Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coming Soon: THE IDES OF MARCH!!! (look it up)

The number that appears when your Internet connection TAKES YOU TO HELL.

My LAST WORD on the NAZIFICATION of the United States of America!!!



Beunos Dias, Dios -- or WHATEVER!!!

I actually got Teri on the phone this morning and she agrees with me that we have to return my allowance back to $135.00/week. My net income from SSI is $1,200/month. Rent is $500. My hope is to pay utilities out of my allowance. There is also the MBE monthly charge for mail with now slightly increasing costs since it's being used again.

Heartened by the doubling of Amazon monthly royalties to $70.00 -- which cleared overnight last night -- I will now direct my energies more toward making money from writing, my political work all but finished as is now clear from my wind-down, clear-out-the-important crap from my blog recent postings. And perhaps I will use the $70.00 to replace the this-morning-fried microwave -- perhaps not. I will NOT buy an unknown brand this time, however, if I DO proceed. HA!!!

I also left message on "Randy Brief's" voice mail, asking for some kind of response to my email of yesterday -- and letting him know I've saved all the blog posts elsewhere so even if they got a court order to DELETE THE ENTIRE BLOG, I would just re-post it all elsewhere. But I think they understand my intentions to take their client out of the limelight and will come to their senses and DISMISS the ILLEGALLY-FILED suit against me in court tomorrow. The legal continuing of their Law Firm and licenses depends on it.

Since I've gone THIS far, I might as well turn this into a blog post:

As I explained earlier in our phone call, it is now obvious that this whole little drama is engineered to SHUT DOWN parts of government slowly until something is done. Here is WHY Nigger-Fag (both terms referring to people with qualities that mean nothing intrinsically -- race and sexual orientation -- coupled with an UTTER lack of self-respect) Obama is PROVEN to be in bed still with the BIG BANKS/Wall Street/NAZI/Republican/Episcopal Church/Papist group.
There is NO flexibility in choosing HOW cuts are applied -- and that was engineered to guarantee that things that COST FAR MORE TO GET BACK RUNNING than to KEEP RUNNING are shut down. Bottom-level employees are the ones who lose jobs or at least money until something is fixed (not the managers) -- and the FIXES will all be piece-meal so that EVERYTHING gets as CONVOLUTED as our PERVERTED tax code -- TOTAL INEFFICIENCY WILL BE BUILT IN EVEN MORE!!!

Inefficiency ALWAYS benefits the bankers and stock-holders -- it HIDES TONS OF NEW HIDDEN THEFTS!!!

On second-thought, I've decided that since this is to be a blog post and NO ONE in the US wants to hear the truth, I'm NOT going to continue. Sad but true, the American People are only getting what we deserve. It will SOON be HELL-MANIFEST in the United States (except for the already rich and those "correctly" connected to the Swastika).

I hereby WASH my hands of it, and CEASE and DESIST trying to PREVENT the worst from happening. I only hope that This Thing We Call God has a benevolent surprise in store for the United States which I cannot now get a hint or whiff of.

You and I seem to have taken steps to be relatively unscathed as this happens -- and nothing is REALLY as bad as it appears, except for people who remain LOCKED IN FEARS AND LIES.

I will relax and get on with my life - knowing I am in what the International Press is more and more recognizing as the BIG POLITICAL, ECONOMIC, and SPIRITUAL WINNER: Mexico!!!

It has NOT worked out as expected, has it???

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MORE Things I Forgot to Clarify/Response to Chicago Drug Mafia LIBEL SUIT Against Me!!!

Don't let this happen to YOU!!!

>>> QUICK NOTES!!! :

1. "Sandra Ray Criner" figures in SIX of the TOP TEN search-phrases leading people to this blog today, beginning with third position. "Scott Kenan blog" was #1; "Evan Fish" was #2. For two hours, hits from Mexico were beating those from the USA!!!

2. I got a series of EIGHT emails (junk, mostly), from both Lee Gosney <> and L. Gosney <>. Since Lee emailed me two or three times in 2011 that he was in bed dying of inoperable cancer and really could NOT read or respond to emails any more, I continued, knowing that Patrick Stansbury would be ANNOYED by getting my emails to Lee (he would take over the accounts if Lee had to give up and assign them to others). I also watched for obituaries -- none of which have appeared.

