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After America STOOD PROUD and TOGETHER over Bostonian (very serious) HIJINX!!!


This message is for Queen Elizabeth II as she is the nominal head of the Church of England and should know that I can PROVE IN A COURT OF LAW that the Episcopal Church, USA (only) was complicit in the murder of my former employer, playwright Tennessee Williams -- as well as the theft of his estate from Harvard University. Jackie Kennedy Onassis FIRST suggested the change in TW's will in my presence at a party 11 January 1982, and I PROMISED Jackie i would get "the KENNEDY REVENGE" one day.

As Her Royal Highness might already know, the Kenan Family which FOUNDED University of North Carolina is directly descended from the Stuarts who authorized what is now known as Presbyterianism in most of the world. This is NO TIME for denominational squabbles as TRUE Christians must ROUT these God-Haters from our midsts!!!

Please see my latest political blog posting that is emailed to 500 top contacts worldwide: . I live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, now, in Political exile from the state of North Carolina, ONLY.

Scott David Kenan

* * *


Of course, Government -- which is (or should be), prepared to step in FIRST to offer relief to those caught in tragedies like this -- must help out, but since this company not only had at least 100 times the amount of explosive material on hand and had NOT reported that as is required by Law -- they MUST be culpable for the event, REGARDLESS how it happened.

I trust the United States and others will SUE the company -- if they don't "man-up" to their responsibilities as "Corporate Citizens".

Just because money = speech and corporations are now "people", does NOT let anyone off any HOOKS!!!

>>> SOME NOTE or NOTES (depending on my mood as I write this) :

1. I ran into Tim Wilson -- previously of PV Tec Solutions, seen here: as well as here: , on Saturday in a gay retail business. he CLARIFIED that he is NOT associated with CIA-owned and managed GAY GUIDE VALLARTA, but rather owns GAY PV magazine, instead: .

Exploring their online site, I found it FAR MORE INFORMATIVE about current events in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco state, and Mexico than that other publication. I SALUTE TIM WILSON!!!

Also, I should say that in 2010 when Fernando Merino (fake-named only son of Colombia's TOP cocaine exporter and living in Mexico illegally while narco-trafficking -- see: as well as the more recent .

And while Tim DID give shelter to Fernando in 2010 -- even discussing with me Fernando's BLACK AFRICAN DICK (he, like "Sonny" Jimmy Humberto Montano Prieto ALSO from Colombia and ALSO a top CIA narco-trafficker) -- so Tim HAD SOME FUN!!! Tim is a short bulldog build gringo -- and brusk of manner. I have CONFUSED this to mean he was KNOWINGLY and ILLEGALLY associating with Fernando. The fact is, I think I OVER-REACHED in my assessment -- but that said, to be in a GAY BUSINESS in the USA or Mexico, you DO have to learn how to "dance with the Mafia" at least.

2. Saturday, I visited the "Gringo Market" in Old Town Puerto Vallarta to discover that Luis Melgoza and my FAKE cousin Salvador Fuentes (and NO one knew I was going, so no forewarning to them of that), were NOT at their PV GEEKS booth -- nor had it been set up for the day with computers, etc.

Merchants there whom I'd never spoken with before answered my "innocent" queries of "Any idea where PV GEEKS is???" with laughter and comments like "Oh, they're just here to watch us for the CIA!!! Who knows???"

I've had NO hate texts, emails, or phone calls from Sonny or Martin "Marco" Jacobo for three days now. I think i got some people ON THE RUN!!!

4. Speaking of which, I have had NO communication back from Richard Mailman who sits on Stone Mountain, GA City Council -- despite his PROMISING ME he would get back to me right away when i caught him before a meeting in City Hall a few days ago. Please see: as well as bottom third here: .

5. I DID complete a detailed cleaning/organizing of my living room/dining room/kitchen last night -- and feel better organized MENTALLY as a result!!!

6. This morning, hits to this blog came FIVE TIMES as numerous from China as from the USA -- followed by Russia (who with all its former satellites has become a MAJOR source of readers of this blog -- especially the last 10 days or so)!!!

Additionally, the TOP search keyword the last 24 hours has been "judge sandra criner". Readers will recall how she is the WORST OFFENDER of the two corrupt Wilmington judges I have dealt with -- the other being Jeffrey Noecker. It is THEIR actions as well as District Attorney Ben David's that will cost the taxpayers of North Carolina a HUGE sum of money -- or less if Gov. Pat McCrory and I can reach an agreement.

And WORSE than Sandra's treatment of ME, is that her husband, Sherman Ray Criner, a Republican Party Official, only a few years ago, molested a young girl in Thalian Hall (an antique theater in the same building as City Hall), and Wilmington Police helped cover it all up -- although Sherman DID have to bow out of the political race he was then in.

KUDOS to the top ministers of First Baptist Church which fronts on Kenan Plaza: You were SMART to write and DISAVOW any relationship with the Criners who CLAIM on other websites to be members of your congregation!!! I apologize for my language that has been at times "hair-curling", but it was appropriate and called for in most circumstances where I've gotten that way.

I'd like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT also, to First Baptist Church of Gainesville, GA, which Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia -- one of the BIGGEST God-Haters in this nation -- claims as his spiritual home. My blog posts go to MANY clergy there and NOT ONE has protested my content or language (nor disavowed Gov. Deal, but no one should have to do that, really).

I RESCIND my calling your congregation nothing but a HOTBED OF CHRISLAM!!!

What ever you did or DO teach, you are respectful enough to LISTEN to my points as well!!! See: .

7. Although not as high on the "key words" list, Andatti Wagner-Gooch, MD has popped up AGAIN in key words -- so I've tried UNSUCCESSFULLY to contact him by phone at work in Durham, NC -- as well as Rafael Cherry, his long-time lover.

