Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Tale of FOUR Titties!!!

Kevin Maurer Meyer Freifechter Verein of Fredricksburg, Texas


Hey Kevin,

I LOVE your concept (I've ALWAYS wanted to be considered a "gadfly" since I first came across the word)!!! And I DO want to stress that I do NOT wish to in any way restrict your questions or CONSCIOUSLY influence your report.

That said -- and the fact, as pointed out by Andy Warhol, whose FIRST and SECOND factories I got a tour of with Jane Smith (widow of sculptor Tony Smith and CLOSE friend of TW), some perennial female TV Game Show contestant from that time (March 1983) -- not Kitty Carlyle, but similar -- and murder/estate-theft architect Maria St. Just -- and there met a six-foot Eastern-European countess (or similar), with a fascinating, pesky, half-bleached "caterpillar mustache", ALL PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY!!!

>>> MY MEMOIR can be bought here: http://www.amazon.com/WALKING-ON-GLASS-TENNESSEE-ebook/dp/B0053480S2 .

And speaking of dear ol' Andy, when he interviewed "Texas" Kate (who had learned how to perfectly fake being The Richest Woman in the World (TW's INSPIRATION for the lead in MASKS OUTRAGEOUS AND AUSTERE) from being (in her youth), a close friend of the WEALTHIEST of my distant Kenan relatives when they lived in Atlanta before Frank Hawkins Kenan returned his family to the Chapel Hill area, when Andy interviewed Kate for one of his TWO published pieces with or on her in INTERVIEW magazine, Kate famously said, "But ANDY . . . if you've READ it, it HAS to be true!!!"

All Tennessee's friends used to LOVE to quote that line of Kate's, especially after TW was repeatedly ONCE-AGAIN pilloried in the Christian-intimidated press (pretty much all of it).

So YES, I'm totally submissive (a bottom), and willingly submit to being (in the metaphorical sense only, I reckon), to whatever wordy lovemaking, rape, pilloring, purring and cuddling, as you see fit. I dig it all -- including sharp confrontations, ambush smack-downs-or-arounds, and word-web bondage. I trust that with your "front line" experience, you are up to some fun & frivolity -- and will prove you are up to the task-at-hand (as well as NOT being scared off by my "wordsmanship", just completed).

Rev. Pete Brown at First Prez can attest to my actually being a "pussy-cat" in one-on-ones.

But just a heads up: I have actually taken DOZENS of people off my email lists -- I just don't yowl about it as much as I do those whom I refuse to take off due to their lack of a sense of humor.

And all THAT said, since STAR NEWS is so damn CHEAP they refuse to pay for the phone call, I DO believe I have the RIGHT to control what you publish since I have to pay the cost of the interview (except your time -- but MY time has value as well, so it cancels out). I just yield to you since I know you're so handsome and manly (and TALENTED!!!).

And THAT said:

1. If I miss you when I call about 8:00PM EDT Wednesday (God allowing), I'll leave a message and they can certainly spring a buck or so for you to call me back so I can then call you. SURELY, that's not asking too much.

2. I first intended to say that with THIS email, I would begin CONFIDENTIALLY communicating with you, but since it occurs to me that posting/emailing this might INCREASE interest in your piece, I should at least do that -- and we ALL win (except maybe Ben David and "THE MINIONS").

3. I'll do that in tandem with an email I'm about to compose to my "backer", whose latest gifts arrived today, and the scene I had at MBE was something many might call UBER-OUTRAGEOUS!!!

I really AM looking forward to this, and compliment you on your sexuality-identity CONFIDENCE!!!

All best,


On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 12:46 PM, Maurer, Kevin wrote:


I work at night, so I was hoping to talk at 8 p.m. phone interview as you are right, I am not in Mexico. I am open Wednesday if you have time or Friday. Let me know what time you plan on calling and I will make sure I am at my desk. My office number is (redacted). Otherwise, we’ll have to do it next week. For starters, I just want to talk with you about your email list. The list has an impressive number of names that range from lowly reporters like myself to state officials. I also want to talk about your blog and your goals for it. Finally, I want to talk about how you created the list and why you don’t allow people to unsubscribe.

As of now, the story will be a profile of you with the idea that you’re a gadfly known in the area for these emails and rants.

Thanks for making time for me. I look forward to talk with you.


