn't see Mark's DELIBERATE BAD CONNECTION, he returned it to the GOOD ONE before the guy arrived!!!). He just could NOT look me in the eye at all.

Well, I asked him about apartment availability, since he had NO ONE lined up for #8 or Vidal's old apartment (smaller) a week ago, but now he says he has someone coming in a week (a month?) through season for #8, and has NOTHING available AT ALL before April 15. He TRIPPED ALL OVER HIS WORDS getting that out, as he looked to the semi-distant floor.

Bottom line:

1. Mark does NOT want me living here, but he and I have achieved a sort of pleasant, public detente, so there should be no problems staying here through the end of the lease. I believe he's just an immature schmuck, pressured by the local drug trash -- which includes the people who own/run the grocery next door and the people around the corner who (until SONNY warned them not to let me see anything) were doing the LARGEST drug deals in town right around the corner near Vista Grill restaurant.

2. I am NOT going to speculate about Sonny and his claimed influence on the PRI candidates for Presidente of PV and of Mexico. Appearances are TOO deceiving and I don't know enough to judge. I intend to work with WHOEVER wins the election THIS SATURDAY, to mount a Williams festival which will benefit ALL, although we might-could have some trouble with Sewanee over rights. HA!!!

3. Because several people I've known since before made a point of telling me they had "kicked the drug trash out of Mismaloya" --SPECIFICALLY meaning that the couple I stayed with for a couple of weeks in a house next door to the alleged Police Chief of PV (there are many varieties of Police, and this is NOT the one who helped me get my things from Benjamin Shields' place. This man was NEVER friendly to me and I never actually saw a Police car at his house, I don't think). This was when I lived in the area a few blocks further from the beach and north of Teatro Vallarta -- right now I can't find the house on google satellite images, but it was two or three stories in front (entrance a few step up from the walk), a large garden behind it with a six-step rise to the back half of the garden, and a two story two bedroom and bath separate building against the back wall of the property.

You see, these people -- just like Benjamin and Adrianna Shields -- had decided they were going to KEEP use of my car to run back and forth to a palapa restaurant that the young woman's parents had leased for them, close to the river end of the strip of such businesses on Mismaloya Beach. They had other friends staying there whom I had first befriended, including a thin 36-ish Canadian woman who was soon to return to Canada to study nursing.

She claimed she had PRIEVIOUSLY been a big drug-runner to Canada, but claimed to have given it up. Her tall hunky young Mexican boyfriend serviced her nightly with yowls and growls coming from BOTH, but he had made it clear he was also available to me (and I knew several guys who had "done" him), for a small price. He was studying art. I never touched him -- although I sure would like to have. LOL!!!

And in truth, after things blew up and the palapa woman angrily threw me out after I insisted on keeping my own car(!!!) and KEPT MY CAT STELLA LO-RIDER (whom I've not been able to find since), I ran into these other tenants and they TOO left right after me and were VERY friendly to me when I ran into them on Conchas Chinas beach -- several days before my car was broken into -- who KNOWS if those things were related, but I think rather it was actually Benjamin Shields' people since he lived/lives right at the top of the road down to the beach.

In any case, one time when I was at Mismaloya Beach, that woman FLEW out of her restaurant and ran SCREAMING after me that I had RUINED her by claiming her family was in the illegal drug trade (I had). She caught up to me on the footbridge over the water and since she was CRAZED and totally hepped up on adrenaline or speed and CLEARLY stronger than most men -- let alone women -- I dropped to the ground (bridge floor, actually) to avoid her throwing me off it --which she claimed she was going to do. She kicked me for a while until someone pulled her off, and then retreated.

I only wish someone had captured it on camera for posterity to have a good LAUGH over -- it was the most "girly" I acted in the whole 2.5 years, TIED with when Joey Spaghetti (Spagnolo) chased me up Dock Street in Wilmington, claiming he was going to kill me because SOMEONE told him I had told him/her that Joey and I had had sex. (probably true -- the telling part, the sex we had already had several times) HA!!!

