Wednesday, October 31, 2012

IT'S OVER!!! (the nightmare)

1. Still no Internet at home in my apartimento, but that's good. I am FORCED to mostly enjoy the beach today.

2. I am pleased to see that Cape May, NJ "dodged the bullet" and seems to have only gotten minor flooding and sand in the streets. This is ALWAYS what happens in Cape May -- PRAISE JESUS!!!

3. I had a HEALED conversation with my mother this morning. PAST TENSE means that the healing is COMPLETE. The country will come to its senses at varying rates depending on depth of slumber of participation in or having believed the DAMNED REPUBLICANS.

4. Those who vote for Republicans for President, US Congress, or State Legislatures (or Governors), will be the slowest to find and live with God. They will suffer psychological pains and possibly physical ones as well, and the rest of us will be kind and not unduly demanding as they complete their "slave-labor" assignments (they will get breaks and no effort that requires more than aspirin or Advil to relieve the pain of tired muscles after work. They will get nutritional -- if not particularly delicious foods and beverages. One or two alcoholic drinks on Saturday nights as the work week is 5.5 days), to them as we enslave them temporarily to clean up their GARGANTUAN MESSES!!!

After they demonstrate they have hearts and can find them, they will get their voting rights back.

The voting booth is PRIVATE; we will know the GOD-HATERS by their words, actions, POOR ENGLISH (or other native tongue), grammar and word usage/misusage. Also lingering hate speech, etc.

5. "A WORD TO THE WISE IS SUFFICIENT!!!" and "LITTLE BOATS TOOT LOUDEST IN A FOG." come compliments of my 8th grade Catholic nun teacher, Mother Mary Austin of Saints Phillip & James, Exton, PA (who frequently had flatulence during 40 Hours Devotions -- just ask Kevin Holleran ( ). He and I endured them together as altar boys, and just because Kevin is now a SILVER BEAVER (always a suspicious award!!!) in BOY SCOUT LEADERSHIP does NOT prove he diddles young boys!!! Google in this blog for more info on Kevin and his strange parents.

6. My mother was almost overwhelmed (pleasantly) that I informed her that the half of proceeds I get from suing various entities in Norte Carolina -- and possibly an individual and law firm in Chicago as well -- will go to Catholic Charities honoring Mom's parents: Gertrude (Hesselbrock) and Henry J. Meyer. The Kenans have plenty of credit in the giving arena, so I'm honoring my grandparents who were the kindest, gentlest, people -- and devout Catholics to boot. My grandfather took a cut in pay to be the FIRST Franklin County Welfare Director under FDR. You just can't beat THAT (although it was hell on my mother who then couldn't even afford her fave Babe Ruth candy bar.

She can NOW -- and that is ALL THAT MATTERS!!!



Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After Successful BLITZKRIEG of Atlanta, Back in Mexico Again!!!

1. I have NO INTERNET at my apartment until Friday, so little chance I will blog again until then.

2. Best part of my trip to Atlanta: Making peace with City Council-Person Nan Nash and seeing how the city and some friends are doing BETTER than before!!!

Trip Events of Particular Note.

1. I tried and was able to use my TelCel cell phone in Montgomery, AL to call my mother an d told her I would speak with her after the election.

2. Montgomery, AL police found me by cell-phone triangulation and escorted me to Alabama State Troupers who escorted me to GA line (I'd forgotten when I tried phone that Maxwell AFB is where all the drugs come in by Air Force plane -- which Patrick Stansbury of runs with Republicans, so OF COURSE they escorted me OUT. LOL!!!)

3. At the Memorial Inn in Stone Mountain, drug mafia deflated one of my tires overnight so I knew they knew I was there.

4. Despite the Stone Mountain Police Department's Cali Cartel corruption, I had NO INTERACTION OR ALTERCATION WITH THEM. Interestingly, they had moved to very close to my 903 Second Street address. and STILL had TONS more unmarked cars in their lot than a town of about 3,000 calls for. ALL CIA DRUG PROTECTION WITH CALI CARTEL.

5. I told off the people at the local theater (live) IN sTONE mOUNTAIN (or vice-caps-versa), for THEIR corruption, and they locked me out, but did NOT call the police (or the police were AFRAID TO RESPOND -- LOL!!!). WHAT FAGS THEY ARE!!!

6. I bought Dr. Coleti's book on the history of Stone Mountain while making up with Nan Nash -- PRAISE JESUS!!!

7. I high-tailed it out of GA after one night since the drug mafia had deflated my tire. No sense aggravating things needlessly.

