Thursday, April 4, 2013

Celebrating Delta Air Lines, Col. Dottie Newman, and Some COOL REPUBLICANS!!!

Two of my FAVORITE Republicans, today: Alma and General Colin Powell.

>>> MY BONUS TODAY: "phoebe dollar sinatra" is the TOP search term leading to this blog in the last 24 hours. Can her husband and ALSO my friend Danny Sinatra be next???

I'm TOTALLY CONFIDENT that Danny will play his Great Uncle in a bio pic soon, in a MIRACULOUS WAY!!!


>>PS: As of 4:00 PM, CST, Germany has hit this blog FIVE AND A HALF MORE TIMES THAN THE USA(in the last hour), and Mexico is RIGHT BEHIND the US in third place!!!

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>>> ADDED 1:12 PM, CST BECAUSE I FORGOT!!! : In the story of the last bog post, I neglected to include DELTA AIRLINES, who (except for Bank of America who sold off my $25,000.00 debt, although with no indication that it had to do with my name), went to a LOT of trouble and EXPENSE to materially assist me back in early 2010.

And I feel CERTAIN that Gen. Collin Powell's just-retired Chief Protocol (security) Officer Col. Dottie Newman, who told me about how she had actually sat around the kitchen table with Gen. and Alma Powell and the three of them together decided it would NOT be safe enough for Gen. Powell to run for President in 2008, was also working directly or indirectly with Delta.

Most of this story can be found by googling in this blog, but I never told exactly HOW I met Dottie. As I have identified him many times, Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz, founder of the Atlanta Church of Religious Science as well as President of Religious Science, International, for eight years during the 1980s (and who went on a fact-finding mission with several OTHER tops of religions with Mother Teresa in downtown Washington, DC, and even once DID A SERMON on his discussion with Donald Trump, whom he'd sat next to on a flight. HA!!! -- AND had Dr. Elizabeth Kubbler Ross, then the world's leading expert on death and dying (called "transition"), GIVE a seminar at the Atlanta Church, where I got to meet her during that seminar.

What was I saying??? Oh: Dr. Schultz always used to advise people to "Do your shopping at Nieman Marcus -- at your EARLIEST CONVENIENCE!!!", that because they ONLY SELL TRUE QUALITY and their people demonstrate IMPECCABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. So even though I bought LITTLE there, they really COULD fit me in most clothes (OK, a very small selection of things, but if you were 6' 11" like me, THAT seems like A LOT!!!), and I loved to find cool things on their MARK-DOWN tables downstairs -- and it was RIGHT THERE that I discovered the ABSOLUTELY INCOMPARABLE DOTTIE NEWMAN. HA!!!

She's shorter than should be allowed, but her hair was teased up in a way to poke fun at its overblown self -- AND RED!!! She appeared to have just come from the SILLIEST eight-year-old girl's birthday party where the lucky little girl had talked her Mom into having all her guests mothers come too -- but dressed as clowns or fools -- AND THEY HAD REALLY GOTTEN INTO IT!!!

Who WOULDN'T fall immediately in love with a RETIRED woman who acts like THAT??? But contributing to my attraction ESPECIALLY is that Dottie looked and acted EXACTLY like my good friend and former co-worker at , Geraldine "Gerry" Flynn, who had BLUNTLY WARNED ME that the thing Patrick Stansbury was IN was FAR BIGGER than I could imagine and they DID in fact plan to murder me at all costs.

Gerry is one of the people I owe my life to. Naturally (since Gerry had won many a Bette Midler imitation contest on Atlanta and other stages), I thought of dear Bette too, who had hot-beat-crooned over the Sound System at the Continental Baths in New York City the time Jeff Work (Denison 1973), and I saw Rex Reed dancing between two actual "Jungle Bunnies", see more about THAT somewhere in here: .

Well, Delta Air Lines MOVED MOUNTAINS to keep me and ALL safe in at least FIVE tense situation in 2010.


And when I flew Delta to New York City for Mark Beard's Christmas Party this past (2012) December, I discovered that DELTA is WAY AHEAD of the US flying pack!!! I was shocked by the HUMANITY of not only their people (one gate agent at LGA addressed everyone at her counter "My Love . . . I can do THIS for you . . . " which was NOT FALSE, and she DID do so much to help EVERYONE who came to her counter), but the comfort and WELCOMING of their gate waiting lobbies, planes, etc.

A typical Delta gate waiting area at LaGuardia -- each place with an iPad for significant use WITHOUT paying!!!

But FOR ME the biggest surprise -- and I was a TOTAL non-stop yammerer then, so talked to TONS of Delta employees -- was that all but TWO of them were WELL AWARE that Barack Obama is actually a homosexual (this because so many airline employees fly internationally, so read the FOREIGN PRESS), and the two who didn't were black, so I hesitated to discuss it with them -- but after their jaws dropped several feet, they absolutely CRACKED UP in recognition of the truth.

Well, I should also mention that racism AND sexism/homophobia were nowhere evident at Delta whatsoever.

Now I have to go, because my neighbors were burning off some pesky weeds thicket and I accidentally breathed too much of the smoke. I HOPE Dr. McCrory of North Carolina isn't too upset if I delay calling to talk to him or get his message one day (errrr: TODAY!!!) -- since I'm too stoned now to TALK RIGHT (I can barely type -- and no THINKING, whatsoever).

And I bet he could use a night to "sleep on it", no???



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