* * *


I checked and there is NO PROBLEM with a harddrive coming through -- new or used. But I WILL tell you THIS: My drive went SERIOUSLY UN-hard when I recently found something that Kevin Maurer posted on a site called "Meyer frei fechter Guild" ( ), where he APPEARS to be a moderator. The site's German translates to "Meyer free-swordsmanship (fencing, I suppose) Guild".

WELL!!! We all know that fencing is what the "Christian-intimidated" fellows do to substitute playing with each others' dicks whence horny. Fencing is SUCH A GIVE-AWAY of the more deeply-closeted, but let's not dwell on that now -- and Truth-be-Told, I'm sure his name is fairly common, so no telling if it's the SAME Kevin Maurer or not. And then, as Tennessee Williams always used to say with a sigh, "Youth prefers its own . . ." ("unless you pay it enough" ~ Me).

Anyway, I completed a reply to a new email with Kevin which I'll soon blog and email.

I received the Amazon batch of four movies -- and can't WAIT to begin watching them!!! Also the white T-shirt and socks -- as well as the framed photo of "The Rev. T. Lawrence Shannon" and "Maxine Faulk", and it is TRULY glorious. Unfortunately, the glass did NOT survive the journey (despite good packing), and there was so much to-doing with camera snaps, no-touch warnings, and threatened paperwork to file an insurance claim, that I was THRILLED to see that I PREFERRED it un-glassed, and it had only the teensiest hairline (half inch) scratch to Ava Gardner's blouse -- making it look like an under-wire support of her right breast (reminding me of the lacy black under-wired bra that I found with Cindy's photo of the George W. Bush-es signed to Cindy's Jewish grandmother, "Mrs. Lawrence Rose", for her financial support, in the grass after the local scavengers had pawed through all of her and Christopher Wright Roger's things that they did NOT cart off after I kicked them out of my 8th Street apartment after they not only FREELOADED for six weeks, but ADMITTED that they were SPYING for Ben David -- and had in fact STOLEN some of my documents, which I discovered in their piles of belongings when I was packing them out of my apartment -- as well as contact info for Wilmington Police cyber-detective Larry Egerton (all this mentioned MANY times in my blog)!!!

Don't get me wrong, I'd like to return at least the Bush-signed photo to Cindy -- I'm sure it has sentimental value, and I've tried to do so before (she didn't respond to my email -- or didn't receive it), but NOW, I think she must come down here to fetch it (she could stay here for free AGAIN -- she CAN be a lot of fun), in exchange for -- I mean writers must experience EVERYTHING, and although I've done the "missionary mash", even having a bona-fide pregnancy scare the winter of 1969 - 70, but I've never licked "the kitty", and I seem to now have a strange (writerly) interest in HERS -- I'd give it back to her if she'd let me at least TRY it.

But I DO love the photo YOU sent, and have already hung it without the glass. The frame reminds me of the silly metal-wire filligree design that was a popular pattern on the whimsical duplicate bridge tallies my mother used in the late 1950s, which I was somehow so reminded of by the Henry Faulkner painting Tennessee Williams had hung over his then-massive new Color TV, and swapping the cable boxes out for THAT (so that he could receive the exciting new service called HOME BOX OFFICE), was the excuse Helen McDonald Chuba used to invite me to lunch and meet Tennessee -- since THEY were all 'technologically challenged". HA!!!

As you know, that's all in my memoir . . . (which can be bought here: http://www.amazon.com/WALKING-ON-GLASS-TENNESSEE-ebook/dp/B0053480S2 ).

Time to go -- and THANKS AGAIN!!!


Cindy Beatty's things on my front terrace here in Puerto Vallarta. (I do NOT keep the photo outside where it might be harmed by weather, humidity, etc.)


So . . . a GOOD DAY for the Beach, No???

Recent picture of Concha's Chinas Beach showing remnants of the volcanic upheavals that formed Banderas Bay. No storm expected TODAY, however . . .

The Mexican Family that READS together, STAYS together (on Playa Boca de Tomatlan), recently.

Clouds can usually be expected . . .

 . . . but it's a DOG'S LIFE, really, here in MEH-he-co!!!



FINALLY, Some Consolation!!!

It is impossible for the Human Mind to adequately describe or express THE UNIVERSE.


The Universe theuniverse@tut.com via tut.ccsend.com

2:19 AM (7 hours ago)
to me

    You can usually know you're nearing the end of your incarnation cycles, Scott, when you feel you could happily go another 10,000 rounds.

     Stranger than fiction,

    The Universe

* * *


1. In the matter of Martin Guzman: Overnight, he sent me a text message: "God bless you, and may he help u with ur sickness." I sent this reply: "Same to you (doubled)."