Either Lee lied and has been fine all along (probably having to go deeper under cover), or THE LORD has blessed him with a HEALTHY RECOVERY!!!

3. President Obama's new Treasury Secretary (whom I do NOT know enough about to have an opinion), is claimed by those I trust in or near the White House to be 1. Unqualified, and 2. IN SYNC with the Wall Street/BIG BANKS/Rahm Emanuel/Bill Clinton/Bush/Cheney crowd that controlled Obama during his first term. Either Obama is STILL controlled by them (Banking and legal/Illegal Drugs being their MOST PROFITABLE CENTERS, the GreedBots will SUDDENLY SUPPORT MARRIAGE EQUALITY and who knows what else -- just to protect their CORE, which ALSO INCLUDES EASY ACCESS TO GUNS.

Also possible is that the new Treasury Secretary HAS FLIPPED and they are waiting to SPRING HIM on his old allies. I'm afraid to discover the truth here.

4. Now that the Civil Trial of BP is underway, NO ONE is publicly reporting what I saw several places (including HuffPost) shortly after they got cameras to see WHAT was happening in that well: that the part that failed (or its installation or maintenance), was the responsibility of HALLIBURTON, a Dick Cheney Company.

Last November, on my return drive to Mexico from Atlanta, GA, I met a middle manager of Halliburton at a gas pump in Texas. HE ACKNOWLEDGED that NO ONE was remembering that fact that he agreed was true, and told me "everyone at Halliburton" knew it.

5. It took TWO DAYS, text messages to Sonny, voicemails to BOTH Sonny and Martin Jacobo, but just now Martin called to give me a whole SLEW of indistinguishable, passionate gibberish -- which I cut through to let him know I want Sonny to KEEP the ice chest as his family needs it and I have (had) two. Martin didn't know what to make of that -- but his voice was nicer at the end.

* * *


1. MOST IMPORTANT THING to clear up (and I've meant to for a while): No matter WHAT questions I have about the association of Hilary Russell (one of my former partners in ), and her family's apparent association with MY family, it was Hilary and Chuck who taught me LOVE within our "corporate" and "personal" families -- and I am FOREVER LOVING THEM for that.

I ended up with a GREAT STORY, they got a GREAT BUSINESS (which I do NOT feel cheated over -- assuming I get the full discount that was spelled out in our separation agreement and if I ever get back there). When I visited Whale's Tale in late 2009, I was SHOCKED at how good it looked and thought it was FAR BETTER than I could have expected. There was NOT a single item I would NOT buy -- and I WANTED TO BUY most things they sell!!!

As to the beginning of the business, Hilary and I shared creative decisions (buying and display), but I yielded to her since she was better. I handled all the bookwork and was always pushing BIGGER IDEAS, which she and Chuck (who was kind of ROPED into being a part of things and stayed away as much as possible early on), tended to resist. I worked harder and longer than they -- something I'm sure they came to appreciate later. I built the CONCEPT of the business as a BUSINESS, and eased them into practicalities. THEY taught me to be more HUMAN.

It worked. And I'm very PROUD of what they, Sue, Karan, and the others have accomplished.

2. A few weeks ago, I studied the Kenan lineage CAREFULLY and now think there is LITTLE chance I have the "royal genes". That said, I DO have the "trouble-making" Cherokee smidge, and my sister-in-law, niece, and nephews have the "Kenan Royal Line" via Gail's mother, Ann (McRee) Godley, who recently was discovered to be descended from the Johnston(e)s of North Carolina -- where the wealthy Kenans got it as well.

With Connor, Max, and Taylor SO LOADED, I hope they don't trip up!!!

3. The Panama Canal Zone ceased to exist in 1997, when it came fully under Panamanian rule. I don't know WHAT Sonny's friend Juan Angel Quinones Olivas meant to actually reveal to me about the high tolls and landing/take-off fees there, as well as NO CUSTOMS INSPECTIONS for those returning to the US. None of this jibes, although it might be partially true -- and maybe things are a JURISDICTIONAL MESS. I don't know.

