Sunday, September 30, 2012

PROOF IN PRINT: Sen. Thom Goolsby PARTIED with GAY PRIDE led by Democratic Activists (and that's not all . . .)!!! !!! !!!

Henry Flagler's daughter by his FIRST marriage, Jean Flagler Matthews, who got a lot of money before Flagler died (not via his will), endowed Los Mangos Library here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in 2010, I was CERTAIN its the same "Jean Matthews" as in the prominent portrait in the Library, but have not had a chance to stop and re-confirm).

>>> BEFORE "THE MEAT OF THE MATTER", a few notes (non-musical):

1. INTERESTING DISH on Flaglers, Kenans, Rockefellers, and OTHER Standard Oil makers and inheritors can be found in THIS FABULOUSLY DISHY ARTICLE, in which MANY untruths are printed (like no mention of how Flagler HID a the bulk of his S.O. stock), how Flagler's SON inherited ALL of Henry Flagler's Standard Oil stock (I guess the Kenans and the books published about THEIR having gotten it are supposed to be LIARS. LOL!!!).

Also claimed (and I suspect there is truth to this), is that John D. Rockefeller (being a highly "religious" man), did not APPROVE of Henry Flagler's third wife, Mary Lily Kenan, and for that reason did NOT attend Flagler's funeral (although his SON attended, ACCOMPANYING the Kenan Family members. Hmmm . . .

But J.D. Rockefeller SHUNNED Flagler's Florida (unlike virtually ALL the other S.O. uber-wealthy), going back WELL before Henry married Mary Lily.

Read the original article here: .

2. When you google "Thomas S. Kenan III", this of my blog posts now comes up as the 4th listing: , as WELL IT SHOULD -- especially after I discovered Tom had been "fiddling while Rome burned", most likely due to his boyfriend, Christopher, a twenty-something, while Tom is 73 years old. You can have a PLAYTHING that young, but when I met some of Christopher's Wilmington, NC HIGH-END DRUG-TRASH friends, I KNEW how Tom was being kept stupid!!!

>>> DISCLAIMER: Tom and I BOTH dated C. Robbie Anderson (now a music teacher at Burgaw, NC High School), at separate times in 1985 -- PURELY a coincidence (but proving Tom and I have similar tastes). It was the gay principal of Burgaw High School whom I often talked to at Costello's gay piano bar on Princess Street (owned by lawyer David Nash of Hogue, Hill, Jones, Nash & Lynch, LLP, a firm that does NOT have their name on their offices at Dock and Third Streets (like those who would protect or be involved in NARCO-TRAFFICKING would do!!!). NOT claiming I can PROVE the law firm is involved -- although I DID eye-witness MANY drugs being sold in David's bar and overheard MANY giant narco-deals being made there.

In any case, if you google "Thomas S. Kenan III gay" my blog is ALL OVER THE PLACE (and EVERYONE I knew in NC in the 1980s partied with Tom and his various boyfriends CONSTANTLY in the 1980s -- but only I write of it now (just about).

3. UNLIKE the Kenans (who since 60 MINUTES did a segment on Tom's THIRD exhumation and autopsy of Mary Lily Kenan Flagler Bingham -- who had in her last years become addicted to both Laudanum and Cocaine due to pain probably from tertiary syphilis, and whose second and last husband Robert Worth Bingham had forced her to sign a codicil to her will leaving him $5,000,000 with which he founded or bought the LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL, and the Bingham publishing empire -- later FORCED into break-up by RWB's grand-daughter Sallie Worth Bingham after she discovered that he had actually MURDERED her step-grandmother less than a year after their marriage -- an autopsy that Tom refused to disclose the results of to 60 MINUTES, and STILL has not publicly disclosed -- the Kenans are NOW open to having the truth of ALL OTHER THINGS revealed.


4. My point that I forgot to make: Nearly ALL "my adversaries" (and others), mentioned in this blog -- including even Patrick Stansbury (my former boss of 18 years) of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., , and District Attorney Benjamin R. David of Wilmington, NC, are "plagued" by THIS BLOG coming up very high in google results -- EXCEPT the AT&T "MATRIX"/CIA-trained Michael Massicott (Exec. VP of Pentagon Publishing, Inc), and NC State Sen. Thom Goolsby (Republican), ALTHOUGH THIS WAS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE!!!

About a year ago, THIS blog post came up AT THE TOP OF GOOGLE RESULTS for Sen. Goolsby: . But one night I watched as over a period of several hours, my SEVERAL blog posts of Sen. Goolsby fell all the way to PAGE SEVEN of Google results!!! Same happened with Mike Massicott.

