Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oy Vey – Me Last Blog Post (here)!!!

This is a painting that hangs in the Cuban restaurant on the Puerto Vallarta Malecon, it the only satellite bar/restaurant to the one Hemingway hung at in Havana, Cuba with Fidel Castro and even Tennessee Williams. If I had HOME INTERNET I could now research its name.

My new blog, THE WEATHER CONTINUES . . .   begins January 1, 2014 and can be found here: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/scottkenan .

1.      Realizing, much later than EVERYONE ELSE I’m sure, that the CIA has all of this blog and other info on me already, so I don’t NEED to contact them – but I DO need to remove this blog since it is unfair of me to publish so much about so many and they (NOT-public people), have NO OPPORTUNITY to rebut me but this blog will continue coming up in searches of them. Also, because many people I have fingered for crimes could have GROWN UP since then and that makes this blog even MORE unfair to them. I also decided that what I will do AFTER this weekend is to contact the CIA and OFFER to be debriefed, etc., if they care to.

I think it is ESSENTIAL that I “officially” make the US Government know I am WILLING TO SERVE and there be some REAL RECORD of that.

1.      Yesterday, Internet Explorer DID work properly, but still takes a long time to open as well as a long time to load “controversial material”, especially, and I completely forgot to mention that Facebook actually began working correctly even BEFORE Google and CHROME did.

If my house were far taller -- THIS would be my view.

2.      Two momentous things happened yesterday. The first was at Costco, where I was speaking with one of the food demo people I first met in 2010. Back then, after I stupidly allowed all my money to be TRICKED out of me and I became homeless – I still had valid Costco membership and often went there to EAT, the PV Costco always more liberal than any I’ve been to in the States with samples (and often including samples of hard liquor, up to three varieties for sample at a time).

But the guy, not yet 25 years old, was always the friendliest as well as always very CONSCIOUSLY AWAKE, with excellent English, smarts, and a smirky sense of humor. I have always looked for him when I go as we always have fun talking for a minute or two. Yesterday, I learned that he has deeper knowledge of the USA than I had realized – and is interested in HISTORY more than anything else (and it was clear that he reads this blog frequently as well).

So although I am not used to the idea of cultivating friendship with someone that young, perhaps he and I will get together to discuss history – if he’s interested.

IPod Touch photo from my window toward a sunset. I can’t now find the photos of the Royal Poinciana in bloom.

The other thing that happened is that the LARGEST Royal Poinciana I have ever seen (called something entirely different here in Mexico) – and that was located just downhill from my front door so that its massive umbrella canopy was right in front of the door, gorgeous in orange flame for over a month in spring – also blocking much of the view – at 3:50 PM yesterday, simply fell over down the cliff in a gigantic CRASH.

The last 10 days, Puerto Vallarta has been having a FREAK rainy season, it raining MORE than it did in normal summer rainy season (I feel TERRIBLE for the tourists), so the ground was saturated and the tree tipped over.

This tree had a diameter that I could not completely surround with my seven-foot wingspan – HUGE!!! It hit no developed property or people and there was even enough slack in power and other cables that they did not snap. Since it was legally growing in a STREET that will never be paved, it becoming almost perfectly vertical, city workers came out and cut it up, clearing two paths that it fell across before dark, and since there is no way for humans or machines to safely get in to clear it, they will let it dry for a year and then burn it.

So while I HATED losing this huge specimen of my favorite tree, you would DROP RIGHT DEAD at how it has improved my view. If Pope Pancho wants to come to PV and address the whole town (south of the mountain with the tunnels running through it), he could do it from my front porch!!! Now I clearly see all of Gringo Gulch and the Rio Cuale valley, but the mountain on the other side which is heavily jungled, with areas of bare rock palisades and the TORRENTS of water that cascade down them in rainy season.

And all this wraps around to the perfect views of Zona Romantica out to the Pacific horizon in the distance, me about 20 stories above sea level.

I DARE you to come visit!!!

3.      Well, despite this blog’s impending disappearance as soon as I email out this posting, I am not in the mood to bad-type anyone in this my LAST OPPORTUNITY to do so. We all need to find our common ground and re-build our Societies more fairly.

2013 is the year when I CLAWED my way out of HELL, 2014 will be the year of helping to build HEAVEN (on Earth) – and my RETURN to my REAL PERSONALITY!!! Right now I have a TERRIBLE tooth ache from a cavity I will try to get filled today, so had better get going . . .