But my EARLIER meeting half a year ago with George W. Bush's TOP money launderer who has a jet-port on an island off Panama IS true and entirely a separate matter. .


>>> EMAIL TO CHICAGO DRUG MAFIA LAWYER (I'm being sued for $50,000.00 for LIBEL by Rahm Emanuel's associates).

Dear Mr. Briefs:
I have just completed removing what I sincerely believe are the last vestiges of things in contention. I only regret that there will not be time for search engines to gain new GULPS of the Internet's content before next Court. Were it otherwise, your searching would be a lot easier.
But please check at least randomly to see if I have in fact done so -- and alert me immediately if I have overlooked anything.
I hope you will agree that it is time to put this matter to rest. I have never wanted to harm your client (nothing that soap and water couldn't take care of -- MUD-SLINGING, silly!!!) -- only to make him think. And the suit is unlawfully filed so has no legal reality anyway (or at least YOU won't if you proceed any further than dismissing it March 1). I hate to sound like that but have learned it best to type FORTHRIGHTLY.
All that typed and considered and read by y'all, I again wish to remind you that I am willing to discuss any other actions I should do. If they are NEW things, please also explain.
I look forward to your reply, and if you DO decide to continue or try for a verdict, please give me the courtesy of a reply so that I can begin licking my lips as I prepare to take you down LEGALLY (or just come on down here to PV and let me show you ANOTHER kind of take-down that NO ONE has been other than complimentary about).
Scott David Kenan

MY Confession (as "Christianity" heaves a long, final, SCANDELOUS gasp . . . ).

Gavin Lambert and Paul Bowles -- two of Tennessee Williams' most trusted friends.

>>> MY CONFESSION IS BELOW and will begin in >>> YELLOW ON RED -- so if you want to skip to it, that is how you will find it. It's just that I found a couple of things too interesting to me to not comment first.

1. I just find it infinitely funny (but NOT), that Gavin, above, was who told me and Tennessee Williams the info he got DIRECTLY from the panicked Natalie Wood a week or so before her murder, that she had discovered that her husband, Robert Wagner, and Christopher Walken were having a torrid homosexual affair -- and that if they found out she knew, she was CERTAIN they would murder her.

I gave EVERYTHING I knew to Los Angeles detectives in several phone calls over the last three years -- after FIRST contacting Natalie's family's attorneys, who using it (and more -- like the boat captains RECANTING of his original story), to re-open the case. NO PUBLIC MENTION has been made of this affair, and until it IS brought forward publicly, I expect the case will CONTINUE to be "unresolved".

Other facts of interest include that of ALL of Tennessee Williams' friends who claimed they had paid Dallas Cowboy football team players for sex, only Gavin had named names (all of which I've forgotten). Gavin wrote the screenplay for the original film of THE ROMAN SPRING OF MRS. STONE, which my father, William Scott Kenan, told me MANY times was his favorite film of all time -- partly WHY he was so pleased when I got the job as Tennessee's assistant.

Dad had been a gay gigolo of some note in San Francisco (and his nickname at New Hanover High where he graduated in Wilmington, NC was "Middle-Leg", a fact Dad told me many times over the years -- due to his HUGE endowment, I'm assuming), before my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, blackmailed Dad into marriage and conversion to Catholicism, a religion -- pretty much with all the others -- that Dad always privately scorned (at least to me).

Gavin ALSO wrote the screenplay for the re-make of SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH for TV that Elizabeth Taylor FINALLY (after TW's death), got permission to do, after Tennessee turned Zev Buffman's request DOWN in Milton Goldman's office at ICM, and against ALL others' opinions as well for Taylor to revive it on stage. Tom thought she was then simply too old for the role, but she proved him wrong (the style of the TV movie is VERY smarmy, as was the TV Drama style of the day).

This Buffman-Williams confrontation during my first trip to NYC with Tennessee is reported in my book: .

More on these subjects: , as well as . here is some info on Mr. Bowles: .