2. In the matter of Suriana Guzman, she sent me a message overnight too: "It is me." I guess she means that the photos I posted of Martin's (probable) girlfriend are ACTUALLY of HER!!!

This means that either Martin was screwing his sister (since BOTH of them told me they are brother and sister), or she is actually his wife, and the three-year-old daughter in North Richmond, CA with the mother is ACTUALLY Martin's daughter. (Confusing, no???)

I found another of Martin's sister's Facebook Page via Martin SENIOR's Page: Laura Guzman of Los Angeles -- BUT IN THE LAST 15 MINUTES, SHE HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM HIS PAGE!!! !!! !!! (Suriana was there a week ago when I looked, but not there yesterday or today.) Here is Laura Guzman's photo, which I had the foresight to capture while I could half an hour ago:

Laura Guzman of Los Angeles

And while Suriana has unfriended and blocked me, neither Martin (junior) or Martin SENIOR has -- and NOW it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to find Laura Guzman on Facebook -- despite my NEVER having tried to Friend or contact her.


3. Things are still "on track" for WILMINGTON STAR NEWS reporter KEVIN MAURER to interview me Wednesday or Thursday evening -- under the auspices of the newspaper (apparently).

* * *


· ·

District Court Judge Sandra Ray Criner says she will allow reporters... into her courtroom during a protective order hearing Friday involving New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger. Cameras will not be allowed in.

Full story...See More

about an hour ago · ·

Saint Francis-the-Sissy, consoled. (Not me!!!)



Monday, July 30, 2012

Hunting Down THE GUZMANS (starting with Martin and Suriana)

Martin Guzman, about 23 years old -- showing identifying tattoo.

>>> BREAKING NEWS ADDED AT 1:20 AM, the following day (early):

After I emailed this blog post FIRST to Martin (called Josue Anselmo on Facebook), his father, Martin senior, and Suriana (and then to be sure they got it, sent each a Facebook message from Facebook as well), I got a test mess from Martin saying I'm "just a FAG -- AND (I'D) BETTER WATCH WHAT (I) SAY!!!

Interesting that, like his sister, he denied NOTHING!!! I sent him a text back: "I'll bring the chocolate-chip cookies I bought you today at Costco when I visit you in PRISON. They'll be stale and moldy. LOL!!!"

See how alleged straight people (not like Wilmington STAR NEWS reporter Kevin Mauer, who emailed me tonight to say he will call and interview me from the paper's phone at 8:00 PM Wed. or Thurs. because he's on night shift and will be working then -- which MIGHT actually be REAL, we'll SEE), behave??? Thank GOD, Kevin is straight (unless he's not)!!!

Well, as Scarlet used to say: "Tomorrow's another day!!!"


* * *

>>> HARD TO BELIEVE, but I must:

1. After MANY attempts to reach Martin by phone today, I spoke to him about 20 minutes ago, and he said his family, via his sister, Suriana Guzman in North Richmond, CA, phone: (415) 574-7238), had called him and INSISTED he NOT come to Puerto Vallarta -- this despite my previous MANY assurances to Suriana and Martin that I had HIGH government contacts both in Mexico and the USA, and Martin would be perfectly safe with me.

We've already shared domicile in "Toro's" CRACK HOUSE -- STILL in operation -- at 1690 Calle Costa Rico in Puerto Vallarta, so Martin KNOWS I respect heterosexuals, so THAT's not it -- in fact he's called me "the coolest gay gay he's ever met," MANY times. Suriana, as well, knows I'm gay and has no problem with that. Suriana's Facebook page (showing links to relatives living in the US and Mexico) is here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/suriana.guzman .

Law Enforcement can get into it if she makes things "private". (and YOURS as well!!!)

2. Here is Martin's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/josue.ancelmo . Martin has used the fake name "Josue Anselmo" to hide his activities behind it. His land-line phone at home where he hides in an obscure place in Estado Morelos is 777-319-7223. his new cell phone is 777-128-5047.

3. Although Martin told me the Police had stopped him a couple of weeks ago, and since they found "some pills in my wallet that I forgot I had there," they TOOK his 80 pesos, previous cell phone, and watch as a bribe to stay out of jail.

STUPIDLY, I believed he DOESN'T DO DRUGS, despite carrying them in his wallet -- and his CLEARLY being self-drugged for recreation REPEATEDLY in recent days. In fact I was so head-up-my-butt about all of this that I made the excuse up (and actually believed it), that he must have been poisoned MILDLY by other associates (which I either blogged about earlier or emailed my short list of nearly 500).

