Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year/Era!!! (We went over "the cliff" today and SURVIVED!!! Now pick up yer beds and WALK!!!)



If you were able to look back at your most brilliant successes, stunning comebacks, amazing catches, and smokin' ideas, Scott, and you were to find that virtually all of them seemed to materialize out of thin air, when you least expected them, and that they had exceeded even your greatest expectations at the time, how excited would you be about the new year and whatever else I've got up my sleeve?

Hubba, hubba -
The Universe

True. perfectly.


Cool gift from the French People, all lit up!!!
"French Fries", known to Republicans recently (and die-hards still), as "Freedom Fries" because PIGS don't boycott FOOD (they just change its name). are an invention of the BELGIANS, not the French. But Republicans NEVER let FACTS get in the way of GREED, FEAR, and HATE.
But maybe tomorrow???


Who Will Kiss THIS (half) WHITE ASS Good-bye -- Michelle???

Gays protested WIDELY when FAG Obama said he was "evolving" on equal marriage rights.


If Barry Bam-Bam caves -- as usual -- The Democrats will Tar & Feather him (out him as a closet-case FAG who MIGHT have had his old boyfriend met through Rev. Jeremiah Wright's NOTORIOUS call-boy service ONLY for married black profesionals with kids, KILLED to shut up. This story is ALL OVER THE FOERIGN PRESS for months now. WAKE UP, AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!

If he acts like a DEMOCRAT (for once), the Reds will slaughter him in the night (similarly). BRAVO, Ron Paul Republicans for accepting "second place" in the SLAYING OF THE SEDUCER-DEVIL (in case the REAL Dems can't find their STOMACHS!!!)!!!

Scott David Kenan
Chacala, Nayartit, Mexico
In political exile from North Carolina (only)

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The "Christian" Conservatives call him "His Gay Ass Niggerness" which for different reasons I AGREE WITH (Nigger = person with NO self-respect. In my experience the VAST MAJORITY of niggers are of the WHITE race.)
Good Night, ladies -- I was PROUD to have you three in the White House!!!

Year End (ERA-ENDING) Thoughts . . .

My home in Chacala, Mexico this morning, a rare gray morning (entire upper floor -- ALL awnings, curtains, kitchen equipment except built-in, refrigerator and stovetop stove (no stuffing -- or oven ) -- including all 48 plants -- are MY improvements at MY expense). You can see its potential as a VERY LUCRATIVE guest house four blocks from a surfing beach. There is LOTS of land for garden, more cottages, and maybe even a pool or hot tub for guests.


Hi Sue,
Having done a minimum of research on you, I've discovered that you APPEAR to be a well-intentioned and SERVING citizen of Wilmington or at least New Hanover County. Because that is true, I will MAKE AN EXCEPTION from my rule that NO ONE in North Carolina (especially metro Wilmington), gets off either of my lists until I have either won MEGA MILLIONS in my lawsuits which I'll file early 2013 against the City of Wilmington -- or at least the Police Department -- and The State Courts of North Carolina -- both for GROSS and REPEATED violations of my Civil Rights. I might or might not sue the NC State and New Hanover County Republican Party as I have PILES of emails from their top officers calling me a "Faggot", "God-Hating", "Devil Worshiping", etc.
Of course it's TRUE that I have called them the same and more -- but then I can PROVE my points in a Court of Law, to say nothing of the Narco-Trafficking of the Republican/NAZI Party/Episcopal Church with the help of BLACKMAILED FAGS (Ben David, D.A. & Police Chief Ralph Evangelous come to mind first), in the Democratic Party) and Ernie Thompson and Jim Holderness of First Presbyterian -- Holderness actually having the GALL to proudly tell me he PROTECTS Ben David's efforts!!!! -- and First Prez calls itself a CHURCH rather than a DRUG-FRONT business, which is ALL that it is now with Ernie and the boys leading services with the interest of Walt Disney Productions' AUTOMATONS!!!
No WONDER the congregants there all refer to themselves as the "FROZEN CHOSEN". LOL!!! I got some HELL-FIRE I'm a gonna unleash on THAT snakes nest of HYPOCRITES (not ALL members are hypocrites)!!!
The alternative to my winning a HIGH settlement in court (or a smaller one OUT of court -- BEFORE I take the time to prepare cases, ONLY), would be if ALL these HIGH CRIMINALS are removed from office in any way that works (except violence): Ben David, Sen. Thom Goolsby, Judges Sandra Ray Criner & Jeffery Noecker, Chief Ralph Evangelous, and "Dr." Carrie Menke of the confusingly named "Brunswick County Mental Health Court" which business databases list as a PRIVATE BUSINESS, although she works out of D.A. JON David's office in Brunswick County.
If you have ANY IDEA how we could bring all this to a FAIR RESOLUTION without a lot of LAWYERS making a TON of money, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY!!!
My point is NOT to bankrupt the treasuries of any entity, but to END the narcotics-money-corruption in North Carolina, and especially Wilmington. If you know ANYTHING about how my Kenan Family members have fought for greater Liberty, Education, and Justice for ALL since the family began chronicling our story in the early 600s AD, and how so many have described Kenans as if they had the power and FORCE OF WILL of the gods on Mount Olympus, you would know that I am the PHYSICAL EMBODIMENT of an IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME, and seek settlement.
But I don't care. Either way is fine with me, although I just don't relish the idea of FINANCIALLY upending the lives of so many.
Nes pas???