2. I'm supposed to be RETIRED now, so I'll skip commenting on the DEMISE of "Christendom" which is WELL IN PROGRESS, whether the Evangelical "virgin" Tim Tebow camp, the Papist pedophiles (MARK MY WORDS!!!: The Boy Scouts will EVENTUALLY be found to harbor a FAR HIGHER PERCENTAGE of PEDOPHILES!!! ), or the American Mainstream Protestants so GUILTY of genocide of Native Americans (Hitler's PRIMARY inspiration), who continue to support the WHITE SUPREMACY of today's Republican Party.

Tim Tebow LOVES flashing HOT PIT (which EXCITES males, but not most females)!!!

I trust all KNOW from reading this blog that not only have I pledged MUCH of my future income to Catholic Charities (because of their effectiveness an that it comes from the TRUE "Sacred Heart of Jesus"), but I support ALL the fine people who take the BEST from their religions and lead a life recommended by "Jesus" and all the other fine Prophets of ALL religions.

What has taken the United States RIGHT TO HELL is the REFUSAL of good-hearted people in these religions to RECONCILE the hate endemic to religions, so allowed religious LEADERS in conjunction with NAZI/Republicans and blackmailed usually FAG Democrats to DOMINATE AMERICA.

Cleaning up at THIS ADVANCED POINT is a BITCH, as we have ALL learned, regardless our political or spiritual beliefs.



 The reason this is so funny is that I (of course) read David Kopay's book when it was first published in 1977. It includes accounts of homosexual encounters with other teammates as well as drunken gay orgies with them (if I'm remembering correctly).

In my blog I have told the story of how the entire basketball team at Whetstone High School, Columbus, OH, had been caught by coach Jim Farrell in a homosexual orgie in the school shower during the 1967 - 68 season, the year before we moved to Columbus, and in my political blog I have told the story of how Tennessee, Gavin Lambert, and other prominent gays sometimes reminisced about how previous to about 1965, the players of the Dallas Cowboys had been NOTORIOUS for being available for SEXUAL RENT by Gavin, specifically, and others. Gavin is the only one whose name I remember who claimed to have actually rented Dallas Cowboys for sex.

Please remember until the late 1960s, most professional athletes in the USA got paid what was equivalent to the pay of corporate mid-managers, an amount far LESS (in real dollars, even), than mid-managers are paid today. "Christian" Republican types got SO INCENSED, they invented the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to promost their "Christian" sex-allure/worship IDEAL -- and those cheerleaders for DECADES were used as the HIGHEST EXAMPLE of good old-fashioned heterosexual Christian WOMANHOOD, and the Christians and their ministers who didn't COMLETELY buy this STOOD SILENT!!!


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* * *

1. I actually WAS once deliberately and maliciously violent: Sophomore year at Denison University I lifted William "Bill" Decker's new (and silly, foolish) girlfriend and BUMPED her head on the ceiling because Bill was thinking with the WRONG HEAD when he decided to date her, which did NOT last long. This was in Michael Novak, Charlie Dimmick, and "Breeze"'s room in Curtis East. The fact that I've been hounded all these years with this detailed memory is PROOF of my SHAMEFUL, LYING MALFEASANCE!!!

This was NOT the now-most-famous Michel Novak, but a short little smart-ass of a gremlin/stoner who I believe graduated top in his class, 1972. Here is what happened to Bill Decker, whom I will phone-call soon: .

2. I have never deliberately LIED (importantly) in this blog -- that I didn't within 24 hours admit to or change, EXCEPT: I neither "wore a wire" to the OFFICIAL NYARIT ESTADO INVESTIGATORS' HEARING nor took samples of the Methamphetamine spilled in Beatriz Villa's yard when she paid for and her husband transferred the 24 two-three kilo bags from the "Californian's" car to the one owned by Beatriz's son.

At the time, I figured that CLAIMING I'd voice recorded it would prevent anyone LYING BOLDLY about what had happened, put ALL on notice that I am NOT one to "fuck with", scare Nyarit Officials into some semblance of acting WITHIN the Law, and SLOW THE DRUG MAFIA DOWN as they spent time checking their chain of command of BLACKMAILED government officials. Then, when they REALIZED no one heard of this recording -- or the samples-given-to-lab -- they would QUESTION the thoroughness of their CORRUPTION of the political system -- HA!!!

