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Studiouser of Curious-er??? (only TIME will tell)

Writer Kevin Maurer in a "studious mood". Kevin has MANY looks so travels everywhere INCOGNITO!!! Unfortunately -- at least on the Internet -- he has no SHIRTLESS LOOK. Pity!!!

>>> EMAIL I JUST SENT KEVIN MAURER, titled "Kevin: CONGRATULATIONS for choosing a publisher with INTEGRITY!!! (more inside)"

I've already saluted YOUR giant, hairy, musky balls -- but please pass on on to Matt Bissonnette that I salute HIS and him too!!!

But NEXT time, please use MY name instead of the boring "Mark Owen", OK??? I don't mind my name or me being devoured by the political "whores". From what I've heard, your book does NOT breach any actual secured secrets -- and y'all are stubbornly non-political. I just hope no SOLDIER gets in trouble for what might technically have been an "assassination". Seems to me orders were probably to do that in a difficult spot if deemed necessary, so OFFICERS should be called to the carpet if anyone (and it was a VERY special situation).

Nice to see Peter King and others in such a tizzy about security breaches too!!! And I see Matt hired Robert D. Luskin (Carl Rove's attorney when he battled in the Valerie Plame DISGRACE). Well, even David KOCH, a top Republican MONEY BAG came out recently in favor of gay marriage and RAISING TAXES, so I guess that's OK!!!

I think I've forgotten to mention that I was once DELIBERATELY introduced to John Ehrlichman (of Richard Nixon fame), when he lived in Atlanta in the early 1990s. While I was working for Collegiate Concepts, Inc. (which Patrick Stansbury then managed and with my parents and others destroyed in a bogus local TV UNDERCOVER INVESTIGATION (which featured ME giving VERBATIM a Patrick Stansbury-written misleading pitch NIGHTLY for five nights on ATL TV 5 (still CBS then), RIGHT AFTER I GOT OUT OF 15 weeks of jail on FALSE trespass charge after documenting how Newt Gingrich with my parents brought drugs by train into Stone Mountain Park behind my house, so he could STEAL all the military contracts, especially, but the college ones as well) -- all this to kill CCI's profits so Patrick could STEAL the business, which he DID with help of CCI Senior Vice President Walter Moore from Cherry Hill, NJ who BRAGGED to me frequently that he knew all the top brass at Sun Oil (now Sunoco, Inc.), that my father spent his career with and later my brother (Michael William Kenan), works for now.

There was a fancy "dandy" sort of guy (he once made an OBVIOUS sexual pass at me), named Mitch who worked at CCI for a while, who had most recently RUN the biggest McCann/Erickson office in the Caribbean before he moved to Atlanta, dated the secretary at CCI (who had some minor scars on her face/neck from a bad burn and a very nice "bubba" boyfriend Robbie who then was the cash/check pick-up driver for CCI's BIGGER local sales for the FOP -- Fraternal Order of Police -- CCI's bread and butter, and what the TV scandal was about, before they got "buyer's remorse" (or noticed that we sold them "annual" ads SEVERAL TIMES PER YEAR, but combined all sales and printed an ad the size their total annual loot deserved -- so if they bought an annual business card size FOUR TIMES before annual printing, they'd get maybe a quarter page -- Ann (blanking on last name on many of these now), who WAS the Art Department took care of all that.

That idea got away from me, but Mitch dated the secretary and bragged about working on her "self-esteem" issues around the burns to completely snow her and get company secrets and "special access" to files. Mitch invited me one time to his apartment in a luxury high-rise in Atlanta -- just to meet John Erhlichman, who seemed nice enough, low key, and only to try to get a TAKE on what I was like.

Very odd and I only remember it because: 1. Mitch first hitched his pants down a bit and invited me to feel his bullet scar in his abdomen, which NOT understanding his intentions, I refused to do, but DID see it. Mitch did not really explain HOW he got it. 2. I was so amazed that someone I knew lived on the same hall as the notorious Mr. Ehrlichman -- and even claimed they spent a lot of time together, I THINK smoking pot, but I'm NOT totally sure of that (imagine THOSE conversations!!!).

More on Ehrlichman here: .

