Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CNN: DETERMINED to Get worse and Worse and WORSE (as its Republican TIME/Warner bosses PANIC!!!)!!!

Although CNN DID get this photo of the US Marines in Afghanistan showing their allegiance to the Nazi SS:



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Ron Sarver He just needs to STFU and go away.

  • Michael David Barber Moghul What they should do is organize a boycott of whatever he is doing at the moment and hurt his wallet.

  • William Quill He's an idiot, but not a legislator, so I don't think it matters that much.

  • Marq Anderson He can't help it. He's the pope, after all....

  • Scott Kenan Ron Sarver needs to F*CK HIMSELF. CLEARLY he never listened to what Mr. Irons said, and like MOST NAZI-Americans (many claiming to be "Liberals"), he IGNORES CONTEXT to celebrate soundbites that his minuscule brain can process. If you LIKE people like Mr. Sarver, you will ALSO like people who wanted to tar and feather Elton John who for $1,000,000.00 played at Drug-Rush Limbaugh's third serial wedding and DRUG TAKING FESTIVAL that happened at my cousin Thomas S. Kenan III's iconic BREAKERS HOTEL in Palm Beach. Elton knows that 1. Rush Limbaugh is an ENTERTAINER who supports gay marriage enough to be sure to ask his PERSONAL FRIENDS Elton and David Furnish to BOTH attend the wedding, and 2. MUSIC eventually can HEAL the most CORRUPTED soul -- like that of Mr. Limbaugh. Please see more detailed reports of this wedding here: . or my ON-GOING expose of the USA as ALREADY a Nazi country -- as I promised Jackie Kennedy Onassis I would one day do at a party 1/11/1982, she knowing my Kenan Family's SUPER WEALTH and INTEGRITY!!!
  • My blog in general: .
  • Thank you for reading this. Scott



  • Michael David Barber Moghul Scott, we know that we live in a plutocracy that is protected by the christian fascist police state. That's been going on for decades.

  • Hc Donnelly And maybe we should insist on our OWN HOMELAND... Shall we occupy a small country and evict the present land-owners and start a new Country - one where Straight people need a passport and have to pass a lie detector test about their views on homosexuality, race, gender etc.

    I would be up for it - told my son yesterday I wanted to emigrate to a different planet - I live in an area where the local authority homophobes can abuse the law - they come and cut down the hedges of gay residents BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT "BIRDS" NESTING IN THE AREA - Is this France, Is it Iraq or Afghanistan - NO ITS IN MANCHESTER IN ENGLAND!!

  • Daniel Acuña Scott Kenan needs to F*CK HIMSELF. CLEARLY he is just an idiot himself.

  • Scott Kenan I work with my Kenan relatives whose Kenan Charitable Trusts (run by OUT gay Kenans), are the World's LARGEST private support of University Education in the world. UNC Chapel Hill was FOUNDED by Kenans in 1789 -- as they simultaneously INVENTED the world's FIRST public university EVER!!! Today also making amends for US WAR CRIMES in S.E. (Vietnam War) Asia via Kenan Institute Asia in SEVEN countries. I met Jackie and MANY Kennedys whom I still work with as well as Frank Sinatra's heirs who sold the Kenan Family control of Bank of America while working for Tennessee Williams. THIS THREAD has already been republished on my blog and will soon be emailed to 500 top Political Contacts worldwide. Contact me if you want YOUR identity DISGUISED!!!: . Thanks!!! Scott

  • Scott Kenan "Hate Speech"??? What is HATE SPEECH except a bunch of gay human beings VOLUNTARILY turning into NAZI FAGGOTS. Chris Brandon would do well to bend over and "just take it." LOL!!!

  • Scott Kenan And I work directly with President Pena Nieto (who is GAY and everyone in Mexico knows it and does NOT care), as well as former Presidents Calderone and Salinas to RUN THE CIA NARCO-TRAFFICKERS out of Puerto Vallarta where I live. The Chicago Drug Mafia which is OWNED by the CIA/Republican Party is RUN by Rahm Emanuel and BLACKMAILED HOMOSEXUAL Barack Obama. The foreign press has reported all about Obama's life in gay bath houses in Chicago while a US Senator -- and Michelle found out last September. If we want to BREAK the NAZI/Republican worldwide Drug Mafia, Obama MUST BE OUTED so they NO LONGER blackmail him. Reggie Love is his current "man squeeze". If we ALL smoke a little pot and settle down and THINK, I'm certain ALL WILL WORK OUT -- OK???
  • Thanks, Scott

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    The Kenan Charitable Trusts, BEGAN, really, with the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Foundation -- the GRAD-DADDY of Educational Charitable Trusts in the WORLD. THIS Mr. Kenan married LATE and to a woman who was WONDERFUL -- but bore him no children. On her death, William R. Kenan, Jr. moved in with his LIFELONG male secretary Scotty, and they shared the rest of their lives together -- a surprisingly long time.
    William Rand Kenan, Jr. died in 1965 at the age of 93 -- still engaging and challenging (from his wheelchair), the neighborhood children --

    whom he preferred to STUFFY ADULTS!!!