Not BAD, eh??? And I thought all that up INSTANTANEOUSLY as I did it. And THAT coupled with my FEAR OF NOTHING and NOBODY caused them to RESPECT me -- at least a LITTLE more.

3. I can't think of anything else to confess. I made TONS of mistakes and have corrected the most important ones. When I convert this blog into a short series of books (which I'm cheekily considering calling "scriptures" of some description), I'll clarify the details and remaining errors.
The other thing -- and it's rather big -- is that I HONESTLY DON'T KNOW if I am a "God"-driven "Prophet", a conceptual artist, or a TOTAL FAKER and SHAM.
The ONE thing I am CERTAIN of is that I am NOT the return of "Jesus" (I bet YOU are sure of that too -- HA!!!). Best I can tell, if ANYONE ever WAS "Hey SUESS!!!, Retorno" , it was Thomas Lanier Williams III, and it was the Episcopal Church who "nailed him right back up on that cross" as had been predicted (the prediction was for "Christians" to do it -- not any particular Church), by thinkers.
And I will ALSO clean up my SUPER-COPIOUS TYPOS (not all of which I actually made -- LOL!!!)
Tennessee Williams and I are now "leaving the house" (not Life).
Special thanks to Alene Hale, the shortest and oldest (past 100 now, I believe) Williams scholar who INSISTED I complete this mission the first time I met her -- and told me many secrets SHE knew from dealing with the "Sewanee Devils" over the years.
Additional thanks to the ghost of Evan Fish who was MURDERED in September 2011 by Wilmington Police at the direction of District Attorney Benjamin R. David because he knew too much about narco-trafficking -- including the involvement of Lee Gosney and Patrick Stansbury of , my former employer of 18 years. The WILMINGTON STAR NEWS continues to cover all this up.
I will SOON get my LEGAL REVENGE on many Wilmington and North Carolina entities.
Life is now so much more FUN than it used to be, nes pas???

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

TODAY, the 30th Anniversary of the MURDER of Tennessee Williams, His "Ghost" and I have TOTALLY FUCKED the God-Haters!!! (cool, no???)

"Poet's Wreath" that lay on Tennessee Williams' coffin, which TW's murderer, John Uecker kindly rescued from the TRASH/BANOS and presented to Brenda Carradine in my presence in John's Manhattan apartment on West 88th Steet, late 2009.
And for HERE, I would like to thank my good friend Annette Saddick for being HONEST (if incomplete -- LOL!!!)

>>> THE ACTUAL CONVERSATION when I called John Uecker's land-line phone, (212) 580-8184 -- ONE of his several cells is (973) 234-6185:

Answerer: "Hello?"

Me: "On the 30th Anniversary of Tom's MURDER, I just want you to know that I have TOTALLY FUCKED the Episcopal Church, the Republican Party, the CIA, and YOU, who conspired and killed Tennessee Williams and then stole his estate from Harvard."

Answerer: "Scott???"

Me: "Yes, but WHO is THIS???"

After about three seconds of silence, the line went dead. The person who answered the phone was NOT John Uecker -- I know his voice too well and he always hangs up as soon as he knows it is I. I have called him MANY times over the last three years, increasingly so in the last several months. While it APPEARED to be the voice of Thomas Elliot Keith, I did NOT hear enough of it to be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN.


* * *


Angie Couts

Ah, we pursue the same telos with much different approaches.
I like you.

  • Scott Kenan

    Hey -- maybe we SHOULD meet up. LOL!!!

  • Angie Couts

    I am not opposed to such, though distance and circumstance are obstacles.

  • Scott Kenan

    I know.
    There are cool enough people more local to BOTH of us, I'm sure. I've just been so busy writing and being political the last three years, I've not had time to socialize.

    Today, on the 30th anniversary of the murder of my former employer, Mr. Tennessee Williams by hand of John Uecker (whom I just telephone-called to tell him I'm doing this/have done this and SOMEONE listened, NOT John -- LOL!!!), but by plot of the Episcopal Church and the Republican Party (which I CAN prove in Court of Law), and then they went on to plan and successfully execute the THEFT of TW's estate from Harvard University, the "ghosts" of Tennessee Williams, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, John-John/JFK, Jr., George Washington -- ALL of whom have appeared to me "apparitionally" to tell me important things and Jackie DIRECTED THE WRITING much of my blog as well as my actions, like classic Catholic tales, Jackie O., JFK, and JFK, Jr. all in ovals of licks of flame (think paintings of Our Lady of Guadeloupe!!!) that separated them from the physical world which my amazed eyes saw also at the same time -- yet I NEVER confused what could NOT be physical with the physical.