On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 4:15 AM, Sue Hayes2 <> wrote:

Please delete my name from your e-mail list.
Thank you
(unsigned -- unscrupulous people DO NOT SIGN their correspondence -- one of the CHIEF ways of easily SPOTTING THEM!!!)
From: Scott Kenan
Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2012 10:53 PM
Subject: I DO ask my 1,500 closest friends (and enemies), to PROOF each blog post I changed for the Obama/Emanuel Chicago Drug Mafia listed herein to see if I MISSED anything (JUICY postings, ALL!!!) Thanks, Scott
>>> GOOD NEWS FOR CHACALA!!!: My landlady has an ACTUAL REAL TOURIST COUPLE renting a room for the first time in several days, tonight (only).

Let's hope this CONTINUES TO IMPROVE!!!


* * *


>>> ADDED LATER: The Krugman article re-appeard on about ten minutes after this blog post first went up -- at least on the version of the Internets that I am allowed to see!!!
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  • Scott Kenan Some FACTS: 1. My political blog. goes to 1,500 top contacts via email -- including top editors of THE NEW YORK TIMES. I have no idea if Mr. Krugman reads it or not, but issues I bring up are later further researched and made better by Mr. Krugman.

  • Scott Kenan During the 2012 Azalea Festival in Wilmington, NC (spring), The NY TIMES sent an emissary to find me just to let me know that they had INDEED paid off Carlos "Slim" Salim Helu, the Mexican-Arab who is the richest person in the world and held enough stock and debt in the NY TIMES corp to HEAVILY INFLUENCE their reporting in favor of supporting the CIA/Republican Party/Episcopal Church/NAZI narco-trafficking cartel that controls it all in most of the world. At that time, the man said Carlos Slim had deposited the check but it had not yet cleared. The NEW YORK TIMES had less than a year before, sold off ownership of the WILMINGTON STAR NEWS, which it used with NO EASY DAY (killing of Bin Laden book), author and TOP CIA operative Kevin Maurer (who had even faked planning to write his next book on me and MY mammoth political struggles -- just to get info for the CIA. Kevin mans the City Desk at Wilmington Star News to filter out anything that might key Wilmingtonians into realizing that their city is the LARGEST drug importation port in the USA -- set up for that in the 1980s and 90s when my parents lived there, Mom being MANY TIMES CONFIRMED NOW, the TOP NAZI in the US and Dick Cheney's former liaison with the Pope.

  • Scott Kenan In any case, the problems with Howard Schultz run EXTREMELY DEEP, although I SALUTE that he has good enough marketing he can get upward of $4.00 USD for a cup of Joe, and therefore is generous with employee benefits (for now, anyway).

  • Scott Kenan But Mr. Schultz's much ballyhoo-ed "rescue" of a factory in Ohio that he touts as an example of what "conscientious" business-people should do, is not only TINY compared to what he could afford to do but created ONLY FOURTEEN MINIMUM-WAGE JOBS!!! !!! !!!

  • Scott Kenan And his Starbucks Cafes have LONG been associated not only with Apple Computer, but AT&T -- two of the very TOP Traitorous Companies in the United States.
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    * * *


    Today, I left a message for my accountant that I would like to increase my rent 1,500 pesos to 4,500 pesos/month to help with money for the DulceMia Family who own and run Villa GETTIN' BETTER where I live. My rent is FAIR for the way my apartment came, but given how much NICER IT IS due to MY improvements, they want me OUT so they can rent it for more. They have NO APPRECIATION for what I have done and attempted to do for them and their business.

