Monday, April 1, 2013

Message to Various North Carolina "Entities":

It's all NOT Education. Fans at a Kenan-Family-Founded/Supported UNC Wilmington basketball game.
One major sports venue in North Carolina actually BEARS the Kenan name!!!


1. Despite the fake lawsuit filed against me in the HOME COURT of the Rahm Emanuel/Barack Obama led Chicago Drug Mafia (in service to THEIR masters, the CIA and NAZI/Republican Party with MAJOR help of certain elements within the Episcopal Church, USA), I'm LOVING what these people added to my story!!!

I mean: I actually WON, already, no??? It's just DETAILS TO WORK OUT NOW, right???

2. IN THE SAME SPIRIT ((but even more because I DO know so many of the ACTORS (all life's a STAGE, no???), in Wilmington, NC)), and I LOVE the city, the state, and ALL THE REST OF IT so much (and I would even if NO Kenan had ever set foot there -- North Carolina really is FINUH, EVERY part of the damn day!!!

3. I'm not angry with the Governor, D.A.(s), Judges, Cops, street trash, or FANCY FEATHERS!!! I have the EXACT ATTITUDE toward you ALL as I have for the Chicago Crowd. I WILL soften my blogged material somewhat if we can reach a settlement out of courts.

And I WILL always promote Wilmington and North Carolina -- as I have done ALL ALONG -- and my book(s) based on this blog WILL bring more tourism. I MIGHT even swap out some fake names, but ALSO PLEASE REMEMBER: Even Jesus said that GOD would "spit boring people out of Heaven".

I THEREFORE think you should be PROUD of your "negative" roles since ALL WILL RESOLVE ITSELF soon enough and we can live together lovingly (or at least RESPECTFULLY). EVERYONE loves a "reformed sinner", no??? So I see no reason why Ben David, Judges Criner and Noecker, and Gov. McCrory should even CONSIDER leaving office -- they've got TONS to do!!!

I'm still "iffy" about Sen. Goolsby. I'd need to hear from others -- and it is not MY responsibility to pass judgement on anyone ANYWAY!!!


4. This is NOT an "April Fools' Day"joke (or any other type).

5. In my LAST POST, I mentioned my Mom sending $1,200.00 to Puerto Vallarta in December of 2010 for me to travel back to North Carolina. Readers of a few weeks or more know that THAT happened because I had met Sonny on the Malecon and TWO SENTENCES OUT OF MY MOUTH I mentioned I was homeless and HE AND HIS "WIFE" TANYA CASTRO invited me to stay at their apartment where I DID live (almost violently at times since Sonny HATED much of what I said about narco-trafficking), approximately one month, sleeping on two layers of cardboard on a cement floor.

It was ALSO only after Sonny spoke at length on the phone with my mother that Mom sent the money and Sonny (I later saw), put the word out via the CIA/Drug Mafias NOT to kill me as I drove back to the States. And Sonny was VERY SMART in instructing me in REAL LIFE TECHNIQUES of HOW TO OUTSMART THE MAFIA!!!

Sonny's techniques are what I have used PRIMARILY since that day.

More info here. Please note that Sonny actually knew Adrian Mendez WELL (failed PRI Candidate for Mayor -- El Presidente of -- Puerto Vallarta). In blog, I have also said Sonny knew then-Candidate PRI for MEXICAN Presidente, Enrique Pena Nieto, but that is NOT TRUE. Sonny was close enough to Pena Nieto to be caught in a photo of the two of them in the same FRAME -- but told me he never met Pena Nieto. He was so PROUD of being NEAR the candidate, that he hoped to one day blow up the digital image and FRAME IT.

(F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing REAL!!!)

The TWO gay North American Presidents meet. In Mexico EVERYONE knows Pena Nieto is gay and his wife is a beard -- AND THEY DON'T CARE!!!
Which of these two MANLY-MEN do YOU find more seductive???
I'd better get going with my OTHER project for today: The in-blog diddling of Mr. Briefs . . .



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