    When Tennessee Williams appeared about 90% physical in my Atlanta, GA bedroom and woke me up for our TOTAL reconciliation, he seemed physically real -- and yet I knew he wasn't. that is part of the reason I wrote the beginning of my book WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS available here: . Of course the CIA with Amazon's help -- OR AT LEAST ALLOWANCE -- CONSTANTLY has played every trick in the book to SUPPRESS people getting to or buying my book. TWO friends of mine claimed that when they tried to post favorable reviews on Amazon, the buttons to do so SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED from their computer screens. LOL!!!

    This happens frequently to me EVERYWHERE on the Internet(s) that I find interesting. LOL!!! FOR THREE YEARS!!!

    And EARLIER today, I got an email from THE UNIVERSE (actually, saying that if I want to have an EASIER life and achieve my goals FASTER, I should NOW relax and let God handle the rest of all this. So that said, I'm reporting this first to YOU, my new friend of the HIGHEST caliber, then will attempt to post it on blog and mass-email it out.

    And I expect to take a several-day break from blogging to catch up a TON of things I need to do around my new house in Puerto Vallarta.

    I'm just wondering WHAT you have done in your life to be so special to me now. I'm sure it must be "killer", even if you don't know you did it. HA!!!

    God/Goddess is COOL AS SHIT (left unattended)!!!


    Angie Couts

    My father forwards messages to me from It is the only communication we have.
    As for your final query, I wondered the same until I accepted it as synchronicity. Perhaps we are to be muses to each other.

    My life is unremarkable by capitalist standards, exciting and reckless by society's standards, and by my own, feels greater than the sum of its parts. I am a painting yet unfinished. The souls I encounter hold brushes, and leave me with their mark. I'd like to think I do the same for them.

    Tell me about your yard. Do you have a garden?


      I am hopping that the man who send me extra money (I live on SSI Disability Benefits -- I was judged totally qualified for them WITHOUT GETTING A DIAGNOSIS FOR WHY by a very kindly Jewish doctor in Lumberton, NC just about a year ago -- bene = $1,200.00/month net) will send me some to buy more plants (I'm a TOTAL gardening addict -- as well as addicted to the "Mediterranean Diet" so in the news again lately -- not because I believe in DIETING, but because I love all those foods.

      I've called for donations before via the DONATE button thru PayPal on my blog, but no one has sent a dime for over a year now -- DESPITE THEIR LOVE OF THE BLOG!!! God always provides, so I do not worry it. Instead, first thing this morning I gathered 4 O'clock seeds from plants in my next-door neighbor's yard (if a steep cliff can be called a yard). That's my FAVE flower since a child in Cincy, OH -- because it opens late mysteriously in the day, has a VERY strong and delightful fragrance -- plus being MALE, i get off on the seeds looking like FAT BOY, one of the Atom Bombs dropped on Japan.

      To answer your question, I have a HUGE walled garden in back that is paved, so i will garden in POTS. I DO have a few herbs, three fish-tail palms, a croton, and four other plants so far -- the current plants being all of my large assortment that was mostly sacrificed as I moved in PANIC from Chacala, Mexcio back to PV after the Zeta Cartel poisoned me. I had no opportunity to SAFELY return for the 40 or so potted plants that did not fit in the vehicles used for the move.

      Yes, I too am a SICKIE. LOL!!!

      Check my blog soon for my latest and final of the FIGHT part of my earthly mission . . .



      Seen 1:42 PM

      Angie Couts

      I can send you four o clock seeds from my garden. I have loads of them. Magenta. Intoxicating.

    • Scott Kenan

      Yes, that is the color of the ones I collected from next door -- and actually it is ILLEGAL to send plant materials or carry them personally from the US to Mexico and vice-versa. ALL mail from USA is hermetically sealed (in case it contains anthrax) as well as X-rayed by Mexican Customs before it is sent into the US -- they actually do this in Miami, FL, TOTAL Kenan/Flagler-ville. LOL!!!

