Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina PUNTS to his Assistant Budget Director (not EXACTLY)!!!

Art Pope Joins McCrory Administration as Deputy Budget Director
Throughout his public service career, Pope’s top goal has been to reform North Carolina’s budget and tax system to better serve citizens.

Obviously, the Art Pope is a GOOD MAN!!! It just seems a SHAME that Art (bald with red tie), felt a need to stand IN BACK at the announcement.

>>> EMAIL JUST SENT TO MR. ART POPE (via secure server to here: http://artpope.com/ ) :

Dear Mr. Pope:

My name is Scott David Kenan of the family that founded UNC Chapel Hill, but I was ALSO playwright Tennessee Williams's assistant (1981 - 1982), and had occassion to promise Jackie Kennedy Onassis to GET HER AND PRESIDENT KENNEDY'S REVENGE one day -- after she got Tennessee Williams to write the codicil to his will to TRY to prevent the Episcopal Church and Republican Party of Tennessee (the state), from murdering Tennessee to keep him from changing his will to leave all to Harvard instead of Sewanee (The University of the South).

As you know, this did NOT work!!!

Recently, I fell PREY to DEMOCRAT-DEVIL District Attorney Benjamin R. David and his protection of NC State Sen. Thom Goolsby's HUGE illegal drug operation in Port Wilmington (which had most IRONICALLY been set up by my parents William Scott Kenan and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan when they lived in ILM. They live in Raleigh now with a LISTED phone -- if you'd like to ASK them about any of this.

Now Gov. McCrory (one of YOUR in-the-pocket boys) -- if the Press is to be believed, is NOT KNOWING WHAT TO MAKE OF ME!!! Could you PLEASE calm him down and reassure him that he and I HAVE to work together -- and I will drop ALL CLAIMS for financial damages AS WELL AS NOT FILE SUIT against NC Courts of GROSS violations of my Civil Rights. 

Lawyers Jeffrey Toobin (an email correspondent now for two years), and Dean Hansell (whom I slept with for a month while we both attended Denison University -- later he was a Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, won a HUGE award for Michael Jackson's family, and even served as a Denison University TRUSTEE -- just like Sen. Lugar (IN, retired), who founded a political school there) have advised me I could easily get upward of $100,000.00 (CORRECTION!!!: In both this post and in the emails sent to the Art Pope, Gov. McCrory -- directly -- and the "CORE of 500" it was incorrect. The CORRECT amount is $100,000,000.00 or ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS, US ), in settlement -- maybe without going to court.

Gloria Alred's org has advised me as well -- although I never spoke with Gloria herself.

Anywhooo . . . please look over the last week of my blog-postings -- and I need to REACH AN UNDERSTANDING with Gov. McCrory by END OF THIS WEEK. I hear you have his ear and are now Deputy Budget Director, so do what you can to calm him down, please -- even his admin Alicia Johnson goes home SICK whenever I announce in advance I'm gonna call -- and she's a NICE PERSON!!!

FUN FACT (since I noticed you fund a lot of "Tea Party" partying: Gen. James Kenan led the FIRST EVER armed resistance to the Crown over the hated STAMP ACT on the banks of the Cape Fear River at Wilmington, NC EIGHT YEARS before the Boston Tea Party.

Moral Is: Kenan's are ALWAYS ahead of the PACK!!! (Also: I ALWAYS WIN!!!) In this case, SO FAR ahead that we didn't get credit (except in the Hearts of TRUE SOUTHERNERS). Knowing that, you should IMMEDIATELY disavow yourself of ANY "Tea Party Connection". Those people are just ignorant TRAILER TRASH (mostly), and ESPECIALLY ignorant of American History, and worse -- OF GOD!!!

They are all (or mostly), CHRISLAMISTS!!!

Please see more details in my blog: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com .

If you would care to speak to me personally, here is my number as dialed directly from the US and Canada: +011-52-1 (322) XXX-XXXX.

I hope to hear from you soon -- email's OK too.

Scott David Kenan
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (in Political Exile from North Carolina, only)

CLICK image to enlarge.

The SIX-FOOT Kenan Cock atop Kenan Steeple at First Presbyterian, Wilmington, NC
(Actually, it's a WAKE-UP call.)

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