Anyway, these people lost their lease and left Mismaloya. I think that town is relatively drug-trash free, and MAYBE that woman I spoke with before moving has something there that is also SECURE. I'll start thinking about all of this soon.

I'm probably going to post my correspondence with Jen Harjo yesterday first, then maybe post this after the engineer comes and goes (if he does) at 2:00.


On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 7:48 PM, A FRIEND wrote:

I clicked your ref to sisterlouisaschurch, but get "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page."

Since you've spilled all the beans on Sonny, you can't risk being alone with him, like having him in your apt or car. Of course you can treat him to a restaurant lunch or dinner in public.

As you try  securing a lawyer to sue Wilmington etc., consider it just one phase of your action plans, and other ideas will develop as time marches on.

Trahan is an enemy, so you're hardly going to join his club. My recollection is that he has a serious illness, which can lead to behavioral swings.

My hope is that you can remain in Casa de Carmen during both off and high season. Teri would continue with the same rent check, and I would provide you with the differential, passed to the landlord per your arrangement. You could take a better apt there, but not a lesser one which would be a step down in quality of life. While Mismaloya may offer "attractive" rents, your main concern must be SECURITY--not to be wiped out by burglary or harmed by intruders. Like, a ground floor apt with a garden, or an apt with a vulnerable terrace, is not for you. Even if you have an apt sharer, such an apt is sure to be "nobody home" too much of the time.


The Die is IRREVOCABLY Cast!!!

Suing for Money AND Liberty!!!

>>> EMAIL EXCHANGE WITH MY LAWYER (soon to be only one of many). Please note that Ms. Harjo, knowing my propensity to eventually post things on this bog/blog, must have carefully crafted her words with this in mind.

Just sayin' . . .

Dear Ms. Harjo:

Thank you.

Because the District Attorney does NOT see fit to DROP ALL CASES IMMEDIATELY (he knows he has no evidence against me and I am innocent of all charges), I have decided IRREVOCABLY to sue the Wilmington Police Department, POSSIBLY the City itself since I emailed Mayor Saffo and all City Council Members repeatedly over a long period of time and NONE of them sought to help me in any way -- in fact, they encouraged District Attorney Ben David -- but PRIMARILY the State of North Carolina Court System for GROSS VIOLATION OF MY CIVIL RIGHTS, hoping to be awarded several hundred million dollars (which I will mostly give away), but which MUST be done to teach these TRAITORS a lesson.

For fun -- and because of their EXTREME HYPOCRISY -- I hope to sue at least Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian Church as well. Kenans endowed that church and THIS Kenan will teach them that they do NOT mess with us!!!

Fortunately, regardless rumors claiming otherwise, my distant wealthy relatives are on my side, and in fact the same one who connected me with 60 MINUTES 18 months ago here in Puerto Vallarta works directly with the same top Mexican Security and Intelligence officer from the Office of the President of Mexico who confirmed so many of my claims to me and allowed me to know that new info I gave them about CIA and Cali Cartel operatives here in Puerto Vallarta was GREATLY helpful to the State and Federal Government here. I continue to work with them as well as "back-door" American Government Officials.

Because my difficulties are SO MUCH larger than those caused by cocaine-snortin', cock-suckin' (pardon my English) District Attorney Benjamin R. David, I hope also to sue Facebook and the CIA (who operates through them), separately.

After emailing a notice of this to everyone in my GMAIL address memory, I intend to REMOVE BOTH of your email addresses so that I no longer clutter your email and we can exchange them with greater ease. I will also confirm the gist of this email to you or your voicemail, whichever answers my call.

All best, and thanks for sending the news -- I'm gonna have A LOT MORE FUN NOW -- and so will REAL REPUBLICANS, like you!!!

For your records, my blog:

Scott David Kenan

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in political exile)

On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 11:08 AM, Harjo, Jennifer wrote:

Dear Mr. Kenan,

At your request, I am sending this email concerning the status of your court cases.  I still do not think it appropriate that any communications regarding your case be sent or received via email, however, until my office telephone is enabled to make calls outside the country I am agreeable to very limited email communication.  Do not send me long winded emails or your blog.  I will not read it.