4. Martin Guzman, senior, of McAllen, Texas: https://www.facebook.com/#!/martin.guzman.3781995 .

Well, the TRUTH has been REVEALED!!!


When Martin told me he's not actually coming (which REALLY should have been obvious to me before), I told him I would get the word out of his decision and its ramifications, and NEVER to contact me again!!!

I then called Suriana, who denied nothing. I explained to her that other than her daughter, the rest of the family (new nieces and nephews BORN in the USA, excepted), are IN THE UNITED STATES ILLEGALLY, the parents having snuck them all in when Martin was three years old -- AND NO PROGRAM THEN OR NOW EXISTING THAT WOULD ALLOW THEM TO "LEGALIZE",  as Martin has claimed to me they all did except himself and Albert) -- and I believed after observing all their words and actions, that the WHOLE FAMILY had become DRUG MAFIA corrupted, and that I would do what I could to get their cancerous ASSES DEPORTED from the United States.

She was quiet.

But I'm not. Time to take them OUT!!! (Put them in prison if possible, please -- we don't want them in MEXICO either!!!)


The Avenging Pen of Quetzlcoatl

Martin Guzman in "studious" disguise.

Martin Guzman dress as a PIMP.

Martin Guzman's (possible) girlfriend, painted like a WHORE (showing identifying tattoo). On his Facebook Page, Martin has more pics of her than anyone else, calls her "gorgeous", and one place goes on about how he worships her and must do her bidding (if the Internet traslation machie didn't lie. HA!!!).


Girlfriend (still painted -- and this MIGHT be to honor "Lady Death", a goddess of the underworld and evil in native Mexican lore -- which most of the people at Toro's crack house worshipped -- as well as Cornelio Prada Diaz, the FIRST Mexican Narco-Trafficker I met), in front of flag that MIGHT identify her DRUG MAFIA allegiances).



How to Play "THE GAME"!!!

A VERIFIED (on Internet), Estonian Beauty!!!

>>> THE RULES OF THE GAME, as explained to a person who SIGNED HER NAME TO HER REQUEST (hint, hint).

Dear Ms. Kvrnlskidoodle, (I don't suppose you are an Estonian Beauty, by any chance. We knew one in high school in Pennsylvania -- A TRUE STUNNER, and smart as a whip!!!)

Please give us ONE GOOD REASON why you do NOT wish to witness Scott Kenan of the North Carolina Kenans (their Charitababble Trusts control the stock of Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Florida Power & Light, Kenan Advantage Group, etc. -- so they got them some POWER!!! -- not just univeristies, universities, etc., anymore), take down the ENTIRE LYING RACIST GREEDBOT Republican Party in REAL TIME on his blog and emailed portions of it, to the CURRENT delight of Democrats (since the Republican Party-controlled DRUG MAFIA -- WORLDWIDE must fall FIRST, but LATER, he'll be going after the Democrats who have bought votes with their programs to help people who don't need it and are a TAD LAZY (NO disrespect meant to those who really DO need Society's assistance).

Here are the rules of the GET ME OFF YOUR DANG LIST!!! game:

1. All requests signed by a REAL NAME will be considered. (You, Jelena -- a pretty name, we wonder where it comes from -- have ALREADY PASSED THIS TEST!!!)

2. Creativity, silliness, and "evil backbiting" comments are preferred. Straight answers might put us to sleep, so are NOT recommended.

That's pretty much IT!!!

And you ALREADY passed the test that MOST have failed, so come on and send us something good and SMARTASSY. (You're all but guaranteed to get your request. REALLY!!!

And we THANK YOU for giving us this opportunity to better explain the rules!!! We have taken the liberty of copying several others (as well as many blindly) so that THEY TOO understand. Some are friends, some are adversaries -- and we hope ALL who receive this will please remember that


We invite you to BE SURE to open the "Cc:" field to see who-all (part of who-all, actually) is getting this email!!!

The ReplyBot


Confronting the GRAND-DADDY of Tennessee Williams Festivals!!!

Hollering from amidst the masses, "Stanley Kowalski" TRIES to get his point across to the leadership of the TENNESSEE WILLIAMS/NEW ORLEANS LITERARY FESTIVAL. See more on them here: www.tennesseewilliams.net .

>>> AS IS SO OFTEN THE CASE: This TOO comes from my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/#!/scott.kenan

"Think lovely thoughts."