And MOST of the time I was in jail, my father lived in my Stone Mountain house, and he got to know both Patrick Stansbury and Lee Gosney (the latter now dead or dying of cancer) -- VERY well, especially Lee at AA meetings. (LOL!!!) Dad CONTINUED to live with me (because the whole jailing and JUDGE LINDA WARREN HUNTER-FORCED Lithium treatments had left me nearly comatose in depression (but I STILL could sell -- I HAD TO -- but that explains why I was so un-confident that I stuck verbatim to Patrick's script), for ANOTHER half year, while continuing to plan and then EXECUTE with Patrick and Lee and others, no doubt, the TAKE DOWN of CCI.

Another connection of my family to Nixon: my nephew Connor Kenan in second grade was caught giving his buddy a blow job in second grade when the teacher left the room -- harmless sex-discovery of kids that age, although ballsy -- no WONDER Connor (born 1987), is now considered my "spiritual heir", although to my knowledge he turned out straight. Nobody thought much of this then, and we all laughed about it, but two years ago, I blogged about it and WAS ACCUSED BY MY BROTHER of having CAUSED Connor's engagement (or pre-engagement) to be called off by the girl's parents -- residents of KEY BISCAYNE , FL, and UBER, UBER rich, according to my brother.

Of course, Bebe Rebozo lived there and was a BIG BANKER, recently was PROVEN to have been Richard Nixon's long-time homosexual lover by Bebe's handwritten letters that came to light a few weeks or so ago. Bebe ALSO worked with BOB HALDEMAN and JOHN EHRLICHMAN, using a FAKE IDENTITY to enter the White House and CONSPIRE with Nixon and others (and no doubt have sex).

More on Bebe Rebozo here: .

My parents not only HATED JFK and resented that so many Catholics voted for him -- Mom always claiming it was ONLY due to religion -- but had worked for the Nixon campaign and I allege ALSO conspired in his killing -- the reason Sun Oil managed a transfer for my father right before the assassination from Louisville, KY to Wayne, PA where Dad was SUPPOSEDLY IN CHARGE of converting all Sun Oil's credit card operation over to key-punched computers. Dad later claimed to have LITTLE INTEREST in computers, and although he had one in the late 90s, claimed he used it little -- and the WHOLE FAMILY miraculously forgot that Dad had once COMPUTERIZED Sunoco's credit card operation!!!

My nephew Connor, after the engagement failed, somehow left his cushier job near his parents in Berwyn, PA, and got a harder one in the COLD of Wisconsin or Minnesota. He, Andrea Opperman (daughter of my Meyer-side first cousin Jan Meyer Opperman -- now additionally married), Wendy Whitney, Janice Ludwig, and Lena Ludwig Lapper (the last three being Kenan-side first cousin or daughters of one) are my ONLY relatives who do not REFUSE to Facebook friend me.

Anyway, I can't imagine what your life is like right now, but if you DO decide to continue to interview me, let me know. I imagine it will take a little time to decide what you want to do next -- so many incredible opportunities must have opened up for you.

Also, I meant earlier to SALUTE you and Matt Bissonnette for deciding to donate all profits to the Families of FALLEN NAVY SEALS!!! And I DARE say that if the US Government SUES you for all the profits from the book (as they have been threatening), it will SURE MAKE THEM LOOK LIKE UGLY ASSHOLES!!!

We, the HONEST straight, gay, and bi people, need to stick together in INTEGRITY to FELL all the sick-o, hypocritical straight-claiming FAG-idiots who hide behind wives and girlfriends as we DEFEND THE US CONSTITUTION from these traitors.

I also meant to say that very recently I came across a RESPECTED cross-administration long-time public servant's report that in HER experience (pretty sure a female), the ENTIRE Nixon and REAGAN White House Staffs were overwhelmingly gay (although not necessarily out). I THINK this might have come from viewing the movie SHATTERED GLASS (about the Stephen Glass scam and brew-ha-ha at THE NEW REPUBLIC the other night for the first time. Not sure.

All best and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! And DO TELL Matt and ALL OTHER PATRIOTS in our Armed Forces of any branch that you might have cause to know that I salute them too, and ALWAYS HAVE THEIR BACKS!!! (Also free "friend benefits" to any who come to Puerto Vallarta-- but NO SEXUAL AGGRESSION from me for the un-interested. I respect them too much for that.



Movin' on UP (to the East Side???)!!!

