Thursday, April 11, 2013

Good News for North Carolina!!!


1. First, I told Alicia that I was PLEASED to see this news item: .

It was not just the IDEA of it -- which seems quite sound -- but the fact that a Senior VP of Coca-Cola Charlotte is on board with it. REGARDLESS the Kenan Family's stock position in Coca-Cola USA or the Charlotte bottler, YOU CAN'T BEAT COKE FOR MARKETING!!! It continues to LOSE in blind taste tests, yet FAR outsells Pepsi (originally from North Carolina but in Purchase, NY now), and Coca-Cola KEEPS GAINING!!!

2. I explained to Alicia that I MUST have some indication from the Gov. TOMORROW, that he and I can work together or I will SUE NC "entities". D.A. Ben David LIED to my lawyer, promising to DROP all the cases against me within a year if I stayed out of NC. I have done that but the charges remain on the books.

3. I also told Alicia that the Gov. has to be EXTREMELY SKILLED to get to his position and I TOTALLY RESPECT THAT!!! And knowing that in the USA one MUST have a TON OF MONEY to get elected, one makes compromises and that is just a FACT OF LIFE.

That does NOT mean Gov. McCrory is "bad", but it means he HAS TO give his backers some "red meat" and PART of how he's done that is to make Art Pope -- one of the TOP fundraisers for Republicans in the ENTIRE COUNTRY his Deputy Budget Director.

I will take my "Philosophical Problems" with today's Republican Party DIRECTLY to people like Art Pope, Charles and David Koch, and OTHER top Republican moneymen (I don't recall seeing any WOMEN raising much money for Republicans -- have YOU???). I have ALREADY battled it out with Peter Thiel co-founder of PayPal a year ago when PayPal was REFUSING to transfer to me money in my PayPal account. Peter being an OUT GAY, quickly caved back then and I've had NO MORE trouble with him.

Mr. Adelson of the casinos is under such HUGE INVESTIGATIONS for various forms of LAW BREAKING, I doubt it's worth bothering with HIS sorry ass. I expect to directly contact Carl Rove soon. In early 2010 -- when I wrote my FIRST TWO BLOG POSTS indicating that my mother was Dick Cheney's Swastika-phillic chief liaison with the last three Popes, Cheney had HEART ATTACKS within TWO HOURS of both posts being blogged.

MANY of my friends asked me to HIT HARDER then, but I fell back -- not wanting to harm Mr. Cheney's health, but rather to GIT HIM ALIVE and tried for HIGH TREASON eventually. he got a pace-maker or similar since then. If I can't get results dealing with Art Pope, the Koch Brothers, and Carl Rove, I will THEN contact Dick Cheney DIRECTLY.

So NOW it is "do or die" for Gov. McCrory and the FINANCIAL future of North Carolina's TREASURY. If I DO go forward with the Law Suits, I will be in close touch with Art Pope to coordinate the BEST WAY to remove $100,000,000.00 from the North Carolina Budget -- although SOME of it will come from the Police Department (or City) of Wilmington and the New Hanover County and STATE Republican Party coffers.

I intend to blog NO MORE today.

Thank you for reading this!!!


I have NO IDEA who John Lund is -- and I NEVER sculpt my EYEBROWS (like this)!!!

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