>>> 25 February 2013: Link to "10 Best Cities for Writers" has been REMOVED VOLUNTARILY because CIA/Google/NAZI-Republicans did NOT approve a writer posting such a HORRIBLE THING on his blog. LOL!!!


· · · 14 minutes ago ·

    • Scott Kenan You people had BEST think lovely thoughts since I'm gonna put you ALL IN JAIL soon enough (but not today). See: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2010/05/letter-to-harvard-universitys-legal.html , and then see my more recent blogposts to see how your organization is CONSCIOUSLY or due to DRUGGED STUPIDITY (especially Paul Willis who gets his drugs from Thomas Keith who works for Sewanee), colluding with the Republican Party, Episcopal Church, and the NAZIs headed in US by my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, NC -- verified many times by key Jews in ATLANTA and now Mexican TOP Federal Security to be that as well as Dick Cheney's most important liaison with the Pope in Rome.
    • So either CLEAN UP YOUR ACT IMMEDIATELY, or go to jail soon enough.
    • Alternately, you might take some "nerve pills" and see if that keeps you from your DESERVED CONSEQUENCES when the Law soon catches up to you (or Harvard university sues you -- whichever comes first).

1. Martin is now on a bus en route to Puerto Vallarta and I have called his sister in Los Angeles to let her know all is well. I've ALSO alerted Mexican Intelligence of this so they can GUARD HIS ROUTE HERE if necessary.

2. Having left MULTIPLE VOICEMAIL MESSAGES for Kevin Maurer of the THE WILMINGTON (NC) STAR NEWS and having as yet received NO RESPONSE (since this past Friday), I am planning to TAKE OUT THE STAR NEWS which PROBABLY set Kevin up in this "joke" -- if that is what it soon proves to be.

I have spoken with my attorney, Jennifer Harjo, about this already, and since she is NOT involved in THESE actions of mine, she will relax in Wilmington and LAUGH HER ASS OFF watching "Old Wilmington" fall (HARD!!!).

I'm having a nice, relaxing time in Puerto Vallarta, myself, but remaining close to cell phone and computer to be prepared to receive ALL THE LATEST EVIDENCE OF CRIMES IN AMERICA!!!




The Huffington Post shared a link.

  • Yes, and speaking of FIRST CLASS RATS, where-oh-where does Mr. REID propose that nuclear waste be stored or disposed of??? (the bottom line issue in this matter)

    I don't blame him and his constituents for not wanting it in Utah, but when the US Government somehow found the way to begin the excavations beneath Yucca Mountain MANY years ago -- and BILLIONS already spent there -- those of us who CARE about the FUTURE at least recognized this was a HUGE step UP -- if not perfect.

    Yucca Mountain is one of the most isolated and geologically stable sites in the US. Those of us long-horrified that IN ALL THESE YEARS, WE HAVE ONLY STORED THIS HUGELY MOUNTING WASTE IN INSECURE, TEPORARY SITES IN CONTAINERS NOT MEANT TO LAST "FOREVER" (many now leaking, etc. -- and the sprawling SEMI-SECURED radio-active mess becoming MORE AND MORE VULNERABLE to theft, terrorist attack, and MASSIVE ecological accident), MUST unite to deal with the WASTE of our greedy dem
    and for energy.

  •  I don't know if this is the absolute RIGHT thing to do, but if "lesser Democrats" are begining to PUNK Harry Reid -- probably the BIGGEST OBSTACLE to the United States doing something AT LEAST BETTER, I support them!!!

    Harry Reid is acting like I accuse the REPUBLICANS of acting: OBSTRUCT AND DIVERT -- and
    · · 3 minutes ago ·

  • ‎"That man I will never, ever forget what a treacherous, miserable liar he is."
    · · 7 hours ago ·

Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Vile and Villainous"??? I Think Less So Today (or more, depending!!!)

Interesting historical piece that is expanded and explained here: http://www.lib.unc.edu/ncc/1898/sources/vv.html


Nice to see you seem to have accepted my sort of "sideways apology" for being so rough with you (and I received your other two emails as well). Bottom Line: you're a GREAT foil for me -- and you DO make me think. I'm going to share some thoughts "between the lines", which will be in RED below:

On Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 1:31 PM, A CONCERNED FRIEND wrote:

Whether in your apartment or Maurer's hotel room, the interview should be one on one. The presence of a third party tilts your remarks toward possible charge of slander.

