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"Chrislam" Pope Discovers That "The Wages of Sin (really) IS Death" -- Sad, but True . . .

America's top Chrislam Preacher, Rick Warren, surrounded by the Devil's Advocates.


Precious little: NO cause of death -- except it is suicide. News reports are that there will be NO COMMENTS on that until the Coroner's Report is released, making it sound complicated, at best.

"Chrislam", for those of you who have little communication with younger people who wish you would die soon (or grow up), is the form of Christianity that uses sacred scripture to compel people to act JUST LIKE THEY ACCUSE "radical Islamists" of acting -- generally by taking scripture out of context, grabbing audiences emotionally and then selling them Inspirational sawdust and Political Ideas, guns, etc.

And what has Pastor Rick Warren said about his newly-deceased son??? Read a Pastor Warren quote:

“At 27 years of age, Matthew was an incredibly kind, gentle and compassionate young man whose sweet spirit was encouragement and comfort to many,” Warren, the popular author of The Purpose Driven Life, said in the letter. “Unfortunately, he also suffered from mental illness resulting in deep depression and suicidal thoughts.”

“No words can express the anguished grief we feel right now,” Warren wrote. “He had a brilliant intellect and a gift for sensing who was most in pain or most uncomfortable in a room. He’d then make a bee-line to that person to engage and encourage them."

“In spite of America’s best doctors, meds, counselors, and prayers for healing, the torture of mental illness never subsided. Today, after a fun evening together with Kay and me, in a momentary wave of despair at his home, he took his life.”

From this we can conclude a few things:

1. Chrislamic Prayers DO NOT WORK!!! Twenty-seven YEARS of Pope Rick and his MAMMOTH church, readers, and otherwise follower just prayin' up a STORM  HELPED NOT AT ALL!!!

2. If Pope Warren wrote the truth in his letter to his congregation, the RED above (which describes Matthew Warren's BEHAVIORS), do NOT sound like the mental illness Rick Warren judges (see yellow-on-blue) it to be -- indeed, Pastor Warren GOES ON to claim he KNOWS his son who had JUST LEFT HIS PARENTS ONLY HOURS BEFORE and had then been in A GOOD MOOD, had a "momentary wave of despair at home, (and) took his life."

Was there a suicide note??? Was it PILLS -- or gun shot or shots that MIGHT indicate fowl play? Was he found HANGING -- or head in a gas OVEN??? Maybe he and his car were running in a closed garage???


3. The Internet(s) are FULL of discussion that Matthew Warren might have been gay, BUT no one claims to know of any GAY BEHAVIOR on Matthew's part -- except that Pope Warren's DESCRIPTION AS ABOVE, PERFECTLY describes the empathetic nature of most gay people.

4. Rick and his wife Kay have said many times that Matthew suffered mental illness "since birth". I'm not certain ANY doctors claim to diagnose mental illnesses that early (and Depression is a REACTION to circumstances -- do his parents mean he got depressed THE MOMENT he first saw his parents???), although people born with a clef pallet or no right leg can be diagnosed that early. And doctors/scientists say people are likely born with their sexual orientation, so MAYBE this is what Rick and Kay mean, although in fairness, the Warrens MIRACULOUSLY KNEW their son suffered DEPRESSION (the parents' ACTUAL diagnosis), SINCE THE MOMENT OF BIRTH!!!


5. Right now, this has not had time for enough FACTS to come to light -- the only other one I can report on it is that in a Piers Morgan interview when Piers asked Pope Warren how one should respond if they have gay attractions, Rick DID state this quite clearly: "Sometimes I get angry and I feel like punching a guy in the nose," he said "It doesn’t mean I act on it."

My FIRST take on that had been that Rick equates gay sex to fist-hittings, but MAYBE he only means he'd like to PUNCH gay people -- it isn't really CLEAR, and THAT said, NO WONDER Matthew Warren got DEPRESSED with this ignorant, poorly-communicating man ADDICTED to INEFFECTUAL PRAYER who is ADORED by a bunch "worshipping idiots" dominating his life for so many years -- THIS POPE OF CHRISLAM!!!

But I'm LOATH to jump to conclusions now -- so much MORE is likely to come out in the press soon . . .


1. Sen. John McCain (not Abel), seen in the above picture as well as often on yer TV, suffered horrid TORTURE during the Vietnam War and then for many years was a Maverick Patriot -- until he suffered serious PTSD after his GRUELING Primary Battle with George W. Bush.

HE's found solace in THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE.

2. President Barack Obama was known for his VERY COZY RELATIONSHIP with Chicago's Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whom Republicans claim is some kind of ACTUAL RADICAL ISLAMIST in Christian Drag. ACTUALLY, it was Ron-Paul Republicans who FIRST alerted me to the FACT that Rev. Wright is NOTORIOUS in Chicago for running his exclusive CALL-BOY SERVICE for married black professionals, ONLY, but the FOREIGN PRESS have reported this for AGES now -- as well as that Obama has LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in Chicago's MOST PRESTIGIOUS private gay bathhouse or houses, and his current boyfriend is UNC Chapel Hill graduate (and former Obama "Body Man"), Reggie Love.

President Obama invited Pope Warren to give the "sermon" at his FIRST INAUGURATION, and ALSO finds solace in THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE.

Barack Obama NOW attends Episcopalian Services near the White House, I having PROVEN in THIS BLOG that the TOP BISHOPS of the Episcopal Church, USA not only conspired with Republican Party Leadership in Tennessee (at least -- and here I mean the state), and killed my former employer, playwright Tennessee Williams -- later ILLEGALLY overturning BOTH Mr. Williams' will AND codicil, the codicil being first suggested to my boss in my presence by Jackie Kennedy Onassis at a party on January 11, 1982 because she KNEW this was in the planning.

Most people don't want to believe this -- but I have evidence as well as witnessed activities and words to


More on this in blog -- as well as other things and complications.

3. For NOW (and it's helpful that I live in Puerto Vallarta), I'm sticking with THE SEA-HORSE DRIVEN LIFE, nes pas???



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