That’s all.


Mahalalel (the Prince of Peace), may have LANDED . . . somewhere. Let’s hope so.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Everything Has FINALLY Come Together (if not necessarily everyONE).

>>> ADDED NOTE: My new blog, THE WEATHER CONTINUES . . .   begins January 1, 2014 and can be found here: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/scottkenan .

* * *

1.      Last night after posting/emailing, I found I STILL had outrageous trouble with Internet Explorer and NONE WHATSOVER with Google Chrome and the problems on Chrome in Google Blogger had all disappeared as well. A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Google for fixing these things!!!

However, I STILL could not remove any more postings from my blog, and that made NO SENSE to me at all. THEN, as I was leaving and I have not yet tested this out, I realized that since I had been converting the posts to un-published drafts, rather than deleting them entirely, I thought about Blogger’s warning and realized it was just BAD WRITING and should have said something like “You cannot have more than 50 posts as drafts at once.”

And I DID explore some possibilities yesterday, including that in a matter of about one second I CAN delete the blog entirely – and I can save it all downloaded in a single XLS or similar file. I tried it yesterday, and while that is a file that I have not learned to open so I just see blog contents, I could use it to REPOST the entire blog licketty split.

2.      A NEW PLAN: Since I so like Marissa Mayer of Yahoo and she bought Tumblr, a blogging spot, I think I will blog there. And I think that there is a POSSIBILITY that I could secure THIS entire blog with a PASSWORD, so I could leave it up and give the password to the CIA (and others who convince me to – I just don’t think the General US Public is anywhere near ready to hear the truth). So that is what I hope to do (yeah, I know – the CIA has EVERYONE’s passwords already, but I will play by the rules of appearances up-kept), and if I can’t password-protect this blog, I’ll take it down completely and I can give the CIA a copy of that file of it.


In the meantime, I need to set up the new blog and such as well, and I have no Internet at home, now, so will try to find a place with WiFi where I can spend a lot of time and smoke tobacco like a stack (wasting nearly all of it but addicted to the action, regardless). So I might not complete all this before the stroke of midnight tomorrow night – but will quite soon thereafter, God willing.

3.      That weird creature (posted at the top, yesterday), Dorothy McCaskill, has been IDENTIFED by a reader who found I had used that photo to photo-ize an alleged Wilmington, NC woman probably in summer of 2011, after some dame claiming that name emailed me -- or perhaps even commented on this blog about what a FINE CHRISTIAN PATRIOT Republican North Carolina State Senator Thom Goolsby is.

Senator Goolsby, the WAVE OF HIS HAIR not fully showing here. And quite FRANKLY, every time I ran into Senator Goolsby (readers will recall that when his wife invited me into their home, briefly, he was not there), he looked more like a haggard but showered DIRT BAG – ALWAYS with earpiece from his iPhone in his ear and NEVER talking with ANYONE he encountered or passed on Wilmington streets – or sitting in the front window of the main Port City Java on Front Street.

But what truly STOLE THE SHOW for ME, was that once I was in the African-Immigrant-owned convenience store right near Front and Princess Streets, when he walked right past me TWICE (I’m 6’ 11”, remember), and he truly didn’t notice me. The proprietor was making silent hand signals for me to NOT get Thom’s attention, so I didn’t.

The BEST in this blog on Thom Goolsby can be had googling “Goolsby riding the wave”, which has a whole string of comments back and forth between the two of us, Thom then using the moniker “NCGrandRep”, for North Carolina Grand Republican – but claiming to be a kindly GRANDMOTHER – HA!!!

4.      Now there was some SERIOUS discussion on CNN this morning about FAT DAMES and a blogger who is fed up with being discriminated against over her heftiness – understandable, yet absurd.

I don’t care WHAT your gland situation is, you can’t get fat without overeating – and also true your weight is only your business and DEFINES how you see yourself. MANY women are what used to be called “pleasantly plump” and the emphasis is on “pleasantly”. Surely Michaela Perez is one of these. 

