Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Message JUST SENT the Koch Brothers (via secure server)!!!

>>> EMAIL SENT TODAY (before dawn) :

Please forward this message to the Messers Koch: Charles and David. If you wish to include that cutie David L. Robertson (who might/could have inspired David Koch to send MEGA-MILLIONS in support of Marriage Equality), I'd be TOTALLY fine with that. I just completed a 28-MINUTE search of the Internet(s) looking for shirtless pics of Mr. Robertson and found NARY A ONE!!! So if he LIKES my "amusing little 6' 11" self", he should please send me his shirtless photo and/or one white shirt, worn for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT (sic) without showering.

That said, let me get to the heart of the matter: Koch Industries is to the Kenan Family of Companies as Pepsi is to Coke (a Kenan Company) -- and the various Kenan Family charities and Charitable Trusts make y'all's philanthropy look like MITCH MCCONNELL  nekkid -- and just about as BIG-DICKED!!!

He's one of YOUR guys, right???

Well, as you must know, the Kenan Family -- known for most of the 20th Century for the leadership of Progressive Ideas in North Carolina's Republican Party (among other things -- such as ownership dominance of Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Florida Power & Light, probably CSX, Bank of America, and many smaller companies around the world, like Kenan Advantage Group -- the FIRST company we (they, actually), have actually put their name on -- since the Kenan Print Shop of Statesboro, GA, which published the first (1967), offset edition of the book THE KENAN FAMILY, later revised and updated, this time published all "fancy-schmancy" by Mercer University Press in 1999, after the Kenan Family hired Marie D. DeLamar (the world's TOP authority on genealogy), to bring things up to date.

She DROPPED the bloodline trace of the "Royal Kenan Line" from Charlemagne's great-grandfather (a King of northern Italy), THROUGH that Holy Roman Emperor, a bunch of Dukes of Normandy, TWO Magna Carta Sureties, the ENTIRE Stuart Line in Scotland (so "Kenans" also authorized what we now call the Presbyterian Church -- call us "Enerie the Eighth -- I am", NORTHERN style -- although we landed in North Carolina and are AT HEART just a bunch of dang Confederates now (but have SERIOUSLY disavowed slavery -- especially since William R. Kenan, SENIOR was the ONLY Confederate soldier known to have taken a direct shot at President Lincoln INSIDE DC (missed, but killed his attache -- MAYBE one of the men Lincoln was teased in the Washington Press for having sex with when Ms. Lincoln was scurrying about buying up a storm).

I SWANNY!!! What with President Lincoln often teased in the papers then for his cross-dressing in his dumpy wife's clothes as well -- the Republican Party has gotten FAR from its beginnings -- but I congratulate David Koch for bringing it back to REPUBLICAN ROOTS with his HUGE support of Marriage Equality!!!

Too bad SOME politicians in North Carolina haven't gotten the SAME VISION of equal rights for gay folks like y'all!!! In fact, I FIRST (in seeking to contact THE ART POPE, Mr. Art Pope -- Gov. Pat McCrory's boss in NC -- I first went to your "Americans for Prosperity" website -- then picked up the phone to discover that Mr. Pope RESIGNED his position there, quite recently, to become Gov. McCrory's Deputy Budget Director!!!

This is PERFECT, and I have already written Mr. Pope about my OWN peculiar dilemma -- join forces with Gov. McCrory for Progress in North Carolina -- or sue the CRAP out of the North Carolina Courts, Wilmington Police Department, and the Republican Party of both New Hanover County and the ENTIRE STATE!!! You would likely be SHOCKED at all the NC Republican Party ACTUAL OFFICIALS who have sent me emails USING ACTUAL REPUBLICAN PARTY DOMAINS claiming I am a "fucking faggot", "god-hating", etc. I've kept them all, of course!!!

My friends Jeffrey Toobin, Gloria Alred (her organization, only -- she's one of the FEW I never spoke with directly), and Dean Hansell (former Los Angeles Police Commissioner  whom I used to SLEEP with while attending Denison University (I'm a 1973 grad), ASSURE me that I should be able to settle for AT LEAST $100,000,000.00 damages -- and quite possibly without even going to court.

Details of all these things can be found in my blog. It has over 1,500 postings now and I expect to soon publish it in a short series of books working-titled THE NEW SCRIPTURES or THE INADVERTENT SAVIOR SHAKES HIS DICK IN EVERYONE'S FACE.

Let me tie up a couple of things: The best place to learn about my family's success in business is the book ACROSS FORTUNE'S TRACKS: THE BIOGRAPHY OF WILLIAM R. KENAN, JR. I'm sure you know that Henry Flagler, who left the Kenans EVERYTHING, including his secretly-held 2/3 (+/-) of Standard Oil Trust (which he actually FOUNDED) -- as well as the "State of Florida". And as Rockefeller was fond of saying he was NO WHERE NEAR the smarts of HIS boss Flagler, and Flagler always said HE wasn't anywhere NEAR as smart as Will Kenan, who RAN all Flagler's NOT-Standard Oil enterprises after DISCOVERING acetylene gas while an undergrad at UNC Chapel Hill -- and later building Western Block (which he founded), into the world's LARGEST supplier of block & tackle (etc.) to the commercial sailing industry of that time!!!