 At this time, the District Attorney has excused your appearance in court.  Your cases remain pending.  In the event that the DA agrees to dismiss your cases, I will let you know.  Meanwhile, all are aware that you are out of the country and at this time the DAs office is not seeking your appearance in court.

Best wishes, stay in touch and enjoy yourself – and of course, stay out of trouble.

Your attorney,

Jennifer Harjo

Jennifer Harjo, Head Public Defender, Wilmington, NC.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jesus RETURNS (retorno)!!!

Axing CLASSIC questions, via Sister Louisa (Atlanta artist and man-bugger Grant Henry)






Strangely Silent for 1979 Years (+/- up to 4), Jesus Finally SPEAKS UP!!!

Like me, Mitt Romeny is NOT JESUS, but is recently descended from PRACTICING POLYGAMISTS who fled to Mexico to marry some SPARE WOMEN after the practice was outlawed in the US (I fled for political reasons too, but different ones).

Mormonism teaches about Jesus's coming to the Americas (a patent falsehood), and denigrates women to child-bearing and child-rearing (usually) prettified slaves. NO WOMEN hold positions of authority in the Mormon Church -- something even Catholics allow.

>>> BEFORE JESUS PIPES UP, a few news items:

1. From Email:

I just discovered that my computer was hacked in the last few days and some Outlook files needed to open it are missing on my computer. While I try to remember where I put the KEY that is needed and then download the whole dang thing again (or use RECOVERY, which would UNDO the hours of work I did last night so I'm avoiding THAT if possible).

Although this is a HUGE pain in the ass, it is PROOF positive that I am SUPER DANGEROUS. You see, my Mexican Intelligence contacts managed to EXTRACT my old Outlook email files from "Jane's computer", and I am ready to search them for evidence -- AND THE CIA/CORRUPTED US GOVERNMENT KNOWS THAT.

Consider too that although I have ALWAYS run the BEST security programs -- the latest ones provided by the Mexican Government -- no matter WHAT I run, I still get hacked, so THEY ARE ALWAYS USING THEIR LATEST AND NEWEST METHODS BEFORE THE ANTI-VIRUS/ANTI-MALWARE programs are updated to fight them.

This is getting more and more fun, although it IS rather time consuming.

My GA friend has been too busy and was physically indisposed as well. This will all work out in perfect timing.

And GUESS WHO called last night. Sonny. He bragged again about beating that guy up for me and going to jail. I told him I could prove that NONE of that was true, and then he started cussing up a storm and wouldn't let me speak so I hung up on him.

Permanently, I guess. HA!!!

>>> See more here: .



On Tue, Jun 26, 2012 at 9:42 AM, A FRIEND wrote:

A lawyer taking on your large-damages cases should work on contingency--no cost to you, and he collects maybe a third of the big winnings. A retainer is inappropriate in such a proceeding, and don't get milked by some minor lawyer who wants a couple of thousand bucks up front and then does zilch for you.

* * *

This new information -- and the IMPORTANCE of getting it right out to the Media, Law Enforecment, and various and sundry Politicians, DEMANDS I close this posting now.

Jesus will get with y'all shortly in a whole new blog post.



An admittedly slanted view.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Straightening Out Some Family, While Confessing HOMO-LUST as Well!!!

>>> Hey Cousin,

I'm glad to hear you are on the way to Portugal!!! I dealt with Portuguese in Sept. 2009, when I visited my spiritual soul mates, Sean Blackwell and his wife (older -- tee-hee!!!), Ligia Splendora in Sao Paolo and we travelled the Brazilian coast for a week. Sean is the leading world-wide authority on using Bipolar Illness for Spiritual Transformation.

Don't tell your cousin Wendy -- she's got too cushy a situation going on now as a "victim" of mental illness to have any motivation at all toward healing and taking greater responsibility for herself. Still, knowing Wendy, I can't think of ANYONE more qualified for a new HONEST life than she, but it's not like God requires that we grow in his Love -- all are allowed to remain un-evolved and suffer the growing consequences of THAT until the pain of remaining the same is GREATER than the fear of changing.