And while TODAY, my blog comes up about page three on both, it is CLEAR that either they bribed Google to change results, paid someone to hit other websites about a gazillion times to change the result, OR THE CIA TOOK CARE OF IT TO PROTECT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY'S STRANGLEHOLD (with CIA, FOX NEWS, Carlos "Slim" of Mexico and the PRI Party of Mexico)

* * *

>>> AND NOW the "main" event:

1. From here: :

"Jerome announced a big party to be held on Saturday, 12/10/11 to benefit children with AIDS. This is Wilmington Pride’s Second Annual Christmas Party. It is a potluck to be held at 708 South 5th (House of Gays). Over 400 people are expected, including Thom Goolsby. Bring an unwrapped present, a potluck dish and your own beverage. The party starts at 4:30 and goes to 11-ish. Some of the OWNC attendees hope to meet at the party. Ethan suggested going as a group with identifying OWNC t-shirts but no firm plans were made. The website giving the particulars is here: ."

>>> And when you follow THAT link, you find THIS:

Mark your calendar for Saturday December 10th!!!

This is a community wide Holiday Potluck Party with Host TR Nunley as well as other Wilmington Pride Board Members.

You and your family and friends are invited to join the Wilmington Pride Family for a community wide Holiday Party, no matter your faith. Everyone is encouraged to invite your friends but this is also a great way to meet a bunch of new people. Kids are welcomed to attend also.

Things to bring:

Bring a dish

An unwrapped Christmas Gift for a child effected or affected by HIV/AIDS

Your favorite Beverage

We will also be collecting items for The New Out Wilmington's benefit for Good Shepherd Center of Wilmington, NC, a local non-profit agency providing aid to homeless, the hungry, and low income families.

To see a list of items needed for the Good Shepherd Center --

>>> NOTES:

1. My first legal residence where I received mail and got a NC ID is THIS SAME "HOUSE OF GAYS" at 708 South Fifth Street in Wilmington, NC, because John Mann who lived there when I moved to Wilmington, friended me. UNFORTUNATELY, John is/was a drug addict and was constantly called on his cell phone to deliver drugs. JOHN MANN told me that David Nash was BIG in narco-trafficking, and I had THOUGHT Emily Zvejniecks (my first Public defender until she dumped me and Jennifer Harjo kindly took over my cases), had lined John up as MY witness in my FIRST trial (David Nash's Cyber-Stalking charge), but AS WE ENTERED THE COURTROOM, Emily informed me that John Mann was going to TESTIFY FOR DAVID NASH -- and he DID and PERJURED HIMSELF (as did David Nash), while I was made to look a FOOL because I was held in an UNHEATED holding room from 9:00 AM until the trial at 5:00 PM (to a cleared of all others room in front of Judge Hogston -- who I STILL believe was innocent of "the plot"), so that I SHOOK LIKE A LEAF from hypothermia on a freak-cold spring day (I had only skimpy jail uniform -- ILL-FITTING, and the Assistant DA and others kept claiming there was a warrant for my arrest on FELONY CHARGES OF STALKING in Georgia (which I since have proved was NOT the case), and ALSO claimed multiple times that my Nolo-Conviction on Simple Trespass in Georgia in 1990 (a PREVIOUS false charge that I got after documenting Newt Gingrich's bringing drugs from Mexico into Stone Mountain Park by train, behind my home then and there -- knowing my mother was involved but NOT knowing Gingrich was -- I reported it to Gingrich's Congressional Office), was ACTUALLY "STALKING" (not simple trespass), which Emily Zevejnieks FAILED to PROTEST ANY OF IT -- and IN FACT knew LONG before trial THAT JOHN MANN WAS GOING TO TESTIFY AGAINST ME -- BUT DID NOT TELL ME UNTIL WE WERE ENTERING THE FRONT OF THE COURTROOM!!! !!! !!!

2. John Mann (who claimed to ME -- and I often saw him working at SOMETHING while talking on the phone surreptitiously -- that he made his money "as an investment councilor to special private clients" -- when he was ACTUALLY involved in directing much of the flow of narco-trafficking through Wilmington), MOVED OUT OF WILMINGTON soon thereafter

3. (Some inaccurate material removed by me on 4 March 2014 -- Scott) At the MLK Day Parade, I met the new Pastor of Wilmington's St. Jude's MCC (gay) Church, Rev. James McLaughlin ) a former Catholic priest, I believe, and when I attended that church (twice), I was treated VERY coldly by ALL, but especially by their piano playing woman, WHO ALSO PLAYS AT DAVID NASH'S GAY PIANO/NARCO-TRAFFICKING BAR!!!

Her husband later THREATENED TO KILL ME (but never quite got "a round to it".

I often saw Rev. McLaughlin in the downtown Wilmington Library -- where he NEVER acknowledged my presence except to ALWAYS pack up what he was doing and LEAVE. At the MLK Day parade, he and I had had lengthy theological conversations, so were he an ACTUAL Christian, he would NEVER have snubbed me so badly.

