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Just Posted to Mitch McConnell's FACEBOOK PAGE!!!

Max Baucus, the senior Democrat that helped write Obamacare, recently joined Senator McConnell in calling the bill a trainwreck. The only difference is that Senator McConnell said that more than 3 years ago! 

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Photo: Max Baucus, the senior Democrat that helped write Obamacare, recently joined Senator McConnell in calling the bill a trainwreck. The only difference is that Senator McConnell said that more than 3 years ago! 

Click LIKE if you think that it took Max too long to catch on!

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  • Scott Kenan Mitch: you are INSANE!!! See how on my political blog I have EXPOSED my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan of Raleigh, NC to have been Dick Cheney's chief liaison with the LAST three Popes (WHY Gingrich went Catholic after THREE serial wives and WHY the Republicans PACKED the Supreme Court with Papists -- Pope-loyal people who are NOT "REAL Catholics").
  • Top Jews in Atlanta first confirmed to me that Mom is America's TOP NAZI in 1990, and in 2010, top Cali Cartel and Mexican Drug Mafia CONFIRMED Mom was Cheney's BOSS for YEARS!!! Mom (two months ago), admitted to me that my blog had FORCED both her and Pope Benedict/Ratzinger to retire. Pope Francis I is COOL as far as I can tell.
  • Call my Mom and ask HER about it -- her number is listed under my Dad, William Scott Kenan. My Blog: . Thank you if you GET WHAT I'M saying and TURN YOURSELF IN as a HUGE
  • TRAITOR as we will GET YOU and Most top
  • Republicans anyway -- soon!!!
  • Scott
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* * *

1. JUST NOW (believe it or not), I got a call from Sonny (Jimmy Humberto Montaño Prieto --!/jimmy.h.montano?fref=ts ), who is native to Colombia, was taken at young age to Brooklyn, NY where he only got four years of grade school education before becoming a DISMEMBERMENT SPECIALIST for the Sun Kings Drug Mafia that he helped expand to DOMINATE all of NYC., and EVENTUALLY expand with the help of Tennessee Williams editor/scholar Thomas Elliot Keith's Colombian boyfriend Arturo and the Episcopal Church, to include Stone Mountain, GA, where Arturo's Family has LIVED FOR YEARS!!!

He was arrested at the age of 17, tried and convicted of OTHER drug-mafia crimes and sentenced to 25 YEARS in MAXIMUM SECURITY US FEDERAL PRISON. He had no ID, and gave US Prison Officials a FAKE NAME, also claiming he is Mexican.

He was FURTHER TRAINED in prison by other inmates and the CIA and then after only serving 11 of his 25-year sentence, was RELEASED TO MEXICO (at the border), to protect the CIA/Bush Family narco-trafficking. He first went to San Miguel de Allende, where he met his common-law wife, Tanya Castro Sosa seen here with their daughter Jeretzi's photo:!/tania.castrososa?fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab , as well as here with NO PHOTO:!/profile.php?id=100002106497344&fref=pb&hc_location=friends_tab .

Sonny once, in 2010, when he and Tanya allowed me to sleep on their concrete floor for a month or so before Sonny spoke DIRECTLY WITH MY MOTHER (America's TOP NAZI and Dick Cheney's boss), to make arrangements for my car journey to Raleigh, NC for the purposes of COMMITTING ME TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL.

There, my parents SOON had me kicked out of their house and made homeless AGAIN by Raleigh Police, after I QUESTIONED the authority of a NC State mental health screener who was NOT qualified to diagnose me, but after talking PRIVATELY with my parents declared me DEFINITELY BIPOLAR.

That is when I ended up at the YMCA to see all the Republican Officials from State HQ (right across the street), cruising the Y for HOMO-DATES!!!

In any case, Sonny kept his US Prisons ID rolled up in the bottom of his pant-leg ALWAYS (then, anyway). I forget the false name on it -- although I blogged about it back then in 2010, and THAT is ONE of several blog-posts that the CIA or Carlos "Slim" have REMOVED from this blog.

Sonny told me a few times that the US Authorities have NO IDEA his real name -- Jimmy Humberto Montaño Prieto  -- but DO HAVE his finger prints -- which would be HOW they know him if ever captured. Sonny told me the US Authorities (except the CIA), knew NOTHING of him many other crimes that he claimed were FAR WORSE (they did NOT know he was a dismemberment specialist disposing of bodies all over NYC), and Sonny's best friend, Martin "Marco" Jacobo , told me that Sonny had ALSO murdered many people in NYC.

