Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm Even Ahead of "THE UNIVERSE" (and OTHERS of MY errors . . .)!!!

"THE UNIVERSE" is TUT.com (or Mike Dooley, a close friend of a friend of mine from the Atlanta Church of Religious Science who SPITS on the "Spiritual Living Center's" BUILT-IN lies).

>>> EMAIL FROM "THE UNIVERSE" (tut.com) :

And the day will come when all of the gold in the world will not appeal to you as much, Scott, as just one more day of being who and where you already are, with what you already have.

If it hasn't already.

Thank you,
The Universe

MY REPLY: "Well I think I GAVE THE MONEY UP several DAYS ago, already, no???
Please see: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2013/04/lets-have-some-fun.html for how I will DROP all CLAIMS FOR DAMAGES if Gov. McCrory OUTS President Obama as GAY -- just like MOST of the Foreign Press did about NINE MONTHS AGO!!!
And FLOTUS was informed this past September (according to the same NOT-in-the-USA Press). Sadly, she hadn't figured it out on her own.
So out him as Bisexual, no???
* * *


It's WEDNESDAY, so here are the TOP SEARCH "KEY WORDS" of the last week:

* * *

INTRO: This is a very DELICATE matter, as the subject, painter Mark Beard, was my good friend in 1981 - 1982, but in MANY WAYS became my BETTER FRIEND since then -- at least HE and I UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER, and I HOPE I won't be stepping on toes unnecessarily . . .

PIXTCHURES TELL A THOUSAND WORDS (and THIS is only a detail -- see: http://scottkenan.blogspot.mx/2013/04/delights-and-surprising-surprises-and.html ):

As any reader of this blog from a few months ago (or earlier), knows, Mark Beard is one of the MOST successful artists in America today, known PARTLY because he paints as SIX DIFFERENT ARTIST PERSONALITIES, each with a different name, biography, time period, and style -- some are male, some female.

Mark set the RECORD for the largest oil-on-canvas painting EVER when he painted an eleven-story mural for the flagship Abercrombie& Fitch in Tokyo in early 2009. He had ALREADY designed A&F's interiors and sporting motifs, and then over the next couple of years completed three MORE huge paintings for them in stores in Europe for $8 million each.

Mark's come A LONG WAY, BABY!!! since he invited us all to his and Georg's Thanksgiving Day Party in 1981, as seen above -- wouldn't you say???

I don't want to go into all the details -- they are NOBODY's BUSINESS except Mark's (and to a certain extent mine as well, due to Mark's allowing me to use one of his images from a book he published PRIVATELY in the 1980s that one copy fetched $30,000.00 in auction at Sotheby's in the early oughts as the NEW COVER for WALKING ON GLASS: A MEMOIR OF THE LATER DAYS OF TENNESSEE WILLIAMS.)

I hope it does not cause a copyright issue if I show you the raw image here:

I AM SHOCKED TO JUST THIS MOMENT DISCOVER that the image of "The Ghost of Tennessee Williams Leaving the Hotel Elysee (Easy Lay)" is GONE FROM MY COMPUTER -- and SO IS Carrie Haddad's email with it ATTACHED!!!

But here is a SIMILAR image of Ghost and Man together, which I believe came from the same book:


I am SO SORRY, but due to this EVIDENCE OF ADDITIONAL HACKING of my computer, I will remain MUM on all these things until Carrie Haddad of http://carriehaddadgallery.com/ and I can try to straighten all this out . . .

I can ONLY HOPE that my blogging INCREASES Mark's SALES -- especially at CARRIE HADDAD GALLERY!!!


* * *

>>> EVEN WITH ALL THIS GOING ON, I must contact Gov. McCrory of North Carolina, today .

Here is what I will ask Alicia (or other), to find out from the Governor for me:

1. Can Gov. Pat McCrory and I TEAM UP for North Carolina if I agree to find "acceptable language" to express my points (read: NOT just 'villainizing" Republicans and similar) -- or should I take the position of being his POLITICAL ADVERSARY (temporarily -- and only for "appearance sake").

2. I spin a good yarn (am a de-scented-ly engaging writer), and PROMISE to have as my goal the APPRECIATION of North Carolina and especially Wilmington, by HONORING the COLORFULNESS of North Carolina (and other), people.

I will NOT knowingly lie!!!

3. We can WAIT (a reasonable time), before discussing the disposition of my "false charges" by District Attorney Ben David (Dem.), in New Hanover County -- AS WELL AS my demand that an investigation be opened into the death of my friend Evan Fish.

That's all for today.


>>> PS: SINCE CIA/GMAIL IS AGAIN BLOCKING MY OUTGOING EMAILS, I might not be able to email this to the Governor IN ADVANCE OF MY CALL, today.

>>> WEDNESDAY BONUS (on Tuesday -- I'm gettin' "ahead-er again)!!!: This be Ms. Betty Ford, PREVIOUS FLOTUS (Republican) :


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