From "PTSD, the War Within"'s website: "Accept the past for what it was. Acknowledge the present for what it is. Anticipate the future for what it can become." ~♥
~Tracy L. McNair


When I picked up my reconditioned old desk-top computer and old external hard drive from my computer guru, he said that the INTERNAL hard drive on the computer had been "absolutely and completely" erased of all my old applications and files -- there was NOTHING he could retrieve using all the considerable tools at his disposal, which included at least TWO many-hours-long DEEP scans.

Most telling to me, was that he said "it was AS IF someone who had access to MILITARY-GRADE erasing had done it," and he CONGRATULATED me for having done it so well.

Problem was, although I HAD in fact searched the Internet for instructions on how to SUPER ERASE it back in May of 2010, I was frustrated that they all included BUYING software which I was NOT inclined to do, so simply un-installed all the programs, deleted my files -- and then emptied the "trash", hoping that would be OK. (Yes, I know I ERRONEOUSLY reported in previous blog or email that I HAD super-erased it -- but I almost immediately remembered the truth a few minutes later.)

Guru said that given ny SIMPLE ERASING, he should have EASILY retrieved ALL of it. Lesson learned:

MAILBOXES, ETC. (which we KNOW held the computer for AT LEAST A WEEK in Miami before sending it on, READ my hard drive's files, PROBABLY copied all of them, AND THEN ERASED THEM WITH THE SUPERIOR TOOLS OF MILITARY INTELLIGENCE!!!

I have had a NUMBER of at least ANNOYING difficulties with MBE, Miami before (as documented in blog and emails), but NOT with anyone in the Puerto Vallarta store (except Alex, the cock-sucker -- SECRET VARIETY, since he was a Christian Missionary when I first met him here in 2010, when he was selling the CHEAPEST of "Christian jewelry" at HUGE mark-up located equidistant between the gay bars APACHES and ANONIMO (see: ).

What is ADDITIONALLY interesting is that also back in 2010, the NARCO-TRAFFICKING CRACK ADDICT who FOOLED me into believing he was my "husband" and into giving him virtually ALL MY MONEY from the sale of my nearly paid-off FIVE BEDROOM HOME, ALL household effects, and ART COLLECTION (minor, but personal), back in Stone Mountain, GA, "Alfredo" (Cornelio Prada Diaz) -- eventually leading to my being HOMELESS in Mexico the last half of the six months I spent here in 2010, and then the NEXT many months in Wilmington, NC (including living part of that time under a bridge with REAL CRIMINALS whilest putting up with MULTIPLE jailings on false charges and TWO NUT-HOUSE commitments on lies, to say nothing of numerous threats and attacks with fists, knives, and razors).

Well, I lost track of that SENTENCE, but what is IMPORTANT is that Alfredo/Cornelio FREQUENTLY consulted with the OWNER of Anonimo Bar to get instructions. The American-seeming (at least) guy is TOTALLY DRUG-MAFIA CONNECTED!!!

I spoke with him about a week ago and he denied this -- he even denied ever knowing Alfredo/Cornelio -- but he did NOT deny remembering me. I then warned him that I would blog about his illegal activities soon.

Getting back to my original story, while at the computer guru's yesterday, "Toro", the addict who RUNS the crack house at 1690 Calle Costa Rico, actually popped his head into the office and BEGGED 50 PESOS from me!!! A few minutes later, when I was getting into my car to leave, he begged an additional 50 pesos -- enough together to buy ONE rock of crack.

When I gave it to him, he said he DEFINITELY owed me a BLOW-JOB for that (reverse, was what he meant, as he was one of the MANY crack-heads I was FORCED to suck off while the Guzman Brothers -- Albert, now-in-prison and Martin, now-Fugitive-from-the-Law), held me hostage there in 2010 -- not that I TOTALLY minded it.

I told him that it was a gift and I doubted I would return to Calle Costa Rico to collect any sexual favors.


1. "Toro" was the person who ADMITTED to me a couple of months ago when I DID meet him and the truly fun crack-whore Barbie at his house, that HE stole my Mac Powerbook Pro almost exactly two years ago when I was held hostage there and sold it (including over 400 CDs of music valued at several thousand dollars), for 500 pesos ($37.88 USD) to buy CRACK ROCKS.