>>> True about a third person's presence as one always plays to one's audience!!! Slander charge is OFF THE TABLE since I'm in Mexico and to bring a charge (Mexico has NO libel laws, although SOME states have SOME that are weak -- not sure about Slander, though), one has to file the charges through an absolute LABYRINTH of red tape, mandatory Spanish language filing and speaking, etc. (I tried to file charges against someone two years ago and it was all but impossible).

That said, I'm in for telling the truth to the best of my ability, regardless -- and Kevin knows how to report things responsibly -- although there is more leeway when publishing claims against public people in the US (this is NOT true in the UK).

All the exchange is your property as well as his. The fact is, one day you may say you won't blog about it, and the next day you reverse your gears. You have a see-saw response to persons.

>>> I respond to people in reaction to how they treat me. If you take a look, you will see this. What makes it LOOK different is that I say things most people are afraid to say, so they get confused by their surprise at my audacity and try to save face by blaming me.

THAT said, JOURNALISM of the PRINT persuasion is more formal, and I will NOT screw around with a reporter or paper that has the COURAGE to listen to me with intent to publish (even if this IS Kevin's PERSONAL project, not associated with the paper).

>>> ADDED 30 JULY 2012 at 9:58 AM, CDT: To PERFECTLY clarify the above sentence, I will now add "it turns out that", so that the sentence reads: "THAT said, JOURNALISM of the PRINT persuasion is more formal, and I will NOT screw around with a reporter or paper that has the COURAGE to listen to me with intent to publish (even if it turns out that) this IS Kevin's PERSONAL project, not associated with the paper).

The REAL reason you express this concern is that I am so open about most things that it appears I DON'T keep secrets. Actually, this is EXACTLY WHY it is so EASY for me to keep secrets -- and I do!!! No one presses me because they think I've spilled it all -- or they are afraid what I might say next.

Whether he is electronically recording voices or handwriting notes, express your requirement that before any publication MAURER MUST SUBMIT THE MANUSCRIPT TO YOU FOR APPROVAL, AND UNTIL HE HAS THAT APPROVAL HE MUST NOT PUBLISH.

>>> No, we disagree here. I DO NOT feel the need to control in any way what anyone says about me AT ALL. The truth eventually ALWAYS comes out. I WOULD like to get a copy of the finished product before it goes to press so I can think about a response, but don't demand it. A notice telling when something is soon to be made public WOULD be expected.

Mrs. Menke (Sorry, but I absolutely MUST butt in here to say that if she ever WAS married, either he's left -- or she keeps him in the freezer.) led you down the primrose path so that you revealed your likely defense in court. During an interview with Maurer, you must be very sensitive to where he is leading you. Don't 'fess up to wherever your blog is faking or exaggerating matters. If your credibility is undermined, not only your blog but also your TW book will suffer.

>>> I'm not sure it's entirely accurate to say that she "led me down the primrose path". I KNEW while it was happening that it was PATENTLY ILLEGAL for her to ask about those things, but it was only LATER that I realized what VALUABLE FAVOR she had actually done me by providing such an easily-proven part of my lawsuits.

You will please recall that I mentioned she had made FOUR pages of notes and even gave a general description of those pages in my blog. So she WONT be able to switch notes so easily for that reason, and if she claims she re-wrote them, condensed them, etc., THAT will be a problem TOO, since I IMMEDIATELY reported on it, giving notice that those pages MUST be saved for Court -- AND HAVE PROOF SHE RECEIVED THOSE EMAILS ON A TIMELY BASIS!!!

I don't play chess, but I see several moves ahead!!! Clarifying what is written in haste is NOT damaging to anyone's credibility -- not in REALITY, anyway. That said, THE MAJORITY (for its own reasons, beyond my control), might well decide I don't stand in reality.

That does NOT change FACTS, however.

I surmise you've had other e-mails from Maurer. They should be more detailed than the simplistic example you've showed me.

>>> Some things between Mr. Maurer and me must remain confidential. I'm sorry, sir, but that's just the way it is.

Yeah, Kevin is a handsome youthful warrior--but don't, at any time, think with your dick.

>>> I ALWAYS think with my dick, but not kidding myself about that, I am able to appropriately control my own words and actions.


1. I expect to hear from Mr. Maurer close to open of business tomorrow, Monday.

2. I have heard NOTHING from Martin, although he promised to contact me today. I suspect that he's been partying with friends before leaving them, and things have gotten "carried away". I'll get in touch with him tomorrow -- but probably not too early. LOL!!!