But being brought up by my mother, who at 6’ and German big-boned, naturally was somewhat thick, but most of her adult life verged on obese, I have endured a LIFETIME of watching her eat potato chips (often with a dip made of yellow prepared mustard and Kraft Miracle Whip – because she was TOO CHEAP to buy and use sour cream or prepared dips), like we took Catholic Communion in the old days – eyes closed, tongue extended in joyful expectation, and with DEEP REVERENCE.

I dare say this is why I have no interest in potato chips today.

5.      Well, I’d better get down to business (as they say). Much on my plate and many errands to run as well.



Sunday, December 29, 2013

Will Miracles Never Cease???

Just looking around in my collection of thousands of images, this one popped up. I had labeled it “Dorothy McCaskill”, but strangely now, I forget who she is – although I guess this was what I thought of her at the time. Actually, I think she might be a Democrat in Congress (now getting little press).

>>> THIS JUST IN: BLOGGER (part of Google), still will NOT allow me to remove old posts. Perhaps the CIA wants me to KEEP EVERYTHING UP, no???

* * *


1.      I talked to Mom this morning – to let her know what my doctor had said Friday – but I also knew she’d get a big kick out of my chicken story, which she did. But I also wanted to reminisce about my life until age six, when her Mom died and Grandpa’s life took him out of Brookville, Indiana. Before that, visits to Brookville were TONS OF FUN, not only because Grandpa had a chicken coop and I learned all about gathering eggs, wringing necks, and scalding and plucking chickens, but he was an EXCELLENT carpenter too with a work area in the garage, a HUGE garden with grape arbor and a wine-making area in the basement for making wine near the sweetness of Manischewitz, an actual COAL FURNACE that I learned how to feed and stoke – and Grandma taught me how to use her wringer washing machine.

ALL THIS before going to Great-Uncle Dan’s farm on the edge of town, where we played in the hay loft and got to know something about the care of cows (including hand-milking, which is trickier than it should be), horses, sheep, and pigs (and to be careful of the snakes we encountered in the hay). Across the street lived Great Aunt Lena in her late nineties, and then back to town and near the Catholic Church where my parents were married, lived Mom’s aunt and her daughter, who twenty years before and not long after her marriage had slipped on ice, leaving her a permanently bed-ridden invalid, who could not understandably speak or write at all.

The good news was that the husband stayed at her side until she died in the 1970s, but TOO literally so, not working and they all lived on the income of his mother-in-law. And after her death, the husband turned to my father, hoping that at his age, and after about 35 years of not working, Dad could get him a job with Sun Oil, which put Dad in a terrible position since he really DID have empathy.

I can’t say I know what finally happened to that guy, but the KICK of all this for me is that the house they lived in (now commemorated with a fairly big stone marker and bronze plaque in the front yard), was the birthplace of Lew Wallace who wrote BEN HUR – the movie of which came out and was a HUGE BLOCK-BUSTER like STAR WARS was later, when I was about eight, so I was caught up in all THAT EXCITEMENT!!!

BEN HUR (a Tale of the Christ), the world's then MOST HONORED FILM EVER (til then, anyway), was Metro Goldwyn Mayer's vehicle for LOTS of "T&A" Action that would NEVER have passed the censors then if it were not CHRISTIAN.

This was my first “literary coincidence”.

But getting back to my conversation with Mom, I also told her of my intention to contact the CIA tomorrow and updated her on my growing reasons for removing this blog (if possible, I’ll remove 2010 and 2011 today AFTER posting this and emailing). And then I made CLEAR that I’m into REFORMATION, not punishments, before I changed the subject so the discomfort was brief.

2.      I should mention what was in the title of my last broadcast email that blog readers don’t know: Yesterday while I was online, Google CHROME worked FLAWLESSLY for me for the first time in YEARS, and if I had NOT been short on time, I bet Google BLOGGER would have worked so I could have deleted more posts then.

I did finally open Internet Explorer, but it was as pathetic as usual, taking three minutes to bring up CNN, and the same for Huffington Post (and it always claims this blog’s address DOES NOT EXIST and now even the same for BLOGGER’S sign-in page), but what is ODDEST is that while those eight boxes in a new tab keep updating with my most visited websites, I.E absolutely REFUSES to include HuffPost there and in fact several times per online going, the tab for HuffPost simply CLOSES without my input. SURELY Microsoft can do better than THIS.