4. The Good Shephard's DRUG CRIMES and SLAVERY of UNDOCUMENTED LATINOS are WELL KNOWN to Wilmington street people as well as well-documented in this blog -- including their SHOOTING IN THE FACE the two friends of my FIRST roommate, David Escalante of Guatemala, when the three of them tried to demand back pay for weeks of work. David fled IN TERROR to Charlotte and was never heard from again (by me) -- although I STILL have his cell phone and immunization records from New Hanover County agency of some-such.

"The Shepherd" ALSO posted an "8 x 10" poster WITH MY PICTURE, stating "Wanted: Dead or Alive" in their shelter -- if the TWO shelter-clients who emailed me about it can be believed.

5. So YES, it's NO SURPRISE that Republican Senator Goolsby ATTENDED this event!!! The only surprise to ME is that District Attorney Benjamin R. David was NOT THERE TOO!!! He's a DEACON at First Presbyterian Church, where my Discovery Class classmate (a physician whose name I mercifully don't remember) FOUNDED the "Evil Shepherd" as MOST street people in Wilmington call it. That doctor has PAINFUL rheumatoid arthritis now -- his JUST DESERTS, if you ask me -- AND ERNIE THOMPSON AND CO ARE PROUD TO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THE SHEPHERD DESPITE MY INFORMING THEM OF ALL THAT ORGANIZATION'S CRIMES!!!

To their credit, MANY Wilmington Churches STOPPED giving to the Shepherd -- but that mostly over the WELL DOCUMENTED cases of top Shepherd employees EMBEZZLING HUGE SUMS OF MONEY!!!

Enough for now, but you SEE: I HAVE stopped worrying about Mexico's problems and NOW focus on preparing Wilmington and NC COURTS for their HUGE LEGAL MONEY FLEECING by ME!!! !!! !!!

MOST sincerely,

Scott David Kenan
Chacala, Mexico (in political exile)

The beach at Chacala, Mexico


Martin Lamb (George W. Bush's self-admitted CHIEF money-launderer), REVISITED!!!


Good to hear from you!!!
I DID see one of the performers on the street yesterday when I went into La Penita on an errand -- but he didn't seem to recognize dos-metros-dias me. HA!!! That really was a fun time last Sunday night -- and you taught me some VALUABLE things about the Swiss connection/hatred of Nazis!!!
I will ALWAYS remember your pride in saying (I hope I got this right), that the Nazis FORCED the Swiss to do their banking (or over-run the country and murder all the bankers and their families) -- not too unlike the American Republicans/CIA have done with THEIR illegal drug/narco-trafficking profits -- and that your father PROUDLY bore his rifle to fight the Nazis to the END if necessary, it they over-ran Switzerland.
And of course Switzerland can't handle THAT huge a sum of money TODAY -- MUCH more than the HITLER Nazis were hiding, so not only do the Caribbean Island secret bankers handle much, but people like the Bush Family's FAVORITE narco-cash launderer, Martin R. Lamb, B.A., C.A. of Oxford Financial & Investment Advice, whose business card (he FOOLISHLY ave it to me when we met in Colima, Colima, Mexico a couple of months ago, as he thought I had Kenan MEGA-BUCKS to invest), of:
"World Trade Center",
Calle 53 Marbella,
Panama, Republica de Panama,
+ (507) 61109511,
In ANY case, Martin Lamb BRAGGED to me that he launders more Bush Family money than ANYONE ELSE, and that George W. Bush flies down FREQUENTLY to his off-shore island where he has a jet-capable landing strip and invited ME to fly down to visit him as well. LOL!!!
After he read my blog (and I saw the look on his face at a nearby table in front of the main hotel in Colima by the Cathedral -- I high-tailed it back to Puerto Vallarta SUPER-PRONTO, and could not take the time to visit my God-son Diego at nearby Los Amiales).
Here is a link to how I blogged about it, and there is MORE in nearby-in-time blog postings: .
In any case, YOUR email came in as mostly gibberish -- until I brought up Windows' "Snip-It" tool to CAPTURE how corrupted your email was when it came in. ONE SECOND LATER, Internet Explore was suddenly GONE -- and when it re-opened itself, your email was "miraculously corrected". LOL!!!
These Nazi/Republican/CIA/PRI Party Mexico jerks will have to be WRESTLED to the ground in their FINAL BUNKERS just like had to be done with Hitler -- and I AM THE MAN TO DO IT!!! (no sweat, in other words). This is why I expect I will have to sue Wilmington, NC, North Carolina Courts, and First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington FOR EVERY CENT I CAN GET so they NEVER again stomp all over anyone's Constitutional rights like they did mine (as well as try repeatedly to murder me).
And even my MOTHER (America's top Nazi), agrees with me now. I punked her by NOT accusing her of murdering her brother because (CORRECTED 19 April 2013): he allowed his daughter Janet to marry a Jew (something I RIGHT NOW possess the physical proof of), in recent weeks, and she has HAD to admit the TRUTH of my FACTS and my LOGIC concerning what I had been through in Wilmington -- AND SUPPORTS MY SUING THE CRAP OUT OF THEM!!!
Well, I had hoped to write to two Catholic Clergy in Wilmington to let them have some good news, but I guess that can wait until later. It's Sunday and PERFECT beach weather, so I'm heading there next. "All work and no play makes Scott a DULL BOY."
Here is my blog's address:
On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 10:57 AM, HERR SWITZERLAND wrote:

Hi Scott,
Thanks a lot for your lines and the book. I have now the time to get myself into it and will be glad to give you a feed back.
Hope to see you one day at the beach.