That is when people actually and finally grow. I should know -- it's EXACTLY how I was forced into growth!!!

Also, I'd like to say that since this thing called manic-depression/bipolar illness was first recognized many decades ago, doctors UNIVERSALLY agreed that it NEVER manifested before late high school, although usually not until the early twenties. For all those decades, the numbers of those diagnosed remained fairly constant as a percentage of the population -- UNTIL GEORGE W. BUSH took office and his people IMMEDIATELY began to expand the definition so that within a few years ALL MANNER or even GRADE SCHOOL children were suddenly "Bipolar" and on SERIOUS meds!!!

Keeping people stupid on psycho-active chemicals -- STARTING AS YOUNG CHILDREN -- guaranteed a HUGE AND GROWING number of people stupid enough to become Republicans as they reached voting age. Actually, this has worked and back-fired at the same time, younger people almost UNIVERSALLY rejecting the HATE, RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, GREED, WAR-MONGERING, and NARCO-TRAFFICKING of the Republican Party/CIA/Pope.Fox News, etc.

The ones who have FALLEN for this bull crap are under-educated adults of all ages who react to EMOTIONAL STIMULATION and disregard logic -- hence the Republican Party's ONLY strategy: Scare 'em and Stupefy 'em -- keep 'em supplied in prescription and illegal drugs so they are too lethargic to THINK.

Anyway Sean's professional site, is incredible and his videos on YouTube are outstanding -- and FREE. They apply to ALL people, not just bipolar, and I cannot recommend them too much -- even to completely sane people. Sean has a gift for explaining things in down-to-earth language that is easy to follow and understand, and NEVER gets abusive, vulgar, shocking, etc., like YOURS TRULY. LOL!!!

So you know, your Aunt Judy is ALREADY poking me on Facebook, although she and Wendy succumbed to that MOON PIE HERKER-JERKER woman's bullying them to unfriend me, and Wendy had second thoughts and tried to re-friend me, but scared of the old battle axe, rescinded it quickly.

Tennessee Williams wrote A LOT about what he called "the tyranny of women", meaning UN-EVOLVED women, not all. One day Judy and Wendy will feel confident to stand for what they actually believe -- just not right now.

Also, although I at first was shocked by my interactions with YOUR mother, my cousin Janice, I realized over time that she is like me and HAS NO TIME FOR FOOLS!!! She's been through some really tough things too and had to do her best to limit jerks from taking advantage of her. My biggest regret is that I did not get to know her better before moving to Mexico.

As to my cousin Gail, I had so little contact with her I have no opinion to give.

But waxing TRASHY for just a minute, I can tell you that the physical condition of your cousin Kim and her house and yard were so SLOVENLY, I actually entertained MANY A THOUGHT of STEALING her FINE, FUN-LOVING husband -- and I must ALSO say, that of the men blood or married-in of my Aunt Doris's family, HE was clearly the most vulnerable to homosexual seduction -- not that I mean to imply I say that on anything but vibes and intuition, or that I would ACTUALLY mess with a relative's spouse!!!

Now, I sent you a PDF file of my book that SHOULD open on ANY COMPUTER, although some of Apple's products like older iPads and such do NOT open pdf files. And if you have bought it from Amazon and gotten the actual Kindle edition, Amazon has FREE software to download to read Kindle books on ANY electronic platform. I've explained this before and assume that once you arrive in GLORIOUS PORTUGAL you will no longer suffer the cobwebs you seem to be slightly bedeviled by now . . .

If it is too difficult to find on your computer now, let me know and I'll email you a copy.


On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 10:50 AM, A COUSIN wrote:


Hope you are well. I am packing for my Portugal trip - first vacation in over four, count 'em, FOUR years! I wish I had a Kindle to read your book. I am sure my little MacBook can do the trick just fine. My internet connectivity will probably be intermittent, so if I am not in touch, that is why! Good luck with everything - especially your goal to quit smoking (um, ah, cigarettes, that is).

Much love,
Yer Cousin

Regardless sexual orientation, don't we ALL do this FAR TOO OFTEN???