Friday, April 5, 2013

Let's Have Some FUN!!!

>>> ADDED @ 2:48 PM, CST: RUSSIA is hitting almost EXACTLY as hard as the US since I posted this posting (over the last hour). Mexico, QUITE well tuned in, is running third (ha-ha!). And it appears it will be a RECORD DAY!!!
Maybe SUPER-HOT, NE'ER SHOW HAIR, STUDLY HET-MAN VLADIMIR PUTIN is preparin' to invite Barry Bam-Bam to SUCK HIS STICK!!! (as an alternative to Reggie Love)
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>>> But FIRST, this just came to my attention and it's a HOOT!!!

This is the top four search key words leading people to this blog in the last hour. Notice how they are ALL by "professionals" looking for SPECIFICS in the blog. The "Dunsinane" Shakespearian reference is to this: I LIVED on Dunsinane Drive when we lived near West Chester, PA.

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>>> ADDED 6 April 2013: This is the content of an email I sent to Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina, copied to about 500 contacts, that I didn't think to make perfectly clear TO WHOM I SENT IT until now:

YOU'RE straight. I'm gay -- and I've acknowledged FOR YEARS that I get along BEST with TRULY straight guys (like all evidence suggests you are), because STRAIGHT guys have NO COMPLICATION of relationship with me. Even if I got them DRUNK and they let me "do" 'em, they KNOW it can't turn them gay.

So I'm gonna DOUBLE-DOG DARE YOU (as my new-found friend), to OUT PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!

Don't worry -- I'll have yer back.

And think of what it will do for you: EVERYONE will think you have the biggest MANLIEST BALLS in the UNIVERSE!!! It will call attention to your HERCULEAN EFFORTS at cleaning up the corruption and waste in North Carolina -- as well as all the ASSETS of North Carolina in her people,  history, education, work-force efficiency, natural beauty and resources.

You MIGHT/COULD even succeed Hilary Clinton as President of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (after her two terms in office)!!!

You'd be PERFECTLY SEASONED for the job then -- after two full terms making a SHINING EXAMPLE of North Carolina (which is more than halfway there already -- truth be told).

SHOULD YOU actually FALL for my barely-veiled attempt at manipulation of you, thusly, I would IMMEDIATELY drop ANY claims against "North Carolina entities", although I MUST INSIST on two things:

1. An investigation be begun (or continued), into the death of my friend Evan Fish in Wilmington on September 3, 2011, which was claimed to be a suicide, but was actually psychologically-forced murder.

2. ALL North Carolina charges against me be dropped.

That's it. I would NO LONGER DEMAND compensation -- but that said, it would be nice if VOLUNTARILY GIVEN. Perhaps you could send me a payment for "Consulting Services", no???


And don't worry: Ya don't have to MARRY me!!!

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>>> AND THIS ALSO IN at 3:11 PM, CST :

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