Be good and take care of the "girls" from the show. Ha..

Click image to enlarge.

The SEEMING Intractability of LEGAL Drug Addiction in the US!!!

I felt this image of cool weather would be refreshing (yesterday's high was only 94 -- so things are STARTING to cool down here on Riviera Nyarit, Mexico -- and dry out as well!!! Yesterday, with the help of a local guy, we detailed and waxed my car -- CERTAIN to stop the rains for AT LEAST a week, given how the TRUE PLEASURE of a freshly waxed car is WATCHING THE RAIN DANCE on it. LOL!!!

You DO know that "pooter" originally meant vagina, right??? I assume you ALSO know that you are the FIRST three-legged person who to my knowledge EVER called a computer a "pooter".
"pooter518 up, 254 down

Redneck term for pussy
'Girl, I need some pooter.' "
I mention this because although I certainly appreciate all your real-world financial support (and hope it continues as long as necessary -- although my intention is to make money again -- OK, GREATER money, my book does earn some even now while still suppressed), you seem to remain a slave to your "female aspect", and THAT is really why you continue taking "male-function-enhancing" drugs -- despite the fact that their side effect is to keep you seemingly incapable of sustained logic.
Witness your concern that I contact a Mexican immigration lawyer BEFORE I return briefly to the States to collect the last of my belongings. There isn't a THING such a lawyer could do at this point that could NOT be undone by any powerful Mexican official if he or she decides to try to deport me or bar my re-entry to Mexico. I just have to trust to God that all works out for the best -- REGARDLESS APPEARANCES!!!
And then you call for me NOT to publish a thing about my timing, route, or other details -- which is basically asking me to ACT LIKE I'M A CRIMINAL (which you CLAIM you know I am not). Can you NOT SEE the ILL-LOGIC in this -- especially for ME after I've GONE OUT OF MY WAY these last 3.5 years to COPY my adversaries in email when I "bad mouth" them (because I REFUSE to talk behind people's backs), and have published my EVERY STRATEGY before doing a thing???
Well, I do hope you can find it in your heart to help me financially with that trip -- and again, I think it has been wise of you to stop the spontaneous gifts of shipped goods (at least until after the trip). I haven't yet calculated the cost of trip (gas, food, tolls, lodging), but it will be a lot LESS than shipping my collection of Tennessee Williams' work in book form from Georgia, so it's a VALUE. And I'm sure there are OTHER things there I will be happy to have (like cool and cold weather clothes that I thought I would get back to GA to fetch before cooler weather here -- in 2010 -- or need of such clothes for what I had expected would be US and even World-travelling for book tours or lecturing on Mr. Williams).
Right now, there is a minor kink that must be straightened out. Teri and I had decided it wise to renew my US car insurance one month at a time until I complete the trip, but two days ago, I got an email from Progressive Insurance saying they are sorry I did NOT renew (but indicating it is NOT too late to do so -- so maybe Teri, "Miss Pay-as-Late-as-Possible" has still got it in the works). I've left her a message about this, but even LAST WEEK, the CIA/Republican hackers ERASED two of the three voicemails I had left on Benefit Management's system -- either long distance by hacking or an inside mole who took care of it internally at the company.
In any case, I know she is THRILLED that I have reduced my rent from $650.00 + approx. $90.00 electric = $740.00 USD in Puerto Vallarta to $233.23 rent + $38.87 electric (fixed) = $272.10 total in Chacala -- a FAR nicer town, within EASY 1.5 hour driving distance of PV when I seek the "city thrills".
I've saved nearly $500.00/month from my fixed costs!!! (And bet I can get a raise in my $134.00/week living allowance soon -- after the dust settles). NO ONE can say I'm "insane" in the area of stewardship of my money!!!
I DO have some additional expenses of set up -- a few chairs, dishes, and things like that, most of which should now wait until after my return, but the major expenses have been met now. The GREATEST thing I still need is additional lighting. A single ceiling light in "refrigerated box" and kitchen are both inadequate for working without squinting, but I intend to wire my own lighting and maybe use simple paper shades, etc. An inexpensive (yet stylish) lamp or two inside is called for, NOW.
I am NOT at this moment needing a cash infusion, so am not asking.
And NOW, I am going to write Sister Isaak(c???) in Wilmington. She's back from her annual break and two weeks have passed so she's likely dealt with the things that backed up in her absence. I'll NOT publicly publish the amounts concerned (although I expect I will some of the email I send her through Father Bob Kus), but I WILL let you know the details.
Enjoy the rest of this Sunday -- and beyond!!!
On Sat, Sep 29, 2012 at 10:18 AM, A POOTER-LOVER wrote:


So relieved your pooter is up and running.
----- Original Message -----
From: Scott
To: Jose
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2012 11:50 AM
Subject: Re: 180 !

