Saturday, April 13, 2013

CLARIFICATION of Republican Party INTENDED RACISM from Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia -- THANK YOU!!!

Gov. Nathan Deal with his typically smug, pinched-sphincter-faced, honky-bitch wife (Sandra), bloviating.


1. FIRST OF ALL: I did NOT return from doing laundry yesterday until 5:23 PM EDT, so it was TOO LATE to call Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina. Probably wise anyway since things are MOVING SO FAST and they might/could use a weekend to RUMINATE a bit more before responding (or REFUSING TO RESPOND), to me.

2. I was NOT approached by any US Consulate employees or their "third parties", even as I did six loads of laundry downstairs in the same building and I'd made certain they knew I was there if they wanted to discuss anything in the NOT VIDEO/AUDIO-TAPED laundry. They must be cool with what I'm doing IN BLOG, now.


Also, you should know that even though I CANNOT PROVE that US Consular Agent Kelly Trainor de O DELIBERATELY recommended a doctor to treat my then-in-2010-alleged mental illness (and he is NOT psychiatry-certified), who was TWO WEEKS from being HOMELESS (his having previously LOST many positions of authority), as well as his new Mexican girlfriend SUING HIM in Mexican Courts for in a RAGE OF JEALOUSY pulling her very successful taco stand APART by hitching it to his pick-up truck and then PULLLLLING IT APART (and showing me his work and BRAGGING TO ME ABOUT IT), and ADMITTED TO ME that he discovered AFTER marrying his now-gone Mexican wife that she was THEN (1980s???), the TOP COCAINE EXPORTER from Mexico to the United States -- which is WHY he had NOT been able to escape the influence of the Drug Mafia.

As I told Kelly to her face two days ago, and sincerely as well, "You introduced me to one of my MOST COLORFUL characters -- and I"M NOT HARMED ONE BIT. I OWE you a debt of GRATITUDE."

Kelly's action-motivation is between her and the US State Department -- as well as between her and God. I LIKE Kelly and expect to work with her CLOSELY once I have time to get with local Cultural Authorities to begin planning the TENNESSEE WILLIAMS/JOHN HUSTON/NIGHT OF THE IGUANA festival here -- which the cultural leaders have given me a HEADS UP to begin AGAIN (I tried it once in 2010, failing brilliantly , after the CIA/Drug Mafia here BANKRUPTED ME, causing me to go homeless for three months in Mexico and then most of 16 months in Wilmington, NC as well.

3. Since I've been RUDE ENOUGH to describe Sandra Deal ACCURATELY, I will give just ONE PIECE of evidence that she's a "SATAN's WHORE", this from GA's official website on the governor and from his wife's page:

"Mrs. Deal often says, 'As a teacher, I didn’t just teach to one child. I taught every student in the class' and that is Sandra Deal’s approach to her platform as First Lady, “ 'With a Servant’s Heart' ”. 

That ANY TEACHER thinks it is ANYTHING OTHER THAN A GIVEN (which CLEARLY HERE in this FEATURED STATEMENT is considered BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY of Republicans and/of CHRISLAMISTS), to teach to ALL the students in any given class (maybe hers was an all-WHITE class -- that's what I'M guessing!!!), PROVES the HATE in THEIR HEART: THEY think (meaning Mrs. Deal, here), that teaching ALL students is ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY -- especially when THIS is the featured quote on her page as "First Lady of Georgia": .


 Well, I can't seem to format things here properly, but JUST LOOK at her PLASTERED FAKE SMILE and her thin bloodless lips that had to be "rouged".

ABSOLUTELY the mark of yet another WHITE DEVIL!!!

But the REAL PROBLEM is with her husband, Nathan. He has REFUSED to endorse a UNIFIED HIGH SCHOOL PROM in a district that has ALWAYS held separate Black, & White Proms (with NOWHERE for the newer Latinos to go!!!).

Now even AVOWED RACISTS know and ADMIT that proms for Public Schools must include all. Gov. Nathan Deal's CONFIDENT NON-endorsement of ending this Racial Divide (and remember, ANY group could have their later or simultaneous parties of ONLY THEIR KIND, quite LEGALLY), PROVES THE NAZI IDEALS he both openly and secretly espouses.

The Nathans call First Baptist Church in Gainsville, GA their spiritual home, so it MUST be a HOTBED of CHRISLAM!!! I will be ADDING (irreversibly) some email addresses in the Governor's office as well as at his church.


Dear Gov. Deal:

As a recent 27 year citizen of Georgia, former assistant to Tennessee Williams who promised Jackie Kennedy Onassis in 1982 that I would eventually GET her and President Kennedy's ULTIMATE REVENGE -- and vested with the VALUES of my Kenan Family (secretly the wealthiest in the USA due to Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, etc. stock control), as well as the FULL BACKING of many ACTUAL PATRIOTS like Frank Sinatra's heirs and MANY Kennedy whom I know personally, I am turning my attention to YOU and your wife who is not only a CUNT, but a WHORE OF BEELZEBUB as well.

I do this In the Name of the ONE GOD who loves and supports US ALL!!!

I have ADDITIONAL concerns about Stone Mountain City and Park -- as well as other Georgia matters -- to discuss with you as well. And THIS message and THOSE concerns can be found in my blog: .

May I suggest you contact Gov. Pat McCrory, (919) 733-5811 and speak to him or his representative Ms. Alicia Johnson, who can fill you in on MORE about me -- as well as give you my direct-dial cell phone number here in Mexico.

I will have MANY Republicans in Georgia in Federal Prison for HIGH TREASON soon enough. Feel free to allow me to do the same to you.

