Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How a WELL MEANING Young Black Man IGNORES REALITY and ATTACKS ME (as he was TRAINED TO DO by well-meaning other Americans)

Mario Mathis shows off his GORGEOUSNESS on a beach.
See another photo of Mario with my friend and writer/TV personality Melody Moezzi here: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2013/04/false-prophet-warningproof-cia-in-stone.html

>>> THIS JUST IN at 1:16 PM, CDT: Mario Mathis has BLOCKED me from his Facebook Page -- but Melody Moezzi has NOT !!!

In MY opinion -- and although in MY OWN personal experience I would use this term which ONLY REALLY means a person with ABSOLUTELY no self-respect -- nearly all these people being WHITE -- I will NOW add Mario Mathis to Barack Obama (because Barry Bam-Bam, who is HALF-WHITE and RAISED BY A WHITE LIBERAL WOMAN, but LOOKS "black") is just a no-count smooth-talker who with Rahm Emanuel (a JEW-NIGGER), runs the Chicago Drug Mafia -- Rahm an OUT gay, Obama a CLOSET-CASE FAGGOT -- to my list of ONLY two "black-seeming" people I call NIGGERS!!!

(Doesn't mean ANYONE  actually IS a nigger -- just that they CHOOSE TO ACT LIKE ONE.)

I have a HUGE list of WHITE PEOPLE I call "niggers", which includes the following:

Harry Reid
Dick Cheney
BOTH Presidents Bush
John Boehner
John McCain
Mitch McConnell
Lindsay Graham
Ted Cruz
Carl Rove
Rick Santorem
Al Gore
Nathan Deal
Thom Goolsby
Benjamin R. David

Newt Gingrich is TOO WILEY to not be amused by (now). He's CERTAINLY GROWN in the last year to AMUSING. (Imagine him nekkid and butt-fucking Sarah Palin in the great HIPPO-DRONE, above).


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  • Thanks A Million for the Birthday Wishes! This year it meant something a lot different than previous years before. I told a few of you, but most of you do not know... Last year I took 3 cancer screenings. Two of them came back benign within the expected timeframe. The morning after the last one, I received a call and was told, "Mario, it's bad news. You have cancer and it looks very bad." To make a very long story short: I had to take more tests and wait about 2 more months for the pathologists to prove if what they saw on my CT Scan was actually cancer... While waiting on my news, my mother's youngest sister was diagnosed with multiple cancers and died in the hospital within weeks. My test results finally came in around the end of February and it was confirmed that I did not have cancer. They made a mistake. The best-worse mistake a person could make! I said to myself I wasn't going to share this on Facebook, but today I felt compelled to. I'm in tears right now because I am happy to be alive today. Many people do not end up hearing this news... Thanks for the birthday wishes again! It means more than you know :) Thanks to everyone of you that I told during that time... Thanks for keeping my head above water.


Scott Kenan I think you should blame Melody Moezzi for yur good fortune. That's what I'd do (knowing her, too, and all).

  • Kenya Cole Rocker I admire your courage, Mario! God Bless You! Happy Birthday, too! (Wishing you many more)...Love ya', man! ;o)

  • Mario Mathis I know Mike, thnx man! I know I told you while I was still waiting, but I didn't tell you right after I found out the good news Even good news like that was heavy & strange. I was completely overwhelmed... And yes Scott, Melody & her mom was there from day one! Her mother is also a pathologist and she called me, text me, e-mailed me, and advised me through it... Another friend loaned me his brother who is a doctor as well... And another friend is a nurse. I had some great help even beyond what my doctors were saying. I know more of my friends would have helped, but "I" was the one who was uncomfortable with the information and it was a bad time, and I was tired of talking about it and needed to just move-on until everything was "re" confirmed. I have some amazing friends!

  • Scott Kenan Mario -- this is shocking!!! Melody has a MOM??? I always suspected she was born out of a conch shell, Aladdin's Lamp, or sumpthin' like that . . .

  • Ontario Smith Happy belated birthday Mario and I'm so happy for you! Life is too short and death is too long. Lets do this people!

  • Scott Kenan Ontario Smith: We're ALL happy for Mario, but I'm curious why you say " . . . death is too long." Nobody KNOWS this without experiencing death. Are you claiming you remember your LAST DEATH and you can CONFIRM that reincarnation is REAL??? Thanks, Scott

  • Cori Lewis Wow Mario, that's deep!!! I'm so glad to hear that all is well and that you are OK! Mariooooooooooo!!! (Me having a flashback, remembering how all the sisters loved us some MARIO; always screaming your name and rushing you whenever you entered a room so we could hug you to life. ☺)

  • Mario Mathis Scott Kenan, thanks again for the well wishes, but I do not appreciate you questioning Ontario on my page. Please do not challenge my friends on a thread that is directed to me. I find it to be disrespectful to them and to myself. Ontario Smith's comment was and is intended for me. He and I have vacationed together before, I know exactly what he means, and he's right! Thanks Scott. ~Mario

  • Kimberly Bass

  • Tammara L. Warren Happy Belated Birthday!!

  • Scott Kenan Mario Mathis: I NEVER questioned your friend Ontario Smith -- I TEASED him about his unthinking extra meanings of his words -- and if Ontario thought I was "horrid" I''m sure he is QUITE CAPABLE of calling me on it. he did NOT. There never was a  problem. This aggressive BS is exactly what is wrong in America: People are overly sensitized. MY basic message is that EVERYONE's JUST FINE, so we should ALL (inclucing me), stop acting like a bunch of nelly old school marms with our RIGHTEAOUS OUTRAGES and GET TO WORK TOGETHER healing ourselves and our nation.

  • Scott Kenan Also, the BIGGEST thing I POSTED ON THIS thread (or possibly on Melody Moezzi 's thread about your birthday was the FACT that the BIGGEST thing I am trying to MAKE AMENDS FOR is the CAUSING of the worst RACIAL CRIME in America by a "black sheep" of my UBER-WEALTHY kenan relatives: The Wilmington Race Riot of 1898 --and my telling THE WHOLE USA and the WORLD that my family is MOST to blame for it and the passage of the Jim Crow Laws across the South withing two years of that. The Kenans ALSO went on to be (for 100 years now), the BIGGEST private support of University education in the ENTIRE WORLD, as well as now preservidnt ALL the native languages and cultures in Latin America, and for 15 years the Kenan Instittue Asia is the world's LARGEST government/private agency in the world -- making amends of US War Crimes in Southeast Asia in SEVEN countries by providing clean water plants, education, and small loans for people to start SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE businesses. Your criticism of me seems to IGNORE these things that were referenced in your earlier KIND comments to me as if you had READ WHAT I POSTED THERE. The adjective for people who IGNORE the FACTS and act out of IRRATIONAL FEARS (most Republicans, if you ask me), is ignorant. As my boss playwright Tennessee Williams once had Blanch DuBois say: "Don't hang back with the beasts." Here is one OTHER example of my family's work today: http://kenan.ethics.duke.edu/ . Thank you for allowing me to explain further. Scott

    We are an interdisciplinary “think and do” tank committed to promoting moral reflection and commitment, conducting interdisciplinary research, and shaping policy and practice. At Duke we serve as a central node for analysis, debate, and engagement on ethical issues at and beyond the university. We c...See More

  • Scott Kenan Also, while you were busy imagining my slights, yesterday I actually CONFRONTED IN PUBLIC the second in command of the CIA/Republican Party NARCO-TRAFFICKERS in Puerto Vallarta -- and later reported THAT to the Mayor of PV, the Gov. of Jalisco State, and Presidente Pena Nieto of Mexico, I having reported MUCH about American narco-trafficking in the past to Presidente Calderone, and my good friend Dr. Salazar has been a help -- he the BEST PERSONAL FRIEND of former Mexican Presidente Salinas, with whom he once CRIED because they didn't know HOW they would get the CIA narco-traffickers OUT of Puerto Vallarta. Well I"M HELPING THEM!!!
  • That said, perhaps we could ALL settle down and smoke what God gave as a GREAT GIFT: a little marijuana. I know that is what I'm gonna do now (but ONLY if my neighbors begin burning it to clear "weeds" that grow wild here).
  • I cordially invite you to join me long-distance, sir.

    From here: https://www.facebook.com/APSIDuke . EVERY agency or school listed in the credits in this "poster" is LARGELY if not TOTALLY funded by various Kenan Family Charities, profits coming largely from Kenan control of the stocks of Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Coca-Cola, Bank of America, etc.

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