Having retrieved EVERYTHING from the external hard drive THAT I WAS YESTERDAY PICKING UP from THAT Mac computer (what it contained up until I FLED Georgia for Mexico on the advice of Gen. Colin Powell's recently retired Chief Protocol Officer, late May 2010), it was as if I'd lost ONLY what I had added those few summer months.

2. My guru (after I had introduced him to Toro, and then Toro left), said, "Oh yeah, I remember reading about Toro on your blog!!!" I had forgotten I had added guru's email address to my "lists", and I cracked up AGAIN.


It only happens every 2 1/2 years, and has nothing to do with the color blue -- but you can see it tonight (weather permitting). A "Blue Moon" -- meaning the second full moon within the same calendar month.

Truth or Truthiness??? (includes "don't ask, don't tell" formatting)


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TAMPA, Fla. -- Billionaire industrialist David Koch, who is helping steer millions of dollars to elect Mitt Romney and congressional Republicans, on Thursday told POLITICO he disagrees with the GOP's stance on gay marriage and believes the U.S. needs to consider raising taxes to balance the budget.

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By Request of the Mexican Government . . .


That the TOP politician in Mexico who is MORE allied to the CIA (and Republican Party) of the United States of America than he is to Mexico is PRESIDENTE-ELECT Enrique Pena Nieto.

He has NOT YET BEEN CONFIRMED ABSOLUTELY as having WON the election -- the final determination to come very soon.

Some notes:

1. As I have made clear previously, I have PERSONALLY met with VERY close friends of the 51st and 52nd Presidents of Mexico, Senor José López Portillo y Pacheco  and Senor Miguel de la Madrid. Presidente de la Madrid's Consul in Atlanta "planted his Mexican flag" in my two major orifices over a delightful period of time -- totally infecting me NOT with AIDS (it was an unprotected risk!!!), but with MEXICAN NATIONALITY.

Additionally, I have met with the Governor of the State of Colima and his friend who has shared MUCH with me, "Dr. Hey Suess", including his "best" personal friendship with former Presidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari (53rd).


More recently, I have met with an associate of current Presidente Calderone.

I know that of which I speak, and it was some time ago that I was asked to mention MOST EMPHATICALLY in this blog that Enrique Pena Nieto (like current US President Barack Obama -- see FACEBOOK note below to see DAMNING info on Obama), is TOTALLY CIA and, like basically ALL current Republican Politicians, PROTECTING CIA NARCO-TRAFFICKING PROFITS ABOVE ALL ELSE.

It's really just that simple -- and up to the MEXICAN and AMERICAN citizens to GRAB OUR GOVERNMENTS BACK from those who serve the narco-traffickers because they ALSO serve "THE BOSS" in the United States (my own mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- confirmed many times to be the TOP NAZI in the US), who is Dick Cheney's boss and reports ONLY to the Pope in Rome.

Since it can ALSO be shown that nearly ALL Republican Politicians in the US and PRI in Mexico are ALSO CLOSET-CASE HOMOSEXUALS (that's how the CIA got them -- by threatening to EXPOSE them as "FAGS"):


In the United States, Barack Obama appears to be FAR MORE CORRUPTED than Mit Romney -- but Romney (a rare "straight" Republican -- like Jeb Bush), is too stupid (also like Jeb Bush), to know he's just a puppet of the other Republicans SO IT DOESN'T MATTER WHICH ONE YOU VOTE FOR!!!

That said, it IS highly important that the US Congress becomes filibuster-proof Democrat Majority at this time to STOP the narco-corruption of the US Government. THEN, we can deal with the less-Liberty-threatening corruption of Democrats.

Knowing so much less about Mexican Politics, history, etc., my ONLY recommendation is that Enrique Pena Nieto be FORCED OUT OF THE GAY CLOSET (if he doesn't come out voluntarily), ASAP!!!


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Hi Mr. Kenan, it was a pleasure meeting you this morning on the bench at the riv...
er. Your blog was just as interesting as our conversation this morning. Take care.-The Unnatural Beauty

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Thomas S. Kenan III (holding beverage) inspects VIETNAM WAR REPARATIONS funded and directed by the KENAN INSTITUTE ASIA which works in SEVEN countries in S.E. Asia, promoting EDUCATION, SUSTAINABLE SOCIALLY-RESPONSIBLE CAPITALISM, and LIBERTY.