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No Chance of Heaven Going Wobbly Now!!!

In late life, Margaret Thatcher realized her TRUE LIGHT had been used by Traitors in Conservative Drag like Gen. Alexander Haig (whom I met at a US State Department dinner honoring Kennedy Center Honorees in late 1981), and Cheney/Bush Puppets, like the very affable Ronald Reagan (whom I met at a White House reception, earlier the same day).
At her best, Margaret Thatcher was FAR BETTER than ANY male politician then alive -- ESPECIALLY Republicans in the USA.

>>> MY EIGHTH-MOST viewed blog post, ever, says it all for me:

I find it ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL that I am not seeing more comments by Liberal or Progressive US Politicians. Margaret Thatcher was FAR MORE in their camp than in the LYING-CONSERVATIVE camp of the Reagan Administration which was ACTUALLY Dick Cheney and George H. W. Bush using Reagan as a PUPPET.

Conservatives PACKAGED Maggie Thatcher and sold her to promote Conservatism -- and it was their ABSOLUTE DIS-INTEGRITY that turned Ms. Thatcher BITTER in her later years when she realized she had been used as a PAWN by people HELL-BENT to turn the ENTIRE WORLD into a GIANT NAZI DEATH CAMP.

My own mother being Dick Cheney's BOSS, I got a LOT of inside information, nes pas???

>>> I MUST ADD THIS (but will otherwise leave this as written) :
Scott Kenan shared a link.
WHOOOPS on ME (or worse)!!! I had not realized Margaret Thatcher had supported Apartheid -- in fact I had always thought South Africa had been a DUTCH colony and until the time of the Truth & Reconcilliation events was still at least loosely associated with The Netherlands.

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Actually, I think only ONE more subject needs mentioning now: WHY (despite its in SOME ways ABSURD THEOLOGY), the Catholic Church TRIUMPHS TODAY (at least in some of its parts), because it ALWAYS TAUGHT that the "OLD TESTAMENT" was mostly ALLEGORY and LITERARY DEVICE.

1. IN FACT, this is what CAUSED the Protestant Reformation (a very GOOD thing), because the Catholic Church kept Catholics AWAY FROM reading the Old Testament as a matter of POLICY back then -- this because one must be THOROUGHLY SCHOOLED (educated), to put most of the Bible into context.

2. TODAY, we see the RESULTS of this schism: What I call CHRISLAM became the MOST POWERFUL RELIGION in AMERICA (see recent blog posts), and CHRISLAM absolutely WORSHIPS Satanic Lies that God and God's People CANNOT be relied on for TRUE Security-in-Love.

3. In the Catholic Church, belief in "Creationism" is actually considered HERESY, but since idiots like Rick Santorem (see this by my rather distant, spelling-challenged relative, Dan KEENAN Savage: ), were so vocal about ENDING ABORTION, Catholic clergy NEVER denied Rick communion -- whilest denying it occasionally to LIBERAL CATHOLIC POLITICIANS -- often in league with conservative Press to try and EMBARRASS THEM.

Didn't much work -- and NOW there's Pope Pancho, who seems headed in the CORRECT DIRECTION!!!

4. I leave you with a Facebook conversation from earlier this morning, again, from the Page of US Marine Captain Rich Merritt, the FIRST almost-then-published writer who read my early manuscript (as much as I let him see, three chapters -- I was then PARANOID that anyone could STEAL my material, LOL!!!). I was introduced to Rich by a mutual friend (now deceased from AIDS, I believe), in the lobby of the Atlanta Church of Religious Science in early 2005:

Blogger Wonkette goes to town on my high school biology teacher


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  • DeLarme Landes Ha! BioCrisco. On a personal note, that particular author gave me one of the worst pieces of life-advice I've ever received, leading to a variety of regrettable decisions when I was younger and stupider.

  • Rich Merritt Well, I could write a book about this author...oh wait, I did!

  • James Bow He really should have skipped all the bullshit he wrote as a preface and just said: "Welcome to the Cult"

  • Dawn Carter Well, he counseled me my senior year at BJA about dating a certain person who was a "bad influence" on me...the certain person who's now an admin at Northland, while I'm now the Buddhist heathen. Think he got that wrong too!

  • Dan Keller I never had Pinkston for a class, but he did direct all the plays at the academy. He had the personality of a stump.

  • Scott Kenan Rich: first my computer said your link here was BROKEN -- then let to TWO stories --top one on Tucker Carlson, the second on Maggie Thatcher. I ASSUME Maggie never taught high school in the US, but was Tucker Carleson (a TOTAL TURD), your teacher-- or did Facebook just send me into OUTER SPACE where most folks believe I live anyway???

    Our latest Christianist textbook, Biology For Christian Schools by William Pinks...ton (2nd Ed., Bob Jones University Press, 1994) is actually something of a classic, if by “classic” you mean “the focus of mockery and derision by professional biologists” and “soSee More

  • Scott Kenan Thanks James Bow: I guess i was lucky to be brought up Catholic in Catholic grade school. The theology was a DISASTER, but I STILL swear by the Integrity and RIGOROUS Intellectual scrutiny we learned -- as well as ABSOLUTE belief in science and logic -- especially as in EVOLUTION. The Catholic Church has always taught the Old Testament as ALLEGORY and LITERARY DEVICE. that said, it has many "sins".

  • Scott Kenan How COOL to just discover that James Bow (I'm not sure how we got friended), was in Business Development for Chevron -- a company largely owned by my distant Kenan relatives and Charitable Trusts in service to Education, Liberty, and Justice for ALL!!!...See More

  • James Bow Thanks for the shout out Scott Kenan. I get to do some pretty cool stuff here at Chevron. This is one of our groups projects: 
Chevron's unique solar demonstration project is testing the viability of using t...he sun to improve oil production at one of America's oldest oil fields. More ...See More



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