>>> FYI: "marc lafont" is key word number TWO the last day -- Marc being the now-narco-trafficker who harassed both me and earlier my cousin Jan (Meyer) Opperman (later Larsen), seen here: and here: .

USUALLY, when Marc LaFont is being searched, either "drugs" or "narco-trafficker" have also been tied to his name -- although that is NOT true today!!!

I will NOW write Dr. M-M an email which I will post here soon as well. I leave you with a couple of images:


Rafael Cherry's FAVE marketing photo of himself in a house he used to share FOR YEARS with its owner Laura Argiri -- a ONE-HIT WONDER as a writer: .

As most readers of this blog will recall, Rafael is NOT ONLY the "Truman Capote of North Carolina" -- for having COURTED all what he called to me the "Old NC DOWAGERS" -- INCLUDING Betty Kenan (widow of Frank Hawkins Kenan), but manipulated me for YEARS on behalf Sewanee, the Episcopal Church, and the Republican Party.

Also interesting is that one of Rafael;s CLOSEST FRIENDS was Elizabeth Edwards -- and although Rafael told me he HATED Edwards' the man and his politics, he did some campaign artwork for Elizabeth for Edwards' FIRST presidential campaign.

Now CLEARLY John Edwards has some personality flaws -- but Thomas S. Kenan III donated money to his campaigns and TOM IS NOBODY'S FOOL (except that he IS or was a fool for the Episcopal Church  most his life). Additionally, after Elizabeth's death, MUCH came out in the press about what a HATEFUL BITCH she actually was -- but the American People had ALREADY believed all the LIES fed by CIA-controlled Press to make her seem a saint and John a DEVIL, so that was THAT!!!

I'd better write my email. Here's a painting of Dr. Andatti Wagner-Gooch that Rafael painted in 2009 and presented to his long-time lover:



Was BLOCKED by CIA or Carlos "Slim" Salim Helu of Mexico. See:

Dear Andatti,

Please forgive me for assuming the familiar with you, but I've had so many sexual intimacies with your many-year lover artist Rafael Cherry, I feel like I should KNOW you. I am writing out of "Christian Concern" for Rafael's physical and mental health. I am AWARE of his spiritual FAILURES, already.

You see, Rafael and I have had occasional sexual flings going back to about 1992, when I met him on Wrightsville Beach. Indeed, he spilled red wine on a navy and white striped boater's shirt that was my PRIZE souvenir from the FIRST time I ever went to Mexico -- having won a sales contest with Patrick Stansbury, now of while he was STILL working for its predecessor Collegiate Concepts, Inc in Tucker, GA. Suffice it to say, my Mom, whose emphasis had been chemistry and who had earned both RN and BS degrees in nursing -- which she taught for a number of years at Mount St. Joseph's in Cincinnati before becoming Head of Proctor & Gamble's Skin Research Labs in Cincinnati, OH before becoming too pregnant with me in 1951.

As you might imagine, Mom got that stain right OUT!!!

But I remain STAINED BY RAFAEL CHERRY's SEMEN!!! His fave activity was "rear-ending" me, which he did many times over many years -- when I could get his self-aggrandizing motor mouth to SHUT UP, LOL!!! But what was ODD is that about 1.5 years ago -- in Facebook conversation -- Rafael claimed to me that he was on his near DEATHBED of AIDS -- but after gaining my honest sympathy/empathy (two words so EASY to confuse!!!), he relented and said he's just so WOOZY from his addiction to recreational opiates that YOU have prescribed him for YEARS, that he was just FUNNIN' AROUND.

Well, he then BLOCKED ME from Facebook -- and it was NOT surprising since I have identified him his nothing but a piece of snot, since I could PROVE IN A COURT OF LAW that while his and my meeting was completely coincidental, he has WORKED for his alma mater, Sewanee (The University of the South and the Episcopal Church's ONLY seminary in the Old South), and I can ALSO prove that Sewanee is COMPLICIT with the Episcopal Church (USA only), as well as the Republican Party in the SUCCESSFUL murder and theft of estate of playwright Tennessee Williams.

This means Rafael is TRULY a MOST colorful Southerner, no??? Google in my blog for more info: . I have NO ANGER at anyone whose crimes I have exposed (sometimes in error -- so if you see I've made any, please let me know ASAP!!!). And if you want to know the TRUTH, my Mom worked with a lot of Dr. Mengele's accumulated scientific evidence from before WWII concluded, and MIGHT have been instrumental in jumping the AIDS virus from monkeys to humans for "Disease Control" of Americans.

As you KNOW, an agency charged with controlling diseases might be named "Centers for Control of Diseases", but in NAZI America, we have "Centers for Disease Control" which is INCOMPLETE, since it does NOT specify "of WHOM"!!!

Not only that, but with me having unprotected anal-receptive sex three times per week during the entire 1980s and first half of the 1990s, it seems I SHOULD have contracted HIV, but have NOT. I believe mom made me immune -- although I cannot PROVE this.

Anyway, could you please confirm that that Rafael Cherry  is NOT suffering from AIDS and that he is NOT addicted to anything other than cigarettes and caffeine like I am too??? I tried calling you at your office after I on three tries could not get Rafael to answer his listed phone which claimed Rafael was ON THE PHONE (his BIGGEST fault all these years).

Thanks so much -- and just as a HEADS-UP, I might have to contact some new "higher" authorities on this, today. I DID leave Rafael my cell number via voice-mail, so you could call me anytime night or day (I'm a great sleeper so need to worry about waking me).

Scott David Kenan (my family is associated with UNC, Duke, and NC State, especially)


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