8. Alabama is so broke they closed their Welcome Centers, but TEXAS (which I fell in LOVE with on this trip and will move there if I ever return to the States), has a WONDERFUL Welcome Center with boardwalk over wetlands. I talked at length with a woman who was a genuine Southern Lady (including my plans to have tired and hung for TREASON both Presidents Bush, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, etc.) She seemed to love it and said she couldn't WAIT to get the the Internet to read this blog. She lives in Chapel Hill, NC, and in fact knows the wealthiest of the Kenans well. She was traveling to Houston.

As she left, I asked her name, and since she hesitated, I promised NOT to publish it. I WILL tell you that I felt very foot-in-mouth when I discovered it was the same as two recent Presidents (she was evasive when I asked if she was related, so can't say for sure). In any case, she was a MARRIED-IN person and that might be why she enjoyed my claim that we have at least TWO people (high NOT-elected male Republicans) who will testify they had sex with George W. while he was in office.

I liked her A LOT!!

9. I probably could have stayed with Frank Sinatra, JR. in his Texas town the last night on the road, but I wanted to keep phone silence and would have had to call his sister-in-law to have her call him since I've never met him -- and wanted to cross the border ASAP. I had stopped at a Buc-EEs (or similar), and the assistant manager said he lived half a mile away (and other Sinatras lived in the area as well), and that HE had partied (Texas BBQ, no doubt), at Frank Jr's many times.

10. Sister Isaac of St. Mary's Catholic Church has NOT yet cashed the check for WALKING ON GLASS royalties-share that she should have received Oct. 25 yet. I hope she does soon.

11. I can't wait to get busy SUING New Hanover Republican Party, Wilmington, and NC Courts!!!

12. The election does NOT matter. Since the Supremos ruled that money = speech, only Corporations matter now. The election is just a popularity poll. My distant Kenan relatives, controlling 4 of the top 10 American Corporations, have NOT donated to a Republican since 9/11, so will make sure that whoever wins will act like a DEMOCRAT!!!



Thursday, October 25, 2012

Notes from the ROAD!!!

Typical Mexican "Pit-Sniffing" incident in Villanueva, Mexico yesterday -- and let me tell you why it was NO SURPRISE!!! My first Mexicano-por-Sex-O, was with a Senor Villanueva (Newhouse en Ingles), in 1985. He first seduced me at the Pharr Library disco in Atlanta, and after planting his flag in both my orifices a couple of different days and infecting me with Mexican Nationality, revealed that he was the actual Mexican Consul to Altanta (PRI Party)!!!
I haven't been the same since.

Scott Kenan shared a link.
At least Sen. PTSD McCain came to his senses (rather belatedly), on this issue!!!
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The FACT that I turned down the offer to drive this MEXICAN BLOGGING MACHINE to Estados Unidos should give us ALL something to be thankful for, don't you think???
(in transit)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

'Nuff Said (I'm hittin' the road -- leavin' the batteries IN my cell phones so the CIA can track me good. I ain't the CRIMINAL around here, dig???).

And "Christians" Love Mitt Romney Because . . . . (fill in the blank).
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DEVIL TALK: If God INTENDED the pregnancy resulting from rape, then God HAD TO INTEND for the man to RAPE the woman too!!!

A BELIEVING Christian might believe life begins at conception, but to say the pregnancy resulting from RAPE was GOD's INTENTION is PURE DEVIL TALK!!!

Mourdock On Abortion: Pregnancy From Rape Is 'Something God Intended'
NEW ALBANY, Ind. -- Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock says when a woman is impregnated during a rape, "it's something God intended." Mourdock was asked Tuesday during the final minutes of a debate whether abortion should be allowed in cases of rape or incest.
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Did YOUR Republican Tell the TRUTH: That US Oil Production HAS ZOOMED to Second Highest in the World Under Obama -- or do ya just HATE Jesus, and LIE, instead???

Mary Magdelan or Ann-Margret??? You decide.

And of the US Oil Companies, Exxon-Mobil and Chevron are by far the largest. Another LARGE US COMPANY (also in TOP TEN), is Bank of America. These companies are ALL controlled by KENAN CHARITABLE TRUSTS, run by my distant relatives -- with the Sinatra Family big in BoA with us.

Oh yeah, don't forget Coca-Cola is a Kenan Company, too -- and ME??? I'm just Tennessee Williams's former assistant who had the GALL to promise Jackie Kennedy Onassis he would get her REVENGE (was she JEWISH or sumpthin'??? All this unchristian REVENGE SHIT. What's up with THAT???

But I DARE SAY the Kenan Family of North Carolina deserves SOME credit, no??? Maybe just poquito (as we say down her in MEH-hee-co)???

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I think Jesus is having FUN with his NEW HETRO-SEXSHUL THANG!!!