      • * * *

        Part of my roof-top terrace garden in Chacala, Nyarit, Mexico that I was FORCED to leave behind.
        Annette Saddick with Thomas E. Kieth -- see
        It amazes me that I know personally about FULLY HALF the people pictured in this article -- and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PEOPLE FUCKED ME either by sins of COMMISSION (Thomas) or O-MISSION (Annette, if truth be told).
        Oh well -- my garden calls me . . . MY work is now complete.

        It is PAST TIME for the Kenan Dynasty to FALL (because of Thomas S. Kenan III's GROSS NEGLIGENCE!!!)!!!

        Betty Kenan (widow of Frank Hawkins Kenan) in center, her step-son Thomas S. Kenan III waiting with refreshment. Circa 2011.


        THIS Tom Kenan is NOT Thomas S. Kenan III, who to MY knowlege STILL supports the narco-trafficking Episcopal Church AND Sewanee (The University of the South, who with Republicans and NYC lawyer/Paul McCartney's THEN brother-in-law John Eastman not only PLANNED but were succesful at MURDERING Tennessee Williams by the pillow-clad hand of John Uecker after Maria St. Just-nee-Britneva got the go ahead from my mother who correctly claimed she had me then MIND-CONTROLLED on Lithium).

        TSK III (age 72 now) -- to my current knowedge -- STILL dates the "fabulous" Jonathan who is in his early-to-mid 20s. Jonathan has been polite and respectful to ME when i've spoken with him on the phone -- although TSK III has NEVER treated me with respect -- not in the last three years when i've contacted him directly, nor in 1990, when I last was able to get him on the phone. When I met Jonathan's close friends in Wilmington, NC in 2011, they were simply "high-end" drug trash -- so COMMON today!!!

        And I STILL have not solved certain mysteries -- like WHAT was it that squirted so much that got Tom's sister-in-law, Sterling Kenan, SENOIR, to be nicknamed "Squirty". ALL the Old Dowagers at First Presbyterian referred Sterling, Sr. as "Squirty", but they being DOWAGERS and all, I did not DARE asking if it was her BOOB(s) or her PUSSY (I eliminated that pesky saliva cuck under the tongue since any fool can control that!!!).

        continuing . . .

        How's my fave ISRAELI-Kenan??? To bring you up-to-date, I've continued blasting Israeli political leaders fro acting like reincarnated NAZIs (Netanyahu's insistance on building illegal settlements -- while ALSO blasting Israel's enemies for THEIR transgressions -- and US Republican FAKE christians for EGGING the likes of Netanyahu on so that CHRISTIAN DREAMS that only AFTER the anialation of Israe...l (and her Jews, of course), can the Hebrew Prophet Yeshua-bar-Joseph will come back and FIX the world which they have ACTUALLY DELIBERATELY DESTROYED (without considering that this will destroy the world of these GOD-HATERS as well). As you might recall, it was Jonathan Reiner (an Internetic friend of mine since the late 1990s when he was still in high school in NYC -- nephew to Carl, cousin to Rob, and NOW possesssing Emmys of his OWN for TV writing), who made me an "honorary Jew" in early 2010 -- right after i first blogged that my own mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan now of Raleigh, NC with my father, William Scott Kenan, aSee More
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        • Scott Kenan Facebook/CIA just froze on me AGAIN, but I was able to post the above and will now continue . . .
        • Scott Kenan My Dad, a somewhat PROMINENT homosexual, ws blackmailed by Mom when Dad's male lover was shot in the head in Cincinnati -- probably in 1949 or early 1950. Dad converted to Catholic from non-attending Baptist and married my mother -- the other choice being to go to jail for the UGLY lover's murder of his boyfriend. BOTH my parents told me this story many times when I was young (except the black-mailing part) -- INCLUDING that the official Police records show it as a case of "Russian Roulette Suicide" -- how PERFECT!!! How NAZI-Republican, no??? See all the details by re-visiting my blog. You are warned that in fighting "devils", I have often used 'devil language". All best, Scott