Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Tale of TWO FAGGOTS (self-repressed gay or bi people)!!!

Former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy meets with Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. at the Mayo Clinic on Thursday, Aug. 16, 2012.
>>> ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN knows that BOTH these gentlemen have been diagnosed as BIPOLAR.

1. Anyone with half a brain has ALWAYS known that Patrick Kennedy is GAY -- he's never hidden it that AYE know of.

2. Jesse Jackson, Jr. has OFFFFTEN made comments to the press that he learned certain things in "Turkish Baths". -- REALLY!!!

See this article: "Jesse Jackson Jr thought he was 'reincarnated chariot driver and practiced martial arts while naked at Turkish bath'": .

3. I agree: Fags need LITHIUM (or similar), to STOP SAYING STUPID THINGS TO THE PRESS!!!

* * *


The INESCAPABLE FACT is that I have to NOW go out refrigerator-shopping, so I CANNOT CONTACT Gov. Pat McCrory today as with the two-hour time difference, I won't be back in my ELECTRO-OFFICE in time today.

WARNING!!!: Time changes to Daylight Savings this weekend, after which it will be MUCH EASIER for me to connect with Businesses and Governments in the Eastern Time Zone, USA.

CONFIDENTIAL!!! (to "falcon"): Landlord helped me LOOK at used fridges, previously, and then negotiated DISCOUNTS on all things I decided, averaging 20% discount over the several.

Perhaps your doctor has put you on a medication that interferes with both memory and logic. It was MARTIN "Marco" JACOBO (see photo at bottom here: ), who sold me the 12' umbrella (still holding up nicely), that shades the dining table (two plastic squares, actually), in the eight-foot-walled (minimum with security wrought iron spikes topping it all around), handball-court-sized garden in back.

My cats LOVE catching bugs out there -- ESPECIALLY just before dawn, when they wake me by tapping my shoulder in bed with their itsy paws in a crescendo that begins gently.


* * *


Both lists have TOP PERFORMER on top. These are BOTH for ONE WEEK ending about noon, today.

"kim jong un" got 20% more than "john lennon death". The THIRD entry got only HALF the second: And Tom, or "Thom" Fetzer BEAT HIS CANCER --



Me, in 1978, after my FIRST MONTH EVER on Lithium.


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