I will take this all under advisement. I understand your comments about gifting and expected as much -- quite rational, and you SHOULD think again about so much spontaneous gift generocity -- although you USUALLY hit the mark quite well.
I am busy today but have a blog post to post shortly -- then will probably blog more philosphically later.
On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 7:17 AM, JOSE wrote:

The 180th day
Is 4 weeks away
Isn't it
I reiterate. Engage an immigration lawyer (located online) and file your visa application. The lawyer will help you over the language barrier and with possible problems. With your paperwork in the channel, the 180th day may be adjustable. He will advise you about your concept that you may have to leave Mexico, but can reapply in a short while. Even then, it's best to retain him as your advocate. Your near future must be clarified as to preserving your possessions and, indeed, your pets.
I'm happy that you're so happy with your new environment. Let's do whatever to keep you there.
In this undecided period I don't want to gift you with even more stuff. In past months I have entertained us both with excessive packages, very few items actually requested by you. And the S&H charges plus the MBE charges have really added up.
You're still in a superbusy transition period, your blog compulsively becomes your Primary Purpose, and the visa implementation leads to a bit more procrastination--when you're really a Just Do It guy.
DON'T blog about the details of your expiring visa or of your renewal application.



Saturday, September 29, 2012

After the MASSIVE Communications-Failure



1. I did NOT begin calling "the powers that be" in Wilmington, NC yesterday as planned because of MASSIVE communications interruption (explained somewhat further in email below).

2. I DID speak with my mother by phone again yesterday, and she now UNDERSTANDS that I must sue Wilmington and NC Courts to TEACH THEM A LESSON and to STOP VIOLATING PEOPLE'S CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

She SAID she fully supports this. In honesty to READERS, I must also say that I have accused her of no crimes in weeks. My BEST GUESS is that since I am no longer aggravating her "CRIMINAL PSYCHOSIS", she is not aware that I still KNOW of her crimes -- and while I CAN'T prove she is America's TOP NAZI (Dick Cheney's boss, etc.), I CAN prove she murdered her brother Robert J. Meyer, DDS, after he "allowed" his daughter Janet (called Jan and now surnamed something WASPY), to marry the Jew, Kim Opperman.

I will NOT push for Mom's prosecution -- but I WILL assist anyone prosecuting her.

3. I expect to blog at greater length later today or tomorrow. I hope to figure out a true "win-win" situation to propose to those in Wilmington who screwed me so BIG-TIME.



Brain (actual, inadvertent typo),
(and now running with it): Since so many feel I lost my brain (or Brian), perhaps you are it and should re-unite with me in Chacala, Mexico (google it for images and info). At least you should come for a visit -- I dare say you are fun-loving and I apologize that I have had ANOTHER communications blackout due to this post - which I was prevented from getting out to the THIRD batch of people by simultaneous loss of communications for nearly a day of Internet connection and BOTH my cell phones (which operate on different companies). These CONSTANT coincidental outages and other harassments CANNOT mathematically be judged ONLY coincidence.
Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn and Joel Miller (husband and wife who ALSO worked with me at Pentagon Publishing, Inc.), warned me SEVERAL TIMES in early 2010, that I had NO IDEA how HUGE a conspiracy by Republicans and Patrick Stansbury, Mike Massicott, and Lee Gosney I was up against and claimed it was GUARANTEED that they planned to and WOULD murder me.
I proved that wrong and would NEVER help prosecute those two when the others are tried for HIGH TREASON and other major crimes.
I hope to blog again later today to clarify the last blog. I consider the blackout to have more than one level of reality and also to be "God's" slowing me down to consider practical ways to SMACK ILM and NC COURTS hard in the money (the ONLY thing God-Hating, Racist, Greedbots care about) -- and most of it I'll give away -- but also to allow some face-saving by avoiding a high-profile case in courts if at all possible.
Do you have a photo you could send??? Surely we have met and with all the confusion of the last 3.5 years I am NOT remembering well. We must have met. And in fact, I think you MIGHT have sent a photo before which got lost in the "mayhem".
PS: I expect to come to Stone Mountain to pick up the rest of my stored goods within a few weeks and perhaps we could meet then.