Ever since right after the 2008 election, there is a debate going on in the Republican Party that Sue “S.E.” Cupp mentioned MOST CASUALLY today on Candy Crowley – and NO ONE has been SINGING its significance, although all repeat it FREQUENTLY the last few years. Sue said the Republican Party still is trying to decide if they should Run on Principle – or To Get Elected.


If getting elected and standing on your Principles are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE, GOOD LUCK in this era of EVERYONE finally trying to pay REAL attention.

This actually really depressed me because it PROVED the Republicans KNOW they have lost the moral battle, and I’d hoped they had something MORE to say than that. Of course I already KNEW they had no moral legs to stand on – excepting pieces here and there, like Rand Paul’s stands against drone warfare and the NSA’s over-exuberance.

4.      But help was on the way when later, Brian Selter (who seems to have somewhere lost his “z”), was nearly HIGHJACKED by Kathy Griffin (who – it was claimed by Jed Clampon -- lives part-year next door to his Mismaloya Home that I tried to buy in 2010), made what I guess was a sort of nasty crack by asking Brian Selter (new on CNN), if he had been forced yet to spoon with Candy Crowley.

Now I may be a card-carrying HOMO, but (with clothes on, please), I would LOVE to spoon with Candy Crowley – I think she’s one of the JOLLIEST women on TV!!!



Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quite Frankly, I EARNED a Hangover Last Night (but I’m barely suffering at all) – PRAISE JESUS!!!

And while I cannot find where I stored an image with split screen of Mr. Snowden and BIG BANKS that I recently moved that points out that the US Government took 12 hours to indict Ed for ESPIONAGE (and not a SINGLE PROOF of material harm to anyone due to his disclosures), yet after FIVE YEARS no bank has been indicted for THEIR CRIMES.

>>> AFTER MY SCREAM (continued):

This photo of Edvard Munck’s AFTER THE SCREAM was the centerpiece of an Atlanta High Museum (art, not drugs) exhibition many years ago. The poster from that exhibition of Munck’s later work hung in my Stone Mountain, GA office for YEARS (but I had to leave it behind when I fled to Mexico the first time in 2010).

1.      How and when I will contact the CIA will be addressed later in this posting.

2.      I can’t dally too long because the medical supply office is open only until 8:00 PM, and I had TWO HOURS last night to UN-PUBLISH all of 2010’s blog posts, post the one I did and email all – also checking email and news – but as is now documented, I had “technical difficulties” and didn’t leave the WiFi spot until after 8:00.

Yesterday, the doctor said my foot is healing great, but since what was removed was a half sphere of cancer 1 ½ inches in diameter, it will take about three MORE weeks for the skin to close up entirely, so I need to continue the weekly patches and have a next doctor’s check in two weeks.

Amazingly, I can’t go ANYWHERE in Puerto Vallarta without running into people who know me or know of my work – and EVERY ONE of them is supportive. I perhaps should ADD that I became TOTALLY CONFIDENT of my accusations of WIDESPREAD narco-trafficking by at least the US Episcopal Church when half a year ago, I found that EVERY Canadian I spoke with knew this already, then soon I discovered more than half the Americans, both living here and vacationing here, also knew this before I told them.

Amazingly, there were Quebecois waiting to see my doctor, next, yesterday – and they remembered our conversation from when they last visited PV a year ago!!!

3.      I really must thank Dagwood for his communications. He is BY FAR the person I have met in Life or via Internet who has experienced Life in many ways like I have. Recently, he sent documentation of some of his credentials – which was interesting but ENTIRELY unnecessary. His suggestions are GREAT, but the hackers got ahead of me and until I can get an Internet connection where I can work for HOURS at a time, I need to use the info for later restoration. In MY book, although not a representative of the Kenans (wealthy ones), he CERTAINLY is a TRUE KENAN!!!

4.      The reason I claim those Kenans influenced Tennessee Williams’ last full length play might not have been obvious. It is the KENANS who taught Texas Kate how to act like the RICHEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD – which she DID actually always act like.

5.      The popular speculations about Party Front Runners is beyond laughable, due to the fact that BOTH Clinton and Christie do not have a SNOWBALL’S CHANCE IN HELL (which it would be if they DO have a chance). Hillary is more likely to go down due to her and Bill Clinton’s in-beddedness with WALL STREET and BIG BANKERS (and as Bill admits, he was also the force that not only saw his Arkansas buddies, Wal-Mart, wantonly destroy small-town America, but go so INTERNATIONAL).

