Sunday, April 7, 2013

After Dreaming about GUNS (in black & white), Last Night . . .


1. Someone  actually found this blog googling "how old is kelly trainor?" Kelly is the US Consulate Officer in next-door Nuevo Vallarta, first appointed by Bill Clinton.

I don't know the answer to THAT, except that she must be younger than MY old sea-creatureness -- but it reminds me that my new Passport should arrive any day at the US Consulate. Will be nice to pick it up soon!!!

2. And THAT FURTHER-reminds me that I have to renew my car insurance before the end of the month -- which after now just checking, cost me $220.00 USD for this past year -- NOT BAD!!! Mexican insurance is about $600.00 for a HALF year (longest Mexican tourist visa), but you can buy any amount of time to a year -- and Mexico LOVING people who stay and CONTRIBUTE, at least economically, charges LESS the longer you stay (or claim you will)!!!

Of course I don't HAVE to buy insurance since its not REQUIRED by Law in Mexico -- and I own my 2009 Pontiac Vibe outright. Still, I consider it IMMORAL to drive without insurance except in dire circumstances -- to protect both me and anyone/thing I might hit (I ain't rich).

3. But HERE'S my most IMMEDIATE concern: I have to at least TRY to call Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina tomorrow -- and AFTER ALL I'VE BLOGGED, what am I gonna SAY???

Best is to start off something like this: "Governor, good afternoon -- I hope you're having a great day!!!" I hope that for everyone, so EASY, but less easy might be discussing my concerns without MY sounding judgemental, pressured, high-falutin', or snotty (these have ALL been proven to ANY BLOG READER to be part of my personality -- so I must stay positive. After all, Gov.McCrory and I BOTH wish for the best for North Carolina, and I'm completely certain we will find things we can immediately agree on and things to contemplate further -- and he doesn't have time to listen to all my CRAP!!!

I'll get to my points and offer that I am ALWAYS at the service of North Carolina and his office.

It will all work out.

* * *


I think this was all precipitated by something troubling I recently saw -- two nights ago, actually -- and to begin, my own position is PRO ownership of guns by civilians who WANT THEM, and for CIVILIAN PURPOSES -- and YES, I GET that protection from Government Tyranny is a REAL CONCERN. Have I NOT described MUCH REAL US, NC, and GA GOVERNMENT TYRANNY???

But this is 2013, not 1999 or 2003. If Government wanted to GIT YA, it would just come in with UNSTOPPABLE conventional force -- or on the wings of a dove-painted DRONE that you'd never even see.

"Assault Weapons" are OBSOLETE for defending against EITHER.

What is MOST INTERESTING is that I think that quite a few of us watching Piers Morgan two nights ago were made to SIT UPRIGHT, when someone on a panel of three said something INTELLIGENT that neither Piers nor I had ever thought about. Piers took note (something he struggled not to show -- like I did too here at home, in front of JUST TWO CATS!!!).

I have NO MEMORY of what it was -- sorry, but it DID get the back of my mind turning. And here is something ELSE that had actually had the FRONT of my mind turning for several days. See if you can guess why:

If you are thinking "true, but the absolute AND relative totals of assault-weapon caused improper deaths are FAR SHORT of the OUTRAGEOUS GROWTH of gun-deaths overall", you and I are on the same thought -- one "Liberals" like most-of-me, can 't answer adequately -- and here's WHY:

Life is "multi-dimensional" and FULL of unintended consequences, hidden agendas, such n' so-forths. The FACT of the matter is that those who POSSESS guns of ANY KIND and simultaneously have LITTLE CONTROL OVER THEIR OWN MINDS, feel EMPOWERED to know that others HAVE these guns and even though they are OBSOLETE to combat Government Tyranny (their alleged practical use), politicians, some religionists, and even Mary Milquetoasts LIE to support the Right of EVERYONE NOT INSANE (or previously convicted) to own ANY WEAPON short of bazooka and nuclear warheads -- AND DO EVERYTHING TO PROVE BACK-GROUND CHECKS AND MENTAL HEALTH SCREENINGS ARE IMPRACTICAL!!!

And they've actually done a pretty good job of that.

And HERE is where I get the RIGHT to call these people GOD-HATING DEVILS: The ENTIRE "Gun Culture" (NOT including those who hunt, shoot vipers that enter their houses, etc.), can continue to thrive ONLY if it CONTINUES to SUPPORT EVERYTHING contributing to the DEATH OF CIVILIZATION -- beginning with the IMPOSSIBILITY of LAWS to be enforced (their MAIN argument and reason to ARM THEMSELVES).

THIS IS THE TRUE AIM of the NRA and it's CIA/Republican (and other) Party narco-trafficking to make MORE money off the collapse of American Civilization by drugging people to minimize their experience of the HELL OF THE COLLAPSE.

This does NOT help anyone shoot straight.

So all those Sad Sacks & Sallies have their SAFETY IN NUMBERS and security of knowing SOMEONE has their backs by holding AK-47s up to mythological or real THREATS (as seen through clear or drug-addicted eyes). They get all hepped up on HATE SPEACH that they think is GOD-CROONING and go out to SHOOT SOME ENEMIES UP (far more typically with simple guns)!!!

And if "CHRISLAMS" , they know they ARE FORGIVEN ANY SINS, past, present, and future.

So THERE you have it.



Afterthought, 12:35PM the next day: "Look!!! It's JESUS -- launching a DRONE!!!"
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