On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 9:21 PM,  BRAIN wrote:

Hello Scott,
I read your e-mails daily. I don't care who in NC or elsewhere does or doesn't.
I don't ALWAYS agree with you but that's OK. I do recall Dr. Kennedy Schultz telling a class I was in about some guy who had walked up to him after a Sunday message, stood too close and said "I liked your talk but I don't agree with you about (so and so); Now let me tell you what I think".
Dr. Schultz replied, "Well dear, I don't CARE what you think".
At the beginning of one my classes-classes he remarked, "Now all of you cut the chatter and get your asses in gear". He told the story to our congregation about a man who had greeted President Truman in the Washington Mall on one of Truman's morning walks. The man asked the Prez if he could offer some advice. President Truman replied "Never kick a hot turd on a summer day."
Scott, we must be connected. You lived in Stone Mountain; I could see Stone Mt. from my roof when I lived in Tucker: You had an interlude in Wilmington; I lived there for 6 months in the 70's before earning a promotion and a transfer back to Atlanta.
While in Wilmington I did meet an erect and sturdy and quite memorable Merchant Marine in the peepshow store on Market Street down near the river. I later nicknamed him Oceans in honor of his height-of-passion eruptions. Ah, but that was long ago!
Enjoy your new quarters.
Regards, "Brain"

From: "Scott Kenan" <>
To: "Mark Johnson" <>
Cc: "Benjamin R David" <>, "Thom Goolsby" <>, "Ernest Thompson" <>, "bill saffo" <>,
Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2012 9:43:00 PM
Subject: I've decided it is time to ACCELLERATE the ENDING of the GOD-HATING, RACIST, GREEDBOTS in Wilmington and the North Carolina Courts!!! (watch yer FANNIES, y'all!!!)


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tomorrow Begins THE FINAL ASSAULT (on Wilmington and North Carolina Courts)!!!

Top result for "gardening in Mexican Heaven". Although I spent most of today gardening in MY Mexican "heaven", this is actually a cenote in the Yucatan penninsula -- WHICH I VISTED ABOUT 15 YEARS AGO.  Cool, no???

>>> WHILE I WAS GARDENING TODAY, THE WORLD SPUN ROUND, so I have a couple of initial comments before posting from the MAINSTREAM NEWS:

1. My water pressure was improved, today, when the landlord refilled the cisten on my roof!!! Then we took the ladder and got rid of some carpenter bees that VIGOROUSLY attacked the main wooden beam in my kitchen's ceiling.

My cats, Melanie and Pecas (in English: "Freckles"), caught two grasshoppers and a gecho whilest we were at it. they still have not noticed the baby iguana (I call him "Tom Willie"), whose taken to sunning on the stair rail, daily.

2. It is MORE than perfectly clear to me, having studied how the Allies had to fight Adolf Hitler TO THE BITTER END (beyojd it, actually -- see this film: , that Republican Nazis (possibly no longer actually LED by my swastika-loving mother, since she's now 89), that I MUST be MORE AGRESSIVE with the Wilmington, NC RACIST, GOD-HATING GREEDBOTS that get their BIGGEST "MORAL" support from First Presbyterian Church.

Barring any unforeseen difficulties (like a typhoon hitting this part of Mexico), I expect to begin calling District Attorney Benjamin R. David (faux-Democrat), Senator Thom Goolsby (Republican), and Pastor Ernie Thompson tomorrow morning. They should expect my calls.

We need to bring the SUFFERING caused by the NARCO-TRAFFICKING that they either COMMAND, HIDE behind the skirts of Jesus-hating FAKE Presbyterianism -- Ernie's sermons the last months I was a member there were ALL delivered as if he were an automaton (his baptisms are ESPECIALLY like a Disney attraction that uses robots when he brings the child out in front of the congregation) -- and ALL profit from.



INTERESTING that CATHOLICS are the ONLY US GROUP whose WHITE PEOPLE do NOT majority-support Mitt Romney now. Obama's popularity with WHITE CATHOLICS has SOARED in recent weeks and he is tied and PASSING Romney (despite the VERY VOCAL minority of Catholic clergy who side with Romney):
(RNS) President Obama's support among Catholic voters has surged since June, according to a new poll, despite a summer that included the Catholic bishops' religious freedom campaign and
* * *

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* * *

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LIVING WELL is the BEST REVENGE (they say).
Translation from the Latin: "LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!"
Thanks for reading this.

The FUTURE (as I have determend it will be -- YOU got a BETTER IDEA??? Post it below in the comments section)!!!

THIS is what happens when you get your "news" from FOX NEWS!!!


1. Today's graphics are ALL taken from Peter Hardy's Facebook Page. If you like them, go there to find MORE excellent images and postings!!!:!/ . I have NO IDEA why my name is in this link which I got directly from Peter's Page -- the MYSTERIES of FACEBOOK seem absolutely ENDLESS!!!

