Friday, November 30, 2012

Notes Before TAKING A DAY OFF!!!

Immediately after graduating college, Newt Gingrich earned SEVERAL citations from Atlanta Police for soliciting sex with men in parks. While eight or so years ago you could actually FIND a scan of one of them on the Internet, it is all but impossible now.

>>> THIS JUST IN!!! (8:56 MA, MST): According to Google Statistics (which hackers have caused to show in my "Blogger dashboard" TWENTY-TWO copies of THIS post to have posted, yet only one is here, ALSO claims that while hits on the Letter to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (immediately before this posting), which I emailed and posted last night, got MODERATE hits overnight which should have had it listed in the middle of BOTH the daily and "Now" tabulations of most-hit ten postings -- BUT IT IS NOT LISTED IN EITHER LIST!!!

The GOP's all-white, all-male lineup of House committee chairs represents "a real problem for the Republican Party," Newt Gingrich told Jay Leno on Thursday night. "The fact is, that picture is, by definition, not helpful," Gingrich said, adding that he planned to spend the next few months studying ...
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Email Just Sent to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

This might be the most peculiar communication you ever receive, but it will be BRIMMING with good news, not only for you, but for the entire Kennedy Family, many of whom I met in 1981 and 82, while working as Tennessee Williams’ assistant. While I only met young Kennedys in your generation, I don’t know if I met your Mom or not, but did meet Pat Lawford – and worked with her a bit on a project she and Tennessee Williams had cooking (but fell FLAT), and Jean Smith. I also had occasion to meet your Aunt Jackie at a party thrown by Jean Stein and George Plimpton on January 11, 1982, and after Jackie shared some confidences, I promised her I would get her and President Kennedy’s revenge one day.

I am writing to inform you and your family that I have finally done that – a rather complicated and in some ways difficult task, mostly completed over the last 3.5 years. Call me crazy if you end up feeling I am nuts, but I am CERTAIN you will be entertained by my story.

The Sinatras have been my BEST ALLIES!!! I’m sure you’ve heard of them and the deal your Granddad made with them regarding the election of your uncle to the Presidency. Patricia Sinatra, Frank’s favorite niece who now seems to run most of the Sinatra interests, even admitted to me her family’s role. I was so astounded by this that I forgot to ask her HOW. HA!!!

It began when I met Pat by chance at a weekly farmer’s market on the banks of the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC the summer before last. When she heard my last name (and ESPECIALLY when she heard I had made a promise to Jackie), she pulled me to a private place and MOTOR-MOUTHED me for three hours -- less on the Sinatra-Kennedy connection; more on the Sinatra-Kenan connection, particularly how the Sinatras were the ones who had sold controlling interest in their BankAmerica to my relatives who had put together NationsBank.

My distant Kenan relatives like to fly beneath the radar, but you have probably heard of them for their being the largest private support of University Education in the world for 100 years now – and the work of Kenan Institute Asia in what I call “making amends for US War Crimes in seven southeast Asian countries.” They are now also preserving all the native languages and cultures in Latin America as well as directing a larger share of their largess toward the arts. Basically still controlling Exxon-Mobil and Chevron – the remainder of the Standard Oil Trust – their TOP adversary is OPEC, controlled by the Saudi Royals and THEIR top allies the Bin Laden Family, with Bush and Cheney families as well.

Here is a nutshell of what I have done, which began when Republicans bought Alyson Books and gutted their entire list of thirty books set for publication spring 2010 – just so my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS, would not be published – in fact they CALLED me after giving me back my rights and SWORE they would prevent me from ever being published. This made NO SENSE to me, since I had gotten RAVE reviews from John Lahr of THE NEW YORKER as well as many top Williams scholars.

So I set out to GET published – and eventually DID, electronic on Amazon – but the book has been suppressed, just like Maria St. Just destroyed her letters to/from Tennessee that included mention of me before publishing them (this I got from John Lahr). The reason??? My mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan had blackmailed my homosexual father, William Scott Kenan (both still living at 89 and 94 in Raleigh, NC, now), into marriage so that she could hide her swastikas behind the Kenan name. We not only had small, pastel swastikas on the dinner plates growing up, but were beaten daily for no reason, and I cannot EVER remember having received a hug from either of my parents before I graduated college, Denison 1973. You see, with my being gay, Liberal, TOO SMART, and outspoken – I had to be done away with.

Everything is recorded in my blog, , in over 1,300 posts, the meat of it beginning in summer of 2009, after I signed the publication contract with Alyson Books, and includes my being chased out of Georgia spring 2010 after Republicans tried unsuccessfully to commit me to a mental hospital FIVE TIMES IN ONE MONTH, and at the advice of Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer, recently retired – Dottie Newman, I fled to Mexico after being poisoned by a top operative of Wal-Mart Corporation and coming within a HAIR of dying.

