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HOW to Know They DON'T Believe You're "Crazy" -- When They SHOUT IT from the Rooftops (and other matters).

I don't know ANYTHING about Ms. Morgan -- I got this by image-googling "crazy on rooftop".
>>> WHY NOT GET RIGHT TO THE POINT (first for a change) ???:
It only STANDS TO REASON that if people argue with you stridently, talk loudly OVER you, do all to keep people from hearing and/or respecting you, DENY YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, jail, nut-house commit, POISON (happened to me FIVE times -- including by Amy Fortenberry, who SELF-CLAIMED to be head of Wal-Mart's TOP team of 20 lawyers to HARASS anyone opposing Wal-Mart's plans -- etc. . . .
And ESPECIALLY if you DON'T threaten yourself or anyone else with violence, nor break OTHER laws (not counting things like "open container" -- which is the ONLY actual law-breaking I was EVER correctly accused of because Robbie Trayhan, "Jersey", and I were cited in an alleyway in Wilmington, NC for that).
You see, the arresting officer CORRECTLY picked up and sniffed an empty closed coffee cup I had discarded -- and from which I HAD previously drunk only ONE beer while walking TO the alley (so not anywhere near inebriated). I had poured the beer into the cup so I would NOT easily be apprehended while Robbie and "Jersey" (Michael Keogh), were basically CHUGGING beers. The female officer did NOT catch us in the act, but the empty cans were on the ground, and TWO of us WERE inebriated. LOL!!!
Robbie and "Jersey" got their citations DROPPED, and Jersey (while drunk one day), admitted to me that his was dropped in exchange for giving District Attorney Ben David info on me, while Robbie had so many EASILY proven SAME CHARGES that it was NOT worth anyone's trouble to press a citation that was problematic for technical reasons -- especially with me BLOGGING about all that. MY citation was ALSO dropped (one of the TWO of eight charges Ben David had OTHERWISE trumped up against me without cause). And then research proved that THAT particular alley was PRIVATE (not city), property, so I'm not certain how illegal it was to have an open beer can there, anyway -- but I DID take the cops' word that I was "permanently banned from the alley by the property owner", which PROVED the officers knew it was NOT a public street.
Robert Arnold Trahan and Michael "Jersey" Keogh in two of their more POPULAR "Mug Shots". 
Today, Robbie Trahan lives in Texas near the Oklahoma line, and has phone-called and emailed me about his MANY $20,000.00+ winnings (pay-offs), in casinos in OK that are run by Native Americans, but SUPERVISED by his sister, Denise Trahan (Ben David has LOTS of ways to pay people off for their help, including giving them NEW or nearly new pick-up trucks to LEAVE TOWN IN, like he did HIS OWN LOVER, who had sat (him, not me, DRUNK), with me on a bench and CALLED Ben David telling him that I was on my way to report Ben's protection of narco-trafficking to the DEA in the Nixon Building. 
Michael Keogh is allegedly in a Presbyterian Church program to find people jobs -- and has DRIED OUT!!! But that isn't the WHOLE story, since in early JANUARY of this year, a woman calling herself Sheri Fitch McGraw contacted me via Facebook, and put me BACK in touch with "Jersey", who hung up on me back then. HA!!!
Sheri Fitch McGraw's FACEBOOK photo
But SHERI (who claimed to HAVE FOUNDED a Presbyterian agency with the help of a Presbyterian minister, , yet SEPARATELY had told me she is a PROFESSING ATHEIST, BLOCKED me on Facebook -- and my direct emails then too. I found she has ALSO worked as the Event Coordinator for Hotel Tarrymore, but had some LEGAL SCUFFLES as well (the drugs meth and crack are OFTEN enjoyed WITHOUT big symptoms for "nice" people to notice until things get OUT OF CONTROL): .
I just called Jersey and his cell still works (but STILL he has no voicemail set up -- a SURE FIRE WAY to identify CRIMINALS in Wilmington, NC!!! I sent his a text, WARNING him i am now working with Republican Governor Pat McCrory to PUT BEN DAVID IN JAIL!!! (Not strictly true, but close.)
Here is my original posting of being THRILLED that Michael Keogh is still ALIVE!!!: .
Completing a few threads: 1. I will REPRINT (with CLARITY added), my original posting of District Attorney Ben David's male lover telling Ben over-the-phone IN MY PRESENCE to SHOOT HIMSELF because I was REALLY going to talk to the DEA in my next post, but you can "sneak-peak" the slightly confusing original here. I'm pretty sure that Lee was ACTUALLY the guy's name: .

A ONE-LESS 2. I had a DELIGHTFUL call with my mother today, letting her KNOW I am trying to work with Gov. Pat McCrory to CLEAN UP WILMINGTON HYPOCRISY -- and to OUT PRESIDENT OBAMA AS A BLACKMAILED GAY who supports the CIA's narco-trafficking.

Mom was THRILLED to hear about it, and EAGERLY asked for my cell phone number. If MY SWASTIKA-PHILLIC mother can FIND SALVATION somehow/somewhere and now SUPPORT ME ENTHUSIASTICALLY, why can't some of YOU???

3. I also spoke with my sister Jane, and let her know that I would NOT continue trying to find agreement with Jane over interpretation of the FACTS of our past. There is NO POINT arguing with some females (or males). Jane has accepted that and we are back on good terms.

I never felt I NEEDED to find any agreement with my brother Mike -- I could tell by his tone of voice a couple of weeks ago, that he at least ACCEPTS my views as being TRUE FOR ME, and he understands their overall truth as well. My younger sister, Julie, remains "problematic", oh WELL!!!

4. At the time I spoke with the NEW DEA head in Wilmington, NC about the narco-trafficking in Port Wilmington, he (I still have his business card), listened intently and respectfully -- and TOOK NOTES -- while the man he was replacing was ALSO there and pooh-poohed me as a comically-deranged person. I ALSO spoke with the Coast Guard Officer in charge of DRUG INTERDICTION about the mini-subs unloading drugs under Snow's Cut Bridge, but he listened politely, but REFUSED to begin an investigation. I don't think I knew he would POOP OUT when I wrote this posting about it at the time (and this is ALSO more proof of Lee Gosney of , my former place of employment) being DEEP in the narcotics trafficking): .

5. And HERE is what happened when I was still naive enough to think the FBI would care AT ALL!!!: . Both Frank (head of the Wilmington office), and the people I spoke to at NC FBI HQ in Charlotte TOTALLY brushed me off. This was shortly before the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte and Pat McCrory was MAYOR of Charlotte then, so maybe our Governor can shed some insight on ALL  OF THAT!!!

6. Now you MIGHT still call me "crazy", but you HAVE TO ADMIT I can -- over time -- sort out the confusion and PROVE THE LOGIC (if not ALL my points). This MUST make me legally SANE -- just like many argue that some of the recent serial killers are MENTALLY ILL, yet RESPONSIBLE for their crimes due to the evidence of PLANNING AND LOGIC.

If anyone wants to LABEL me with any mental illness, I could NOT care less -- it says FAR MORE about THEM, than it says about ME!!!


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