2. Further clarification on Peter Hardy: Due to his CONTENT and his EXCELLENT sense of HUMOR, I have come to realize it was my "recent mental illness" (fleeting, thank God -- and see: , as well as here for my accusations against Peter: ), that caused me to accuse Peter of CIA ABOMINATIONS, like I also did Luis Melgoza and my "faux cousin" Salvador Fuentes -- but THOSE two accusations SEEM to have STUCK!!!

3. I'm STILL SHOCKED AT MYSELF for having believed FOR OVER TWO YEARS that the CIA/PRI Party/Republican Party PUNKING of me -- getting me to TRULY BELIEVE I had been interviewed by 60 MINUTES, and that they intended to AIR up to three segments on my story to be REAL!!!

If the wealthy, powerful Kenans had ANY excuse to think that I'm CRAZY, this was the BIGGEST ONE -- especially given that I ALSO believed Sal's "mother's" claim that the last living survivor of the sinking of the TITANIC was descended from a Wilmington, NC Kenan -- like Owen Kenan, MD, who was one of the FIRST Americans EVER to win the French Medal of Honor for volunteering and serving as a doctor/ambulance driver for France BEFORE the US became engaged in WWI, and was yet ANOTHER Kenan "life-long bachelors" (I'm tellin' ya, if Kenan men aren't TOTAL GAY BACHELORS, they mostly marry nice gals, have no children, and move in after their wife dies with their "life-long, devoted male secretaries, like William R. Kenan, Jr. did -- GOOSE-GAY ALL, or nearly all), and was distinguised NOT ONLY for beiong the THIRD Kenan intimately involved with Henry Flagler (as his personal physician), but also (according to the Kenan Geneology books) "the last survivor of the sinking of the Lusitania" (I have seen survivors who have died after Owen's death in 1963, so the meaning of this is not clear).

Owen got his MD degree from the University of Pennsylvania -- where I was in their NUTHOUSE in 1978 -- how cool is that??? And my best friend from high school, Harry Webster (a black guy), got HIS MD degree there too.

4. Back to Peter Hardy: Although it's a well-known fact that men don't use photos with girlfriend or spouse of FRONT of Facebook or similar pages (in photos, you find REAL loving pictures), unless they are GAY and trying to fool people, Peter is so DAMNED HANDSOME, sensitive, sensual, and fun-loving, that he has to do EVERYTHING in his power to discourage gay guys from hitting on him. Whatever his REAL orientation, he's committed to his wife -- and the REST is nobody's dang business (not even mine).

Peter is the exception that proves the rule. That said, if he wants people to believe his bagel business is actually LEGITIMATE, he needs to bring more onion and OTHER DEMANDED bagels to the Saturday market -- as it is, he runs out of ONION (ONLY) very early, WEEK AFTER WEEK, and IGNORING such an opportunity to increase his sales makes it seem he makes his REAL money working for the Sinaloa Drug Cartel (only PETER knew that I was going to try to contact Anabal Rivera via Facebook -- and a few days later -- without me contacting or trying to friend Anabal, Anabal's Facebook Page DISAPPEARED FROM MY VIEW (I was blocked from it). I'd like to see what Peter has to say about THAT!!!

But for now, I give Peter the benefit of the doubt. I fully intend to show up at the market THIS COMING SATURDAY to see if Salvador Fuentes (who sells mediocre-at-best sausages there), and Luis Melgoza (whose miniscule office is two doors away and he has Saturday hours each week), have ANYTHING to say to MY FACE!!!

Here is another graphic from Peter's Page:

* * *

Yesterday, I had a long phone conversation with my Wilmington, NC attorney, Jennifer Harjo (Head Public Defender), and I DON'T mean this as a criticism of her so much as an indication of HOW FAR UP THEIR BUTTS the heads of Wilmingtonians are!!! (Yes, even the BEST Wilmingtonians.)

I learned that DESPITE the deal that either District Attorney Ben David (or one or more of his assistants), made with Jen that if I left North Carolina, ALL CHARGES AGAINST ME WOULD BE DROPPED, NOTHING has changed and ALL REMAINING CHARGES are still pending -- this DESPITE the fact that EVERY ONE OF THEM IS FALSE -- and this is NO SECRET TO ANYONE (and explains why they worked so hard to re-jail, nut-house commit, and MURDER ME REPEATEDLY)!!!

Jen said CASUALLY, that it would help if I didn't blog so much.

Oh really??? INNOCENCE MAKES NO DIFFERENCE IN NORTH CAROLINA COURTS and one of the MOST INTEGROUS LAWYERS -- rather than demand of Ben David DAILY that the false charges be dropped -- tells me I HAVE TO SHUT UP???