I frankly don’t think the American Public could maintain a SHRED OF SANITY if they saw in the Press that Bill was Barbara Bush’s BIGGEST narco-trafficker, especially in both Stone Mountain, GA and Latin America. We’ll have to clean up THESE THINGS invisibly.

And that big fat New Joisey BULLY has more corruption going on in his pockets than he will care to see made public. It is NOT just that he is a total GLUTTON, so has NO UNDERSTANDING of God (who has promised He will provide our Daily Bread – and if you are ALIVE, he’s proven to have done that for you, even if you are currently under-nourished). But it is a FACT that Chris Christie is a DELIGHTFULLY COLORFUL CHARACTER, and I believe that after leaving office, he should take the late James Gandolfini’s role as head of the Soprano/Sinatra Family, HBO bringing us a WHOLE NEW HANDFUL (or more), of entertaining episodes – wouldn't you agree???


1.      All agencies public and private are skeletal for Christmas, still, but MOST travel just for Christmas to be with loved ones (or on a beach, skiing, etc.), and far fewer for New Year’s celebrations. Please WALK to yours if at all possible. And the ONLY working hangover cure that always worked for me which as a young person I really NEEDED such, was to take two to four aspirin tablets with a liter of water before going to bed. By the time your bladder awakes you early for relief, you will ALREADY notice the aid and return to sleep praising BOTH Jesus and Quetzalcoatl.

Enough people will be back at work at the CIA Monday to pay attention to me.

2.      We ALL get sidetracked, including me, and my THRUST has always been for REFORMATION with the least amount of criminals actually needing to go to jail, etc.

BE HONEST: Those crazy people YOU disagree with were all acting THE BEST THEY COULD in their circumstances and with their then CONSCIOUS understanding (they had good intensions no matter how many people they hurt or killed, etc.) Those with DELIBERATE EVIL INTENTIONS are the only ones who deserve incarceration – and maybe not all of those.

3.      SO, the CIA, NSA, etc., DO have legitimate roles in protecting the United States, no matter WHO or HOW all the corruptions occurred. MOST of these people took their jobs with CORRECT MOTIVATION whether they were ORDERED by superiors or not, some got criminal while others have done their best to stay within the Constitution.

4.      I have no crimes that I actually committed AT ALL (minor marijuana possession excepted – something no one really cares about and becoming LEGAL in the USA), so I have NOTHING TO FEAR from these entities AT ALL (not their official parts, anyway), and ALSO, I got most of my info paying attention to my mother over 62 years – as well as my other family members and all their associates.

Unlike Mr. Snowden, who really DID commit some crimes, they can’t charge me with A THING – and the idea that he could have stayed in the USA and been a whistle-blower is BEYOND ABSURD when you consider what AYE have had to put up with NO ACCESS AT ALL to state secrets. In a moment, I’ll tell you how we can get Ed home.

5.      So, another benefit of taking down this blog, is that so many things that would FREAK OUT the American Public are in it, and if I DO get some influence, they should NOT be (initially, anyway), easy to access. I hope that the CIA takes me seriously and I can meet with them PRIVATELY, maybe starting at the US Consulate here in PV. I cannot possibly IMAGINE a greater honor than to help my government return to the Constitution – and I believe even unknowingly corrupted US Officials will come to see my points.

If I get BAD agents, I’m NOT afraid of being jailed, committed, tortured, or even KILLED, as when the door is closed, God ALWAYS opens a window – just ask Maria Von Trapp!!! I would simply defenestrate (a rarely used English word meaning “throw yerself out the window”).

CNN’s TOP News Dude or Dudess, Chris Cuomo, recently used this word ON AIR!!! Nobody messes with my CHRIS, and even though he has got me all HOT AND BOTHERED despite his total lack of chest hairs – I RESPECT Chris and his CLEARLY (Catholic), FINE FAMILY!!!

Today, I will not have time to try to delete any posts, but still hope to complete that before 1/1/2014. Also, Word now off-line CONTINUES to substitute words that change my meaning, jump the cursor around inexplicably, etc. – but I’ve learned some patience and how to defeat these problems. What was NEW last night in blogger on CHROME -- on I.E., not really being available -- was that the FIELDS in the blogging form were literally jumping and dancing around for the first time, making it like I was DRUNK or something and trying to SHOOT DUCKS in a Louisiana FUNNY FARM – kind of good for building my SKILLS, no???

And those NUTBALLS don’t realize that it is in THEIR self-interest for me to remove this blog. Well, most of that is that this organization of corruption is such a big ship they can’t turn around fast – and they are DRUG-ADDLED (apparently), as well.

I can’t WAIT to offer my services to the Unites States Government this Monday – and see what happens THEN!!!


Me in the back, Marion Seldes (whom I had a private breakfast with at the New Orleans Williams festival – at Thomas Keith’s SUGGESTION!!!, last I was there), speaking with John Patrick Shanely (the most dynamic speaker of the evening and author of the play/movie DOUBT), at the Bishop’s Reception after the Installation Ceremony for Tennessee Williams into the Cathedral St. John the Divine’s POETS CORNER -- in Manhattan, late 2009.


Friday, December 27, 2013



Although IMPOSSIBLE to bring in Kenan-Family supported HuffingtonPost via Internet Explorer -- but NOT via Google CHROME, I also had to REBOOT three times to get Google BLOGGER  to open, first in CHROME, but whatever I tried to delete and no matter how many at once (even one), Blogger DISALLOWED THAT, claiming I could NOT delete more than 50 (and I never once tried to delete that many at once -- make them DRAFTS and no longer published -- like I did the last two days with no problem.

So I fought awhile and finally managed to get into BLOGGER via I.E -- but had the exact same problem.

Our US GOVERNMENT at work!!!

ADDED @ 7:42 PM, CST: I just got the CIA's main number in Virginia, (703) 482-0623, and tomorrow I will call them and try to work out a solution with the United States Government DIRECTLY.


* * *

OK, most importantly, that chicken flew out of my garden last night while I was in town posting the last blog post. What my American audience might find interesting is that she was mostly browns and blacks like most Mexican chickens, but up close, those feathers are iridescent showing ALL colors of the rainbow in a sort of sparkly way.

Now although in my own experience, I’ve never seen nor heard of Europeans or really ANYONE other than United Statians – maybe Canadians too – EVER actually refrigerating uncooked in-the-shell eggs (including American companies like Wal-Mart, here), I recall the HORROR Americans expressed on TV when one of those cruise ships went a day or two without refrigeration of EGGS!!!

GET A LIFE, Americanos, PLEASE!!!

But there IS another difference between American and Mexican eggs that totally baffles me. Almost without exception, American eggs when hard-boiled slice up with a decent buffer of white around the yolk, while Mexican eggs (I’ve tried the very freshest to the marginally still good), and the yolks ALWAYS are essentially fused to the membrane at the wide end of the egg. Can anyone explain this scientifically???


1.      A reader emailed me yesterday to complain that all my wild colorations make it too much work for the eyes to read this blog -- and he is CORRECT. Of course I have always known this, but in what might (now that it’s over), be called my FOUR YEARS OF PANIC,  most of it characterized by NO ONE (nearly), believing me so I “colorfully SCREAMED” – and MANY, especially self-identified white, “Christian” Republicans in North Carolina and Georgia calling me FAGGOT and GOD-HATING and sometimes far worse (frequently including REAL threats to my life) – FOOLISHLY in emails from Republican Party OFFICIAL DOMAINS (I’ll try to tone down the uppercase as well, but not yet), who could blame me – THEN.

So I thank him for relieving me of what has become actually boring and tedious to ADD. I have been lately running on nothing but a hollow old habit.

Who knew that dogs were smart enough to imitate the Shroud of Turin (and be about as AUTHENTIC to boot)???


2.      I haven’t the faintest idea what else to say about this, but you have to admit this photo is a HOOT.

3.      In the title of yesterday’s emailed-out blog post, I called it my “Boxing Day Email” in honor of one of England’s greatest pianists (who told me exactly HOW he had foolishly LOST the opportunity to become a world-class star like Van Cliburn), Yonty Solomon.

Yonty, a Jew born in South Africa, and later a world-class antiquities collector/dealer (of the book persuasion), as well as art collector, lived in a six-level London Town Home in a toney area of the city, and TWICE in late 1999, paid last minute prices to fly me to visit him in London. Besides being England’s top-rated pianist and piano teacher, which at the estimated age of 75 – although he had TRICKED me into thinking he was about 59 before I saw him – he was a REAL HEIGHT FETISHIST, and could at times get as AGGRESSIVE as a frisky young pup, even enjoying doing it on hardwood floors at his age!!!

Well, there are MANY arms to this story – I’ll only un-sleeve the best ones. (For one thing, he had Einsteinan hair and wore a traditional long, navy greatcoat when he first fetched me at the railroad station. I hid that I was initially FREAKED and thought I’d have to LIVE with a bugger who looked TOO MUCH like the guy on the cover of AQUALUNG:

And I mean this WAS in London, no???

Yonty Solomon actually looked more like this.

And his house REEKED of Miss Habersham of Dickens fame – the gazebo in the garden with broken glass panes -- and when Yonty took me through the tangled, enormously overgrown garden to it, I BROKE A BOARD of a step and fell three feet through (harming only the step).

But the very FIRST guests Yonty had over for dinner to introduce us were his star piano pupil and his girlfriend, and DAMN IT – they brought a “Coca-Cola cake” which was quickly becoming a London FAD. At the time, I was only blown away by the Atlanta-Coca-Cola connection as well as that I had already by chance met Roberto Goizueta then the CEO of Coca-Cola USA, in an Atlanta restaurant, and Bob had told me some “secrets”, including that Coke is formulated to be poured at room temperature over “pea ice”, a small type of ice that was the first to be economically produced at soda fountains. I’ve seen pea ice, but only many, many years ago. He also said that colas are highly complex concoctions, with Pepsi having less sweetener but tasting sweeter due to vanilla being its dominant flavor, Coke’s dominant flavor is lime, explaining WHY it is TOTALLY FAVORED in Latin America.

Totally funny to me, now, is that Roberto (credited with making Coca-Cola the international giant it is today), had no idea of my last name – and I then had forgotten that I’d read the Kenans had inherited one of the largest blocks of their stock from Frank Hawkins, also the dominant steel producer (Atlantic Steel), and cotton oil merchant and BANKER in the South (banking, primarily in Atlanta). And truth be told, I really don’t know if the Kenans could be said to control Coca-Cola (although they own several regional bottlers as well – Charlotte being one of those).

Back to Yonty Solomon: Oh, that man showed me off at many glittering parties and concerts (where he did not perform, although he was typically the star), and one of his friends told me he had been asked by Queen Elizabeth II to organize and head England’s huge celebration of the 500th Anniversary of Beethoven’s first visit to England – which he did.

Well, that man developed such an attraction to me -- which while I LOVED everything about him and his life, I was still a total ageist, not being sexually attracted to anyone older than me by more than a year or so, so he spent a LOT OF TIME seducing me before his big entrances – and it certainly WAS big and stiff as a board without chemicals being involved. And this is why he bought the second plane ticket before I left the first time, to return a few weeks later over Christmas, which is how I got to also celebrate Boxing Day (but returned to Atlanta before New Year’s Eve).

And he even gave me a pair of prints of tulips (traditional art, then, was not my interest), but said he would have them framed and I could take them home on my third, yet unplanned, trip which he would also pay for.

Well, when I got home, I did some research on those prints and discovered they were worth about $32,000.00 each in USD – and with Yonty beginning to talk of my actually MOVING to London and he OLDER THAN THE HILLS, I was freaking out and wondering just what kind of HIGH-PRICED WHORE he must think I was.

THEN, the most peculiar complicating thing happened. I was contacted by Steve Poynter of Seattle, my first ever real boyfriend whom I met while he was vacationing in Key West and I had just moved there, late 1980. Steve soon was laid off as a porter for AMTRAK, so he moved in with me in Florida, but the town was too small for him and he moved back after a month – actually to Alaska, where he got a flight attendant job with Wien Air Alaska that eventually became part of Alaska Airlines, he soon moving back to Seattle where his working-class family all lived (Steve was a TOTAL computer geek and had talked his entire family into investing every penny they could beg, borrow, or steal in Microsoft as soon as it went public – IMAGINE!!!).

But Steve, who was also a height fetishist using the address Gulliver69@aol.com (since abandoned), to meet guys, somehow had gotten wind of all this, although he and I had had no contact in years. Steve wrote me that a guy who was only 6’ 8” had had a similar experience with Yonty, but simply DISAPPEARED during a plane change in Detroit, en route to London, so I had BETTER WATCH OUT.

That did it for me, and I composed a TOTALLY VICIOUS EMAIL to Yonty, intending to first get all my anger or whatever out, but to re-write it REASONABLY before sending, and wouldn’t you know it – this is the EXACT TIME I learned the hard way to always QUE one’s emails before sending. The whole thing exploded absolutely, me regretting I had hurt such a kind man.

But there is more about Steve, including that it was the MEMORY of our relationship and that I had ONCE truly loved SOMEONE that kept me from suicide while UNJUSTLY  in Dekalb County Jail for 16 weeks, total, in 1990, so Steve TRULY had saved my life. And while Steve and I drifted out of contact about two years after he moved away from Key West, my first boyfriend after moving to Atlanta in 1983, Rife Huey, a young, retired Navy Officer who had been Admiral Zumwalt’s Chief Protocol Officer -- like Dottie Newman, who in 2010 took me under her wing, she having just retired as Gen. Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol Officer – and even the former Chief Protocol Officer of the US Embassy in Mexico City (the highest post a foreign national can achieve in the US State Department), became my intended husband when I met him in Puerto Vallarta in 2010 – but within a short period of time, the CIA whisked him (against his wishes), permanently out of my life, he now WAY underemployed and broke and BROKEN in Mexico City.

Actually, my point I was trying to make was that Rife Huey (whom I’d had no contact with then in years), in early 1995, FOUND STEVE and sussed out whom he was typing about and WHY, when right after Steve actually BUILT his first Windows computer, got on AOL for the first time and finding a board for guys who liked TALL GUYS, and posted the TRUTH, that the first night we met, he climbed me and I s’ed him o whilest he ducked the ceiling fan. Rife sent Steve a message how to re-contact ME, which he immediately did and three days later, Steve arrived in Atlanta for a rather nice visit. And a bit of a computer geek myself (I’d bought my first one, a Columbia brand IBM CLONE with no hard drive that ran on two floppies that actually FLOPPED, in the mid-1980s, then bought a Windows 95 machine in summer, 1995.

I guess you could say I’m Protocol-Officer-phillic.

More recently, Steve Poynter has served as the head of the Fight Attendant’s Union for Alaska – and is credited with being the force behind their stellar Customer Service – as well as doing a lot of computer programming for them. When Delta Airlines BLEW ME AWAY with their culture to totally SERVE THE CUSTOMER a year ago on my flights to/from NYC (Delta had enormously materially assisted me in 2010, as well – google for info on that), I told their reps who told me Delta had just bought 49% of Virgin Air – and hoped to also buy Alaska Airlines – they DAMN WELL BETTER put Steve Poynter to good use!!!

But they have NOT (or not yet), bought Alaska.

And in a quite similar vein, as my readers all know, the FIRST EVER Mexican I had a real conversation with (and he seduced me for a torrid several-days Festival de Amor in a luxury hotel in Atlanta), I met at the Pharr Library gay disco, he (Senor Villanueva – Newhouse, in English), finally revealing he was the actual Mexican Consul in Atlanta – with wife and family as well (PRI Party, I presume).

This is why I say THAT was precisely when the SEEDS OF MEXICAN NATIONALITY were planted in both my ends, but, again, TRUTH BE TOLD, I’m about 1/16 Cherokee Injun (like all True Southerners), so I DEFINITELY first bent over before receiving THAT FABULOUS SHAFT, don’t you think???

CONCLUSION that ALL will agree with: I have a SERIOUS KNACK for meeting some of the world’s MOST INTERESTING PEOPLE!!!

FOOT NOTE: This evening I removed the year 2010 from this blog. It is the FIRST year CHOCK FULL of evidence and truth about POLITICS, primarily in the USA. You MIGHT think this was difficult (although all is saved for me to write some books from), simply because of the info’s POLITICAL POWER and my obvious thrust in support of REFORM of the USA. This was not so AT ALL, because MY ego is my SERVANT – what God always intended our egos to be. It is only when we allow our egos to be bigger than our Conscience/Consciousness (actually God within, “nothingness”, even Friar Tuck WITHIN), that we become separated from God and run into ALL MANNER OF TROUBLE like so many “WHITE NIGGERS” claiming to be Christian and usually Republicans in the USA.

Thank God just for reliably being God, no???