There, summer and fall of 2010, I was tricked out of all the proceeds from selling my nearly paid-off house, contents, and minor art collection, and even held captive in a crack house in Puerto Vallarta where I met some top Mexican and Colombian Drug Lords who first confirmed my mother had been Cheney’s chief liaison with the Pope (John Paul II, primarily, with whom my parents had had a few private audiences). Earlier, in 1990 and at the time I was jailed on false charges of simple trespass and incarcerated for 15 weeks until I FORCED the issue with a Writ of Habeus Corpus, and ADDITIONALLY got a year of house-arrest “Enhanced Probation” that included FORCED taking of Lithium with weekly blood test to ensure I took it on a FALSE diagnosis of Bipolar (most Bipolar diagnoses are given to gay people whom someone gets angry at – at least back then, according to the committing tech on one of my BIZARRE commitments (1978 and two in 2011, although the doctor in 2011 knew it was all lies and released me as soon as he legally could both times).

My story is quite complicated, but I will make a FORTUNE off it eventually – converting my blog to a series of books. Let me just say that the reason I was in hot water was because I had tracked how Newt Gingrich was in 1989 bringing drugs by train into Stone Mountain Park very near my home. I watched them being transferred into Sysco Food Service and Inland Seafood trucks in a restricted area I had snuck into, followed the trucks to witness the deliveries at fast food restaurants in the Atlanta area late at night with dealers and distributors lined up in and outside picking a huge bags of goods without ordering.

I knew my mother was involved and went to Newt Ginrich’s Congressional office and delivered my documentation since he was so against drugs. Little did I know then that he was Mom’s partner. Also during that time, key Jews in Atlanta FIRST confirmed for me that my parents are the top NAZIs in the US, and when I first blogged about that in early 2010, Jonathan Reiner (nephew of Carl, cousin to Rob – and now an Emmy Award Winning TV writer himself), made me an Honorary Jew.

Other facts:

1.       I worked 18 years for Pentagon Publishing, Inc. selling ad space in yearbooks and alumni journals for ALL the Service Academies, War Colleges, and Maritime Academies, and came to discover the owner, Patrick Stansbury, was ALSO in charge of distributing all the illegal drugs brought to this country on US Air Force planes, mostly to Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL, where we had contracts with three AF colleges. I even WITNESSED Patrick and Republican Congressman John Linder exchanging thick packets of money which I can testify in court about. This came to a head in January of 2010 about a week after my publishing contract was cancelled. My parents were INTIMATE friends of PPI’s chief in-the-field operative, Lee Gosney, who is now dying or dead of inoperable cancer. Perhaps it was out of guilt that he DID confirm many of my allegations – including the Link to Congressman Linder.

2.       I ALSO have MUCH information about how Tennessee Williams REALLY died by being smothered with a pillow after my mother assured Maria St. Just that I was properly kept stupid on Lithium. This conspiracy involved Maria, Sewanee’s NYC lawyer Michel Remer (now deceased), and John Eastman (who had been Tennessee’s HIGHLY DISRESPECTFUL lawyer while I worked for TW – shortly after his iconic father, Lee Eastman retired). Additionally, and as warned by Jackie Onassis who at that same party first suggested Tennessee add a codicil to his will letting Harvard control the rights and the decisions about HOW proceeds of the estate be spent – although Sewanee (The University of the South), would still have ownership. Tennessee’s maid, Leoncia McGee, and two others on the scene at that time, Gary Tucker and Schuyler (Skye) Wyatt, were BRIBED to claim Tennessee was incompetent and the codicil was thrown out – much to the consternation of Harvard’s Law Department!!! A year and a half ago, I called their long-term admin, Nancy Armstrong, and she understood EXACTLY ALL MY CLAIMS, but warned me that Harvard’s Law Department was all newer and not being there then, might not care. Indeed, I have included about eight top lawyers in copies of all blog posts the last year and NOT been able to get any interest from them. Perhaps Republicans paid them off too. Tennessee’s estate was worth $10,000,000.00 when he died and disgruntled Sewanee alumni who are lawyers in Birmingham, AL claimed to me in 2009 that it was then (BOTTOM of stock market), worth about 1/3 BILLION – probably a full one now. Possibly the Kennedy Family would be interested in urging Harvard to take another look at this. I DO have evidence and Skye Wyatt DID really tell me in the early 1990s when I saw him occasionally that he and Gary had been kept in high style by a TOP Republican in the Tennessee State Legislature until they both died of AIDS – Skye last in about 1994.

3.       The Episcopal Church was VERY MUCH involved in the murder of Tennessee Williams to get his estate before Harvard could – as well as MUCH of the narco-trafficking run by the CIA and Republicans today – and THAT’s my BIG POINT.