    These people were as DEVILISH as the Oregon Gringos who DUPED them into being NARCO-TRANSPORT SLAVES. Even nephew Groucho DulceMia (who attends a "private" alleged Law School on SCHOLARSHIP after flunking the entrance exams to the REAL Universities ONLY one class day/week and NEVER has a book to study or homework, yet is POISED to get his Law Degree in less than a year), has been acting up as if he were the KING OF PERSIA at his Chac Mool Cafe job -- seriously disrupting other staff when busiest by DEMANDING to know who used his table-wipe rag -- as if he actually OWNED it -- when everyone is in the PEAK of Christmas-Rush business, and many OTHER disruptive and vindictive pranks as well.

    The owner and manager of the Cafe have been MORE than patient with Groucho, who should have been fired WEEKS ago for his disruptions. As it is, he is consigned FEWER HOURS and to the far less busy sister restaurant in the Private, Gated Chacalita annex for now.

    These people are now coming to understand that this community will NOT tolerate NARCO-TRAFFICKING any more, and are calming down so they can get to the business of developing the REAL GOLDMINE they own and HAVE NOT VALUED: Casa BAD-TENANT-BE-UPSTAIRS!!!

    I will continue to help -- and trust the rest of the community to help too.

    Sand sculpture made by 25-year-old Mexican males on Chacala Beach yesterday. Later, grade-school-aged boys came by to fondle the "privados", and their laughing parents stopped by to photograph all of it.
    Previously, a WHITE GRINGO had yelled at them and DEMANDED they stop sculpting. ALL Mexicans in the vicinity LAUGHED at the CHRISTIAN HYPOCRITE!!!
    License plate I bought last week in New York City to place on front end of my car as a joke. I'm waiting for more HUMOR from the landlady before installing it.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

I HAVE CHANGED THIS BLOG (as promised)!!!

METH-HEADS, Charlie Sheen and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa FINALLY felt they could party together PUBLICLY, recently!!!

>>> ITEM ONE of THREE: (from my Facebook Page, which has MORE!!!: ).

Yeah, right!!! These two look like they are TOTALLY strung out on METH!!!

And everyone knows that it was Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa who with Al Gore and now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (the schooled ballet dancer who made a HUGE FORTUNE as an investment banker without ever taking a class in finance or related!!!), with the TOP Bankers and Walls Street BIGGIES before the 2008 Democratic Primaries that they would support Barack Obama over ANY Republicans because the HALF-WHITE didn't LOOK gay as a goose, he had TOTAL COOL under pressure, could cry on demand (like Boehner), and had the most PERFECT rhetorical skills anyone had ever heard!!!

 Well TOUGH HEADLIGHTS, Honey, these crooks are just TROJAN HORSE REPUBLICANS, TOTALLY in the Narco-Trafficking business of the Chicago Drug Mafia which is run with Sinaloa Cartel, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with Wells Fargo Bank laundering/transporting the money (at least). When I was in New York, not only did all the heads of Families in Little Italy know this, but the baggage handlers, TSA personel, and really ALL the emplyees of Delta Airlines -- and I spoke with AT LEAST FIVE PILOTS, dozens of gate agents, and as many flight attendants on my planes, in ATL and MSP for transfers of flights, and in general hallways.


 Scott David Kenan
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* * *

>>> EMAIL TO MR. RANDY BRIEFS of Briefs, Gumpshun, & Gree(d), LLC, Chicago law firm:

Dear Mr. Randy Shorts, Briefs, or Sarongs -- WHATEVER!!!

I'm just a little PLUMB TUCKERED OUT -- but also PLEASED AS PUNCH, to inform you that I have CHANGED every one of the blog posts you have requested me to change -- PRAISE JESUS!!!

One of them had NO REFERENCE to the alleged "aggrieved parties", but only to Dick Cheney and HIS Drug-Mafia culpability. I trust you DELIBERATELY wanted to confirm that he is calling the shots for the two of you and your law firm, Briefs, Gumpshun, & Gree(d), LLC, Chicago.

Because we had never discussed (that I remembered, anyway), the alternate name for Mr. Jaime Southheimer's LEGAL employer, I have given it the name Wells CARGO Powder-Traffic Advisers, a sister company to Well Fargo Bank, I hope this pleases you since Wells is too common a name and Cargo plus so many other words in the name would protect ALL, should anyone google Mr. Southheimer's ACTUAL employer -- clever, no???

I did NOT notice any references to the URL or name of Mr. Southheimer's house on Avenue Ava Gardner in Mismaloya, Mexico. I had planned to use the URL , not only because it's kind of cool and as I recall there ARE two arches in Los Arcos, but also because of all the illegal drug selling I eye-witnessed at McDonald's on Market Street (the one toward downtown), in Wilmington, NC that is protected by "CRACK-WHORE" Police Chief Ralph Evangelous who smokes the stuff regularly in a house owned by the uncle of someone I know.

Interesting TOO, perhaps, is that in NYC, EVERYONE seemed to know that McDonald's transports drugs on their food delivery trucks, although they do NOT retail sell illegal drugs at the McDonald's on Bowery in Chinatown that I WITNESSED, anyway -- and this claim of New Yorkers is NOT one that I could make in court -- except that so many told me that there.

THIS, of course, is NO NEWS to anyone living on the street in Wilmington -- or the 1,500 I email blog posts to INTERNATIONALLY, even!!!

Please present links to those blog posts and others you find offensive as well, so I can take care of them POST HASTE!!!

Also, I cannot change Mr. Mitch Bossanna's copyrighted email I published without his WRITTEN CONSENT first. Above and in the attached document I have provided his email address so you can contact him and work that out. I DID however correct a few of his typos so that those he named are PERFECTLY CLEAR. 

You're welcome!

I changed all MY original blog posts that had been re-published or linked from third party Internet News Sources. I regret that I cannot change the work of third parties, but you now have the changes so you can DEMAND of these third parties that they TOO change anything you find "troublesome".

I'm sure they will be happy to comply -- especially after they discover what a LEGAL EAGLE you are in your ability to file sham charges without a legal serving. I mean I am impressed that you have stayed with this scam so LONG (I know, it is the only course available to drug-corrupted Republicans and Democrats alike -- thank God there are fewer of the latter!!!).

Please remember that you REMAIN under my protection from prosecution -- not that that means very much, I'm guessing. Also, it DOES take about a week or so (longer during holiday Season???) to change google results to reflect current content. If they DON'T square this away in a reasonable period of time, you need to sue THEM, not me. I did MY part, as PROMISED!!!

Good Luck!!!

And kindly send me your next list -- after eyeballing ALL of these to see if I missed anything. I'll ask my 1,500 closest friends to help in this regard too, shortly.

Yours in HOTITUDE!!!
>>> HERE, PASTED IN, is an exact copy of the Word Doc I sent Mr. Briefs attached to the above email (WIERD, some of the formatting transfer!!!): Posts
The Weather Up Here: In Lieu of GOING TO CHURCH on a Sunday DONE 12/29/12 A complicated one – be sure I didn’t miss anything!!!
Like a HAND FROM THE GRAVEMitch Bossanna IS BACK DONE 12/29/12, but I could NOT alter Mitch Bossanna’s COPYWRITED LETTER, without his permission. Please email him at (or similar), and ask him to email or call me to OK changes to his letter (email, actually). I DID correct a couple of typos (misspelled names), as he and I have a long-standing agreement to help each other in that. Posts:
   Giving Wells Fargo AN ORDER OR TWO!!!  DONE ON MY BLOG 12/29/12
SUSPENDING My Cooperation with Obama and Mayor Emanuel's ...No mention of YOUR people found here!!! 12/29/12
 You stupid ASS – there is NO MENTION of your group here AT ALL. Your wanting me to remove THIS one PROVES you are in bed with Dick Cheney – what fun THAT must be!!!
Pigs Be in Paradise (fools can now see they are in HELL)!!! ADDED CLARITY about the two legal entities in the now not-protected Wells Fargo Bank family. 12/29/12
* * *
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT (if you care what it's like to be a flight attendant today).

That said, I find it SHOCKING that some Air Lines do NOT pay flight attendants from the moment they report for duty, This SHOULD be illegal, and it is a point... I will bring up when I (hopefully) SOON write the CEO of Delta Air Lines, the US company I have been MOST IMPRESSED with for their bcoming more a loving family who takes care of GUESTS than a cattle-movement operation, which so many airlines (including Delta a few years ago), have become. One gate agent even addresses all customers whether initiating or answering their questions: "My love ...". Now HOW THE HECK can you NOT respond KINDLY to THAT???

I TOTALY SALUTE THE EMPLOYEES AND MANAGEMENT OF DELTA AIR LINES -- one of my FAVORITE Atlanta Companies (along with Kenan-Family or Kenan-Charitable-Trusts controlled Coca-Cola, Bank of America -- HQ'ed in Charlotte, but a big presence in Atlanta -- Home Depot, UPS, and others I've forgotten to mention).

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