Martin Jacobo with his American "girlfriend" with whom he lived until about two months ago, Feb. 1, 2013. I met her at their apartment, where Martin sold me a 12 foot umbrella they owned. There, I ALSO saw both the DOG-NAPPED trained "trick dog" belonging to my friend Mercedes Sanchez who until recently ran LA QUIZA bar and art gallery on the island in the center of Rio Quale -- as well as a pregnant Doberman (??? not sure, but I've blogged its breed accurately, previously) -- as WELL AS AT SONNY AND TANYA's APARTMENT.
They were TRYING to get a reward out of  Mercedes for her trained dog -- as well as bring the also dog-napped Doberman to term to sell her pups.
 EVEN RECENTLY (less than a week ago), Martin has contacted me to have sex -- which he is VERY GOOD AT and has a GIANT, juicy "Floridian Peninsula" that enlarges when Martin gets in my presence.

Today on the phone, Sonny claimed he has NEVER harmed me, but I told him to SHUT THE FUCK UP, because he HAD beaten me in my kitchen two months ago -- as well as pulled one of my large kitchen knives and put it an inch from my throat, yelling that he was going to KILL ME, then and there (but didn't and stopped after about 15 minutes of knife-treatening/screaming at me). I PROMISED HIM I would PUT HIM IN US PRISON for his un-tried crimes.

CLEARLY, Sonny is STILL protected by the Puerto Vallarta Drug Mafia, as he is ILLEGALLY in Mexico with NO ID of any kind that he can show (no, he shows NO ONE his US Prison ID -- THAT he said he uses to let other CIA know he is who he claims).

Tanya with Jeretzi
Sonny usually looks JUST LIKE THIS (he cannot face sunlight without wearing shades -- AT ALL!!!). He and Tanya (and sometimes a nice Mexican guy they employ) run Sonny's retail jewelry and MASKS retail at the south end of the Malecon Bridge on the ocean side. Sonny is KNOWN for both is MASKS and his KNIVES that he uses epoxy to make (that he's actually allergic to, so has many skin problems on his hands), and sells for several hundred dollars US, each.
Martin Jacobo can OFTEN be found there as well.
>>> ADDRESSES and PHONE NUMBERS (description on how to find BOTH Sonny's and Martin's NEW apartments as of 1 February 2013 can be found on this blog -- google for them -- I'm tired of finding all my links)
Sonny cell (uses WiFi-connected smart phone -- NOT an actual number, I don't think): (322) 151-1388. Email: (Sounds 360 degrees of KING, no???
He's QUITE THE TOP, but REFUSES to have sex with me -- even though I've seen his GIANT BLACK DICK grow in his pants around me -- his mother was full-black-African).
Martin (sometimes styled "Marco") Jacobo's cell (real): (322) 200-7551. Email: .
* * *
2. Further research on the Kenan Family has led me to correct some errors, a BIG ONE being on the last blog posting. Check it out if interested.

I should disclose that when the 1967 edition of the book THE KENAN FAMILY was shipped to my parents, then living near WestChester, PA, it ALSO come with my Dad's first cousin Ruby Kenan Marsh's book, KEEPERS OF MEMORIES ( ), which was offset-printed and gave my mother HOURS OF FUN ridiculing it.

It ALSO came with several sheets of LOOSE papers with MORE DETAILS about Mary Lily's wealth that have NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED!!! This is where I got some leads -- my imperfect memory of that info. The loose papers disappeared within a year or so of receipt of the book -- and then the book disappeared ENTIRELY from my brother Michael William Kenan's house shortly after he got married (to Gail Ann Godley, who ironically bears the Kenan "Royal" Genes, which the rest of us DO NOT!!!), in 1984. I've ALWAYS believed this was DELIBERATE so that NO ONE could easily discover the TRUE STORY of the Kenan Family -- since Mike was LONG-allied with my NAZI mother.

Funny, too, is that my Dad, siblings and I do NOT have the Kenan "Royal" Genes, we DO have that "Cherokee Smidge" which in ME has risen to STAND PROUD and DEFIANT!!!

And Connor Michael Kenan, Maxwell Andrew Kenan, and Taylor Ann Kenan have BOTH!!!

3. My first cousin, Judith (Russ) Whitney has SWORN to me that my sister Jane Ann Kenan told her she has sex with the man Jim, who lives in Michigan, buys Jane HUGE new HDTV, new SUV, and pays for their twice-yearly, two-week International Trips. When I told this to Jane, she DENIED IT AGAIN!!!