And HERE is YOUR specific blog post -- more to be published about YOU and Georgia soon.I am ALSO copying several clergy at First Baptist, Gainesville, GA so they also know WHAT GOD HATH WROUGHT!!!

All best,
Scott David Kenan

4. As you might or might not have noticed, I had EXTENDED this blog's title so that it is NOW: "The Weather Up Here: An END TIMES Comedy!!!" I expect to use Comedy, Humor, and especially RIDICULE, as my TOP spiritual teacher, Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz, always said it best in one of his most POPULAR talks: "Ridiculing the Ridiculous".

I sure hope Wayne Gibson has CLEAR OWNERSHIP of all his late "husband's" Intellectual Property!!!

5. Believe it or not, I got a text from Martin "Marco" Jacobo (who had stolen my last two bottles of expensive cologne as well as a $389.00 USD giant-memoried iPod Touch when he and "Sonny" moved me here from Chacala, Nyarit, Mexico 2.5 months ago. Martin has stopped over to get TWO excellent blow jobs from me since then -- and BEFORE I realized it was HE who had stolen them.

Martin: "Went can I stop and c a movie? A good movie?"

Me: "Sorry, I'm all out of cologne and iPods. You full of cum?"

Martin: "2 bad u don't have iPots or perfume but u never give me nothing. U piece of shit white trash gay." (Actually, I had paid Martin and Sonny MORE than the going rate in Mexico for their moving help -- as well as bought them TWO large meals and GAVE THEM a number of useful things I no longer needed that totalled between $200.00 and $300.00 USD -- and Sonny had CONSCIOUSLY allowed my cats to destroy TWO Huichol yarn paintings that I had bought recently for nearly $500.00 total -- Sonny ADMITTING he had seen the cat doing it FROM THE START when it could have been STOPPED and the painting repaired. It was several days LATER when Sonny BEAT ME and THREATENED ME AT KNIFE-POINT when I said to BEWARE some glass Sonny had just broken that his barefoot daughter Jeretzi was about to step on -- Sonny claiming this somehow DISRESPECTED BOTH SONNY AND HIS WIFE!!!)

Me: "Fucking thief. You believe u have the right 2 steal so u call me faggot and ask 2 come over 4 blowjob. You have made yourself into a BAD JOKE with a GIANT PRETTY penis. LOL!!!"

No further response.

6. I have some extra tomato and Italian basil plants that I grew from seed, and intend to offer them this morning to merchants at the "SATURDAY GRINGO MARKET" in Old Town -- as well as stop to see Luis Melgoza (I allege Luis is TOP CIA in Puerto Vallarta), and his business partner in , which is ACTUALLY A CIA "shell corporation" HQ'ed in Virginia -- until I blogged about THAT several months ago and they IMMEDIATELY disconnected the listed phone there. HA!!!

PV GEEKS not only OWNS and RUNS the biggest "gay rag" in Puerto Vallarta (a pretty good one): , the CIA/Narco-Traffickers have INFILTRATED MOST gay businesses in Puerto Vallarta, which is NOT surprising since gay clubs and Mafia have been TOTALLY MARRIED since early in the Twentieth Century when gay clubs needed Mafia protection to remain OPEN in the United States.

Luis Melgoza's CHIEF PARTNER is the tall, red-haired Salvador "Sal" Fuentes, who looks Irish and is a US Citizen. You will please recall that when the CIA/Drug Mafia FOOLED me into believing I had been interviewed by 60 MINUTES, summer of 2010, it was Sal, then owner with his mousey wife of Deli Baguette in Conchas Chinas -- across the street from the apartment I lived in owned by the man Luis in summer 2012 (THEN, Luis pretending to work FOR the Mexican Government, WAS the TOP CIA/US SPECIAL FORCES, retired, narco-trafficker, fake-charity-scam operator, and KILLER, Benjamin Shields and his wife Adriana -- Ben having SEVERAL 20-minute and longer discussions with my mother by phone and in front of me to get instructions), ACTUALLY CONFIRMED that ALL Puerto Vallarta Law Enforcement KNEW the Shieldses were CIA NARCO-TRAFFICKERS.

But what is NEW in this bog today, is that in deep meditation I have remembered MORE, and Luis Melgoza is the person WHO WAS ALSO PRESENT when Sal and his "mother" pretended to be MY THIRD or FOURTH  KENAN COUSINS, and had as MESSENGERS from Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, NC SENT 60 Minutes to get my story. HA!!!

>>> ADDED AT 3:41 CDT: I thought I should clarify HOW I am so certain -- which I now am -- that it was actually Luis Melgoza who was ALSO at Deli Baguette that day -- and also that he showed up ONLY right as the ( "Shalom!" -tossing) FAKE producer of the last 12 years of Walter Cronkite's CBS EVENING NEWS -- also then claimed to be " . . . the most highly-decorated of ALL TV newswomen -- don't you KNOW of her???"), was JUST LEAVING.

It was this person who tossed some crack at me about Benjamin Shields -- my landlord then, before he locked me OUT using handcuffs from the Puerto Vallarta Police Substation adjacent to his property. I went there with the ACTUAL Chief of Police of PV (a TOTALLY COOL GUY!!!), and he and the four or five other officers were all FREAKED OUT by those handcuffs we found ALSO locking my door.

In any case, I have remembered that man's silhouette and voice/accent qualities, only. And it is the memory of the VOICE that is a perfect match -- and Luis Melgoza's body fits the silhouette quite reasonably.

* * *


Luis has THREATENED me with MANY Libel and other lawsuits -- but I have been served with NONE!!!

It will be fun to today THANK the two of them in their PV GEEKS booth at the Gringo Market for BEING SUCH GOOD CHARACTERS, no???

I need to RUN DO THAT NOW -- before it's too late for today.

Gracias por tu ATTENTION!!!




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