4.       Barack Obama has a VERY GAY past – and might even have had an old boyfriend murdered to help cover it up. This is how the CIA/Republicans blackmailed him into doing NOTHING the first two years when he had Democratic majorities, and continuing to send troops to Afghanistan just to protect opium poppies that Muslims burn out of religious zeal. Enrique Pena Nieto, Presidente-elect of Mexico ALSO has a vey gay past and is EQUALLY blackmailed by the CIA/Republicans into protecting narco-trafficking in Mexico. I have published this MERCILESSLY and emailed every blog post to a list of 1,500 contacts in the US and elsewhere – including many top people in the Press, Politics, Law Enforcement, and at Religions. I have had a GREAT effect, but it is slow since the Murdock Machine and the CIA, etc. fight EVERYTHING tooth and nail and have resources to pull EVERY trick in the book!!! In fact, I spent 15 months in Wilmington, NC – much of it living homeless under a viaduct with REAL criminals 1/2011 – 5/2012, as I had discovered that the Democratic District Attorney was beholden to the Republicans who run the narcotics in what is actually the BIGGEST entry port for drugs in the country – set up as such with the help of my parents who lived there in the 1980s and 90s. I managed to be arrested and jailed SIX times on EIGHT false charges (misdemeanor “cyber-stalking” and “stalking” – all false), as well as two mental hospital commitments, and numerous attempts to kill me. In the end, my public defender worked a deal with the DA – who on false claims kept my trials from happening by getting quacks to “certify” I was too unstable to appear in court, despite my dozen court appearances with no complaints at all – to drop all charges if I stayed out of North Carolina and do it within a year. He has not, but there are still several months remaining. Having HAD IT with the United States and the CONSTANT Republican Party and CIA harassments, I moved to Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico recently after Sinaloa Cartel ran me out of Puerto Vallarta after I posted pictures NOT ONLY of the PRI Party Mayor Chava Gonzalez Resendiz GIVING FULL NAZI SALUTE on my blog, but photos and info on a HUGE narco-trafficker’s hideout nearby as well. HA!!! I had left the US for Mexico on May 1, 2012, where I now reside with a disability income which is adequate (Thank God for KINDLY Jewish doctors who got the claim through for me promptly – and managed to do so by stating that I was perfectly rational, but then “went somewhere (he) couldn’t follow.” LOL!!! This was the info on Republicans which that doctor FULLY understood.

5.       There is SO MUCH info I have, nearly all of it in the blog  . The best thing is to google my name in quotes then any person or subject. The most important thing to be done now, is to either FORCE Obama out with a gay scandal or even impeach him if the published rumors that he had his old boyfriend met through Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s NOTORIOUS call-boy service ONLY for married black professionals with children MURDERED is true. (Joe Biden would be a GREAT “Give ‘em hell, Harry” President – maybe Hillary as VP, or squeeze his damn balls so mercilessly he acts like a Democrat and BREAKS his CIA blackmail LOCK.)  I DO believe Obamas intensions are good, but this NARCOTICS CARTEL run by CIA/Republican Party/Episcopal Church (with the Pope, but not the Catholic lower clergy or people), MUST BE BROKEN.

6.       Senor Enrique Pena Nieto’s ex boyfriend was granted political asylum in the US because Pena Nieto had him tortured in jail when Enrique was Governor of the State of Mexico. Really.

7.       I have publicly declared my intention of donating half the proceeds of suing North Carolina Courts, the City of Wilmington – or Police Department at least – for a HUGE amount for GROSS VIOLATIONS OF MY CIVIL RIGHTS, as well as the New Hanover County and NC State Republican Party for a HUGE VOLUME of harassing emails, bullying, etc – mostly calling me a FAG, etc. – to Catholic Charities, as I believe they are the best. Although brought up Catholic and once wanting to be a Jesuit, I am more into metaphysics now. I hope to begin looking for a GOOD lawyer soon.

So I hope that if any of this is illuminating that you will pass it on to people who can use it to REGAIN our Constitutional Freedoms. If there is anything I can do to help the Kennedy Family, Democratic Party, etc., I would be COMPLETELY at my country’s service.

Also, please pass my best regards to your family, especially your cousin Carolyn (whom I never met). I noticed that this summer she gave a PROFILES IN COURAGE AWARD to a teacher or council-person from Wilmington, so she probably knows something about the DIRE situation there. Talk on the street in Wilmington was that MANY Kennedys have homes in the Wilmington area – primarily in the Frank Hawkins Kenan-built Landfall development, although I never checked to see if this is true.

Best wishes to you and I salute you in your environmental and other work!!!

Scott David Kenan

Chacala, Mexico in political exile