But when I hoped to FINALLY meet Jim after many years of this going on -- spring of 2011, when I still had my first Pontiac Vibe and was VISITING Raleigh, Jane REFUSED to allow me to stop by because the two of them were staining her deck (I offered to help them). This made NO SENSE AT ALL.

I believe my mother arranged for John's financial and other help as payback for the messing with Jane's female parts and eggs in Dr. Fowler's office before 1956 when we moved to Louisville -- UNDER OLD FASHIONED HIGH-POWERED X-RAY FLUOROSCOPE!!! (So Jane's female parts were DEFINITELY cell-damaged and she  -- after some pre-cancer scares -- had an eventual hysterectomy.)

 ALSO in 2010 or 2011, my cousin Judy SWORE that Thomas S. Kenan III had held a meeting of ALL available Kenans to decide in WHICH DIRECTION to apply some of the Kenan Charitable Trusts' funds about ten years before. Judy SWORE my parents attended. I NEVER heard about this and when I asked my parents they CHANGED THE SUBJECT.
I PRESUME this is when the Kenans decided to use more money from the "Grand-daddy Trust", the William R. Kenan, Jr. Trust, to support the Arts. here is a YouTube video of Tommy explaining about that, in which the then-Chancellor of UNC Chapel Hill acknowledges that Tom's step-mother, Betty Kenan is his GOD-MOTHER!!!: .
BUT -- I also just found THIS for the first time -- and I had NOT KNOWN the Kenan Family had supported NC STATE as heavily as they DO!!!: .
>>> Bottom Line: Although the FIRST IN HIS RECENT LINE to be GROOMED to handle the wealth and HISTORY of the Kenan Family, so he did NOT start from scratch on his own before assuming stewardship of the Family Money, TSK III has EXCELLED in and with the "UPPER CRUST", but ALLOWED himself and his near relativess to be DUPED by the Episcopal Church (who MURDERED Tennessee Williams and stole his estate with the Republican Party -- as well as got into HUGE narco-trafficking with Thomas Keith's boyfriend Arturo, etc.), so AYE had to step up to the plate to FLUSH THE GOD-DAMNED RATS OUT OF THE SEWER!!!
And it was Curtis Robert Anderson (in 1985, at least, called "Robbie"), who is now a music teacher at Burgaw, NC High School and about 55 years old, who dated first Thomas S. Kenan III, and then me in 1985. This, while his (Kenan-built) Carolina Apartments -- overlooking both Kenan Fountain and Kenan Plaza -- had the sign "DEEP RIVER APARTMENTS" affixed over it as they building was being used in the filming of the classic movie BLUE VELVET.
When I actually SPOKE with Tommy over the phone from the offices of Kenan Oil in Chapel Hill at the direction of the VERY KIND PRESIDENT of Kenan Oil and later Transport, Lee Shaffer (which I have sometimes misspelled as "Shafer", see: ), who went ON to lead Kenan Advantage Group in Ohio -- once they put that together (I should also explain that the CHEAP KENANS did NOT repaint any truck until necessary, so most drove all over bearing the names of companies -- and I'm blanking on his name now and can't seem to google it up), in 1990 -- from Tom's OWN DESK -- Tom and I reminisced about what a SWEET BOY Robbie was. I don't recall if we discussed Robbie's long, orange-hairs-nested cock with the slightly WICKED curve to the side, but since Robbie rear-ended me only on URGING, I assume TSK III is likely a TOP!!!
Robbie can be contacted via:
MaDONNA McMAHON, realtor to NARCO-TRAFFICKERS in Wilmington, NC. MaDonna was often at David Nash's Costello's Piano Bar on Princess Street in early 2010 when I saw the drug deals being made there. She claimed to me that she did not even KNOW David owned it -- and thought the TALL bartender who later caused me so much trouble (and whom I RAN OUT OF TOWN after confronting HIM at Duck n' Dive bar later that spring), owned it!!!

And it was MaDonna who SOLD Robbie Anderson his house and gave me Robbie's address and cell phone number. Robbie answered ONE CALL, but pretended NOT TO BE HOME when I went to visit him there.

Today, Robbie is also MUSICAL DIRECTOR for a Baptist Church in Wilmington area.

There is absolutely NO photograph of this popular guy ON THE INTERNET(S)!!!


4. OBVIOUSLY with everything going on, there is NO POINT trying to call Gov. Pat McCrory before this coming Monday

5. I just got ANOTHER EMAIL form, and my "Klout Score" went up 121.1% overnight, last night!!!

That means it has gone up almost EXACTLY 200% in THREE DAYS!!!

It is now "42" , whatever THAT means. LOL!!!



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