In fact, at my earliest convenience I'm going to begin PHONE-CALLING Ben David's office. I can't talk to him personally -- or rather he WON'T talk to me since I have charges pending and that is considered unethical -- but I WILL talk to his secretary and the large black guy who mans the "front gate" to Ben's 4th floor offices (and who ADMITTED TO ME IN PERSON that he KNOW'S Ben David runs all the illegal drug-trafficking in Wilmington -- as do ALL the Assistant D.A.'s -- some of whom have admitted that to me PRIVATELY, so I won't name names.

I will be certain to ask that all conversations are RECORDED so that there is NO MISTAKING what I have to say.

I will ALSO do the same to Sen. Thom Goolsby and Rev. Ernie Thompson. I'm SICK of waiting (even though the LONGER I have to wait, the HIGHER the monetary settlement I will win when I SUE Wilmington and North Carolina Courts -- PROOF POSITIVE of their EVIL INTENTIONS when they GROSSLY VIOLATED MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!

Additionally, if there is NOT near IMMEDIATE dropping of all charges, I will begin calling Mayor Saffo, the entire Wilmington City Council, and Deacons and elders at First Presbyterian Church. ALL these people have been on my email lists for over a year and NONE of them did a THING to aid or comfort me in my quest to MAKE AMENDS FOR THE CRIMES OF WILLIAM R. KENAN, SENIOR -- who with the 1898 Pastor of First Prez, fomented the 1898 WILMINGTON RACE RIOT which DIRECTLY led to the JIM CROW LAWS across the South.

I apologize to the MANY, MANY fine Protestants, but it was the PROTESTANT CHURCHES that not only allowed the MASS SLAUGHTER and INHUMAN treatment of the natives of the United States -- BUT LOOK WHAT THE DUTCH PROTESTANTS DID IN SOUTH AFRIKA!!!

And while there are many "black versions" of the Protestant Churches, Catholics ALWAYS WORSHIPED TOGETHER -- regardless race or color.

I see a South Africa TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION event in America's future -- not unlike what was done in South Africa at the end of Aparteid. And now that I'm dispensing of all the "smoke and mirrors" of many connections, etc., I STAND FULLY QUALIFIED BY RIGHT OF CONSCIOUSNESS to force this on the United States of America.


Thus sayeth "The self-ordained Lord-lette" (me).

* * *


"So THAT'S THAT," huh???
This morning I realized it is because you are primarily a READER that you are often so unmindful when you WRITE to me (speaking on the phone, you are FAR more mindful than when you write).
This email to me means (to the mindful person), that this is the absolute end of your ordering things for me -- hence your use of the iconic phrase "that's that."
I don't actually mean that you MEAN that -- and if you DO mean that, please write back "saying" so -- but I was a HUGE reader BEFORE I became a writer, and it behooves readers to NOTICE what words and phrases mean before using them.
On the other hand, it might just be another symptom of the side effects of your "old age" drugs, which make ANYONE careless in thought -- and I know you are psychologically addicted to them and that is your right. I DO however feel a friendly obligation to point out the UNINTENDED ways they complicate your life. I mean, if you had an ACTUAL social life, people would be misunderstanding you CONSTANTLY -- and maybe that is why you don't have one: you prefer the beneficial results of the drugs to having intercourse (many-levels of meaning to that word), with people.
This is NOT likely a symptom of your minor depression (which has probably lifted on its own by now). Depressed people tend to be mild-mannered in expressions, so only in desperation (feeling cornered), would they use such a STRONG expression of FINALITY.
Another day, another attempt at building some natural privacy fencing . . .
BTW: I have GRILLED hamburguesas twice on this nifty $12 fits-over-a-stove-burner grill I found that does NOT make a bad mess, as well as made salads, toasted bagels, and that's about it so far for cooking (also made PB$J sandwiches -- one of the beneficial effects of being homeless and in jail was reconnecting with hw DELICIOUS humble peanut butter really is!!!).
It takes me a little while to build up to FULL COOKING, especially while things re not yet FULLY organized. I AM a bit of a stickler for cleanliness, sanitation, and order in my kitchen -- more than anywhere else.
Also, I got the Home Theater up and running last night, but not yet having unpacked my office, and not remembering in WHICH strange place I packed the 3-D glasses, I have not yet seen TITANIC, but, as expected, the sound stage here is AWESOME and I can turn the sound up surprisingly high without it bleeding through to others (who blare Mexican music sometimes so loud that I have no idea how they can think).
Don't get me wrong -- I love that music and the levels that I get it here are NOT obnoxious -- it's just that I KNOW how loud it is in their interior spaces to be blaring to the outside like it does). Also, my sub-woofer conveniently fit on the bottom shelf of plastic shelving, which means that those deep rumbles are NOT so directly conducted through the solid concrete floor to those below.
BejeBus Be PRAISED!!!
On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 5:43 PM, MY "BACKER" wrote:


all packages in the pipeline have reached you. So, that's that.

Thank you for reading this -- which I'll end with ANOTHER of Peter Hardy's posted images: