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Delights and Surprising Surprises (and an "offer", if I have time).

JUST FOUND!!!: Scan of Polaroid of Mark Beard and Georg's (and I'm having a senior moment with names), 1981 Thanksgiving Party on Staten Island with many from the Ridiculous Theatrical Company.
Clockwise from bottom left: Georg, Mark Beard -- in Art School then (recovering from his recent escape from his Mormon TOP BANKING FAMILY -- as well as being great-grandson of one of the three people Joseph Smith dictated the Book of Mormon to), Vasillis Voglis (Tennessee's best male friend in New York who had inherited his male lover's fortune, previously inherited from lover's dad, the President of the New York Stock Exchange), me, Black-Eyed Susan (of Ridiculous Theater fame), Jane Smith (lifelong Williams friend and widow of sculptor Tony Smith, who had as a dancer PREMIERED OKLAHOMA! on the stage and later performed mostly in Europe. Jane was my TOP supporter of the NYC crowd), unknown, Tennessee Williams, and more people unknown to me now.

Something is VERY strange about this file, which in thumbnails and open in programs, looks like the above (which I had to open in Window's viewer and then screen capture to get into blogger correctly), or as if the frame captures two DIFFERENT pictures halfway between frames . . .

It was at THIS party that Tennessee Williams practically HOPPED over the back of an overstuffed sofa to defend a (non-present) woman's honor. He'd been drinking and smoking pot -- one of only two times I saw Tennessee use a drug not prescribed to him. He smoked pot at "Texas" Kate (Schweppe) Sharp, Moldawer (later McNamara)'s Key West house once too.

>>> ADDED 1:28 AM the "next" day: You see how Tennessee Williams is so ROBUST in this picture -- and in my description above. There is much MORE about this party in my memoir via Amazon. But Tom remained EXACTLY this vigorous the whole time I worked for him: about the second week of November 1981 until April 28, 1982.

Less than a year later, after he had become seriously "shrunken", pale and ashen. He complained that they were feeding him ground-up glass in his food -- but they all "poo-poohed" him, saying HE was crazy. And then he was dead and the coronor quietly and RADICALLY changed the cause of death six months later to a SECOND LIE of sudden intolerance to Seconal, a sleep aide he'd taken for many years.

Think about it . . .

* * *

Click image for enlargement: Mark Beard's (corrected: 2009) Christmas Party (looking in from the Smoking Deck)
Mark's Smoking Lounge (corrected: 2009). In 2012, it was CLOSED for RECONSTRUCTION. Apparently, Mark lives ADJACENT to Tennessee Williams' South. See:


1. Nancy (Davis) Reagan spoke by phone with Anderson Cooper tonight -- and sounded GREAT!!! I presumed she was too weak now to know what's going on. Although I can't claim I got to know her well or anything, I hope if she hears of this blog that I think anyone who comes from a troubled childhood and breaks into Hollywood ONLY because of her stellar cock-sucking techniques (she was considered ugly and talentless, otherwise), and married the future LARGE-FIGURE PRESIDENT, Ronald Reagan -- and then suck off Frank Sinatra under the Oval Office Desk whilest the President is napping off pre-Alzheimer's drugs (but before Nancy consulted the astrologer -- her MUST DO before making the President's schedule -- and then THAT led to her fights with Donald Regan which led to the Iran-Contra Affair Cat being let out of the bag . . .

That's some SERIOUS ACCOMPLISHMENTS for ANYONE, but when I think of what I liked about her best (not just in amusing ways), is that she called Barbara Bush "just a farm animal", and stubbornly refused to invite the George H. W. Bushes to the White House socially except TWICE (or once), in EIGHT YEARS!!!

2. I keep meaning to mention that I'm OK, now, with Gen. James "Spider" Marks return to CNN TV. I did business with him directly when I worked for , and he had MUCH TO DO with corrupted military, but that said, he seems to be saying true things the last two weeks. Here is a link to my and his past: .

Here is more on  Michael Massicott and the family he fathered while describing his homosexual MEGA-ADVENTURES to me: . Mike RUNS Pentagon Publishing for the CIA/Republicans, while Patrick Stansbury (the nominal owner), will be DONE AWAY WITH because he's too much an UNRELIABLE POT-HEAD (I eventually found THREE marijuana convictions for Patrick 1998 - 2012, once for LARGE SCALE distribution:

Dr. Price with the FABULOUSLY HIRSUTE  Mike Massicott and his family.

And speaking of jumping over furniture and such, just ask Geraldine Flynn about the time Patrick broke down her front door and tried to RAPE HER and she barely fended him off!!!

3. Douglas Brinkley of fame -- and speaking as well at this year's (like EVERY YEARS') Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival -- appeared on Piers Morgan tonight. I thought he looked as if his face had been dusted with white powder, but decided to be charitable and assume he was under a blue fluorescent light. He spoke only three times and the middle was a MUDDLE time, so maybe I have to add him to the "Tennessee's Meth-Heads" as seen here: .

4. OH!!! And in contrast to Mike Massicott's near-total LUXURIOUS BODY FUR, I ran into Sean Blackwell (actually McAllister of ) today, here:

CLICK image to enlarge -- but there's STILL no evidence of a Happy Trail AT ALL!!! (and his lightly-haired pits ALWAYS had strong odor beginning an hour after his showers) Out of frame, he had apparently tucked his danglies up his rear.

Sean's wife Ligia Spendora with her brother, a "Republican", according to Ligia, who had made "MILLIONS" in the New York Securities market as a trader and has CONTINUED to support Sean and Ligia now for about ten years.

Sean still TODAY, hasn't figured out what to make of me.

* * *


Although I earlier today EMAILED the suggestion that they just ERASE MY RECORD OF THE ILLEGAL CHARGES, i came to realize that with me having the paper to prove them, etc., that I would have a lot of my usual fun with that -- so not such a good idea.

But thinking MORE about it, I could write it all up TRUTHFULLY, but mostly to show they HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR about the past -- which will be WELL PAST by the time it's published, and they will have had time to PROVE THEY ARE COOL NOW, so every COMPLIMENT THEM on how well they PLAYED VILLAINS back before Humans completed the graduation to ARTSTS.



My cousin George Meyer (CHRISLAMIST, maybe-faggot) with his girlfriend, Susan Grant the noted ORIGINATOR of the "EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL ROMANCE" dimestore genre, EARLY female grad of the US Air Force Academy who worked there for eight years AFTERWARD to help CHRISLAMISIZE it before going on to become United Airlines' FIRST FEMALE FULL 747 Captain!!!
Wisely, Susan (who was a TOTAL BITCH to me at cousin-by-marriage Greg Lernihan's (see: and halfway down here: ), lake-house in central Indiana at the 2009 Meyer Family Reunion.
Cool pic of my Dad, William Scott Kenan, at that same reuion, he then 91.


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