The Kenans had ALREADY BEEN the world's largest supplier of naval stores due to their VAST holdings of virgin pine forests in S.E. North Carolina -- this BEFORE the American Revolution -- which any TRUE AMERICAN SCHOLAR knows was actually started eight years earlier than those silly Yankee Boston Tea Partiers who were assigned "First Place" since the North won the Civil War.

THAT WAS LED BY GEN. JAMES KENAN (the high school poised between Wallace and Kenansville, NC is named for him -- see: ):

The James Kenan Tigers KICK ASS!!!

 NOW look what the JAMES KENAN TIGERS have done to HONOR the VERY FIRST American Patriot who SHOWED those dang Yankee Bostonians WHAT TO DO!!!: .


>>> DISCLAIMER: I lived in Peabody, MA (adjacent-ish to both Salem and Boston), as well as East Greenwich, RI in the early 1970s, and have FONDEST MEMORIES of both people and place.

Southerners are USED to this -- it's OK.

But Kenans who owned slaves DID have up to 300 or so on some homesteads -- yet worked right beside them in the fields and forests as well as dancing with them in PRIVATE at-home parties -- if old letters can be believed. But don't get me WRONG!!! I NEVER defend the ABOMINATION of Slavery -- in fact my own great-grandfather Murphy Kenan saved up and bought and freed a slave couple BEFORE enlisting to fight for the South.

You can VIEW the 1989 Emmy-Award-Winning TV film about my great-grandparents (highly fictionalized), by my fourth cousin Allan Gurganus, OLDEST CONFEDERATE WIDOW TELLS ALL, in which Diane Lane, Donald Sutherland, Anne Bankcroft, and Blythe Danner ALL play my recent ancestors -- and Cicely Tyson won one of its Emmys for ADVISING the Kenans RIGHT (although the surname Marsden was used)!!!

But TRYING to get back to an organized idea ONCE AGAIN, let me state most emphatically that my quest is as much as anything to make AMENDS for the CRIMES of William R. Kenan, SENIOR, who later fomented the Wilmington Race riot of 1898, and THAT emboldened Southern States to ALL pass "Jim Crow Laws". This TOO is on the Kenan Family!!!

The SHAME!!!

And today we find Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina POSSESSED by the spirit of Bill Kenan, Sr. (not my Dad who is just "Bill" and has the middle initial S.), WORSE, the Art Pope, Mr. Pope, RAN your SuperPac a short time ago, although INTERNETIC RUMORS HAVE IT -- he's amassed his OWN SuperPac(s) now and you Koches and he are FIXIN' to soon have a BIG FIGHT!!!

I guess there's no real point to this long ramble, really. But I thought it wise to introduce myself and fill you in a little more on the Kenan Family and our purposes in life: the Advancement of Liberty and Justice for ALL, free of unnecessary GUN VIOLENCE, racial or sex-style strife, etc. Please see my treatise on the FACT that the current "gun mob" is HELL-BENT to bring down ALL of civilization via the argument that people need guns to protect themselves -- which Law Enforcement USED to do in the USA, but CAN'T because of the people who own guns going BONKERS -- then CLAIMING all should have background checks, etc., then saying/doing everything possible to MAKE such checks IMPRACTICAL.

This is the HEART of the NAZI conspiracy for America planned by my own mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, who was until I recently successfully FLIPPED HER to my side. For most of her adult life, Mom was Dick Cheney's chief liaison with the last three Popes (why so many Republicans like Gingrich went Papist after several serial wives and WHY the Supreme Court was PACKED with Papists by Republicans). Details on how she blackmailed Dad into marriage are in my blog.

More here on guns: .

I call this the PERFECT MANIFESTATION OF SATAN ON EARTH -- and it is brought to us by the NRA and a whole bunch of "trailer-trash" CHRISLAMISTS (that term is defined in my blog).
Well, let me close by saying that YOU WOULD DO WELL to convince your (so-far) underling, Mr. Art Pope, to persuade Gov. McCrory to make peace with me. I would ALSO like to hear the "ugly side" of YOUR Koch Family (since I freely disclose Kenan Family warts), and for compensation, since I DID recently offer Kim Jong UN sexual services (to advance Peace) -- as well as his Generals and ALL THE NORTH KOREANS, please see: , I offer them to YOU and YOURS as well!!! And if yer womenfolk are interested, please ask them to bring a smidge of Viagra (or similar) to our bed.

Mr. Pope has my direct-dial number should you wish to discuss any of this man-to-man. I give you and Koch Industries my BLESSING in the name of my brother, Yeshua-bar-Joseph (Jesus of Nazareth) -- and my BLACKMAILED FAG "soulmate" Barack Obama, whom I'm trying to shepherd BACK to Dad's FLOCK!!!

See you on a shared platform (or imprisoned), soon.

Scott D. Kenan, House o' David
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

David L. Robertson, President and CEO of Koch Industries -- HOT!!!



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