    Frank Hawkins Kenan (heir to Frank Hawkins who had "Put the PHOENIX in Atlanta") then SHARED responsibility of the Kenan Wealth with his brother CORRECTED: attorney James Kenan of Atlanta -- both of them COMPLETE HETEROSEXUALS as far as I know.
    Today, Thomas S. Kenan III (who "shared" C. Robbie Anderson with me -- both of us dating Robbie at separate times in 1985), has ALWAYS been OUT and GAY. Tom NOW runs the LARGEST Kenan Charities.

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    FAILINGS (as a NEWS organization) :
    1. ENORMOUS new formatting difficulties this morning from CIA/Google/Blogger -- but nothing INSURMOUNTABLE!!!

    2. John King went OUT OF HIS WAY to say the suspect of the Boston bombings was BROWN when NOTHING more was known of him. John had gotten a DESCRIPTION that he for security reasons felt he should NOT yet divulge -- EXCEPT OF RACE!!!

    3. Gloria Vanderbilt BOUGHT her tiny-tittied son Anderson Cooper his position at CNN. This past December, while I was in NYC, security guards -- prompted by a merchant who OVERHEARD me joking with another customer about Republicans at the Christmas Market on the Vanderbilt Ave. side of apparently STILL Vanderbilt-Owned Grand

    Central Station PERMANENTLY BARRED ME FROM ENTRY to the rail

    station, claiming it is PRIVATE PROPERTY and NO ONE is allowed to "disrespect"

    Republicans there.


    Anderson Cooper and his mother Gloria OWE ME AN APOLOGY!!! (No cash necessary for THIS slight.)

    But since the Internet(s) were ALL ABUZZ of Anderson's sexual FLING with Dr. Sanjay Gupta when the two of them SHARED reporting of Haiti's devastation about three years ago (near the time of Dr. Gupta's marriage to a GORGEOUS but traditional, KOW-TOWING light-skinned India-Indian woman -- or COSTUMED white woman) SANJAY GUPTA (a GREAT medical doctor and reporter) should be OUTED as GAY AS A GOOSE (or Bisexual):


    4. Anderson Cooper is BACK to using his FAKE DEEP DRAMA-VOICE to distract people from ANYTHING IMPORTANT in the news!!!

    5. Piers Morgan REMAINS the ONLY CNN person I trust AT ALL, and I SALUTE HIM for adjusting his own flaws of thinking after his FIRST interview with Gloria Allred (when he INSISTED on moralizing about CONTENT when Gloria's point was that actors in LEGAL porno films are still FUNDAMENTALLY ACTORS with the same rights as anyone else), and then right before the Boston Bombings, he (and me WITH Piers), had to concede that even the CRAZIEST of the "GUN RIGHT" had some IMPORTANT POINTS TO MAKE.

    And THIS is what is most important: NO ONE (including me) is ALL GOOD or ALL BAD. The God-Haters still HATE GOD and want to destroy ALL Civilization -- but some of their POINTS must be addressed, rather than be DISMISSED by caring Progressives.

    6. This morning, John Berman (who has the SNEARING LIPS and "fey" attitude of a CLOSET-CASE FAGGOT), on CNN "Satrting Point" interviewed Sen. James Risch (ID Republican) on the investigation into the FBI FAIL on info sent the USA by Russia. Sen. RISCH tried to make the EXTREMELY IMPORTANT POINT that the MANY communications from Russia are (in HIS word), "conclusatory", presumably meaning they were JUDGEMENTS of the evidence the Russians had rather than FACTS of the brother's WORDS and ACTIONS, so NOT as helpful as would have been preferred for PRACTICAL reasons to the USA.

    But John Berman CUT THE SENATOR OFF deliberately, RE-CHARACTERIZED his words to support the "NAZI line", leaving Sen. Risch shaking his head in frustration. I think this shows that although ALL GOP Senators and Congresspeople have VOTED AS THE NAZI BLOCK many times, SOME are not FULLY NAZI.

    This gives me GREAT HOPE that we can make more progress BEFORE the 2014 elections!!!

    * * *


    "FAGGOTS" (people pretending to be straight when they are actually gay or bisexual in leanings or actions), are IN FACT the biggest security risk to WORLD SECURITY, and until straight people can PROVE they are TRULY STRAIGHT, they should be FIRED from ALL Government and Media positions!!!

    ONLY OUT gay or bisexuals can BE TRUSTED -- but of course not ALL of those.

    Additionally, the various Kenan Charitable Trusts (most now NOT bearing my family name), should be AGGREGATED for efficiency, and re-named something like:



    PS: LOOK -- They've charged MY ENTIRE FAMILY.


    Former UNC W-i-d-e Receiver Facing Murder Charge For Pushing a Man into Traffic After Bar Altercation. See more here: .

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